Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya’s love rekindle in robbers captivity

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The Episode starts with Abhi coming downstairs. Robber tells that love is strong. Abhi asks Pragya not to tell him that they have not relations anymore. He tells her that whatever she thinks about their relations, but he always think as his wife. He asks her not to say that they are strangers again. Old Lady tells the other that they love each other a lot. Robber tells that Abhi risked his life as she loves her and says why a stranger risks his life for other. Aaliya talks to Tanu and asks about Pramod number. Tanu asks why? Aaliya says she wants to go on a date with him. Tanu scolds her. Aaliya says she wants to take his help. Robber calls Inspector and asks him to give some other number to him so that he can send Abhi’s pic with his wife. Inspector gives constable’s number. Aaliya says robber

is lying as his wife is Tanu, who is here? They go to the control room.

King tells Tarun that he will drive the car. He sits on the driver’s seat. Abhi smiles and poses pic with Pragya and robbers. Robber says you will cry soon. Pragya says I will not talk to you. Abhi asks why you don’t want to talk to me. Pragya asks why you did opposite to my saying. She says she will tell later. Inspector sees the pic and shows to Aaliya and Tanu. Tanu and Aaliya get upset and says she is his ex wife. Inspector asks them to go out and asks operator to give him info. He says if they don’t go then arrest them. Aaliya and Tanu go out. Abhi asks Pragya to tell now and says I know you are upset as I came here even thought you called me stranger. He says you didn’t know that why I came here. He says I came here for you. Dil diyan Gallan plays…..He says do you think that I don’t care for you.

Robber asks them to keep quiet. Abhi says we are talking romantically. Old lady says his love is strong and that’s why he came to save Pragya. Robber scolds him. Pragya says you can’t talk to him like that. Robber asks his men to tie them and lock in the room. Abhi says good. Robber comes to the locker room and scolds his man for not opening the locker. His robber tells that it is a digital lock and asks him to open. Boss asks him to open. Robber again tries to open the lock. King reaches the bank. Kiara runs behind him and says he will accompany, but he asks her to be with Chachi and asks Chachi to take care of her. Lady robber and the other guy robber tie Abhi and Pragya to the pillar. Mitali asks Constable to let them go inside. Constable says we have to save everyone. Suwarni Dadi cries. Purab asks Disha to take Dadi to car. Dadi refuses to go without Abhi.

Pragya and Abhi argue. She asks why didn’t you take me when you were searching lighter. Abhi asks then why did you come out when I refused? Pragya says I thought you are in trouble and that’s why she came out. Song plays baatein yeh….

Robber asks Abhi to go out and take locker keys from manager else he will kill Pragya. He starts the countdown and shoots at Pragya. Abhi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. first it was never ending kidnapping scene and now “this robbery scene” which is kept on repeating. Sick

  2. Even though there is a tremendous amount of talent with this cast and crew, let’s face it the producer is not interested in a story or entertainment. The producer is simply filling out the commercial obligations and likely doesn’t give a hoot about the actual story. There is none. I want to see how they actually end this series. Focus on the production versus the non-story. It’s actually rather funny. There are better quality ‘social engineering’ projects going on in the world. The trick is to recognise them and their handsomely paid producers. There is so much real talent out there. Entertainers, producers who are sincere and produce actual entertainment which asks the viewer to think and engage, through comedy or any other genre. When more viewers see and understand the difference …if that ever happens… then viewers won’t be used/abused by the Ekta’s (and her bosses) of the world. These one’s who take advantage of the emotions of innocent, needy fangirls and fanboys. When your emotions are tied up with Ekta’s nonsense, then you are not making any positive changes in your own life because your hopes and dreams are being used up, distracted by this nonsense. That is the job of the social engineer. Don’t allow viewers to actually think, learn or create betterment. Make sure that viewers are kept busy with nonsense and call it entertainment so that the elite infrastructure, the elite systems can continue to function smoothly. You know, keep your viewers ‘drugged’, addicted to the nonsense and they will never cause trouble in the real world. They are celebrating out there, how Ekta’s productions always feature the same types of characters. That indicates a VERY limited repertoire of creativity. What creativity?
    You are right Jyo, it is sick. A predator preying on naive individuals. Obviously, some of the victims have figured it out.

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