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The Episode starts with Abhi waking up in the night and wonders where is Pragya? He thinks where did she go at 4 am in the morning. He thinks to check all the cars and thinks she might be upto some conspiracy. He hears some noise coming from kitchen. Pragya thinks to make sargi quickly and eat it before others wake up. Abhi comes there and asks what is her target. He smells, and says he was checking if she was compromising with gas stove. Tanu comes there and asks what happened? Pragya tells her that Abhi made kheer for her. Tanu asks why did he make kheer for her, and says she will be hungry in her pregnancy. Dadi also comes and asks why did you make kheer? Pragya says he made the kheer and is making me eat it. Tanu cries and refuses to eat. Dadi asks her to eat food. Pragya tastes kheer and praises

it. Abhi asks what you are doing in the kitchen, and asks if she has kept fast. Pragya says she don’t have time for waste thing. Dadi asks her not to insult auspicious day. Pragya says she is going to sleep and asks them not to wake her up before 11 am.

Jhanki gives food to Bulbul. Bulbul refuses to eat. Jhanki emotionally blackmails her. Bulbul says she has a reason not to eat. Sarla comes and compliments Bulbul’s beauty. Jhanki tells her that Bulbul is not eating food. Bulbul says she can’t eat as she has kept fast. Sarla says fast. Jhanki says she is just trying to tease us. Bulbul tells that she has kept karvachauth fast for Purab. Sarla laughs. Jhanki asks her to have food. Sarla says you didn’t tell me about fasting. Bulbul says she was feeling shy and that’s why didn’t tell them. She says she kept fast as her marriage was postponed many times. Sarla asks her to keep the fast and says Pragya might have kept fast as well. Jhanki says she has broken relation with Abhi. Sarla thinks she is sure that Pragya has kept fast. Pragya gets ready in red saree and thinks to leave before Abhi sees her. She wears her mangalsutra and hides it under her blouse. She fills her maang and hides it under her hairs.

Abhi thinks it is right time to vanish from home, else Dadi will ask me to do many rituals. Abhi knocks on the door and asks if Lady mogambo is inside. Pragya says yes. Abhi asks her to open the door as he needs to change. Pragya thinks what to do? Abhi tells her that he will break the door. Pragya says no and comes out. Abhi looks at her amazingly and asks who was inside. He asks if she wants to impress someone. He then realizes that today is karvachauth and says that’s why you was eating kheer. Pragya says she don’t believe on fast etc. Abhi thinks something is fishy.

Mitali tells Tai ji that she would have woken her up, and says she has to keep fast with empty stomach. Tai ji says she has kept sargi in her room and ate it. Mitali says you don’t care about your son. Tai ji says he is your husband now, and don’t listen to me. They argue and curse each other. Mitali prays to God to make her win. Pragya thinks Dadi asked her to stayed at home, and thinks what to do. Tanu comes and sees her in red saree. She asks why did you wear this color saree and asks did you keep karvachauth fast. Pragya says what is your problem and says she wanted to wear red today. She says if you questions me again, then I will keep fast and then you will fall in problem if God listens to my prayers and cancel your marriage. Tanu says it can’t happen. Pragya says there might be something which is wrong in God’s eyes. Tanu gets tensed and says she has not done any mistake. Pragya asks are you scared that if I keep fast then your to be husband might break my fast. Tanu says she don’t care and goes.

Dasi tells Dadi that Tanu shouldn’t have kept fast. Dadi says I asked her not to, but she didn’t agree. Bulbul and Purab come there. Bulbul says she might break her fast because of hunger. Dasi asks Tanu to sleep 2-3 hours as she might feel thirsty. Tanu nods. Abhi comes and talks to Purab. Tanu tells she wants to talk to Abhi. She goes near him and says I feel Pragya has kept karvachauth fast. She says Pragya gave her a piece of word when she questioned her. Abhi asks where is lady mogambo and asks Ronnie to call her. Ronnie says Pragya is in your room and busy. Abhi thinks to end his confusion. Dadi asks where you are going? Abhi says to check if she has kept fast or not. He asks Payal to give chocolate which he gave her. He thinks if Pragya don’t eat this chocolate then her truth will come out.

Abhi goes to room and sees Pragya cleaning her mouth. He might assume that she has eaten something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow Hasan bhaiyya vry quick update….

  2. Always boring episodes…pls put some abhigya scenes

  3. y pragya y did u do this guys first time i am feeling sorry for abhi i think pragya didn’t eat anything but she applied something to assume that she has eaten something

    GUYS I AM RIGHT ??????????????????/Z
    and guys in mahasangam with wat concept they r going to do
    now in UMMEED KA CHANTH it is karva chauth special like that
    in MAHASANGAM wat special

    GUYS CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME ?????????????????????/

  4. Boring as usual….

  5. guys is thr any spl episode tis week Saturday..? n truth s gonna b exposed tat day it seems says spoilers..! n also nikhil to help pragya.? wts gonna happn..? really interesting.. n the main interesting factor s tat hw pragya gonna brk hr fast by abhi. hw s she gonna do tat..! waiting 😉

    1. hey that was just a fan fiction..

  6. Just need someone to clarify something 4 me….is Aaliyah going to marry Nikhil? Bcoz….i read in Wiki that Aaliah’s name is written as Aaliah Nikhil Sood….and surprisingly, Tanu’s name was also written as Tanu Nikhil Sood!! What was that guys?!! Are they crazily joking?

    1. hey tuti ya as u said i checkd in wiki .. it shows aaliya nikhil n tanushree nikhil .. wt the heck is this .. n its too funny

    2. ya tuti i also read that is they joking or wat i don”t know nikhil is going to marry to villies oh god u can’t escape from them nikhil

  7. Guys tanu-nikkil gonna caught red handed wow!!!really great in Wednesday’s episode..

    1. ya srimathi i have also read that update in filmibeat that should be not an update it should be true too guys?????????????????????? guys wat r u think about this ???????????

  8. Nice episode ….

    Nikki plz tell me is their any special episode of kumkum bhagya coming this Saturday .

    Tanu will be exposed infront of everyone ???

    Please confirm it …

    1. ya nida and nikki please or guys please clarify our doubt ……………………………

  9. not so nice epi. when pragya will expose taalraj truth really boring

  10. Glad to see pragya with mangalsutra and kumkum after a long time. Poor girl?she is keeping fast for abhi and completing every ritual and duty but forced to hide it becoz of dadi. It is needed now becoz tanu also doing doubt on her. But now she will have to face abhi’s harsh words without any mistake and now sarla maa also will misunderstand her. Abhi and sarla maa both r equally feeling for pragya during these days as confused. Tanu was looking yuck today. God her hair style was horrible. Pragya was as usual looking gorgeous even abhi was mesmerized after seeing her for a second. Guys did u read fan fiction telly spoiler of mahasangam episode? I hope we will see a new segment tomorrow regarding the mahasangam episode and then we will get right information about it.

    1. nikki did u read the update in filmibeat that tanu-nikhil will be caught red handed by pragya is that true????????/
      and nikki wat is meant by maha sangam
      in which concept or special they r going to do this segment

  11. Very very nice epi.Abhi and pragya are soooo cute.after a long time back abhi’s fugii is back…yeppiii

  12. Boring episode.feel sorry 4 Abhi.

  13. Pragya red saree looks its so beauty.

  14. i like abi and pragya so much.i think they are idle couple on onscreen.in this episode pragya looks beautiul.

  15. Hmmmm, i dunno what these writers are upto…
    Mahasangam – I dont have any hope , maybe pragya alone will know of nikhil and it will take much more months to reveal truth to entire family i think..
    But still i wonder if pragya will ever know of tanu,nikhil,aliya,raj..if she knows then when will she reveal abhi….and before that how many times kidnap drama.. and last of all will evr purab and bulbul get married…

  16. Nikki please check if Is their any special episode of kumkum bhagya where truth will be exposed …

    What do you mean by new segment ??

    Well I read it some where abhi and pragyas romance with twists and drama on karwa chauth …

    Karwa chauth track is going to bring lots of twists and turns in abhi and pragya life …

    Pragya witness nikhil breaking tanu fast …tanu and nikhils story also take a turn on karwa chauth

    Pragya will also manage to to break her fast by abhi and also develops a doubt in his mind against tanu and nikhil

  17. What is raj planning against pragya ?? Will he do something on karwa chauth ??

    And tell me one more thing when is Aliya coming ??

  18. Where is that Aakash dude and his wife and new born baby?

  19. Wat is taking so long to catch tanu n nikhil

    1. leila i think they want some evidence to prove nikhil is the baap of tanus baby and new news i got guys pragya got a doubt on nikhil and she is always keeping an eye now pragya promised herself that surely she will expose taaliya and surely celebrate this diwali with abhi

  20. Nikki tell me when will they upload new segment

  21. If u watch a lot of quoobol hai all pragya has to do is faint and abhi will give her something to drink…..and what about pruvi they have to clear her name

  22. Is there any maha episode????

  23. ekta grow up u r not showing animations u r upto something human kind stories plz a woman is pregnant from months and no symptoms ??

    1. ya rehana this we have discussed before itself though she is pregnant but no symptoms wat is this illogical track guys i think after one year only her tummy will be seen ………….

  24. actually feeln lyk kkb is nt dragging ,, the thing is v wait much fa abhigya reunion .. so itseems to b lyk they r dragging .. other than tat the show is really awesome .. jus loving abhi pragya

  25. Nikki any update ?? Waiting for new segment

  26. Guys the fan fiction spoiler is just seems like a fiction not real becoz no promo or segment has telecast regarding it yet. Only mahasamgam promo has telecast, not for any special episode. So it’s better to wait for actual episode or latest news segment.

    1. wen s d magansamgam episode??????????
      wil it be helpful to expose tanu????

  27. Hope coming episodes r worth waiting for soooo long for abhigya reunion
    Tanu pregnancy track had lots of twists n turn
    Pragya proposed Abhi
    She had makeover for ad shoot
    Abhi realise his love for Pragya n tried to propose her
    Abhi trusts Pragya can never hurt dadi n himself finds Tanu is pregnant
    Pragya false pregnancy report brings them close
    Abhi leaving home
    Abhi proposed Pragya n she also accepted
    Abhigya separate
    Pragya accident n makeover
    Almost Reveled aaliya
    Shooter Vijay almost killed her
    Abhi saved Pragya n again fall in love
    Now karvachauth

  28. Dragging for too long please give us some entertainment. We need Abhigya unites? or when will they enjoy their lives as husband and wife. pls pls let’s have some positivity and not this negativity. Pls for Kumkum Bhagya is my fevorite wow. Guy agree with me?

  29. Hey guyzz I readcit some where that abhi will break pragya fast ….

  30. New segment update- it is just a time pass segment not anything important and big here. Abhi searches for tanu to feed her food. He clashes with pragya. They have some their usual nok-jhok then abhi comes to tanu’s room with a tray which was full of food. He insists tanu to eat something. He says I brought all ur favourite food items then after this I have a chocolate for u and then some sweetdish also which I likes. Tanu shows some nakhre then abhi put the food tray on table and go from there by telling her to eat food by indication with whistling. Leena jumani aka tanu was not on shoot so they used her body double to shoot the scene instead of her. Reporter also mentions it high lightly that if abhi now having a third lady in his life but they later clarifies it that this third lady is leena ( tanu’s) body double. Reporter says abhi has trapped between two ladies and now he becomes joru ka gulam. Then reporter says tanu ( leena) will b back on shooting soon and then she will manipulate abhi against pragya like she always does. That’s it. Only this much segment has shown, they haven’t showed about any important news or thing which spoilers r saying.


  32. So its means it will get worst …. Then what will happen in tomm episode ….

    Nikki please can you tell who will break pragya fast ??? And who is the third lady in abhi life ???

    Why the hell they are making worst .. Murnal thakur quits kumkum bhagya ??

  33. Nikki where you read all this ??

    But I read it pragya to catch nikhil – tanu red handed in karvachauth episode …. I also read tanu exit from abhi pragya life in post diwali ..

    Can you tell when will we see diwali episode ??

  34. Pragya reveals tanu lies during karva chauth … ..

    Its a buzz on zee TV website

  35. Interesting episode.

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