Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raj going to his room in shock. Everyone wonder why Raj is behaving this way. Pragya blames herself and thinks she shouldn’t have told Raj about Mitali’s truth. Purab says my life is ruined because of me, and asks her not to blame herself. Pragya feels bad about Raj’s kids and thinks she haven’t done right. Dadi says Pragya is right and says we should end Tanu’s chapter fast. She says Raj was caught easily, but it was hard to catch Tanu. Pragya says I don’t know why Tanu haven’t come there. Purab says she was taking you lightly and asks her to make her believe that she knows her truth. Pragya says what to do. Purab says proof will reach Tanu now. Dadi asks what? Purab says I got few things in Tanu’s car, and says she have to show it to Tanu making her belief

that she knows her truth.

Abhi is in his room and thinks about Raj’s accusations and hatredness. Pragya comes there and asks him to sit. She asks him to share his feelings with him. Abhi asks why his family think about him wrongly and asks am I really bad? Pragya says you are so good, and this family can never get a good son or brother like you. She asks him to see that Dadi and others love him. Abhi says you can call police and get Raj arrested. Pragya says it is not needed as Raj is being punished. She says truth will also comes out.

Raj comes to his room. Mitali asks him to sit and talk to her. She accepts to have done a big mistake and apologizes to him. She says your silence is taking my life and asks him to speak up and take out his anger on her. She says you know that I love you…..Raj says who am I? I am a murderer. Mitali hugs him cryingly and says I am responsible for all this. I am bad. You haven’t done anything wrong. She cries. Tai ji, Taya ji and others knock on the door. Tanu hears silently. She wonders what is happening? Mitali thinks what to do now? She thinks if they come to know that, then don’t know what they will do with me.

Leela (of Tashan E Ishq) is praying in the Gurudwara. Sarla asks why she is crying and asks her to speak her heart out. Leela says her life’s closed chapters is opened again. She tells about her problem. Sarla tells about her two daughters. She says one is dead and other one is dead for her. She asks her to call her daughter Twinkle and talk to her. Leela says Twinkle is angry and will not talk to me. Sarla insists and says one mum will get her daughter atleast. Leela thanks her for her valuable advice.

Mitali asks Raj not to worry and says she will take care. She opens the door. Taya ji and Tai ji question her. Mitali says Raj is tired and have slept. She asks Tai ji not to disturb him. Dasi says we were worried for him. Mitali says Abhi didn’t say him anything. Tai ji says she want to see Raj. Mitali angrily stops her. Tai ji says there is something wrong. Mitali folds her hands and asks them to leave. Dasi says you are hiding something from us. Pragya comes and says there were some misunderstanding between Abhi and Raj which is cleared now. Tai ji says Mitali have made an issue out of nothing and raised her BP. Mitali takes a sigh of relief. Tanu wonders why Pragya is lying.

Abhi comes to Dadi and says he couldn’t sleep. Dadi asks him to sit and offers to massage his head. Abhi asks Dadi if he has done wrong for not believing on Raj before. Dadi says you have not done any mistake. Abhi says my family is narrowing and every one is becoming my enemy. He rests his head on her lap. He says Raj said right that I am at fault. Dadi says you haven’t done any mistake and asks him not to feel sad thinking about others. She says you have always walked on the right path and asks him to keep walking on it. Abhi says I have to marry Tanu soon. I have already talked to Sarla and got her blessings. He says he will marry Tanu in 2 days. Dadi gets tensed. He says he want to bring happiness in the house. He says he will marry Tanu in court secretly and then everyone will accept his marriage including Pragya. Dadi is shocked. Abhi asks her to sing lori which she used to sing in his childhood. Dadi says okay. She sings lori…..

Pragya gives a box to servant and asks him to give it to Tanu. Tanu opens the box and finds a watch. She thinks it is of Nikhil. Pragya then calls her as a watchman, and says she has more proofs which she will show it to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and tensed.

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  1. Sahithi

    So Abhi is at the court for his secret marriage with Tanu n was mentioning this as hasty decision to Daadi.

    • stepphyrao

      Really Sahithi? There seems to be no logic or sense to his outcome to want to urgently marry her. Given the scenario that took place in dadis room, wouldn’t that have created some suspicion. Cant understand why the cvs are making abhis character so ridiculously emotionally
      If this is to create anxiousness in the audience. It is silly. Its creating irritation. Cant understand how the cv team ridicule the intelligence of the audience. Its really pathetic.

    • Sahithi

      True, I agree. He is thinking he has to do justice to the baby n so has to marry Tanu now, before he loses her n the baby like other family members r moving away one after another. He is only bent about the baby n thinks if he has to be truthful, he needs to marry Tanu n give the baby his name as father. Actually everyone in the house had their own intentions, its just that he realized few of them now.

      Okay so I get his intentions n emotional turmoil n this urgency to marry Tanu.
      But at sametime, if he can think for a while about Pragya also. Till sometime back he would think she is Mogambo, cheated him for property. But recently he asked her to give back property n she agreed to once she finds the culprits. So sooner or later he may force her to return property back.
      But how about Pragya’s life, even after marrying her, by mistake or intention, whichever way, he continued his relation with Tanu because of which he had to now accept the baby. He will take back property, marry Tanu , n the ppl who were scheming against him, they are also out of his way, thanks to Pragya who was chasing them.
      But Pragya doesn’t even have her mother support to go back or her sister Bulbul whom she lost in this whole game play of trying to expose Abhi’s enemies.
      If only Pragya didnt give re-entry at right time, he would have lost property n who knows Aaliya n Raaj might have tried to kill him also if need be.
      He not thinking even a minute about Pragya at this point is very disappointing.
      Pragya as in not the Fuggy he loved or Mogambo he hated but the one he married sometime back.
      Pragya did hint recently looking at his pic that she will keep the memories forever n even before going to see Raj, she again said about their memories.
      In attempt to do justice to the baby, what about the injustice he will ultimately do to Pragya.

      We know it wont come to that point, Pragya will stop their marriage in anyway, right or wrong, but in middle of this, Abhi’s attitude towards her is not justified.

  2. So our doubt is confirmed abhi is planning for an immediate court marriage. …….and it is not divorce or property manners anyway our doubts are cleared anyway now pragya has just 2days will she able to bring the truth out is a mystery. …..please cvs do some miracle

  3. nasima

    pls put an end of tanus story..its so much of dragging..i lost my temper.until its was not an end..no…pls put an end of tanu truth…

  4. The epi was ok…but I think tanu’s truth is gonna reveal soon…that’s before abhi’s marriage in court and after 2days in the serial n around 2 to 3 weeks in real life…

  5. Twinkle

    End tanu truth first n let anyother villian enter the show i think the audience wr tired to watch the same gang ..let’s abhi n pragya reunite soon

  6. Seek

    I think abhi will do court marriage and then he will come to know the truth of tanu then tanu will ask properties from pragya to give divorce to abhi and they will drag this for almost 2 years

  7. first time i see in mitali eyes how much loving for raj . but always i am seeing mitali madly but this time she is fully change. & what about say abhigya?

  8. pratiksha really really very sorry for my delated wishes i didn’t know that today is your birthday because morning time i will be at school so i can’t comment and at the evening only i came to the site and saw that today is ur birthday anyway many more happy writtens of the day wish u a very happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!! i think you will not be angry thank god before 12o clock i posted my comment

  9. razia

    Hie pratiksha .. Hope yo had dinner wid yua family .. Hope u enjoyed a lot .. Jus thinkn abt u so commented here 🙂

  10. ?Carol Ann?

    Finally I can breathe happiness although Tanu is not yet been expose her crimes. I can’t Wait for Pragya Final step. I really miss Bulbul (Mrunal), and I hope she change her mind & return to this serial back. I don’t want other actresses to replace her place in this serial 🙁 🙁 Does anyone here Missed our Bulbul?

  11. stepphyrao

    I m very confused. KKB is a fictional story. I understand that. But the logic is just not making any sense at all.
    How did Raj end up at the warehouse?
    Where did Ronnie go?
    How did Pragya end up at the warehouse without Tanu?
    N Mitali. ..who was she following? Was she following Tanu?
    In todays episode Tanu didnt seem to have the 10lakhs with her.
    And Abhi….i kno he is sad n broken….he still suspect Tanu after wat Mitali mentioned in the warehouse?
    M just hoping the writers n director gives Abhi his brain back. Its such a relief to Raj being exposed.
    I hope Tanus exposure will be grand. She deserves to be tortured by Pragya layer by layer considering how she manipulated Pragya & ridiculed her. Abhi better not be hasty n marry her in court. He is doing all this because his brain are stored in the cvs & Ekta Kapoor’s refrigerator.
    I wil throw a special party in celebration of Tanus exposure. So i would really love to see an explosive exposure of Tanu.

  12. jaydeep

    Anyway we have to tolerate this track for just 2 more days according to serial bcoz abhi gonaa marry tanu in 2 days so tanu will gonna be exposed in these 2 days or otherwise abhi will marry tanu in the first case tanu will be out of abhigya’s life or in the second case it will goes beyond tolerance level so after that I’m not gonna watch serial if that happens
    So let’s hope for the best that tanu gonna be exposed

  13. 2 days =2weeks…….in kkb let it be cuz I have been waiting for the exposure for more than 6 months then 2weeks is nothing. ………please I don’t mind abhi taunting pragya it only bothers me when the taunting is because of tanu……..tanu and her bachha please throw them out……..please

    • Surbhi

      Nivi may god bless Abhi and Pragya should marry some one else I think Suresh will be right for her ;-). 😛

  14. Sharada

    Belated bday wishes pratiksha????
    Nice episode. But like everyone plz cvs expose tanu soon for God’s sake . It’s been stretched for too long. Read an update where pragya will be dressed as watchman to expose tanu….hope it’ll be good

  15. minna

    First two days is anywhere between two Months and two years plus they will have to end serial so relax and be prepared for months of dragging

  16. rose

    We r waiting for tanu exposure since 8 months.. now may be it take 1 week… as sbs seg already shown court cn.. so it will not take much time.. till now pragya didn’t Hav any e evidence about tanu nd even she didnt know who s tanu s father.. so major doubt is marriage will happen or not ..

  17. Megha

    I think marriage will not happen. Because the title of the show is ‘kumkum bhagya’. If the marriage is done between abhi and tanu, there is no meaning for it. There is so much thinks happened without any logic. I request CVS and writers to take care of that. Because it keeps annoying. Raj really didn’t know the place where they meet. Otherwise may be it’s a trick of tanu I think so. Still they didn’t show Ronnie yet as he follows Tanu. But they showed Tanu on screen. She didn’t know that Raj has exposed. But how did she say that y Pragya is lying. Like this there is so much illogical events. But I’m waiting for Tanu’s exposure. Please bring Pragya back I like her cuteness with the spects and the rolled hair. I’m waiting for that;-)

  18. Thank u so much guys for all ur wishes. It doesn’t matter that how much it came to me, only all ur wishes matters to me. It made my day so so special. And ya razia I enjoyed so much yesterday with my family and friends. I felt blessed after getting so much special treatment and love from them and off course from all of u. What else I wish. I got everything which a person wants on it’s birthday. So once again a very special thanks to all my telly updates friends, thanks a lot.?? Ok , now come to the discussion of episode so I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode as all u knows why buy written update is enough from me and from it two things has cleared now that oragya found nikhil’s watch through purab after searching tanu’s car by him and second is abhi is going to marry tanu in court in witnessing of mitali. And sahithi I remember that I said that tabhi’s marriage can’t happen and it will not happen and I still determined on my comment that it will not happen. After watching yesterday’s segment’s update, I reached on this conclusion that according to abhi’s decision, abhi will reach to the court with mitali for marriage with tanu and other side, as per pragya’s plan, pragya will changed herself into disguise look of watchman to meet tanu. Tanu will not reach to the court becoz she needs to meet that watchman firstly, to give him money but before it also, she will go to meet nikhil to take money from him so becoz this whole busy shedule, tanu will not reach to the court for marriage and abhi will come back home. Like this their marriage will get cancelled again. Ya tanu’s matter may not disclose at that time fully but something may happen after this for sure. Then that abhi tanu and pragya scene will come which we saw in yesterday’s segment where tanu takes flower for abhi in morning and ask him forgiveness for not coming to meet him and then she tries to impress him by flowers and romantic evening dinners. And as we saw it too that abhi was little flirty with tanu like he was trying to make pragya jealous then I think something happens before this scenes which changes abhi’s behavior for pragya like this. Otherwise abhi’s present behavior is serious and against pragya still. Which cannot change in just a night and as we have seen in previous segment that abhigy’s morning conversation scene is still left to come in which pragya asks from abhi that will he accept her as fuggy. in this scene also abhi was serious and upset with pragya. After this scene and after this morning conversation with pragya, I think abhi will decide to marry with tanu in court on that day and then this court scene will come. That’s why abhi was informing dadi on phone that sorry that he has taken this rushed decision but he have to do it now. Then between all this don’t know what will happen becoz it didn’t showed in segment but as I predicted above tanu will not reach to the court becoz of her meeting with nikhil and watchman and then abhi, pragya and tanu’s morning scene will happen. So overall I want to say that this time also tabhi’s marriage will not happen and it will never happen after that becoz I believe that before it pragya will get succeed in exposing tanu.

    • reji

      pratiksha i agree with your point that tanu will not reach the court for marriage but it is not cancelled yet it is only postponed only na ???? again abhi will arrange the marriage so then also we can’t say tanu will not come that time also but that time also how pragya will
      prevent tanu to not to reach the court ????????? any idea about now pragya has only limited time how she will find tanu’s baby’s father nikhil i have a doubt pragya sent a watch to tanu na but i can’t think that with which hope pragya can think that it would the evidence to black mail tanu because got nikhil’s watch in tanu’s car na then why can’t she find nikhil’s mobile phone na it would be easy to investigate ??????????? what do u think about this

  19. Shraddha Sharma

    Waiting for Tanu and Nikhil to expose and uniting Pragya and Abhi…. but don’t know when will it happen….

  20. priya

    I think somewhere Raj is right. Sometimes Abhi took decisions in hurry without thinking. Raj was such an honest man nd unnecessarily he went to jail nd Abhi didn’t believe him

  21. Pragya attempt of exposing tanu by changing her attire reminds when bulbul changed her attire to expose aaliya anyways if u think both are villians of each sisters aaaliya -villian for Bulbul’s love and tanu- villian for pragya’s love when bulbul tried to expose aaliya’s truth she herself got exposed infront of purab similarly I hope just to keep the spoilers true dadi with pragya and purab will tell abhi the truth instead of tanu ja kulassa it will be pragya ki kulassa so wat do u guys think either way I will be happy

  22. Shaikja

    I have read in upcoming episides pragya may be raped by some goon i think it should not be happened whay in all serials nice person always be tensed and facing problem it is not right.

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