Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil coming to meet Tanu in her room. Tanu asks him to get lost. Nikhil asks her to introduce to her parents. Tanu refuses. Nikhil threatens to tell the secret to her parents. Tanu says I will see you. Nikhil says I want you to see me only…….Tanu’s mum tries to talk to Dadi. Pragya tries to divert her and asks her to eat snacks. Tanu’s dad tries to speak, Abhi tries to make him eat snacks to divert his attention. Tanu’s dad says they had enough in the flight. Dadi asks pragya to have something. Pragya says she will eat later. Tanu’s mum asks if she has any problem. Dadi tells them that Pragya is pregnant. Tanu’s mum asks is she really pregnant? Dasi asks if anyone acts to get pregnant? Tanu’s mum asks she is pregnant with

whose child. Dadi and Dasi think that Tanu’s parents are mad. Abhi says since she got married to me, she is pregnant with my child. He asks everyone to come and dance. Tanu’s parents feel bad. Nikhil thinks his plan is getting successful and no one can stop him now. Aaliya announces her performance. Purab is happy. Bulbul teases him. Purab says he is encouraging his friend else she will feel bad. Aaliya performs on the song Jhalla…..Mera Aashiq…….

Bulbul tells Purab that she danced well. Purab says he taught her salsa. Pragya tells Abhi that she will do something. She says she will tell the truth to them. Abhi says Tanu’s parents will talk to Dadi then. Pragya says they will explain to them and asks to wait. Abhi says we have to convince Tanu to take her parents from here and then we will think what to do. He asks her to learn from him, how to solve problem. Pragya says she will learn later. Bulbul comes and says Aaliya called for Abhi’s name as he has to performance. Abhi says he will perform at the last. Pragya says we can’t go now. She tries to stop her from taking Abhi. Abhi asks them to stop and asks to decide where he have to go. Bulbul takes Abhi with her. Abhi tells the guests that he has to right to shout and asks to start the music. He dances on the song Aadat Se Majbur…………..Everyone enjoys his performance. Tanu’s mum tells Tanu that they came to know about her relation. Tanu thinks they might know about Nikhil. Tanu’s mum says you said that Abhi has no relation with his wife. Tanu says they don’t stay as husband and wife. Tanu’s mum says we came to know that Abhi’s wife is pregnant.

Tanu’s dad asks if Abhi is not having any relation with his wife, then how did she got pregnant. Abhi is performing on the stage. Tanu tells her parents that there is a misunderstanding. Tanu’s dad says why you are so obsessed with Abhi, just forget him. He says Abhi is fooling you, and have relation with his wife. He says we will search for a good alliance for you. Tanu says Pragya is not pregnant, but is just acting. Mum says why she will act? She asks her to pack her bags as she is coming with us. Dad says she is replying to us. Mum says her life is getting spoiled. Tanu says her life is not spoiled. Dad says you will become second woman in Abhi’s life after Abhi’s baby is born. Tanu says she is not second woman in his life and says Pragya is not pregnant, but she is pregnant instead. Nikhil hears them. Tanu’s parents are shocked.

Mum says it is enough and asks who is the father of this baby. Tanu says he is Abhi. Nikhil looks on angrily. Dad tries to slap her. Mum stops him. Tanu apologizes to them and asks to keep it a secret for time being. She says Pragya also knows about her pregnancy and that’s why brought her here. Mum says why she is doing this? Tanu tells about Pragya’s decision. A flashback is shown. Dad says he will not accept until he talks to pragya. Tanu says she will bring Pragya. Dad says I don’t believe you. Tanu says okay, come with me. She takes them to Pragya. Nikhil looks on.

Tanu’s Dad says why Abhi is having problem with the engagement when Pragya has no objection. Tanu says we shall get engage Abhi. Abhi gets shocked. Later on Abhi looks on Pragya as the song Bol Halke Halke plays………….

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Oh no then engagement will happen ah? What will abhi do? Poor abhi and pragya. This nikhil is keeping mouth shut ah? I think so it wont happen tmrw they will drag for next week or they will drag up to last min and will make us to wait for two more days

    • Right PRIYA even I was thinking why was that stupid nikhil shutting his mouth when tanu was saying that this child is abhi’s. I mean he had a chance to turn the ball in his cort but he nothing did. Precap was very hurtfull. I was very pitty for pragya then abhi because abhi is responsible for his own condition and he is repenting for his bad deeds and wrong decisions but what about pragya she is innocent but force to tolerate all this just because abhi and his mistakes. On a positive note I have a gut feeling like SBS peoples were saying that pragya will come to know about tanu’s truth during sangeet ceremony. I hope this happen and table turns on pragya’s side. Guys fingers crossed. CVS atleast sought out this problem before purab and Bulbul’s wedding twist. So it will little tolerable for us that at least one of lead couple is now safe.

  2. kowsi

    They confusing us….i think aftr tanu mom and dad out her room nikil will be enter tat room talk with tanu..tat time pragya will hear everything..so tats y she s stoping the engagemnt ..may be….if it happens means we r all happy…but writters only know wen will pragya know abt tanu truth…ohhh god pls end the track soon…april last week tanu pregnancy matter would be start..till they r dragging..now july 2nd….

    • kowsi

      They r confusing us…i think aftr tanu’s mom and dad out of her room…at the same time nikil will be enter same room talk with tanu…tat time pragya will be hearing everything…may be….

    • Right kowsi i agree with u . I hope and I wish what u said comes true at least tomorrow, so in weekend we can take a breath of relief.

  3. marry

    Im jussst waiting 4 the epiieez when tanu and aliya become out of purab bulbuls and abhi pragyaas love storys !!!!! NIKIL is the one !!!! who can handle tanu!!!!!!

  4. Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to STOP Abhi and Tannu’s engagement!

    By Snehal [email protected]_Rajani | July 02, 2015 9:11 PM |comment

     Abhi Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya, Kumkum Bhagya episodes, Pragya Kumkum Bhagya


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    Pragya who is blindfolded with Tannu’s lie since a very long time, will soon get to know the truth behind Tannu’s pregancy. In the coming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya will finally get to know about Tannu’s true colours.

    And to reveal this in front of everyone Pragya will take Nikhil’s help. Not only that, she also gets to know that the baby in Tannu’s womb is not Abhi’s but Nikhil’s and that Tannu was lying to her and other family members all this while. After everything comes into light, Pragya will STOP Tannu and Abhi’s engagement!READ: Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to find out Tanu is not pregnant with Abhi’s child?

    Well, does that mean Tannu will leave Abhi and Pragya’s life forever? Will this finally pave way for a happy ending for Abhi and Pragya’s love story?

  5. Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya to do a romantic performance at Bulbul’s sangeet – watch video!

    Wed, July 1, 2015 8:20pm IST by Rashma Shetty Bali


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    Here’s the latest update on Zee TV’sKumkum Bhagya

    Abhi and Pragya will soon be back together for good. In fact Pragy will now find out about Tanu’s lie and she will ensure that Abhi’s ex-girlfriend does not come close to her husband. But before that we will see some fun nok-jhok between Abhi and Pragya again. Last we saw how Abhi makes Pragya emotional by putting vermilion on her forehead. She is upset that she cannot perform on her sister Bulbul’s sangeet ceremony. Abhi is seen asking Pragya to accept his challenge and our guess is that he will make her wish come true. Pragya was complaining about how she cannot participate in any of the functions and festivities going on in the house because of her fake pregnancy. But now we will see that Abhi and Pragya will actually dance together, on a romantic track of course!

    Bulbul and Purab too will dance on stage to Aaliya’s utter dismay. The cute couple will be seen rocking the dance floor with their Bol na halke halke performance. Considering that Purab is an utter romantic, a Yash Chopra song is just apt for this occasion. What’s even more special about this act is that Bulbul and Purab will be seen dancing together for the very first time.

    While all the naach gaana is on, we cannot wait to find out as to how Pragya stumbles upon Tanu and Nikhil’s little secret. Will she overhear Tanu and Nikhil’s conversation? Or will Nikhil reveal the real truth to Pragya in desperation? Wait to find out more hot updates and gossip on Kumkum Bhagya right here!

    • Zeeha

      Nenga kooda cmnt pannirunthengale yuvi.. Athanala than mention pannala. Ungalayellam marappana Priya & yuvi?

  6. sharmi

    We know Pragya is going to find out about Tanu’s baby but for how long do they have to drag the story…it should be in the next episode, not keep dragging for weeks…seriously.

  7. Ya hope next week will be nice after we waited nealy 50 episodes to see all. From tmew its gonna start let us enjoy

  8. k frndss gud nyt to all & sry i can’t post comment in day tym but eve i ll be here coz college started frnds ..

  9. kavin

    kowsi , zeeha , priya$ , priya , gayathri , fathima , shania , yuvi , divya , harini , hello guys anybody left ah?

  10. jasi

    In the upcoming episode, Tanu will be seen meeting Nikhil in odd hours. This makes Pragya suspicious about her and follows her. She finds her meeting Nikhil and having heated argument with him. It should be seen if Pragya gets to know that Tanu is trapping her. If at all Pragya gets to know, how will she reveal this to Abhi?

  11. jasi

    In the upcoming episode, Tanu will be seen meeting Nikhil in odd hours. This makes Pragya suspicious about her and follows her. She finds her meeting Nikhil and having heated argument with him. It should be seen if Pragya gets to know that Tanu is trapping her. If at all Pragya gets to know, how will she reveal this to Abhi

  12. jasi

    Abhi welcomes Nikhil but has no clue that Nikhil has something to do with Tanu’s pregnancy. Besides, Nihil has come after a long with a certain motive which is unknown to all. Later on, Pragya causally decides to check up on Tanu and goes to her room. But she overhears Tanu talking to someone. Pragya realises that Tanu is arguing with Nikhil over making a surprise appearance.

    Tanu admits that she is pregnant with his child but doesn’t want to marry him any more. She informs him that her baby will get Abhi name as she has moved on in life. Besides, Abhi can give a safe future to her and her baby. Pragya is shocked to know that Abhi is not the father of Tanu’s child and still she wants him to accept the baby. She also feels sorry for doubting on Abhi and forcing him to marry Tanu. (ALSO READ: Shocking! Abhi and Pragya to lock lips onscreen in Kumkum Bhagya)

    Pragya, then decides to somehow reveal Tanu’s truth to everyone. She plans to take Nikhil’s help in the matter. Pragya is happy that she no more has to sacrifice her love for Tanu and heads to apologize to her husband. Will Pragya be successful in revealing Tanu’s plans?

  13. kavin

    i really got fed up of this story nowadays yennaku 9 ‘o’ clock aachuna remote eduthu kb pakanum thonavey maantingithu ipa yellam 9 ‘o’ clock aachuna yannaku oney one tha “ky pilla unno yenda mulichukitu iruka thoongu” only this due to this dragging unnum ethana maasum ithae story illupangaloh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angry udan kavin ……..

  14. don’t like this serial way to much childish games going on for grown up they are not at all serious and incidents that took place was never dealt with e.g Aliya helped the corporator with his evil doings up to now no one know and there are other incidents I prefer not to mention all I know is this serial sucks

  15. Hai frds. Gud mrg to all. Once again it is confirmed that abhi and pragya dance. I think so today it will happen and purab and bulbul dance too. Think so this precap they mentioned yeaterday will be on Monday only

    • No PRIYA they won’t dance. Spoilers are just prediction of abhi’s challenge for pragya. Spoilers said that they could be dance but look at the situation. I don’t think they will dance. If abhi wants to dance but pragya will not, specially after tabhi’s engagement decision by tanu’s parents. Pragya is so much upset and now when she knows that her relation is going to end with abhi and abhi will be tanu’s then she will never wants to come close to him.

  16. I think nikhil kept his mouth shut because he have a different plan now. He was families with this fact before that abhi is ready to accept tanu by his own wish but now he knows that it was pragya who brought tanu in sbhi’s house and ready to give her place to tanu because she thinks that tanu is pregnant with abhi’s child. Now he will think that if pragya will get to know that tanu is pregnant with his child not abhi’s then pragya will herself throw tanu out of abhi’s life and house and he will be succeed in his plan without doing anything . I think he will himself create a situation in front of pragya that she comes to know tanu’s truth. He will confront tanu in front of pragya for why she told her parents that her child is belongs to abhi when it belongs to him. Then pragya will get to know the truth. But guys before this we have to go through all this tabhi’s engagement torcher. It’s enough now I can’t see pragya like this anymore.

  17. Roshan

    pregnancy drama is so lengthy…………very boring show……episode 272 se lekar present episode 318 tak wohi pregnancy drama …..very boring…. aab to maine dekhna v band kardiya hai……..

  18. Exactly said nikki. Precap is really touching cant see abhigya in pain where abhi looks her pragya turned to other side and she was crying.

    • I felt more pitty for pragya then abhi because abhi is repenting for his bad deeds and wrong decisions but pragya is innocent and is forced to tolerate all this because of him and his mistakes like always. We are seeing rabul close to each other happily because we all are thinking that they are going to be unite and we are upset because according precap abhigya are going to far from each other. But on a positive note i have a gut feeling that situation will be turn soon and scenes will be opposite by tanu’s exposure and rabul’s marriage twist. I don’t want rabul separation too but it has been decided by CVS so we can do nothing with this.

  19. I think so I cant able to read today updates too cant see that tanu idiot playing like thi in abhigya life. They are in so much pain which we can see them in their eyes. Cant able to see that scenes even cant read that too.

  20. I do no one thing. In precap first they talked about engagement then rabhu dance that time pragya and abhi both are feeling. Then that means engagement happened ah? How is that possible? Cant able too see that tanu engagement with abhi. That blo*dy nikhil what he was doing that time. He can directly tell to tanu parents na even tanu parents din believe what tanu said so that mrans they itself havr no hope on her. Than why this blo*dy pragya believing her. Totally nonsense.

    • Don’t worry PRIYA. If engagement has happened then also it will not be legal without abhigya’s divorce and definetly it will not happen. My question is why cvs making us fool by showing new promo before, instead of the last one. And tabhi’s engagement will happen or not this we will get to know only after watching the today’s episode. Because abhigya can upset also from engagement and marriage decision by the thought of their seperation. So we can’t say surely if engagement has happened.

      • Priya $

        Ya rit nikki sumtimes there s a chance to fix date for engagement na. For tat they ll b sad na. Just assumption only yaar.

    • I don’t think so PRIYA becoz dadi don’t know anything yet. And abhi pragya and tanu wants some time to tell about it from dadi. That’s why tanu’s parents were forcing abhi to get engaged with tanu till then and after telling about it from dadi, they wants to get them married.

      • Off course Priya they can, because tanu is pregnant and she told her parents that her child is abhi’s so tanu’s parents will want some assurity for her daughter’s future from abhi.

  21. Priya $

    Always I don’t know y they r torturing pragya alone. Leading character means they want to do so. And one more thing always bad ones getting gud and gud ones getting bad situation. This tanu don’t have any other work ah..

    • kavin

      yenna panradhu andha kalathal irunthu serial la nalavangalaku kodumai thaan nadakum “nalavangala aandava naraiya sodhipa aana ky vidamaata , ketavangalaku aandava naraiya kodupa aana ky vuturuva “

    • Obviously yaar she has no work that’s why she wants to be abhi’s wife and enjoy the luxurious life. Her dad was saying yesterday that why she is obsessed for abhi? But he is mistaken here, he don’t know that his wicked, cunning and greedy daughter is obsessed for abhi’s wealth not for abhi.

      • Priya $

        Stupid tanu how much cunning and greedy. Nowadays girls need some other’s husband like tat they r showing. Getting irritated yaar

      • It’s completely not tanu’s fault abhi is also responsible for this. He has been given her a lot of attention and importance already. Even after when he realized his feelings for pragya, he never told her that he is in love with pragya and just want to spend his life with her only. So tanu always remaining in misunderstanding that abhi loves her.

      • Priya $

        S nikki rit only. But still pragya also struggling because of tat. So it’s hurting that’s it. Not only tat starting itself pragya cried a lot. But after Tanu’s pregnancy only abhi started to feel bad. One day abhi cried in park tat time everybody felt bad is nature yaar. Nothing can b done.

      • It’s abhi’s punishment Priya. Do u remember whenever pragya expressed her love and care for abhi, he insulted her and neglected her for tanu always by saying stay away from me, be in ur limits, I loves tanu, I wants u to get out from my life etc etc… And now when he is in love with her, he is in same pain like pragya had of unable to spend his life with her and to express his love with her

      • And Ya PRIYA this is the only thing which is bad in this whole sequence that pragya is forced to go through all this pain and torchers. This now very intolerable for us now.

  22. Zoyafathima

    The abhi and pragya lov each other.but the devil tanu com btwn them. Hop bulbul wedd bcm aesm and pragya is crying i cant see that

    • No PRIYA not yet except this that pragya will come to know tanu’s truth and will be her biggest enemy in process of throw her out from abhi’s life and house. In Telly masala updates they are telling that all this high voltage drama we can see in purab-bulbul wedding. But SBS people said that ipragya will get to know about it during sangeet function. Whose news is true, we will see in today’s episode or in starting of next week.

    • Yes PRIYA I m also worried what will happen today? They will show a ray of hope today or torchering us by sad abhigya and happy tanu! Well this week our kkb is on number-4 on trps chart. SBS people were saying that the CVS have to bring abhigya together soon to top in trps chart. Hope CVS do whatever these people said. Otherwise from next week they will be more down.

  23. soraya

    please delete tanu from abhi and pragya life and it is by time that the writers must bring some light onto the show .I think the it is very boring with this tanu and ailiya man eaters.i do not follow the series so much anymore.

  24. oh 4th posistion aah,oh y god na tv pakrade ARAMAN NERAM , ADA yadu super hit aah irukunam le…ipidi drag panitti flop aagavechidavangala…no…..please dont drag it more…complete it by next week

    • ya even me harini i am watching only this serial pa … but this serial is too draging …. very boring nowadays … 🙁

      • kavin

        divya i am also seeing only this serial before one week now reading only updates no other serial

      • naanum ippo ella paakurathey illa itha oru serial ah paakurathukae enga veetula avalavu thittu ithula evalavu draging vera sapppppa ….. athan intha tanu voda unmaiyaana mugam pragyavuku therinja pinna thaan naan intha serial ah pakuratha vae irrukaen …. rhomba drag panraanga friends …. ippo thaan puriyuthu yen serial ah vendamnu solraanga nu … ha ha ha …

      • kavin

        nice decision divya enga veetla tha sollaraanga intha vaise liyae serial pakuriya what to do ?

  25. innaiku intha tanu vum nikhil um fight pananum atha pragya kekanum precap la pragya engagement ah thadukanum ippadi irruntha oru alavuku relax ah irrukum
    aana intha writters thaan naama ninaikira mathiri kathaiya kondu poga mataenu otha kaalula ninnu adam pudikuraangalae …..

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