Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Pragya in the hotel. Pragya hides. Abhi thinks it might be his imagination. Pragya thinks why did he come here and gets worried that she will be exposed rather than Aaliya. Raj calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya says she needs to attend a party and refuses to come. Raj gets angry. Aaliya says she will wrap up the party within an hour and come there.
Bulbul comes indisguise of a sardar and flirts with Pragya. Pragya shouts for help. Bulbul asks her not to shout and hugs her. Pragya gets happy and says I couldn’t identify you. She says Aaliya left from there. Pragya tells Purab and Abhi are here. Bulbul is shocked and says we will finish the work. She asks her not to take tension and covers her head with pallu. Pragya says saree is of net and face

can be seen through it. Ronnie comes indisguise of a gujrati man.

Bulbul covers Pragya’s head with Ronnie’s dupatta and asks them to follow her. Dadi prays for Pragya’s victory and safety. Dasi says I didn’t think that you will change so fast. She says you don’t take me anywhere and don’t share your heart talk with me. Dasi gets angry and tries packing her bags. Dadi asks her to listen to her and makes her sit on bed. Dasi says you hides everything from me, so I will go to Bhatinda. Dadi says there is nothing like such in my heart. Dasi cries and says I can’t bear your indifferent behavior. Mitali hears them. Dadi says it is not like that, and tells something big will happen today which I am thinking since long. She says then I will tell you everything. Mitali thinks to find out. Abhi, Purab, Ronnie, Pragya and Bulbul are in the lift. Ronnie asks Pragya not to worry. Abhi tries seeing her face, but Ronnie comes in his way.

Abhi says I saw you somewhere. He says your face is like my enemy. Abhi tries to see Pragya’s face. Ronnie gets angry and asks not to touch the woman. He says if you touch her, then you have to marry her. Abhi reasons with him by giving example. Bulbul in sardar get up says nobody shall see woman with a bad eye. Abhi asks why you are getting angry. Abhi says I was seeing if she is my fuggi? Someone identifies him as rockstar Abhi. A woman says he should be beaten. Purab apologizes on Abhi’s behalf. Purab stares Bulbul and tries to identify her.

Taya ji and Tai ji come back from walking. Mitali tells that something big is going to happen today. She wonders what is going to happen and says we have to find out. Tai ji says we have to find out. Purab asks Abhi, what happened? Abhi thinks Purab will think him mad if he tell that the girl was like Pragya. He tells that girl thought I am teasing her. Purab sees moustache falling off from Bulbul’s face and stops her. Pragya asks her to come and looks at Purab standing there.

He says what you are doing with her and thinks she is conspiring against Abhi. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Purab thinks she will lie again. Purab says I will tell the truth to Abhi. Bulbul says you have to listen to me. Purab says you are betraying me and acting. He asks her to listen and says I didn’t think that you will lie even in my dreams. Purab says Pragya have betrayed everyone and you are supporting her. He says I will tell Abhi right now. Bulbul stops him and asks to listen. Purab says he will decide and asks her to leave his hand. Purab takes his hand and she falls on wall.

Pragya asks Bulbul to ask Purab to take abhi from there. Bulbul signs Purab to take Abhi from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. lakshi

    Thank u sana. I hope so.
    But they r dragging too much to beat the evil. Let’s hope for aliya track.
    Pl make tanu exposed soon.

  2. Naz

    What’s happening in kkb makes me think i’ m watching the disney channel pre teen serial!!!!! Story can be funny without coming accross as childish….writers, im sure your viewers are adults so give us likewise nah!! Sigh!!!! We probably have to wait some time more for aaliya n tanu to het caught. Hope we dont have to wait ages for tanu pregnancy to show like how they made rachna deliver her bundle, same length of time like an elephant!!!! Hoping for something positive soon….

  3. Boss Man

    This F…ing show is dragging with no substance. So boring, hope it’s setting up to end soon. Loosing viewers i assume. Getting into a piece of shit.

  4. O god! More problems for pragya becoz of mitali. This trap plan seems for pragya more than aaliya. And I don’t like purab’s tone of talking for pragya but now he is also with them so now it’s ok.

    • sana

      yes nikki..u r right more problems for pragya only..but why is’t pragya trying to know about the person who is supporting aaliya(raj)….he should be also exposed along with aaliya…but pragya is not at on the way to dt……why like dt???

  5. nivi

    anyway lift scene s really gud…abhi acted wel pa…… indha aliya escape agita ena panradhunu therila….. bt getting little hope….abhi ku aliya pathi theriyaradhukulla abhi ku 60 yrs complete agidum, adhuku aparam aliya pathi thericha enna, tanu baby pathi therincha enna……. anyhz today episode little bit laughed bcoz of lift scene…. tmrw restaurant ku vanthu aliya coffe sapitu poiduva tats al….. pongappa

    • tamizhfan

      Hahaaa.. athan nadaka poguthu. Nala ilukranga episodes ah. Pakra intrst eh poirchu enaku. Inaiku matum lift scene konjam siripa nala pochu.. ana Trp ah kurchu vita than olunga viewers ku pidicha mari track mathuvanga pola iruku

      • nivi

        adha tha pannaum indha tanu dress epo below knee length podaralo apo tha serial track mathuvannga pola….. nikhil oru velai vera marg pannikitaana….. pesama abhi tanu nd pragya rendu perayum sethi mainatin pannuvaru pola……

    • tamizhfan

      Correct… indha tanu um long skirt poda mata.. ivangalum track ah matha matanga. Bore adikranga. Mudha la evalo jolly ah pogum. Indha aaliya mattra mari katuna ivangaluku aduthu iluthadika kadha kidaikathu. Aaliya va expose pana inum 2 months tanu baby oda real dad kandu pidika 3 months .. athuku proof theda 2 months aduthu ivangaluku la pinadi raj than irukanu kandu pidika 4 months nu kandipa iluthadichu nama kalutha arukama vida matanga

  6. Reji

    guys i told know check my yesterday’s comment in that u can find out that aliya will be exposed soon and for tanu i go with nivi comment like nivi i think abhi will find out father of tanu’s pregnancy after 60 yrs only

  7. "Revelation"

    Hilarious. Its a drag….but what the heck…
    Simply hilarious. Bulbul & Ronnie aaamazing. Nice change.

    Despite the humour I cant help but wonder how this is gona work towards Pradabuls favour??? Or Pradarabuls favour now??

    All of them are gonna be under 1 roof? Aliya will definitely smell a rat.

    And Dadis bad luck…Mitali hears dasi & dadis conversation. Mitali has a big mouth. So she might inform Talia & Raj.

    Really dont wana see Pradabul lose this battle. Prabul always seem to be the cvs victims. Gosh! Why do the Arora gals always have to suffer because of the Mehra family. Arora gals derserve better.

    Somebody has to get knock out 1st!!

    Aliya or Tanu. It seems to be Aliya. Although I prefer Tanu. I cant see both given the boot at the same time.

    I like the light heartedness in the past few episodes especially the Ganapati episode.

    Humorous in a silly way. Wonderful acting. Have been having a really good laugh watching KKB lately. Certainly beats having violence like a rape scene.

    Just wondering how these dots are gona get connected. The scenes seem to be
    everywhere at the moment. Well…at least it gets us thinking? ?? Hopefully there is SENSIBILITY when it is all Revealed.

  8. Deepika

    Enough cvs. No more illogical funs needed here. Stop making us fools by using our weekness that we are addicted. At least get some sense. You can show all this funs after uniting the lead characters. No use of showing now this stupids. It’s not entertaining but irritating day by day. I definitely say you are losing lots of crazy fans. You can see it just in the comments. Waste of it as usual

  9. In the upcoming episode : I heard that pragya is gonna get raped and abhi will be too late to help her out of this problem. Pragya will be shattered and abhi will be in revenge mood. This will happen after pragya exposes alia ( its all her planning)

  10. this writers r so clever…..just making us fool…..how big trap going between aaliya and pragya? but making joke with this trap….bulbul didn’t suitable for punjabi getup and aaliya such brilliant easily found bulbul….and how bulbul caught by purab just stupid episode today…totally this serial become zero now…how thy cheating us to makng purab in pragya side? huh…so finally aaliya won’t get expose by pragya….this time too pragya ll loose….aaliya ll win….such ………serial guys purab easily found bulbul thn can’t aaliya? thy going to trap aaliya so thy need strong person….but making fun wid bulbul…..huh….drag drag writers consider viewets comments and chabge ur track thn we ll watch…..

  11. manasa wht u saying? omg from whr u seen tht rape news? huh if it happen viewers must stop watching this serial…its so rubbish to hear…such bullshit too…whts happng with writers? why thy making pblm between abhi n pragya always….huh I wish it won’t happn….

  12. lakshmi

    Thanks for the updates… Now I started reading the episodes once in a week. Wasting 10 mins is OK for me .. Than watching the draggggggggggggggggging serial. I will quit this also very soon. Thank you serial writers, U r helping us, to stop watching serial and may be even the updates.

  13. Nandhu

    Sorry friends.. i don’t like to watch this Serial hereafter. this too much dragging make me to hate this serial. they will not reveal the truth soon ,,so its waste of time for expecting.

  14. aksha

    rubbish fool serial an like wise ekta kapoor an her team even they are fool an m damn sure kkb trp will b down stop fooling us…… :@ ????????????

  15. Reji

    Guys aliya will be exposed in the 2nd mahaepisode of deva shree ganesha i think so because in that promo only abhi is giving a right slap to aliya and in the kumkum bhagya news also they are telling that aliya will be exposed soon and they are showing that promo so zee tv please telecast the 2nd episode of deva shree ganesha and guys y they are dragging for purab to team up with pragya and bulbul .. and the directors please bring nikhil to the current he could only help pragya to reveal the truth … IS IT GUYS……….

  16. New segment update- Abhi has caught aaliya’s cheat and slapped her hard. Full update- Abhi was searching for his scratch music CD in aaliya’s room along with pragya and whole family, raaj and tanu were also there. Aaliya was pretending as she has lost scratch CD somewhere. She forgot to hide 10 crore rupees check on the bed below the blanket so she sits on the bed to hide it from abhi and everyone. But pragya sees it and indirectly says her to get up for checking the bed becoz may b CD is in bed somewhere. Aaliya gets tensed and nervous and hesitates to get up by pretending as she is already worried for CD so she says to oragya live her alone. But abhi orders aaliya to get up. Forcedly aaliya gets up. Abhi searches in the bed then he sees that 10 crore cheack in below the blanket. He picks it and asks about it from aaliya that from where she got this much big amount and how? Aaliya stammers and unable to give the answer then abhi slaps her hard becoz he gets understand that aaliya gotcthis money by selling his scratch music CD. Then he pulls aaliya out from the room. Reporter says abhi has caught aaliya now abhi is throwing her out from the house. Shikha says in interview that aaliya has caught by her mistake but she will manipulate abhi somehow later but for now abhi has thrown her out from the house so she will again plan something big to take revenge becoz she hates pragya a lot. Now fight has become equal from both the sides becoz pragya has came with similar power like them.This planning- plotting game will continue so keep watching.

  17. sana

    This serial is getting so damn frustating now…even after alia’s exposure the planning n plotting will continue..this means that there is no end to this stupid track even after alia’s exposure and the hate track between pragya and abhi will continue….I guess within the next few episodes the addiction that the viewers have for this serial will also wear away…thanks to the illogical writers for such an illogical story…

  18. guys guyzzzzzzzz,relax….
    ur getting over emotional ….
    fine,actually we’ve gotta be happy i guess,now there is poorab also to help pragya..
    so,its something to be happy about … there is someone who will not let abhi turn against her as he is gonna be with her… and abhi has to share his plans with someone.
    he ll do that with dadi or purab,so pragya is safe from abhis side…
    i somehow think alia will be caught …im desperately waiting for it …
    hope ,tanu will also be caught ,and abhi and pragya maka move in their lives….a good one for sure
    waiting for next episode very badly…

  19. hum iss serial ko kithna bi avoid karne ki koshish karenge na ,utna hi ham iss serial se pass hone jaa rahe hai….
    chalo teek hai,man lethe hei ki pragya aur abhi are the best…. Maybe the world’s best couple according to meeeee…………

  20. AlKay

    I don’t think Tanu will ever get exposed, she’ll more than likely miscarry and blame Pragya. So Abhi can hate her all over again. I wish Pragya had enough backbone to walk away from Abhi and his batshit crazy family. BUlbul should have gone ahead with laying charges against Alia, thanks to Purab we never saw Alia do jail time. Honestly Zee TV seems to think, attempted murder and rape are jokes.

  21. Concerned

    So true.From what I’ve read in International news Rape is a huge issue in India.There are not enough laws to protect women and children from rape in India.From what I’ve read Ekta Kapoor has said this is what the majority of people want to see,so that’s why all her shows run in this vein,but as educated people producers and writers of these shows should try to give people a sense of empowerment.Show that bad has to be punished.Yes it’s important to forgive but attempted murder,rape murder etc cannot be portrayed as acts that can be forgiven and forgotten.People copy what they see on tv,not just in India but throughout the world.Tv is an extremely powerful medium,and people in this industry should use this tool more responsible.These shows are being churned out like butter,almost every single show has the same the theme,the villain plots and plots,strange ppl move into the house of the main characters,create misunderstandings ,get found out,get forgiven and then they carry on creating problems for main characters and so we have a never-ending circle till the show ends .Show ppl that they have the power to say no,that they can stand up for themselves.

  22. EK it is really not a good judgement. ” it is what most people want to see” !! It is atrocious to make such a sarcastic statement. We have lots of comments against it not even a single one supporting it. Please Note that millions are watching it as it has been entertaining so far
    and i don’t think people would be so wicked or evil to watch a nasty ending to such a nice lovely family episode. It is like an anti social element or fanatics in some/most sensitive parts of our country spewing venom to create panic and political/social unrest. Why ? we watch murders taking place robbery taking place even looting some times in the social media But not the inhuman act to a women in a popular media which not only degrades a women’s modesty but would hurt every one watches it and will have an evil feeling to have watched and supported a serial which have no respect for social values or any morals. It preaches only evil wins and can’t claim that is what people want. This is the land of vivekananda who is remembered for his reference” Brothers and sisters” world over and we are proud of it still. It is indeed lot of atrocities against women and children are taking place in our country and our laws are not strong enough to eliminate them. But as a responsible social media like yours can support our system to curb violence against women. Only the wild beasts would teach its siblings how to kill its prey and we humans should know what to do and not to. Please kkb do avoid the obscene episode. It is a humble request on behalf of millions of viewers

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