Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she will always be upset as she couldn’t expose Tanu. She says I had exposed Raj and Aaliya’s truth, but no use. She says may be God don’t want us to be together and says she has no complains. She says I am not asking you to save our relation, but please don’t trust on Tanu, else Dadi’s prayers will be unanswered. Purab comes to the hotel following Tanu. He peeps in the room and hears Tanu and Aaliya conspiring to kill Pragya. Aaliya says Nikhil will do something to Pragya’s car. She sees Purab and is shocked. Purab comes inside and slaps her. He says I thought you will change, you came to India and never talked to anyone. He says first you killed Bulbul and now planning to kill Pragya. He tells Tanu that he hates her very much, and says

he felt bad when her baby died, but it was good as he died, as she would have killed him one day for her advantage. He tells Aaliya that Tanu don’t love Abhi, and asks you both are a big cheaters. He says you both might have thought to cut ties with the other once their work is done. He tells that he don’t want to talk to her and hopes Abhi and Pragya are fine.

Pragya continues talking to Abhi…Abhi looks on…Saiyyara Re plays…………A fb is shown, Abhi recalls their happy times. Pragya says I know that these things don’t matter to you, and says I have build hatred in your heart for me, and took enough time to get proofs against Tanu. She says then also I lost and she went ahead. She asks her to talk to Purab or Dadi. She says I can’t bear defeat and asks him to talk, and cries. She says I couldn’t fulfill the promise made to Bulbul and couldn’t fulfill Dadi’s expectations. She says I have lost and cries. Abhi thinks about Dadi’s decision that she don’t want to stay with him, if he thinks Pragya is wrong. He gets up and hugs her. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays…………

He kisses on her forehead and says I don’t want to hear anything from anyone. He says you would have told me before, I don’t need any proofs. I would see in your eyes and know everything. He says you would have told by your heart then I would have heard it. He says I have felt from my heart. He says your expressions, heart beat, and shaking voice proves that you are saying truth. He says I can feel that you had bear enough because of me, and says you are looking like my fuggi as I can see the depth of your eyes. He says I had a doubt that Tanu and Nikhil were upto something and I had shared my doubt with Purab. He says now I came to know why Tanu feigned stomach ache again and again and why Nikhil visited our house frequently.

Abhi says my Dadi can’t do anything wrong with me. She says I knew that my fuggi can’t betray me who taught me relations and says I knew that my fuggi is hidden behind mogambo, and says she is right infront of me. Pragya asks him to take her promise and tell that he believes her. Abhi says I don’t need any promise to tell my words. Pragya says you are believing me, even without talking to Dadi or Abhi. She asks will you believe Tanu if she brings fake proofs. Abhi says no. Pragya asks him to promise by keeping hand on her head. Abhi says I will never leave you and will be with you always……Pragya hugs him happily and emotionally. She says you didn’t know that you gave me a big happiness today. She tells that Sarla and Dadi will be very happy to know this. She says I would have trusted on our love, and told you long before. She says I haven’t told you as I was afraid to lose you. She says I used to pray to God about this day, and the day is finally here. Abhi says Dadi is right, we shall stay together. He says I am not upset as you have told it so lately, but I am upset as we are not together before. He says I am happy that I got my fuggi and you got me. Abhi says I will leave mogambo’s job and asks can I be your Abhi all our lives. He says I love you….Pragya says I love you too and hugs him. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays……….Abhi and Pragya are happy and hug each other. Abhi lifts her in his arms. He kisses on her forehead.

Abhi tells Pragya that their fight have brought them together. He says Dadi used to say that the fight brings two people closer. He says we got closer. Pragya looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Here Comes More Bull

    Fans DONT’ get too happy …….here comes part 2 of the Tanu BULL Crap……. and ….does anyone else think that Tanu, Nikhil and Alyia have been let off the hook really easy and without a single word!!! Abhi didn’t even show anger!!!!

  2. asmitha

    What a epi so nice really can’t describe abhi’s each and every word it really gd no words describe abhigya and their love it gave a awesome feeling after abhi’s proposal episode this is the best epi really really awesome and the way he was asking to be her husband it was so cute but so sad is his accident

  3. Sahithi

    I could go on n on describing each expression n every dialogue. But that would exceed the total episode update written here. Right now the episode had been so over whelming, it feels short of words. Sriti stole show yday and Shabir’s turn was today. I already watched it twice, guess will watch more this weekend. Ozee would crash by tomorrow 😂

    Can’t pick one thing but when Abhi kept hand on his head, it was ultimate way of assuring his love n trust. 😘😘😘

    • shobana

      Absolutely sahithi. There is no more words to describe yesterday episode. I was scared of today’s episode. This is not fair yesterday only they got united after one and half year but in promo they said today is accident part going to come ☹ . And what about Tanu’s punishment??? Without punishing Tanu is the CVs are going to make accident to abhi??? Yesterday I liked purab too. He didn’t raised his hand on alia even when he comes to that alia is behind bulbul’s death. But yesterday he has equalled everything with that one slap.
      I’m happy that the most awaited scene has happened in kkb but worried about the upcoming stories.

    • asmitha

      Really sahithi fr how many days we have waited fr this epi I really happy yesterday such a cute emotional epi really the way they carried their characters so gd I really laughed at one place when pragya asked him will he believe tanu if she shows any proof it was so cute the way she asked but really a super cute jodi forever

  4. adamu alhaji adamu

    After months of deceiving us by your fake stories and also upsetting those that believed in u, finally Abhi comes back to his senses. To me this is a childish story and will never happens to anywhere in the world. I suggest that please when next try to be more matured on your story. I stop reading and watching kkb for long due to the situation I found myself when watching kkb. Please don’t be annoyed with me but it is the naked truth.

  5. Diya

    Pls don’t let abhi forget his fuggi.. Again conspiracies n stuff.. Noooo… Don’t let this happen..

  6. hi

    Dont say this is going to be fake again by Tanu ,Alia tricks… How many days /years will Alia Tanu will Lets Truth win for first time in KB….

    Enough of Drama.. Show some serious relation in life……

  7. Varsha

    OMG!!! Wooooooow……the second confession held in a wonderful way…. I cant express my feelings through these words…really overwhelmed…. And abhi, when he promised…..i feel like in cloud nine 😊 seriously loved a lot today epi

  8. Makada

    Thank god abhi believes pragya,,tanu days are winding down ,finally love will take its place in pragya n abhi life 😘😘😘

  9. Elinor

    After watching this I asked my family member to pinch me I thought it was dream loved it 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘. Best episode of my life love them.😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  10. Aishwarya

    First thing is i m in cloud nine happy happy happy………next how r u all guysss prathikaha sahithi shobana hency all others i was so happy n too sad happiness is not only for their reunite n also d word said by abhi that she would have told d truth before he would believed her for sure without any proof this is what we r saying through this one n half year n i dont understand one thing that when pragya ask him to promise why he took hand on his head rather then pragya asked him took hand on her plzzzz anyone clear me this sad for not only abhi’s memory loss n also they r again going seperate within one day of unite they were seperated more than a year but not being together for one day so…….sad n yesterday abhigya acting was mindblowing dialogues were awesome no words love uuuuuuu a lot abhigya share ur views with me guys plzzz

    • Pratiksha

      Hi Aishwarya 🙋I m gud, how r u? Ya last two episodes was the best episodes of kkb of this track. Finally all got happy with abhigya but whenever happiness becomes a lot then chances gets increase of happening bad. So let’s see. Hope after giving such a worst track and episodes, cvs show some mercy on us.

    • shobana

      Hi aishu I’m good. Hope you are also doing good. Yesterday I felt very happy after watching the show. Hope to see good episode further. Lets see what happens.

  11. Payal

    When will this pathetic story end. Abhi has abused pragya off and on thru the entire show. Pragya cries, pretends she knows everything, all her plans failed, abhi humiliated her at every party. They are 2 neurotics obsessed with each other. This is not romance.

  12. Pratiksha

    Yesterday’s episode was mind blowing. I watched it many times but still it’s not enough for me. I felt yesterday like show has finished for me there with happy union of abhigya. Becoz now I don’t have any gutts to watch bad just after it. Atleast they should give abhigya and us some more times with these types of romantic and love scenes between abhigya after tolerating more than one year of torcher, infact we were waiting for it since their marriage so it’s been almost three years of it’s waiting. So atleast they should give us few months of happiness with abhigya but just after it, just in next moment, everything snatch back, it’s very bad. Already track haven’t finished yet completely until evil will not get punished for their sins. We can’t say it evil’s exposure, infact it was abhigya’s union. So we can’t say that track finished here. For me it’s incomplete happiness becoz it will b complete only them, when evil will get their punishments for their evil deeds. And if without giving a proper finish to this track, they moves towards another track then it will b disappointing for us. I was wishing that I see abhigya’s union and evil’s punishment together but it seems not poss after watching the promo, and after watching such a lovely union of abhigya I have no gutts to watch him again seperate by evils and back to square one. So here, I will take a break from kkb with happy union of abhigya, until I will get this confirmation that we can see them again together with their love and romance. Evil punish or not but abhigya shouldn’t b seperate now anyhow and memory loss will b worst thing fir abhigya if abhi forget pragya completely in actual. So until I will not get any positive and gud confirmation for further story, i will not watch kkb till then and stay happy with this last one episode of abhigya’s union.

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋 prathiksha, exactly the same. I too said the same in the above comment. Its will be totally unfair to bring another evil plan before tanu’s punishment. If the CVs left tanu’s punishment at this point then I think it wont happen as of now.
      And I too watched the episode 3 times since yesterday night. My mom is asking me are you became mad?? Asusual I got it in one ear and left in other ear.😂😂. Still excited to watch many times. As of now I really don’t want to happen anything in abhigya’s life.

    • Brintha

      hi all.. yes of course all wanted this reunion as we expected.. without any proof.. just on trust.. he believed.. this is what we wanted.. but they given this moment after so many annoying episodes.. i agree i felt happy . but i cud not enjoy.. after raj exposure with tanu baby with nikhil this exposure was better.. ok.. we can’t change anything nw.. and i hv a doubt on next segment.. abhi met with an accident.. abhi may gets wounds and memory loss.. but.. whn he is gaining his memory back.. he may act still he has lost his memory for some time to find out the real face of aluya, tanu and nikhil.. they may plan against pragya, infront of abhi only without knowing he gained his memory back.. and abhi may be protecting pragya frn them… nw thr is strong proof against these three ppl to take legal action… i think abhi turn is next.. pragya will take rest for sometime and rockstar is going to rock..

  13. Mittenzz

    Today was lovely. But willvthis be another one rosy episode in a bunch of thorns? Will they just tempt us with this Pragya, Abhi union finally to take it away from us again by showing more Niktalyia drama.
    They show Abhi losing control of the car but will it be a major or minor accident? They state memory loss. Will Abhi come to figure out the car was messed with and the intent was to kill Pragya? After all it’s her car. Will he feind the drama of memory loss caused by the supposed accident to get to the truth of Aalyia, Tanu and Nikhil?
    It makes no sense to make us viewers go through another repeat of Tanu drama. We have enough. Put the truth forth once and for all and make the three evils feel the consequences of their action. One well deserved and love by your viewers who’ve been waiting aaaaaggggeeessss for that to happen. Let the memory loss by a trick planned by Abhi and not a real one.

  14. Sugan

    Today episode beautiful….

    I pray this promo for failed…because last promo pragya accident scence is failed…. Also this promo same irukkumu…

  15. Blossom

    It seems tht abhi wil act as if he hs lost his memory. Thts at abhi said in an interview

  16. tanvi

    Yesterday was my birthday n abhigya united in yesterdays’ episode…it was like a special gift to me from kkb…..m so so so happy….cant explain……

  17. Happy Love

    Wowwww frnds epi was toooo good…
    Finally abhi belive pragya without proof… actually in last two epi gives to much happy even that happiness made me forgot the 1 and half yrs drag…

    I hope if abhi loss memory means defnly love pragya once again without misunderstanding….

    In this serial abhi married pragya only for revenge and its a misunderstand afterthat they develop there relationship to love..

    So i want abhi again love pragya without any misunderstand and only full of love…..

    May if abhi act like memoryloss means also i like that…

    I don’t want to see pragya suffer too much in this memoryloss section bcos already pragya suffered too much..

  18. Jayakumarisuresh

    Mind blowing episode. No words to describe. Abhi forgot Tanu Nikhil Alia’s crimes and his heart filled only his fuggy’s love. Fb can be shown for Abhi’s recollecting that Sarlama’s anger towards Nikhil’s entry and Dadi’s conversation with Pragya in her room, and Akash, Rachana, Purab’s conversations, etc. Shabir and Sriti’s acting awesome. Again and again I watched. Especially Abhi catches Pragya’s hand and saying life time husband naukri. Nice episode after a long when Abhi’s first confession of his love to his fuggy. CVs can show some more episodes like this in their MM room,without letting others knowing their union especially to the evils. It would be very funny to watch.



    |Registered Member

    So finally Abhi know the truth…. and Pragya and Abhi united after nearly 2 yrs for truth to know….😊😊😊😊
    But wait now they will be seprated again due to Abhi memory loss and KB team will start dragging it till endless episodes….

  20. thinker

    the episode must be rocks.but I couldn’t watch and I want that episode links to download.I will save it and watch that again and again help me guys by giving link to download full episode

  21. fathima

    I have one doubt,pratiksha or anyone can clear that…from Monday 9pm new serial is going to telecast in zee tv in the place of kkb……thn wat will happen to kkb….is tis the is going to end by today(Saturday)……pls anyone clear my doubt…otherwise my head will be broken…..i love abhigya…i don’t want to miss them…plsssss any one tell me….

    • hema

      New serial going to telecast only on sat and sund..kkb as usual Mon to Fri 9 pm.. Don’t worry.. Ma

    • sana

      No kkb will be telecast Mon to Fri new serial is for sat and sun so kkb is not going to end

  22. Pratiksha

    Hi guys what’s up? How many of u r ready to watch further twist and story? Well I m going to b very busy for next two- days due to a big pooja at my place . So now I will depend on u guys for updates. Hope I will get for sure as all of u r similarly exited and alert for updates like me. Till then bye guys. And hi fatima, first of all how r u? Hema and sana r right. Kkb will telecast for mon- Fri at 9pm but sat- sun, a new show will b telecast. So don’t worry.

    • kiara

      I saw a fresh picture of Abhi(Shabir) at a concert and of Shabir with a clean shaved look which could be Abhi from 3 years ago. I think there will be a memory loss track.

  23. Ashitha

    Wow… Sooooo..cute..At last a good episode. Hope to see abhigya united.loved today’s episode.

  24. mima

    Very nice but will the writers allow us to enjoy a nice romantic drama? no , i doubt it..they will think of something bad to separate these nice people.

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