Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Tanu to prove that Abhi loves her more than him, and says he can do anything for his love. Tanu thinks she can’t take Aaliya’s help also, and wonders what to do. Nikhil thinks Tanu want to keep him away from her life, and he wants her to make his life. He thinks what to do, to make her come back to his life, and gets an idea. He calls someone and calls Tanu’s mum. He tells that he is their well wisher and tells Tanu is spoiling her life. Tanu’s mum says Abhi promised us that he will marry her soon. Nikhil tells that Abhi’s wife Pragya is pregnant and I have seen the celebrations myself. He asks her to go and check, and says Abhi’s family is waiting for the baby to born. He praises himself, thinks Tanu’s parents will take her from there, and she will

not have any option left than to marry him. He smiles.

Doctor is checking Dadi. Dadi asks her to check Abhi instead. Dadi thinks Abhi will be happy once he becomes papa. Suddenly Rachna feels pain in her stomach. Doctor checks her and says it happens during last stages of pregnancy. Akash comes and asks what happened? Pragya says it happens in pregnancy. Doctor asks Pragya to have proper medication as she is in early pregnancy stage. Dadi says doctor is right and asks her to do Pragya’s check up as well. Pragya says we shall not disturb her. Abhi asks Pragya to get the test done as Dadi is asking her to get it done. Pragya signs Abhi at her tummy. Abhi understands and tries to convince Dadi. Dadi insists to get her check up done. Doctor takes Pragya to room, while Abhi and Dadi keep an eye on them. Doctor checks her and says you are normal.

Pragya threatens her and shows the knife, saying she will operate her if she tells anything to Dadi. Doctor gets scared and tells Dadi that she is very good pregnant. Dadi says she didn’t hear this before. Doctor says she can do anything and can play football too. Doctor tells Abhi that Pragya is not pregnancy, but mad. She said she will operate on me with the knife. Abhi pretends to get scared, comes to room and sees Pragya smiling.

Aaliya comes back home and asks Tanu, what is the matter? Tanu says she didn’t want to trouble her with a problem. She tells one guy is troubling me. Aaliya asks is he good looking, rich and settled? Tanu says he don’t earn much, but is at good position. Aaliya says I have an idea, and asks her to go on a date with him. She says it’s kind of over with Bhai and asks her to consider him for marriage. Tanu asks how can you ask me to marry someone else when I am? She pauses. Aaliya says you also try to divert your attention like me. Tanu says she can’t tell her that she is pregnant with someone else child, else Aaliya will become my enemy. She thinks she have to do something. Sarla tells Beeji that Bulbul went with Purab to Pragya’s home. Beeji says you are a super mum, and says you sent her to her sasural before marriage. She says she did walk for 3 kms to the Gurudwara. She says she will go and rest as she has to take care of sangeet function.

Bulbul comes to Abhi’s room and calls Pragya and Abhi. Pragya and Abhi argue over Bulbul. Bulbul asks everyone to come fast, and says she made a list, asking them to give a performance. She says she made list thinking about their preference. She gives song to everyone. Aaliya says she will take Purab’s help for rehearsals. Bulbul says you will give award to everyone of us. Tanu thinks what is happening here. Dasi asks them to talk about function. Bulbul says Pragya will give special performance in her marriage. Dadi says Pragya will not dance as she is pregnant. Bulbul asks Tanu to dance with Abhi for the special performance. Abhi and Tanu are shocked. Bulbul asks shall I change the song. Abhi says he can dance for any song and agrees to take part.

Abhi tells that today you are my wife and this right is yours. He fills her maang with sindoor, while Pragya closes her eyes and gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • KKB News Update

      The Writer better take HEED ( see BELOW) Fans are tired of being strung along……

      The many twists and turns in Kumkum Bhagya including the arrival of the real father of Tanu’s child seemed to have failed to connect with the audience. From 3.4, the show has dipped to 2.7 which shows its downward slide.

  1. Che karuma da … If aliya and purab marry … KB should forget about even seeing its name in trp chart… Yuck 😛

  2. Priya $

    Hereafter I will don’t watch serial…. Just will read the update….. Worst dragging,…..Hate it completely…. :@:@:@

  3. Susi

    Enga amma appavey soluchu…ivanunga thirutha mattennunga..intha serial pakatha…nu…..
    ..na kettana….
    Cha …stupid writer go to hell

  4. Dhari

    That’s y guys I m always checking written updates!!! Because like you I don’t even trust this drama… A dragging drama…. ?

    • Abhi is about to apply sindoor in pragya’s forhead but pragya holds his hand to stop him for putting sindoor. Then sbhi tells her I don’ t know what will happen tomorrow but today, we are with each other and u r my wife and this right is only and only yours. After this he puts sindoor on pragya’s forhead. Pragya gets emotional with teary eyes.

  5. Bharathi

    So boring…..one week la one scene than paaka worth ah iruku……even I too stopped watching…..

  6. Zeeha

    Aliyakum purabkum mattum wdng nadanthichu… Rommmba mosamana serial ithuva than irukum. Very bad…

  7. Shazia

    The episode was ok . But i luv mrs kaushik ki paanch bahuein and qubool hai . But y did mrs kaushik ki paanch bahuein even end ! I luv ragini nandwani , surbhi jyoti and rubina dilaik even tanya sharma and jennifer winget r gud !

  8. santya

    ????valtukal….yepidi thaa inthe story writer ippedilam yosike mudiyitho on how to take this drama storyline more draggy like chewing gum…i didnt watch this drama for a week and yellamey inthe updates liye read panikiren…thank god,i didnt waste my 30mins daily in my life…

  9. santya

    Zeeha…im still here…just i didnt post any comments…hahahaa….u knw my mail right? Yethachum naa yenneke mail’leh pm pannenggeh….lets keep in touch alright???
    Yelarum yepidi irukingeh?-divya,priya,priya$,ghayathri,kowsi?
    KAvin-ore medical seats kadaikeh avolo kashthem ah anggeh???

  10. Priya $

    Frnds when this all probs get over 2 months they are dragging this Tanu’s pregnancy. 🙁 :'(

    • Well only CVS knows this. They wiants to stretch the story like this or they wants to move ahead with new track. It’s all depend on their show’s popularity or trp ratings. That’s it.

  11. fine santya How are you ??? intha serial story kaga edukura mathiriyae theriyala drag panrathukum viewers ah tension paduthurathukum nae edukura mathiri theriyuthu……

    • santya

      Im fine!!! Just reached home.after my class…u r correct….naa nenaikiren inthe story yedekerethodeh seri…avenggeleh parke mathanggeh pohle….ille’na avenggeleku yeppaiyo purinjirekum inthe katheh rombe bad ah poithe iruke

  12. Majesty

    Pragya is now a ridiculous character- who would threaten a doctor with a knife? Seriously!!!

  13. diya

    Purab and bulbul might not get married after all..if its based on that book then purab nd aliya will get married and bulbul might marry suresh in the end after all..this will decrease the show’s trp for sure but thats what will happen, i think..

  14. rrr

    Ayo…1 month ku aparam nan written updates padikraen..The story remains the same..idiots…inumah intha tanu matla…purab n bulbul marriage nadakala…rachana ku baby porakala…mudiyala da saami…2 month back story ipavuma…pls intha serial updates koda nan padikamataen…kkb oru kumbug=du saami…chaaaa…thuuuu…serial ah ithu…vomit varuthu…abhi actng super…but abhi character waste….cheee

  15. kaizy

    Looks lyk this serial is stuck n d story is not gng ahead. Dey really need to get a story writer

  16. sanjana

    if the writer drags this too much the serial will have to go to star utsav or star gol;d. very boring. i used to watch every episode even when suresh was one of the main characters iniitially. I hate to see Tanu plot plot and plot while pragya and abhi cant see it. I wonder how abhi does not know that the child is not his???? Seriously whats going on? Even reading written updates is getting irritating…Please change the script or give a happy ending and start a new serial.

  17. Priya $

    I saw Sangeet function in utube. Abhi was pulled by pragya and bulbul. Abhi dances alone only then Purab with bulbul and again aliyah with Purab dances. Dadi and Dasi dances… While Purab dances Tanu’s mom tries to speak to dadi but abhi distract them..

    • Ya PRIYA bulbul won’t get married with purab because aaliya’s wedding will take place with purab and it is confirmed by E24- u me TV aur hum and Abp news- sbs segments. Officially it will be announced after wedding episode’s telecast.

  18. Guys SBS people said today that pragya will be missing for sometimes during sangeet function because she will be busy in finding tanu’s truth and she will get to know tanu’s truth and now pragya will start her mission to expose tanu and throw her out from abhi’s life and house. Now I think pragya will stop tabhi ‘s engagement because she will get to know tanu’s truth.

      • PRIYA $ it’s SBS-saas bahu aur saazish on abp news, all television serial’s news show. They showed a segment of kumkumbhsgya today where purab and bulbul were dancing. Abhi was also dancing separately. In a clip they showed abhi was looking for pragya but pragya was missing. They said pragya was busy in find out tanu’s truth so she is missing.

  19. Priya $

    KumKum Bhagya:

    Bulbul and Purab dance on the romantic song Dhaage Tod Laaun during their sangeet for the much awaited wedding. She is very happy and can’t hold on her happiness. Bulbul looks delightful performing on romantic song. Abhi is wondering where is Pragya and looks for her. Pragya is trying to find Tanu’s secret and will finally know about the baby’s father. With the new changes, Tanu will become Pragya’s enemy and take the story line forward.

  20. kumkum bhagya is a very good serial actually.the serial track is good but the only problem which is making the audience bored is that they r dragging it.the moment tanus truth will come out will make the serial more intresting and i guess the trps will again increase.atleast trps kadha they r supposed make it fast.pls writers .its our kind request pls stop draging the show.and put some romabtic scenes between pragya and abhi.

  21. Guys please visit jndia forum in that thy are making lot of stories on abhigya which is really nice. And nowadays I started to read updates on thapki pyaar kI. It is really interesting

  22. pa pls pa writers we really loved this serial.now its becoming bad.pls dont make us hate this serial. we really love shabbir and sriti.if u continue this same track ,then once ther serial will come out a flop,that time though u realize and feel for it there will be no use.so better finish this track and let it move.and we want maximum abigya scenes.we dont want you to waste the best couples acting ever. just let it move and its our kind request to u people.

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