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The Episode starts with Pragya seeing Abhi playing with Pari. She wishes she shall have a baby with Abhi, and thinks he likes kids. Abhi asks what is she thinking and asks are you thinking about having baby with me. Pragya gets shy. She thinks let the matters get resolved first. Sarla and Dadi meet outside the gurudwara. Dadi tells Sarla that she came to do ardaas for Pragya. Sarla says she came for the same. Dadi invites her for birthday party of Nikhil. Sarla is surprised and asks if something is going to happen. Dadi asks her to come and see. She leaves. In the party, Abhi sees Pragya coming downstairs and smiles looking at her. Purab sees Nikhil coming and says bakra came to get sacrificed. Abhi introduces Nikhil to his friends. They say that Abhi seems to be impressed with him. Purab and Abhi

go on a side, and he says that he hired a detective to spy on Champak and know about their relation. Nikhil and Tanu talk to each other. Tanu says she has a feeling that they are making him bakra. Nikhil dismisses her thoughts, and asks her to give a kiss. Tanu gets angry and holds his hand. Abhi sees them together and gets doubtful.

Pragya calls Dr. Sheela and asks about the DNA report. Sheela says it is confirmed in the report that baby is not of Abhi. Pragya gets happy. Sheela asks her to come and take the reports. Nikhil asks Pragya to enjoy his birthday. Pragya says I will bring your gift first then I will enjoy the most. Nikhil thinks surprisingly Tanu is not giving him gift and Pragya is going to get it. Pragya collides with Mitali and apologizes, says she has to go somewhere urgently. Mitali thinks if she is missing something. Tanu asks Pragya where is she going? Pragya asks her to ask her boyfriend instead as he knows why I am going?

Purab thanks the guests for coming to the party. He wishes Happy birthday to Nikhil and says Abhi has signed a contract with him. Nikhil comes on stage. Abhi gives him bouquet. Tanu thinks why they are giving importance to Nikhil, and thinks they will make him fall down. Sarla and Janki come there. Dadi greets them. Sarla asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she will come.

Pragya comes to Dr. Sheela and thanks her for the report. She says a woman can only help a woman, says her happiness is with Abhi. Dr. Sheela gives the DNA report of Tanu and Abhi and says Nikhil’s hair sample was ruined because of chewing gum, and that’s why they couldn’t do the test. Pragya thanks her and asks driver to take her home. She thinks to call Purab and inform him. She tells she is coming home. Purab says we have done this. Pragya says she will come home. Dadi says we will celebrate his birthday every year and is happy. Bunty and Babli insist to have icecream. Raj asks them to have food and says if you don’t listen to them then you will be punished. Nikhil asks Dadi to bless him. Dadi says what to say? Everything is in God’s hands and says a person shouldn’t keep the wishes. Nikhil looks on angry.

Purab requests all the couples to come and dance on stage. Nikhil asks a girl to dance with him. Everyone dance on the son Rang De Toh Mohe Gerua…..Pragya comes home and shows the DNA report. Dadi says you have won the war. Purab checks the DNA report and says it is a solid proof. Dadi says you have proved that you are his wife. Purab says once Abhi sees this file, then he will boycott Tanu. Abhi comes and asks what they are talking about. Purab asks what you are doing here? Abhi asks Pragya, may I dance with you. Saiyyara Re plays…………………….She smiles.

Tanu tells Dadi that her baby will attract Abhi towards him as she is pregnant with his baby. She says Abhi is hers and will be hers only.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tanu will not be exposed. Yeh soch kar abhi-pragya ka dance bhi achha nahin lagega…. Chahe kuchh bhi ho ( Dr. Sheela’s lie ) , agar abhi ne pragya par bharosa nahin kiya toh main kkb dekhna chhod doongi…, bas bahut ho gaya…

  2. Ponga da nengalum unka serialum.methuva methuva storyah kondu poringa da.first pragya makeover.aliya exposed wentjail.then raj exposed.then pragya know nikil is tanu baby father.then aliya come back.again aliya exposed went australia.then dna report.plan failed.in middle abhigya scene.that’s al in this serial 1year.abhi have big confusion she is fuggy or not.but he not find solution.he not to join pragya nor tanu.dadi sariyana lusu.if pragya try to say anything to abgi also she stopping her.poor purab always thinking how to unite abhigya?.akash,rachna also thinking like purab they not thinking their life.sarala not amma no role like patient.mitali if aneone favor doing for her she joined with them.dasi,tayaji,raj they all are not doing anything.ethula karanama ilamah romance varah..stupid serial.cultural less serial.dragging serial.tamil serials are 100 times better.if in tamil we say something to writer means they do some changes.but here writer no hear audience words.

  3. Trust me when TISHA said in the interview aisa hume lag raha hain I confirmed nothing is going to happen as expected pragya showed dna reports. ……….. emotional scene if I am not wrong abhi will accuse pragya for doing such a drama ……..it looks like
    champak drama went in pragya’s favour dna drama will go in tanu’s favour next week this shit and agla hafta I swear u will have tanu’s taunts probably again a divorce drama I don’t know on top of that there is a cameo of chiranjeev chowdary wat is that fellow suppose to do…….is he the private detective hired by purab ……….don’t know anyway tanu’s truth is not even anywhere near …….this reminded me of pragya’s pregnancy reports ……………. similar to that “its true but not true”

    1. Emotional also because Pragya’s supposed friend will change sides and disappoint her in last minute. Sheela volunteered to help and Pragya didnt ask for it herself, but if her fren is going to back off in last minute thats gonna be more painful for Pragya.

      1. Ya sahithi it will be more painful to pragya for listening only it was so sad if it will be seen then

    2. Ya billu me to thought same when sriti said in her interview but one thing I am not understanding is how tanu brought DNA report did she already have it fr safety r she came to know about their plan and now understood y she said so much confidentially in precap so

      1. Asmitha tanu already prepared for it from the day one when she trapped abhi and pragya in her lie. She arranged all the fake proofs with the help of aaliya, to prove it that she is carrying abhi’s baby so in future no one could protest against it and couldn’t expose her lie. Pragya knew it that’s why she didn’t use this DNA matter starting and she remained busy in doing efforts in getting confession proof of tanu and nikhil’s, through which she could expose takhil and their baby’s truth with strong proof infront of abhi and family. But don’t know why she suddenly got ready for this DNA test on her doctor friend’s advice, when she knew that it is waste. Either pragya forgot it in excitement or it is CVS who forgot it in their script writing. They thinks we will forget but they don’t know how much we fans r gud in observing each and every detail of every episode.

      2. But Pratiksha, they have to explain how Tanu had that paper in had ready by the time Pragya got the report. I hope an FB is shown either that it is old fake report Tanu prepared at start of her pregnancy or she got clue of Pragya going to Sheela and getting a new fake report. Chance for one of them right.

        Also, Pragya can justify she took recent blood test from Abhi for this DNA thing, but how come Tanu got a DNA report, without Abhi consent or knowledge, that also we got to see. Pragya also need to justify why she took Abhi blood test for DNA and why she had this doubt on Tanu baby father. She cant go just like that and get a report right, atleast if Abhi or someone else asks she needs to tell why she did a DNA test in the last months of pregnancy.
        Writers will justify all with some silly things mostly, but we have to see in next 1-2 epi.

      3. Ya sahithi all the answers of these questions we could see only in upcoming sequence. CVS should present a logic of all these infront of us. If they will show that tanu got to know that pragya is going to ahow dna proof to abhi then also she can’t prepare with the fake dna report in very short notice. Surely she have that fake dna proof already which she kept with her so she can use it on the mean She was prepared for it beciz aliya was suggested her and helped her in getting ready with fake proofs for future. So surely tanu will bring only that fake dna report on time to proif pragya’s dna report wrong. And the questions about u r talking, it’s replies we could get only through abhi. Abhi should ask these questions from tanu and pragya both, instead of just standing like a statue and instead of believing on what he is seeing in front of him as proofs, which will present by pragya and tanu in proving ownself right. Abhi should go on depth of this matter becoz it’s a very big accusation and issue and he should think that pragya can’t do this type of planning without any solid proof or reason and can’t stoop so low, just to defame tanu or to take revenge with tanu. So abhi should get ready for actions and works to find out real truth by his own, instead of believing tanu or pragya and before reaching any conclusion, abhi should find out everything by his own. Anyways let’s see how the things will unfold in the show.

  4. The serial was very dragging , thought it will happen but no, buil shit serial , I dnt wnt to see this serial back until they unit ? Shriti plz dnt continue in the character, shabbier u to

  5. What next will happen

  6. Omg tanu is still not exposed stopped watching long ago got bored reading .yesterday thought I’ll just take a look and god the show is still stuck

  7. wow what a twist Dr.Sheela can join hands with the evils very good n thy said tanu cannot make it for the shoot after the accident so i thought thy wil expose her mayb Aliya wil expose Tanu who knows if it happens its very good but v only can dream of it lets c what happen hw long the writers n directors wil make us dumb heads

  8. I am eagerly waiting for the DNA episode. Not for tanu’s exposure but for tanu’s stupid puppet’s (abhi’s) reaction towards tanu.
    Because, in Mehra court always Mehra judge (abhi) dances to tanu’s tone. Is he a snake??? Idiot, buffoon.
    When pragya came to explain about chambak he didn’t give her any chance. He only said “chup, chup” & he said “yeah, you have affair”. I am waiting for what he is going to say to tanu.
    Let’s see whether he will give a chance for tanu to explain or not. If he gives a chance to her then it will prove us that he loves tanu instead of pragya.
    Pragya’s work has finished after she showed the report. But if the snake (abhi) doesn’t believe her words & proofs he is the real stupid lover. Thereafter he can’t lie anyone as he loves pragya a lot. Afterthat if dadi tries to console pragya, then I will hire nikhil to kidnap dadi. Let’s see what will happen.
    I wish to send abhi to zoo or museum. Because it is the perfect place for him to live.
    Because he is
    As blind as bat
    As stupid as a donkey
    As dance as a snake to tanu’s tone.
    As dumb as a dodo.
    As deaf as a beetle
    So he has full perfect qualification to live in either zoo or museum.????
    Oh please animals invite him to zoo or jungle…… Because he has extraordinary talent like above I mentioned.
    Kkb team is not thinking about the fans. So it is better to be animals’ fans than kkb.

  9. s guys i am very sure this time also Tanu will not be exposed and as usual half mind Abhi will be cought in around, this story is nonsensical, one eg when pragya mother was kidnapd there was so much drama and she very well knew nikhil kidnapped her and stil now she did not tell Abhi that he kidnapped her, what nonsense ya this is.

    1. Abhi also didn’t ask her about that yet.

  10. alia and purab gonna quit kkb?????…..so this writers should end this tanu track atleast now and bring bulbul back to the show!so purab won’t quit..i mean his role also will get some imp

  11. Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi and PragyaNow i m going to kill the writers?????Pragya shocked seeing Sheela supporting Tanu-NikhilSheela changes statement in favor ofTanu (Leena Jumani)-Nikhil,Pragya (Sriti Jha) shockedThe upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show high voltage drama in Mehra house where Pragya tries to expose Tanu.Pragya will get DNA reports which her friend Sheela had prepared for her, Pragya is happy to expose Tanu’s evil truth.Pragya reaches in party dances romantically with Abhi and thus plans to expose Tanu in Nikhil ‘s birthday party.Pragya tells all that Tanu’s unbornchild is not of Abhi and she has DNA reports to prove it.Tanu fails Pragya’s plan Tanu and Nikhil are shocked, while Tanu tries to defend herself that Pragya is trying to spoil her name.Pragya presents DNA report while Tanu also presents fake DNA reports and fights against each other.Dadi decides to call Dr. Sheela to expose truth, while Sheela changes her statement at the moment favors Tanu.

  12. guys just stop watching this serial completly… really so disappointed with this crap…

  13. Plzz dear producer v hav got fed up of this tanu matter.. its a serial but in real v hav started to hate tanu. I jss CNT c her face ny mor.. plzz put this off now plzz.

  14. when will this come to an end?

  15. when will this come to an end? what will happen to abhi, pragya and tanu?

  16. shabir u produce the serial with sriti it will air like anything.we will give u the storylines free of cost.plz do something give good story.u have the potential. why do u waste the talent.before becoming old do something best in ur life.we want to happiness not sadness all the time.sriti n shabir ur fate is good .so many people love u.everyone don’t get this chance.

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