Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya crying and blaming herself as Dadi read the report. Abhi says you did a mistake, but it was for good. He says he will win Dadi’s trust and love, but he needs to serve his punishment for this. He asks her to stay at home for him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…………..Abhi packs his bag while Pragya looks on tensed.

Sarla calls Bulbul asking her to come soon. Jhanki asks what to cook in the evening? Sarla looks on tensedly. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla says nothing. She says she is feeling as if something bad has happened or something wrong will happen. She asks all will be good naa. Beeji says there is something wrong with your mind. She says she will call Pragya and get her scolded by her. Sarla asks her not to call Pragya and

says she is smiling. Beeji asks her to inform Jhanki about the things to prepare for dinner.

Pragya asks Abhi to think again, as others will be hurt seeing him being punished. Abhi keeps his hand on her mouth and says he can’t do this. Hamari Adhuri plays……Pragya stops him and says she will convince Dadi to stop his punishment. Abhi stares her emotional. Pragya looks at him with longing eyes.

Dadi cries and says happiness is going far from her home. She says it is my mistake, I didn’t take care of Abhi. Pragya comes requesting Dadi not to throw Abhi out of house. She asks her to stop Abhi from going out. She says when Abhi was throwing Aaliya out, you said she is daughter of this house. She says Abhi is son of this house, so please don’t let him go. Dadi says my decision is final and asks Pragya to go as well if she wants to. Pragya asks how can you be so stone hearted. She says you forgave his mistakes all the way long, then why can’t today. Abhi tries to enter the room, but Dadi stops him and says he don’t deserve this right.

Abhi keeps his bag and apologizes to Taya ji and Tayi ji. Taya ji hugs him and says you are a good son. Akash hugs him. Abhi says I was your idol, but. Akash says you are my idol always, irrespective of Dadi’s thinking. Abhi asks Mitali to give love to Bunty and Babli, and says he couldn’t become good chacha. Mitali says you are good chacha. Abhi says I don’t deserve love of you all and should get big punishment than this. He asks everyone to take care of Dadi. He says he will never forgive himself if Dadi doesn’t take care of herself. Taya ji says Dadi’s anger will go in some days and then they will stay together. Abhi says I will leave and starts walking towards the door.

Abhi talks to Aaliya and says he couldn’t become good at relations. He says he became rockstar, but failed in every relation. He says he has fallen in everyone eyes and don’t have any right to punish her. He says I know you will not forgive me and you shouldn’t. He starts walking again, but Pragya calls him to stop. She runs to him and hugs from back. Abhi closes his eyes while Pragya cries badly. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………..Abhi turns and hugs her cryingly.

Dasi comes and looks at them. Abhi separates the hug and looks at her. Pragya tries to speak up, but he puts finger on his mouth. Pragya looks on emotionally and cries. Abhi picks his bag and leaves. Pragya sits down shockingly and devastated. Dadi comes, sees him leaving and goes to her room.

Abhi is walking on the road and recalls his moments with Dadi. A flashback is shown, Abhi surprises Dadi and takes her to their home. Dadi asks if this is studio? Abhi says he has brought new big house for her. He asks are you happy Dadi? He gives her keys and says you are owner of this house. Dadi says you are owner. Abhi says you are my everything and gives her keys asking him to throw him of he does any mistake. Dadi says she will never let him go far from her. FB ends. Abhi sits down tensedly.

Aaliya meets someone to execute her plan. He says he will wrong route. Tanu meets Abhi and badmouths about Dadi. Abhi couldn’t hear against Dadi and shouts at Tanu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hy
    jyst wanted 2 tell u gud work u do of updating

  2. The story is dragging so far to annoy the viewers. Looks like negativity is winning most part in this drama , bad example.

  3. Very touching between Pragya and Abhi. Anyone can see that they love each other.

  4. Looking for tht promo scenes

    1. priya entha form la padichenga..promo scenes pathi…priya tanu saganum na pragya vida vendiyathu tane…ethuku thadukanum

      1. Kowsi akka I din talk about this promo scenes I was talking about abhi and pragya love confession scenes

  5. that man is abhi brother.mithali’s husband…alaiya will join with him ah..nice episode..

  6. Stopped watching show.. just reading the preview still same drama…… dragging dragging

  7. Maybe the writers will read this.

    Let’s THINK for 1 minute. Abhi’s sister – who does NOT work and lives off of HIS Money – wants to destroy Him!!! So when he loses Everything – that means the house that her dumb ass lives in and all that she now has and enjoys will be GONE too!! Anyone else see how Crazy this story is?

    1. Yah actually i agree wid u….but if should would hv been matured enough then neither she would hv done dat mess wid purab her so called love nor would she hold grudges against abhi who loved her more than his life

  8. Abi pragya scenes r heart touching

    1. Let abigya unite n drag d story from tat yar

  9. Abhigya scenes r lovely
    in all other situations pragya only suffers lot more than others dat not fair i dnt lyk it
    love u abhigya ?

  10. In yesterday episode aliya said if I’m in loss that will do but my enemy should not get benefit
    That’s y she is doing this

  11. Cvs again did beyond of our predictions. Omg! raaj has started doing bad things. Poor guy. His own wife has cheated her by leaving him in jail and enjoying her life outside and no one helped him. That’s why he has started doing bad things. And now he is going to help aaliya for spoiling abhi. It means nikhil’s entry is only for exposing tanu. May b he will become negative later but not for now. And what is this? Abhi has gone at tanu’s house. He is going again on wrong path. But I feel becoz of tanu’s bad mouthing about dadi, abhi will not live in her house and refuse to marry her and he will going to somewhere else. Then I think, her suicide drama sequence will happen?

    1. Abhi went to Tanu’s house??? did they show like that Nikki?? I can’t believe he actually went.. he has his own houses rite to stay….

      1. Ya chithu. In precap, abhi was in tanu’s house. I saw tanu’s pics on abhi’s back wall. Then I assumed it is tanu’s house. May b tanu bring him with her forcely by playing emotional game. But it is sure that it was tanu’s house. I know they saw in past episodes, her house has been burnt but don’t forget guys they r CVS who made us fool like this many times. So this time again.

    2. cvs na enna nikki???

    3. Tanu’s house?? It caught on fire – what house?

  12. Guys it was raaj, mitali’s husband with whom aaliya was talking to take help for destroying abhi, in precap. Poorguy?y he turned as bad becoz of his suffering in jail without any mistake.

  13. When will ekta madam allow abhigya to confess their feelings aur yeh nikhil is serial me h hi kyo? Is serial ka sabse great dumbo toh nikhil hi hai.

  14. Hey guys the new promo doesn’t make sense how do abhi and pragya meet and express their love to each when pragya is still helping that B*tch Tanu without knowing the truth ,I am pretty sure it’s a dream sequence seen by tanu after abhi screamed at her and after when she tries to suicide just an asumption ?

  15. Dont make happy rockstar into sad rockstar-why the truth is not coming back

  16. Dragging.. Dragging… Dragging….

  17. Now only i saw that aliya join with raj…
    Eppa endha raj bad guy ya maruna…

    Actuvally frnds in tamil and hindi kkb be related .
    In tamil today only raj getting arrested episode telecast.. in hindi aliya going to join raj to runi abhigya…

    I think aliya raj oda join panni abhi image damage panna try pannuva… may be matali kkb hall prblm ku ava dan karam nu unmaiya sollalam and also kidnap truth come out …. pakkalam

  18. Ekta jii please change your storyline i mean why raaj

  19. Pls dnt drag too much. . Cnt wait to see abhigya’s happy married lyf

  20. Abhi is a rockstar know so he come up soon know what ya if a person come means all are go how idiotic her talent with her know use that

  21. Boring episode pa.. Hope Tanu will be pregnant for more than 2 yrs as same as tat of Rachna.. Can’t watch it… Pls bring an end to this pregnancy drama pa..

  22. Dont drag too much…v r getting bored f watching so,reveal d tanu’s truth….waiting FA abhi Pragya unite

  23. Rahul when pragya abhi meet and confess their love to each other that happens when tanu realizes that abhi has left home and he’s not the rockstar abhi anymore he is just abhi and he has no respect or anything anymore and so tanu leaves him and that’s when pragya comes and becomes his support and that’s when they confess their love and I saw this in the abp news and after tanu leaves she goes to Nikhil and tells him that she loves him and not Abhi and pragya and abhi become one but they also team up to know what tanu is hiding because he and pragya find it weird how tanu wanted abhi because she was pregnant with his baby and now she just leaves him and goes so that’s how they confess their love to each other and find out tanu’s secret that she is pregnant with Nikhil’s baby and not abhi’s.

    1. Thumbs up for this update…

    2. Zoya….was it shown in SBS sengment?

      1. I think so I looked in the abp news

    3. If this is fact the plot…I hope it is not dragged out.

  24. I wud lyk 2 suggst. Throw d writers out of dis show.? N gt sm ppl hu hv atlst sm comon sense. Den dis show myt bcum worthy of watchng. Othrwise its jst bullshit nw?. Wen nikhil jst wnts 2 get tanu n hs child y create prblms in abhi’s lyf???? Dumb ? N dat aaliya. Hw i hate you. ? wish i cud kill you. N tanu u r a b*t*h.

  25. nazlin Nihearl

    Sorry for abhi guys

  26. That hug was os power full
    Guy’s i think that Aliya is going to meet Nikhil right??

  27. Nahi Abhi u can’t leave me or Pragya or ur fans. Please don’t leave even if u do I know u will come back

  28. If abhi went to Tanu’s house it ll b gud yaar
    Then only easy for abhi to know about her. If Nikil too come.it ll b more interesting. Wat do u think guys. If abhi in Tanu’s house surely after this promo scene surely tanu ll come.

  29. Seeing Raj literally made my day even though he’s bad now apparently!!! This guy has been in jail for forever and I’ve been waiting for the day he returns to the show lol ?

  30. Nikki…but am still thinking why Abhi is still telling to everyone that he loved Tanu before marriage… if that is love., how he again got the same feelings for Pragya… i thought he would have realized that whatever feeling he had for Tanu is not love but mere attraction ….but seems like no..he still seems to believe that he loved Tanu…

    1. Chithu abhi was saying that he loved tanu before becoz for him it was love becoz he doesn’t know the true meaning of love at that time. Now he knows what is true love but at that time, for him it was love and he always said that I m in love with tanu so now he can’t tell it to everyone that he is in not love with tanu but only think that it was love. If he tells it to everyone in this situation when tanu is carrying his baby (for everybody) then he becomes more wrong ifor everybody. That’s why he was saying that he loved tanu before and wanted to marry with her becoz it was his truth about which we r also familiar.

    2. Chithu how they r telling that abhi is in Tanu’s house yaar.do u know about tat.

      1. Priya..i was not sure about that..but Nikki told in the preview, they showed Tanu’s photo in the background..so it might be her house..but Abhi would not gone there willngly…Tanu might have brought him there forcefully…

  31. Guys u remember before some days they show one promo for 2 weeks with date like this. Pragya ll bring tanu in bridal wear tat promo. Like tat they r showing this promo too someone told they r telling exact date so it may not b dream. So there is a chance for dream too.

    1. Priya..that Tanu’s promo was old one rite..like we saw that when Pragya was bringing Tanu to Mehra mansion..she brought Tanu to Abhi’s house for her(Pragya’s) place… so they showed it in a bridal getup… so it was true..also, did we have any old promo which was seen as dream later?? i mean , in this Pragya overhearing Tanu-Nikhil conversation promo also, they didn’t show in the promo like Pragya is actually hearing their conversation..she will be coming out of a dark place once their conversation is over and Tanu-Nikhil will be shocked and confused whether she has actually overheard it or not… the sameway they showed in the show also..other than that do we have any old promo showed as dream later??

      1. No pa tat promo alone dream sequence as u said tanu and Nikil conversation . Actually someone told before tat they r saying exact date like 4th Aug so it can’t b a dream like tat. For tat only I told tat may be dream too. The date fixed can’t decide the promo situation like tat I told chithu. For example I told Tanu’s bridal wear promo.

      2. If it is dream or real waiting for that scenes after a long period abhi and pragya getting close.

    2. PRIYA and chithu even I was thinking if this new promo is for real or dream. I have mixed feelings about this promo. When I thinks logically, I feels how could this happen so early, when tanu is still in the picture and pragya is Also supporting her. Even this week is going to end and we have not any hint for this promo scene in future. So I have a doubt if it is for real but from another way I think it could be real becoz they have mentioned the promo scene’s telecast date. And promo is giving a feeling for real. So overall I have mixed feelings about the promo. Well let’s see what will happen? That’s why I keep my expectations in control becoz if CVS will crush it then I will b ready for it.

      1. yeah Nikki… 🙂 🙂 Keep fingers crossed Guys…. i hope it might be real because there r few possibilities.. 1) if they show Abhi’s defame part now itself (before Abhi-Pragya union) .. then they won’t have much to show after that… 2) It is not necessary to show Abhi’s defame to prove Tanu’s love wrong.. proving the baby as Nikki’s one would be more that enough 3) Raj turning into negative..i can not still believe..he might be still good..but acting infront of Aaliya..but if then, they show him as negative..that will urge the storyline to prove Abhi as innocent before he loose his fame because of wrong reason 4) Nikhil..who is now cheated by Tanu very badly..can come and say the truth just in1 minute to all..if the CVS wants 🙂 🙂 🙂

        So if we go with 4th one..i think we have more than enough time to see Abhi-Pragya’s confession on August 4th 🙂 🙂 but, we will anyways expect less..so that less disappointment if writers have something else…

      2. Chithu what I m thinking is if the promo scene is for real then it will b happen like this- May b after tanu’s manipulation of pragya through suicide drama, pragya will go to meet abhi to convince him for marriage with tanu and give her divorce. So may b in this situation, when pragya will blame herself for everything and for like promo she will say that she don’t deserve him so he should marry with tanu then abhi will confess his love to pragya. And the promo scene will happen! Other wise it could b dream becoz there is no any situation except this in my mind through which this scene will happen for real on 4th august.

      3. Yeah Nikki…. That is also possible… V ll see how it is happening :):) in tat case Pragya may not accept his proposal till Tanu’s truth is exposed…

      4. Chithu abhi will confess his love to pragya not proposing her. And pragya was waiting for these three magical words from abhi since long. Even after knowing about tanu’ s pregnancy’s news, she was always hoping and expecting to listen I love u from abhi. But she was thinking always that abhi will never love her becoz he loves tanu that’s why she is sacrificing her love for abhi’s happiness becoz she was thinking that his happiness is with tanu but if now she will get to know that abhi loves her not tanu.So like they r showing in promo she will b happy to listen it.

  32. when will tanu caught ..m feeling bad for the loving birds got seperated.

  33. Nikki can u tell d promo scene clearly. What they spoke I didn’t c tats y

    1. Priya…r u in twitter? If yes… I can share u the link…

    2. New Promo : Abhi in white shirt & Pragya in white saree.
      Pragya : You always said that I don’t deserve you. Yes I don’t deserve you.
      Abhi : Shut up Fuggy !
      (He takes off her chasma/spec, kissed her eyes and say I LOVE YOU)
      Pragya is happy & Abhigya hug

    3. OK priya . I tell u. In promo- abhi and pragya stands together somewhere and they r looking moon in the sky. Voiceover says something has changed in weather. Then pragya says to abhi- u always told me that I don’t deserve u. Yes, I don’t deserve u. Then abhi says shut up fuggy. Then he removes her glasses and kisses her eyes and careses his cheek from his hand and says I love u. Then pragya gets emotional and happy with teary eyes and they both hugs each other.

      1. Thx nikki and Tina. I m not in twitter pa.

  34. Frnds i didn’t think about that promo is real or dream…

    If real we all are happy too much … if dream also we happy bcos atleast the dream ke abhi tell i love you to pragya openly.. and also its is a such a cute and best romantic scene…

    And also i think in tanu bride promo is not 100% true that is just a indenty of ours that mean pragya is ready to give her placr to tanu that promo really told this line.. abhiya future promo is also be like that in august ke tanu’s truth slowly to releave in some other ways abhi and prayga slowly unite..

  35. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Pls moving on….tanu n aaliya gv up man.eish grrrrrrrr tooo long n boring.
    anyone kws wen is final episode? In the meantime i read only tellyupdates
    Thanks to update writer.thanks.

  36. The serial is very boring now???

  37. yaa nitu u r telling right now kkb has become so boring . I just left watching it since 2weeks

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