Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Pragya that Tanu asked him to keep eye on her and says you are caught in colored clothes and says you are cheap than us, but you didn’t get any advantage. You thought nobody will catch you and thought that you will fool Aaliya and Tanu, but not me. He asks her to thank you for saving him. He asks her to go else he will kick her out. Pragya says I will kick you out and says she will marry only Abhi. She says she is married to Abhi and doing this as he lost his memory. She says Aaliya, Tanu and you can’t stop my wedding. Aaliya is coming there and asks some girls to ask Pandit ji to do Abhi’s tilak. Dadi says he is thinking again about marriage. Dasi says what will happen to Pragya then. Dadi says he will refuse Tanu, but marry pragya. Dasi says Abhi and Pragya

will unite. Abhi says they are getting late. Dasi says they will come. Purab asks him to come. Pragya asks Nikhil not to come inbetween them and says she will not let Tanu marry him. She says Tanu was pregnant with your baby and was giving name to baby of Abhi. She says Tanu is using this.

Nikhil says Tanu is marrying Abhi with my wish and says I am letting her marry him. Pragya tries to emotional blackmail him and says you must have feelings for him. She asks him to do one good thing and says your sins will be washed. Nikhil sees Abhi far and takes Pragya to room. Abhi is sad. Pragya’s hand kerchief falls there. He takes her inside. Aaliya comes and stops Abhi from going to room. She asks him to come. Nikhil keeps hand on Pragya’s mouth. Aaliya asks what he was talking to Dadi. Abhi says nothing and says it was about marriage. Aaliya says you would have asked Pandit ji and asks him to come. Pragya tries to push him.

Abhi thinks he feels as if Pragya is here. Pragya tries to kick on the door to make noise. Nikhil closes the door. Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi says something had fallen. He sees Pragya’s handkerchief there and picks it up. He gets emotional. Pragya asks God to send someone and not to separate her from Abhi. Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi keeps handkerchief in his sherwani and asks Aaliya to come. Dasi tells that Abhi went down. Dadi says marriage will happen now. Purab says Aaliya took Abhi holding his hand. Purab says Aaliya will get them married today. Dadi says this is God’s justice. They celebrate without thinking about Pragya.

Nikhil tells Pragya that everything is finished now and tells that all her talks are nonsense, and says if God wanted then Abhi would have been here.. Pragya pushes him and tries to hit him with showpiece. He falls. Pragya is about to go. He pulls the floor mat and makes her fall down. He holds her and pushes her. She picks a vase and is about to hit him. He holds her hand and hits vase on her head making her unconscious. Pragya faints and falls down.

Mrs. Mehta waits for Abhi and Tanu. Mitali says what is going on and tells Tai ji that Abhi will not return. Abhi comes back with Aaliya and sits on the mandap. Aaliya says she will bring the bride now and asks Tanu’s mum to make sure that Abhi sits here. She agrees.

Nikhil looks at unconscious Pragya and thinks to check outside. He throws her dupatta and peeps outside the room, sees Dadi, Dasi and Purab. Purab sees someone standing behind the door. Dadi tells that everyone is in the hall. They take Purab. Nikhil thinks to send Pragya to some place from where she couldn’t return atleast today. He calls Damru and asks him to reach upstairs. Damru says okay. He hears someone coming.

Aaliya thinks where is Tanu? Nikhil calls her and asks her to come. He takes her inside the room. Nikhil says I want to tell the plan. Aaliya says I am going to go and tells that she will kick him out after marriage. He asks him to listen. He holds her and takes her inside. Aaliya slaps him and asks how dare you touch me. Nikhil says I have no interest in you. Aaliya says how marriage will happen without Tanu. I am not getting Tanu. Nikhil tells him that bride is here. Aaliya sees Pragya and is shocked.

Aaliya asks Nikhil to tell his goons to take Pragya somewhere. Purab asks Dadi where is Pragya? Aaliya comes to washroom and sees Tanu unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. so after people have written their comments (me inclusive) is Ekta Kapoor ever going to read them and know how we feel about this show?! personally, I’m irked at how this Chic is making Prague and team suffer while the rest of the nicompoomps are having a good time…

  2. Honestly as much as i love this serial its borderlining on getting stupid and ridiculous day by day. Just let them unite.. The twist doesn’t serve any purpose!

    1. I 100% agree with you.

  3. This serials need new writers ASAP!!!! I don’t get how they just keep going in circles, life is never in circles. I mean come on, what kind of “LOVE” is this, where you won’t even respect yourself or remove yourself from an unhealthy situation.
    And i mentioned this before, I feel like they just borrowed a page from a Philippines series call Two wives, where the man lost his memory. But there at least they gave the women small sense. The series is several years behind in Nigeria, but I stopped watching, only come here and read the updates hoping things will change.
    I feel bad for those who have supported the show for years now, like its just feels like waste now. The Director and writers can still turn things around, but it doesn’t seem like they have any interest in doing that.

    1. Yes, in Nigeria, it’s several years behind and I also stopped watching. I just read the updates and they are not trying at all. Where is this done? I mean, who does this? Pathetic is an understatement for twist of fate/kumkum Bhagya. It would look like something good is about to happen and then something stupid always happen. Seriously, what the hell? I was so happy thinking that finally Ahbi and Pragya would get married but the reverse is the case. What are they trying to achieve by repeating the same scenarios? I am sure that even if Pragya gets married to Ahbi now, Ahbi would say that she broke his trust, it’s a common phrase! It’s just insane! I’ll rather read than waste my God given time watching something that has a stupid end. We are tired ooo. Please, it’s enough, who ever is getting married should get married and let this bullshit end. Obviously there’s no way this can end with Ahbi and Tanu getting married cos that would be so freaking dumb. Ahbi and Pragya would surely get married at the end but can they just do it now?! C’mon, we have seen enough of this.

  4. Pls don’t see this but please see Chandra Nandni which is better than this

  5. Really Disgusting…. m watching the serial since Day1… Dnt knw y story is dragging so much….. sumtimes I feel pragya is a teacher bt she is nt using her common sense…. every tym false wins…. boring serial

  6. I’m watching it from Ghana,in fact this serial is the dumbest serial I hv ever watch.the storyline is nonsense,I wonder why they always make evil triumph. I think it will take forever for abhi n pragya to unite.Stupid serial with dumb writers and directors.

  7. This is a worst serial I hate tannu and aliya white pitch. … If tannu get marry to abhi 100% worst serial. … tannu and aliya they always go in wrong way. .. tannu became mother of nikhil even though going to get marry abhi shameless women. .. pragya already married to abhi let them marry again let abhi memory come back

  8. Before this was a good serial when abhi lost memory seriously I stop watching this serial pragya sacrifice many thing even she lost her sister .. nw I watched I think they goings to get marry this tannu nikhil aliya again no thank god its just a serial. .. none of the serial sister push brother always in trouble only aliya do it’s again and again just for money

  9. One of the idiotic serial of the entire tv world what a boring .repeat story dragging dragging.stop such idiotic serial other wise people get mad soon.

  10. Again the evil side is winning. Seriously I feel pity for Pragya. Every time she is losing. Don’t know when Abhi’s memory will come back.

  11. Santosh Mohanty

    Better Start a New Serial and Stop it, I think Director went mad. Better Start a serial like Devon ka Dev Mahadev.

  12. Bahut fuddu bna rhe ho yrrrr. Itna fuddu to mat bnao. Khatam karo shaaadi ko 20din ho gye abi tak shaadi nhi hui chutiya bna rkha ha

  13. In starting i was feeling it a very gud serial & a gud love story as well. But now the story really sucks. It is all bull shit that true love wins or truth wins. Every time the evil & bad wins. Every time gud ones r suffering from pain. Plz stop this serial or do some changes. It is almost a year dat pragya is trying to prove tanu & alia’s truth but every time they full abhi and they always win. Seriously a blind person or a dump person can also understand. But in this serial abhi being a rockstar dont understand the truth hats off to the writer for fooling viewers.

  14. Such a rubbish & degrading serial for women….I don’t know how z is sponsoring this show….it is like nauseating…..sickening…no word to express….

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