Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with nurse asking Pragya to pay the bill and asks her to sign. Pragya signs on the papers without checking the papers. Nurse tells can’t she see the papers and says it belongs to some other patient. Nurse argues with her. Pragya refuses to pay the bill for the other patient. Abhi hears her and thinks she has refused to pay for Bulbul’s treatment. He says you are at top, but there is no limit of your fall down. He asks if she has locked humanity in locker. Pragya tries to tell, but Abhi doesn’t listen to her and asks what she knows, one is to earn money and to save it. He says you have refused to pay for Bulbul’s treatment and says he has heard with his ears. Pragya turns her face and says she didn’t say. She says she don’t want to explain anything to him. Abhi says

I hate myself for loving your kind of woman. He asks her to be with Sarla and Purab. Pragya says when he don’t want to listen to her…then. Abhi says if I had any relation with you then I would have slapped you. He asks her not to spend any money on him if something happens to him. He says I don’t believe on God, but you made me trust God. If ever there is God, then I will pray asking him to keep me far from you. I just want to remember my fuggi. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………………Pragya looks on.

Doctor comes out of ICU and tells that the operation was difficult, but they removed the glass pieces from her face and neck. Sarla asks about her. Doctor says she is out of risk. Purab is happy. Doctor tells them that there are some complications and her face is damaged severely. He says her face will not be normal after the bandage is open. He says we have to cut her cord, and that’s why she couldn’t talk. Purab says she can see me atleast. Doctor says there is no more complications. Purab is shaken. Aaliya smiles. She pretends to support him. Purab says I don’t need anything else except my Bulbul. He hugs her again. Tanu looks on. Abhi asks can we see Bulbul? Doctor asks him to meet her tomorrow as she is in ICU. Sarla cries. Purab tells her that Bulbul will be fine and asks her to go home. Sarla says I know that you loves her and says she wants to stay there being her mum. Purab promises to take care of her. Sarla insists to stay.

Aaliya gets a cake outside the hospital. Raj and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks so you are following me. Raj says don’t you think that we will understand. Aaliya says can’t I cut the cake. Raj says even a fool can tell the reason about your happiness, and says Bulbul’s accident was planned. Tanu says Bulbul tried to save Pragya and got injured. Raj asks her to tell everything else they will leave supporting her. Aaliya accepts to have planned conspiracy against Pragya and says it is good that Bulbul is injured now. Tanu says Bulbul is saved, and asks why she is celebrating. Aaliya says Purab will hate her face as it is damaged and then he will start loving me. Aaliya says Purab was in love with Bulbul at first sight, and says if she don’t have the same face then he will not love her, and Aaliya will take her place. She asks them to celebrate with her. Raj says offcourse.

Pragya is sad at her house and thinks where is Abhi? She thinks to call, but thinks he might get angry with her again. Abhi comes home. She asks when did you come. Abhi says when you was sleeping after taking everyone’s sleep. Pragya asks if you are drunk? Abhi agrees. Pragya says we will talk later and asks him to sleep. Abhi says I will praise you with my heart, you are really unique that’s why I am not getting words to praise you. Once again you have proved that I am wrong and you are right. He thanks her for making him belief that there is nothing like emotions, and money is everything, for making him belief that he is a fool to have thought that he will get back his love. He says he lost money and love. He thanks her for making him belief that there will be no one who will cry for him if he dies. Pragya feels much pain and asks him to stop him. Abhi falls on bed and talks to the toy rockstar. He picks fuggi toy and asks where did you go? Please come back my fuggi, and sleeps hugging the toy. Pragya thinks Abhi is not believing on love, and thinks she will tell everything to Abhi.

Pragya thinks I will tell you all truth and thinks if he will accept her knowing all the truth. Pragya comes to Abhi while dressed up as fuggi, and asks him to listen. Abhi says you….fuggi. Pragya says yes, your fuggi. She asks him not to tell anything and hears her first. Abhi says I don’t want to hear you. Pragya asks him to listen to her, and says she got strength to tell truth. Abhi asks if she is playing trick. Pragya says I am your old fuggi, but I have to changed my avatar to bring truth infront of you. Abhi asks which truth? Pragya asks him to believe her, but first listen to her. She says I am your fuggi and have never changed, I will be yours always.

Pragya asks him to listen to her once. Abhi says you have lost the right. Pragay asks him to turn his face and look at her once.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. reji

    Wow I didn’t watch the episode but wat colour chudi she wore pratiksha soon it should be happen in real too any new update pratiksha

  2. sona

    This is too much dragging, it look like that director never want alia tanu n raj truth come in front of everyone, they allow the abhi to blame on pragya for every incident directly n indirectly without any investigation,y director can’t allow abhi , pragya n purab to investigate . Atleast abhi came to know that it is planned not accident.

  3. Rishma

    I hope this would be substantial and Abhi will leave his arrogant behaviour towards Pragya. I do hope cvs are not BS us again with hope.

  4. Sahithi

    Such a painful convo n Abhi talking about death n who will cry for him finally made Pragya go beyond the rule set by Daadi.

    Of course to justify Pragya finally opening the truth before Abhi needs a strong reason n heights of hatred from Abhi, but was a painful epi for audience :'(

    Very eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode. Hope writers won’t let us down.

  5. I really hope this isn’t some dream and it’s true because I just started watching this show again today after knowing pragya will be back in her old avatar but if this turns out to be a dream I’ll not watch this show ever again tomorrow better not be a dream sequence!!!!??

  6. OMG will Pragya reveal the truth fr real?
    If that is so then I will be so happy as well as all the fans of Kumkum Bhagya!
    But will Abhi believe her? Abhi please do believe her!

  7. abinaya

    omg..am sure that writers will make of hell..hope so thy will nva unite abighya..it would go on lyk matsh serial ?If abi is not gonna believe her ..thn it would be very hurting for her..no words..am just blank..waitin fa tommo’s update

  8. abinaya

    The Uniqueness of Ekta Kapoor Herions is Tat Thy will hide the biggest truth from their husband and suffer a lot.and aswell hero’s of EKTA KAPOOR s dumb ..what an idea writers..I am sure am gonna kill the writers If they collapse kkb..lyk separtn abighya..

  9. This better not turn out to be a dream again I started watching this show today again because I read pragya will be back in her old avatar and she will tell the whole truth to abhi and if it’s a dream I’m gonna stop watching it forever and I’m going to be so mad at the writers??

  10. Guys this is pragya ‘s dream for sure
    Seriously in order to increase the trp this guys are playing with our emotions they know that audience wants to see fuggy avatar of pragya which lasts only for one day …….this is crazy…….yet another dream sequence we all know that pragya’s dream never becomes a reality. ………..wat a crap

  11. Sanyo

    Nowadays I have stopped watching …. I just read online to get the updates . The day when alia Tanuand raj truth comes out I LL start watching it again 🙂

  12. Pp

    This year started with seperation track and ending with same track..,, I don’t think Abhi and pragya will meet next year too ?

  13. Leila

    Abhi is being very stubborn n aleast she tell him she is fuggie y he can’t see the change in her i think raj might help bring the truth about aaliya n tanu also his part

  14. Nikki 1

    I believe this is dream sequence. What is the point now telling Abhi the truth? He started to hating her nowadays. She should come to understand that she was arguing not to pay other patients bill and not bulbul’s. Till then he will never believe.

    Enemies are getting stronger. If Pragya tell’s the truth now, to me it will be a complete waste. Abhi will just rubbish it and will find reasons not to believe her. Truth will only make sense if it comes out of dadi’s mouth to Abhi till then, no point of telling and being a fool. If the truth comes out from Pragya to Abhi, it will only reach the deft ears of his but directly to the enemies.

    All the 3 monsters will know the actual reasons of Pragya’s new avatar and destroy her easily. Am sure we all wouldn’t want this to happen. Wish writers will think rationally.

    Questions to all, doctor has to cut the cord? Voice cord? Will she then be mute? If Bulbul is having a different face, will Purab, still love her? Aliya’s rational make sense. It will sound as if he is going to live with someone else. He has to get used to it and stay strong. Otherwise Aliya will start to have an upper hand.

  15. Sahithi

    New promo came where Bulbul wrote on a paper n showing to her mom that someone tried to kill Pragya on reception day.

      • Sahithi

        It will be good if Bulbul n Purab tell the truth to Sarla also now. Unless everyone around is aware of the evil deeds, especially of Aaliya, this suspense n trying to expose them will be unsuccessful.

  16. Ya very hurtful conversation mostly the first one, but it’s gud that abhi is saying all this to mogambo only, his fuggy image is still close in his heart and he still loves her and waiting for her. That’s why in his first talk with pragya, he was addressing pragya’s lady mogambo image to go forever and in his second talk with pragya, in drunken stage, he was insisting to pragya that come back in fuggy’s image. Overall his whole talks means to pragya that now he wants from pragya, to leave her mogambo image and come back as fuggy with whole heartedly. Last part was dream of pragya. But next part of segment in which pragya was in blue suit, it is for real. Now let’s see what will abhi do after finally seeing her in fuggy’s full getup or will pragya still wants to tell everything to abhi? This is the part for which I m waiting for? Now everything is going against and negative to pragya and her team and evils r celebrating their victory which I think audience will not like it at all. So I m hoping for some strong positive twist becoz audience r also losing their hopes for the track which is not gud at all for show. So let’s see.

    • Reji

      But ya as somebody said herepragya with fuggie costume if she said everything to abhi in.drunken stage it is of no use only know morning he will forget everything know but actually abhi met his fuggie mostly in drunken stage pratiksha will abhi believe pragya or not

      • Sahithi

        Reji, the scene shown in precap is not dream and actually will happen next morning. Abhi got up and is about to go out of the room by when Pragya comes in Fuggy getup, but he wont listen to her or turn back. Thats what we saw in precap.

        Later when Pragya comes back to the room, he is not in drunk state, he will be shocked to see her indeed in Fuggy getup, but Pragya will go to the wardrobe for changing back to Mogambo getup.

        Now we are not sure of what will happen next, as we saw till this point in segments. Will Abhi ask Pragya the reason why she changed to Fuggy, will he recollect that she was stopping him to say something, asking him to look at her once.

        Or will he in this bad mood scold her why she touched Fuggy’s items. If he asks her to speak now, will Pragya be willing to tell now. And how much info will she tell, we have to wait for this till today’s episode.

  17. naren

    Finally pragya open her eyes. It is good that to tell the whole truth or otherwise she will lost her love. abhi’s hurting words towards pragya is very hurt.but what can he do he just believe what he saw and heard. but I have one doubt if pragya tell the truth to abhi then will he accept her. If he doesn’t believe pragya words it will difficult for her.

  18. naren

    in latest promo bulbul wrote a letter to sarla that someone planning to kill pragya if sarla knows about pragya truth anyone tell me

  19. Guys new promo out. Promo update- Promo’s title- Nayi khushiyaan, Nayi chunauti. Promo update- Pragya in black saree, says happily that ” Naye saal mein nayi khushiyaan, Lenin jaanleva saazishon bhare irado she Kaiser hatega parda.” Means new happiness is in this new year, but how will exposure happen of life taking plottings and plannings.Then they shows hospital scene if bulbul where bulbul was in full consiousness with sarla maa, her face was closed with bandages. She tries to tell sarla maa through writing on the paper that someone was trying to kill pragya di in my reception party. Then they shows flashback scene of aaliya vs pragya where pragya warns aaliya to expose her and aaliya threatens to kill her. Promo ends here.

    • Guys what could mean of pragya here from new happiness? I think abhi will get to know the truth or pragya will tell him all the truth and then they will work together after finishing all the differences and misunderstandings between them. Otherwise, I don’t think other way of happiness after watching present episodes. Becoz bulbul in is hospital with helpless condition and here pragya also is alone without purab and bulbul. Abhi is showing anger towards pragya and dadi is gud for nothing and she can’t help pragya. When everything is going against pragya and in favour of evils then what could b I the reason of happiness of pragya. I only feels this possibility of pragya’s happiness that her that now she will get abhi’s company and support in her missions and through which she will soon achieve her goals. What u say and thinks guys about this?

    • nivi

      no way pratiksha
      im sure tat CVS ll make tis to drag ly nthng spl ll b there. y im tellin bcoz there s no use if pragya cums in fuggy get up in front of abhi even nw bcoz he ll misunderstands tat she s acting ly. dadi too wnt reveal d truth. purab cant say anythi. so pragya doesnt hv any proof to prove herself. better no more expectation regarding tiz

  20. shanthini

    After getting bad name from abi, pragya tries to reveal everything to abi.
    What a bad….. Here after abi may not beleive pragya. So story will be dragging again.

  21. farida

    I always knew ABI is a big fool – let us see how reacts when the truth is revealed. He being so spineless will never believ his beloved AALIYAH can do any wrong. My heart bleeds for PRAGYA and the pain she has had to suffer. Writers stop this track and move on now – enough is enough

  22. Srimathi

    Guys I think on 31st December episode Abhi ll came to know the truth and he ll hug her at the time new year begins and crackers ll burst outside and they both ll wish us a very happy new year!!! This is my guessing!!

    • I too thinks same as u srimathi. Pragya could b happy only in two situations, if evil gets exposed or she will get abhi’s love and trust back in her life. Obviously evils will not get exposed in a day and as sahithi is thinking that may b purab and bulbul will tell the truth as it is showing in promo that bulbul is trying to tell sarla maa about the killing attempt for pragya so I feels that she is only telling about killing attempt not about everything and sarla maa knows it also that before it one more time on dushehra pragya’s life was in danger and someone had tried to kill pragya becoz after catching vijay when purbul came back at home to sarla maa, they have been told about the killing attempt on pragya so i mean to say it is not new thing to sarla maa that someone wants to kill pragya and from the yesterday’s episode,only one thing is focusing, which is pragya’s decision of telling all the truth to abhi and as we knows we will see more scenes about it today or may b tomorrow also. And promo is for tomorrow means for 31st December so it is only giving indication of this posibilty that abhi will get to know everything and will help pragya I’m her mission with the continuation of pragya’s mogambo avatar drama.

      • Sahithi

        After 2 failed attempts to kill Pragya, Bulbul will definitely try to tell the truth to her mother. When she is herself so critically injured n knows Purab n her mom are concerned for her, she will have that sense of urgency atleast now.

        On the reception day, after overhearing someone’s conversation, she thought she can search around, or tag Pragya along with Daadi to keep her safe. But I think now it would be very sensible to reveal it to her mom. Also, she and Purab r not around to check on Pragya’s wellbeing, so I think she will be more concerned now.

        Also, Bulbul wanted to tell the whole thing to her mom from long time, she infact brought that topic also multiple times, so if Pragya is going to reveal to Abhi then Bulbul wont wait this time, I think.

      • Reji

        But pratiksha and sahithi finally our abhigya to get reunited know this tanu should get exposed but this thing I can’t understand pragya dadi and purbul made more plans to bring the truth infront of abhi but easily they will say the truth to abhi they want some evidence know so pratiksha will abhi believe pragya with his little trust on her today episode I am waiting for it but srimathi something is still kicking on my mind we have to wait for today’s episode

      • sana

        Guys…. ep353 last part Pragya got this this makeover and today it completes 100 episode and finally she is back to her old getup……100 episodes passed…..till now not even 1 out of 3 devils got exposed…..When will they do that…..Cvs please move on fastly……
        And about the promo even I feel the same pratiksha that abhi will get to know the truth tomorrow and he will help pragya…Hope so this happens…..

  23. Srimathi

    Ya pratiksha and ishani.It ll be the best episode ever if our guessing ll come true on the episode!!The promo was little bit positive!!But we can’t trust CVS more we have to wait till the episode airs!!

      • Don’t know nivi. But he should becoz if he will not believe on her then this will b his life’s biggest mistake coz pragya is surrounded with lots of dangers from every side and she is all alone now. So if abhi will not believe on her then it will take pragya so far from him and as well as audience also becoz audience r losing their hopes already and if CVS will show more problems for pragya and more differences between abhigya then their trp will get more decrease with the starting of this new year. That’s why I m hoping that CVS will atleast now give us this strong and positive hope with the end of this year and with the starting of new year. But as usual we could not believe on CVS more. So let’s wait and then see what they have stored for us.

      • Sahithi

        But Pratiksha if he is not going to listen to her or believe her, then he can no longer blame her or keep asking Fuggy to be back. Because when Fuggy is finally back, which he has been waiting for, it makes sense for him to have some patience n understanding n listen her out.

        He assumes he has property papers n thinks he can change Mogambo back to Fuggy by taking back the property, so when she herself changed in front of him, if he doesn’t listen or believe, then there is no point in Pragya even staying back in MM. She can as well hand over the POA papers n make an exit.

      • Exactly sahithi this was my point too. You have told my thoughts. If pragya will come to tell everything to abhi in her old fuggy’s getup then there should b no reason for abhi not believing on her. Becoz according to abhi, mogambo is not at all right but fuggy could not b wrong ever. Becoz according to him, mogambo’s heart is like metallic but fuggy’s heart is pure as god. That’s why fuggy is still live in abhi’s heart and he is still loves her and wants her back in his life. Becoz he believes that only fuggy can give him this much love and care which no one could and with whim he could spent his life and could walk with her blindly. So now if his fuggy herself will come and tell him the truth and show him the reality then he should believe on her becoz she will b his fuggy not mogambo. So there could b no reason or logic for abhi to not believing on her. If in any case he will not believe on pragya, on his fuggy then it means his love has no strength and his all appreciations, memories, wishes, talks for his fuggy from the starting till the end will b total waste and it will b like just pretendence from his side to fuggy’s love. So I believes that abhi will believe on pragya and he will support her. Otherwise rest things r in CVS hands.

      • But the question which comes first from all these that is will pragya tell the truth to abhi or dadi will again stop her to telling the truth to abhi or if pragya will not tell him the truth then will abhi realize the reason behind pragya’s decision of dressing as fuggy and he will find the truth by himself after seeing pragya in fuggy’s getup? These r the questions which comes first and needs to b solved before it that abhi will believe her or not?

      • Sahithi

        I just now read some spoilers that Daadi will stop Pragya from revealing truth to Abhi in Fuggy getup. If that is the case, it would be a very silly and lame turn in the script to get back Fuggy for a day.

        When Daadi does not have any plan to expose Tanu n Bulbul is so critically hurt, I think it is worst thing from Daadi to stop Pragya.

  24. pragya is trying to say oh wow fuggi is back ….plz don”t leave abhi rockstar once again let this be true bulbul nd prub also be happy in this serial

  25. safia meera

    Writers this better be true because always hwen something good is to happen they twist the tales to make things annoying which i hate when will aaliyah tanu and raj’s truth come to light this is flipping annoying man our protagonists don’t get what they want not even one bit of happiness only the antagonists get to be happy this is not happening because its extremely irratating i think i will scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. mim

    Guys I think this is just a new idea of directors to fool us. I don’t think that pragya will tell the name of aliya and tanu.

  27. Priya $

    Thanq for coming back pratiksha… Happy to c u… I too think the same in new year abhi may came to know abt pragya I think so…without tat nothing big happiness ll happen… Surely taaliya truth won’t exposed this much soon..

  28. For past few months ever since the theen ka tadka started every month we hear spoilers “iske faida utaienge pragya aur karenge tanu\aaliya ki expose” many waste mahasangam , mahamilan, and maha episode every episode making audience a fool and telling a favourite dialogue ” abhi ‘abhi’ karenga saach ka saamna” but nothing happened and seriously guys I really want to think positive but cvs record breaking bakwass plans have always dragged this ……..They have converted a romantic couple who had just fallen in love to dramebazz couple ………kadavule give this cvs some brains…….

  29. Jes

    Oh god help abhi heard tat n help pragya she realy need the strenght now both of them go throw so much together nw they need 2 unite 2 fight 4 they love n life…pragya u need him pls.

  30. guys in today’s episode pragya will say whole truth to abhi she will say to him that your sister is only your main dushman and she will say everything about tanu abhi will touch pragya’s cheeks and they emotionally hug each other i am waiting for it but soon abhi should trust pragya pratiksha do you think abhi will trust pragya purab and bulbul are trying to say the truth to sarla maa wat she will react to this

    • reji

      no razia abhi will not believe her in that image he has a little trust on his fuggi only so if pragya said the truth in fuggi costume then abhi will atleast try to think about that this is my guessing

  31. razia

    Even I feel may b according to the spoilers pragya may reveal evrytng tats y she said new happiness in the new year .. Oh God truly confused too much

  32. Priya$

    Pratiksha whether pragya came to know abt nikil… It may also happen na… V cant turst this cvs team yaar…

  33. shona

    hi……We have all been waiting for the major drama when Pragya will expose Aaliya (Shikha Singh) and Tanu’s (Leena Jumani) reality in front of Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) since a long time now.Well, the wait is now over as Pragya will transform herself back to Fuggi and will finally reveal the truth behind her actions to Abhi and explain the entire plan that she had plotted with help of Dadi in order to expose Aaliya and Tanu.Our source informs, “An emotional Abhi will hug Pragya on knowing what all she had to go through because of his sister. Itwill be exciting to watch how Abhi gives Aaliya and Tanu a taste of their own medicine!”

  34. Hi chithu 55. Welcome back.can anyone tell me from which site I can watch kkb and tashan e ishq.I can’t watch them on my mobile and laptop

  35. U people still believe that they r gonna get exposed. Since I started to read updates of kkb I have only read that pragya lost, tanu was saved, aliya won, pragya’s plan failed. Still people r watching it. Mind blowing courage u people have!!! May be after few years the story will still b going on with aliya not exposed, tanu still pregnant, and pragya and abhi not united.

  36. Sahithi

    Okay I saw a preview scene for today, Tanu was brainwashing Abhi that Pragya can do new drama n come as old Pragya. Abhi says whatever she does, I won’t believe her. Pragya in Fuggy getup listens their conversation.

    I think this is it with misunderstandings, I m fed up now, if Abhi doesn’t believe I think I m done watching this show. So painful to see this again n again.

  37. Guys do not watch today’s episode. Beciz after watching it, all of u wl start hating this show. Dadi has stopped pragya for telling the truth to abhi and abhi will also not believe on pragya becoz tanu will act as I’ll and she will do brainwash abhi that pragya could manipulate u by making own self fuggy. Abhi says that he will not believe her at all becoz now her truth has came in front of him and now he hates her. Tanu says her to marry with her soon. Abhi promise tanu that he will do marriage with her after bulbul’s recovery. Pragya will listen all this and will get very hurt. Guys too much. That’s it. Now what the hell happiness they r going to show in this new year? Guys if still nothing will gud happen in these two days then I will done with this show, at least for sometimes.

    • sana

      Omg 😮
      What the hell this dadi…..she is too much now….enough of her controlling over pragya…..Abhi u dumbo u r coming in that tanus words….Go to Hell….do whatever u want…….Let the TRp fall down like anything…then only these people will learn…

    • Gia

      already stopd watcg it! If tis gona happn thn tats it !! Enuf of tis crap !! wl stop reading updates too!! Im herenly 2 read urs,sahithi,nivi,priya n reji’s cmts..u guys r really 1000 tyms bettr than tat retard cvs !!

    • oh pratiksha then wat happiness this pragya going to get in new year if i get chance i will make tanu to hypnotize herself to reveal the truth y this abhi is listening to her talk now pragya’s hope all get spoiled now wat she will do why this dadi stopped her do u have any idea about this pratiksha

    • Shavi

      U r right.. after seeing 2day’s episode I feel bad to watch this show. . The writers are just checking our patience. . Bt I lost my patience today.. wat d hell..

    • riya

      omg…y is this dadi like this…
      can’t she understand pragya’s feelings…
      now what happiness they r gng to show after this crap?
      really feeling bad for pragya….

  38. nithi

    You r rite pratiksha. I totally hate tiday episode… dunno wat kind of happiness pragya will get in this New Year

  39. Yeah pragya will get happiness by getting rid of abhi from her life……that is the great happiness not only for pragya but also viewers ………abhi tanu marriage will be the visual treat for audience for new year …… guys I am seriously pissed

  40. razia

    Actually I din c the episode .. Pls someone temme wt hpnd .. Sahithi reji pratiksha any body. .. Cant wait fa the update they wer making late

    • Sahithi

      First scene is continuation of yday dream sequence -Abhi says he trusts her, he feels bad that Pragya became enemy to her own mom, he tortured her unnecessarily. and if she didn’t reveal he would have made her tell the truth somehow. Pragya dream ends here

      She goes n gets ready in Fuggy getup, Abhi gets up n was leaving, then yday precap scene. He doesn’t listen to her or stop for her, or look back.

      On hospital Sarla n Purab both see Bulbul with bandage on face n unconscious. They cry n try consoling each other. Aaliya gets fruits for both n Purab makes Sarla eat, she also gives Purab apple piece. Abhi comes n he also consoles Sarla. Purab asks if Pragya didn’t come n Abhi says she won’t come as will think abt money n expenses.

      Purab gets doubt n calls Pragya if everything is fine n why Abhi came alone. Pragya says nothing is fine, she is going to tell truth to Abhi. Purab doubts if Abhi will believe.

      Tanu blames Aaliya is selfish n got Bulbul out if her way, n not helping her in maarying Tanu. Aaliya gives advise to Tanu to force Abhi for marriage.

      Just when Abhi about to enter room n see Fuggy, Payal says Tanu fainted. He goes to Tanu room. Tanu does emotional blackmail n asks Abhi to marry her n throw Pragya out as he has property papers. Abhi says he will do so once Bulbul recovers. Pragya hears this convo but Daadi also sees Pragya thr n takes her away.

      Daadi starts giving usual gyaan. But Pragya says Daadi also not understanding her pain.

      In precap, Daadi lecture comtinues, she says Pragya always gets weak when she is near to her goal n asks to believe in her love.

    • razia first pragya will dream that she will say everything to abhi then the next morning she will dress up as fuggi but abhi will not see her and he will go and in the hospital purab and sarla maa will cry for bulbul and aliya came and starts her acting that she came to give fruits to them as they did not eat anything then purab will cut the fruits and give to sarla then abhi comes and says don’t worry auntiji and he will say to purab that mogambo character purab will feel sorry for pragya then pragya will sit in the mirror and feel for bubul and she gets the call from purab she will say to him that she will say the whole truth to abhi and then abhi comes and stands outside the room thinking pragya pragya will come out and thinks pragya’s taunting words and pragya will see abhi standing near the door abhi is about to enter but payal that tanu feels dizzy and she is aliya room and he will go there pragya will see him tanu overeacts and asks about the property papers and brainwashes abhi pragya will hear this from outside and she will say something about old pragya not to believe her abhi will say to tanu i didn”t talk to her tanu says push that pragya out and marry me soon abhi says after bulbul’s recovery i will do wat you said dadi will see pragya in her old getup dadi will take pragya to a room and asks wat is this pragya will say dad by day he is hurting me but dadi will say some reasons and stops pragya pragya will cry and say why she want to say this to abhi dadi ooks on this only happened today i don’t like today’s episode still i can’t guess wat happiness they are going to get in this new year

  41. Tonia

    What is with the show. If they don’t have any tangible thing to show,then they should get out of the kitchen

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.