Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya romance during karwachauth

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The Episode starts with Tai ji telling Dadi that Mitali asked why Neha kept the fast? Dadi asks her to become Saas and scold her to make her alright. Disha is running out in a hurry. Dadi asks where is she going? Disha says Pragya di is coming. Dadi thinks she is day dreaming. Pragya comes with King and Tarun. Disha hugs Pragya. Pragya hugs Dadi. Pragya signs king to touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi asks King to stay far. King asks with whom? Dasi changes the topic. Dadi asks Pragya if she has kept fast. Pragya says I will meet Neha. King says if Pragya kept fast for me. Tai ji says what is surprising for him. King says she didn’t tell me. Tai ji says if she had asked you then you wouldn’t refused her. King says absolutely not. He asks for water and says why she will keep fast for me, and says if she

has kept fast that means she has same feelings as him. Tai ji gives him water. King drinks water. Pragya asks Neha how is her first karwachauth. Neha hugs her and stares at Tarun. Pragya teases her. Neha says she can’t control her thirst. Pragya says it happens and says she felt thirsty when she kept fast for the first time. Neha says you had kept fast for chucks. Pragya goes.

Purab comes and keeps hand on Disha’s eyes. Disha says Sunny will win the game. Purab says how you understand. Disha says they are married since many years now. She says she wants to die in his embrace. Purab says he don’t want to leave before him and says your age will increase because of my fast and my age will increase with your fast. Aaliya hears them. Disha hugs him. Aaliya drops her phone angrily. Disha says someone is here. Purab holds her closer. Aaliya thinks to snatch Purab from her and punish Disha.

Pragya tries to help Dasi. Dasi says she will do it. Abhi comes and asks when did she come? Pragya says sometime back. She gets busy in house work. Dadi asks Abhi to help her and asks Dasi to leave them alone for sometime and let them romance. Abhi tells Pragya that he can’t do ladies work seeing Pragya plucking the flower petals from rose. Pragya asks who asked you to do and asks him to go. Abhi asks her to give him some good work. Pragya asks him to go and lift dumb bell. He asks for work. Pragya asks him to fill water in the big pot. Abhi says ok. He thinks how can anyone be so beautiful and thinks he will not tell her else she will fly high. He fills water in the big pot. Pragya says he is egoistic. Abhi asks her to say on his face clearly. Pragya says don’t you think that you shall help everyone in house work and says yesterday also you made the stuff fall. Abhi says it is because of you. He says I fell yesterday and today, because of you. Pragya says water fell because of you.. She gets upset with him.

Disha gets happy seeing them arguing lovingly. Abhi says it is your problem that you don’t accept mistakes and says you dropped supari yesterday and made me fall. He says now also I was about to slip. He asks what was the need to look beautiful, wear earring, necklace, lehenga and gajra. He asks her to go and analyze herself in the mirror. Pragya asks if he is praising her or taunting her. Abhi asks her not to fly high. Disha thinks they look cute while fighting and thinks don’t know how much love she would get to see when they love each other.

Tanu is in her room and feels hungry. She keeps pillow on her stomach and thinks to drink water. She thinks of Aaliya’s words and keeps the glass back. She thinks she is right and says this is fast result that I will be getting gift this karwachauth. She thinks to do some work so that her mind gets diverted.

Pragya asks Abhi to take his words back and says I saved you from falling. Abhi says I got saved because of gravity. Pragya says it is your attitude. Abhi says I don’t raise hand on girls and asks her to either fight or apologize to him. He says Dangal will happen now. Pragya argues with him. Abhi holds her hand and asks her to say what he wants to hear. Tanu also comes and hears them. She thinks if he wants her to say I love you. Abhi asks her to say. Pragya says I am sorry…Tanu says what is the use of fast. Abhi says what will you do if you are beautiful. Pragya says I will do surely. Abhi says you are gone and throws flowers on her. Pragya says she will not get hurt with one flower. Abhi throws flower on her, but she bends, and it falls on King. Abhi says he has just started playing. King says I can’t understand you. Disha calls Pragya to do arrangements. King comes to Dadi and tells that Pragya is beautiful. Dadi asks her not to say that. Dasi says she will get the bad sight. King says no as she is mine. Dadi gets angry.

Tanu thinks Abhi forgets that I am his wife while he is infront of pragya. She thinks to remind him. Abhi looks at Pragya and smiles. Pragya also looks at him and smiles. Song plays……Khud se zyada tumhe chahte hai sanam.

Tanu tells Abhi that much ego is not good and says you don’t want to keep fast, and says whom you want to keep fast for you, has kept fast for someone else. Abhi gets upset. King asks why is he tensed? Abhi says I am tensed and angry. King asks what is his problem? Abhi says you?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This show is as enjoyable as watching paint dry…….

    1. Cathy

      Your being kind.

    2. Too funny Tango! …unless of course you are heavily intoxicated or working through a romance addiction

  2. Cathy and Naz and other friends, I’ll be back on the 9th to check in. Another dragging episode to set Tuna fish up to be her usual b*tch self next week. Aliyah is put back into murder mode. Abhi will perpetually remain a stupid fool harbouring criminals in his home and dressing them up to look like humans. The writers are back on holiday along with their Master, the Miss Ekta, cartoon of evilness . No award contests coming up so no need to quickly make fake plots and fake FBs. After a review of some old episodes and a healthy review of the non-plot, non-story line one must accept that this show is a simple mental evil, pleasuring itself, herself ….and getting paid to do so in public. What a sick and pathetic relationship, disguising the teaching of malicious hatred, greed and exceptionalism inside a ‘cute romance’. I feel so very sorry for the humans who have been forced or fooled into handing over their humanity …. being taught that this is entertainment. This is not entertainment. Your romance addiction has been introduced and secured. The fact that Aliyah and Tuna remain alive speaks deeply to the corruption that is living and running India. The only satisfaction I feel from this wreck of a show is that when Miss Ekta and the actresses who play Tuna fish and the demon Aliyah, years from now, will run into a very momentous surprise. During their last breaths on Earth (just like all humans facing death) these three will finally become aware of the damage they have done to humanity and themselves. They are the faces of KKB. When the actresses realize that it didn’t matter that they were acting, that in fact they have impacted peoples emotions, deeply, it will cost them in their futures. All that pain, anger, hatred and greed will require balancing. You see, this dangerous nonsense went on for over three years. That is key. Concrete. There is more future after physical death. The actress who plays Tuna, will realize how infinitely stupid she was being, by welcoming hatred …because ‘hey! it’s publicity’ into her life. Why is it that so many of the pretty ones are so dumb? (Greed) My comments about Pragya will wait until my website is up. Her character is the key here. She’s the one that can offer some learning/teaching.

    1. I’ll be here Akituster… See you soon…

  3. Cathy

    See ya then Akituster!

  4. I’m fed up here , if Pragya so love abi and want him, tell king it was so nice of you , I’m greatful to you but I want my f**king husband back. I enjoy all the murder attemps, all the accusation, all the blame , all the hate, I enjoy Tanu and I fight. I want it all back, oh I forget they will try to kill Kira too, I want to risk her life than shitting sneaking around, romance, and fooling around king, I mean yeA they aren’t married but she should realise he is best for her! Woman please open your two bigs eyez, Tanu Married. Abi by hook or crock and she will do the same to say as his life.
    And what’s the hell with Abi stupid dadi, since pragya come back they all become so helpless. Like wanting king to say away from pragya etc. She ain’t know to dead. God I’m fed!

  5. ZEE TV I have to tell you u did a good job by putting the 2 crooks together to act on the Saturday show ZEE Risthy show Aliya n Prithvy we all had a good laugh Do u trust Privhty to deliver The Bride n Groom gifts from Delhi

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