Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya’s silence testify against her

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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Abhi that the woman in the house is not Pragya, but Munni. She asks him to ask villagers and says she kept us in dark and hidden truth from everyone. Pragya thinks where I am trapped. I can’t tell my truth, I need Munni to tell my truth. Disha thinks why Pragya is quiet. Mitali thinks when she came here, she was illiterate villager. A woman is taking Munni to hospital and asks driver to drive fast. She asks her to tell her name and address. Munni takes chutka and chutki names. Woman prays for her and asks driver to drive fast. Abhi says I will hear Pragya only now whom I trust. He asks her to tell and says they are killing your identity. He says I can touch you and says you are my Pragya, even if you have plastic surgery. He asks her to tell and says I know

you have some helplessness.

Pragya thinks my helplessness is related to someone else helplessness. Aaliya says she will not say anything as she has become muted with her truth. She was behaving like Pragya, but when they came, she got tensed. She says she came to know that her face resembles with that of Pragya and that’s why did this. She says she must have taken advantage and came infront of us as pragya. She says we met her on the same night when you made announcement in the concert. She says when we met her, we got much happy and thanked God, but we were unaware that she is not Pragya. Tanu says she started acting and told that she is weak. We fell in her words. Abhi recalls Munni’s different accent.

Aaliya says slowly she changed herself as Pragya and started talking like Pragya. Mitali says when she came here, she was silent, and used to talk to me in villager’s accent. Aaliya says she used to doubt when she called her aila etc. She says she got doubtful and started getting info about her. Tanu says she kept her kids in the hostel and says how can you be so heartless to keep kids in heartless. She says we brought kids here, so that they get their mausi and we get justice.

Aaliya asks Abhi to ask kids. Abhi says he don’t want to hear anything. Tanu says why she will tell anything, and says if she is Pragya then she would have made me quiet. Aaliya says you never doubted on her as you loves Pragya immensely, but she is Munni and not Pragya. She has taken advantage of your goodness. She says don’t know what she could have done to this house financially. Tanu says she must have come here with some mission and says she might get your property and asks him to kick her. Aaliya says she has her eyes on property and asks him to kick her out. Pragya thinks they have trapped me badly, I can’t tell the truth until Munni comes back. She thinks to ask the old man where he got the phone. She goes to call on munni’s number.

Doctor tells Nurse that it was a major accident. Munni tries to speak. Nurse asks her to relax. Munni says my kids. She asks nurse to call on some number. Nurse calls on Pragya’s number and says it is busy. Doctor scolds Nurse and says patient is not stable. Munni says she needs to talk. Pragya thinks old man is not picking the call and thinks what to tell to Abhi. Aaliya says her silence is the proof of her lie. She says I will show some proofs that will prove that she is Munni. She goes to get the proofs. Tanu smirks and looks at Pragya. Aaliya gets the file and thinks now we have to pull your lagaam. She gets the newspaper and calls Dr. Sheela. She says I need to talk to you and asks her to talk to Munni as she is unwell. Dr. Sheela says ok.

Tanu says you have challenged me. I will enjoy now, I couldn’t see Pragya dying, but will enjoy your humiliation.

Disha asks Pragya to tell the truth. Pragya says sometimes we have to think about others and tells that she believes on her Kumkum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Where did Ekta Kapoor get these stupid writers from. They come up with absolutely no thing to keep serials interesting. Guess she is as dumb as they. How boring.

  2. This show has became worst to the possible extent I jus don’t understand y the writers r gone mad n fall deeply in love with Alia n tanu n this story is just a shit n repeatation of old nonsense a dumb brainless hero n a heroine who always struggles for proofs to prove her dumb husband at first its so cute n lovely serial but now I stoped watching it y can’t this writers get good ideas like hero heroine together fight n face their problems y always a stupid crying bakwas vl b show sum serial nonsense

  3. What is all this ? They are just dragging the whole show. Pragya can show her bullet wound as her proof…
    I’m done !

  4. How can someone learn to talk like someone she has not seen before??the whole plot has no lesson,,where can such a thing happen??that a person needs another person to show her identity??

  5. This nonsense and lies of Aaliya and Tanu are too much. What happen to Abhi did he fall on his head. He knows his wife is there and is letting those witches lie and torment her. Pragya better wiggle her way out of this humiliating.situation. Munni needs a miracle to get there to help her relatives, Pragya and herself. Its time.for Purab and Disha to break the news of the unholy trio Aaliya, Tanu and Raj who planned and plotted to steal Abhi’s home etc. Those three skunks need to be put behind bars.

  6. ekta kapoor please ask your creatives to stop writing the crap and end this serial. It is the bhagya of the vamps not kumkum bhagya.

  7. I think Anju got it right, it is definitely the bhagya of the vamps not Kumkum Bhagya. It’s full of crap and nonsense. The serial is meant for mentally disable people.

  8. Ekta Kapoor is mad.

  9. what nonsense. Pragya is with the kids, which has become so simple now to prove she is pragya. The writers should look for what their talent or field is, because is definitely not writing especially not a script

    1. exactly this is so disgusting it is so simple and they are making a moutain out of a molehill does these serial people think we are stupid maybe they are right it is us who are watching this shit

  10. Osafo Kingsford

    The most boring Indian telenovela I have ever watched the writer lacks ideas and for that matter he is just repeating some scenes to keep this boring series alive i think you should end it now since you’ve got nothing reasonable to offer.

  11. i do not know how sadists are writers. minimum thinking is not there. Abhi knows that both alia tanu plotted so much and because of munni only he permitted both alia and tanu to stay in the house but yet he believe them without ascertaining anything from pragya and how sadistical are the writers. Really pathetic what message do the writers want to give to the society. The heroine always suffers and the villain suffer only in one episode out of 30 episodes. Of course I stopped seeing.

  12. I have d doubt whether alia knows the real.pragya that is infront of abhi j mmsince she is a calling Dr and asking about munni

  13. how do you Ekta Kapoor get away with such a nonsense show for three years. Is it because of your name that you get away with it. Shame on you for putting a show which is nothing but nonsense and abusing the name of the Indian Kum Kum which is holy. People like you are the ones abusing our own Indian holiness.

  14. OMG all hindi serials have same storyline. I watched and still watching and I find all serials have same story which has all villains win over the lead role actors and actresses. So far I have not found a single hindi serial with true love between hero and heroine which ends happily. There’s always some villains coming in between them. Are the stories for all hindi serials written by one writer?

  15. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! I am so tired of these bizarre storey lines that are beyond any kind of common sense! I understand that the show is fiction and not true to life – but common. NOBODY would just stand there like Pragya did and not say A WORD! Not one word for the whole show (except in her own mind). She had a PERFECT opportunity to expose “dumb & dumber” the minute those kids walked through the door – she could have told them that Aliya & Tanu brought a Munni into the house and when she came back she couldn’t say anything because Aliya would hurt the kids. Not only can she show the bullet wound – but any one of the family could ask her a question that only Pragya would know. If I remember correctly the documents that Pragya took that transferred all of Abhi’s property into Aliya’s name are still in the garbage can in the bedroom. Pragya tore them in half and tossed them in the garbage in her room! She can show them what Aliya was trying to do. It is too bad because the writers are expecting their watchers to go along with something that is just too far fetched and it will end up a death sentence for the show. I have watched from the beginning and put up with all of the ridiculously long and drawn out storey lines – but it is getting to be too much. They are expecting their audience to go along with/believe what is totally unbelievable. Who would let either Tanu or Aliya for that matter live in the house after everything they have done? They act like they don’t have a choice or there are no laws against trying to kill people or set their homes on fire! I am afraid that this is the start of the end for this show unless they do something to keep the viewers happy. What would be so wrong with actually letting Abhi & Pragya be happy for a while and let somebody else get kidnapped or blackmailed. Can’t they work together to help someone else instead of always being separated by Tanu & Aliya? I really hope somebody connected to the show reads all of these posts and does something to turn the show around before it is too late – because they are killing their own show.

  16. Seriously I think show should be stop know because always the same track .Alia and tanu is winning Everytime ,such a crappy show

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