Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Tanu and asking why did you do this? He says this is happening because of your over smartness. Tanu cries and blames him. She says if I wouldn’t have done that, then our marriage couldn’t happen. Abhi says we are not married still and says he is sad. Tanu asks him to do some acting and asks Pragya to tell why she has done a drama. Abhi says I should ask you, as there was your signatures on the papers. Tanu says I don’t know and asks him to leave else she will collapse. She thinks about her signatures on the papers. Abhi thinks if he should be happy or sad. Purab tells Dadi that Jhunjhunwala was scolded by Tanu and left. Akash says Tanu was shocked seeing the papers. Pragya asks why didn’t you tell me before. Purab says we hit the jackpot, and have changed

the papers that day. Purab says we got Nikhil contract papers too. Akash says jhunjhunwala didn’t check the papers when he came there. Dadi says liars face blackens always. Pragya smiles and thinks this is the good time to talk to Tanu.

Tanu keeps bridal dress and thinks she is the first bride to keep the bridal dress. Pragya comes and asks her to leave. She says I already told you that you can’t marry him. Today you made your parents feel ashamed. She says may be there will be headlines in the newspapers that you have done illegitimate try to marry Abhi. Tanu says you can never prove that this baby is not of Abhi. Pragya says I will prove that and asks her to leave, else her respect will be ruined. Tanu looks on angry. Abhi thinks Pragya is his fuggi, and recalls hugging and kissing her. He says Pragya loves me even now, I will make her confess that she still loves me. Pragya comes to room. Abhi gets up and thinks she might confess her love. Pragya thinks if he wants to say something. She thinks if there is something serious and goes. Abhi thinks I will make her speak her heart talk. Pragya comes out of changing room and sees lights dim. She asks Abhi. Abhi says mind is relaxed in dim lights, and holds her hand. He says today was stressful so I thought to relax myself. Pragya says even I need relaxation. Before she could sleep on bed, Abhi jumps and lie down on the bed. Pragya is surprised. He holds her closer.

Pragya asks what are you looking at? Abhi says you. He says I know you miss me even now and try to get closer to me. Pragya is emotional. Abhi says your weakness is me. Pragya says this is not right. Abhi says I can prove. He makes her sit on coach with him. He says we will look in each other eyes. If you blink eye lashes first then it means you love me and if not then it means you don’t love me. Pragya says ok, fine. Abhi thinks she is trapped. She doesn’t know that if she don’t blink her eyes then it is love. He says I will start the countdown, and says 1..2..3. Pragya opens her eyes. Abhi looks at her closely without blinking her eyes. Abhi thinks I was right, she loves me. Pragya thinks I can’t go near him until I succeed. She blinks her eyes. Abhi asks her to tell that she loves him and can’t live without him. Pragya says no and gets up to drink water. Abhi holds her hands and says I will keep your love infront of you. A romantic song plays Boldo………..He kisses on her forehead….Pragya gets moved by his love, but tries to go. Abhi holds her hands….Bolna song plays. He gets romantic and closer.

Pragya sees Robin coming and tells Abhi. Robin says sorry and says you called me. Pragya says water is not in the room. Robin says water is here. Pragya asks him to keep fresh water, and get store room ready. Once Robin goes, Pragya tells Abhi that she has proved that she has weakened him. Abhi says you can’t scare me. Pragya says I need an answer. Abhi says you are getting dangerous and goes to sleep. He picks his blanket, and thinks what happened to her in the night. Pragya thinks we are getting closer, but have to wait. She thinks Tanu is planning something big and I have to get their plan against them. Abhi looks at her as he sleeps on couch. Pragya thinks until when we have to stay separately. Dadi tells Rachna that she was worried about bringing Tanu and her baby home. Rachna says Abhi and Pragya will also be one, and asks her to sleep. Dadi sleeps.

Next morning, Aaliya tells Tanu that she don’t understand how Pragya have played entire game. Tanu says even she couldn’t think properly. Nikhil comes and says you both couldn’t understand my point, and says why can’t you see that we are still at the same place. He says I would have accepted Pragya’s offer and become CEO. Aaliya asks him to go and accept the offer. Nikhil says good luck Tanu and goes. Tanu asks Aaliya why did you send Nikhil to Pragya’s side. Aaliya says everyone knows that Nikhil is father of your child, and asks her to think about their next move.

Purab tells Pragya that they will have party. Rachna says what will be the reason? Pragya says if we shall tell that we are happy because Abhi couldn’t marry Tanu. Dadi comes. Purab says we shall celebrate. Pragya thinks to invite all city. She asks Dadi why you are not telling anything. Dadi says I will not tell anything. Pragya says you are angry as I didn’t tell you. Dadi says I am angry as you accept defeat easily. She says Abhi is your husband and is yours. Pragya says she thought darkness will come. Dadi says morning comes after a dark night. Pragya says I will never leave my strength and will never leave from his life even if he asks me. Dadi says this jodi is made by God and you can’t separate. Pragya smiles.

Aaliya gets Neil’s call. Aaliya is shocked and tells Tanu that corporator called. Abhi asks Pragya why did she bring coffee for him, and asks if she is mogambo or his fuggi. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says a wife brought this coffee for her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya needs to let Abhi tap that ass and both of them will forget all about Tanu.

    1. Please dont be mean they will unite for sure

  2. What does mogambo meam?

    1. Mogambo is a villain from the Bollywood movie Mr. India &
      Mogambo character was played by Amrish Puri.

  3. @Yamuna mogambo is a character’s name whose a villian in a bollywood movie Mr. india (not sure about the movie name).

  4. Mogambo means Lady Villain

  5. Another good episode
    One of my doubt has been cleared as I guessed purab and Aakash has changed the papers in lawyer office on that night. Now the biggest question is who got tanu’s signature in that papers???
    Its great that abhi has found out that pragya is still his fuggy and she still loves him.
    Robin entry was nice . Y alia made Nikhil to go to pragya? Is she playing double game? Because sometimes I feel that alia is against pragya and sometimes I feel alia is helping pragya. Really I couldn’t predict her.
    Corporator has given his entry before tanu’s exposure which means alia will use him against pragya by telling she is the one who is responsible for bulbul’s death. What I feel is bulbul character will re enter after some days.

    1. Yeah its a nice episode..?
      Loved shabir’s expressions:-) ?
      I to have the same doubt on Alia.. To knw abt it v hv to wait n watch the show..

      1. But pragya thinks that she will expose Alia n tanu..
        Do u get it???

      2. Ya kutty we have to wait for some days.
        I have noticed that from there only I got confused whether alia is pragya side or not

      3. Hi Kutty
        Idk about you.. wil yu b my friend ? ☺

      4. Hai Fowzia.?ofcrse I vl accept u as my frnd..
        I’m Manasa.. My nick name is Kutty
        I’m from hyderabad
        I recently completed my B.pharmacy
        I’m classical dancer tooo
        I think this information is enough to accept me as ur friend???

    2. I also think alia is in prgya side.because no one could have bought her out of jail except her. Prgya has full control over everything in mm.

    3. If Alia is with Pragya then why did she call tanu when she was in police station with Nikhil. Tanu could have been exposed that day itself. I dont think she is helping Pragya. When the papers are fake then Tanu signs can also be fake. Thats my feeling.

      1. sahithi
        Sometimes I am confused thinking alia is part of pragya’s plan and sometimes I feel Alia is against pragya.
        But yesterday aft pragya said that she will expose alia and tanu I thought alia is against pragya but when she tried to send Nikhil to pragya side again I confused that alia is pragya’s side.
        I can’t able to conclude her character ☹

    4. Since corporator is back, Nikhil may vanish for few days as it always happens, that one character enters some one else is gone. Nikhil cant join hands with Pragya now after they saw the papers Nikhil made with lawyer for 30% commission in Abhi’s business dealings.

      Also, if Bulbul will be back, we will see some news about the actor who is selected for that role. As Kajol is now part of Ashoka, they have to find a new actor if they intend to bring Bulbul’s character back.

      1. I’m confused sahithi…
        But I’m not gng to stress my mind???
        I vl wait simply n watch?

      2. Good kutty im also going to simply wait and watch

      3. No logic in serial..
        aalia character will always be against with pragya..
        but as I said no logic .. bina logic ka nikhil ko bhej diya

    5. Hii Shob.. epdi irukingua ?
      I too have the same doubt n confusion since the beginning .. till now CVS give us a lack clarity wich brings us to lots of bewilderment ?

      1. Gud fowzi wat about u???

  6. Lovely episode.

    1. I agree 🙂

  7. Why still Pragya can’t tell the truth to Abhi!!!! Now Abhi knows that pragya still love him he can trust if she tell the truth….and one more doubt how tanu’s signature was there in devours paper!!!!! It is so curiousity by the way the tract goes smooth and nice hope tanu’s pregnancy tract will end soon.

  8. What is the meaning of fuggy?
    Pls anyone tell me

    1. actually it called fugga its mean balloon not fuggy, for male we call fugga and for female fuggy both names similar to balloon

      1. Thank you kaif

  9. Guys can u tell me how to change the dp of my user

  10. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I liked the epi.. But one thing if Neil comes out means purvi also comes out Na. Becoz both went inside jail at same time..!! I am right pratiksha,reji,gowtham and shobhana.?

    1. i thnk we have to wait and see… bcoz neils entry is more than enough to put trouble i guess….

    2. Ryt gowtham…but cvs is releasing Neil first to give trouble to abhigya. ..and I think cvs has memory loss…so they forgot abt purvi ???

    3. Yes ranaji
      I too think the same. If Neil joined hands with alia and acts against pragya this time, pragya and co will come to know that purvi is not responsible for abhigya kidnapping. Maybe for proving purvi’s innocence the CVs would have roped corportor in. Who knows purvi may also re enter the show.
      But as gowtham said Neil will definitely make troubles in abhigya life.

  11. Hi all….hope all are fine.. i had a doubt in previous episode is abhi really the rock star?.. because whn pragya came wit police and mahila samaj.. how come media is not noticed?… because nowadays media makes big stories if a celebrity changes from Western costume to saree.. but poor media is busy…that too rock star and super model tanu.. marriage.. they didn’t nitice.. ok.. and pragya why she goes to tanu.. to tease her?.. instead pragya always gives clues to tanu.. and tanu get alert.. pragya plans get failed… this is becoming too much nowadays.. repeated sequences… coming to abhigya romance part… now why pragya is still mogambo for whom.. and she tells she will reveal alia and tanu truth… oh my God.. how many times she will expose aliaa. i think pragya has given monthly task.. every month once she has to expose alia.. and coming to abhi.. poor guy.. how many years he will live a bachelor life.. the one whom he loves also in the same room.. the one whom he liked is in the same house… but no use.. i really feel sad for abhi.. according to me to expose tanu and alia.. pragya being away frm abhi us absolute mistake… this is where most of the ladies do the mistake in the real life too… always husband and wife fight shud end within a week.. or it will end for ever.. and coming to alia.. for purab.. she is doing all this will be kiddish.. so money sake if joints her hands to nikhil and tanu.. is she ask directly asked abhi.. he wud definitely given a share.. i think any blood siblings won’t go so cheap.. may be alia mother wud be different.. as in padayappa shivaji tells to manivannan… amanda nee koothiyavoda pulla thanda… the same dialogue i am expecting from dadi to alia…

    1. hi brin…. epdi irukinga?? busy ah??? and “poor abhi living bachelor lif”.. ha ha nice. your comic sense is out of the wrld….

      1. hi gowtham.. hw u?… little busy.. whn r u joining HCL?

      2. may 17 i am joining in HCL….. navalur branch in chennai…. neenga enga wrk panringa brin???

      3. Gowtham, i am an architect assistant working in bangalore..

      4. brin i noticed…that too… frgt to comment about that…

      5. Brindha
        Bangalore is a nice place la
        I hope the weather in Bangalore will be far better than Chennai.
        Chennai is very hot. From tom Agni nakshatra starts??. Don’t know how to bear it ☹?

      6. actually shobana last one month i hv seen bangalore at worst climate… i hv been shifted to bangalore 15 years back.. first time i am feeling so hot.. really.. my native is near ambur.. sone how cud able to bear… but my inlaws, freinds, colleague all are feeling very tired and poir ppl can’t bear the hot sun.. i don’t think any difference between Chennai and bkr..but right now it cool here..

    2. Hiii brindha
      Alia va nalla damage panitinga ?

      1. hahaha.. thq shobana.. i think gowtham didn’t notice

    3. bt its nyc having tis way.. lse ekta kapoor ll go fr leap.. its always nyc to c the hero n heroin as young charming cute couple always.. aftr leap it wnt b tat Gud if they romance.. it ll nt b gud logically.. so kkb ll b osm if they dnt tak a leap..

      1. no leap is required… already story goes very slow.. all the leading actors are looking little aged apart from dadi, dasi abd sarla..

    4. Omg brintha .. If tat vl b the truth it’ll b very convincing la ..

      1. razia.. ?

    5. Last was awesome( padauappa comment)

  12. unaku da kalayanam stp aganum nu nanache apro eduku varta padra mrg ninruchunu unake enda venum pragya o9r tanu

  13. guys hw long it ll tak to reveal the truth..?? episode ws nyc.. bt still as nikhil said they r at the same place.. js wedding has stopped.. its mre than a yr.. bt still nt exposed.. they exposed aliya wich nevr yielded anythn bec again she s in the house.. dnt knw whethr raj has really changed or nt.. nthn has changed.. cvs has to thnk lot

    1. navi.. now all will start from zero.. bcoz next will be neils entry.. so surely they planned to Drag.. so exposure will take some time fr sure… and also we dnt knw wat cvs are planning next… but one thing is sure that fr truth is to be come out, it ll take some time…

    2. again frm zero na thn another one yr.!!! he he even thn tanu ll nt gv birth to hr baby.. n she ll brk rachana’s Guinness record.. 😀 bt y did neil has cme back..? fr bulbul..? or tis s an indication of bulbul’s reentry..

      another assumption s neil mi8 hav knwn abt bulbul death n he also mi8 hav knwn its bec of aaliya.. so he mi8 hav decided to tak revenge n help in xposin the truth..! bt tis ll nvr evr happen.. abhi should do smethn rather being dump tis way.. hw long he ll tak to confirm pragya’s love fr him.! its in abhi’s hand to find out the truth n send tanu out..

      bt gowtham if they end tanu track she ll tak a brk frm the show n u ll eventually mis hr on the screen.. 😉 😀

  14. poonam fuggi means FAT SO LOL

    1. Thank you sapphire

  15. ??my timing is not good.. i will tel you wat happened… yesterday nyt 7 pm i reached home and aftr freshen up i entered my room to watch our kkb… at the exact time abhigyas romance, my mom and dad entered my mom?? normally they wont come to my room often, but yesterday since last two days i was oit of city, they wanted to talk to me at the exact time ?? so juz thnk having my moma nd dad near, can i able to njoy that scene?? i feel embarrassed… ?? so though i have seen yesterdays episode… i couldn’t njoy it at all… i thnk some one has bewitched me not to watch kkb??…. threee days i am unable to see properly…. something happened at the the right time…. wat to do?? ?

    and epiosde was good… finally i could able to see tanu at bridal costume but it was a last moment she was abouy to change costume… from precap one thng is clear cut, exposure is not gonna happen this early.. cvs are ready fr another dragging track…. and another part of the precap was nice… unlik before abhi is getting close wd prgaya…. he found that still she is love… so considering all this facts, i hope upcoming epiosdes will show more of love and affection between abhigya… . neils entry s also coming… he is famous fr uniting abhigya.. so i think one more time corporater gonna do his magic?lets wait fr the upcoming twist and turns
    which i guess ll gonna happen…. we are up ahead fr another set of dragging episodes….
    amd tamil guys did u all watch IM? actually fr us double damaka offer… coz both IM and kkb given a romantic episode today.. so IM was also nice… but i am not happy wd the song selection… he sang one song after getting hit by the rowdys, that song was not good fr me… bcoz it doesnt match with the voice over at all…. could have been a better song selection wat u thnk guys??

    1. Haha Dont worry gowtham.. U can Catch the retelecasting of kkb.. 3 times more?
      Sorry to say this but wanna say.. I’m laughing hard bcz of ur comment..?
      I can understand the situation?

      1. ha ha… wat to do kutty?? fate…

    2. Ya i too agree with u……..rockstar musickunu sollranga anna athu avalo mokka songsva irrukum

      1. aama song selection is very bad…. mukyamana time la wrst song selection…

    3. Oh ho gowtham
      I can able understand your situation
      Like kutty I was also laughing ? while reading ur comments
      Don’t worry watch retelecast

      1. ha ha…. aama shobana… neenga IM paathingala.. and tday dnt miss IM ok…..

      2. Yesterday I didn’t watch IM but today I will watch definitely

    4. Gowtham it’s an o vious problem and I think most of the peoples here has been faced this problem. Even me too. I was also feeling scared yesterday when I was watching kkb and my mom and dad was roaming one room to another room for some work. Then I was praying that god plz nobody interrupt or come before abhigya’s scene. Thankfully no one came but i didn’t enjoy that scene fully becoz of my half concentration was on my mom and dad. ? But iwhen i watch it online than i fully enjoyed it. Scene was much better than the segment. I thorughly enjoyed it. Usually most of the families have one television set which all the members uses to watch and We r living in reputative culture becoz of which we can’t b frank so much in front of our parents and elders. That’s why some of these types stuffs makes us feel embarrassing with them. Only those peoples, who have more than one television sets at their home then they can watch it alone. But those peoples who have only one television set at theur homes then many times it happens when we watches TV and our parents or some elder ones joins us then it happens too embarassing to watching such exposure stuffs. I skips that episode and thing and later sees it on YouTube, alone. So this is the only solution of this problem. Try this. I tried it many times and believe me it is gives much comfirt and enjoyment rather than watches it on TV with everybody and with this fear that what will happen if some embarrassing scene will come.?

      1. crct….pratiksha its a conventional factor… for us…. but in my home i have separate tv in my room… and common tv also is there in hall… so normally we used to c program in hall tv… but some epiosdes or some programs which cant be seen as a grp i will come and watch in my room…but yesterday mom and dad came and spoil my episode… ok bo problem as u said i can watch it onlin tday and also the missing past two epiosde

    5. You should know when to switch the channel, so keep the remote handy and there u go! Anyways we know what is upcoming mostly because of segments so u know when to expect what scene. Mute, skip, switch, u should use each option as appropriate 😀 😀 😀

      1. ??ha ha… correct

  16. Please expose tanu fast and end tanu pergency far ana it’s going too much please expose tanu

  17. Guys Emraan hashmi is promoting his new upcoming movie “Ajhar” in kkb. She did a shoot for it. One of the member between CVS told about this. Soon we will see the promotion episode with Emraan hashmi in kkb. We haven’t get any pic of this shoot that how they will promote it in the show but I think soon we will get to know about it segments or off screen, on location pics.

    1. Oops!! He did a shoot for it with kkb’s cast. Mistakenly i write she.

  18. Hello guys…the episode was nice…superb…and cvs r ready with their next track….so only neil’s comeback….I think neil is back to threaten taaliya for money by blackmailing otherwise I will say everything to abhi and pragya. ..becoz still now abhigya didn’t know that who joined hands with neil to kidnap them…so if taaliya is exposed in that way means…aliya can go to jail.. but tanu will escape with her baby power…I mean she should be fully exposed …then only tanu will thrown into jail..but I don’t think this track will happen…becoz villains bring problems only to abhigya…so don’t know this time who is going ro jail…?? Pratiksha u said this that when neil come to know that bulbul is killed he will be in peak of taking revenge. ..so aliya will say to neil that abhigya only killed bulbul…sure aliya will do this..to escape from this problem .. And tamil guys I watched IM…super episode. ..and today important episode…abhi is gonna propose pragya…I was waiting for this episode since long time. .and the wait is over…gowtham pls try to watch today’s episode. …and u r ryt…yesterday episode I don’t like the song selection…polimertv will telecast super songs…but zee tamil …doesn’t telecast superb songs. ..and while dancing with pragya that song’s voice didn’t suit abhi…zee tamil can tried some other songs…this is my point of view…

    1. yeah sure i will watch reji…

  19. Thanks fr ur comments reji nd pratiksha m happy. …let me introduce myself m kouser Fathima I completed M.com nw wrking as a teacher in scool kkb s one of my favourite I love to read stories nd my dad s an artist cooking s my passion m vry simpl gal wit full of dreams. …hahahaahaah lol as mom nt wel ill b bysy in my day to day life hav to run family plus scool wrk tutions m taking ten computer classes paaahhhhhh so only I cant ble to comment cant tink like as u guys dooo as u no toughest job s teacher every one tinks teaching job s easy nooo uts vry complicated its nt easy to make students to undrstnd to control if kid means ok bt fr higher specially boyss paahhhhh…… m nt tat mich strict reji u noo in ma scool all children loves me alott alwys use to say mis ur gud no teavhr s like u nd one more ting my scool s an orphanage running in trust so u can think living children in hostel hw tey ll b….. so tis s me guys bt u noo my nik name s naughty kou m vry naughty if I startd spking ill mingl so easily jolly typ….. nw Repl

    1. Hi fathima
      Very glad to know abt you.
      U r great doing multiple work is difficult but u r handling home as well as your work.
      Is ur mom is fine ??

    2. Oh wow Fatima so u r a teacher. I can understand ur problem as I too have been taught for sometimes. Really it is so hectic to teach in a school. No problem, u can comment whenever u get time.

    3. hi fathima super…. i too wanted to take teaching as a profession.. but everything changed now…. welcome and keep commenting…

    4. nyc Fatima.. even though u r busy u js make tym fr us to introduce urself to us.. its really gr8.. actually wt u said s rit.. its really hard fr makin evry1 undrstnd wt v say n v should mak thm realize it the way v imagine or bettr than tat.. hats off to u..! I said tis bec easily students of tis generation ll nevr say +ve feedback fr their teachers.. bt ur students did so wich means u r best in ur way of teaching n handling thm.. ppl need mre patience being in tis field.. so u do hav aa lotta patience wich tend to lik u by ur students.. my best wishes to u..! b happy.. tak care of mom well.. god bless

    5. Its a Great profession..
      All the best mam????

    6. hi fathima…..i am glad that u r a teacher……so nice yaar…….even i didn’t see ur face i can understand how well u r a good teacher by ur sweet comments …..whenever u get time pls comment…….i appreciate ur proffession …good job….pls continue…and don’t leave ur teaching proffession…!!!

    7. Hi Fathima.. glad to discover about you.. nice job ? ya and its not that much easy to handle the whole class.. yesterday i’ve tried to give replay but there was some problem with TellyUpdate while commenting idk why !

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Kalyana kanavugal gonna end???such a happy news.. I hate that show. Very much..

      2. No ranaji
        Kalyana kanavugal has 2 season it won’t end so soon

    8. Hi fathima warm welcome to this lovely kkb family. Glad we are gonna have a teacher too here. Hectic job but the great profession. Miss don’t want to miss ur comments so keep commenting.

  20. Hi guys enjoying abhigya’s moments! Abhigya’s moments with tanu’s defeat is like cherry on the cake. Right guys? Shabbir and sriti as abhigya r mindblowing couple. Their chemistry have capacity of burn the screen with fire like hotness. Some little scenes of their intimation is like this then how will b their consummation,? I m wondering. At that time I think their hotness will get overloaded. Ekta did a great job by selecting sriti and shabbir for abhigya’s role for a passionate love story. CVS not but sriti and shabbir always did justice with the characters of abhigya as a couple of passionate love story. They r the main reason for us to watching kkb even after getting so much irritated, bore and frustrated. Their lovely scenes always makes our mood fine. Hatt’s off to sriti and shabbir for doing a great job as abhigya.?Come to the story of yesterday’s episode. Abhi’s expressions were nice when he was scolding tanu. A hidden happiness in his heart was clearly shown in his expression but he was more confused becoz he thinks both reasons is correct. His marriage with tanu becoz of responsibility of the baby and his marriage cancellation with tanu becoz he doesn’t want to lose pragya too. That’s why poor abhi couldn’t show his happiness clearly and was confused that he should b happy or not? But he knows it also that he is happy from his heart. He used his trick to get confession from pragya of her love for him and he almost succeeded. Now he realized finally that pragya still loves him but not telling it to him. Hope he will determine on his realization as pragya doesn’t want to reveal her truth and actual feelings for him for now so she may try to misguide him. Let’s see this time abhi will get succeed in his mission to bring confession out from pragya’s mouth or he will again misguide becoz of pragya’s misguidance? But itvseems we will get to see more these types of romantic scenes between abhigya and now corporator also came back so it will add more sweet in abhigya’s love story. In precap, it seems like corporator is angry and disappointed with aaliya becoz she ditched him by not giving his bail. So let’s see how aaliya will turn him against pragya. But becoz shikha’s wedding, may b she will b on vacation so may b cvs will use corporator to keep shikha’s character aaliya away from the show for sometimes. Well let’s see. Now let’s talk about divorce papers. So it is still a mystery that from where tanu’s signed papers came and where actual papers of abhigya’s divorce had gone? Who informed abhi about lawyer’s office’s incidence after which abhi went to help purab and akaash? Becoz purab and akaash said that they put some of the papers in dustbin and some in the draws. But they didn’t check the papers as they didn’t got chance. Only one thing they did that they found nikhil’s deal’s papers. It means divorce papers matter is still a mystery. Actual Divorce papers r still not in their hands that is not gud. But ya if someone else like we r thinking that raaj could b steal that papers or if like akaash said that he put some of the papers in dustbin so then it will b gud. Otherwise if lawyer again found that papers then game could get turn. Hope cvs will not bring this twist later after giving us relaxation from this fact that divorce and marriage matter has finished now and papers will b thrown from dustbin or destroy by someone so it could not come in any evils hands. What nikhil will do now after the failure of both plans. Let’s see. But I think becoz corporator has came back so nikhil will b seen less on screen. Corporator is villain but a cupid for abhigya’s love story. Last time he become the mwdium of the begining of abhigya’s love. Let’s see now where his entry take abhigya’s love story? But ya this is clear now that tanu’s track will more drag.

    1. Hi guys don’t get confused. It is only me. My profile got changed becoz of some problem. Don’t know why from sometimes, problems r coming in posting comments properly.

      1. Yes prathiksha
        From yesterday morning telly update is not posting comments properly. First I thought something happened to my mobile but its not like that, the problem is with telly update

      2. pratiksha can u tell me how to watch kkb on YouTube? I tried but I could not find yesterday’s episode.

      3. Ahaha don’t worry Pratiksha, with the way you are commenting, we can easily recognise that it is you ? Coz no one will post a structured comment like you do.. and am tol having a problem while commenting, yesterday my comments were not able to post ?
        Same here Shob, i thaught the problem was only with my mobile

      4. Deepu yesterdays episode vl not b in YouTube .. If also only they ll post the few minutes of the episode .. U may search for the episodes in zee TV website or desiserials or any websites

      5. Hahahaaa..? Fowzia. Glad to see this that u guys could identify me from my comment’s style. This shows how deeply all of u reads my comments. Now I m relaxed that no one could take my place!?Right guys??

    2. Pratiksha, somehow the show stopped making sense for me after the start of this divorce track. Everything was sounding silly and illogical. Now the way the marriage was meant to happen n then stopped, and reactions in yday episode was all confusing to the core.

      Abhi loves Pragya n doesnt want to leave her. He also knows he could get ready for marriage only because Pragya signed when she was drunk. As she had been postponing their divorce, when he asked her in multiple ways.
      So now what next, as in precap he is behaving with Pragya as normal. I am happy finally to see that split personality drama between Fuggy, Mogambo, Pragya may be ending and Abhi realizes whatever name it may be, it is same person and the same one he used to call as Fuggy.

      But what about Tanu’s ‘premature’ baby, isn’t that premature baby supposedly still Abhi’s responsibility. Nikhil suddenly left side because he senses the ladies r double crossing him. Without bringing out truth, Pragya is thinking what will Tanu do now. Why doesnt she want to end this once and for all, rather than wait for opponent to take first step and once everything is spoiled, sit and cry. Adding to more complexity will be entry of corporator.

      Anyways Abhi is happy in his own world for stopped marriage and enjoying with his wife, without thinking of what happened that night in lawyers office. And from where Tanu’s sign came on those papers. So I have least belief that Abhi will try to find the suspense around him. He may again become Pragya’s savior in last minute when she exhausts all options, probably now with another villain joined in corporator’s form.

      Overall, to continue watching this, we need to keep our brains aside and just watch n forget without thinking about logic.

      1. Cometely agree with u sahithi. Ur all points r valid and these were hitting in my mind also. But I couldn’t explain everything but thankfully u did my job too. You r right, it seems we have to keep our mind aside for watching the show, the way it is going. Rather than solving one mystery and problem, cvs r just wrapping everything in hurry by leaving us puzzled.

  21. I agree with u pratiksha.
    Shabir n sriti were best actors.. And they r the main reason for bearing this dragging..
    I’m yngr than u.. Then hw cn I call u by ur name r akka???

  22. Shabbir was right…we have to wait for monsoon for abhigya’s reunion?? i am just wasting my valuable time thinking about abhigya’s reunion

    1. We wont even realize as we will see monsoon in next 1.5 months. Like the way we didnt realize its been almost 4 months since Alia, Raj are exposed and we are waiting for Tanu drama to end.

      1. Ya sahithi that’s true ?

  23. Hii guyzz!!!! N wt bout pragya’s dadi??? Evn she is nt noticed anymor in kkb…

  24. Hi guys how r u all after long time am here my health is not good so my parents strictly said odabu sariya agara varaikum phone na thoda kudadhunu sollitanga adhu podhadhunu enga vetla iruka villi ennoda phone na eduthu vaikasollidichu ennoda amma vum ennoda phone na eduthu vachukitanga;-( phone illama ore kadupa aiduchu and coming to yesterday episode romantic episode;-)

    1. Hi swetha
      Welcome back
      How r u now?? How is ur health??

    2. hi swetha ….how r u ??….and May 1st was my birthday …….i was waiting for ur wish …but now only i got to know u r not well……anyways welcome back……

      1. Hiiiiiiiiii reji belated birth day wishes have a great year wish u all success enna panna mudiyum antha villi inaiku than ennoda phone na enta koduka solluchu so irritating anyways once again birth day wishes to u

      2. By the way swetha who is that villi????

      3. hi swetha.. h r u seeing u aftr a long time…

  25. fr me too profile changed

  26. Hi shobana am fine now thank u :-*

  27. Pratiksha can u tell me how to watch kkb on YouTube.I tried BT yesterday s episode s nt coming.

  28. today i am facing one problem in telly update… usually its enough to put our name and mail id juz once… but tday fr each and every coment i am giving my name and email id… why is this happening???? i dnt get it..

    1. Facing the same problem?

      1. Same problem ?

      2. One more thing lots of add is coming in bottom of the screen

      3. aama shobana.. correct it affects the typing too fr me….

    2. ya gowtham …me too same problem…..to post comment each and every time we have to type name and email id again and again…….nowdays don’t know wat happened to telly updates……yesterday the website was not working..the server was fully under maintenance..i thought something wrong in my wifi or mobile phone………but when i wake up and saw today morning…..the website is working but the comment is posting wrongly and again and again fed up of typing name and email id …we have to send a complaint email to telly updates abt this…

    3. Facing the same problem

  29. bakwas serial

  30. Wow at first I thought it was the producers /writers at fault why all these zee tv serials are illogical and mostly unreasonable. But from the comments I understand who their viewers are. A silly romance they scream nice , good this and that. They praise them so much and forget the torture they have endured and are still going to endure. Kudos to all these serials! Carry on you have the perfect viewers

  31. navi u r right… aftr tanus exposure i will miss her eventually….. for sure… ??

    1. he he dnt wry.. bt she ll b back again fr sure

    2. Hi Goutham, I was reading all your comment, You found to be diehard fan for Tanu I guess. But you no need to worry at all because KKB will never end Tanu’s track soon. you can enjoy watching her as long as you can ,,lol

  32. hi all… hope all have u seen Kabali teaser…
    i am feeling so happy flying in the air.. watching againand again.. can’t stop.. waiting it for on theaters..

    1. hi fi…. brin…. me too awesome la… thalaivar na always mass and sema…. chanceless… nerupu da…. ??

    2. mass..! me too waiting to watch in big screen.. thalaivar pattaya kelapitaru teaser la..! <3 nerupu da..!!! nerungu da..!!! osm background score.!

      1. hi fi to.. gowtham, navi and all thalaivar fans.. ?????

      2. I loved thalaivar in the last 2seconds of the teaser.. he ws the same as he ws in 80’s.. so simple he s in tis film..! I wish he does tis kind of films rather than shankar’s film.. same walking style..! still evry1 admire him a lot..

    3. Ya brintha….again and again watching it…Superb nerupu da …eagerly waiting da…

      1. sooper ji soooperji

  33. Hi guys did u all noticed that news which I gave firstly in morning about kkb? I think, no one noticed. That’s why I didn’t get any response for the news. So I m repeating the news again. Guys Imraan hasmi is promoting his upcoming movie “Azhar” in kkb. He did a shoot for it with kkb’s cast and crew. One of the member between the cvs has shared this news. In upcoming episodes of kkb, we will see Imraan hasmi’s movie promotion.

    1. I commented over there pratiksha but don’t knw y the telly updates deleted my comment
      N thanks for the information pratiksha
      U to didn’t noticed my comment
      Actually I gave reply to u but don’t knw hw that comment came as separate one

    2. so his arrival ll nt change anythn in the story line pratiksha.. they js convince us as if truth s gonna b revealed.. bt it s lik as it strtd..

    3. Pratiksha, do you have the link to the ACTUAL video of Sriti and Shabir signing autographs for KKB fans?

  34. I loved thalaivar in the last 2seconds of the teaser.. he ws the same as he ws in 80’s.. so simple he s in tis film..! I wish he does tis kind of films rather than shankar’s film.. same walking style..! still evry1 admire him a lot.. hifi brintha ka…!!

  35. Hi gowtham am fine now and am also face the same problem i don’t know y so that’s y i reply both of u in one comment and guys sorry am went to sleep after reply shobana so that’s y cnt reply guys sorry and shobana u ask me who is the villi right my patti she is the biggggeeeest villi in my life nan yeppo yedhu sonnalum adhuku opposite ta soldradhu dhan antha villi yoda mukyamana velaye for example after i finished 12 th my periyapa ask me nee enna padikapora that time she also their i said B.E civil she ask me adhu enna padippu nanum patti kekrangale civil engineering after i finished she said ambala pasanga seira velaika padikapora athoda ennoda dream ku full stop vachachu so that’s y i call her villi;->

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