Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking to show the video to Abhi in the morning. Tanu sees them sleeping and thinks to meet Aaliya now. She comes to outhouse and asks why did you call me here. Aaliya says I know everything and says you feel like Ronnie’s ghost is after you. Tanu asks if Nikhil told you. Aaliya says this is happening to you as you are very stupid and innocent. Tanu says I am not. Aaliya says I have something for you and says it is all real. Tanu says whatever happening with me is real. Aaliya laughs and says Ronnie is scaring you, and not his ghost. Tanu says Nikhil have killed him with knife and then pushed him from the cliff. Aaliya says I have seen Ronnie with Pragya and Rachna. She shows her video and says do you understand now. Tanu is shocked and asks when did you record it.

Aaliya says I have seen them when they were planning and recorded their conversation.

Tanu says my God, Pragya is acting to help me and at the other, she is conspiring against me. Aaliya says that is not my concern. Tanu says I will transfer this video in my mobile. Aaliya says not soon, and says my plan was ruined because of this, and says she wants Abhi’s unreleased music. She says she had sent a goon to steal his music, but Abhi came there. Tanu says this is not done, you are blackmailing me. Aaliya says it is a deal and I am helping you as you are my friend. She says she will delete the video in the morning and asks her to make up her mind fast. Tanu agrees. Aaliya asks her to give music and take video. Tanu is surprised. She thinks how can Aaliya be so selfish? She thinks what Pragya wants? And recalls Pragya’s recent conversation. She thinks Pragya is not having any interest in Abhi. If she is helping Ronnie and gets confused. She asks herself to relax and says it is clear that Pragya haven’t show that video to Abhi till now. She says I have time till morning and thinks to steal that video.

Pragya waits for Abhi to wake up, but he acts to sleep. He thinks why she is waiting for me and pretends to sleep. Pragya thinks please wake up, I couldn’t sleep entire night and asks him to wake up. Abhi thinks she might ask him to come somewhere. Abhi gets up from bed and thinks to leave before she sees him. Pragya calls him. They argue. Abhi asks if you was seeing me sleeping? He asks why did you call me from behind. Pragya says okay and says she will call him from front. Abhi makes faces and says he needs to go to washroom. Pragya asks him to go. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi to come with him. Pragya tells Tanu to let Abhi go and freshen up. Abhi says she is my freshness tonic and goes with her.

Dadi comes to Pragya and asks where is Abhi? She says Rachna told me everything that you made Tanu’s video. She asks did you show that video to Abhi. She says now Abhi knows that Tanu’s baby is of Nikhil. She asks did you tell him that you are his fuggi? Pragya is sad and tells her that Abhi is not having manners. Dadi asks did you show video to him? Pragya says no. She says I waited for him all night and he went with Tanu seeing her. Dadi asks did he see video? Pragya says no. Dadi asks her to make Abhi see the video first and then separate Tanu. Dadi asks her to send video to Abhi. Pragya says it is long, will not be send. Dadi asks her to connect video to TV. Pragya says okay. Tanu wastes Abhi’s time so that he don’t talk to Pragya. Abhi says he needs to freshen up. Tanu says she forgot what to say? Tayi ji asks Taya ji what they were talking? Mitali says do you want to know? She calls Abhi there. Abhi tells Tanu that they are laughing at them, and says let him freshen up, and asks her to let him go. Tanu thinks I can’t let you alone, else Pragya will show you video.

Pragya connects her phone with the TV and thinks Abhi will watch the video now. Abhi comes to room and sees Pragya sitting. He thinks she is waiting to trap him. Tanu comes there also. Abhi goes to freshen up. Pragya thinks why did Tanu surrounding him, and thinks to send her away. Tanu looks for Pragya’s mobile and sees it connected to TV. She thinks so this is her plan?

Tanu and Pragya argue over the latter’s phone. Abhi comes and asks Pragya to give her phone. Pragya says it is my phone and I will not give. Abhi says she is right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    ??????????????Pls pls don’t draggg anymore this show is disgusting…… I beg u unite abhigya and end this show otherwise u will bring aaliya drama and draggg for 200 epi

  2. Pri

    Bakwas yar…and more over pragya knows bulbul is no more and if so even her vocal card is affected thn how can she speak .pragya going to be trapped in tanu matter and tanu truth will not be out and thy continue dragging

  3. Sahithi

    Ronnie character gonna end, writers disappointed me big time.
    Expected better twist. That would make Pragya character look more dumb n selfish, in attempt to get Abhi back risking near n dear.

    • shobana

      Oh no Nikhil kills Ronnie eh ??
      Bt expected one only
      Since Ronnie is killed tanu is trapping pragya by taking bulbul name

      Really can’t predict the writers.
      We can’t expect anything better from these writers because already they have spoiled abhi and dadi’s character now pragya’s character also joined with that

    • Sahithi

      Already Daasi n Janaki characters r missing from last one month or so. Now Ronnie. Generally when one character vanishes or no longer is relevant, someone else will enter. Waiting to see if there will be new character entry, may be Bulbul re-entry, or who else might be back.

  4. Tweety

    She will on the TV and see’s their video instead of tanus video.. And so she will fail again.. And start planning something and will fail again.. And she will plan something and will fail.. mm this is wat going to happen.. 😀 worst serial ever.. :@

  5. James

    If you anyone is still watching this BULL S%it…you need to get a Life. This is a Pathetic story line…. for lonely people – with Nothing else to do. Just turn it OFF and get some self respect..

    • Rishma

      I so 100% agree with u. I am now done with this crap. Its way too much now. Thats really dumb how pragya’s character is looking. Kkb…is failure

  6. nishhh

    bakwas hai yeh sab.writers are making us fool there is no twist.they alwayz make tanu win.fed up with this tanu track.its runing for so long from last july.i think the writers have no story line thats y the are draging this story for such a long time.

  7. Pamela

    For the love of God, this is ridiculous. Unbelievably dragging. Pragya is so brainless I hope you writers kill her because you are insulting our intelligence to the nth degree. Expose what’s needs to be exposed and put us all out of our misery by ENDING this drama which obviously targets a brainless audience. PLEASE!!!!

  8. koki

    Pragya.. Better u leave abhi.. Then only he realized true love.. U lost ur sister and mom’s bad condition.. If the person don’t realize any truth means then he never believe any proof and all… Ur love is waste on unbelievable person .. Abhi.. ..

  9. emi

    guys its my request…please support…dont post comments for tomorrow’s episode…and no likes,shares…let’s see if some changes happen..

  10. Sri

    So still it’s going to be dragged…….writers really do u have sense….. Such a idiotic thing…… Such a blender……. Searching words to curse…….hell to this serial…… Don’t reveal now…..take some years…..let it go for 5 to 6 years……stupids…..

  11. Simran

    Bakwas episode going on
    Plss let the truth of tanu in front of abhi.
    Otherwise u r losing interest of all public.

  12. shabana.

    all stupid comments if you guyz dont like KKB means just shut your commants and leave dont tell to finish the show and now will tanus truth will revele means u will say wow wht a serial so dont be like a chamaleon and remember one thing abhigya is always awesome beautiful couple and made for eachother………stupid comments

  13. Mamata

    Wht is this f**k man…. Simply wasting tym…. Bull shit… Still How many days it ll take to show tanu’s truth to Tht blind abhi….

  14. Naveen

    It is worst serial now it too much of dragging tanu truth will not come up to 6months it’s drubhing

  15. sharmi

    OMG, give it up writers…this is one of the longest and stupidest prolonged story about Tanu, Aliya about everyone else in this show but the main actors being smart…Good thing Bulbul left when she did…who wants to go down with a sinking boat like this show!!!!

  16. zeba khan

    Please guys stop watching this MAHA FALTU drama, ek no ka ghatiya serial hai..tanu ko preg hue 1 year se zada ho gaya hai but still she is preg……most bakwas drama of the year

  17. neha

    This show is becoming a real bore I mean what the hell r they thinking. Dragging it all the time. Boooooorrrrrring

  18. Really flipping annoying soapie as it is they took so long to expose aaliya and she’s upto shit again.y are they called producers if they got no story line #idiots

  19. reh

    It is the most dragging and irritating serial i ever saw………….the writers are completely dumb and lack of new ideas.

  20. shalini

    Pls dnt waste audirnce ka tym no one intrestd in faltu natak jaldi sach batao wrna my whole family has stop seeing it evn il stop it. Ekta kapor koi acha serial ko bhii bawaks kar diya.. worst episode n my last episode frm now..

  21. Zam zam

    Pls stop this stupid serial n put some interesting serial on that time.. Kkb is waste of our time ?

  22. Anjali

    This is ridiculous guys…these writers are playing with our patience..how could they drag a single track like this for almost an year…I really appreciate their talent.

  23. Ashi

    Its high time the viewers boycott kkb till they donot end this stupid track.. Its almost an year that tanu is preggo n nothing has moved an inch.. I guess this is the only way to wake up the writers from their deep sleep..

  24. Leapsandbound

    You guts getting frustrated is not going to help. t20 cricket is done on April 3rd, you will then see the story pick up.
    Save your breath.

  25. Priya

    Ekta Kapoor ua really a BIG ASSHOLE ??? ! Why ua dragging this crap this much ! ANNOYING ! I really cant tolerate it anymore.. ur irrating us daily by ur storyline, ur making us fool ?
    am speechless nw i really donno what to say ?

  26. koki

    Today episode so boring yar.. Don’t hesitate to reveal the truth.. But pragya taking so much time.. Abhi u r simply mad..

  27. Jami'z

    Bullshit ,bakwass,stupid, idiot,f**k,b*t*h serial,worst serial that i had ever seen in my life,go to hell makers of kumkum bhagya


  29. Miertje Dutch

    Not even the fairy tales by the Grimm brothers contain so much fantasy. Even an ignorant eight year old would feel offended by the foolish twists and turns which have been going on for months now. Writers, stir up your creativity; end this story in a dignified way and start something new. Show some respect for your viewers. Pathetic, boring and trying to find your way like a blind man in clear daylight. Shame on you. Indian people aren’t considered stupid. Why present them this way?

  30. sharal

    Crap… Just a piece of crap… I think kkb team is kinda feeling quite happy.. That viewers like us are still getting fooled …. They might be laughing their lungs out…
    Quite a disappointing episode…
    Now I feel that Pragya needs to be blamed as she had enough opportunity’s to prove Tanu wrong but she has failed it big time..

  31. Durga

    I think they won’t expose Tanu until Bulbul’s re-entry with a different face.. May be she will be the one to expose Tanu.

  32. adamu alhaji adamu

    Please kindly end Tanu this, Aliya that as if u don’t know how to end that episode and continue with another story. And if u don’t have another story to share. Please just shut up.

  33. Sandra Ramsook

    This show does not keep the viewer’s interest. It keeps dragging a storyline for months upon months.I believe the writers think that evil always wins over good. The llength of time this storyline about Tanu going on she should have had that baby by now.

  34. Sanjana

    Ms ekta don’t know the better track…. or don’t u know how to cont it…. bacwaas…. it is going end as matsh…. both matsh and kkb has good cast…. and many fans ..but u spoiling it…. suthi suthi ore kathai…. Vera onnume theriyatha ungaluku…. hey tamilians… inga com. Panratha stop pannunga…. appa vathu ethavthu step edupangala nu papom…. etha vachi trp rating poduranga. … trp koranjanavathu ivunga track a mathuvanga… kadupa varuthu… pls frnds… com. Pannathinga… pannalum. .. inime itha paaka matom nu pannunga… appa navathu mathuvanga…. ms.ekta if u don’t know the story pls read all ff of others …. they r doing a great job… atleast copy the script of them and change the track… worst script ever…..

  35. Xavier

    Lets all stop watching this show. We are actually encouraging them by boosting their trp ratings due to high watching. So all we have to do is stop watching for a very long time and let the trps fall to ZERO. This show has no story.. its about 2 women fighting over one man and abhi a brain dead ja.ckass

  36. Mkc

    This drama is really dragging …do you think people are that stupid…yesterday’s episode where Ronny is in the garden packing his bag!!!! and pragya and rachna and he is talking about their plan! and best part Aliya is “hiding” behind them and the more best part she can record with her handphone clearly in the dark from such distance very clearly and nobody notices!!!!!!….Also, Tanu is pregnant since ages and her stomach hardly can be seen until recently!…Please writer…..please show us some intelligence in your dramas…it always shows that bad always wins over the good…..we are now living in the 21st century!!!!!..so please think out of the box….sorry I am getting very irritated of the funny and failed twists that always happens when the good is about to win!

  37. sushma

    Never seen such a bakwas and worst serial, abhi is the most foolish person in the world. Pragya is also dumb, she is good for nothing, this serial is just shit. Good bye kumkum bhagya…

  38. gowtham

    really…. wat a potrayal of tanus character…. no other actors has this much of brain….. on seeing pragyas phone, connected on tv, itself she can find wat prgaya is upto…. and on seeing thr video from aaliyas phne itself she thought of transferring it to her phne….. juz thnk dumbest pragya will ever think lik that??

    if tanu is in prgyas position, by seeing her brainy activities, she ll definitely make a copy of that video lik saving in pendrive and all… but dumbest prgaya will not do anythng likr that…. really wat a potrayal of tanus character very intelligent…. i thnk if she got a chance working in CBI, she ll be a great support to CBI…

    for pragya and co it took years to find about nikhil…. but for tanu its juz one video that shows everything about pragya…always villain gets the things very easily…

    dumbest prgaya…. it ll take juz two minutes to show the video…. for this another dragging and irritating storyline is going… kkb never gonna change…. now the hard part is coming which blackmailing prgaya…. it ll be tough to watch… bt i ll watch since this is going towards the end… i waited for so long.. so not ready to quit now… lets c how much they ll drag…. coz wanna see abhis reaction after knowing everything….

    • shobana

      This video is for name sake gowtham
      With this video pragya can’t do anything she can’t expose tanu. Tanu is very brilliant without Nikhil’s help she found everything great
      And even I not ready to leave the show because I want to how abhi reacts when he comes to know that the whole thing is happened because of dadi. I want to know how he reacts to dadi and ve to knw how the story pursue

    • Sahithi

      Good one Gowtham. Every word u wrote is so true. Pragya after being away from her profession for so long seems to have lost her wisdom n smartness.

  39. Pragya never show that video to Abhi….. Actually he is a dumb…. Pragya is always fool…. Tanu is very clever like as usually she escape…… after 2 years also Tanu pregnant track continues……. Again and Again Again never endddddddddddd

  40. karthika

    after a long time i m back here to comment.by the way how long they r going to drag this crap?this is really disgusting.the writers r really heartless people.i think they don’t know how to lead the story after revealation,so only they r dragging to expose tanu.really disgusting and irritating.please expose tanu i hav never seen a dragging track like this.how long will u drag?already fans r showing their dissapointment but they r dragging like anything.if they drag like this then they will lose fans and trp too.

  41. After getting update of yesterday’s episode’s, I reached on this conclusion- Tanu got to know that pragya was involved with ronnie but she still doesn’t know that pragya knows her truth. But I think becoz she have a doubt that oragya have something against her in that video recording in her phone so she will easily guess or get to know that pragya knows her truth. She may not know that pragya knows her truth since long but she may think that ronnie have told pragya about her truth. Tanu realized that pragya want to show that video to abhi so for stopping her to show that video or telling about her truth to abhi, tanu will threaten pragya. And I think she may use two things to threaten her. One is that video of rachna, pragya and ronnie which aaliya have against them as tanu can show it to abhi and can prove it that it was all pragya’s plan to stop their marriage. I felt it becoz tanu is desperate to take that video from aaliya. That’s why she gets ready for her deal. Otherwise there is no need of that video which tanu has been seen herself and git to know about the truth that ronnie is alive. I think tanu is thinking to use that video against pragya. Or she can use Bulbul’s name to threaten pragya as they showed in promo shoot that tanu calls pragya by using Bulbul’s name. May b we will see Bulbul’s re- entry from here or may b tanu and nikhil will use another girl by showing her as bulbul becoz at that time when bulbul was shown dead then her face was covered with bandages, she had no voice and her body was not found. So it might b possible that takhil could show some one on Bulbul’s place with bandage. And pragya will have no option to not to belive on it. Then takhil will force pragya to leave abhi forever and not to tell him the truth about them as they can kill bulbul. I don’t think so they will use sarla maa or ronnie to threaten pragya. As we knows that Ronnie’s character has finished according to the information. So I think ronnie’s character has finished from last Tuesday’s episode. I don’t think so they will show one more death as takhil can’t kill ronnie now becoz it might go against them as ronnie was missing since the day of concert so it will not difficult for pragya to trap them. But if then also CVS wants to show ronnie as dead then might b possible that tanu informs nikhil and then nikhil find him and kill him. But still I think that after getting to know that pragya got to know their truth, it will b useless for them to catch ronnie and kill them as if ronnie will dead then also truth will b in pragya’s hand. So there will b no use for them to kill ronnie. And if they use ronnie to threaten pragya by kidnapping of him them why Ronnie’s character’s playing actor informs about his exit from the show so soon. Becoz tanu’s threatening pragya track is going to come now in the show so ronnie’s presence was needed if tanu use ronnie to threaten pragya. That’s why I don’t think so that takhil is going to use ronnie. And sarla maa is out from there hands as she is in abhi’s safety and in front if his eyes in his home. So they can’t kidnap her. That’s why after thinking I guessed that tanu can use that video recording which aaliya have against pragya or she may use Bulbul’s existence to threaten pragya. These two possibilities I m feeling. But this is for sure that this will b last hurdle between abhigya as after it we will see the climax of this track means the final exposure but becoz after seeing CVS habit of dragging, I think it will take a month to finish.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, its disappointing if Ronnie’s character is ended abruptly without any logical conclusion. Abhi’s assistant Payal also disappeared suddenly. But Ronnie, he played more vital role. If we go with ur guess n Ronnie will not be used by Tanu for threatening Pragya then also why just end a character like that.

      And I dont agree with ur logic that Tanu thinks Pragya knows only partial truth n only recently thru Ronnie. In yesterday episode, Tanu recollected all those discussion with Pragya when Pragya said blackmailer called her, all those scenes where Pragya spoke to Tanu about helping with blackmailer thing. All their scenes before the concert. So Tanu has this doubt on Pragya, just that Tanu didnt relate all the sequences yet.

      Anyways, all the dragging till now is one thing, and Pragya not showing video to Abhi yet even after having a solid proof and may be for many of the coming episodes is like EPIC. Heights of stupidity of characters that they are showing. Who in this world in Pragya’s place will let Abhi sleep n wait till morning. And daadi was again so so irritating in this episode, always expecting her bahu to bear everything for her grandson.

      • Sahithi I m saying it that tanu might think that Ronnie have told truth to pragya becoz when nikhil confronted ronnie last time, ronnie tells takhil that he didn’t tell anything to pragya as he needs strong proof against them so he will tell everything to pragya after getting tanu’s baby identity and strong proof against them. That’s why I m saying that tanu will think that ronnie have told her truth after getting escaped from them and then they made this plan of ghost drama to record her confession to show it to abhi.

      • Or if tanu will tell about it to nikhil then surily after connecting and rethinking of past incidences, they will easily find out that pragya knows Tanu’s pregnancy’s truth since long and she have planned all the blackmailer and ghost drama to find out about tanu’s baby’s father and to get strong proof against them to show it to abhi and abhi could believe on it. Well this was all my guess but let’s see.

      • Sahithi

        Anyways in this show good natured means u have to be dumb n evils have to be smart. When Raj was the nice guy he never cared to see what his wife is upto, but once he joined hands with Aaliya he was the smart guy, ever careful about what he is doing. Now he is again silent n out of action.

        Looking at the current script, no doubt Mrunal quit well ahead, but I so so miss her bubbly presence. It would lift even the most dull n irritating sequences.

  42. hema

    Guys,plz stop watching this nonsense serial.The whole episodes of all weeks made us fools.
    Usually hero s playing vital role..but here hero is just dumb..cant able to bare.

  43. Ramaraj

    From yesterday it’s self I had stopped watching the serial do not waste u time spend it with u family

  44. Mr.x

    Kukum bhagya is the best show I have seen
    Abhi is so handsome and the best
    Pragya is also smart and intelligent

  45. Tanya

    I hv stopped watching this shit seriel long back….but I like to read d comments of the viewers.

  46. karthika

    disgusting serial.i m a diehard fan of abhigya becoz of that only i’m watching this serial.writers r really heartless, annoying, disgusting ,irritating peoples.

  47. MA

    Omgg …. I have stopped watching this show for a long time …. I just went on random sights n can’t believe kumkum bhagya is still on tanu pregnant matter …. It has been months this is gng on … Come on writers … Pls finish it Soon … I want to see abhigya together again

  48. New segment update-
    Segment is about that new twist which SBS people told that tanu calls pragya at an isolated mandir. It was all dark. Pragya sees a shadow and runs towards it. She hugs her assuming her bulbul. She starts crying and blurting everything in emotions. But when she breaks hug and sees her face, then it turns out to b as tanu. Tanu turns pragya and slaps her hard on her face and shouts on her to cheating with her by doing planning and plotting against her. Tanu says that she should see her face in mirror as she also cheated abhi and everyone. Tanu gets mad on pragya and again tries to slap her but pragya holds her wrist and stops her. Pragya scolds tanu for using Bulbul’s name and making the joke on Bulbul’s name. She says to tanu that if she again make joke on bulbul then she will make her life joke. Tanu confronts pragya for playing games with her since long. Pragya says that she did all this to proof her truth and her real face in front if abhi as she loves abhi and wants him back. Tanu says u loves abhi but abhi loves me and believes on me and I will get him at any cost. Tanu shows that video proof which she records from her camera which she had kept for capturing Ronnie’s activities. Tanu threatens pragya not to come between her marriage otherwise consequences will b worst. She says that whatever drama she had started for exposing her, she will finish it by usung her way, which she used on her. Reporter says that but pragya is determined on her decision and walks two step forward from tanu. She have arranged everything to expose tanu in front of abhi and she will surily do it as she have the power of her kumkum which tanu don’t have.

    • And one more thing guys India TV people have mentioned it also that there is a time in Bulbul’s re-entry. Means bulbul is not going to enter again for now. And tanu is threatening pragya through that video footage which she have recorded through that camera which she had kept for capturing Ronnie’s activities in her room.

      • gowtham

        aftr seeing the segment, i am happy for onethng… though prgya was slapped by tanu, her determination is not reduced, she goes two steps ahead…. and challenging tanu that is a good thing…

        instead if they show like prgaya ll give up to tanu, storyline line will be worst… but getting slap by tanu is irritating me., but good to two girls on fire…. talk

    • Sahithi

      Tanu very smart naa, she got the info from Aaliya but instead of doing deal with Aaliya, she found her own proof. I love this affection between Aaliya, Tanu, Nikhil. They ditch each other so nicely. And how confident Tanu is even when she knows her truth is out.

      And again writers r showing Pragya stupidity or what we all are shocked about from months – Tanu’s no-pregnant-look in pregnancy. When Pragya hugs Tanu couldnt she make out if the lady is pregnant or not. Either Tanu’s tummy is not really growing or Pragya in her emotion for Bulbul is lost 😀 😀 😀

      So silly…

      • Ooh god.. They r dragging this to the core?
        Tanu threatens pragya?? Its disgusting yaar..
        Pragya shld show the video to Abhi.. leaves decision on him to know the truth
        DNA test is enough after the video proof.. n dadi purab rachna akash are there to tell the truth know
        Then for what pragya is up to???

      • gowtham

        sahithi if kkb team said white crow flying on sky, we are left wd no option other than to look at it…. ??

      • Well sahithi I think Tanu’s baby tummy is removable and detachable so when Pragya hugs her she removes and when Abhi comes she puts it back.☺?

  49. Angela

    How stupid…if tanu ll show sm1 tat video nd pragya ll show the truth of tanu then definitely tanu ll b down whatever the plans by pragya nd team bt the matter is its tanu truth which is upto abhi wht he take more seriously…realy dumb writers tanu has actually nothing to threat pragya bt ohh god its realy awkward to convert a stupid twist in highligjt…pragya may b strict to show the video to abhi she nevr cared about him when being hard to him thn wht nw…realy realy stupid…I never watch this serial since long ago btt its oll same till today…very funny…

  50. Kundi

    Why do u guys keep blaming the writers like this? Do u expect romantics all the time??? Y dont u see the good things in it… The show tells us that every man even a celebrity has a problem in his life.. It shows the empowerment and dedication of wives like Pragya… A serial must have some twists…. Now think of a situation where everyday Abhi and Pragya romance for all the time…. AT that time u guys will say ” there are no twists in the story at all.. It’s boring..”…
    Dont blame story.. if u dont like watching it dont watch… Dont put comments like this and turn away other watchers too.. if u get my message Stop commenting..

    • Swetha

      I think u r right kundi but how long time they take expose tanu that’s y viewers are irritating

  51. razia

    I dint stop watchn the show .. Bt dint wanted to comment .. Tas y din comment al dese days .. Bt today afta seeing the segment .. M fed up .. CVS .. Go to hell .. Y the f**k u made tanu slap pragya .. Does pragya deserves a slap from a b*t*h like tanu ? Have u lost it .. Chi .. I’ll stop watchn this fa sure .. I hate this .. How cud the CVS think like this haan ? :@

  52. ananthalakshmi sarma

    What is the next step (the director, producer) is going to take. Take a good decision of reveling tanus truth before Abhi n finish off the chapter of tanus natak n reunite Abhi n praghya forever.

  53. shabana.

    stop putting this irritating comments once again i am saying this did u guyz dont like this KKB means just shut and stop watching this serial if u r puting wrong comments about abhigya means u guyz dont have any righs to comment about abhigya only abhigya fans have all the rights like me…..

  54. sunnie

    I think Tanu is more then 9 months preg. Bravo Ektaa mam and writers…..she is from the beginning preg en still …. you guys should stop watching the show because of you guys the TRP is good…. they will not change the track still you guys are watching

  55. one thing u should notice always blaming abhigya & all.
    on ganesh utsav kkb show aliya exposedin percap for stealing cd then abhi just slap her then,after 10/15 days aliya fully xposed. now they r doing same holi special pragya know tanu father know they will sho 15/30 days for exposing tanu

    just u r saying pragya didn’t relized tanu tummy. u aslo.dont realized that time abhi slap aliya for steeling cd. now tanu slap pragya.

    u r the biggest fan of abhigya u r not saying anything just watching serial without problem. and I too watching kkb regular without mission episode

    & I agreed with u

  56. Madhu

    Yup….these comments are quite more interesting to read than the show update….nothing interesting left in the show….

  57. Sahithi

    Watching today’s segment gave me one more thought – so for whatever reason Tanu is not showing video recorded by Aaliya. She is showing the one from cam she kept in her room.
    Chances r the deal didn’t work out with Aaliya or before that Tanu reminded about this cam in her room. So why help Aaliya rather use her own proof.

    But if Aaliya comes to know this she will not leave Tanu easily. The reason for Aaliya to record the video is not her love for Tanu but rather to get the music CD. When her purpose is not fulfilled, Aaliya knows Tanu ditched her, she might make some plans. Because if Aaliya didn’t show that video, even if Tanu sees her own cam video, she won’t find Ronnie in it. So she wud still b scared. In fact by morning, Pragya wud have showed the video to Abhi and Tanu game wud have ended.
    So Aaliya did her a BIG favor for whatever reason, but Tanu might cheat her.

    Will Aaliya try to revenge Tanu for this, or before she will do anything Pragya will succeed in showing video, let us see. Aaliya might have some proof of Tanu which she saved for later, which she will use now. Say try to strike deal with Purab.

  58. HEMA

    i’ve decided to put positive comments… It’s a nice serial as kundi said… it shows about the harwork of pragya….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.