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The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to come with him. Tanu gets tensed and asks Aaliya not to take her name if she is caught. Just then Abhi knocks on her door. Aaliya opens the door. Abhi asks her to call Vijay and says I know you have his contact number as I heard you talking to him. Aaliya is shocked. She pretends to call, and says he is not picking her call. Abhi asks her to call him. Aaliya says he might be sleeping in a drunken state. Abhi insists. Aaliya calls Vijay and says she wants to know who conspired to kill Pragya, and even offers to give money. Vijay agrees and says I will tell your name. Abhi asks her to tell him to meet her. Vijay agrees. Aaliya says work is done. Pragya looks on. They come to hospital. Purab asks Abhi who is the murderer. Abhi says he is decorator Vijay.

Purab is shocked and says we shall inform Police. Abhi says we have to catch him red handed and asks him to be with Bulbul. Pragya says I am going with Abhi. Purab asks her not to go. Pragya says she want to punish the killer and says she will keep eye on Abhi also. Purab agrees.

Abhi says he will send them to honeymoon once Bulbul gets fine. Pragya looks smilingly. Abhi says if you refuse to give money then I will sell this hospital. Tanu tells Aaliya that you have presented Vijay in a tray to Abhi and says there is no way to get clean in his eyes. Aaliya says her confidence is high and says she will call Vijay again. She calls him, but his phone is switched off. She gets angry. Raj comes and asks what has happened? Aaliya says nothing. Tanu tells him everything. Aaliya asks how can you do this, and says Abhi is going to trap you. He says I would have help you but I have a flight to catch. He asks her to go to Vijay’s house and stop him from meeting Abhi.

Abhi does dumb bells exercises and asks Pragya to wake up. He says he is exercising as he have to save her from Vijay. Pragya says she is a champion and will fight with him. She asks him to think again and says we shall involve the police. Abhi asks her not to worried and says if he catches us, then I will leave you with him as you are his target. He thinks he will teach a lesson to Vijay.

Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says we shall take her home and she will be fine. She says don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says accident happens always with her. Sarla says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car and argue. Pragya tells him that she brought Ronnie with them. Abhi asks him to get down the car. Pragya says it is better if we take him along with us. Abhi refuses. Pragya gets down the car. Ronnie tells Abhi that Pragya is thinking about his betterment and convinces him. Abhi asks her to sit in the car and talks about team spirit. Ronnie asks her to sit in the car. Tanu and Aaliya come to the place where Vijay stays. Tanu thinks it is dirty place and how can he stay there. Aaliya tries to enquire with someone about Vijay, but he flirts with her. Tanu calls a man thinking he is Vijay. The man starts flirting with her and holds her hand. Tanu gets shocked and calls Aaliya. Aaliya comes to her rescue and asks the man, how dare he to touch her friend.

Abhi, Pragya and Ronnie come to the place. Pragya says we have seen some wrong place, and says we have called him near the other shop. Abhi asks if that shop is hers. Ronnie takes Pragya’s side. Pragya asks him to come where she is taking him, and asks him not to argue as they are working as a team. Abhi says he is helpless. Pragya says she will solve the problem. Abhi says I was joking and asks her to come. Ronnie says road is blocked there and goes to see. Pragya also goes with him asking Abhi to stay there.

Abhi determines to catch the smart murderer and says he can’t hide from my view.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Offscreen interview: Shabir cracks jokes by saying after the new year celebrations we came back today for the shoot (which means the shot was on yesterday) We both (TiSha) had enjoyed alot so in such hangover how could we catch the culprit and Vijay was clear and I think he didn’t celebrated the new year and they both laugh.

    1. So funny

  2. sorry guys in Offscreen interview shabir cracks jokes by saying We thought (TiSha) Vijay must be in hangover coz of new year celebrations but he is running fast it seems he didn’t celebrated new year but we(TiSha) were running slow bcoz after finishing the celebrations we are today(Yesterday) on shoot and they both laughs

  3. Reji I too thought the same this maha sangam episode’s promo only shooted till now and today’s SBS segment was yesterday’s shoot bcoz of 4 days of holidays they didn’t shoot anything so we can expect one more SBS segment update with in Wednesday.Something ll happen regarding aliya’s exposure

  4. Guys I saw abp news segment. They were saying that aaliya will make one more plan again and that time also she will get escaped like she escaped this time along with vijay. So guys don’t keep expectations or any hope. Just enjoy gud episodes and skip bad ones and let the matter leave on CVS becoz they will not go according to us, they will do whatever they want.

    1. Dragging, dragging and just dragging. Guys b ready for more dragging, an endless dragging. Tanu’s matter is not going to end any soon. They will make it delayed by aaliya. And aaliya will also not get exposed completely ever. Looks like, they r roaming in a bhoolbhulaiya types place where they again and again come at same place where they starts. Show has become a comedy show and like a video game, during these days, which I feels we r trying to play through actors to reach it’s end but as I said game is bhoolbhulaiya so we r unable to find it.??

      1. U r right pratiksha we can’t keep hope anymore as u said really dragging what they are thinking in their mind that if they go in this track definitely they will get improvement actually the writers are wrong it is flop can’t trust trp also pratiksha more than this track they are confusing me so I think they are going to drag this week fully with aliya’s plan and escaping pratiksha do u think that tomorrow’s mahasangam will be good I think it won’t

      2. After watching segment how can u say that reji that mahasngam could b gud? Even I didn’t expect anything before watching segment that nothing gud will happen. So like I said above mahasangam will b mahaflop.

    2. I think the script, dialogues, costumes, locations, maha milan type of episodes, other occasions/festivals being celebrated on the show are decided well ahead by the writers n director, so I realized they go with the pre-decided things. Not sure if fall in ratings can also be taken into consideration weekly, and if the script can be changed that way.

      So sit back n enjoy Abhi Pragya comedy, n fights.

      1. Ya Sahithi we have only this choice left.

      2. yes pratiksha

      3. Sahithi lovin yua positive thinkn u neva get irritated of this dragging na

      4. Razia, I also want to see things moving n really don’t want the ratings to drop because of the track going forever.

        But what I also understood over time is the writers have their way of handling the screenplay. Almost every time we expect something, they r bringing something very different from public/majority expectation 🙂 that itself is quite creative to keep surprising n bringing twists. Even if it is not giving closure to things, twists mostly unpredictable.

        Also whatever situation, the way the writers bring in Abhi Pragya scenes, romance n nok jhok, is very interesting. At least that part never gets boring. Of course a major reason for us to enjoy them is because of the leads who add their own flavor to things. Watching the behind-the-scenes I cudnt make out if director tells them or is it Shabir who improvises but his mannerisms n expressions are such fun to watch. He adds so much layers to Abhi character.

        I started enjoying these smaller things n the dialogues that sometimes I want to overlook the dragging n silly flaws.

    3. Well said .. Felt this many a times
      CVS alwz does wat v AK neva expects
      Tats truly such a great creativity
      N they really make us enjoy abhigyas nhok jhok in diff ways
      .. Tat too is much interesting

  5. Plz writers end this track

  6. Guys don’t expect anything bigger from CVS.CVS are very clear in their intention I.e., TRP.Nearly 65-70 serials are aired among those 10 love soaps and among all those kkb Is possessing high TRP either 2nd position or 3rd position.So dragging is not a big issue for them.All r watching kkb for our AbhiGya but CVS should understand one thing if this track continues for a long while then sriti and shabir can’t save the show.

  7. Guys leave that dragging topic becoz it will remain in the show forever so let’s discuss something about episode. How many of u think that abhi has joined hands with pragya for solving this matter? And how many of u r considering that he is keeping pragya with him becoz he is worried for her life and security? Well I think he is keeping pragya with him becoz he is worried for her life. Otherwise he himself have this much gutts and power to solve this matter alone. But he knows that if he will b busy in solving this matter then pragya will b alone becoz everybody is busy in taking care of bulbul, specially pragya’s well wishers like purab, bulbul, her family etc and Ronnie is also busy in raking care of providing all medical and financial facility to bulbul by hospital authority on the order of pragya. So if pragya will b alone then it will b more easy for killer to kill her. That’s why he has decided to keep pragya with him all time. He can’t admit it becoz of his ego or may b he doesn’t want to show his concern so that’s why he is making excuse of taking pragya’s help in this matter for keeping pragya with him to save her life.

    1. ya pratiksha abhi is worried for pragya’s life in the segment update also he worried for pragya’s life i am waiting for abhigya scenes are u waiting for it pratiksha and srimathi

      1. One more question guys and reji. Is abhi still determined on his mission of changing mogambo into fuggy or not? What u think guys?

    2. Pratiksha same feelings afta knowing the segment even I felt the same .. Y shud v talk abt dragging let them drag vll jus enjoy the show
      Even I felt often
      Even though tanu is abhis responsibility abhi loves pragya more n loves only pragya
      So let’s al jus watch abhigya together along with tanu nor she is exposed ..
      No difference na actually

    3. Cent percent he wants to b wid her
      Since her lyf s at risk
      N ya he jus forgot the mission
      Bt stil the mission on lol
      As alwz cuz f ego he don wants to admit

      1. Rajia what I thinks that abhi had dropped his mission of changing mogambo into fuggy becoz of misunderstanding and disappointment which he had for pragya in hospital but if pragya will show her this much concern for bulbul then I think he will definetly come back on his mission.

      2. Sorry razia by mistake I typed ur name wrong.

      3. I think he is not concerned for getting back his property also at the moment, leave mogambo – Fuggy things.

        First he was very disturbed with Bulbul accident, but more moved for Sarla n Purab n their pain. As he cares for them most after Daadi.

        After Bulbul wrote about murder attempt, thou he doesn’t confess, worried for Pragya n then very bent on catching that Vijay for avenging on behalf of Purab n Bulbul.

        In fact he was pampering Bulbul after her marriage, as if like his own sis. So I think for now other things take back seat. That’s why he is teaming with Pragya, when he didn’t even want to see her face.

      4. I think abhi is in love with mogambo

      5. Sahithi obviously abhi is concern for bulbul becoz he understands her like a little sister. But he knows this very well that the main target is pragya. Bulbul has injured just in saving pragya. Now bulbul is under care but pragya is still in danger. If abhi wants to catch vijay for bulbul then he does this after Bulbul’s recovery but he is eager to catch vijay becoz he knows that if vijay will roaming outside freely then he could attack on pragya again.That’s why he is not involving police also in this matter otherwise he simply could give this charge to police to catch vijay and punish him but he knows that vijay will not take that person’s name who is behind him so vijay will b arrested but that person will b free and free to kill pragya again somehow. So sahithi after knowing this that pragya’s life is in danger, he is more worried for pragya and for her life. That’s why he is keeping her with him all time so he could secure her. You r right that in present time, he is not thinking about property or fuggy but I think he will start think again on this becoz he was disappointed with pragya becoz of that misunderstanding which he had in hospital regarding Bulbul’s hospital payment, becoz of which he was thinking that pragya doesn’t have any care for bulbul. Otherwise he was determine in his mission before it but now when if he himself will see that how much she is concerned for bulbul then his misunderstanding will get solved and then he again come back on his old mission.

      6. But how will he start his mission, without property. It would be interesting to see Abhi reaction when he sees wrong property papers. Or if he will realize other things in the process of catching Vijay, before he even comes back to property papers. Let us see.

    4. Tas OK 🙂
      May b ya he dropped
      Bt once bulbul gets normal abhi vl restart his mission 😉
      Not sure

    5. Ha ha yes he’ll b back on his mission

  8. Can u guys plz tell me when is this mahasangam?? Pratiksha , reji , anyone???

  9. That is not mahasangam that is mahamilap on 4 january

  10. Wt s the difference between mahamilap & mahasangam sriti

    1. Nothing
      Same old eye wash

      1. It’s not even eye wash, channels strategy to promote other shows I think. Tagging along popular n not so popular shows.
        But during last maha epi with yeh vadaa raha, Pragya n Abhi were engaged with survi, so Vijay cud enter the reception. Though that is a lame excuse for Vijay to cheat Ronnie n enter, at least the purpose of maha epi was shown as being part of twist in the show.

  11. pratiksha u r ryt Abhi is really concerned for pragya

    1. Srimathi ..
      U dint get my outfit yet ?
      Uff she gonna open her dam
      Tas so funny 😉

      1. Hahah thank u razia!!!!

  12. Sory guys that i not wrote about mahasangam & mahamilap. My sister wrote without my permission

  13. Why the CVS are dragging the track …
    When they will end this track
    I think they have lost their brains

  14. What u mean hani i dont understand can u tell me

    1. At first the serial is very interesting but now the serial is very boring,have they lost their mind. What do u think about?

  15. Yes u r right first very intersecting & now very boring b’coz of tanu pregnancy

  16. anyone can u tell me (cvs) fullform.now only i join that why i dont no fullform?

  17. I mean interesting

  18. Alia will b escaped from it always very smartly … But however in any circumstances by chance though it is nearly impossible but if vijay gets caught then he will say someone else’s name and if may be he will take alia name though possiblity is rare but if .. Then also it doesn’t matter bcoz alia always remain that house as always for god knows how many time they forgave her…..So it doesn’t really that much matter whether she gets exposed or not ……
    & regarding tanu I don’t think that pragya is gonna be able to expose tanu ever …..
    So, there are only chance is that abhi somehow finds the truth himself or when finally. Somehow abhi able to get his property back ….then only tanu will force him to marry her by taking the name of the Baby. God knows of how many months though…..then pragya will not have any other options then telling the truth to abhi …. But seeing the amount of dragging it seems like it’s gonnabe ages for it to be happening…So till then abhi pragya will be United only by some way or other however not as we wanted. …
    So, I think it’s if abhi get hold of property then pragya had left no choice other than telling truth. …..,,,,
    So, till then guys enjoy abhigya’s cute nok jhok & funny scenes…..& don’t expect any thing from Maha milap….

  19. You’re right Jaydeep and pratiksha

  20. Really irritating if nothing gud ll happen within this week I ll quit the show… Once track changes then ll think abt… Really fed up with dragging yaar… Always Abhigya’s fight then eyelock Saaappppaaa when they got married from tat they r showing lik this… This CVS na they don’t care about the viewers just they need the trp… Without viewers how the trp ll go top… Surely tanu won’t get marry abhi… Abhigya won’t join… Dadi won’t allow also… Bulbul get accident repeatedly… Aliyah won’t stop this evil plan… They won’t reveal taaliya truth also..

  21. E serial chustunna vallaki chetulu ethi dhandam petali…. intha boring serial nenu intha varaku chudane ledhu… hindi lo kaka ipudu telugu lo kuda champutunaru… same vamps in the show for years together… omg. .. In every serial vamps will come and go… but here for lack of story or for not having other villains they r dragging the same point from years.. how come viewers r watching the same old repeating dragging story… everyone in the show won’t use their brains except villains… They just telecast the show only to show the nonsense nokjhok of abigya… kabhi kabhi their eye lock that’s it what’s new in this serial… yhm is only the best now in ekta shows.. even they spoiled the new year’s episode and disappointed kb’s fans… I want everyone to leave the show for a whole week.. then everything will b set. At least writers try to make it all set… I
    know that no one can do this…. hats off guys for bearing this torture serial for years together…

  22. Where is Sindbad 3rd January 2016 written update?

    1. Rajdip u can go to contact us in top so u can complain about what problem u r asking then telly updates reviewers will give suggestions or answer for it

  23. Er it is boring seeing kkb………. when they will expose the culprit …..but etha directors konjam kuta oru arivu erukathu polla. Arivu ketta thanama serial adukuraga……….

  24. Then pratiksha r u sure that after bulbul recovery abhi will be back on his mission my doubt abhi has promised tanu after bulbul recovery he will kick pragya out because this tanu has brainwashed him and guys do u think that abhi for being to keep up his promise he will kick pragya out and marry tanu this is my doubt

    1. Reji tanu said it but abhi didn’t said it that he will throw pragya out from this house. He has given only this promise that he will marry with her after Bulbul’s recovery. This thing was running in abhi’s mind from the reception party that he wants his fuggy back but in her presence he have to marry with tanu becoz this baby. So nothing new said abhi to tanu. And abhi is giving marriage assurance to tanu since long but he never meant it and avoided it every time. Becoz whenever abhi misunderstood pragya and move towards tanu then in a very next moment something like this happens which brings abhi back to pragya. So I believe this time also same will happen and as CVS r going so it looks like not aaliya nor tanu will ever exposed, not pragya will b succeed so soon and nor taaliya will b free from problems and with this tanu’s marriage with also not happen until this drama will continue. Now abhi has lost property papers by pragya so without property tanu will b agree for marriage with him!!! We kinows it can’t possible. So as usual tabhi’s marriage will again postponed so what will use of that promise of abhi? And if seeing Bulbul’s critical condition, pragya will b break and can’t hide her worry and concern for her then it will definetly make abhi melt once again becoz as I said that abhi’s misunderstanding is just becoz of this that he thinks pragya doesn’t have any care for bulbul but only money that’s why he was angry and disappointed with pragya but now when he himself will see pragya’s concern for bulbul then his misunderstanding will get solved and he will again back on his mission but if CVS will not interrupt by some more misunderstandings.

      1. i am too believing in this only pratiksha

    2. I’ll remind yu a scene reji long back
      On that date pragya drunk apo she said abhi
      I made yua dadi do works
      Tuk yua properties he said no pblm
      N wen she said I stopped yua marriage wit tanu he replied tats the great thing yu ve ever did in my life nu
      So def
      I’m damn sure abhi vl not marry tanu
      He’ll not even think of it

      1. i’ll take your point razia i am agreeing with you

  25. what is fullform of cvs

    1. i too have this doubt

    2. Creatives

      1. thank u razia

      2. No thanks 🙂

  26. No reji abhi shall never married tanu.I don’t think so. The lead persons of kkb are abhi and pragya.tanu can do whatever she wants but she will not married abhi .abhi love only pragya

  27. guys pragya & abhi now aslo husband & wife b’coz they didn’t get divorce. & abhi cant marry tanu

    that time pragya come in mehra mansion .pragya told abhi that is not divorce paper that is your property paper

  28. Hasan where are you with the update

  29. Guys ,today is running the episode or not because i didn’t see it and also i didn’t see the saturday episode because they are not putting it full on site.I am not from India so i cant watch it on TV.

  30. Guys !! Akash rachna is back on kkb
    They re back on shoot

  31. Rachna is the one who saw pragya bfor the accident
    N pragya being tensed
    This may bring some twists I hope

    1. If u saw rachna’s expression in episode 353 u can notice that when everyone was surprised her was as if she was expecting all this to happen

      1. I don understand yaar .. Wt she was waitn for ?

    2. Yup missed Akash n Rachna n finally writers r bringing the missing characters back. Hope there is a purpose for them in the script to take it forward. Also, I am hoping to see more of Purab as his other show seems to be ending.

      Guess audience are also bored by now watching only those 5-6 characters repeatedly in past episodes after this makeover track started.

  32. what happened in mahamilan episode,,, no vdo or update found…..is there telecast or not prathiksha srimathi razia give updates guys…..

    1. Rose ..m too waitn fa the update
      Even I dint watch .. Nikki atleas u tel us in short wat hpnd yesterday

    2. Bt saw in twitter
      The precap was abhi found sumtng in the room where the chandelier rope was cut
      He took tat as evidence to knoe the finger prints n match it wit the family member’s

    3. Bt on the day chandelier was cut I felt y aaliah is cutting y can’t vijay do it nu
      So tat too was purposely hpnd
      Let’s wait

  33. guys..can anyne say wat happnd n strdys epiosd..i havnt seen yet..y havnt the hasan dnt update??

  34. Shraddha Sharma

    Where is the 4th jan 2016 update…..
    Jitne bhi H.Hasan k side s update hone hai sb k sb delay rehte hai … or kai baar to hote b nhi hai…
    Kisi ne episode dekha ho toh bta do….

  35. Guys y 4th jan epi nt yet updated ??? pratiksha,reji,sahithi,razia n other guyz eer r yu ??? hav yu watcd tat epi ??

  36. yesterday’s episode dupe for Abhi and Pragya

  37. Mahamilap episode’s update- only kkb’s portion, I m giving. Update- Taaliya talks with each other how to stop vijay or abhi to meeting then aaliya says she have an idea and they both moves from there. Abhi, pragya and Ronnie trio reaches some place where they calls vijay. Pragya asks abhi about the place that why he has chosen it? Abhi says the speciality of the place is that it has only one entrance and one exit so noone could run from here easily. Pragya asks how do u know about this place so well like u have a relationship with this place of previous birth. Abhi says not previous but this birth becoz from a little distance of this place, I had started my carrier. Pragya cracks joke and says that’s why nobody could run from ur concert. Ronnie laughs. Abhi says not to crack jokes otherwise I will send u both in a place from where no one could find u. Ronnie says if this will happened with u then what’s ur place for hiding. Abhi scolds him. Abhi says pragya and ronnie to hide on some place. Pragya denies and says we r a team so why I hide. Abhi says u r not a teem but a dry neem, now go and hide , before it someone take u. Pragya says why don’t u say that u r worried for me? Ronnie laughs. Abhi says yes I m worried for u becoz only I have right to torched u and if that vijay will come and take u with him and torched u then I will not like it. Pragta gets irked and goes to hide. Abhi thinks to call aaliya to asks if vijay changed his meeting place or not? Abhi calls aaliya but she didn’t pick it. Abhi thinks may b she will b busy. Pragya hides at some place and watches abhi, she thinks it’s gud that he is with her, now he will catch that culprit by own self otherwise he never believes on me if I says. She thinks why vijay has not came? Then she rwminces flash back scene, where abhi says to aaliya to call abhi. Then he thinks May b aaliya stopped him? Aaliya and tanu comes there and watches them hidingly. Aaliya says tanu to go and she herself wears burkha. Aaliya comes to distract abhigya. Abhi sees her but couldn’t recognize her. He thinks who is this lady, her life could b in danger in this place, becoz vijay could use her to run. Abhi comes out and asks her who r u? Pragya also comes out then abhi gets angry and says that why u came out? Pragya says I came to see that what r u doing? Then pragya goes to near abhi and says may b vijay came in burkha. Abhi says her height didn’t match with vijay and she wear ladies sleepers. It can’t b vijay. Pragya tries to open her Gurkha to see her face but abhi stops her and says to burkha lady ( aaliya) to go becoz it could b danderouse for her to stay here. Aaliya moves from there but hides from some distance. Abhi says pragya to hide. After sometimes vijay comes. Pragya sees her and thinks it means aaliya is not involved with him this time. Abhi and ronnie comes out and surrounds vijay. Abhi says u attacked on my family, two times attacked on pragya and in this u harmed bulbul so I will send u in that same situation which u did with bulbul. Vijay says u made very gud plan but to catch me u have chosen to take help of a rat. He says ronnie- a rat. Pragya comes out. Abhi gets angry and shouts on her and says why u came out when u stopped u. Pragya says I came to increase team’s strength becoz he was threatening both of u alone. Now we all three will handle it. Pragya warns vijay not to run becoz he is surrounded by their peoples. Abhi asks him to tell the name of that person who hired him to kill pragya. Aaliya falls some things to distract them. Vijay takes advantage of it and runs after pushing ronnie. Abhi throw a stick on his legs to hit him and stop him but vijay runs from there. Abhi says Ronnie to catch him from behind and says to pragya to come with him. Vijay hides in some place. Prafya comes there to SSE him. Vijay comes behind and closee her mouth from his hand so she couldn’t call abhi. Vijay pushes her and tries to run from there. Abhi gets a call. Aaliya calls him from a p.c.o. and says that she is a nurse of nirmala devi hospital and she is calling to inform that bulbul is critical. Abhi gets shocked and worried. Vijay runs from behind him. Pragya tries to run behind him to catch him but abhi stops her and says bulbul is critical. Ronnie comes and says vijay runs from the truck. Abhi, pragya and ronnie goes to the car to reach hospital but car does not start due to some problem. Pragya says to abhi to call purab to ask about bulbul and she says to ronnie to bring taxi. Abhi calls purab and asks about bulbul and says that a call gas came from hospital to inform them that bulbul is critical. Purab says that I was with bulbul since long and bulbul is stable and fine. Purab asks him if they caught vihay. Abhi says we were about to catch him but becoz of this call they couldn’t. Abhi says we r coming to the hospital and u take care of bulbul. Abhi says to pragya that bulbul is fine and somebody have given them wrong information. She saya it means somebody knew that where we r and what was we about to do. He says u were righ, it means something from family is involved with vijay. Taaliya comes to the hospital to see bulbul. Tanu says what condition purab made own self. Aaliya says to purab that go and fresh and we r with bulbul. Purab denies but aaliya convinces him. Purab says to bulbul that he cones in two minutes after being fresh up and says to aaliya to take care of bulbul. Taaliya tries to depressed bulbul by saying this that if Bulbul’s face will not remain like before then purab will not love her. Taaliya leaves from there. Abhigya reaches at home and begins to search for that person who could involve with vihay. They goes in that room where Chandelier’s joint was burnt. Aaliya comes also there and hides and tries to listen them. Pragya sees a lighter. Abhi says to not touch it becoz they could find fingerprints of that person’s on it. Abhi promises with pragya amd says i will jot leave that person becoz of who us responaible for bulbul’s this bad condition. Other side, purab comes back and sees bulbul trues to take something from the table. Purab stops her and asks what she needs. Bulbul indicates that she wants to talk something. Purab gives him letter pad. Bulbul writes that how much u love me. Purab says that u r my life and if something happens to u then I will die. Bulbul again writes that of my face will not remain like before then u will miss me? Purab says I loved the fwelings of ur touch not with ur face, yes i will mis ur smile and all that but then also i will love u. Purab says not to asks this tupe questions again. Next scene, pragya pulls abhi in the room. Abhi shouts on her and scolds her and asks her why she brought him here when he was going to ask about the accident from everyone. Pragya says that nobody will confess ownself if he or she will b the culprit. Pragya says if that person gets to know about lighter then he could harm u. Abhi says not to show fake concern for him becoz he knows that she only cares for money and hevis her money bank. Pragya makes excuse and says I m worried for me, not for u becoz I m also lives with u in this room and that person’s target was me so that person could kill me. Abhi asks then how they will take everybody’s fingerprints, without telling to match from that fingerprints which is on lighter. Pragya says u don’t worry I will take fingerprints of everybody without telling them and then we will match that fingerprints and then we will get our culprit.

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