Kumkum Bhagya 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi trying the arrow. Pragya thinks why her voice is unheard to Abhi. She thinks she has no power in her love. Purab lights the arrow tip. Abhi looks at the Ravan and thinks why his heart is asking him not to burn Ravan. He thinks why he is worried. A song plays………………..He recalls his marriage with Pragya. Pragya recalls their sweet moments and cries thinking it would be her last. Purab asks him to fire the arrow. Sponsor says just 20 sec are left. Tanu awaits eagerly. Pragya thinks about him. A flashback is shown. Abhi also thinks about Pragya and wonders why he is thinking about her. Vijay tells Raj that your enemy will die now, and asks for money. Raj asks him to take money from someone and get under ground fast. Vijay tells him that Police will never find

him and asks him to see the Ravan and Pragya’s dahan. Abhi fires the arrow on Ravan. The crackers tied on the ravan start bursting. Everyone is happy. Abhi senses something bad and comes to the back side of Ravan. Pragya prays that Abhi saves her. Raj asks Tanu to be normal while she says she is scared.

Abhi feels uneasy and asks Purab to bring something for him. He drinks something and then see Pragya tied to the back side of Ravan. He wonders what to do, whether to save her. He thinks about her arrogance. He then thinks about their love. He thinks he has to save Pragya for his love. Tanu thinks Raj is right. Pragya falls and thinks this is her end. She thinks she wants to see Abhi for one last time. Abhi comes on his bike and gets inside the burning Ravan. Dadi shouts Abhi. Everyone panics. Abhi gets inside and calls Pragya. He asks are you okay? Pragya thinks Abhi heard her heart talk and her love is genuine. Purab stops Dadi and tells Pragya is inside. Bulbul cries and worries for her. Abhi asks why she is here? Pragya hugs him emotionally and says you came to save me. Abhi asks her to hold him tightly. Pragya falls on him. Abhi asks her to open eyes. Allah Wariyan plays………………………..Pragya looks at him. Abhi asks what you were doing with Ravan. Everyone panics seeing the raising fire.

Abhi comes out and asks why everyone is crying? Purab asks where is Pragya? Abhi says he left Pragya inside. He then says joking and says he made her rest inside house. Tanu and Raj get angry. Abhi asks family to come and meet Pragya and others to watch Ravan dahan.

Sarla asks someone to bring water. Bulbul asks Ronnie to bring water. Tai ji asks what she was doing inside Ravan. Ronnie brings water and gives to Dadi. Pragya drinks and asks other not to worry. Abhi asks what you were doing inside Ravan. Pragya tells someone took her forcibly and then tied her with Ravan. Pragya thinks she can’t take Vijay’s name and the guy helping Tanu will be alerted. Abhi says she is the one who did this, and she wants to trap me. Tanu asks Raj, why she is lying? Raj says she might have something in mind. Pragya says someone wants to take revenge from her and says she will not leave that person. Abhi says may be her mind is not working because of heat. Tanu tells Raj, why did she lie? She says Abhi would have taken an action. Raj says Pragya is smart and want to catch the person who is helping you both. Tanu asks why you are not scared. Raj says Vijay is hidden and not in the city. He says I will do all the planning and asks Tanu not to talk to him.

Pragya thinks Abhi always saved her, but she hurts him everytime. She says I have to save you from your enemies and prove my love for you. She thinks she has to decide a date and have to find Tanu’s baby father till then. She thinks about Karwachauth and thinks about keeping fast for Abhi’s long life. She thinks Dadi, Purab and Bulbul will not agree, but I will keep the fast. Abhi comes and asks what you have decided.

Abhi asks why you was smiling when you fell on me, and says I came there to save my money, as I would have gone with you. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pls update pyaar ko ho jaane do pls……

  2. pls update pyaar ko ho jaane do

  3. Pls expose tanu soooooooooooon……….. Anyway todays episode was amazing…

  4. aftr a long i hv seen with smiley face wen he saved her
    nice track……….
    bt wen she ll expose her enemies???????????
    seekirama andha tanu ku get out sollunga
    cant c tat devil face tanu hereafter
    tanu better v shld burn raavan with u

  5. abhi u r not ly saved pragya
    u saved ur luv
    and also u saved ur fans heart toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    luv u abhigya

  6. Fast update Hasan thanq… Y sarla didn’t react anything. Her daughter was in danger she didn’t act much dadi dasi even mithali too reacted. It’s means within next week they ll reveal the Tanu’s truth ah??? If pragya want to make fast for abhi means it’s not possible.. Let’s c wat ll happen…

    1. Ya priya u r right. Sarla maa is behaving like abhi. I think becoz they doesn’t know the truth but she was worried and scared,it was shown in her tears. But like abhi, she was hiding her feelings from everyone becoz of her anger for pragya. But one thing I just don’t understand she is pragya’s mother so how they could believe on pragya’s fakeness. A mother always identifies her child even from her closed eyes so why not sarla maa? It is bit illogical.

      1. Ya nikki she got tears mom she is… Purab told na pragya di inside so only abhi went inside.. U saw dadi how much she reacted but sarla just watched them nothing else more lik in bulbul marriage function..

  7. guys as our guess abhi came with a motorbike and saved pragya and guys did you watch abhi just came out and says pragya is in home they didn’t show fully that how pragya and abhi escaped from the fire and purbul and dadi please give permission to keep pragya fasting and pragya if you expose taaliya and raj soon you can happily keep karvachauth fasting and this time kumkum bhagya came 2nd position in trp rating saath nibhana saathiya only first position

  8. nice i luv abi and pragya romance

  9. No change :/

  10. and kkb team i have a nice solution for u to keep kkb to be the 1st in trp rating you should first reunite abhigya and secondly expose taaliya and raj and third put vijay in jail these are the points to keep kkb be the first


    1. Definitely yes to those pointers. …

      1. thank you sharad

    2. yes reji i also agree with ur ponts

      1. yes reji i also agree with ur points

  11. Pls show some interesting scenes… This Tanu,Raj crossing their limits.. Show is really really irrriiitatttiiinnnggg!!!

  12. Expose that irritating tanu first …. She must get 100 slapings from abhi after knowing the truth ….

  13. no karvachauth episode uhh ???

    1. ya srimathi i also have that doubt i think whether they have time they show the karvachauth episode decoration at last and continue it on monday and chithu r u watching kkb and reading updates or u stopped watching kkb

  14. nice episode …..worth to watch …but one thing is not clear..wen abhi sees pragya inside in ravan ..y abhi think about her arrogance…he loves her truly na not even think about anything he gng to save her..im really very upset with his behaviour…

    1. ya u r correct kowsi

    2. Same Old Story- Again & Again

      This is the question that should be on EVERYONE’s mind. Abhi Hesitated before he decided to save her. He is a BUM too. He belongs with Tanu.

  15. Thanks hassan for updating after a long period of time

  16. Ye pragya itne stupid plans bnati hai..khud hi haar jati hai..silly girl

  17. What a heroic entry of abhi but it was very filmy and CVS wasted a lot of time in showing flash backs. I mean it feels illogical that ravan was burning and abhi was remembering pragya’s past memories and was deciding that he should save her or not and nothing happened with pragya till then abhi’s coming, not even a little injury on her body. I feel this sequence could b more better but i think becoz of abhi’s outdor tour it couldn’t happen in a fab manner. Anyways Pragya did gud by hiding about that killer becoz it was no use of taking anyone’s name without proof and if she takes anyone’s name then obviously they gets alert but now she has to b careful. Abhi have also started to give an excuse for saving and helping pragya like pragya is doing during these days. It means he wants to pragya taste her own medicine but he doesn’t know that pragya is very different than him. She will not affected by his rude behavior and harsh words atleast from now becoz as abhi was saying that (fuggy) loves him more than him and as we knows it is pragya. So I was thinking right that karvachauth sequence will b start from this Friday and continue with next week becoz it seems after watching precap.

    1. ya nikki u r right i am also telling this only in my comment because abhi entered into ravan’s statue and again just he came back saying pragya is in home without injured it is not a logic scene and sarla didn’t have any little feeling for her daughter she just tell someone to bring water that also without any feeling and dadi and purab just overeacted

    2. Nikki if they r going to shoot karvachauth function means then Wat abt Diwali episodes. I think they won’t dragg this Dasara episodes. They ll make it simple and end soon within 2 to 3 days.. Wat do u think???

      1. Same Old Story- Again & Again

        They will make it simple and end within 1 or 2 days!!! LOL…Really???

    3. I think Payal will tell Purab that may b Vijay did it as Purab had told Payal to keep eye on him
      Cvs have not shown her in last episode n not even while searching Pragya
      What do u think???

      1. Maggie pragya could also tell about it to purbul and dadi, if she wants becoz they r her supporters. She needs to hide about it rest of the members. Let’s see how she will deal with this matter further. Anyways one thing was gud that now pragya have decided a particular time limit or day to get to know about tanu’s baby’s father. Now she will work fast with this time limit and I hope as we r reading in spoilers that tanu’s truth gets revealed before diwali so i wish it comes true and really happen.

      2. my hubby was tilling about something big in 3week of November may b abhigya reunion n end of Tanu’s drama

  18. It so nice. Abhi saves pragya again & pragya also saves to abhi in everytime. This reason people loves abhi pragya family drama

  19. About today’s episode they are so cute and adorable and I can’t understand why he s asking pragya that what she had decided? I can’t get that

    1. srimathi when pragya gets up they asks wat happened and and abhi said that she did all this purposely and then pragya says that somebody forcefully tied in that ravan statue abhi ask who is it then pragya thinks that she should not reveal vijay’s name


  21. finally a gud episode.. bt no logic at al.. crackers dnt burst fr so long tym.?! they r inside fire n a eye lock scene ryt thr..!!! anyways it ws gud.. wats the tymin fr tmrw’s episode..? oh god I hav my xams 🙁 ll try to watch tmrw.. upcomin track s gonna b kinda fastr bec they ll most probably xpose tanu b4 diwali.. btw aaliya should cme back again.. she wanna gt well soon.. let’s c.. if aaliya cmes thn thr mi8 b change in the plot too.. bt abhi realized his love frm sme corner of his heart.. awww 😉 so cute.

  22. Dasserra epi will end tomorrow. Tanu will be caught on climax of Karvachauth, to show a bond of husband and wife.

  23. I think Abhi knows something is up and is acting.

  24. Guyzz karva Chauth special episode will come on 30-0ctober Friday 8-9.30

    Check promo on http://www.zeetv.com

    Awesome episode

  25. abi and pragaya romance lovely.am waiting for truth about tanu…..

  26. He always saves no matter wat n tanu n raj should get burn n where is the witch aaliya

  27. Lovely episode.

  28. Please , makers expose Tanu and team soon. Now its really hitting the viewers. Its been more than a year and still the lead pairs are struggling to be together.
    The ravan was almost burnt in the episode and still Pragya could stay alive in that fire ..strnage,, and also abhi came on bike to save pragya,, was that needed even.. if he saw her then he could have gone and rescue her that time itself.. Dont know what the makers of the show the viewers.
    The charm of KKB is reducing with such episodes

  29. god atleast on Friday episode tanu should b exposed

  30. abhi .. why the f*** u wer thinkn whether to save pragya or nt ? bt m really really feeln bad .. one day abhi vl realise pragyas concer fa him .. n on tat day he’ll really feel lyk in hell why cant he understand his fuggies change over .. he’ll really feel bad

    1. s ramya even i got on my nerves when he was thinking her change……….
      is tis fair?:???????
      wil be true lover think lyk tis if his lover got into fire?
      if he doesnt fel anythin wil let him leave her on d fire?????????
      abhi u save pragya finally bt ur thinki made us frustrated towards on u………..
      1 day u shld realise her value bt tat day she wnt b with u

  31. very boring ? episode plz stop ✋ to irritating fans in hate this show

  32. Still Pragya didn find about Raj n tanu’s baby nw am sure this truth will be reavled fo Pragya in 2016 r maybe 2017 ?????

  33. Is track ko end karo yaar

    bekar hai ye serial jub tal sab koi expose nahi ho jata.

  34. Guys according to yesterday’s episode, pragya decided to deal with attack matter secretly but the question is will she catch killer vijay becoz raaj was saying to tanu that vijay has gone far from this place somewhere and as we read in killer vijay aka rohit’s interview that he is playing long cameo in the show so if his role is cameo that means his long cameo is over here and it means he will not seen in the show any further so means that killer vijay will never come in hand of pragya and this matter will also remains unsolved infront of everyone. Ya may b after getting exposed it’s all blame will come on tanu becoz as we knows that aaliya and raaj r very much clever than tanu so they will put trap tanu in it and put all the blame smartly on her for their safety. Now next question is will abhi suspect on taaliya for this killing attempt of pragya and worried for her as pragya was saying yesterday that she thinks that someone from this house did this or will he just ignore it thinking as it’s all pragya’s drama as he was saying to everyone? Well I have less expectations with abhi regarding this matter after watching his behavior towards pragya during these days. But if he will also investigate about it secretly than it will b gud.

    1. And one thing more that in yesterday’s episode when abhi was about to hit the arrow on ravan’s statue, he was rememembering about pragya his fuggy at that time and he was saying that why he is rembering her at this time. It means he just acts with that doll by calling her fuggy and talks about her infront of pragya.

  35. 30 10 2015. It is about Dusheera episodes. Attempts on life of Pragya were made twice in a single day. One made to look like an accident and second she got kidnapped and tied up with in Ravan dummy. What is amazing is that on both occasions every body can smell that somebody is trying to kill Pragya and surprisingly nobody looked shocked or worried. Secondly Pragya use to call the Police when ever cash was stolen and many times threatened to go to Police or resort to legal action even for a small contractual objections or non compliance of it But even after few attempts were made on her life she never ever contemplated to file a Police complaint for action or investigation. This attitude is certainly embolden the culprits and they will become even more evil and do anything to kill or eliminate her again to get rid of the danger on being cornered or caught as she herself is the the witness Pragya suspected Nikhil to be Tanu’s lover when she saw him with her so closely but when Dadi asked she didn’t reveal her suspicion and secondly not revealed Vijay’s name when Abhi asked her who tried to kill her. So she thinks that if the names were out the plotters would easily get away. This even complicates situation ever worse. Abhi seems to be living in a different world and his thoughts are arrogant and selfish and never bothered to think to protect or help Pragya instead teasing her to the core and dadi is really becoming more and more a villain now a days as she is not allowing Prgya to share any information with Abhi and thus making her more and more vulnerable to his anger and taunts.
    At the outset the story goes in a way that it is in cross roads. Pragya now becoming more and more arrogant and un romantic . All the lead roles are now at the mercy of the story writer and we can only be hoping to see happy ending but not in near future

  36. hey,I want pargya in this role more long because she looks very beautiful in this role .I want alia to come soon so that prgya expose her and tanu

  37. kab gaye gi tanu dafa is serial ms i am waiting

  38. Frnds iam from tn…. iam a big fan of kkb… iam watching kkb be in online only…zee tv of kkb site i watching regularly… but last 2days there is a problem in that site i don’t no y…. the player is loading loading still loading… others sites its take more time to deliver a scene …. plz tell a solution to me…. ans give me a best site of watching kkb….. plz help me frnds…

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