Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Daasi and others helping Daadi get up and dropping her on bed. Rachna says she knows Tanu dropped oil as someone saw her doing this. Daadi asks who. She calls Mitali. Daadi asks Mitali why did not she speak before. Mitali says she saw how Pragya was taking Tanu’s side and she would have insulted even her. Daadi tells Daasi they have to find out what is Pragya up to.

Tanu hears Daadi’s conversation and thinks whatever she tries, she cannot get into daadi’s good books, so now she has to use her trump card and allege Pragya as a thief. She calls her associate and asks him to get fake property papers in Pragya’s name.

Aaliya enjoys coffee in hotel’s restaurant and reminisces getting intimate with Purab yesterday night. She thinks

Purab will be hers aforever after tonight. She gets Purab’s call that he left for Mumbai and apologizes her and asks her to enjoy with her friends. She thinks Purab did not do right and will pay for it.

Pragya sees Abhi’s album reporter coming home and giving 1 crore bag to Daadi. He says Abhi’s album was excellent and they will get money rain. Once he leaves, Daadi calls Pragya to give her money bag, but Pragya hides. She sends Daasi to give to Pragya. Daasi walks to Pragya and Abhi’s room, does not see her, so keeps money bag in Daadi’s room. Pragya steals that money.

Tanu calls servants and asks them to change Abhi’s room’s interiors. Daasi comes and asks what is she doing in Abhi and Pragya’s room. Servant says she wants to change interiors. Daasi says who is she to take decisions. Tanu says Pragya and Abhi permitted her. Daasi says Pragya herself will change interiors if she does not like it, so she should not interfere in their lives and asks her to get out of room. Tanu feels humiliated and walks out.

Pragya gives money bag to Tanu and tells she did her work. Tanu says she will allege her of stealing money and buying property from it. Pragya agrees and walks out of room. Tanu thinks she will make Pragya fall into Daadi’s and her own eyes for coming in between her and Abhi.

Akash brings pregnancy book and shows it to Rachna. Rachna says it is very good. Taiji interferes and scolds Rachna. Akash asks her to select one baby’s name. She yells. Tauji interferes and jokes on Taiji.

Daadi stops Pragya and says she saw her asking servant to serve her tea and says though she acts as misbehaving, she takes care of her well. Pragya says she prepare tea for everyone, so servant served her also and walks out. Daadi says whatever she says, she knows she cares for her.

Pragya says Tanu if she tells daadi that she stole, she will not believe it. She says she has an idea and SMSes Abhi to come and pick money bag. He gets irked thinking she is ordering him and SMSes back. She replies that she is indeed ordering him. Their usual daily dose of argument starts. Tanu gets jealous seeing their argument. He calls her, but she asks Tanu to pick call instead. Tanu switches on phone. Abhi asks Fuggi to pick phone. Their argument starts again and he asks how dare she is to order him. She says yes, but then says she was requesting him. Their argument continues.

Precap: Daadi asks Pragya to give half of bag’s money to Akash to deposit in bank. Pragya asks which money. Daadi says she sent money via Daasi. Pragya says she didn’t get any money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope soon pragya and abhi get rid of tanu and start a life peacefully

    1. I hope too to see that seen mugu

  2. Hating pragya.. dont have minumun common sense simply doing wat tanu is saying.. getting bored by this drama

  3. Kumkum Bhagya:

    Abhi checks the report and tells Dadi that Pragya is pregnant. Dadi gets overwhelmed with emotions and gets happy with the news of arrival of her grand child. She blesses Abhi and Pragya and congratulates herself. She asks everyone to congratulate her as she is becoming grand mum of Abhi and Pragya’s child. Dadi is thinking that Pragya is pregnant and is happy. Pragya is boggled and doesn’t know what to say. Abhi smiles and makes her eat the sweets with his hand. Pragya hesitantly eats it. Abhi and Pragya pretend to be happy with the good news. Dadi says she is very happy and kisses Pragya happily. She announces that she is going to be grand mum soon, oblivious that Tanu is pregnant instead. Pragya and Abhi are smiling and happy. Tanu looks on surprisingly as she knew that they are mistaken. Everyone looks on happily and enjoys moments of celebrations.

  4. ****SPOILER*****

    Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is set for a new innings. For long now we saw that Abhi’s girlfriend and sister were the baddies, but soon there will be another person the rockstar will have to be worried about!

    Abhi and Pragya’s life is already complicated. But looks like there si still more in store for the couple who is handling Tanu’s pregnancy issue right now. We hear that the makers of the show are planning to introduce a new character on the show. And mind you this one is not a good one. What’s worse is he is here to create more issues for the rockstar. In fact this character will be on the show to take away fame, money and more from Abhi. But will Pragya as usual come and shield Abhi from worse? Well, read on to find out…

    This new villain in Pragya and Abhi‘s life is not Tanu’s baby, but he will be brought into Abhi’s life through his girlfriend. The new villain will also be shown as someone is who is a non-threat. But beware Pragya, like Tanu’s baby there are a lot of things that do not appear the way they really are. In the upcoming episode Pragya will accuse Daasi of theft. After which she will declare herself pregnant. Clearly creating more confusion for Abhi. An insecure Tanu insists on testing Pragya for pregnancy which will turn out to be positive. After which Tanu feels threatened.

    1. Hush hush buzz is that Pragya has either learnt the truth about Abhi not being the father of Tanu’s baby or this is yet another trick of hers to bring Tanu closer to Abhi. Whatever the case looks like more drama will unfold on the show soon. Who will be the new villain on Kumkum Bhagya? Well, come back right here to find out!Subscribe to me on YouTube

  5. stupid pragy..

    1. Idiot pragya…

    2. pragya*

  6. fool pragya

    1. Non sense pragya

  7. Iyo kadavule enai kaapathunga kowsi Divya ungaluku yethavathu purinjatha story la. Barangarama kolapurangale. Sapppppppaaaa iipavae kanu kattuthae :'(

    1. Sathiyama yaralayum kapatha mudiyathu…priya…story writer yum director yum……chutney chutney tha…..kuruma kuruma tha……????????????????????????????????

      1. En kita irunthu…

      2. Neenga enai vida Romba kadupula irukangala pola susi.

      3. Ama priya sema kandula irukan…

    2. Ennakum ethivum mulusa puriyala aana onnu mattum nalla puriyuthu theriyuthu athu enna na nambala innum nalla polamba Vida poraanganu yenna ithu ippo mudiyura maathiri theriyala .

      1. Athu enavo CRT tha dhivya………..mudiyala sammi

      2. Pregnancy chapter ku full stop vaipanga nu paatha they r going to begin next chapter iyo rama

    3. Ama priya..pragya pregnant abhi doubt avana or happy ah accept panuvana …apram onnu new entry is villian avan varapa pragya and abhi senthu irupangala or pirinchu irupangala….onnum purila …kadupa iruku …epa tan pregnancy drama end varumo…i thought pregnancy drama wil be end aftr tat new entry come in this show

      1. Ivanga tanu prob solve panurangalo ilayo pls tanu and pragya plan neruthina pothum

      2. Ya priya …stop this nonsense pregnancy concept…….✋

  8. Pls anyone tell me when they ll finish this pregnancy drama.

    1. I am with you this is complete idiotic Bull shit and I don’t find it to be at all interesting….NOT at All!!!

  9. end this tanu character

  10. Iam with you maanu

    1. thank you dear

      1. Fr what maanu dr

  11. why there’s alot of unwanted twist in this story?? too much of dragging at last…come on pragya,u should watch urself how weird is ur character is going on now…-_-

  12. Iam get mad

  13. Just finish dis tanu being pregnant crap writers .wat r dey thinking.nd for rachana will she deliver or not .Guiness book of world record for longest pregnancy goes to he

    1. hahaha! avni, its really true rachna will break the record for the longest pregnancy. dey r jst dragging too much

  14. OMG is all I can say and not in a good way

  15. 1. Tanu is pregnant
    2. Pragya is pregnant
    3rd place goes to whom??? Aliya or Bulbul??

    1. No zeeha dadi will be pregnant…. But it is fourth place yrr….1st is rachu …2nd tanu..3rd pragya…zeeha….just fr fun don’t take it as wrong zeeha……

      1. Rachu 2 yrs
        Tanu 2months
        Pragya 2days..

      2. Sssss after tanu’s delivery only truth ll b revealed susi

      3. Yeah. U r crct. I 4got Rachna. It’s ok susi.?

  16. what the hell is this , i think so they are not gonna finish this pregnancy of tanu in this month atleast they will make two months to know the truth and i like purab’s decision to aliya and purab should be known about aliya and he should plan to reveal the truth to the whole family i like to see if it goes like this but they are dragging the story what to do!!!!!! koundamani style la sollunuma na to writers “neengala nalavae iruka matinga da “(or) “inthamathiri story ellutha solli yaarura solli kodukara”

    1. Hahaha..kavin..?????….aiyoo…ramaa…..intha madhiri writer kuda ellam yaruda Kuttu Sera vaikura

      1. you are right and “namalaa maari fans iruntha intha maari writers irunthutu tha irupanga”

      2. Athu enavo CRT tha kavin……

    2. Well said kavin,, intha story writers tholla thaanga mudiyala pa….

  17. OMG!! Pls writers end dis sn..

  18. 1)rachna pregnant
    2)tanu pregnant
    3)pragya pregnant
    dae writers “yeppa saami podhunda otunathu reel andhu pochu”

  19. OMG !!! Evalo pregnancy cases kadavulae mudiyala . Show va drag panalam aana ippadiya though I feel bored of these episodes I don’t know y I am still watching this show. Plz konjamaavathu viewers side la irunthu seriala kootitu ponga . Evalavu naal thaan nangalum wait panrathu . Plz… Make it fast. Waiting for good episodes. WANT ABHI AND PRAGYA TO UNITE!!!!!!!

  20. Ekta Kapoor is definitely taking Indian viewers as poor imbecile idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Todays episode was actually dumb . How can pragya act like this . Pragya you should act like a professor not so dumb . Really it’s annoying. Ponunga na satharanamaavae possessiveness irrukum but unnaku enga pochu . Ur husband is not a chocolate to share or to give him just like that if a girl comes and ask . Behave like an indian girl athaavathu POSSESSIVENESSa pathi solraen !!!!

  22. Stupid Pragya..

  23. Today, I just wanted to laugh, laugh, and laugh. Could not get anything that could make me laugh. Read this episode and now people around me are asking why I am laughing so much. OMG what a crap serial, full of b******t.

    1. U mean ful of b*t*hES b*t*hes

      1. it is bullshit BULLSHIT nt b*t*hes b*t*hES

  24. the most stupid serial in ds wrld..ekta.either u end this pregnant chptr or end ds serial …jst do one..faltu serial..no 1 will get their love…huhhhhh…

  25. Nanri Nanri Nanri.. for written update. This person is saving me from watching these dumb episodes. They dragged the kidnap sequence and now this pregnancy issue. I think the writer will forget the nature of the characters he created as the serial proceeds… He is probably reading all the comments and thinks ” Mega serialla ethellam satharanamappa”

  26. OMG Really !!!! I thought Indian marriage is sacred .Pragya stupid tanu brainless and alyah dumber than dum

  27. This serial might come to an end and rachna would still be pregnant hahaha and pragya is so brainless it’s a shame, is this how Indian pple live why wld she go through all this trouble for tanu how dumb can she be. I wanna see puvi come back to seek her revenge on everyone who did her wrong.

  28. what happen this serial is wrong turn or what way tooooooooooo much unnecessary twists and turns in this serial and I am fed up with this tanu abhi prayga granny scene this serial is tooooooooooo boring and still a lot of scripts that jumped over the other without solving or coming to a solutiom for instance Aliya was not caught for the kidnapping of bul bul abhi and pragya the corporators involvement with alihya then there is purvi the servants daughter who was wrongfully accused of stealing and blamed for the set up of the kidnappings and a few others not to mention we the viewers are frustrated end this serial now

  29. this serial is toooooooooooooooo slow and way tooooooooooooooooooo much shitty and nonsensical scripts frustrated viewer

  30. Whether they ll show pregnancy report in today’s episode

    1. I hope that they will show it today

  31. Ayooooooooo ramaaaaaa mudila…..i cant tolerate the stupid track…pragya is pregnant and new entry …so much confusion ….

    1. Don’t worry kowsi after new entry tanu ll move out from Abhi and pragya’s life. Just now I read it. She got some big project so she ll leave Abhi. one more thing that project was given by tat new entry.

      1. Link anupa mudiyuma

    2. http://Www.flipkart.com.filmibeat.com/television/news /2015/kumkum-bhagya-another-villain-to-add-more -drama -in -Abhi -pragya-life -185270.html

  32. Checked in filmibeat

  33. Dumb Pragya & Fool Abhi

  34. really its too boring.we need abi & pragya together.

  35. Feeeeelinnnn sick in my stomach ar we payin so much!!!! 2 see this SHIT just want 2 Puke eeeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guys ther ar still hope, watch Sony , much betta stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Gosh!!!…….the movie is starting to get boring…….all because of pragya………

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