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The Episode starts with Raj telling Mitali that they are together because of abhi, but he can’t forget whatever she had done in past. Dasi says lets start food. Dadi waits for Abhi. Abhi comes and greets them. Dadi asks them to have food. Abhi says actually I had food at someone’s house and says they made my favorite food. Tai ji says we thought you went to five star hotel. Abhi tells that the family members were his fans…and says Dadi is the rockstar, while mum showered loved on him and made him eat with her hand, and tells that the girl was fighting with him. Everyone looks on. Dasi asks about their names. Abhi says I didn’t ask. He goes to sleep. Dasi tells Dadi that may be he went to Sarla’s house. Dadi says it is not possible, and says he met someone else. Abhi feels some connection

with the family and thinks he would have got them before. He thinks he is getting attracted to Chashmish and thinks it is wrong, as he is a rockstar and should stay away from her. He thinks how did I know about the washroom direction, etc. and thinks Dadi or Aaliya might have told him. He thinks about Aaliya and then thinks to make an excuse for not coming to Pub. Dasi asks Tai ji why she is not eating. Tai ji says she couldn’t eat as Abhi praised that food a lot. Mitali says okay, I will ask Abhi to praise more and then our ration will not be finished till 2 months.

Aaliya comes and asks where is Abhi? Mitali says Abhi went to his room, and says he had food with his fans family, like he used to have in his sasural. Dadi says we shall keep a good cook for him, who will make his favorite food. Dadi and Dasi think that something is going on in her mind. Aaliya looks on tensedly and goes to his room. He questions Abhi, where was you. Abhi says I was here only. Aaliya says you was supposed to join party, I called you many times, but you didn’t attend call. He says I forgot and apologizes. He says I was in meeting with someone. Aaliya says I told all my friends that rockstar Abhi is coming, but you didn’t come. Abhi says sorry and asks her to make his video. He asks them to call her friends home. Aaliya is still angry. Abhi asks why you are getting hyper? Aaliya says okay. She asks about his recording. Abhi says he had a good time after that. Aaliya thinks how to ask him about Pragya and asks for his phone. Abhi gives his phone. Aaliya checks and says there is no pic in his phone. She asks him if he met someone special after ditching her. Abhi says no, and says he met his fan no. 1 and says her family is also his fans. Aaliya says she must have a name….Aaliya takes random names and also Pragya’s name. Abhi says yes. Aaliya is shocked. Abhi then says he remembered and says her name was Nikita. He says Nikita and her family are his big fans. Aaliya gets relieved and thinks to find out in the office.

Sarla asks Janki to keep Pragya’s lunch box. Janki says she is having leg pain and says she shall not go to office. Sarla says I sent Beeji to talk to her. Beeji comes and says I made Pragya understand not to go. She asks Sarla to call Saira and inform that Pragya couldn’t come to office today. Sarla calls Saira and says Pragya couldn’t come today as she got her leg fractured and its swollen. Saira says she couldn’t take off and says I have to do work alone then. She says I will send car to pick her. Sarla scolds her for not asking her about pragya’s pain and says you should have shown some sympathy. Saira says I didn’t mean that and tells that she will handle work and gives day off to Pragya. Abhi comes to office and asks Saira about Chasmish. Saira tells that she didn’t come today as she is hurt. Abhi says I know. Saira says why did you ask me then? Abhi asks her to bring coffee like yesterday as he couldn’t start work without drinking it. Saira says receptionist made that coffee, how could I? Abhi asks her to bring that coffee for him, else he can’t work. Saira worries what to do now as Pragya is not here. Beeji tells Sarla that she couldn’t sleep in night and thought about Abhi coming to their house. Sarla says she is hopeful that Abhi will get back his memory and they will unite soon. Just then they see Aaliya standing there and is shocked and angry.

Aaliya comes inside. Beeji gets up from sofa and says don’t know why did this witch come here. Sarla says may be Abhi told her that he came to our house. Beeji says Abhi doesn’t remember anything then how he will tell her. Aaliya greets them and asks how are you? She says I thought to check how you people are living? Beeji says we are alive and happy, asks her to leave else she will call the neighbors and get her kicked out. Aaliya says one month have passed and asks about Pragya. Sarla says she is fine, and it is good that she haven’t seen you. Aaliya says if Pragya is working somewhere. They don’t tell her anything. Beeji says she knows how to keep off evil eye from her house. Aaliya says it seems that you are hiding something and is scared.

Aaliya threatens Beeji and Sarla that she is the black eye sight which she can’t keep off.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hey hi shobu ? glad that u commented on ff and thank you too anyways let’s coming to the point what I was thinking that what of this rumour that Abhi is faking his ML is same as the time of Ganpati festival they was saying that Pragya will be raped ??? I was just thinking that what if this is same as that

    1. Hi ? Surbhi
      Seeing you after many days.. If you start to write new ff let me know since your description is really awesome ??. I don’t want to miss it again…
      And ya Surbhi, I too think after seeing yesterday epic ,that its rumour. Lets see what is going to happen further…

  2. Dont understand anything so much confusing is he really lost his memory or not in today’s epi he is behaving like he really lost his memory if it is true then what about sbs people news plzzz prathikaha sahithi shobana reji gowtham anna anyone clear me this plzzz.and reji i m also fine dear i m glad that u were awaited for my comments tq so much dear

    1. Hi ? aishu
      How are you????

      I think it was rumour.. Lets see what the CVs are doing in further epic…

  3. The story is moving so predictably. It occurred as we thought. Evn tmrw. will be the same I think.
    One thing was nice. Abhi searched Pragya as soon as he entered. Think he will fall for her very soon. what say guys?

  4. I think he is not faking his ml upto now and he may get his ml back by meeting pragya and her family frequently and after getting his memory he will fake it to know about aliya and about today epi it was gd he started thinking about pragya having feelings on her so nice but they didn’t shown pragya in today epi and today abhi is rocking in black the way he was searching fr pragya nice so it’s going to be a cute love story bwn rockstar and a cute chashmish but they shouldn’t keep tanu bwn them

    1. Asmitha, it may be after getting Memory back, he would fake it…
      But abhi calling Pragya as chasmish, looks very similar to initial episodes… Could have named some other… Maybe by the name chasmish, he may remember the past, think so

      1. Chashmish is a very generic usage referring to her specs. But I feel twist will be when he will use Fuggy in his song lyrics and once the song is out. For Aaliya it will be shock as she would be confused, but for Pragya it will make her day thinking that he subconsciously remembers the word Fuggy.

      2. Ha ha ?? sahithi, it will be superb if abhi do it. Just waiting yaar , something to happen like that. Lets see.. I am imagining that, when abhi takes fuggy name… What will be alia’s reaction..?? she will fume like this ????? and Pragya will be ?????. It will be sooo good to watch..

  5. So today’s episode made it clear that abhi has lost his memory actually. After listening his monologue, there is no sign of fake drama. Whatever abhi said in his thinking, it was very clear that he has lost his memory actually. But why SBS people said that in upcoming twist, it will reveal that abhi is faking his memory loss and pragya will get to know about it?? Ya his actions in last episodes were strange but after getting his monologue today, there is no doubt left that he is faking or not? Now only one thing can happen, if abhi will get his memory back later eventually and then he will fake it. Only this can happen otherwise sbs peoples news will get prove as wrong. Today, pragya was not shown in whole episode. Now I understood why? Becoz sriti, Leena, arjit these peoples r on vacations. Arjit is enjoying with his friends, sriti had gone Karnataka and Leena has gone to Zurich. That’s why we didn’t got any new update, segment or on location videos . Let’s see when will b next segment aired? But after watching today’s episode, when I heard abhi’s monologue, I got little upset and when he says to himself that he should not think about that girl as he is a rockstar then it made me more upset that he has again become that rockstar abhi, for which money, fame and status does matter so for himself .But thank God, abhi is thinking about pragya so much and he got so much affected by her. Aliya couldn’t knew about abhigya’s meetings or couldn’t found out that Nikita is pragya. Thankfully pragya is at home so aliya will not find her at music company’s office also. But pragya needs to b very- very careful from aliya and tanu until abhi realizes his feelings and love for her. Abhi have started to feel for her and started to feel attracted towards her so soon becoz of his past relationship with her which he spent with her in past. But becoz he has become aliya’s made moneyminded rock star, so to bring him out from this thinking and character pragya needs so much efforts and needs enough time. If tanu will come back in abhi’s life before it then it will get difficult for pragya becoz as aliya has made him, and the way abhi follows her, it will not get difficult for her to push abhi towards tanu or to change his mind according to her. Pragya needs more time and chances to make abhi passionate for her again as soon as possible. In whole episode, I liked only some of parts where abhi talks and thinks about pragya and her family. Loved the way he was talking and thinking about her and looking for her in office. Hope this attraction gets become his desperation which make him fall for pragya and after which nobody could affect him, not tanu NIR anybody or anything. CVS have to b very careful this time becoz soon from 12th septber a new show of mahesh bhatt is going to telecast at 9pm at star plus and it’s concept is very nice and as well as it’s promo too. So if cvs ruins the story again or makes it irritating or annoying then they could paid for it if audience likes that new show. So I m hoping that cvs will make the script and story this time very carefully.

    1. Thnxxx for the cmnt pratiksha actually nw i got relief after knwing abt The upcmng shw whch wll becme the competitor of kkb lol hope as u said cvs has to maintain the story will more positive n less negetive ….

    2. Yeah Pratiksha, thats what I said last week, from Abhi’s last monologue when he woke in middle of sleep, it was almost clear his ML is true for now. But he is quickly recognizing things, even taste of food at Arora house. And I dont think he is same Abhi we saw at start of show who was rude and brash for no reason. He is a changed person and if he is thinking about status, it is natural given his position. I dont think anyone will fall in a day for a receptionist, he is in fact falling for her much much more quickly than the last time.

      Even though they were sharing the same room and had a marriage binding them, he mostly did things for Daadi’s sake. It took him ages and lot of sudden situations, Purab n Bulbul’s efforts. This time it is more of curiosity which anyone of us will have if we are in Abhi’s place, if we start meeting as a person who knows and understands us more than anyone else in the world. Aaliya wont be successful in pushing Tanu towards Abhi, as Abhi already getting stubborn for coffee from Pragya. Even if assume Aaliya finds about Pragya and tries to throw her from her receptionist job, Abhi knows Pragya’s house also, so it wont be so easy for Aaliya to execute her plans this time. If she is caught in her act to push Pragya away, it will only raise more doubt from Abhi about Aaliya’s intentions.

      And I am personally liking this new season of the show a lot more than what I expected. In the last track there was so much drag, headache causing sequences. Even if the leads were romancing it looked forced in most scenes, but now even when there isnt a single combination scene in last 2 episodes, owing to Sriti’s vacation, it was so awesome. Pragya’s daadi herself a treat to watch and was enough for Friday’s episode. I feel the writers can do better if they want but somehow were very lazy in last track. They seem to be doing better than last track, and I think a new show wont be immediate competition unless they intentionally mess by bringing say Nikhil back.

      1. Completely agree with u sahithi with ur each and every words. Feeling very nice seeing kkb like this. Best thing is this that abhigya’s love story is starting without any interference and pressure like they had before and it is not taking so much time like before and tanu is still out and it seems as u said there will no chance for her even later too. I wish and hope story keep going like this as we r predicting. Abhi gets back his memory or not but once if pragya comes back in abhi’s life as his wife again and with love then evils will lose everything then also. And ya that new show will take time to rule on audience’s mind but cvs needs to b alert. So let’s see.

  6. I just stopped watching this serial & even reading the update 🙂 This serial is totally a Crap..

  7. I really hate that aaliya is still around n no one seem to care that pragya is n always will be abhi wife b keeping her away from him will bring them closer

  8. Like I said Abhi would say no and says Nikita. I like that Abhi’s heart starts to feel for Pragya despite his mind is telling him they would not work because of status. But never mind, the heart wants what the heart wants and the mind or society cannot change that.
    Aalyia going to Pragya’a house to threaten them about meeting Abhi will not change the fact that Pragya is his wife. Their was no divorce and with the stunt they’d pull with the divorced papers when they kidnapped Pragya got lost in the maylee so did not get filed. So Aalyia cannot stop Pragya from meeting Abhi. Besides Abhi’s memory is comming back slowly so i dont know what Aalyia is thinking that she will get away with what happen to Abhi with what she had plan to kill Pragya.
    Instead shes continuing to be selfish in her actions. That is why when Abhi’s memories return he will not say anything to anyone. And they are returning.
    Lets see how they are going to write this unfolding. Please keep Tanu away from Abhi until his heart settles again on Pragya. The show is much nicer without her(Tanu) in it.

  9. Guyssss….
    First of all we have to remember that it is an illogical drama. They show whatever they want even there is no any logic. Till now they are not thinking about the logics. So how can we consider about abhi’s monologues & etc????
    We can’t guess anything in this serial. First they will show memory loss, then will try to make us believe by abhi’s monologues, then they will show it is a fake, after that they will show fake is a fake to bring the truth out etc etc…
    So I have decided not to guess but just “W A T C H & E N J O Y”.
    They are the best string hoppers serial maker. In the past they made only the plans from start (again & again exposing taaliya & nikhil) but today they want to make something different so that they have decided to make the full serial from start. WOW… Wonderful, extraordinary idea ?????. Keep it up.. I know writer u have decided to drag more and will unite abhigya after “TiSha” get more old.

    1. One more question..
      What was happened to everyone’s make-up??????
      Aaliya – nice, but others????????????
      Mitali OMG Overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  10. Nice episode.

  11. Hi guys !! Yesterday my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary so they took me out for treat ! So yesterday can’t watch kumkum bhagya guys just read the update Today it is clear that Abhi is really having memory loss . I think he is not acting ..But then too i can’t say it confirmly ..ya Pratiksha Naamkaran’s concept is very nice even I liked that promo beautiful song ..So Cvs should be very careful and crush their brain to keep up it’s trp !.. And guys i need ur wishes becoz today is my elocution competition in school ! So don’t know how I am going to do !!..Feeling nervous but gowtham bro I will keep ur words in my mind ..guys pls pray for me and wish me guys !!.

    1. All the best Reji. Ur in our prayers.

  12. Hey guys new onlocation video is out but i cant hear or understand anything clearly tmin that abhi pragya was in road abhi is having some letter in his which was wrote by pragya he reads it n asks if she wrote it for her boyfriend who was talking to her on phone on that day pragya says no that she has no boyfriend then abhi is saying some corrections on it pragya says that she wrote it for her si she dont cares if others like it or nor inbetween asusual tisha were laughed n the place were near to pragya house n there were full of bubbles at that time pragya falls n abhi catches her they have an eyelock sry guys this only bit i can understand but i hope that prathiksha gave u guys clear update.reji all d best dear u will definetly win

  13. New on location highlights- Guys videos have not much clear voice but what I got mainly from the videos, I m giving here- Abhi and pragya r outside somewhere, seems outside if the office. Abhi is in same yesterday’s black T-shirt, un whuch he comes to office. Pragya is in white deep frockstyle and red dupatta.They both were looking so gud. They r talking with each other. It seems Pragya has something or like poetry and it has gotten into Abhi’s hand. He is teasing her if she has a boyfriend to which she sternly says No. He is talking something about surat (face/looks) and she is saying something like seerat (nature) is important. They have some cute arguements and nok- jhok. Pragya seems qute as showing her anger qutely to abhi and abhi was happily enjoying talk with her. He naughtingly teases her. She wants to get her paper back, Abhi isn’t giving it to her and making her jump around to get it. She is trying to catch the paper that he is holding up and trips..she about to fall but he holds her.. some eye lock/music. They both gets lost in each other. Pragya notices that peoples r watching them. Abhi too notices it when pragya was seeing them. Abhi comes in senses and makes pragya stand immediately. Their cute arguements again gets start. Abhi have a hat in his hands. He puts on a hat on her.
    She is trying to tell him to go record/not waste time and give her paper back.. he isn’t giving basically. Pragya gets her paper back and leaves from there with giving him cute angry look. Abhi smiles seeing her.

    1. So pratiksha I think we can get so many cute scenes like this and olv is nice so may abhi is slowly attracting towards pragya it is nice before start of ml I thought that they will show again same crap but it was really different and interesting so nice to see Abhigya like this and I seen olv pics they r looking cute and their offscreen pics were so cute

    2. Shabir looked awesome in that black tee.. Actually I liked it very much than usuals ???
      Now coming to the point.. Do you think that calling Pragya as chamish , somewhat looks like initial kkb ???
      Ya after seeing yesterday epic, its somewhat clear that abhi is not faking..
      The manager of that music company knows her name Pragya not Nikita.. I think through her only alia or abhi will comes to know that she is Pragya … Lets see what CVs are going to do…
      And this new updates is going to be very cute to watch…..
      Keeping Tanu away from the show is a big big big relief.. A big thanks to the CVs…..

      1. Yeah when I saw it towards the end of the show, that black tee on Shabir I was hoping there will be more scenes in it as he will wait for Pragya to come to office. He has a great sense of dressing as Abhi. And offscreen he is mostly spotted in formal shirts. He in fact rocks both the looks. Love his style.

      2. Yup sahithi, he is great in both… But I like him more in formal shirts??? . Don’t know why, I adore him alot ????

    3. Guys sequence is so sweet, cute and lovely. It seems abhi is liking pragya’s company and searching reasons for spending time with her. That’s why he doesn’t give her poetry paper back and tries to keep her busy with him for long as much as possible. He likes pragya’s poetry so much and appreciates her and her poetry a lot and the feelings which she conveyed through this poetry. Abhi realizes that pragya is in love deeply, but with whom, he is unaware that it is he but he knows this much that she likes him a lot. By the sequence, it seems that abhi is learning the true meaning of love through pragya. Pragya is affecting him so much by everything. He is enjoying her company a lot. Abhi is realizing pragya’s qualties amd her specialities and gudness in every meeting with her. Overall it seems that abhigya’s love is on it’s start. Shobhna u r right. These sequences and this stage of abhigya is reminding us that days when misunderstandings between abhigya gets solved after MMS track and their friendship gets start. Abhi was falling in love with pragya but he had not this realization that he is in love with her. Same story is going on in present time also. Only difference is tanu was there between them but here abhi is single according to his memory and not committed with anyone. Here is aliya could b the hurdle and tanu might also, if they comrs between abhigya before the abhi’s realization of love for pragya. So it’s very needed that abhi realize his feelings and love for pragya and accept it soon before evils interruptions. But will cvs let abhigya unite so easily? Lets see what twists they will bring?

      1. Yes prathiksha, they wont let abhigya unite easily.. Because the main goal of CVs is to separate abhigya and to increase curiosity among us whether they will unite abhigya or not….

  14. kumkum bhagya

    very boring serial

  15. Hii guys,

    Can anyone give me the OLV’s links pls….

  16. the epi was nice. but I’m expecting more bcoz aliya & tanu can do anything with abi. they can use his ML as a favr…

  17. Guys today’s segment were same as today’s on location videos and updates. So I m not giving it’s update again. All the segment showed same sequence about abhigya’s meeting outside, abhi finds pragya’s poetry paper and teases her and between all this they romances too with each other, fortunately and unknowingly. That’s it. Reporters says that abhigya’s love story has again started.

    1. That was really cute. their nok-joks, fights, and especially the eye lock…loved it to the core. Shabir was really looking awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 and Sriti was very cute. no wonder the show will be the top if they maintain this same Positivity. Waiting to see the episode.
      i am really happy that tanu is out of scene as of now. I couldn’t tolerate her over modern, western outfit. Aliya is OK.
      And Pratiksha, they said Arjit is quitting the show but he did not 🙂 🙂 But again they are saying that he will leave the show and will shoot only till September. I really dont want him to leave the show. HE is the best supporter of Abhigya in all times. i also want him to be the second lead and not just a supporting charac. Is anything is confirmed about his exit?

    2. they are saying taht bulbul is gonna be back is it true pratiksha?

      1. hi aradhana. Bulbul’s entry is just predicted and not confirmed. There is no official surity. It may depend on the further move of the story.

  18. thank u so much ani 🙂

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