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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Servant’s quarters and opens the door. Nikhil says thank you, you are here. Tanu tells him that Pragya will expose them and throw them out from here. Nikhil says I will not let Pragya do anything and says I will prove my words. Ronnie comes running to Pragya. Purab asks if you have seen a ghost. Ronnie says I have seen Nikhil and says Nikhil came to kidnapped me and is about to make me smell chloroform, but I ran away from there. Pragya blames herself for the happenings and says Tanu might have inform Nikhil about Ronnie. Purab asks what? Pragya tells him that Tanu called her in Bulbul’s voice and showed the video in which they were planning against her. She says it is good that she knows our truth now, and says I will bring her truth and says she will not

let anything happen to her kumkum. Abhi asks Robin why the lights are open. Purab tells Pragya that abhi is going to sleep and asks her not to let Abhi sleep. Pragya says she will bring Abhi downstairs and asks them to get ready with the arrangements. She comes to room and asks Abhi to come downstairs as some foreigner client sent the sample video. Abhi argues and asks for TV.

Pragya says I will give you TV remote and asks him to come downstairs. Abhi agrees and asks him to say that you are most important man of my life. Pragya says the same. Abhi says tell that you are world’s best singer. Pragya says it. Abhi asks her to tell….you are the world’s best husband. Pragya asks why should I tell…Abhi says he will change his night dress and come. Purab, Akash and Ronnie make arrangement to show the video. Akash says we will do her packing. Ronnie says we will do her aarti before she leaves, and I will sing a song….Purab asks him not to be excited and reminds him that he is a ghost. Ronnie says okay, I will go out and see. Nikhil is in Tanu’s room. Nikhil says he needs time to think of a plan. Tanu says Pragya might have started her plan. Servant comes there and asks Tanu to come downstairs as pragya called her to show video. Nikhil says I have a plan, and says she can’t do anything. Tanu goes downstairs. Nikhil says I can’t accept defeat. Abhi asks Purab what is in the video? He says he needs to sleep. Tanu says you might be tired now, and says lets sleep now.

Abhi says lets see video now, and don’t wake me up in the morning. He asks him to start the video. They see Tanu crying and asking for forgiveness. He asks them to pause….and asks where is that video. Pragya says you shall see Tanu’s performance? Abhi asks why you are scared? Dadi says we shall see the video. Purab says yes, and ths video is real. Tanu says it is just time pass video and says she will go and sleep. Pragya asks her to watch the video. She says I am owner of the house, and once I decide that everyone will see, then everyone will watch it. Abhi thinks Pragya is stubborn and asks Purab to play the video. Dadi says I want to see if Tanu was scared and is acting. Mitali says she wants to see the suspense. Just then electricity goes off.

Nikhil thinks Tanu thought that I will allow Pragya to expose us, and says fuse is with him. Pragya tells Purab that it is Tanu and Nikhil’s work. She asks him to get her phone as they would steal it. Nikhil comes to Tanu and asks her to relax saying he will steal the phone. He snatches phone from Purab’s hand and runs. Purab shouts thief. Abhi asks he must have gone to storeroom. Tanu thinks she will be trapped because of Nikhil. Ronnie looks for the fuse and thinks he will show his plan to nikhil now. Pragya thinks it must be Nikhil and Tanu’s work. Tanu tells Pragya that her plan is stolen. Pragya says she has a back up plan. Tanu says that thief have stolen your phone or say destiny. Pragya says show is not yet over and says you can’t run from here. Tanu says I know you will noy believe me and says I am freed from your trap.

Pragya asks Tanu, if her stuff is packed, and says no one can stop her. Abhi and Purab catches Nikhil.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What in the world….why do they have to ruin this serial…if they continue it like this then its going to end like meri ahisui tumse hi,i hope they end this stupid track soon

  2. shobana sis u r right.writers r making abhi’s character brainless..we can’t able to anticipate anything from abhi.writers really wanted to gear public curiosity…it is one of the tactic to increase trp…before tanu’s exposure there will be more drama…we should be in patience to watch upcoming episodes.

  3. Guyzzz i ve seen apic in fb that abhi n purab catches nikhil n next they took him infront of family but he would have been told that he chases theief n next pic he gives the mobile to pragya infront of everyone n some ofscreen abhi gives interview from this one thing is cleared tat again takhil escaped or may be he would have deleted d video then pragya can ask him how d video deleted or may she have d copy if it happens there is chances for takhil exposure what is ur guess guys???

  4. hiii guys dont b sooo excited fr monday episode bcoz takhil escaped again in new segment it is clearly said by abhi tht tanu vil b exposed in monsoon as it is summer now wen askd by reporter nd there is sme emotional scene btwn abhi and pragya in their room vere abhi kisses sleeping pragya by making her wear chashma sooooo dont b hopeful bcoz no exposure nthng the same thing tht commonly goes is DRAGGING

    1. Yes as expected this plan also failed from Pragya.
      Abhi sleeping on cot with headphones, Pragya comes in room crying. Abhi turns to other side n Pragya sits near the cot n cries. In between music in ears, Abhi still feels someone’s presence near. By the time he turns n looks, Pragya quickly goes n sleeps on sofa.

      Abhi takes blanket from his bed, puts it on Pragya. Suddenly he gets Pragya’s chashma n puts on her. He tries to comfort her by adjusting her hair n then kisses on cheek.

      Now Abhi sleeps on the sofa, but Pragya either wakes up or opens eyes when she realises Abhi slept near sofa. She takes off her blanket n instead covers Abhi with the blanket. She runs her hand on Abhi’s hand.

      There was one more small shot I think of next morning when Abhi wakes up n sees himself sleeping near sofa n as usual disappointed remembering what he did for Mogambo.

      1. Sahithi where u saw that small shot becoz on India tv segment, they didn’t showed any kind of this scene.

  5. New segment update-

    Pragya enters her room. Abhi is lying on bed with headphones on and listening to music with eyes closed. Pragya is sad and sits by the bed and cries. Abhi realises someone’s presence and gets up. Before Abhi can see Pragya she rushes onto the couch and pretends to be sleeping.

    Abhi takes blanket off the bed and puts on Pragya. He puts her chashma on her and then moves her hair aside and kisses her on the cheek. Abhi sits on the floor by her side and falls asleep. Pragya wakes but doesn’t move and covers Abhi with the blanket too.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir jokes about how Pragya was feeling cold and above all Dadi left the fridge door open . When asked about Tanu’s exit and AbhiGya uniting he says it’s summer time and it will happen during monsoon Shabir also mentions that it’s a good scene and an emotional one.

    SBB segment reports about the Nikhil being caught as theift and Pragya gathering everyone for Tanu’s exposure.

    1. Obviously plan has failed. These scenes r reminding me MMS track. There also tanu steals that CD proof and mitali breaks it and then pragya goes to abhi and cries seeing him. Here also scenes r almost same but only different that on that time abhi didn’t wake up to make her comfortable and relax but here he did. So what next we should expect? Like MMS track, abhi will get some big proof against tanu and will b the saviour of pragya in last minute by solving this matter through his style or pragya and team will do some more efforts? But why pragya was crying a lot? Is it means that niw she has no proof against tanu to prove her truth? Definetly exposure is going to take some more time but I feels next will b tanu’s defeat.

      1. yeah this plan failed…. bt we dont have to feel that much…. bcozz hereaftr we dnt feel dragging… bcoz surly abhi might come with some doubts and more of abhigyas romance scene about to come…. so like before we wont feel dragging for sure….

      2. Pratiksha, I think Abhi will misunderstand and Tanu will take chance to manipulate and blame Pragya after she couldnt expose Tanu. Pragya must be crying for 2 reasons, for losing like that after openly challenging Tanu and showing confidence about her love n kumkum. Pragya had a solid proof and so missing this oppurtunity will disappoint Pragya very badly. Second reason, she was dreaming everything will be fine between her n Abhi by end of that day once she can show the video.

        Also now that Tanu knows the truth it will be very difficult for Pragya n team, in one way impossible as they exhausted all options. Only advantage for Pragya is Tanu cant marry till she agrees for divorce, but for postponing it she has to bear Abhi’s hatred.

        Let us see what will be next plan from either sides.

        And regarding Abhi solving this, we have been waiting for it from ages, if Pragya is out of ideas now, hope writers want to give that chance to Abhi. But I have only 1% hope that Abhi will be Pragya’s savior now.

      3. I want to believe Pragya will wear Kumkum n Mangalsutr now, to irk Tanu. But that will also make Abhi to think. Let us see. From the moment Pragya mentioned in temple about her kumkum, I wanted her to sport that look. That is best torture for Tanu.

      4. Sahithi after watching today’s each and every segment of different news channel’s, I reached on this conclusion that pragya has failed in exposing takhil by showing that video as nikhil gas stolen it. So pragya has disappointed and broken now as she missed one more life giving chance. She is so sad with this fact that she is going far from abhi with every failure and now if she have no other proof against takhil to expose them then it will b so much difficult to collect proof against them once again as takhil now knows about her truth. That’s why pragya is so much crying becoz of feeling of helplessness. And abhi was not looking on that mood by which we can say that he blurted his anger on pragya. Becoz the way he was taking care of pragya and did everything with her in a lovingly manner, his he was talking with sleeping pragya and looking her, it was suggesting only abhi’s alive love and care for pragya still in his heart. Even it was suggesting that he knows pragya’s truth. And SBS people also showed that abhi wants his fuggy back and told that this whole scene was to reinforcing pragya’s will to become fuggy again. So she could fight this rediculous situations which has taken her away from abhi, more than tanu. So we can expect that we will see our old pragya back again, soon. And how will takhil exposed now, we will get to know about it most probably in next segment.

  6. Hi guys there is a new segment. I don’t know what and why this is happening. But can able to justify that takhil is not yet exposed. There is some romance between Abhigya… Abhi said that exposure is on monsoon. I think it would take some time to expose…

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      No it is wrong information pragya will expose her tmr itself and she will show the video to abhi.. He will get shocked.. I have seen in tellychakkar

  7. Oh my god
    monsoon season eh ???
    Which means still we have to wait for 3 more months
    If so it is clear that sarla ma is the one going to expose tanu and co

    1. Because with in 3 months she will recover completely

    2. Shobana he mentioned monsoon nu y na .. The reporters asked wen vl b abhigya reunion fa tat he said like it’s summer .. So v vl b uniting in monsoon .. He jus said in a joking manner .. Also yes v can’t take it funny too cuz CVS might planned like tatt too tas y shabbo indirectly tels us wait fa another three months nu ;););) edhuvum assume pana mudiyadhu andha nelamaila.irukom 😉

    3. No shobhna he was just joking for avoiding to go straightforward. Means shabbir and sriti and the whole cast never gives direct information to the viewers as their trp could affect from it. How much they will drag but I think for sure that they will end this track definetky in this april as they r going. Only two- three or may b only one more effort is needed to finish this track. That’s it.

      1. Exactly said pratiksha

      2. but maybe there is a chance of abhis view may go right pratiksha…. bcoz by the segmnt we have come to knw that current plan is a failure…. and abhigya agian starting their romance…. actually its a sign that they are getting ready for another track…. lik sahithi said, prgaya is feeling that she doesn’t have any proof now…. so it may get time to grab the proof…. and it may took time bcoz sarla ma is recovering yet…. so her presence is must fr the progress…. i dnt thnk by this april they ll releave the truth…. but let’s see…. i am hoping fr the best

      3. Razia and prathiksha its Joking eh
        Then okay
        Actually I was shocked on seeing monsoon season
        I too believe that tanu and co will be exposed lets wait and watch

  8. So as v al expected .. This time too pragya failed .. Bt as per the segment .. Abhi had scold pragya badly itseems blaming pragya making false news or videos abt tanu n making her guilt .. Tas y she came room crying next to b sinc he s not believing her n taunting .. Hope abhis taunts vl gets over soonn n he believes her .. Cant see her in pain .. Expose tanu soon CVS

    1. Razia I don’t think so that pragya was crying becoz of abhi’s taunts. If abhi taunts pragya and angry with her then why he takes care of her by putting blanket on her and by careses her hairs and kisses her cheeks. I think pragya was crying becoz of failure of her plan and for losing that video proof against tanu and nikhil which could exposed them and becoz of which, she is still far from abhi and couldn’t unite with him, this time also. Don’t know if she has some other plan or not? In yesterday’s episode’s after seeing her confidence, it was seems that she have another plan too but after seeing today’s segment, the way she was crying, it looks like she have no more proof against takhil to expose them. She has broken now totally in fear of losing abhi. Today’s segment was suggesting this only. But let’s see. But how abhi make her wore her glasses and kissed her, caresses her hairs and put blanket on her, it was looking like that abhi knows everything but not telling anything becoz he is up to something like MMS track. But then I thought that in this whole track, we felt it many times that abhi knows everything and up to something but in next moment when he turns himself against pragya then again feels that he knows nothing but these r his feelings for old pragya (fuggy) which comes out again and again on time to time. That’s it. But if cvs r really trying to repeat of the past things of mms track as they have been done so many times in this track, so we can expect it that we will see takhil’s exposure through abhi and sarla maa at the end, in abhi’s style.

      1. Fingers crossed prathiksha
        We cant believe this cvs because they are expert in repeating the scenes which happened in the past and we cant believe abhi too he may act as if he don’t know anything.
        As sahithi said we have to wait and see what’s the next step from either sides. On seeing that may be we can get some clue how the story will proceed.
        After seeing Pragya in precap scene I believe that she will expose Tanu and co soon infront of abhi
        Even if her video has been deleted she will find some other way to expose

      2. Yes may b .. Bt wat cud b the reason for pragya crying .. Cuz she seemed very confident even after knowing sumtng wrong towards the video .. So jus I guessed as usual abhi wuf ve yelled at her infront of everyone for making tanu tensed n blaming her .. Afta tat he might felt bad fa scoldn her n later considering her as his fuggy so caressing her .. V can’t guess anytng pratiksha .. Let’s c .. Anytng wud happen .. Evrytng vl b clear by tonight

      3. Razia I agree with u, we can never trust Abhi’s moods. He must have scolded Pragya downstairs but by the time he saw her sleeping on sofa, he must have cooled down. Also, he was being nice to her after putting her specs only.

        It will be good if he doubts Tanu n Pragya’s mogambo avatar but for now I will believe, he is still not aware of truth.

      4. Agree guys. Sad and bad?but true and this is what I was trying to say too.

    2. Yes yua right sahithi ..

  9. very nice that what we can see some scenes of abhigya we have to wait fr their union bt in coming episodes what they will do bt one thing is expectected that their will be scenes bwn abhigya which we can feel happy

  10. Aishwarya… actually i have seen in fb… that…. it ll be telecasted frm wher its stopped in polimer…. but i dnt knw hw is this possible…. bcoz if i see the last episode of iru malargal in polimer, it ll be like confusing…. lik diwale promo and purbul marriage… so how can say which is the last episode…. ?? and moreover for the last one week many scenes were cut in the serial… so i am not very sure on how they r gonna match this things….. for people like us it is understood…. but fr people who is watching only in tamil will surly get confused if it runs frm the pause…. so they may start from the beginning itself…. this is my view… but i am happy with both…. juz wanna see iru malargal thats all…. and by the way…. naan china payana than irupen… m juz 21…. u said neenga? so only doubt la sonen… if u r younger than me its ok…. but if u elder than me , athan munadiye soliten….

    1. Gowtham and aishwarya as per the promo of Zee Tamil they start from where polimer tv has stopped ie. Praba and ammu marriage has been stopped and abhi asked alia to get out of his home dadi said no and all these drama.
      Zee Tamil will continue from here only.
      Because on the promo which Zee Tamil have shown us has scenes only after ammu and Prabha’s marriage has been stopped. With this we can say that they wont telecast the beginning
      In that promo they didn’t show Pragya in her new avatar which means they wont start from diwale promo

      1. if its like that it ll be superb, so that v dnt have to miss abhis proposal and prgya knowing truth about tanu and all… thanks for confirming it shobana

      2. Hai Shobana Gowtham Aishwarya n all.. am a Tamil lik u all ?
        i just wanna ask u if Iru Malargal wil b surely telecasted on 11th April in Zee Tamil ? ?
        Yaa ur right Gowtham today ll b lil borrimg without Iru malargal..

      3. welcome fowsiya… surely it ll be telecasted… see zee tamil fb page there u can find a promo video….. of iniya iru malargal

      4. Ya parthen ? thanks Gowtham
        by the way nice to meet u all ?

    2. No na ippodan 12th poga poren so dont worry neenga enaku brother madiri dan n tq for d information n also tofays segment was little bit emotion as abhi said enaku namma palaya rockstar dan venum n i think mms track madiri avane vandu avan style mudipan indha track this is just my guess if it comes true then it will be really awesome n rocking

      1. oh apo ok little sister…. but one week wait pananum… fr iru malargal… 7.30 aana epome iru malargal paathu palakam aaiduchu… one week ena panrathu nu therila??

  11. This show is like 12th standard chemistry exam can,t predict. Please close tannu,s part and open ammu story

  12. Literally ridiculous. Rockstars house but no imverter. Pragya was having video from 1 or 2 days but she didnt got tym to show it to abhi and in 21st century if for once pragya will say the child is of nikhil. They can have dna test after the birth of baby but as the serial is proceeding it will take 3 yrs for tanus child to take birth. Pragya the most dumb person cna just make flop and stupid plans and love to fail. If her mother can move her hand cant she point nikhil. But they hv to make a proof the the video can be false a report from forensic lab shud be asked and it can be manipulated if they want to darg it with stupidity then they shud change the name by stupid pragya then the dragging will make sense and stupidity like electricity off and all wii make sense.

  13. Any updates guys?

  14. It become so boring to watch KB . I have even stopped watching ,just waiting to see Tanu exposed . Perhaps with that episode this serial would come to an end. It has to anyway . Better dragging this serial more , the makers should think of making a new interesting one. Pragya and Tanu who used to look nice and charming in the beginning, look quite boring and old, this drama need to stopped somehow. It was so awesome in the beginning. I don’t understand why a girl like Pragya had to waste her years of life for a playboy like Abhi. If Abhi was nice why he couldn’t make up his mind and decide the right partner for him.Dragging this serial more had made it BAKANI …SORRY …to say so. .

    1. Exactly, they are dragging just for the sake of it. Even with proof in hand Pragya is not able to play one video from so many episodes, this is heights of stupidity.

      And again to retain audience they will show one more Abhi-Pragya romance scene. It was better in starting of the show if Abhi hated Pragya n taunted her. Atleast his feeling for her was clear. Now why is he shown oscillating everyday, every moment.

  15. Not Bakanı. …I meant BAKWAS…..


    I don’t think you know what you writing anymore , Director you have made this series so annoying that its not worth watching, ,,,this was such a wonderful series and you have drowned this wonderful episode….Please remove this series off ZEE

  17. Waste of time serial. How can people bare to watch this non stop never ending drama ?? And this show is top on zee tv. It dont deserve it. Kaala Teeka , Tashan e ishq and Jamai Raja are way better than this crap. Abhi is such a stupid fool with no sense and thinking for a big man . Shame on him for playing such a stupid character

  18. hi fans sorry if u dont like to watch dont watch bcause y do v have say abhi or pragya is stupid or dumb thy r not the writers n directors r the one must get tis comments abhi n pragya r only acting so pls dont address them like that i like tis serial even its dragging v hve to wait v hve to wait so wen u wait u get the best so all the best think positive fans.tq hope tis comment wont hurt anyone.

  19. Annie, being positive does not mean we become dumb to accept a foolish thing with cheer. When KB was good we had appreciated with our whole hearts…. Now when we are showed something really stupid we have to the makers and stars understand that what they are showing is really boring. This make us use the remote to switch the channel to see something better than watching this dragging , boring part of the serial which has become meaningless also. If they cannot make out their mistake at least let us tell that the truth we feel.

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