Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi thanking God for giving her strength and courage to fight against Tanu. She asks God to keep Tanu away from Abhi and unite him with Pragya. She calls Sarla. Janki picks the call. Dadi asks her to put the call on loudspeaker and says Tanu is exposed. She was caught with the stolen money and have stolen it. She says Abhi asked her to leave the house. Sarla gets happy and thanks Dadi for supporting Pragya all along. She cries happily. Tanu packs her stuff. Pragya comes to her room and says I came to help you. You have done so much for me and have returned my husband to me. Tanu says no thanks. Pragya says there is a difference between you and me, and says I will be more happy when Abhi will know your complete truth. When he comes to know that you are lying and betraying him

since you met him. She says your biggest betrayal is your baby. She says this punishment is given to you by Abhi and not me, and makes her recall insulting her mum. She says my revenge will be complete when he comes to know about your truth, and I don’t want him to remember you and regret. She says you have entered this house with the help of this baby, and which made me leave the house. She says I did a biggest mistake of my life by trusting you and leaving the house.

You thought that you will never be caught, but I heard your conversation with Nikhil and then Aaliya’s conversation in office. She says I have to change my avatar because of you both and felt suffocated. Tanu says Abhi will never accept you as you are not suitable for him. Pragya says tell him complete truth and then he will decide whom to choose? Mitali hears her and thinks to call Taiji. Tanu says she is beautiful, talented and model, while she is a boring teacher. Pragya asks Tanu to come and tell everything to Abhi. Tanu refuses to go. Pragya says you don’t have courage to say the truth, but have courage to lie daily. She says I will give strength, and asks her to tell truth to abhi, and also tell that I don’t deserve him. She says you both tried to proved me characterless and had affair with Suresh.

She says you both have killed my sister, attempted to kill my mum and me. She says you have increased your punishment. She says you have become thief and a murderer now just because of the obsession. She asks her to tell the truth to Abhi. Tanu asks her to stop it, and says you are also trying to get him. Pragya says if Abhi knows your truth then he will kill you both, and a blast will happen. Tanu thinks if Abhi comes to know about my truth then he will kill me for sure.

Mitali comes to Taiji and says two thieves are going to Raja to know he will choose whom? She says Tanu and Pragya are going to Abhi. Tai ji says if Tanu will stay back? Mitali says this is the highlight of the twist, and says Tanu will win…Tai ji says Pragya will win and says she is the owner. Tai ji asks Mitali to bet with her and bet on 20000 money. Pragya again comes to Tanu. Tanu asks what do you want to see? Pragya says my precious thing is with me and asks her to go out. She says I will enjoy life with Abhi and says she don’t need to lie anymore. Tanu says now I am leaving but when I return then you will be gone from his life for forever. Pragya thinks Tanu might be upto some plan and thinks to expose her sooner.

Tanu goes to Abhi’s room. Abhi asks her not to come near him. Tanu says I am leaving from your house and life. She says I will love you always…and is taking your baby with me. She says I want the baby to be a son, so that I remember you seeing him. She asks him to come and see the baby when he is born. She emotionally blackmails him and goes. Abhi recalls Tanu gifting him toy gorilla and thinks to throw it out of house. Abhi tells Dadi that he did wrong with Sarla and feels guilty. Dadi asks him not to over think and says whatever happens is for best. She says I told everything to Sarla and she got happy. She asks him to go and apologizes to Sarla. Abhi says I shall meet her, but before that I will do one formality. Dadi says Tanu is leaving the house. Abhi says I don’t want to keep any of her memories.

Pragya calls Nikhil and tells him that Tanu has fallen down the stairs. She asks him to think about his baby, if not about Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ridhima

    Bakwass …always …talking talking and talking about her evil plans but will never expose her . … Fed up with their talks …shit ….

  2. What's Next

    There is a rumor that Abhi will feel bad after Tanu falls down the stairs and goes to the doctor ….and because he feels bad he will again agree to marry the scheming trash!!! How can Abhi be this stupid???

  3. vignesh

    yeaahh… now tanu is out of the house… pls expose tanu soon and give reentry to bulbul

  4. Think 1st

    Pragya has to know that Tanu is desperate and is not above doing “anything” to get what she wants…..so Pragya should have had Akash and Purab escort that psycho chick down the steps and out the door.
    Pragya acts like she can’t think for herself.

  5. Rachna

    Omg tanu is pregnant from last 1 year almost. Still no delivery and she is not exposed. Bakwaas serial.i still can’t understand why such a talented actor shabbir is doing this s***y serial. Tanu will be exposed only whn serial is ending. So till thn v hav to bear this s***.

  6. Sahithi

    Tanu by now realised that Pragya will only talk but will not do anything with her, so she is so confident.

    But most funny thing today was FB between Tanu n Abhi, it looked so silly and forced. I dont remember Abhi ever behaving like that with her. Hightime writers rewind and play their show back.

  7. Totally rubbish. I didn’t watch today’s episode as i was already disappointed with upcoming storyline of the track so was not in mood to watch and i have decided to take a break from this crap for sometimes becoz i m not interested to watch same things again. That’s why too i couldn’t made my mind to watch the show. Who else is intersted in this same crap? I think most of us r not. Isn’t it guys?

    • Sahithi

      Hehehe as long as there is no taunting of Pragya by Tanu/Nikhil or scenes like Purab/Akash standing helpless in front of Tanu, I will continue watching it. I cant tolerate only those scenes.

      I no longer look for logic or intelligence from the leads, so its just out of love n fandom for the lead actors.

    • shobana

      Definitely not, prathiksha. Can’t able to tolerate it. Thank god today my mom was not there while im watching the show else she would have started scolded me. I seriously wish the trp should fall down. Until the trp is high we have to see the same stupid storyline. Only if the trp falls down CVs will change the storyline.

    • steffyrao


    • Brintha

      No dear, actually today pragya talked face to face.. given nicely.. each word was sharpen than an arrow.. literally she slapped by sandals.. upcoming episode will b like tom and Jerry tight fight.. but my guess this time that nurse may help pragya… whenever tanu plans it always end up with gud for pragya… so.. we can expect tanu exposure soon…hope cvs won’t disappoint any more..

      • Sahithi

        True the conversation was good, but I had this doubt, anyone observed, the FB when Pragya told how she knew about Tanu and Nikhil truth, isnt that the wrong scene. She first heard Tanu talking to Nikhil over phone before Pragya’s accident and only on day of concert she realized Nikhil was baby father. I have this strong doubt that the writers either changed recently or forgot what was shown on the show earlier. There were so many blunders in yday episode.

        Abhi suddenly broke all ties with Tanu knowing her theft truth and that she cheated him by implicating Sarla wrongly. But as per segments, Abhi will again change mind for the baby and decide to marry Tanu. That is disappointing, as Abhi seems to be confused about the reason as to why he wants to marry Tanu. He was never interested in the marriage for baby sake also except that Fuggi took that promise.

        Last time before the temple marriage when he brought this topic with Pragya, she again misguided him saying he was fulfilling his responsibility. On every occasion Daadi n Pragya tell Abhi he is always on side of truth, then why cant they also take truth’s side.

        I feel Abhi should do both these things after coming back from hospital – meet Sarla and ask her reason as to why she gave Pragya’s hand in his during her accident. He should mention it to her that he is getting married to Tanu soon. Wish Sarla opens mouth atleast then.

        Second he should clearly discuss with Pragya on his marriage with Tanu n why he feels he should get married immediately. Obviously divorce topic will come and they both should come to a conclusion on this. If Pragya is not opening her mouth, atleast Abhi should give her a timeline by when she should either divorce or reveal reason for not agreeing for divorce.

        If writers dont let Abhi get that clarity from Pragya this time also, then we will see repeated scenes of marriage preparation, then Pragya crying, Daadi lecturing on power of kumkum n love.

    • Reji

      Oh pratiksha …same hear ya !!..my choti brother was calling hey reji come fast see Kumkum bhagya !!..i said no i can’t watch that crap da…pls u Change the channel and watch ur favs !!..he very well knows i like kkb very much …but that time my brother was shocked that wat happnd to reji always she will be fighting with me to watch Kumkum bhagya but today she didn’t ….so me too can’t watch this crap anymore and with my knowledge only i didn’t want to watch today’s episode pratiksha !!..???

    • Brintha

      i watched the upcoming episodes highlights.. whr clearly shown in the hospital, tanu thinks abhi is coming to see her, she starts acting as if she is in pain but nikhil enters.. definitely nikhil will scold tanu u can’t risk my baby life… so both will fight.. tanu will convenience him for ur ceo post i am doing all these… i don’t think pragya can never collect the proof bigger than this…nurse might help pragya for sure… and akash and rachu already collected the bills… so tanu suspense is reaching the climax…

      • shobana

        Brindha don’t believe this CVs, they will create hype among the viewers and atlast nothing will happen. Again they will start tom and jerry fight only.

    • Shivanya

      Me too pratiksha Akka i didn’t watch the episode its really boring Akka. But pragyas bold talk is nice but that is of no use again tanu will come into abhis life. Fed up with the show.??

    • Priya$

      S pratiksha nowadays too much of dragging.. So I too stopped watching this.. Telly updates only.. Because of dragging I stopped commenting also .. Some episodes very blank it was don’t know Wat to comment.. I love Kkb… Abhigya scenes r thr I ll watch it or else I won’t.. They want to finish this track soon..

  8. Thahira

    Instead of threatening tanu,why don’t pragya go and say the truth to abhi?? Those stupid writers always plan to drag the serial. Well I wish the story to end like this :Abhi came to know takhil’s truth and send them to jail, abhi apologize to pragya and decide to get married. On the day of their marriage another girl shown as the bride who’s revealed to be bulbul and both the sisters get married on the same day to their loved ones. Everyone eyes are filled with tears of joys and kkb ends with a perfect ending. And that will be a treat to all kkb fans who were all waiting for abhigya and purbul reunion

  9. tt

    Worst I just saw yestdy till now dis scene is going on??and what nonsense is this and wav she stolen money and it’s very less dan pragya’s cheating(like acting as cheating ok) before tanu abhi should hate pragya but he don’t do like dat since he loves pragya …but I don’t know dis nonsense pragya can tell d truth no??? since all d her side oly and dis abhi though he thought pragya is cheating he still believes most than tanu ( actually she stole the part money but pragya cheated him and took his all property though he doesn’t know the pragya’s truth he still loves her than tanu??)now atleasy pragya can tell d truth of tanu n.a.??

  10. Niveditha

    The thanu delivery may happen now abhi and purab take her to hospital again emotional drama plays

  11. Ramya

    We must really appreciate the person who writes the dialogues for this non sense serial… The serial s fit for only talking and certainly nothing else.. Complete bakwaas!!

    • ar

      seriously yesterday nothg happned exept stupid blabering.
      still tanu is in house drag drag drag n only talking…one incidemt happns n thy talk 2 each other fr 10 episodes….too much bore. stopped watching long back was cing updates now updates r also wastr fr this bulshit serial . yesterday nothg hapnef.
      now avain tsnu will act and blackmail abhi again frm later episodes everythg is bak 2 normal as if nothg hapned same old crap

  12. shobana

    Actually today I felt bored while watching kkb.
    Suddenly from where that toy came? It was not there in the room so long.
    2 days back dadi fell from stairs and tomorrow tanu is going to fall. CVs knows only to recycle the scenes.
    Dadi is telling to sarla ma as if tanu’s pregnancy truth has been exposed, they have exposed her only for stealing money still lots of exposure is there like sarla ma kidnapping and accident, tanu’s attempt to kill pragya and tanu’s part in alia’s all bad deeds.
    Now again pragya’s brave speech. Im bored whenever pragya says this dialogue” Mein Jal se Jal tanu Ki sachchaee sab ke saamane…..” . Oh my god how many times she will say this from last September to till now she is telling this only but no improvement in both the show and in
    pragya’s plan.
    Tanu is afraid that if pragya expose her then her haalat will become worse but she spoke to pragya with confidence as if though she doesn’t care even if pragya expose her or not. Anyhow tomorrow a huge drama is waiting.

    • ar

      haha this jal se jal…dialogues m also fed up.. pragya is some dumb gal who only fr yrs to geter becmes mogambo fr no reason. insted of wearing some designer sarees n over do make up and romancing with abhi(even after all this she romances) and giving lectures to tanu she does nothg.

  13. Sankar

    what if Bhul Bhul resume alive in this near future episodes (corporator has came back before few episodes) ?

  14. steffyrao

    Why are these script’s written in such a shallow manner. There seems to be no logic & depth at all. And the pregnancy track is just becoming unbearable.

    The characters of a story become alive with good script & direction.

    Besides dragging this track…wat is the ultimate goal or objective of this story.

    So far what the CVS have achieved besides dragging this track….KKBs CVs have successfully shown the audience that
    1. Takhil n Aliya are serial liars & criminals.
    2. They wld go to any extend to extinguish the Arora family.
    3. PraDa n team are nothing like Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada.
    4. Abhi is an emo bacha whose brain has been frozen to be mixed with yummy yoghurt for the cvs to mess with for Tanus pleasure.
    5. Pragya & team will consistently fail to keep Tanushree in MM n KKB story.
    6. Pragya n team will neva open their mouths no matter wat despite all the given situations.
    7. Abhi just cant seem to figure out anything despite all the clues & neva suspects Takhil now tt Aliya has been
    8. Takhil n Aliya can get away with murder.
    9. Sprinkles of Abhigya nok jok n romance is just for trp charts n keep the larger audience (but it will definitely trip for sure soon)
    10. And Dadi exposing Tanu is jus a 1 off after listening to the rest of her dialogue yesterday .
    And the list can go on n on i guess.
    Seriously cvs u need HELP including EK.
    Praying that the Divine will stop the CVs from taking the audience for a ride .

  15. karthika

    really felt annoying..pragya is juz talking..not showing it in her deeds..CVS team really u guys have lost our mind….how cud abhi even think that he’ll vl remember tanu on seeing things related to her??i really felt disgusting……i juz hated the part when abhi seeing the gift of tanu remembered tanu hugging and all other crap…it makes to feel that he’s still having softcorner for tanu ….really annoying part it was…it’s all becoz of CVS team…adding more stupidity and crap then b4….always making us dissapointed…

    • Vijay

      I have never see a serial like this before where Pragya knows the truth about Tanu , and yet at the same time she cannot tell retarted Abhi the truth. Tanu living in Pragya’s house and she has the upper voice in everything that goes around. All she does is black mailing Abhi about her bacha. How dumb can Abhi be that he does not know whether Tanu is carrying his child or someone else’s. He said aunty Sarla is like his own mom, and yet he accused her of stealing the money because he found it in her room. What happened to innocent unless proving guilty? As for Pragya she knows that Tanu and Nikhil kidnapped her mother and tortured her and, Tanu and Aliya killed her sister Bulbul, and they even tried to kill her. Why can’t she exposed them? What is she waiting her? The story line is so boring and stupid. I think they should just end the show.

      • Additionally

        Not only does Pragya know the TRUTH…the ENTIRE family and probably the Community knows the baby is not Abhi’s!!! This is too stupid….when they exposed Tanu for stealing- would have been the ideal time to tell about the baby drama.

    • shobana

      I think karthi, abhi has concern for the unborn baby so only he is thinking about tanu. He has no feelings for tanu even before his marriage. He thought that being together with tanu is love but realized it was not so once he found his true love for pragya.

  16. razia

    From sterday I stopped watchn kkb .. I won too .. If the rumour Is true tat abhi decides to marry tanu im sure til tat I’ll not watch … Let me ve peace of mind

  17. I have stopped watching it anyways I just read the updates …….I was anyways expecting all this to eventually happen …….when the trp falls they will fill it with abhigya scenes this is wat happens …….so I have decided even if it is for abhigya I wouldn’t watch till tanu exposure ……if it is the last episode yes I will watch only that …….otherwise I will just read the updates ……… because everything has a limit

  18. adamu alhaji adamu

    Shabbir please go ahead in your next update and expoose Tanu, otherwise count me out! From this trash. I am no longer interest in this you nagging and nagging story, which we don’t know when it will come to an end period

  19. surbhi

    well played tanu well.played I must appreciate your confidence level and yup I was right that she is an alien that’s why the gravity won’t effect on her pregnancy its totally crap writer seems in no mood of exposing Tanu i remember once in movie akshay kumar said long live britishers I must say now the same dialogue with different way we must say long live tanu long live tanu what say KUTTY , SHOBHNA and REJI. by the way reji I didn’t forget u yr yaad hai tu mujhe Maine padah magic of love but cmnt nahi kar payi aur abhi exams start nahi hua hai ye I am just on preparations my exams are from 8 June ???

    • surbhi

      and yup forgot to.tell u one thing I am.not on twitter just on fb IG what’s app.and hike ? if u want to stay in contact u can share me on my email also dear ????

    • shobana

      Hi ? surbhi
      Yesterday while 1st scenes I got irritated dadi speaking to sarla ma as if though tanu has been exposed for all her bad deeds. She has been exposed for stealing money for that itself all are celebrating.
      And I think the writers are alien. There is no logic in their storyline. Suddenly abhi got tanu’s gift. So long it was not in the room, Today when tanu is leaving he got it from space and held in her thoughts. Totally rubbish.

      And surbhi all the best for your exams concentrate on ur studies. Don’t waste ur valuable time by watching this show . If didn’t see for a month also the storyline will be in the same place where pragya saying “I will expose tanu soon” . So study well and do your exams well

      • surbhi

        hi shobhna ? u r extremely right something’s happen suddenly like if look at past episodes when takhil was planning for pragya accident they showed that pragya and abhi were having fight regarding that appointment diary and I was like when this scene came lolz the sudden appearance of scene was there ?? so it is not womlner that how something’s in this serial occurs on their self without any logic that’s why I never use to watch this crap I use to watch some of the vedios of it on IG because I don’t have such guts to tolerate this ?? and yes thank u for the wishes shobhna ?????

  20. Priyanka

    Seriously, when will Tanu actually be exposed?
    Guys, stop watching the serial…come for the updates. The TRPs will drop and they will have to expose her.

  21. gowtham

    I am juz bored with d episode… nothing to say….. its irritating whn prgua gives some speech… infact she doesn’t do anything at all other than speeches…. so juz come here to wish u all a happy morning…. and reji, sheetha en resort photo twitter la have u seen?? how am i??

  22. vignesh

    is this a routine….. alwaysss pragya says something… but she wont dont do anything…. then tanu will winn… this is tooo predictablee… and boring too

  23. bindi

    Holy christ…. How longggg…. Cant bear this drama any more.. N this tanu… Wat… Is thr a gorilla in her tummy… She is pregnant from past one yr.. I guess she is gonna give birth to a gorilla baby… After 20 months… Toooo much of drama happening here… N the dumbest of all Abhi.. On top pragya.. Ufff… Bhagwan bachaye…

  24. Shubu

    Omg what a stupid hero….how can a hero be widout brain….n pragya too….villons r great in this serial…see now also she didn’t exposed…later tNu will come n start boring again…for God sake bring tanus truth out….it’s really really boring…how can u prolonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng it on one single topic….one more stupid thing is dat hero always says dat he believes more dadi n sarala then y don’t they confess….he says he loves pragya right…then you can’t he belive her…it’s all bullshit ur showing Mr. Director. …grow up use some brain if u don’t have get from somewhere. …don’t play ….ur making fans of abhigya to hate them….i think if they come in other show also fans won’t love them after ur boring show ….don’t play wid their lives….

  25. Reji

    Hello guys i think today we r having a segment …i saw some pics ..abhi and dadi r there …i think dadi is advising abhi and in next PIC she twisted abhi’s ears …somewhat cute… So more updates later!!..

  26. angel

    Its high time now of this drama…..pls finish it fast n expose tanu……serial is getting boring day by day…..not feeling to watch even…

  27. Lily

    This getting more and more ridicules. Can you please end this. Tanu is pregnant for ever.
    Just expose her and let Pragya win. Abi is stupid does not act like a man, more like a trained puppy.


  28. New segment update- Abhi brings tanu back to the home from hospital. Tanu goes to upstairs but pretends as she is facing problem in going upstairs. Abhi helps her and holds her and takes her to the upstairs. Tanu turns her face back during going upstairs with abhi. She looks pragya and smirks. Pragya gets upset seeing all this. She goes to dadi’s room and lies on dadi’s lap and cries as she can’t watch abhi with tanu this much close as doing care like this. Abhi comes in dadi’s room. Pragya sees him and walks out from there cryingly. Abhi asks from dadi what happened with her? Why pragya is crying when her maa has been proved innocent. She should b happy. Dadi tells him that pragya is crying becoz of him. He played with her bhavana (emotions). Abhi asks in joking way who is bhavana? Dadi pulls abhi’s ears and scolds him. She gives him lessons how to say her sorry and show his love towards her. Abhi says that pragya will not convince. Dadi says abhi to propose pragya on her birthday as she is his fuggy. Abhi thinks about tanu and asks what about tanu? Dadi says that she will take care of her. Abhi gets ready and determine and says ok he will propose pragya and he will remarry with her. Abhi leaves rom from there. Reporter says after coming back to the home, tanu have started her dramas again becoz of which pragya is upset as abhi is taking care of her. Dadi has become love guru and she is giving love tips to abhi. Tanu is unaware from it. Leena says if tanu will get to know that abhi is going to propose pragya then tanu will again do some drama but never let abhi propose to pragya. Leena says she is in the show that’s why show is running gud so she will b here forever. Reporter says that kumkum have to join with it’s bhagya oneday so tanu also have to leave from here one day.

    • Brintha

      so dadi will take care tanu, abd abhi will propose pragya.. what a bull shit.. thoo.. just for dragging sake writers hv going to the least bottom of cheapest.. cheap story, cheap director, cheap crew..

      • Sahithi

        That’s good na, it’s proved Pragya can’t do anything herself n Abhi won’t be allowed to use his brain. So after Ronnie, Sarla now it’s time for Daadi to shine. Everyone who was on side of Pragya n helping her, Tanu n Nikhil tried to eliminate them. May be finally Daadi’s life will be in trouble for the truth to come out.

        Didn’t all of us wanted that Daadi shud be trapped in her plan instead of the Aroras for her to realize how she made mistake of pushing Pragya into all this. Also Daadi being in trouble will be best source for Abhi to know truth.

    • Ya guys segment is clearly showing dragging by again using same old trick to tied audience with their seats by using abhigya’s lovely scenes. Only onething which is new and that is pragya’s birthday. Cvs r doing planning to show it finally in the show. Which is gud. But never know it could also have twist in the tale as tanu is there for ruined it. Abhi is planning to propose pragya but what if becoz of tanu’s mello drama, it will get turn oppsite, as leena said in interview. Tanu again gets win and pragya again left empty hand cryingly. I was waiting and wishing since long that pragya’s birthday should celebrate and abhi make it special by his love for her in his style. I want to see it. But i don’t want that it get ruined by tanu. Which i can’t watch. Cvs r doing this since long. Once they gives us greed of abhigya’s lovely scenes and sequences but after it when they successfully takes us towards it then they pulls us back again by showing negative things. Same baby’s drama, tanu’s evil plots, pragya’s oath and efforts to expose her, then both side’s equally win and lose game’s continuation, abhigya’s reputated romance and abhi’s dilemma and confusions. Not tanu nor pragya is finally win or lose and all this crap will keep continue god knows until when? I too wants to watch abhigya’s romance and lovely scenes But for now i have decided not to wtach this same crap again so abhigya’s these types of scenes also can’t change my decision. I will watch only abhigya’s scenes but later, when it will get uploaded online. If cvs has become stubborn for not ending this crap as much they can or wants then i have also been dtermined not to watch this crap until they will not change it or end it. It’s high time to let the trps drop at the lowest level, it should b out from atleast top 5 now. I have been taken my decision. Guys u take ur own. Think carefully and then decide what should do?

      • Brintha

        as u said at 9.00 i don’t watch.. let trp go down… freinds all of us together we do this..prathiksha and me are stop watching will not make any changes.. we all hold our hands.. cone on guys.. we stop watching at 9.00pm..

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha, everytime there is some celebration in MM it generally ends with some drama and a twist in happenings. Now that Tanu is desperate let us see where this birthday celebration will end.

  29. Fowziya

    Episode seems ok, Pragya’s each n every words towards Tanu was good, but whts da use ? Always blah blah blah, she dnt even try harder to exposer her, she never execute her plan properly! Nothing to say more ?
    I still didnt watched yesterday’s episode as i was out, but i think i wont watch for 2-3 days, afta reading the segments and all, no more mood to watch this nonsence !! ?
    And ya Pratiksha you are absolutely right CRAP CRAP CRAP thats it !?

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