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The Episode starts with Dadi laughing and telling Rachna that Abhi got afraid seeing them fighting and thought that we will pull each other hairs. Pragya asks Dadi not to make fun of Abhi. Rachna asks her to give divorce to Abhi as that is what he wanted. Dadi says look how she is looking at us. Purab and Ronnie comes there. Ronnie says you people are laughing. Purab asks Rachna to go and sit with Sarla. He tells Pragya that this is their last plan and they have to do everything carefully. Pragya says yes. Purab says we have to change our blackmailer. He says you can’t play blackmailer’s role and says you can do mistake. Dadi says I won’t let Pragya go alone this time. She says Tanu is thinking to kill the blackmailer. Purab says we have to make a back up plan, and says we should hire someone

for blackmailing. Ronnie says he will do the blackmailer’s role. Pragya says no as she thinks his life will be in danger. Ronnie insists to set everything right in her life. Purab agrees and says lets start the work.

Abhi thinks what to do, and thinks Pragya will not give him divorce now. He thinks to talk to her nicely and convince her. Pragya comes down. Abhi says hmmm. Pragya asks him to apologize, and says it is written on your face. Abhi says I am apologizing on Dadi’s behalf. He says Dadi shouldn’t have talked to you rudely. Pragya says I forgot about it and have calm down. She says no burning, only chill, as explained by you. Abhi says great. He says he wants to talk to her. Pragya says later, I am busy now. Abhi says we will talk in the evening or whenever you are free. Pragya says okay and leaves. Abhi says he will think how to talk to her about divorce.

Pragya comes to Sarla’s room and says today I am going to take the last step, and if I don’t get success then I will tell him all the truth without the proofs, and if he don’t believe on me then you and I will leave from here. She asks for Sarla’s blessings. Sarla blesses her and says God should help you else my trust will be gone. Pragya says good thing will happen. She says I have to do this work which I don’t want to do to bring your truth. Tanu thinks she should get blackmailer’s call. She gets blackmailer’s call. Pragya as blackmailer asks her to give Abhi’s number, and says he seems to be tensed. She says I am thinking to deal with him, as he is marrying you for baby. Tanu says I will give you money. Pragya says I will not put my life in danger, and refuse to take money from her. Tanu asks him to tell the account number. Pragya refuses and asks her to send the money through her man within an hour else she will tell the secret to Abhi. Tanu says 1 hour is less. Pragya says next call will be an important call.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s outhouse and knocks on her door asking her to open the door. Aaliya opens the door and asks her to say. Tanu says her breath is stopping. Aaliya asks her to tell straight what is the problem. Tanu says blackmailer asked for Abhi’s number, but I didn’t give. Aaliya asks why she is worrying as she has taken Abhi in confidence. Tanu says this is happening because of Nikhil. She calls Nikhil and asks him to die, and curses him. Nikhil asks her to shut up. Tanu asks him to come to outhouse. Nikhil wonders what happened to her. Pragya thinks about the possibilities, and thinks Tanu’s mind will be diverted and Sarla will be safe. Dadi asks Pragya, what happened? Pragya says I called, but said something else. Purab asks what? Pragya says I asked for Abhi’s number so that she gets tensed and take a wrong move. Dadi says she is pregnant. Pragya says nothing will happen to her baby. She says we will know if she is worried seeing her face. Dadi says okay, and asks Pragya to go.

Tanu asks nikhil what shall I do? She asks him to think about killing blackmailer. She says Aaliya doesn’t care about me. Aaliya says I have much work and says she will check her in the mental asylum. She asks Nikhil to handle Tanu and goes. Nikhil says she is right, and asks Tanu to have patience, and then only she will get good ideas. He asks her to go inside the house and access if there comes any call. He says he will also come. Tanu thinks to see them once she gets married. Nikhil wonders why blackmailer wants Abhi’s number from Tanu. Tai ji gets upset with Rachna as she couldn’t give her time because of Sarla. Dadi tells her that Rachna is taking care of Sarla and that’s why got busy. Dadi asks her to get ill and then she will take care of her. Taya ji says she can’t get ill else illness will run away from her.

Tanu comes home and thinks Pragya is not there, I should check with others. She tries to move the chair and is about to fall because of Ronnie. He asks her to sit. Pragya comes and sees her tensed. Tanu thinks with whom to ask. She sees Mitali checking her phone and saying it came. She tells it is lottery message. Tanu thinks if the blackmailer called Dadi. She asks Dadi if her phone is with her. Dadi says I have my phone. Pragya comes and sits to have food. Tanu gets irked. Tanu picks chilli to eat. Pragya says it should be avoided in pregnancy. Dadi asks why she is worried? Tanu says someone is trying to trouble her and asked about Abhi’s number. she says she have handled him, but Abhi will get tensed. Taya ji says Tai ji gets phone call from weight loss machine sellers. Dadi says I didn’t get such phone. Pragya says call will come now.

Pragya and Abhi argue over the fragnance. Pragya says she will be killed with his smell and not mosquitoes. Pragya tells Tanu that she got a call from someone who told that he has her secret, and wanted to do deal with her. Tanu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Tanu ki pregancy aur uske sach ne to birble ki khichdi ko bhi hara diyya… itna tym ho gya but na tanu ki pregancy me farq pada or na sach bhar aaya… uper se sone pe suhaga vo aaliya vamp fir wapas aa gyi…
    Writers agr show ko nhi likh skte to end hi kr do kam s kam happy ending dekhne ko milegi… vrna yehi kichta rehega…

  2. I hope this time Pragya will finally be successfull in finding the father of baby.

  3. when wil u end this track yaar ???????????? after some days or is there another year to go?????????

  4. oh my god….enough with these…plz unite abhi and pragya

  5. Pragya should just give abhi a damm divorce n let tanu take everything from his ass

  6. Terrible programme
    The story is just stuck, No improvement in story for months. Actors are pathetic

  7. Writers hope this time u guys do a good job
    And let the true out ….plzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzz end it end it
    TANU WHICH MONTH U WILL GET BABY ….. such a boring role

  8. The story is so long but no bump on Tanu’s stomach
    I think the baby will be born in two years time


  10. This time tanu truth come fast I think so

  11. All this are happening only bcz of dadi.so useless lady.she could at least handled abhi .acts too much huhhhhhhh.

  12. please for god sake end this dragging track.really disgusting and i’m getting out of patience.now a days comments for kkb is also getting low.please end this track.my tamil frnds.where r u guys?

    1. Hie karthika

  13. tanu witch just expose her.she is a greedy woman.i am keeping my fingers cross i hope this time tanu gets exposed.she is really sick.please don’t drag yaar.

  14. Same dialogue shaddi, child same expression same face the idiot tanu this is kkb now,so much irritating episodes how the writer and the whole team spoiling a nameful show and the evergreen talented award winning leads no no they r not leads only tanu is leading what a poor and intolerable show. You are testing our patience more and more please dont show the face of tanu again and get the name and trp very low.Then there is no use of Name and fame before u got.so sad

  15. Nikhil was always doubtful on Pragya to be behind the blackmailing. Then Tanu n Nikhil pick Pragya’s mom from that studio. Pragya’s mom knows the truth, now again Pragya says she got the call from blackmailer.

    Why Pragya exposing herself n showing her foolishness in front of Tanu? Instead she could have asked Daadi to tell Tanu that she got a call from that blackmailer, that would have really scared Tanu.

    1. True ..

      1. Ur an idiot thts the truth :p

  16. plz end this track…. tanu is irritating…

  17. plz change the track…. tanu is irritating

  18. I dont thinks so that tanu’s truth will so soon and it is a very very boring drame

  19. whatever it is i wil not stop watching kkb bcause i like abhigyha’s trk even a bit also wil do bcause i know abhi’s love is true to his sweetheart i know tanu was his girlfriend but u all can c his feelings is really different with tanu n with pragya n the most i like is the look he gives his sweetheart romantic n so cute i just got no words to say i like it even its dragging.

  20. Aaj raat ki episode mein pragya abhi ko saara sach batayi and abhi barosa karega pragya ki baath par and dono milkar tannu ka secret subke saamne layenge ye hi hai aage ki trak yeh sach hai ya khwaab let us see

  21. Please try to end this should be pragya’s last step for the proof & she should find some proof or else pragya shd tell all the truth to Abhi & ask himself to act as blackmailer & catch hold of that idiot tanu……

  22. * Episode starts with Pragya wondering why Abhi hasn’t come to lunch yet and remembers him telling her that he needs to talk to her. Pragya signalls Daadi to send Tanu upstairs. Daadi sends Tanu upstairs to call Abhi.

    *Abhi is waiting in his room for Pragya. He thinks of not getting Angry with her and just take her wrath. Abhi has his back turned to the Door. Tanu comes. Abhi thinks its Pragya and starts speaking. Tanu questions Abhi weather he got any call. Abhi talks abt some producers call and Tanu relaxex and ask y hez w8ng for her. Abhi replies hez w8ng for Pragya.

    *Tanu starts questioning why hez w8ng for Pragya. Abhi tells her that hez w8ng to talk abt the divorce and tells Tanu that if she has a problem with him talking to her then he’ll drop the idea. Tanu apologizes. Abhi asks Tanu to leave as Pragya might come. Tanu says shez having dinner with the entire family and even shez comming from there.

    *Abhi gets angry and says he’ll see to her after Divorce and tells Tanu lets go down for Dinner. Pragya thinks that Tanu might be comming with Abhi and starts to think of her next step and msgs Daadi n Purab abt it gets up from the table and leaves. Just then Tabhi come to the dinner table.

    * Abhi notices Pragya is not there and asks Tanu as she said that Pragya is here. Tanu says she dosent knw coz Pragya was here before. Abhi searches for Pragya and he notices Nikhil comming and says hi.

    *Nikhil says ?Hi and enquires about Sarla’s health. Abhi says shez the same. Nikhil says very bad and tells Abhi that he’ll be back in a day or 2 to knw abt her again and tries to leave. Abhi stops him and asks him to have dinner with them.

    *Pragya looks at Abhi from a distance and calls him on his phone as a watchman. Abhi aks who it is and Pragya says watchman. Nikhil and Tanu get tensed hearing this. Tanu almost falls and Mithali catches her. Daadi , Rachu n Ronnie look at Tanu. Abhi asks watchman means why are you calling me , Do ur duty. Pragya says i am doing my duty. I called u to tell u a truth.

    * Abhi asks what truth and Pragya says some1 in ur house is betraying you. Abhi says betraying how do you knw this. Tanu gets tensed and goes to Abhi and tells him to leave it . Its some faltu insaan and hez also troubling her. Tanu takes the phone and shouts at the watchman’s saying how dare you call Abhi. Prgya says i didnt get my money so i called sir to knw abt his halchal. Tanu shouts and Abhi takes the phne and asks Tanu y is she stressing soo much. and he’ll talk. Abhi starts scolding and Pragya cuts the call.

    *Abhi asks Tanu to relax. Nikhil comes to Tabhi and asks weather everything is fine. Abhi says all is good and says lets have dinner.

    * Abhi in his room thinking that he has to convince Pragya for divorce like hez convincing her for marriage. he sprays the whole room with Air freshener and accidentally sprays a whole lot on Pragya’s face. Pragya starts coughing. Abhi makes her sit and says sorry and gives her some water. Pragya tries to leave the room coughing. Abhi pulls her back.

    *Prqgya asks why he made the room into a garden. Abhi says there are a lot of mosquitos so he sprayed repellent. Pragya says it’s not repellent but it’s air freshener. Abhi says so wat the room looks fresh now. Pragya starts scolding him. Precap scene..

    *Abhi says I won’t let u die , I ll give u my breath.. Pragya thinks why is he talking like this.. He definitely wants to talk abt the divorce. That’s why hez making such situation by spraying freshener.

    *Abhi asks how is the smell. Pragya says she has an allergy with this smell. And their nok jokh.. Pragya says she’s going to sleep. Abhi thinks wat to do now and looks at sleeping Pragya. Pragya says m going to sleep u also go n sleep. Abhi sits on the couch and is thinking wat to do so that her sleep is gone..

    *pragya thinks that Abhi is in full mood to talk abt divorce… And gives some or the other excuse like asks him to switch off the lights and asks him not to move.

    1. Abhi says are u scared?? When ppl are scared we need to talk. M not getting any sleep so talk to me and pulls Pragya up. Pragya says we’ll talk in the Mrng. Abhi says now. Pragya asks abt wat? Abhi mentions what Daadi came to talk to her. Pragya cuts in the middle saying ur boiling my blood. Don’t do that and sleeps. Abhi says ok. Abhi gets irritated and leaves the room.( such a funny scene . Must watch)

      *Pragya thinks that I can’t keep the divorce matter for long.. If I try to avoid it he ll get angry. Before that I have to solve Tanu’s matter. Tanu is thinking abt the call and thanks god. Pragya comes to Tanu. Tanu asks her to leave. Pragya starts her talk saying that she came here to talk abt the matter and Shea asking her to leave. Now I ll find abt the matter then u give me the attitude. Tanu stops Pragya from leaving. And says sorry.

      * Pragya says ur such a big dramebaz.. The matter should be imp that ur saying sorry to knw what it is. Tanu thinks wat is she talking abt. Did she get the call. And ask Pragya what is she talking abt. Tanu Pragya Precap scene.

      *Pragya says I thought it should be some faltu cal , but seeing u so tensed i think there is definitely something. M thinking of making a deal with him. Tanu gets tensed. Pragya says y r u sweating .. M just joking. Pragya says do u think I ll spend money on such Bekaar deals an on ur life which m not intrested in. And do u think m going to give that person 20 lakes for u. Who ever has an intrest they’ll make a deal and tries to leave. Tanu stops her.

      * Tanu makes Pragya sit and starts telling her. u dont knw.. Pragya says m not intrested in ur stuff and ur life and gets up to leave. Tanu makes her sit again. and asks Pragya to listen to her once. Tanu says m getting some calls for som time now and i dont knw whoz calling. Pragya says y are u telling me complain to the police. Tanu says not the police. I dnt knw who the blackmailer is. I thik he has morphed pics of me. if family comes to knw all will be Parashan. blah blah.. and asks for Pragyas help .

      *Tanu asks Pragya to make the deal coz if any1 else dose then she’ll be ruined. and even Abhi’s name will be spoiled. and it will also fall on Pragyas business. Pragya says M business will get effected even with ur Shaadi .. bt sadly i cant stall ur wedding as ur carrying Abhi’s child.

      *Pragya says i thought he would give 2/3 hit songs before the wedding so that i can cover the loss.. But if ur matter effects my business then i wont let ur wedding take place. Pragya asks Tanu to finish the matter fast. Tanu says how. I only knw this much that hez a watchman. Pragya says watchman?? the person who called me said that hez Abhi’s fan. Tanu strats he r cries and Pragya says ok i’ll help you. Tanu gets all exited. Pragya says i wont give a single penny. Tanu says no problem i’ll take care of that. Pragya says if its not her Majboori she would never help Tanu.

      *Abhi comes to the room and finds Prgya no wer. and thinks that she told be shez sleeping and wer did she go now. It means shez acting. she must have guessed that i was going to talk abt the divorce. Till now i talked to her soo sweetly. now i’ll show her what gussa is. He thinks of w8ng for her in the room. and thinks of playing some music till she comes.

      *Abhi starts playing his guitar and thinks of the moment wen he played guitar infront of Pragya. And Drunk Pragya playing his guitar. their Drunk night during Aliyas sangeeth. ans stops all of a sudden with tears in his eyes.

      * Pragya, Purab, Daadi and Ronnie meet and Pragya tells them abt Tanu. Daadi and Pragya hi 5 each other. Purab says we have laid out the trap bt we have to think what we should do now. Pragya says we have to make Tanu go outside to meet the Blackmailer. Purab says we need to look for a good place so that we dont repeat out !st mistake. Purab asks 2 days time so that he’ll find a good place.

      1. Ronnie gets exited. and Pragya tells him not to do anything till she tells him to do.

        *Tanu thinks how did this happen. How did Pragya agree to help her soo easily. she didnt even doubt a little. Y is she helping me. Does she have a plan behind all this. She smarter than Alya but not like ALiya. the way shez talking it dosent look like he r planning but 1 thing is clear. shez nt doing all this for me . there is definitely something and i should find out abt it.


      2. Guys this is the highlights of today’s episode’s means 3rd February. Pragya has completed her most of plan successfully but tanu have a doubt on her intentions. She is thinking that pragya is not doing any planning but she has ready for help her becoz of some purpose. So tanu thinks to find out that purpose. I think tanu will think that pragya is trying to help her to stop her wedding with abhi. But if she will discess it with aaliya and nikhil. So may b they will find out about pragya’s intentions. So pragya and pragya’s plan is still on stake. Let’s see what happens next? Keep guessing guys.

      3. Precap: Abhi says pragya angrily and forcibly to give him divorce. Pragya says that he can’t use force on her. Abhi asks pragya will she give him divorce or not? Pragya says confidently no. She asks what u will do? Will u go to court or file case against me? Abhi looks on.

  23. Guys shabbir’s and kaanchi’s second baby boy’s name is ” Ivar Ahluwalia”. Kanchi shared this name with new Twitter account of their new born baby.??

    1. Thanks pratiska. Boring kkb don’t know hindi but past one year iam watching but i feeling why watching kkb…. This kkb team making good serial to bad one… Always evil win..

  24. Wow…. nice name…. thanks prathiksha for ur info

  25. serial kkb is now borring some what they are making it boring and like mad story. ??

  26. please writter stop the drama in kkb .ap log fan’s ke patient’s ke saath kyun khel rahe ho.kkb becomes a worst serial.

  27. please unite pragya abhi soon otherwise we stop to watch kkb. writter kiya ap sare fans ko pagal samajh te ho. maine kkb se bakwas serial aj tak nehi dekhi.

  28. really boring serial now..

  29. thank u pratiksha.can i ask u something? don’t mind .where did u get this update.share with me also yaar.anyways hoping,for the best.let’s see what happens next.if they didn’t expose tanu now then i ‘m sure that the writers don’t care about the fans of kkb.if this track goes like this kkb will loose it’s charm.even my is nowadays bored by kkb.first i watched kkb in tamil and then i liked it and started watching it in hindi.i am a die hard fan of kkb.i request please end this bull shit track.start a fresh and romantic track with reunion of abhigya.please abhigya’s reunion and their lovable fights will be a visual treat for us.

    1. Karthika I get this update from ditto tv. This website shows online episode before it’s telecasting on TV. But we have to subscribe for it and give them monthly charges to watch it in advance.

  30. Even abhi in real life give name to his own baby,but in serial he live in past memories,please ekta take necessary action. Mudiyala

  31. yes u r right

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