Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Abhi what he was thinking while dancing with her. Abhi says I was waiting for some guest. Tanu asks who is that special guest and says she needs to hear the truth. Abhi says I was looking for Nikita as she didn’t come. Tanu is angry and asks who is Nikita? Abhi says my secretary…Niku. Tanu says she is just your secretary and don’t know why you have given her so much importance. Abhi says enough and says she is now my best friend. Tanu asks then who am I? Abhi says you are my fiance. Tanu says thank god you didn’t forget our relation infront of Niku, says you have never gave me importance. She says give me some importance and says I have right on you. Abhi says I am marrying you for your respect. Tanu says you always think about her as if something will

happen with her. She says you need her everywhere and asks if you will hold her hand while taking rounds. Abhi laughs.

Tanu asks if he thought it is a joke and says even our dance was forceful and asks why he has soft corner for Nikita. Abhi is silent and gets serious. Tanu asks do you love her? Abhi says I don’t know why do I care for her and why I get restless when she is not around. He says I don’t know why my time doesn’t pass when she is not with me, I just now that she is my best friend. She says she is the best to me, and says I feel like I know her since years and can’t see her crying. I want her to be with me when I am happy. He says I told you everything whatever I have in my heart. Tanu says what I will get by marrying you, just status. She says today you have crossed all limits and asks him not to talk to her.

Goons tie Pragya to net. Pragya asks them to leave her. Goon says I got someone after much time and asks his goons to leave. He keeps his hand on her shoulder and removes her dupatta. Purab comes and holds her dupatta. Pragya is shocked and cries for help. Purab holds goon’s mouth and says nothing can happen to his sita like bhabhi when her brother is here. Goon calls other goons. Purab beats all goons. He rescues Pragya and hugs her. Pragya cries. Someone takes their pics. Purab asks her to come. Aaliya asks Tanu where is she? Tanu doesn’t answer. Nikhil irritates her. Tanu asks who invited him here. Tanu says it is my house. Nikhil says you didn’t marry till now and I don’t think you will marry.

Tanu asks Aaliya to kick him out, and tells that Abhi has spoiled all her happiness and function. She says he was asking where is my secretary and kept his eyes hooked on the door and kept his foot on my foot. Nikhil laughs. Aaliya says I will ask Bhai to apologize to you. Tanu says I will not forget Abhi this time. Aaliya asks what you have done? Tanu says I scolded him much and told that I am his fiance and not Nikita. She says he didn’t feel about me and praising Nikita, so I showed him mirror and went. Aaliya says you got a good chance to spend time with him and gets marriage date fixed, but….you ruined everything. She asks her to sort out everything with Abhi. Purab asks Pragya not to cry. Pragya says if something had happened then….Purab asks her to wipe her tears and come for sangeet. Pragya says function might have ended by now, and tells that goons have broken my phone. Purab tells that Abhi called him and asks about her. He says I scolded him and asks why he cares for you more than me.

Aaliya brings Tanu to Abhi and asks why he fought with Tanu. Abhi asks why you are taking opposition side. Aaliya says she is on your side and asks him to realize his mistake. She says Nikita is your secretary and Tanu is your fiance, and asks him to give importance to her. Abhi says my family and friends are same for me, and I can’t change myself. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya says my brother is so good and that’s why said this. She asks Tanu to understand Abhi and take care of him. She asks her to accept him the way he is and asks them to patch up. She takes them downstairs and asks everyone to begin sangeet function.

Tanu’s mum makes her wear chunari and gives gift to Tanu and Abhi. She asks Dadi to do the rasam. Aaliya asks Dadi to bless Tanu. Abhi looks for Pragya. Tanu’s mum tells Dadi that she hopes that she likes the gift. Dadi says I don’t like your daughter and asks her to replace her. Tanu’s mum is shocked. Aaliya says Dadi likes her as Abhi has chosen her. Pragya comes. Abhi gets up seeing her and goes to her. Dadi says Pragya came. Abhi says I was waiting for you and asks why did you come last. Pragya says I was coming here, and tells she will tell him later. Purab also comes then. Abhi asks where he was? Purab says he met her outside.

Aaliya asks Abhi to come as some customs are remaining. Tanu’s mum gives gift to Aaliya. Mitali asks if she brought gifts for them also. Tanu’s mum says ofcourse and gives her gifts. Mitali says just sweets. Abhi asks Pragya to come with her and says he needs to talk to her. He takes her inside. Tanu is angry.

Abhi tells Pragya that he misses her when she is not near him, and says I didn’t know why I miss you, care for you and asks what is in my heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. hai sahithi fine h r u how is kkb in Telugu also mogambo track started

  3. aaaaaaahhhh crap

  4. so abhi is ajay devgan, purab is Amir khan, pragya is kajol and tanu is just a b*** LOL. If you people wonder what I am saying, the plot is from ISHQ where amir khan rescues kajol and hugs her and the villain takes pictures of both of them and shows it to ajay devgan so that kajol image is spoiled… Wow… Come On.

    1. Good memory, Ekta didn’t think there are viewers like you with a memory like yours…. Lol, she’s just recycling because her brain has become devoid of ideas.

    2. Total agreement!

  5. I think by using the photo they are going to miss lead Pragya with purub……..Modi ji please ban this serial like u banned 500 &1000 rupees…..

  6. when in this serial want twist the writers didn’t bring any twist and repeat the same crap…but when story don’t need any twist they will give viewers twist by twist…..
    i want tanu to get insult by everyone…but every time pragya getting insulted by everyone….
    pragya is abhi wife but she is not able spend time with abhi but tanu is always around abhi in every place and second(telling always abhi’s is her,she only have right on abhi and abhi property…and house shit can’t able to tolerate her anymore).
    aliya alway do planing and doing wrong she didn’t get punishment for anyof her mistakes,she is roaming freely and happily and planning shits with pragya.
    purab is one who lost his love of his life bulbul…he lost his life… helping pragya to unite with abhi,who supports pragya and her family every situation more than abhi,does everything more than abhi.
    and especially he thinking broadly and know what is right and wrong,without confusion…even abhi can’t do this much help to bulbul was there without purab….he wellknows what is love unlike abhi always in confusion mode….

    its great that purab vs aliya want purab to win aliya,because no one in kkb history never won over aliya in her plannings…its should be revenge for bulbul death also…..

    pragya always left broken in her marriage life,she didn’t get any happiness in her marriage,always like taliya come between her and abhi…
    she realised her love for him he is in confuse mode…when she came second time as mongambo that time also his is confuse mode….even in memory loss track abhi in confuse mode…even tanu knows abhi love pragya/niku/mongambo/fuggi.but why abhi always abhi in confusion mode…..
    pragya lost her own happiness for abhi,she lost her self esteem,lost her sister everything ,now at last abhi should feel the pain of love like pragya in his life,he should do anything to get her….want him bold abhi…who talk with aliya boldly and doesn’t obey any of her words,
    abhi should think pain of he can’t live without pragya…but don’t know always kkb as fault in their story….
    want tanu and aliya to leave abhi…its a request,and abhi should support and love pragya like pragya as love for abhi…

    1. Looks like you are now writing the “expert analysis” on this shit serial. Have you now replaced the other 2 “experts” writing crap to bore the hell out of us.

  7. Same story repeating again and again….now bored of dis kidnapping and rescue and linking wid other persons

  8. Hiranmaychellapat

    purab you are early good guy and good bhai to nikku . marvellous surprise . abhi fabulous you are rocking . today episode is nice.

  9. Irritating….

  10. Compte bakwas ….reaptd story ….plz kuch tho naya karo yaar …plz guys dnt c this serl itz waste of time ..seriously. ….

  11. GeethuNivas

    that photo should make abhi jealous and he should get back his memory as once he was thinking purab loves pragya and started the revenge marriage, those writers use this chance to turn the serial proper way and end it

  12. Aliyah why don’t you have a life and leave abi and pragya alone,

    1. That’s what I’ve been saying for so long.

    2. She needs a man in her life but no one wants her, not even the man she loves want her ,you would think that being around her for so long, that he would have little affection somewhere for her!! Purab can’t even force himself to love aliyah.

  13. Better purab marry pragya….
    At least these 2 characters can have happy life….
    Abhi does not deserve pragya , let him marry tanu and suffer
    Pleaseee ekta jiii pragya suffered a lot…. Please show her some mercy

  14. None of the punishments in this world will be enough for those 2 devils aliya and tanuu…
    So please kill them

  15. Agree with you akasi .what kind of a sister is that aliya. She and tanu ought to be shame on their own.are they lesbians.why they can’t see pragya happy. When you looked at abhi than it’s looks like he has no memory loss.his behavior is for me the same. How are you Pratiksha, reji, Gowtham, sahiti .it’s very sad that none of you are not commenting anymore. I understand all of you.wishing you all a bless 2017.the favor of God is upon you in 2017.God bless all of you

  16. Yawn,,very boring, cheap show full of pr*stitutes and pimps. Ahliya and Tanu should run a whore house since now that their lesbians lol

  17. Abhi is just the idiot in the middle

  18. Mary – you hit the nail on the head . Let AAliyah and Tanu would look good scrrewing each other ha ha ha

  19. Abhi should marry Tanu and let her make everyone in the Mehra house suffer including aliya & Abhi. At least that will be some direction.

  20. Muhammad Ihsan

    Total Bakwaas….. Pataa Nahi Writer Kya Piii Ke Likhtaa Hai….. Wohi Kahani Baar Baar Repeat Hoo Rahi Hai Jo Yaad dasht janaae se pehle thiii….. kuch nahi hai es ke pass…. bas drama ko drag kar rahay hain…. pataa nahi kon si episode mai jaa kar yaad dasht aaye gii abhi ki…. yaa pragaya par aise hi ilzaam lagte jayein gaye…. main ne tu kaafi pehle hi ye drama daikhnaa chor diya…. aaj aise hi youtube search ki to wohi bakwas

  21. Hi
    We watched this show and then lost it on the zee tv channel. Is the series still playing and please let us know where and at what time ??
    They should inform viewers properly!
    Also think Pragya and dadi should be conforming the truth now.


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