Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Pragya’s truth to Sarla and says Pragya is equally sad for Bulbul’s death. He tells everything and says Pragya is same. Sarla cries. Pragya says you didn’t do any mistake. Sarla says I couldn’t become a good mum and gave you pain. She says I should punish myself. Pragya hugs her. Sarla apologizes to her for not understanding her and asks her not to worry. She says your mother is with you. She says you are really a wife in true means, and made me proud. She hugs her again. Pragya gets emotional also. Tanu thinks Nikhil will pay the money to watchman. She thinks about Abhi. She says Abhi wanted to take me to Beach side, and thinks his mood is not changed. She sees Mitali and asks if she is fine? Mitali says I am not fine, until Pragya is here. Tanu says

what you can do? Pragya is having money and power, and you don’t have even Raj. Mitali says that’s why I came to ask your help. Tanu asks how can I help you. Mitali says I know what you can do? Tanu says I am ready to help you, but I can’t do anything until I get married to Abhi. She says I am silent till then. I will take everyone’s revenge from Pragya. She says if I get far from Abhi then I am nothing. Mitali says I will talk to everyone about your marriage. She says your doli will come and Pragya will leave from here. Tanu says this will happen for sure.

Abhi is in his room. Pragya comes. Abhi thinks Tanu came, and says my mood is changed. We will not go to beach. He asks her to sit and says I will give you time and take care of yours. Pragya asks what should I say? Abhi opens his eyes and asks what you are doing here? He says I called Tanu here. He says you are clever, came near me and held my hand. Pragya says you didn’t take his name. Abhi says you have taunted me. Pragya asks him not to spoil her mood and says she will leave. Abhi thinks she is helping me in forgetting her. Abhi asks her to go. Tanu insists. Abhi asks her to sit with him, and says Pragya went out of roon. Tanu hugs him and says I love you. Pragya comes. Tanu calls him bone in the meat. Pragya says some people have forgotten shame. Tanu says she is going to be his wife and asks her to give free time to her and her to be husband. Pragya asks them to close door else anyone can come there. She comes out of room and thinks Tanu is taking advantage of Abhi’s innocence. Rachna comes to Pragya and says Raj is not talking to mitali properly. She says we have to do something. Pragya says I am tensed as Tanu is inside the room and asks Rachna to help her. Rachna says she will handle Mitali and asks her to handle Abhi and Tanu.

Taya ji praises Abhi. Akash says you said right. Raj asks Akash about his projects and offers help. Raj says Chembur will be best. Akash says okay. Mitali tries to make Raj have dal. Raj asks her not to force him. Tai ji gives him roti. Abhi thinks I have to become active. Tanu comes and apologizes saying she took much time. She says we shall go on a walk. Tanu asks Abhi to sit and says Pragya has spoiled yor mood. She asks him not to behave as if she is stranger to him. He asks how am I looking? Abhi thinks how can anyone lie everytime. He says you are looking same as usual. Tanu says you have become unromantic. Abhi says he is having headache. Tanu says I will massage your head, and massages his head. Pragya thinks what to do to bring her out and calls her. Abhi tells Tanu that her call is ringing. He picks the call and says Tanu is busy and asks her to talk to her tomorrow. Pragya as watchman tells Abhi that she want to tell him a big secret. Abhi says what nonsense. Tanu takes the call and tells Abhi that she will teach a lesson to the watchman. She comes out and asks how dare you to talk to Abhi. Pragya says you are not interested to give money. Tanu says she will get the money. Pragya says okay and disconnects the call. Abhi is angry with Tanu and asks her to leave him alone for sometime. He closes the door. Tanu knocks on the door and goes. Pragya thinks I have to cheer him up.

Pragya knocks on the door. Abhi opens the door. Pragya says you can’t stay with Tanu in the room for an hour and plans to spend life with her. Abhi says we will sort out everything. Pragya says she will enjoy double money and will make Tanu do modelling again. She says she will get money from him and also from Tanu. Abhi says you will make my work again. Pragya says she thinks about her profit and says Tanu have to contribute after marriage. Abhi and Pragya fall on bed. They have an eye lock. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays……..Pragya says I will never leave you. Abhi asks what did you say? Pragya says I will not leave your money and go. Abhi says I will leave the house. Pragya thinks Tanu’s truth will be out and we will be together always.

Tanu promises Abhi that she will never leave him and go. She says she has planned a dinner with him. Pragya tells Tanu that she have to ask money from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. rose

    Plz speed up the track…. its look.. somewhat slow.

    Pragya speed ur processsssssssssssssss. Catch tanu fast

  2. Priya $

    Thx hasan for fast update.. They started dragging again nothing new… Wen they ll reveal this Tanu’s truth.. Really fed up nowadays I stopped watching episodes only reading updates.. 🙁

    • JR

      I have stopped watching since mid of Nov 2015. Only reading updates. Anyway April 2016 willmake Season 1 two years running. Time to end then. Now this serial will drag at least for two more months with a new Villian – Mitali!?

  3. Sithra

    Aiyoh…very boring n tired with this tanu character la
    When her truth will reveals ha? This story won’t come to the end easily I guest…dgagging a lot la..we got to crack our head what is next?

  4. Shavi

    This week they gonna to finish with watchman drama I think so.. no sign of truth revealing to abhi abt tanu.. pragya’s plan flop as per cvs.. they have added up namesake abhigya’s romance. . Totally abhi in confused mood.. cant able to digest abhi with tanu.. even abhi din shpw any feelings towards tanu,, he is doing same with pragya too.. cvs pls give some hint to abhi abt tanu’s behaviour so that he could use his brain. . Unite abhigya soon ya before valentines day..

  5. Gud episode, everything was balanced. Starting was gud. Sarla maa’s regression towards pragya was gud but I was expecting little more times among sarla maa and pragya. Anyways as we were thinking that now mitali will play again her evil plans against pragya and will help tanu against her so it has started. Now mitali’s mission will get start from the court scene with abhi. I think she will manipulate abhi or other family member to force abhi for marriage with tanu. But becoz of pragya’s plan, may b tanu will not reach on time. Well let’s see. But I don’t understand one thing that why raaj is not speaking about tanu from abhi when he has become normal. May b he doesn’t know that who is tanu’s baby’s father but except it he knows everything about tanu that she was also the part in every crimes of aaliya and him and even he knows that tanu is pregnant with some other person’s baby. And as he said in yesterday’s episode to abhi that he will not let anything bad happen with him, he should tell him about tanu first. But he is silent. His silence is creating suspicion in audience ‘s mind. That’s why i have still doubt on raaj. Well I hope his character turn as positive and he help pragya in tanu’s exposure. Let’s see. Abhi, pragya and tanu’s scene was gud. But why abhi is not doubting on tanu not even a once, he us not even trying. Abhigya were as usual treat to watch but that tanu was irritating. And the expressions and responses of abhi towards tanu were fan. It was clearly showing her irritation and discomfort with her. I liked his inner thought when tanu was asking to him that how’s she looking and he said to himself that how can anyone lie everytime, that was awsum. His interaction with pragya was also gud. Overall it was an entertaining episode but we wants results soon for whichwerwaiting since long. Valentine day is near but tanu’s end is not looking near. Hope CVS will not soil abhigya’s valentine becoz purbul r still separated so if abhigya will also b separate then how they will celebrate valentine day in their show. At least before valentine day, CVS let abhi knows pragya’s truth at least so they could celebrate valentine day with each other and they could expose tanu together.

  6. reji

    guys pratiksha sahithi this tanu should go to hell but now i am happy that sarla maa came to know about pragya’s truth but CVS will not make to believe someone suddenly if it was very deep and if they have strong proof they will make someone to believe someone but sarla believed and accepted the truth very fast but guys do u think that if they reveal the truth to abhi means will abhi believe pragya or not ?????? i think he will not

    • Reji thank god purab was there to make sarla understand all the situations so then only sarla maa believed on pragya’s truth. Same like this, pragya will need purab, dadi and every person’s support in telling her truth to abhi which has supported her always like rachna, akaash, mamaji and now sarla maa too. When these peoples will make abhi understand all the situations of pragya like purab did on the time of telling the truth to sarla maa, then only abhi will believe on pragya and he will understand her and forgive her for each and every pain which she gave to him becoz of her missions.

  7. Si

    Boring …. I guess this Tanu bit will last a life time before the truth comes out and don’t be too predictable.. Tanu marries Abhi, they have a kid. After many Years kid grows up meet PrAgya’s daughter and the next generation drama undolds. ?

  8. Brintha

    When nikhil was aproaching tanu for his love she gave 1 crore rupee cheque to nikhil..for not to interfere between her and abhi..now she is begging for 10 lakhs to nikhil…can’t understand cvs carelessness….till feb 13 th pragya will be threatening..and tanu will be forcing nikhil..14 th they may reunited..

  9. Brintha

    I wish tanu shud dream that she is delivering the baby in jail….hahaha..because tanu dream always becomes true…

  10. Megha

    Really felt bad for Pragya and Abhi. How mitali do this to Pragya. If she really wants to be like Pragya she will not do this.

  11. Yaa I wish tanu truth should come out ta u is really irritating I hate her abhigya Jodi is awesome?their scence are too gud I m happy that sarla came to know about pragya but z don’t drag the tanu drama plz wrap up soon and bring tanu secrets infront of abhi and whole family its now really irritating yaar plz it’s request plz unit abhi and pragya we want to see romance ?between abhigya we r all big fans of abhigya??????

  12. Anne

    pls director dont drag it just waiting 4 another day another day n abhi pls dont behave like a stranger to pragya wen she sits next to u n hold your hands dont just keep quiet if tanu says something to the women u loved the most i saw your earlier episodes is so nice especially the one which u propose to her wow no words to say plsssssss bring out the truth fast if i m there wen tanu holds i wil pull her n wat kind of man is tht nikhil the woman carrying his child n no guts to say the truth shame on tht fellow but pls unite abhi n pragya cannot sleep alrdy.tq

    • Anne

      y not let abhi hear wen dadi n pragya r talking abt tanu the baby is not abhis baby just a idea can make feel very sad 2 c abhi n pragya n i cannot c abhi crying n feeling sad very pity plssssssss do something 4 abhi to know.tq

  13. Priyanka

    Why doesn’t Pragya ask Raj what Tanu’s truth is? Lol
    Unless he is still playing games, you never know!
    As always, dragging. They revealed Aaliya then right after, they revealed Raj. I hope they don’t take too long to reveal Tanu… Otherwise this show will lose TRP.
    Rachna has been pregnant for over one year, when will she have her baby? Lol!!

  14. shobana

    Wen tanu truth ll b exposed ??????
    How long should v wait?????????
    In watchman avatar also pragya was nt able to find the real father of child
    First she has find that the culprit was nikil and then she has to make trap for him definitely on the first attempt he ll nt caught and the story will b keep on draggingggggggg
    Enemies count is increasing if Mitali keeps on spying pragya den tanu ll nt b exposed
    And in every episode pragya is telling that she will bring tanu’s out but nothing is happening these dialogues r irritating to the core
    The writers really don’t ve any idea for alia exposure also they did blackmail now also blackmail for alia bulbul disguised as sardar now pragya disguised as watchman nothing new in it
    No creative ideas r der
    On the whole kkb has become ” the world’s best dragging serial” and the serial without any story just beating around the bush

  15. Fay Hosein

    The writers don’t seem to realize that dragging the storyline does not make it more interesting! In fact it becomes extremely boring. The way they are dragging this story line is idiotic.

  16. Surbhi

    Guyss remember that scene in which abhi was wearing T-shirt on which three chappals were printed now after knowing that tanu escaped from watchman drama also I am confirmed one chappal is for tanu which will abhi and pragya throw on her head and will say go and escape again one chappal will pragya throw on Abhis head and say u dumb man u can’t see the truth and one she will be pat on herself and will think god….. what a dumb husband I have got for whom I have becomed watchman also now let’s see what is next I have to become I think my next destination will be mental asylum because if she will escape again then I have to go there only.


  17. Sahithi

    After watching today’s episode n precap we may get more clarity, but looking at Arjit’s IG posts n yday segment, I have this feeling that Pragya watchman getup is not for one day, but for atleast 2 days. He was in a pink tee on one day n a white n pink check shirt on another day. So we may see that spread across multiple episodes, starting may be tomorrow.

    So we can expect more than one missed attempts from Pragya and even this one as usual will be dragged till next week may be.
    But the most foolish thing in the script is the way Nikhil character is being shown. He also being after Abhi’s property is like the most silly thing. And for that he allows his love, his baby’s mother to marry someone, n then expects her to come to him with property.
    For that purpose, even goes to extent of hiring goons n trying to kill someone himself.

    The way crime is portrayed on this show, everyone can attempt or commit crime n think they can get away with that. And the plotting is nothing small, everytime should be to kill other person only.

    Even after knowing the nature of each other Tanu n Mithali think they will help each other for common enemy. And now Tanu is not even bothered about Aaliya. She thinks let me marry Abhi, get money(how no one knows). On other side Pragya says Abhi will sing for her n his wife will also do modelling for her.

    Its been like ages since Abhi even did a show n Pragya keeps saying I will earn money as u r rockstar. Tanu asks for dinner date but does not ask the most imp thing like whether Abhi n Pragya r divorced or not. But still all 3 of them keep coming back to same room n Pragya says I will go but stays there only. Abhi also doesnt leave. This kind of writing is getting so boring day by day.

    • shavi

      really sahithi they are turning around like a circle… never putting fullstop.. and they to won best screenplay award for kkb in zee rishtey awards.. god only knows their sense of thinking..

    • Nithi

      U r right sahithi. They r just fooling the viewers. I dint understand wat kind of human tat nikhil. .he is really fool n mad fellow..his character is just disgusting

    • Totally agree with u sahithi. It’s becoming very- very boring. After two big exposures, CVS again has stopped on tanu’s matter. Don’t know why they have so much attachment with this tanu’s pregnancy track when they have still more gud options to the new and fresh tracks. Pragya has caught everyone but why not tanu and nikhil? She has caught most clever persons aaliya and raaj but most stupid persons tanu and nikhil always gets escaped from her. Abhi’s mind also works only on pragya’s matter but whenever tanu’s matter comes, his mind becomes nil and he ignores all her things. He got so much hints which could put suspicion in his mind like that greeting cards incidence, phone call incidnce when pragya calls tanu aw watchman first time and abhi asks her about the call but she hesitantly tried to ignore in fear, then next when raak gets exposed in that place infront of abhi, pragya, purab and in mitali’s presence, mitali tells them that she came here to caych yhat person, from whom tanu was coming to take 10 lakhs rupees, then also he doesn’t think even a once that why tanu was coming at this place amd why she needs 10 lakhs rupees and from whom she wad coming to take this amount in this place. Again next when he asks tanu to go for a walk on beech with him then tanu says she is going market but when he says cancel it program and come with me as I want to spend time with u, she says she have an appointment from doctor for her routine check- up of baby, at that time also abhi doesn’t give attention to this, then yesterday when pragya again calls tanu as watchman then abhi picks call and talk then pragya’s says about some deep secret then also again he ignores it. Pragya and abho both got do much hints and chances to catch takhil but evetyyime it all goes in vain. Raaj is also silent and tanu is not worried at all that if raaj could reveal her truth. And as u said where divorce mater has gone, on which bases pragya was dealing with tanu. How abhi could marry with tanu when according to tanu abhigya r not divorced. And here, pragya’s watchman drama will begin, during which we will see again hide and seek game between takhil and pragya. This time becoz of pragya’s drama, tabhi’s marriage could b postpone again but how she will manage again when abhi will get to know about divorce matter then things will get more worst between abhigya. Only tanu’s truth’s exposure can save pragya and her relationship with abhi or her own truth otherwise this Valentine day is looking impossible and difficult for them.

    • stepphyrao

      Well said sahiti…Well said Lady…..Its really amazing KKB actually won best screenplay. Complete nepotism. Its a shallow script with no logic , coherence or sensibility & complete lack of common sense. The reason why KKB is still standing is because of the cast. Kudos to the main cast & the cast in general.
      The cvs are well aware that if they break Abhigya up, it definitely would affect the Trps. And the audience definetely do not want that!!
      They seem to make the Abhigya relationship like the 7 ELEVEN. “ALWAYS CLOSE BUT NEVER CLOSE”.
      I cant understand these script in indian serials which marry couples off. Then break them up & then marry them again. And its always someother woman or man wanting someones wife or husband. At the moment there are several on going serials in Zee that seem to be portraying such a story lines. Its just so rampant in these indian serials. So juvenile. Gosh dramatisation surely must have some limits.It would be so refreshing to see fresh & realistic directing & writing.
      All said & done…I really hope Pragys does overthrow Tanu & preventing abhis marraige to Tanu. Its really amazing how the script has allowed Pragya to fail to expose Tanu.

    • Sahithi

      As it is known Abhi Tanu marriage will definitely not happen. That is the main crux of the show.

      But I was really disappointed seeing Nikhil in the segment, his character is just not justified. I mean he has a gf bearing his baby, he shud do something to marry her or he shud reveal her secret. Instead he lets her get married n then eye her husband property.
      Initially before the make over track started, I always waited to see when Nikhil will put Tanu in a tight spot n will reveal her secret in front of Abhi n family.
      But writers wanted to bring this make over track n bring it till here, so they kept Tanu thing to end. Fine to some extent till there. Now if only Nikhil just vanished somewhere out of action would have been better.
      He comes to kill the person who is blackmailing Tanu, that is not justified. If he loved his gf n cudnt see her tensed or didnt want to give 10L, cud have warned or threatened that watchman. He tries to kill that person, okay he doesnt know it is Pragya, but whoever it is will u just go n try to kill any person like that. That was lame.
      Anyone kills anyone in this show or tries to plot for murder just like that. That was becoming tedious for me.

      Pragya will expose Tanu n definitely soon, but before that we will see some failed attempts, as we always saw. But just for giving some twists, sometimes the writers r going overboard. Then cud have thot of something less stupid.

      If u compare this track with MMS track, Pragya knew she was not guilty n was definitely framed. But given the docile n timid person she was, she didnt try to gather any proofs or try to prove her innocence. She rather signed the divorce papers n got ready to leave Abhi.
      He was the one who felt bad n suspicious when she didnt ask for alimony n played the marriage drama to find the culprits. But this time its reversed, Pragya knows who r her husbands enemies so she will try to collect proofs.
      That logic is fair enough as long as they showed a bit more smart writing.

    • Mahi

      Sahithi I don’t think Nikhil may not after Abhi’s property fully because with the unborn child Thanu is blackmailing Nikhil and emotionally torching Abhi We seen earlier she tried to blackmail him by saying aborting child .

  18. You’re right sahiti.I don’t understand this writer.all her shows are the same,crime,blackmailing, black magic, multiple married ect.the main role are always suffering so much. And de villain’s are the winners.

  19. Surbhi

    Thank u guys but what I think this is the only way we can think now I don’t know about pragya but I will be in place of her then I definitely be done so exactly even I will throw that chappals on tanu and abhi till then the cappal does not break so much dragging I am fed up as the most clever persons are caught and the idiot one is seems very clever than them it is totally hell yr just dragging drama nothing else.

    😉 😛

  20. farida

    Simple truth – ABHI is an IDIOT and Pragya the fool in believing in him.
    TANU is very sharp so get her at her weakest point and spill the beans. Pragya should then leave ABHI to weep with his rubber doll

  21. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Episode starts with abhi sleeping on the couch and pragya looks at him and thinks today he will forget his all sorrows.
    Tanu enters in the room with flowers. Pragya says not to disturb abhi till he wake up. She says tanu to sit. Tanu takes flower to pragya to hold just then abhi wakes up and then the segment scene and whole precap scene happens. And guys bad news it wasn’t seems like he was trying to make pragya jealous.
    Dadi comes to meet sarla maa and asks for forgiveness as she used her daughter for her selfishness. Sarla says not to b becoz u did it in ur grandchild’s love. Sarla maa praises dadi and says pragya is very lucky to have u and says it was my mistake that I didn’t understand my daughter’s truth. Janki comes and asks what is happening. Then some emotional scenes happens.
    Mitali asks raaj for forgiveness but raaj doesn’t ready to give. Rachna comes and requests raaj to forgive mitali just once. Raaj refuses and says he has been forgive her manytimes but this time he will not.
    Abhi walks in corridor on upstairs. Abhi was in same t-shirt when he was in court scene. Mitali sees him and thinks to ruin pragya’s life as she has ruined her life. Mitali comes to abhi and instigates abhi indirectly against pragya. She convinces abhi for marriage with tanu today by manipulating him and says she will arrange a lawyer for them to do court marriage. Abhi gets ready for it.
    Rachna listens their conversation and thinks to inform pragya about it that mitali is trying to take revenge from her like this.
    Dadi, purab, pragy in sarla maa’s house discusses about how to trap tanu and her boyfriend and catch them with red handed. They decides to go in an shutdowm photo studio to call tanu and meet with her as blackmailer. Purab insists to go as blackmailer but pragya refuse as tanu could identified him and her boyfriend could b also dangerous and may b she could come with goons. Purab says that OK but he will go with her to help her as he can’t take risk with her life after Bulbul’s death. Dadi says purab to go with her. Pragya takes blessings from sarla maa.
    Rachna listens abhi and mitali’s talk and decides to inform pragya about mitali’s move.
    Purab, pragya and ronnie comes in a shutdown studio and starts fitting camera’s all over there. Pragya asks about it. Purab says if tanu will jit come with her boyfriend then u could make her confess her truth by her own mouth so when everything will get recorded then they will show it to abhi.
    Rachna calls pragya and informs about the conversation between mitali and abhi that how mitali has convinced abhi for marriage with tanu today and how she is trying to take revenge from her like this.

    • Reji

      Pratiksha do u think that abhi really forget his fuggie and accepted tanu??? Because u said that abhi didn’t flirt with tanu to make pragya jealous and I think it is waste of fitting cameras becoz nikhil is coming in one black dress by covering his face so but I have hope that if pragya said about the baby’s matter then tanu speaks about it and it is recorded in camera ? means by not knowing tanu’s baby ? father also to they can prove that the child is not abhi’s child

      • Reji it seems abhi is trying to accept tanu but in next scene with mitali, he is still in dilemma that whom should he choose or in which direction he should go becoz he wants a wife with love life for his own but his this dilemma and tanu’s baby’s fact is giving advantage to others to manipulating him. Whenever he starts thinking to go pragya’s side then in sudden next moment tanu or some other person like mitali or anything again brings him back to tanu. Only pragya and tanu’s truth can solved his confusion and could help him in taking right decision, for which pragya and her team is struggling. And ya reji purab has fitted camera’s all over the place so if by chance tanu will not come with her boyfriend then at least pragya will somehow make tanu confess her truth by her own so when her talk gets recorded then they could show it to abhi that he is not the father of her baby in fact someone else is her baby’s father. So let’s see how they make it possible bevoz as we saw in segment that nikhil and his goons runs from there but still gathering there with tanu. Now let’s see if tanu will meet with pragya or nikhil will stop her from meeting or will pragya again call tanu to meet with her as in segment she was calling tanu after nikhil and his goons runs away.

  22. Wat is story all about it doesn’t seem to have connection at all Pratiksha I think the writer didn’t know wat to do this week so they thought of doing time with fancy dress competition anyways who will win will be freed ….. pragya watchman, ronnie security and nikhil burga woman. ….I really wish if at all nikhil had stabbed pragya then atleast she could see his face…..crap this is the worst week of kkb I have ever seen it is becoming dry ……nowadays abhi doesn’t uses his brain pragya trying to avoid tabhi’s marriage. …….like wise for aaliya I think pragya will let tabhi marry and then wait for the father ……..

  23. sana

    Really I say from yesterday episode in Tamil abhi start to love pragya.from that episode to till today episode in Hindi nothing happens. 200 episodes waste.abhi become stupid after started love pragya.he became blindfolded.

  24. sana

    Disgusting abhi he always suspect pragya but not tanu even once.what is base thing for love?it is hope.but he does not have any hope for pragya.

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