Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Pragya in the hotel. Pragya hides. Abhi thinks it might be his imagination. Pragya thinks why did he come here and gets worried that she will be exposed rather than Aaliya. Raj calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya says she needs to attend a party and refuses to come. Raj gets angry. Aaliya says she will wrap up the party within an hour and come there.
Bulbul comes indisguise of a sardar and flirts with Pragya. Pragya shouts for help. Bulbul asks her not to shout and hugs her. Pragya gets happy and says I couldn’t identify you. She says Aaliya left from there. Pragya tells Purab and Abhi are here. Bulbul is shocked and says we will finish the work. She asks her not to take tension and covers her head with pallu. Pragya says saree is of net and face

can be seen through it. Ronnie comes indisguise of a gujrati man.

Bulbul covers Pragya’s head with Ronnie’s dupatta and asks them to follow her. Dadi prays for Pragya’s victory and safety. Dasi says I didn’t think that you will change so fast. She says you don’t take me anywhere and don’t share your heart talk with me. Dasi gets angry and tries packing her bags. Dadi asks her to listen to her and makes her sit on bed. Dasi says you hides everything from me, so I will go to Bhatinda. Dadi says there is nothing like such in my heart. Dasi cries and says I can’t bear your indifferent behavior. Mitali hears them. Dadi says it is not like that, and tells something big will happen today which I am thinking since long. She says then I will tell you everything. Mitali thinks to find out. Abhi, Purab, Ronnie, Pragya and Bulbul are in the lift. Ronnie asks Pragya not to worry. Abhi tries seeing her face, but Ronnie comes in his way.

Abhi says I saw you somewhere. He says your face is like my enemy. Abhi tries to see Pragya’s face. Ronnie gets angry and asks not to touch the woman. He says if you touch her, then you have to marry her. Abhi reasons with him by giving example. Bulbul in sardar get up says nobody shall see woman with a bad eye. Abhi asks why you are getting angry. Abhi says I was seeing if she is my fuggi? Someone identifies him as rockstar Abhi. A woman says he should be beaten. Purab apologizes on Abhi’s behalf. Purab stares Bulbul and tries to identify her.

Taya ji and Tai ji come back from walking. Mitali tells that something big is going to happen today. She wonders what is going to happen and says we have to find out. Tai ji says we have to find out. Purab asks Abhi, what happened? Abhi thinks Purab will think him mad if he tell that the girl was like Pragya. He tells that girl thought I am teasing her. Purab sees moustache falling off from Bulbul’s face and stops her. Pragya asks her to come and looks at Purab standing there.

He says what you are doing with her and thinks she is conspiring against Abhi. Bulbul asks him to listen to her. Purab thinks she will lie again. Purab says I will tell the truth to Abhi. Bulbul says you have to listen to me. Purab says you are betraying me and acting. He asks her to listen and says I didn’t think that you will lie even in my dreams. Purab says Pragya have betrayed everyone and you are supporting her. He says I will tell Abhi right now. Bulbul stops him and asks to listen. Purab says he will decide and asks her to leave his hand. Purab takes his hand and she falls on wall.

Pragya asks Bulbul to ask Purab to take abhi from there. Bulbul signs Purab to take Abhi from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So true.From what I’ve read in International news Rape is a huge issue in India.There are not enough laws to protect women and children from rape in India.From what I’ve read Ekta Kapoor has said this is what the majority of people want to see,so that’s why all her shows run in this vein,but as educated people producers and writers of these shows should try to give people a sense of empowerment.Show that bad has to be punished.Yes it’s important to forgive but attempted murder,rape murder etc cannot be portrayed as acts that can be forgiven and forgotten.People copy what they see on tv,not just in India but throughout the world.Tv is an extremely powerful medium,and people in this industry should use this tool more responsible.These shows are being churned out like butter,almost every single show has the same the theme,the villain plots and plots,strange ppl move into the house of the main characters,create misunderstandings ,get found out,get forgiven and then they carry on creating problems for main characters and so we have a never-ending circle till the show ends .Show ppl that they have the power to say no,that they can stand up for themselves.

  2. EK it is really not a good judgement. ” it is what most people want to see” !! It is atrocious to make such a sarcastic statement. We have lots of comments against it not even a single one supporting it. Please Note that millions are watching it as it has been entertaining so far
    and i don’t think people would be so wicked or evil to watch a nasty ending to such a nice lovely family episode. It is like an anti social element or fanatics in some/most sensitive parts of our country spewing venom to create panic and political/social unrest. Why ? we watch murders taking place robbery taking place even looting some times in the social media But not the inhuman act to a women in a popular media which not only degrades a women’s modesty but would hurt every one watches it and will have an evil feeling to have watched and supported a serial which have no respect for social values or any morals. It preaches only evil wins and can’t claim that is what people want. This is the land of vivekananda who is remembered for his reference” Brothers and sisters” world over and we are proud of it still. It is indeed lot of atrocities against women and children are taking place in our country and our laws are not strong enough to eliminate them. But as a responsible social media like yours can support our system to curb violence against women. Only the wild beasts would teach its siblings how to kill its prey and we humans should know what to do and not to. Please kkb do avoid the obscene episode. It is a humble request on behalf of millions of viewers

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