Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi trying to put car brake, but couldn’t. He thinks I can’t meet Pragya now and feels apologetic. Purab thinks to call Abhi again. Abhi thinks he can’t pick his call as he needs to call Pragya before anything happens to him. Purab wonders why did he cut the call. Pragya fills her maang with kumkum and thinks Abhi will be very happy to see it. She thinks Sarla tells that married women are very lucky, and thinks today her kumkum and destiny are lucky. Abhi calls her at landline number. Pragya talks to him nonstop and asks why did you go out? She asks him to come back soon. Abhi thinks how to tell her that I can’t return. Pragya asks him to drive safely and says I know why did you leave me alone at home, and says I am missing you. She says I will do what you wants, we

will celebrate all occasions again. She says this time, I don’t need to act for keeping karwachauth fast and asks him to come back fast. She says she don’t need breakfast but him. Abhi is driving car with much difficulty. He says he has understood the depth of their life. He says we were happy sometime back and says it is good that it is just him who is in destiny decision. He says we were different from each other, but love united us, but now it is becoming reason for our separation.

Pragya asks are you joking and asks if he is at home. Abhi says our love have united us, but made us separated. He asks her not to live life with memories and don’t wait for him. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her to move on, forgetting him and start a new life with someone. Pragya asks him to stop it and asks why you are talking like this, I am getting scared. Nikhil sees abhi’s car speed up, and thinks to tell bye. He thinks Aaliya asked me not to alert Pragya and thinks to see danger in her eyes. He sees Abhi in car instead and wonder how can this happen, our plan is failed. Abhi tells her that someone failed your car brakes to kill you. Pragya says you are driving it and gets shocked. Abhi says I love you too, and can’t risked your life..Now I got the chance to do something for you.

Pragya asks him to stop car and do something. Abhi says he can’t do anything. He asks her to let him speak and asks her to promise that she will marry someone. Pragya asks him to keep quiet and says nothing will happen to you as I have applied kumkum of your name. Abhi says I have understood that lucky person are those who can live in love and says we couldn’t live together, but will love each other only. He says when we were separated, then also I have loved you always and forever. He says I will die, but my heart will keep on loving you. Pragya cries and says nothing will happen to him. Abhi says marriage is the one for whom both people sacrifices, and says now I learnt the lesson of my life. He says I will save your life and says I love you fuggi….His car falls in valley. Pragya is shocked and her phone falls down from her hand.

Pragya comes out of house while crying and asks a lady (Raina from Brahmarakshas) to give lift. She tells that her husband is in danger. Raina asks her to have trust on her love and says your love will save him. Pragya says where I will search him. A man comes infront of the car and asks them to take a different route as they can’t go on this way as brahmarakshas hates married woman, sindoor and mangalsutra. Raina says I know a different way. That person gives her kamal ka phool and asks her to keep it. Raina drops Pragya somewhere. Pragya comes to the accident spot where people informs her that the man in the car lost balance and fell down in the valley. Pragya screams and is about to jump, but a woman stops her and says I will take you there.

Purab comes to the house and sees door left open. He comes inside calling Pragya and gets worried. He sees Abhi’s jacket and says it means he was with Pragya, but why didn’t he tell me, gets worried. Tanu and Aaliya are in the car. Aaliya says why Nikhil is not calling. She gets his call. Nikhil says Pragya was not in that car which fell down in the valley and says Abhi was in that car. He says Abhi was driving fast and that car fell down the valley. He says Abhi died instead of Pragya…he is dead. Aaliya is shocked and tells Tanu that Abhi was in that car instead of Pragya and met with an accident…She says his car fell in valley and he is no more. She says I will not leave that Nikhil and will take his life. She calls him and asks how can you kill my bhai and says I will never forgive you. She asks how dare you kill my brother. Nikhil asks her to stop nonsense, and says you told me that he is in Delhi, and says it is his badluck and not my failure. He asks why she is getting emotional and asks her to keep her tears and emotions to herself. Aaliya says even though I have differences with him, but he was my brother. He loves me truly and I couldn’t forget that. She says you have taken his life and asks him not to come infront of her. She asks don’t ever get close to me, my family.

Pragya is in the car and tells the lady that Abhi went, and his car fell down. She says we had united with much difficulty and now again separated, cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Elinor


  2. Suha


    |Registered Member

    sometimes i asked from my self “why the hell r u watching this stupid crap”.. anyway abhi’s last lines r perfect.heart touching.feel bad for him..:'(

    • Monesha

      My dear di after a long time i saw you love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤where you went di. You know how i missed you. Come fast i am waiting for your love and ff. My exam over. All the best di for ur exam. I will pray for you. Ummmmmaaaaaaa. Lot of huggggggs and kisses to u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ come fast di. Your choti will wait for you

  3. surbhi

    this update clarifies two things either Abhi will fake his memory loss or writers are regretting to bring that pregnancy track that’s why they are starting it form beginning one more thing they are showing illogical abhi will forget his dadi not tanu he can forget pragya it is well understood because he wasnt with her before 3 years but how he can forget dadi wasnt he met with dadi before three years usko nayi dadi mili thi kya teen saal pehle 😂😂😂😂

    • Billu

      Arre surbhi abhi’s memory loss will not be fake ……….. this tanu is damn lucky man koyi kuch bhi kare uska koyi biggad nahi saktha. ………..

      • surbhi

        haha billu ek dum sahi then it is sure that writers are regretted for their pregnancy track so just starting from beginning like we do in maths subject solution sahi nahi milta to starting se problem solve karte hai na 😂😂😂😂 but this will be another torture for us I am damn sure

  4. Shivanie

    This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I miss Abhi so much how can you let the star of the show die that is so stupid. If you writers were smart then you would let Abhi walk out of the valley and meet Pragya or you could let Pragya meet or find Abhi in the valley alive and fine.

  5. Annya

    Just dragging problem after problem what the hell just give us a change plz….kumkum bhagya sicks

  6. How can U still watch this

    Does it make any sense to say the story is going back 3 years. ALL of Abhi’s Fans, friends, etc know that he is MARRIED….so it does not matter that he cannot remember. How truly dumb is this going to be.

  7. How can U still watch this

    He is a rock star. His life is public….so he can’t just go back to Tanu like nothing happened. Come on – the writers can’t think of a story that is better than this? Pathetic.

  8. Madhu

    Oh what bullshit! So is Ekta trying to start all over again….Abhi I mean a memory stricken Abhi falling for the chasmish Pragya….and pull along for another year…viewers me BHAGYA khul gaye:(

  9. Radha

    I knew that this might happened. But I don’t know that how long this track will take to end. Irritating dragging scenes again and again……..

  10. Safna Dubash

    They should end the serial. Ekta kapoor can never show the lead.pair happy .. hve to create problems

  11. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Seriously! !!! Goalpost shifted n actors change roles.bacj to sqare one.thank god my cable is off line.lolll

  12. naren

    I don’t know how to describe this whole epi. from the starting to till the end it was really heart touching. especially abhi talking to his fuggi and aliya emotional. can’t describe what an wonderful performance. It was a very best scenes. I love u aliya so much. she really worried for her bro so much. Coming to upcoming epi it was more scary. If abhi lost his memory means what is the reason to pragya fight for her kumkum. only these last 2-3 days only pragya wearing kumkum and mangalsutra. but coming epi they showing old chashmish without mangalsutra. then what about her kumkum bhagya. nowadays they are not showing the kumkum bhagya In stead of hurting fans only. I don’t have any hope from abhi side even if he lost his memory. definitely he doesn’t like pragya. We know the old abhi how he is. His thinking and pragya character are totally different. yes pragya can deserve this. usually she searching proof only. even should say the truth she searched only proof. but abhi believed her without the proof. so she deserve the pain what could abhi give in upcoming epi. Coming to tanu’s part she doesn’t do we serve abhi or Nikil. We want our old rock star back. As well as alia who loves her brother so much

  13. Suren

    Oh geez, if they’re gonna do a Pavitra Rishta kinda crap where Pragya has to start all over with making Abhi remember her, I don’t have the strength to watch.

    • How can U still watch this

      YES, ……You are Correct. This has the EXACT SAME Story line as Pavitra Rishta. Exactly and remember how Sorry that became and they wound up taking it off because it was awful.

  14. Sugan

    Abhigya acting is awesome…

    I hear abhi speech really sad and toching for heart… Aliya crying really surprice… Tanu only things for how do escape.. Money mind girl..
    Today i am really restless and con’t peaceful sleep….
    Abhi is came back soon pls pls…

  15. Nikita Arya

    dis serial is becoming a bullshit….director shud continue the story nd not tak it 3yrs back…. cant tolerate Tannu nymore….

  16. anna

    I will not watch this track if leena/tanu is in our faces all the time…in an interview leena said with this track she will be back to being a super model and abhi’s girlfriend…I am not interested in watching tanu’s shit…if this is the case I will sign off until some sort of normalcy returns to this show….I have had it with leena/tanu character…and furthermore leena’s portrayal of tanu is damn bad….so cv’s you can take this lead character tanu that you seem to be obsess with and stick it where the sun don’t shine…..waste of time…watched this crap to see abhi and pragya unite and after twenty minutes they have separated again to come back with a memory loss track where abhi forgets his true love to go back with tanu…shove it…

  17. razia

    Literally I cudn enjoy the last two episodes of Abhigya reunion .. cuz of the promos tat given already of abhis accident n the rumour of abhis ML ..cuz these news n promos I cudn enjoy the cute Abhigya scenes thoroughly .. jus hating .. I felt so bad on following TU n the segments .. jus cuz of tat I came to know abt this :@:@:@ clueless abt the upcoming track. Can’t even guess .. some one said .. tat abhi can’t jus forget his married life since he’s a celebrity . Also he can’t stay without believing his Dadi .. so this ML .. oh gosh .. this s too irritating

  18. Yuruvini

    Please give a happy ending instead of giving the sad one.. Cause I see all the Zee drama’s stories are almost the same nowadays .. They always killed the husbands and then will replace another new actor instead, and that line story eventually will end up the actress who was grieving to love them. Let Abhi to stay in the story until the end.

  19. zzzz

    oh i hope abbhi is acting regarding memory loss just to see what tanu and those other two are doing oh i hope all goes well this is going on way to long come on now show some happiness like pragya is pregnat with abbi baby lol

  20. raven

    not another one god why are all the serials like this just when you thought things were getting back on track lo and behold an accident and why is aliya even crying she should be glad she is shedding crocodile tears bullshit

  21. "Revelation"

    This was indeed a tough epi to digest.
    The “Revelation ” of the truth finally exposed after more than a year. Then Bliss for the luvly couple Abhigya. But only for 1 and half episodes. Estimated 2 hrs or less joy for blissful couple. Was it so difficult for Ekta n team to give us the loyal n patient supporters n viewers jus a little more.
    I am hoping the Ekta n team will surprise the viewers in a pleasant n positive way.
    Its time for Abhi to torture tanu n team.
    Tanus presence has become too unbearable. Not havin her too much for the past 2 days lessen the suffocation of watching KKB.

  22. Meela

    Seriously, come on you can do better. Let’s have a happy ending. Not this foolish sadist dragging story uurrgghh

  23. sharmi

    Memory lost, that’s the next track these people will take.. Abhi will once again forget Pragya and think Tanu is the woman he loves, Pragya will have another year of going through the same nonsense…any bets!!!

  24. Mima

    Yeah,right. This proves beyond doubt how incompetent and sadistic the writers of this drama really are. I still wonder how they were able to deceive the public into believing they deserve a number 1 rating, the actors are fantastic no doubt but the play writing ……zero.
    Utter rubbish. It seems that killing off their star actors is the way to go.

  25. Geeta

    Pratiksha where are you with your comments. Is everything are right. I miss your comments because kkb is very boring and dissapointed nowadays

  26. Razzy

    This serial is nothing without shabbir and sriti they are really good and their chemistry and body language does wonders for the serial and that’s why we love them. I don’t think any othr actor can replace shabbir. I really hope he does not die instead kill that blo*dy nikil and tanu

  27. Blossom

    I thnk abhi is acting coz whn pragya met wit an accident she chngd hr avatar n cam to save abhi frm his enemies n nw whn whn evrythng is alrght between thn abhi wil act as ML n save pragya frm hr enemies… dis is wt i feel

  28. lips

    I din’t xpect this.i saw in an interview of leena where she was saying that she z going 2 gf of abhi again.if this will happen then kkb will become the worst serial of zee tv

  29. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Why always pragya will do anything for abhi and fight for abhi to win his love kya something abhi can do like that ,if memory loss will happen to pragya and abhi will prove his love and help her to remember everything to pragya and also tanu nikil get punished

  30. sunny vikash

    I m feeling so sad please abhi ke sath kuch mat karo yaar ek to wo dono itne dine ke baad ek hue h aur phir se alag no aise mat karo ple

  31. Vinnie

    Ekta Kapoor I think you have been seriously bruised by men over and over. You overthink scenes and probably draw your own stupid problems in your characters. You need to get a life and change your friends. Same shitty thing you did to Ek Mutthi Aasaman

    • skf

      Oh god Vinnie you are so right. The way she destroyed Ek Mutthi Aasman , she is killing KKB.

      I agree with you , she has serious problem with men in her life. That is why she writes stories like this.

    • Richee

      True..she is just making fool people by playinh wth indian females emotions.. nonsense lingering… She proves that always lies win.. when actually happiness comes life get over og good people..her thinking give message to enjoy negative… Ekta kappor is really disgusting… She never show any family happy familiar life.. she shold show good thoughts.. that like earlier joint family used to support each other.. happily they can live

  32. Nalini

    Seriously? They are following the same story line as * na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha *. Kunal Karen kapoor performed his role in that movie spectacular. It was a hit. Kumkum bhagya has lost it way with dragging tanu pregnancy and now they stealing other movie storyline and hoping it will be a hit ? It just shows that the writers are not very creative and have to rely on stealing . so pathetic. Kumkum bhagya started off very good and strong and the writers fleck it up.I have stopped watching this a long time and only read updates for tanu exposure and they should have ended this show there on a positive note, not steal other story line to continue dragging this pointless show. I still not going to watch this show cuz its only fooling viewers and full of crap. So disappointed. The writers could have done better. U all can go look up *” na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha ” and see that it is the same storyline.

  33. NS

    Thought now things will be back on track but now memory loss. I think the writers should resign.they have lost the little creativity that was left in them. People should ban this serial n let the team realize we r not fools to watch this crap.

  34. sana

    now its so boring????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. anne

    i think everybody must stop watching tis show bcause EKTA DONT CARE she thinks everyone says wil stop watching but thy continue to watch she is thinking very great of herself n y abhi wil get ML n forget pragya n remember only tanu wht is so great in her tht thy cannot leave her u know hw many fans like abhi n pragya n u know i m stil in shock the day i read abhi wil get ML i think 2 weeks i didnt watch i just watch tht 2 days i watched when thy were happy bcause when i hear tis kind of story i wil get depressed very fast n the tanu’s track almost killed my heart 1 n half year y abhi cannot remember only pragya n her love not enough we went thru tanu’s track n tis is a blush to all the viewers n wen i watch kkb when tanu’s part i FF the n another one tht nikhil the way he talk n his stupid expression really disgusting i wish tis comment wil b read by EKTA MDM n tht TANU n the ML track wil b changed pls consider the viewers n dont take viewers life 4 granted i know its a serial but sometimes i can’t stop crying i hope my tears wil b answered plsssssss my humble request thanx pls i ask all fans of kkb to #TO STOP THIS ML TRACK# PLS FANS I REALLY LIKE TO C KKB JUST TYPE FOR ME INTHE END OF ALL YOUR COMMENTS MY SPECIAL THANX TO ALL GOD BLESS ALL

  36. Sodo

    After Tanu being pregnant for a year and a half and finally Abhigya getting together, how can you do this. Time for the show to stop. Better to end it rather than ruin the show to this level!

  37. Asmitha

    I think all have to stop watching kkb if not they don’t show us abhigya together and I don’t want to see this week episodes and after knowing new promo I will decide to watch r not up to that I don’t watch this crap I can’t see abhi’s accident his injuries and blaming pragya fr his accident and after gaining conscious he is going to forget pragya and remembers tanu so disgusting I can’t watch this much crap

  38. Sabe

    MAHA BAKWAS!!!!!!!!! after a busy day,i used to surely take out time to watch KKB, But now all bakwas is going on in the serial no logic in it. WASTE OF TIME WATCHING……………

  39. Sree Venkat

    The things we hardly digested was, At home everybody knows…including his grandmother, in laws and they were directly confronted by Tanu, Nikhil and still everybody was silent, Why they were made silent and dumb characters, Praying to the lord instead of directly talking to Abhi…Just do not know. The directors and writers are making time to fly in Vain of the viewers.
    It is not that the ending should be as expected by the viewers. But atleast make sense.
    When Pragya recorded..in this fast world..cant she make a memory. or share thru social media…? Not even to any of the friends or make a copy of it ?
    She goes alone and gets trapped with the goons ? Why pragya’s character is made so senseless that she thinks dumb and nonsense….

    Is the intent of the serial to prolong somehow or trying to have a logical ending ?
    At least if director doesn’t want to end soon, Request is to make sticking to the present day trends, and thought process.

  40. Ketki

    hey sahithi asmitha there is a segment today Pragya Brings Injured Abhi to Hospital. reporters mention that abhi will be treated but when he gain consciousness he’ll not remember pragya..

    • Sahithi

      Yeah saw that, but didnt post nor want to comment. I would rather wait and see what they will show for next week. After watching this Tanu pregnancy drama for 1.5 yrs, now we have to keep waiting when Abhi will get his memory back. Again another 1.5 yrs or more, dont know.

      I dont understand why the show always gives an edge to evils and show the leads at loss n at receiving end of pain. People want atleast some amount of entertainment from a show, which is decreasing day by day. Its always about crime now – accidents, murders, hospital visits, crying buckets. I wonder who in this world has such a sorrow story as Pragya has. What bhagya is that kumkum giving her from the day of her marriage. Mogambo getup ended being such a flop where the person for whom both sides were fighting finally became victim.

      At the end of ML they better kill both the leads or get Abhi married to Tanu once and forever.

      • Asmitha

        I think it will take more than two years but I was waiting for new promo but they r not giving yet let’s see we can get any positive hope in that if not we have to quit the show but one thing I am not understanding is when she blamed fr his accident and went from his house then y she again went to him and what I am thinking is may aaliya and tanu blame pragya fr accident in front of abhi so by this abhi will again start hating pragya and may dadi as usual give strength to pragya fr bringing abhi back

  41. Amit Saxena

    This f**king lady Ekta Kapoor….don’t have sense at all…what she want to show ??? Now you will see that abhi lost his memory and Tanu Emotional drama.. and again this serial will go for next 5 years…
    Ekta Kapoor I think she is mental… Better to send her asylum … She is the one who hate to live a normal life…

  42. Billu

    Guys new segment pragya takes abhi to the hospital and saves abhi’s life abhi will open his eyes and will not recognise pragya

  43. Ruby

    I am also not watching the show. one thing is now cleared the writers always support lie and bad people in their life thats why everytime tanu and group won its clear the writer have same character and their heart is full of bad thinking is in it.

  44. Anita

    So, this is how the story goes…Abhi looses memory…but get flashbacks of conversations with Tanu, Pragya, Purab….Abhi tries hard to recall but Tanu presents the signed divorced papers and Abhi believes that he ended relationship with Pragya….and so the whole story is circular again where Pragya is trying to prove her love and relations with Abhi with constant problems from the villians… not worth watching ,so I am signing out of this show for good!

  45. Mittenzz

    What’s the sense of this memory loss? If Abhi had met the accident immediately after babies death then it would be more plausible to believe memory loss of Pragya.
    But to go to your “death” with only one person u claim to love so much on your mind, then not die and have a memory block of that person? Explain. There is no logic to this memory loss. It would be more logical not to remember Tanu because of what she’d done and the pain she put you through. Going through selective/partial memory loss is to escape a harsh and terrible experiences. Not good times…those are what keeps you sane.
    Etka? Do you get the meaning of insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. But really what does that makes us? We watch your stretched out recycled series over and over again expecting a different ending. We are no more saner than you are.
    Please put forth something more palatable, feasible and logical and most important of current era.
    This memery loss track is truly nonsense.

  46. Narifa Singh

    Mittenz, I applaud your comment because those are my feelings exactly. I only hope that the writers are seeing these comments.

  47. anne

    well said n its 100% true Mittenzz Meers n Narifa singh i agree with u all Ekta thinks v viewers r uneducated or what do something which is positive y everytime Tanu must win mayb TANU is financing her disgusting

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