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The Episode starts with Payal making Abhi sit in car while he is fully drunk. She asks driver to take him home. Abhi asks her to come with him. Pragya refuses and says my working hours are over, but she sits in car. Abhi says we will go to 5 star hotel and dance and enjoy. Pragya says no, and asks driver to take him home. Abhi says you came back as you know you will get extra money. He keeps his head on her shoulder. Pragya thinks may be Abhi was drunk and that’s why he hugged Tanu, or may be they made him drink too much. Abhi asks if you are my wife? Pragya is shocked. He asks why didn’t you go then. She thinks Tanu tried to take his advantage. She thinks they can’t take his advantage until she is with him. She brings him home. Dadi sees Pragya bringing Abhi. Abhi asks why did

you bring me home….you told that you will take me somewhere. Pragya takes him to room and removes his shoes. Dadi looks at them. Pragya gets emotional recalling their moments in the room. She covers him with blanket and thinks she shouldn’t stay there for long…She kisses on his forehead and says goodnight.

Later in the morning, Abhi wakes up with a hangover, wonders who brought me home. He gets flashes and wonders why I couldn’t recall. Dasi comes there shouting his name and asks what you have done. Dadi says you haven’t thought about your image. Raj asks why you have done this? Abhi asks what I have done. Dadi shows Abhi and Tanu’s pic in a compromising position in the newspaper. Abhi says this is not me. Dadi says this is you only. I can’t think of doing this. Raj asks him to remember. Abhi says I went to party with Aaliya and goes to talk to her. Dasi says our Abhi can’t do this.

Pragya is leaving for work. Sarla asks her to sleep for some more time. She asks where is your new job etc. Pragya gives her cheque and says this is lifeline company cheque. She tells that they gave salary plus compensation as Abhi forced them. She asks her not to worry. Sarla says she will handle home and expenses. Pragya says it is time for you to take rest, now let me do the duty. Abhi comes to Aaliya’s room and sees her missing. He calls her. Aaliya comes there. Abhi asks did I really do this and shows the newspaper pic. Aaliya says this is truth…you have done with Tanu. Abhi asks how can this happen. He says you would have stopped me. Aaliya says when I came out of washroom. you was on Tanu. (Tanu made him fall on her intentionally so that Aaliya clicks their pic.).

Aaliya tells him that she doesn’t know how the pic is clicked and says it is on all sites and newspapers. She asks how can you do this? She blames him for embarrassing Tanu. Abhi is shocked and says I don’t know as I was drunk. He says Tanu is having a misunderstanding. Aaliya says no, and says Tanu told me that you was hugging her again and again while she tried to separate herself from you. She says Tanu was crying all night and I couldn’t apologize to her.

Pragya comes to Mehra house and thinks why there is nobody in the hall, it is breakfast time. She picks the newspaper and didn’t see the news. Abhi is in shocked and tells Aaliya that he will tell his fans and media that he didn’t do it intentionally and will apologize to Tanu. Aaliya asks what will happen if he apologize to her, and says she couldn’t talk to her parents, clients etc. She says I saw her condition and was feeling pity on her. She asks how can you cross the line. Abhi says I didn’t cross the line..What do you think that I will ruin her name or my name. He says I can’t do this even in drunkard state. Aaliya says I know and trust you, but what about society. She acts innocent and asks him to think about society. Abhi asks her to tell the way so that they can protect their reputation. Aaliya asks him to do what is right and asks him to get in relationship with Tanu. She asks him to give marriage proposal to her infront of world. Pragya comes and looks on.

Aaliya scolds her and asks her to wait in hall. She says important discussion is going on here and asks her to get lost. She closes the door. She asks Abhi, if you like Tanu. Abhi says I like her, but can’t marry her. Aaliya says you like her and was staring her in the party. She says even she likes you and was dancing with you. She says if you don’t agree then Tanu’s life will spoil. Abhi says but. Aaliya says Tanu is beautiful, supermodel etc. and asks him to marry her, to make media keep quiet. She says now Tanu can’t refuse after this scandal. Abhi says marriage is not the solution. Aaliya says marriage is the only solution.

Abhi is still tensed. Aaliya speaks to media and tells that Abhi will make an important announcement tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a bunch of losers…


    1. Have we not seen the changing tablet in another serial so as not to regain lost memory – which is that serial? I also forgot – have temporary ML now hihihi

  3. Omg I just want to slap Aliya. Why can’t Pragya beat her or better yet hire someone to run her down? I’m getting frustrated!!!!! ????

  4. such b*t*hes both aliya and tanu

  5. Why cant pragya slap tanu and aliya. Abhi lost memory. But rest them didnt. She is still wife. She has to kick every one out. That house belongs to pragya.

  6. don’t worry soon happy time will come. after dusserah KKB will come to Top in TRP. So have patience and watch. keep one point in notice that before memory loss abhi always (3 times) stand against Pragya when there is claim of characterless. But now he support pragya without any request from pragya and have faith. so like that something good will happen soon.

  7. kumkum bhagya

    ye memory loss drama aur kitne din chalega jaldi end kardo yaar abhigya ke fans ko purana wale love story dekhna hai and every body hate tanu charecter

  8. kumkum bhagya

    ye memory loss drama aur kitne din chalega jaldi end kardo yaar abhigya ke fans ko purana wale love

  9. Guys now i got a fear abt this season2 coz like this in season1 aliya forced abhi to marry pragya then they both fall in love with each other n now she is forcing abhi to get into relationship with tanu so what will happen now i hope u guys got my point what d cvs plan is to make there fav tanu as lead n pragya as villain coz cvs can do anything they want without logic what u guys think plzzz share with me prathiksha sahithi shobana reji hency vinodhini n all others

    1. ImRagela

      Ya Aishwarya i got ur point . And what you r saying was also true . Actually i don’t know what to say actually day before yesterday’s episode i didn’t that tanu dances and misbehaves with abhi so i don’t know what happened .Only today’s episode i saw then only i come to know this much happnd . and your point was also true . First aliya forced abhi to marry pragya and in season 2 again aliya is forcing abhi to marry tanu that too for a disgusting reason . And i think your mother is ryt . As Pragya was present there . Till now she dont know what’s going on . But when she come to know means definitely Taaliya r finished !

    2. Aishwarya relax and don’t think too much. Just wait. I feels the way CVS r giving us surprises by showing many changes in this new season, just like this, they will again surprise us at the last moment by turn the table into pragya’s side. This matter of tabhi won’t go long, not even till the proposal and abhi will get saved by pragya on the mean time, like abhi saved her from that false accusation planned by aliya. That time it was abhi’s turn and this time it will b pragya’s turn. This matter is only to bring abhigya more close and comfortable with each other, not for giving place tanu in abhi’s life after separating abhi from pragya. Becoz sriti told that they r showing the journey of abhigya to become comfortable with each other. So I don’t think so taaliya will b succeed in any of their efforts until abhi doesn’t fall for pragya again and they both gets comfortable with each other. This is just the beginning of abhigya’s new journey, it will not interuppted by any hurdle so soon. And aishwarya we looks the show only for watching abhigya not for tabhi so until they will show tabhi together, we will not watch the show, simply. That’s it. But I don’t think this situation will come so soon. Cvs r not giving any other turn to the story becoz of unavailabilty of characters of purbul but till then they have to keep maintain the interest of audience in the show somehow. And they knows it also very well that it will remain maintain only by abhigya not by tabhi so don’t worry. I think these r just some small twists to make love story intresting for abhigya and their fans and to bring pragya more close to abhi, for further. Well let’s see.

  10. SavitaVidya

    give me a gun so that i can shoot Alia…then Shoot Abhi for not having balls. then shoot Pragya for not knowing her worth. and then shoot Tanu for being a cheap woman. and then shoot the cvs. after which i shoot my self coz i just keep watching kkb

    1. I understand ur feelings and i agree with u, also it is true.
      I like ur commenting, In fact it is so funny to read. I don’t want to irritate u, don’t mistake me.

  11. What a stupid scene is that. After a while nothing is changed, always irritating and idiotic scenes…

  12. Relax guys, does anyone feel that Abhi will marry Tanu and that too so early in the track when it is not even 2 months. The show is known for dragging tracks forever. I see yday episode meant for a shock for audience and to create curiosity on whats next. The writers did this many times before. Audience will wait to see when Pragya will know this, what she will do or will Daadi or Purab do something to stop this.

    Else the logic is no where justified that Daadi, Dasi and Raj see the photo and ask Abhi why he is misbehaving, with whom, Tanu who carried Nikhil’s baby for 8 months. They all know Tanu can stoop to any level when Abhi is concerned. Whenever Tanu is involved there are definitely lies around. And Abhi is almost saying yes to marriage coming into Aaliya’s words without even consulting Daadi. That is too quick even if he is in bad mood, hangover or himself shocked over the happenings.

    Daadi saw Pragya bringing Abhi home so when Daadi will hear the marriage decision then she might well go back to her favorite bahu to clear the situation.

  13. ImRagela

    New OLV update : 30 September:.
    . . .
    Pragya is sitting downstairs and hasn’t read the article yet. Pragya wonders what Alia and Abhi were talking about and why he was in so much tension. She decides to wait:.
    . . .
    Alia walks down the stairs and sees Pragya and thinks she needs to keep Pragya away from Abhi otherwise Pragya might spoil her plans. Pragya says she had come to meet Abhi and Alia says Bhai is busy today. She tells Pragya to bring some old contract files and organize them. Pragya asks what’s the need of doing that and Alia says do as I say:.
    . . .
    Abhi comes down the stairs and tells Alia I’m ready lets go. He is about to tell Pragya something and Alia says she’s given her work. Abhi asks her to do the work Alia gave her and Alia Abhi leave. Pragya looks on wondering what happened.

    Guys this is the new OLV . Still pragya didn’t read the article so i think abhi and aliya r leaving to meet tanu !!..What do u think guys !?

    1. Reji it seems bomb will b hit on taaliya at only last moment by pragya, when abhi will b ready for do the official announcement for tabhi’s relationship. Till then CVS will keep the suspense, tension and curiosity maintain through it that nobody is able to stop this and pragya doesn’t find exact matter whole day and will get to know at just before last moment. Then she will james bond and will get succeed in saving abhi at last moment. Pragya will rock and taaliya will b shocked. As of now I think only this possibility. Well let’s see.

      1. What I am thinking is he will propose her in front of media without asking dadi after announcement only may pragya will do anything before that aaliya will be successful in this matter she will try her best to keep pragya away after official announcement only may dadi will patch up with pragya to solve this problem and mostly they want to drag show they will show crap

  14. not a viewer anymore

    Aliya is such a witch ,someone please slap her for me
    Tanu thinks her beauty is all ,pathetic is this the standards of the movie created against indian women writer , The innocent always pays for the wrong deeds , and the evil will never stop

  15. Please I am confused, if Abhi is already married to Pragya even though he doesn’t know who she is (?) is he allowed to marry Tanu (?)….?

  16. Don’t tell me he really lost his memory.. I thought he was acting..
    Soooooooooooooo boringgg show..

  17. Frnds we all are very well known about this… comfromly this mrg not happen.. cvs just want to make our imaginations…

  18. Officially Abhi cannot marry Tanu.. as he is married to Pragya and divorce is not done…

  19. I’m sorry to say this, but I want when he goes to make the speech the reporters start to ask him questions about hi, his wife Pragya and the accident. On hearing Pragya’s name again some memory flashes happens and he collapse. That way he won’t be able to make the speech and Pragya won’t have to save him…not saying it wouldn’t be nice if she could if it doesn’t go this way. This would most definitely bring them closer if she saves him.
    But if it happens where they question him, then this would be the what…third time someone ask him about his wife, that too on a larger scope. How will Aalyia explain that to him? All the people are mad and that he is not married? Oh how I would love for it to go this way if Pragya don’t get there in time.
    What do you say?

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