Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi that Pragya was trying to fool him and made him sign on the cheques of the employees who do not work with them. She says she planned to make you sign on contract, which will name everything on hers. Abhi tells her that Pragya is honest and hardworking and doesn’t believe him. Aaliya asks him why can’t he see the truth and goes on bad mouthing about her. Abhi asks her to stop it and says I know that you don’t like her. He says he believes what he see only, says she is my employee and no. 1 fan too. Aaliya says okay, you will believe if you see with your eyes, and think whatever I am saying is baseless. She reads the paper in which Abhi is giving his Power of Attorney to Nikita Arora. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says if you had signed on this paper,

then your assets, property, money would have gone on her name. She says this is her truth.

Pragya says this is a lie, and tells that these papers was brought by account. Aaliya asks her not to utter a word and say nonsense.She says whatever you have planned was over. She asks Abhi to read the papers and says nikita is very clever and thought you will be occupied today. She has chosen the right time to get your property on her name. Dadi cries hearing this. Aaliya says she has become betrayal no. 1 from your fan no. 1. Pragya refuses that she doesn’t make these papers.

Dadi says I don’t accept this and asks Aaliya when did she read the papers. Aaliya says you don’t know what she was planning against us, and asks her not to say anything else she has to cry. Tai ji and Mitali are happy seeing Pragya’s misery. Aaliya says Nikita’s truth is out now. Abhi asks how did you know about all this. Aaliya says I was keeping an eye on her from day 1 and when I see accountant Manohar coming here to meet her, they were talking something secretly and then she took him to room. She says Manohar asked her to get your signatures on cheques and POA. She says Nikita told Manohar that she will give 10 percent to him once she gets everything.

Aaliya says when I confronted Manohar, Manohar agreed. Pragya says she told Manohar that she can’t get his sign on the paper. Aaliya says you will not accept this and asks someone stop Manohar. Manohar is about to run away. Abhi catches him and slaps him hard. He asks who called you here, he asked if Nikita is saying truth or Aaliya? Aaliya asks Manohar to tell the truth, and says if you will tell truth then Abhi will support you, else no. Manohar tells I did a mistake, and was in need of money. He tells that he has to take this step and tells your secretary is very clever. She has offered me 10 percent money and give me greed. He says Aaliya has caught her, and says Nikita is your enemy and not fan no. 1. Pragya is shocked.

Beeji asks Sarla, what happened there. Sarla tells her that Aaliya and Tanu have crossed the limits. She tells the party incident. Beeji says why did you leave Pragya there? She says if Tanu or Aaliya do something with her then she is alone. Sarla says you knew that she is working with Abhi, and then also you are saying this. Beeji says I want them to be together, and Abhi to get his memory back. Janki brings water. Sarla says we want them to be together, and thought she will be happy always with her prince. Beeji asks Janki to give her something to eat.

Tanu asks aaliya, why did she call her here. She says she is enjoying the drama more than her mehendi. Aaliya says it was all planned by her, and says she needs her help. She asks her to call Police and inform them about the theft at home. She asks her to call Police fast. She says I will go outside, before Pragya plays emotional card. Manohar tells Abhi that Pragya has trapped him and took advantage of his helplessness. He apologizes to Abhi. Abhi slaps him and says Nikita can’t do this. He says you are trying to put your blame on Nikita, and asks him to tell truth. Aaliya comes back and tells him that she has heard with her ears. She says you believe him and not me. She tells we have to make her reach her place which she deserves and says she will go to jail.

Dadi asks why did you call Police, and says it is our family matter. She asks why do you want her to get punished. Aaliya says I have no personal enmity with her and says I called Police to arrest her. If she has done mistake, then she should be punished. She says she has done fraud of crores. Inspector comes and asks who is Nikita Arora. Aaliya says it is good that you came. Abhi says we shall give a chance to Nikita, and says accountant might be trapping her. Aaliya says let them decide what the truth is, and asks Inspector to arrest her. Tanu and her mum smirks.

Pragya goes to Abhi and holds his hand, asking if he thinks she can do this. Abhi asks Inspector not to arrest her and says it is our house matter and asks him not to arrest her. Inspector says she has done fraud and will be arrested. Aaliya asks Inspector to go ahead. Inspector arrests Pragya and takes her away.

Aaliya badmouths about Pragya’s character and tells that don’t know what she has done with other guys. Purab raises his hand on Aaliya, but Abhi stops him. Purab says she is not your secretary, but…..Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. abhigyash

    JUST GO TO HE’LL……….SO MUCH OF STUPIDITY. ….BUT ABHI HAS DONE A CORRECT THING …..thank u to make abhi to believe pragya

  2. anna

    tghere is nothing more to watch in kkb it seems…..today’s episode again alia talking nasty about pragya…..take a clap writers…you guys are full of nastiness and loads of shit…

  3. Aliyah

    Oh my goodness! I haven’t watched or read the updates in weeks until today and I’m just dumbfounded by the storyline! Seriously? This is utter nonsense.

  4. Raju

    Where does Aaliya get all this money that she can just bribe anyone. Is it that easy to bribe people? Doesn’t anyone have any good moral values that they wont take a bribe and will only tell the truth. Aaliay and Tanu can get anyone to say what they want them to, and no one refuses them. It shows that India is full of corrupt people that will do anything for evil people with money. Good people always getting hurt.

  5. ruku

    These writers are origin of criminals. so that only always supporting the villains .No good story to show in the serial. Always giving importance to Aliya and Thanu. these two chudalies will do anything for others money. No morality in this serial. outside India this serial is telecasting and some countries they banned this crap serial Ekta writer and director dont have brain to write & & good story means kill alia and thanu & end this serial. Do not irritate the viewers and fans of Abhigya. the charm of the story has gone.Most of the viewers shifted to see other serials. ek the raja ek the rani is much better than this crap serial. Zee tv is losing its viewers ..No punishment for criminals.only goodones to suffer lifelong. no one tolerate this type of crap serial.ml is the worst track.

  6. Kavi

    Pls purap tell the truth we cannot tolerate anymore. Pragya deserve good life being married women with lovable and caring huspand, cute babies and wounderful family. Not at all this mehra peoples especially you abhi don’t deserve pragya sry to say this abhi , but its the truth

  7. frustrated fan

    Aaliya is talking about how if Pragya made a mistake then she should be punished. I’m sorry, but Aaliya has commited murder and attempted murder of her own brother, and has gotten pragya kidnapped. So shouldn’t the same go for her? She’s committed a “mistake” and so should be punished. I’m am soo sick of this serial. They really need to just wrap it up and end it. It has been dragging on and on since the pregnancy track and now they’re just recycling old story lines. How about the writers just kill pragya off so that tanu and aaliya can get what they want, because it seems to me that evil doings always prevail over truth. Speed up the story line or end the show.

  8. rishi

    The biggest nonsense serial ever seen is this, seriously some ban all this kind of craps , trp down get the lead remarried 100 times or memory loss game , trp up again seperate the lead

  9. Kumkum

    I think what shud happen is let pragya go to jail abhi and tanu get married and alliya playing with abhi’s my money. Bcoz all we get to see is innocent pragya alwYs gets the blame for the things she did not do and talliya always winning l, there is never end to this. I think some of the fan fictions stories are better. The writers of kumkum bhagya should learn few tips from the fan fictions writers. Sorry don’t mean to be cruel gosh I sound awful. Just wish talliya gets punished in some way as it’s been over years of pragya getting punished. And those promo what the point showing them and get fans hopes up. Today’s episode was just a waste of time

    • Trisha


      |Registered Member

      Hi kumkum….you are totally right. Abhi should marry Tanu…and then trp will drop drastically and show will end.
      Kkb is getting really silly with all these stupid tracks….
      Abhi seems to have lost his common sense along with his memory….although i think he’s faking it….
      And I cant understand why kkb is so hell bent on keeping Tanu on the show.
      Don’t know when kkb will get back to its former days when the storylines were actually worth watching 🙁

  10. gopu

    writer and directer go to shit… and die… there is limit for saddism ….u r pshycos….☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
    I feel so sad

  11. Radha

    I think the precap is better than the idiotic episode. But I can definitely say that purab won’t tell the truth…

  12. Reena

    Boring serial. Nothing to see. All the viewers should complain about this to zee tv then only
    they will improve.

  13. AP

    I am sure Purab won’t tell the truth or Dadi or Aliya will stop him from telling the truth. At least let Purab bring Pragya out. I hope the made up name of Nikita helps Pragya in this matter since it is not her actual name anyways….But really sad turn of events.

  14. Kani

    I have never written comments…But from today episode na…I fed up of watching this serial…same old boring stories….this writer thinks all people who were watching this serial are mad n useless……

  15. kanna

    I am confused, I think whole property is on Pragya’s name right, how did it got tranfered into Abhi’s name, whend did that happened

  16. Anna

    All I want is Alia to be dead. And Purab to tell the truth to Abhi and the end of the story. Because no good moral here. Always evil plans n evil rule here. It’s really irritating yarr…

  17. Sherry

    These writers think d Audience stupid as their story line. In this show the whole world has forgotten that abhi and pragya is married. How dumb is that.

  18. bharathi

    Abhi shuld rmbr his past..really sick of tis story mst awtng pragya and abhi together..
    Don’t trb the story,pragya get punshd wthout dng any mstke…purab tel the truth..

  19. sham

    Again same story, even the owner of the property tell he have no complaints against the lady still the great police arrest her. And that who is real culperit who kidnapped, murdered, attempted to murder still out side jail. What they want to prove from this message to public .

  20. Nana

    So the whole world has lost their memory too. Reporters fan’s producers. They all have forgotten that he is married. Writers don’t be stupid. Have a lil common sense. Even if u want to drag the serial be smart about it. Secondly pragyea owns everything already or the writers also had a memory loss. This shows dumb y’all are.

  21. Reena

    Is makers of this serial read these messages or they know our views about this serial? They are making what they want. All viewers opinion about serial is counted or not?

  22. Ronald

    Total and utter nonsense the writer is dragging the story on and on and it will continue like this for another year. Come on viewers lets sign a petition and send it to zeetv

  23. Pratiksha


    Pragya in lockup, she is sitting and silent. Abhi comes to meet her. Pragya sees abhi and gets stand. They both moves towards each other. Pragya holds Abhi’s hands and gets emotional. Abhi silently looks in his eyes with lots of questions in his eyes emotionally. They both looks each other for sometimes then abhi freeze her hands from pragya’s hands. Abhi has shown talking with inspector, while lady constable has shown open the lock of lock up. Reporter says that abhi believes on pragya but proves r against her which is made by taaliya strongly so he is in dilemma that what he should do?
    Sriti says that becoz abhi has lost his memory so he don’t know anything and all proves r against her but he believe on pragya too so he is in dilemma that what he should do, he should support her or not?
    Supriya ji/ Sarla Maa says that abhi has lost his memory so he can’t see the truth as taaliya has trapped pragya so much as proves r against her but as a mom she will support her and try to show the truth to abhi for sure.
    Reporter says that abhi and Sarla Maa both together will take out pragya from jail and then pragya will teach a strict lesson to taaliya.

  24. nithi

    Pragya going to teach a lesson to tat evils….BIG JOKE…instead Pragya will get ready to get trap in another cheap plot by those evils…….
    anyway no one will support her in tat mm

  25. Sabrin


  26. olu

    You guys needs an input my suggestion. Let abhi regain his memory, let abhi and pragya go away and enjoy each other before coming back. Let her be pregnant, find a boy friend for alia to get busy, let tanu go back to her baby father.please do something we want to see abhi and pragya happily married

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