Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi beating Champak. Tanu and Nikhil get scared. Champak says I am not a lecturer, but an actor. He says he is not having any relation with Pragya and has done this for money. Purab says there is someone behind him who is using him and brought him here. Abhi asks who are them? Purab says who was claiming that Pragya is having an affair with Champak and says they are Tanu and Nikhil. He asks Abhi to question Tanu and Nikhil, why did they blame Pragya and on what basis? Abhi asks why you both are quiet now, and says you both told that you saw Pragya with Champak. Tanu says I saw them in joggers’ park.

Dadi says Pragya never met him. Pragya thinks she saw Champak before somewhere. Champak says I met Pragya in park as salesman and the pic was clicked. Purab says Nikhil

clicked those pics. Nikhil says I didn’t say that and says he had hired detective to take pics. He acts innocent and says he wants to help his friend. Abhi asks Champak, who has hired him to malign Pragya’s reputation, and beats him. He asks Purab to call commissioner. Nikhil scares Champak and signs that he will kill him. Champak pushes him and escapes. Nikhil runs behind Champak and asks him to hit on his head when everyone come out. Pragya asks Abhi if he is fine. Abhi says yes. They come out. Champak hits Nikhil. Tanu falls down and screams in pain. They take her to hospital.

Pragya asks Nurse about Tanu. Nurse says she will be fine. Abhi asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says can’t you figure out when I refused to divorce you. Abhi says okay. Pragya says I got angry when you believed on Tanu and agreed to have an affair with him. They argue. Saiyyara plays……………Abhi says your way was wrong and asks her to apologize. Pragya looks at him. Purab and Akash are waiting for Nikhil. Nikhil comes out after getting the bandage, and thanks them for waiting. Purab tells Nikhil that he can’t fool them and knows that he has acted. Purab says God has seen you acting and will punish you. Nikhil laughs and says I didn’t leave any proof. He says Tanu has fallen at the right time, and Abhi’s mind will be diverted. Now nobody can harm me.

Pragya meets the doctor and she turns out to be her close friend. Doctor thanks Pragya and Sarla for getting him married to her husband. She says you have become a celebrity after marrying a rockstar. Pragya says it is not like that. Doctor asks Pragya what is her relation with Tanu. Pragya tells her that Tanu is claiming that her baby is of Abhi, but actually it is of Nikhil. Doctor asks why didn’t you tell Abhi when you knows the truth. Pragya says Tanu lied and convinced me that the baby is of Abhi but later I came to know about the truth.

Abhi asks Nurse about Pragya. Nurse says she went to Dr. Sheela’s cabin. Abhi calls her sister. Nurse says I am your big fan and asks him not to call her sister. Abhi calls her sweetheart. Doctor tells Pragya that it is simple to expose Tanu through DNA test. She says I will take blood sample of Tanu. Pragya thanks her and says she wants to put her career in danger. Doctor Sheela says she will be happy to help her. Pragya says you came as an angel. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya why she is thanking Doctor. Pragya says as she has taken care of Tanu. She thanks Abhi for bringing coffee and says it is cold. Abhi says it got cold while searching you. Pragya says lets have coffee with snacks. Abhi agrees.

Doctor tells Nurse that they will do some test. Nurse says it is done to find out about genetic disorders. Doctor says husband asked me to take the sample as he don’t want his baby to have any genetic illness. Abhi is about to go to Tanu. Pragya thinks Sheela is taking sample of Tanu and stops him. Abhi says you are jealous. Pragya says you are also jealous naa seeing me with Champak. Abhi says I will go and see Tanu. Pragya shouts and feigns that something fell in her ears. Abhi says he will check. Pragya says she will show her eye to Doctor only. Doctor comes out and says she is fine. Abhi says can I take her home. Doctor says yes. Pragya is happy.

Pragya tells Tanu that she has started planning to expose her and asks her to count the backward numbers. She says one gets punished when tries to ruin someone’s character, or when tries to snatch someone’s kumkum/husband. Tanu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh! ??
    don’t plan again pragya…..❌❌❌ Please….We know how ur plan works in flopping path. U have proved us several times that u r a fool by ur flopping plans. U don’t want to prove it again. Bcoz we have confirmed u as a fool without any 0.0000000000001% doubt. We r not as fool as ur idiotic puppet husband to doubt u. Because he always doubts u as whether u love him or not. But we will not doubt u as whether u r intelligent or not.

  2. viewer’s khush na hon writer ak filhal koi irada nai hai tanu ko expose krny last moment mai docter nikhil n tanu k sath mil Jay gi ya reports change ho Jay gi n most possibility k ye pragya ak dream ho…is bar phr tanu n nikhil plan kr jain gain I think next 10 years tk tu ye possible nai hai k tanu expose ho Jay abi tu story mazeed drag ho gi just wait n watch..story drag krny nai mai salute krti Han writer tume..

  3. Guys becoz of no new updates, fresh pics r creating confusions. First we git party pics from the set. Now last night we got fresh pic of doctor sheela with abhi from Mehra house, in background Sarla maa and dadi also present. So it might b scene which could come after party. May b doctor will come with DNA reports on pragya’s calling to show proof against tanu’s baby’s identity. But feeling very exited but at the same time scared also for what happens next? If they will not exposed nikhil for now that’s OK but atleast they should reveal this truth to abhi that he is not responsible for tanu’s pregnancy. Atleast this much we deserves na after thus much tolerance. Updates r not coming out, this is creating more suspense, confusion and fear in our minds. Well I just want to say God plz save us romance another shock by cvs. After such a long time finally we r going to get, for what we were waiting since long. Happy days just started for us, hope cvs do not spoil our mood by any twist in the tail. I mean firstly they r giving us ray of hope through promo but later they turn it into another shocking twist for us. Everything is going too fast since somedays, that’s why it looks more scary. Well let’s see.

    1. Don’t know guys it is so confusing to guess exact thing. Do u guys have any idea?

      1. No idea prathiksha, just now I slowly watched the new promo, that report shows as mothers name: Tanushree Father name: Abhishek Mehra and result: Negative. So with this pragya can only prove that the baby is not abhi’s. She cant prove its Nikhil’s. I think now only the exposure of baby is not abhi’s will happen. Lets wait and watch

    2. I think the writers want us to get excited to the core and to stick us with tv may be because of that no updates till now and yes prathiksha doctor said she can prove the baby is Nikhil’s but as of now they didn’t take the samples for abhi and Nikhil. I think they will expose only the baby is not abhi’s. And this pragya what can I say about her. Y she is always giving hints to tanu and gets failed in her plan. Tanu never shares abt her plan to pragya and she always is in upper hand. Pragya should talk less and concentrate on her job.

    3. S shobana u r right but it proves that only baby is not abhi’s then it will also be gd abhi is feeling responsibility fr that baby if he knows it its enough to us but what big doubt is will abhi believe it r not may he will think in another like pragya don’t like him to see with tanu may she was showing it and another one is if tanu may come to know that doctor is pragyas friend it will be big problem to pragya as we know how tanu can use situation may she will tell abhi that she brought wrong report because she doesn’t want to see me to with u really so much confusing day by day many doubts r coming

      1. Yes asmitha there are many doubts. I feel all this doubts will be cleared in episodes only. Since there is no updates yet. All the pics posted by the actors are increasing our doubt. Lets wait for few days.

      2. helo..asmitha…
        r u frm tenali present studying in NIT wgl..???

    4. I cant believe the DNA test is finally happening, I couldnt watch yday epi, may be cant watch for next 1 week straight. My work break is over and back to the grind, so may have to catch up over weekends on ozee. Looks like truth may come out as per promo, but I am so sad I cant watch it at 9 or the repeat telecast also.

      This pic of Shabir with the doc is giving some hope as Sarla is also in background, as for drama sake Pragya/Purab may call Sarla. Because when she was leaving MM, Sarla kind of challenged Tanu that she will instead see her exit soon.

      Party pics are still suspense, but for now I will assume it is some movie promotion or a small event. Not something going on for days, as Tanu is also dressed up and if her truth is coming out, how she can be included in MM celebration.
      Also that scene of Abhi playing guitar and Pragya coming in, we saw in segment, that also seems to be shot early due to Sriti’s vacation but may come later, after hospital scenes in next 1-2 epis.

      I didnt see yday if Abhi blood/hair sample is also collected, else how can the DNA of the baby be compared with Abhi’s. They have to collect from Nikhil who is hurt and show instead that his DNA is matching. Hope this will be clarified in coming days.

      1. Exactly sahithi even I was shared this confusion last night after watching yesterday’s episode that doctor only took tanu’s baby’s DNA sample but to prove it that this baby is not abhi’s, she needs abhi or nikhil’s DNA samples for it to match with the baby’s DNA sample. So it is left to see that his it will b done? And the latest pics from upcoming party and the pic with doctor sheela and abhi along with dadi and sarla maa, all these things r difficult to guess in exact order that where these sequence will b used and on which time. Party will b first or sequence with doctor Sheela or it will come after the party. We have seen almost peoples fresh off screen pic from the set but sriti is missing. May b sequences which could shoot in absence of sriti, they r doing shooting for it becoz of sriti’s holidays and when she will b back on shooting, we will see exact scenes. May b this could b CVS strategy also for keeping upcoming things suspense to increasing it’s trp. Anything could happen. And these confusions r creating in our minds as everything going too fast since few days many rumours r also spreading and between all this no new updates and segments r telecasting. Hope promo prove right and finally abhi get to know without any hurdle that he is not responsible for tanu’s pregnancy. But somewhere in my heart negative vibes r also coming about the upcoming. I don’t want that it happen but don’t know why I have a feeling that this fact will surely reveal in front if abhi that he is not tamu’s baby’s father by DNA reports but I don’t think so matter will get finished here easily and tanu will b kicked out. Becoz tank is master in manipulation so she will try her best to convince abhi that reports r false as pragya wants to remove her and her baby from her way becoz she wants abhi back. So if abhi will see the reports then also he could b in dilemma that what to do or not or what is believable or unbelievable as abhi didn’t saw tanu w this much close with any other man except himself. He knows that nikhil is tanu’s gud friend but according to him, nikhil is married with his girlfriend and she is pregnant so he can’t think that nikhil could b responsible for tanu’s pregnancy. So if DNA reports will keep infrint if avhi against tanu then also it will not so easy to abhi believe on it simply. Ya he could b doubtful on tanu becoz pragya will bring this report in front if him and becoz it will b medical report examimed by doctor under medical facilties which can’t b ignored so he might b decide to recheck and find out about this truth once again and if he or pragya amd her team will not b careful then takhil could easily turn into their favour later by some conspiracies like always. So I meant to say may b promo scene will happen in the show but tanu’s chapter will not b finished here, in fact things will get more sensitive and delicate after this. We have to go through so much even after this dna report before seeing complete and successfull exposure of tanu. Abhi,pragya and her team needs to b very- very careful and alert to making tanu’s exposure finally happen successfully along with nikhil. I understands only this much possiblities about upcoming to happen. Well let’s see.

  4. I think the DNA test will be wrong or something like that. Nikil or tanu might change the report. Why is pragya planning? Her plan always flop as we have seen on lots of occasion .

  5. I also have no idea. Can also most probably the cvs pan to expose tanu and nikhil at last. Cvs cannot fool us all the time. Until when they are going to fool us with fake promos, suspense and all the stuffs. N also i have read somewhere thatpurab is leaving the show because he going to meet in a accident soon n die. Is it tru guys? I hope not. What say u guys?

  6. I think promo is real.At rajs reality time promo shows it became true.so hopes are more.because now abhi. believing on pragya after she reveals tanus truth and also abhi believes her.but the important thing is what after that tanus next step or reaction.is she takes this in her favor or caught.

  7. Yeah Doctor Sheela Original main Racha ki been hai kya.. Shakal kaafi milthi julthi hai dono ki…

  8. I think pragya will expose tanu after purab’s death.
    Bcoz like that she exposed aaliya after Bulbul’s death.
    Funeral is her powerful boost drink. How nice….
    oh abhigya loss everyone before get reunion. Pragya can tolerate others death than tell takhil’s truth to abhi. I think she is selfish mad. The reason for it is,
    1- lost abhi
    2- the accident she met when got to know taliya’s truth.

    Guys kkb team planned to irritate the fans only, but unexpectedly they have irritated the actors also. That’s y they r running by quitting the serial….
    Poor abhigya can’t escape as they r main characters.
    All the best pragya sorry sorry all the worst pragya…

  9. Pls it’s tym to change the path of the show not its tym to expose the villains pls do not put any more twist in it now let them meet they are made for each other

  10. Pratiksha but I heard tat abhi came to know about tanu’s truth.. Then she got miscarriage… For tat only doctor came ah.. So confusing… Do u know anything about tat…

  11. it should be named as Villians Bhagya.how many villians she has yaar aliya,tanu,vijay,nikhil one time raj corporater.what do you say guys

  12. I missed 2 names mitali and tayiji

  13. trp incresed to 2nd position

    1. Oh my god
      How it has happened??? Might be because of the new promo and no updates forcing the viewers to watch the show ☹

      1. Ya shobhna trp got increased and in result kkb got 2nd place in trp ratings. I think they gitcthis trp just becoz of jealousy sequence between abhigya and then exposure of champak and plan failure of takhil. And now new promo also giving wings to trps. No any new update came yet, no new segment aired yet, except few offscreen pics and between all this many rumours r spreading. I think CVS r playing strategy with us. By using all this trick, they r maintaining their trps by creating suspense and confusions. Now my fear r getting increased that if CVS r planning to giving us another shocking twist in shield of hopefull promo. I hope this time i prove wrong but we knows na how the cvs r expert in crushing our hopes.

      2. I too have that fear prathiksha since we can’t believe this CVs. That too if trp is increased definitely CVs will fool us that’s why I always want the trp to be in 4 or 5 th place. We have already seen many times the CVs are fooling us and prathiksha Lets think positively this time That the baby truth will be out in front of abhi. We will wait and see that whether the CVs at least respect their fans this time.

  14. This time Dadi will dream about DNA report for sure

  15. tanu will never get exposed and the truth will never be out

  16. this show has shown every kind of stupidity like making the video then they notice oh shit battery is dead so it might be like after purab’s death pragya will get depressed and she will come to abhi and show him reports he ask wat?when?how?who? bla bla and then she will say i was kidding all i m trying to say is this show is worst and the characters are worst and writers are the biggest fools they got mad the are playing with the show they love it when we got irritate in this condition of theirs all we can do is pray for them to get well soon or s
    else please just stop watching the show watch FATMAGUL on zindagi at 8:50 pm it is a biggest hit of turkey like we have iss pyaar ko kya naam doon i request all of yiu not to watch kumkum bhagya and view anything else anything isse acha toh diya air batu hum dekh lo kuch bhi dekh lo bas kumkum bhagya mat dekho. pls.

  17. Kkb is at 2nd place trp is also increased more this shows how audience r waiting fr tanu exposure and abhigya union pls CVS continue like this only don’t keep any negativeness and u will be at top place

    1. That I expected after Naagin got over, there will be some betterment as not much competition yet for the show, though lot of new shows got launched recently. Also, the writers cleverly showed a change in Abhi’s attitude towards Pragya, he stopped referring her as Mogambo rather calls her Pragya only. Pragya also stopped being Mogambo rather behaves just like her, not acting much in front of Abhi now.

      1. Yes sahithi The changes are not only with abhi and pragya but also with dasi nowadays she is also behaving gud with pragya. All forgets that she is mogambo and boss of the house. Everyone is thinking that she is old pragya.

  18. Probably cvs will be showing us what would happen if abhi saw the dna reports because we have been telling them to wind the track by a dna reports for so long

  19. I’m not excited this time. You guys noted one thing so far. The actual promo is not show in the story line. They will show the promo but it will not happen in the actual episode. I think pragya going to put doubt in Abhi’s mind and will threat Tanu where she going to be scared. This is my thought about the promo.

  20. Guys I think sriti is back to shoot I have seen her pic in Instagram she wore chudi this time I don’t know it exactly this is from shoot r may her holiday

    1. Ya asmitha I too saw that pic. Sriti in deep anarkali suit. She us looking pretty as usual. And ya it is from the set of kkb, from same upcoming party sequence with some new actor chiranjeev chaudhery. He is also going to act in kkb in this party sequence. Sriti is back on shoot. Now confusions and suspense got more increased. Can’t wait more to know.

      1. Pratiksha may he will be pragya friend doctor husband in show I think we can expect a segment tommarrow

      2. Pratiksha I have seen another pic she is looking so pretty after so many days I think we can see our old abhigya

  21. Guys it is from set only sriti is back to shoot

  22. Mona146

    Yeh pragya karthi to bahot kum lekin bolti bohot zyada. What was the need to inform her until the report comes out? Overacting ki dukaan? she reminds of saying………Dogs which bark dont bite and viceversa. Im sure nothing will happen this time too as always.
    CVs are getting good ratings so why will they change anything they will continue or make it much worse.

  23. Guys one more news pragyas friend doctor is also there in mm function so I think so much drama is going to happen really it creating more curiosity

    1. Ya asmitha I too saw. Doctor sheela also present with pragya and pragya is in same party outfit with her. Means so much r waiting for us. But before it so much suspense and confusions have been created in our mind. Only segments can give some relief and idea now. I m surprised that so much is happening in kkb and these r major things but no new segment t aired yet. Let’s see if we will get any new segment about kkb tomorrow or not?

    2. Hehehe every character in the show has to come to MM, but on serious note my guess is to get the blood or hair sample from Abhi/Nikhil, Pragya may get the doctor in the party. Let us see.

      Looking at Sriti’s dress, like she is not wearing a sari or evening gown for first time after this mogambo track started. May be there is a chance for Pragya getting drunk, so a chudi to facilitate her hungama after getting drunk.

  24. I don’t know why all the comments are directed towards the actors, because they are not writing the scripts only following orders as what to say, when to say and what to do. Did you guys not see in the previous episodes that every time Tanu puts her ear to the door she could hear clearly the conversation, but when Pragya and Dadi put their ear to the door they could not hear what was said inside the room. So stop blaming the poor actors if you have to criticize then criticize the writers.

  25. NEWS: An actor who is doing a cameo at the party has confirmed that Tanu’s truth is out in front of Abhi. I posted a picture of it on my Insta page but he asked me to delete it since he could get in trouble with the production people.

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