Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu, Aaliya and Raj keeping an eye on the room. Pragya asks Ronnie if everything is fine. Ronnie says he will not even permit an ant inside. Aaliya and Tanu argues. Raj shares his plan with them. Tanu says I will do this. Abhi thinks if Pragya can sign on these papers then she can sign on any other papers. Tanu comes to him and asks if there is something wrong. Abhi says I am in a very good mood. Tanu asks if he got the papers signed. Abhi says yes. Tanu says I want to see those papers. She reads that Abhi demanding 5 hugs and 3 kisses daily. Abhi says if she can sign on these papers without seeing then she can sign on any papers. Tanu asks if he know what is going on in the house. Abhi says what? Tanu says did you know about the man who is injured. Abhi says I know, I have

brought him and says he is a decorator. Tanu says that man is close to Pragya’s heart and asks why she is taking care of him. She says I think she knows him from before and says may be she is having an affair with him. Abhi says she is very clever and her level is very high. Tanu says she is fooling you and went to meet him. She is even dressing his wounds, although there are nurses there. Abhi gets angry and gets manipulated by her. Tanu asks him to hold her hand.

Pragya thinks it was good that she called Ronnie here. Abhi comes and asks what she is doing with first aid box. Pragya says it is first aid box. Abhi asks where is our coffee. Pragya asks him to tell Ronnie to bring coffee. Abhi tells her that he will kill this man. Pragya asks did anyone tell you. Abhi says you are roaming around him even though there are two nurses to take care of him. Pragya says I am doing this for you so that he don’t give statement against you. She says you loves me so much and you are my bank. Abhi asks since when she is in love with him. Pragya says since 2 years..since college, school, or previous birth. She asks if he is joking….Abhi asks do you love me? Pragya says no. Raj, Tanu and Aaliya look at them. Abhi asks her to take him to room. Pragya holds his hand and asks him to come. Abhi thinks she is not having affair with decorator. Pragya says exactly. Tanu, Aaliya and Raj get happy. Abhi goes to room and asks if she is really single. Pragya says yes, until you impress me. Abhi asks her to let him sleep so that he needs peace to compose music….Allah wariyan plays…….Abhi thinks if Pragya changes and becomes like old fuggi, then he will have her and money too. Pragya thinks to leave her acting and be with Abhi.

Raj mixes tablet in the water. Tanu asks what did you mix in it. Raj says tablet for his headache. He wonders what will happen to Abhi after marriage. He then asks servant to give water to Ronnie. Ronnie says he don’t need it. Tanu comes and asks Servant to give water to her. Ronnie stops the servant and says he will drink it. He drinks water and faints on the chair. Raj tells that he will roll him inside the carpet and take out, if anyone asks then they will tell that they are taking carpet out. He says once we are out, even Pragya can’t do anything. Tanu says she is pregnant and can’t lift heavy work. Raj asks her to lock her mouth till they do the work. Something breaks because of Tanu and Pragya hears the noise. She comes there and finds Ronnie missing. She thinks I should take his class and thinks to check the room once.

Pragya asks Ronnie to open the door. Raj, Tanu and Aaliya get tensed. Aaliya and Tanu start argument again. Raj asks them to stay silent else Pragya will hear them. Pragya hears their voice and wonders if the killer came to kill him.

Pragya tells Abhi that decorator’s life is in danger and asks him to help her. She says I don’t love him and will do as you say. Abhi says really.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi and pragya scence are nice today. Till nothing happen in kkb.

    1. Don:t be Fooled …….AGAIN …….by the pre cap…. They are not going to expose anyone -anytime soon.

  2. ye pragya kbhi xpose nhi kr pyegi kisiko bhi..its btr k vo sch bol de and under obsvation d.n.a test krwa de to sch apne ap pta chl jayega rather than playing stupind childish games.

    1. NoLonger Interested

      This shit is not even worth discussing!!!

  3. what’s this its too dragggggggggggggggging

  4. Jealous abhi was damn cute. I wish that we could see abhi’s jealousy more. Abhigya’s scenes r treat to watch. Do hell with this guess that what is abhi’s exact mission becoz now I m fedup from this guessing. I have been give up now from guessing about his exact mission. These CVS r really smart and they will never let us know about his exact mission till the end like always. So from now I will stop guessing and will wait for that time when they will reveal about his exact mission, till then I will just enjoy abhigya’s scenes. But one thing is happening gud that becoz of tanu’s cheap idea’s, abhi’s closeness is increasing with pragya and his desire of getting pragya and her love back in his life as fuggy, is also getting increase with each passing day. That’s why he is delaying and avoiding property matter. If his mission will b to get his property back then becoz of his increasing closeness and desire for pragya, he will completely drop this idea at the end and will only focus on how to bring her back as fuggy’s mission.

    1. Abhi in jealousy sooooo cute yaar… He trying to act infront of tanu and aliyah but his original image inner thoughts coming out.. Ya nikki u r rit I too stop expecting anything tanu aliyah truth and all… Just enjoying Abhigya scenes… But CVS team was awesome how they r maintaining the audience’s interest and maintaining their trp.. Super.. But one thing is sure.. Without promo they won’t reveal the truth… I m waiting for next promo… Let’s c… Now v ll enjoy Abhigya scenes..

    2. Time 2 End This

      This story needs CONCLUSIONS. They can’t keep dragging the same story line on and on; day after day after day into month after month. Come on.!!!
      AND the on and off relationship between Pragya and Abhi is NOT enough to keep us
      interested for we have seen it all a thousand times before. It is time to End one story and begin something different. No one cares about Abhi being jealous. Expose Tanu and then viewers can get interested – again – in their relationship.

    3. If you won’t guess the comments won’t be fun any more….your comments more entertaining than kkb itself… I enjoy reading them…please don’t stop.

      1. I so agree Ujal ji ! Niki comments are a treat

  5. This is the MOST STUPID serial >>> I wonder why people are watching that RUBBISH!!!

  6. I think Abhi is acting with Tanu…………He thinks of bringing his old Pragya back………….

  7. S I too think the same Nikki. But however pls expose tanu as soon as possible.

  8. Aiyaye ivanga thirunthave maatangala?? Sema mokkai ya oduthu. Ippadiye javvvaa illuthukitu iruntha apporam kathai entha konathula pogumnu writers ke puriyama poida pothu. Writers Konjam aavathu munerunga boz.

  9. Guys… just love the acting
    they wer fabulous. Dn caree abt the stupiod silly writers

  10. Mmm im loving their performance

  11. The writers of this show are stupid. This show has become a joke.

  12. Dnt care abt the stupid writers… love the acing of abi pragya… fabulous..
    Oly 4 our shabbir sriti lovers

  13. Thanks for updates

  14. Nowadays abi is too cute in his acting..
    Gonnna crazy abt him..

  15. yar ab expose kar bhi dain na in ka raazz ziada khenchen mat isko

  16. Inamum xpose panama irkrathu nalla ila.

  17. I hope she dont give in so easy n also walk in on them

  18. Yes nikki -1 you are right .. Don’t know how much they will drag the show … ..waiting for next Saas bahu Aur Suspense segment..

    Well we will get to know abhi truth in upcoming episode .. Either he wants property or he is on mission to find pragya hidden secrets ..

    Just asking are you using instagram or Twitter ??

  19. just timepass kar rhe hai kkb wale

  20. Indian men in these serials are real boring ***p**us**si***** They are stones/////*****less.

  21. i just love reading all your comments. All so engrossed in the serial.

  22. Guys Sriti jha got two awards best actress in lead role and best couple.. Congrats.. She dedicated her award to her full kkb team. She truly deserves it.. Keep going pragya….

  23. What will happen if vijay forget past due to head injury & fall in love with pragya

  24. In yesterday’s episode when taaliya and raaj was giving water after mixing sleeping pills for Ronnie and they were fighting with each other during this then tanu says that they underestimates her, at the end time only she will b helpful at the end moment. Then I thought she could b right but in another way, I mean she will b definetly helpful at the end but not from get rid of pragya in fact to save aaliya and raaj from catching. Becoz if aaliya and raaj wouldn’t have any chance to escape then they will trap tanu and put all the blame on her to escaping from catching. Then in this sense tanu will b helpful for them at the end.?And Ishani’s thought is right. It can happen that killer vijay loses his memory but not in real, he could act like he has lost his memory due to head injury. Becoz after gaining consciousness, when he will find out that he is in the same person’s place, whom he tried to kill then to escaping from catching and confrontation, he could b act as fake memory lose. Pragya will take care of him to make him fine and getting his memory back as soon as possible, so after seeing her concern for him, he could fall for pragya or he could start like pragya. In his this likeness towards pragya, he will wish to close pragya which will make abhi insecure and jealous. And these feelings will bring abhi more closer to pragya. Well these all r my guess becoz I saw a pic on instagram where killer vijay was in his room in abhi’s house and pragya, abhi and raaj was also there in back of vijay. Abhi was holding raaj’s head and was looking worried. It seems like raaj gets injured somehow in killer vijay’s room, after seeing which abhi gets worried. It is not possible to guess exact complete story behind this pic but which I assumed after seeing it, I shared with u guys. Guys it means taaliya and raaj could not take killer vijay out from the house and killer vijay is still in the house so if he is still in the house and he has came in consciousness, then taaliya and raaj could exposed that they hired that killer to kill pragya but I don’t think so they will easily catch. Becoz raaj is also involve in this and I don’t think so he will b catch till the end also.He will somehow escaped with aaliya at the last moment as I said. So in this case, only one thing could happen that killer vijay will act as memory lose or he will really lose his memory but with the situations passes, his memory could come back. Anyways as I said it is all my guess so wait for new segment guys to know exact thing.

  25. Hi Nikki,

    This is divya from chennai , I think you are guess is right , when Vijay loses his memory, and falls for pragya , Abhi will be more jealous and it will more fun to watch abhi possessiveness for pragya , but we will again lose the main track of exposing tanu , aaliya and Raj.then dragging continues .

  26. Wow abhi and pragya luk so cute together!

  27. more than 9 months r over guys but still tanu didn’t delivered the baby…
    how come anyone be so stupid ?

  28. Guys kkb has fallen on number- 3 position in trp ratings. Ekta’s new show naagin has got second place, which was kkb’s place for long. News reporters have mentioned that due to nonstop dragging of one particular track since long, kkb has drop in trp ratings on 3 rd position. Hope this rating will not decrease more and before it’s decreasing, CVS gets wake up and give attention to the end of this record breaking track. No new segment today from kkb, except abhigya’s few glipmpse in zra award function. They showed some clips of their dance and hosting. That’s it.

  29. Maybe you are right or wrong nikki 1 .. Nothing will happen like that . but what is abhi trying to do ??

    1) finding pragya hidden secrets out or

    2) he wants property back from pragya

    Tanu foolish ideas will bring abhi and pragya more closer ..

    But I think abhi is playing two games .. Making tanu believe that he is trying to take sign on property papers and making pragya believe that he is fallen in love with her .. I am saying it because abhi have taken pragya sign so easily on love contract .. Instead of getting pragya sign on property papers he took sign on love contract .. Sometimes I think abhi also knows pragya truth and he is acting in front of everyone. Maybe I am wrong it all depends on writers and producers when will they shows us ..

    Maybe that killer will take name of Aliya , tanu , raj , bulbul , purab , chan chan , Ronnie and abhi name that hired him to killer pragya .. But I know one thing nothing will happen to purab bulbul and abhi .. But we have to wait for new segment..

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply

  30. Something good to happpen .. wait and watch guys.. interesting

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