Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to attend his wedding. Pragya gets emotional. Abhi says I can’t forget that we were staying in the same room, and can’t move ahead in life. Pragya says we have shared a life and says once you move on, you will forget old ties. She says I will be with you like a friend, and will never leave you. She asks him to forget everything. Abhi asks can you forget if there is nothing between us except friendship. If you don’t attend my wedding, I will think that you have not forgiven me. He asks her to come atleast for the time which they have spent together. Pragya says I can’t share my feelings and pain with you, and that’s why I can’t come with you. Abhi says I told you not to leave me and go, and this is all happening because

of you. Pragya says I am relieved that you have become matured and responsible. I can’t accept your invitation. Abhi says I will try to understand your helplessness. Pragya thinks how to tell you that I can’t see my kumkum in someone else’s maang. Abhi recalls her words and thinks I am finding a reason to stop this wedding. He says please Pragya, don’t leave me, please stay back and take care of me. Tanu gets ready as a bride, and talks to her mamma. She asks her to come directly to temple. Her mum says I am worried because of Pragya. Her dad takes the call and asks why did you send Nikhil. He is calling us sasur ji and sasu mom. Tanu says he is mad and asks them to ignore him.

Abhi gets ready for his marriage. Purab and Akash are sad. Abhi asks them to come. Pragya asks Dadi to leave her. Dadi asks her to come and says may be we can get a chance to stop the wedding. Pragya says I don’t want to come. Tanu comes there and asks how am I looking? Dadi says good and goes. Tanu asks Pragya if she liked the lehenga. Pragya says it is good, but you don’t have the glow as you have snatched someone’s love. Tanu says I can see fear of loss in your eyes, and says you too have snatched my Abhi from me. Pragya says you have waited not for him, but for his wealth. She asks her not to call her game as love. Tanu says I am happy. you have lost it and this marriage will happen. She says my 2 mins were wasted and says my mahurat is coming, and your suhaag is going far from you. She comes out and sees Abhi sad. Tanu asks Aaliya, why Abhi is upset. Aaliya says you have to marry Abhi and not his mood, so don’t worry and get photo shoot after marriage. Dadi tells Sarla that she is helpless and apologizes for failing to keep up her promise. Rachna asks Dadi, why she is losing strength. Dadi says I have been giving strength to Pragya, but now I am feeling as if it is too late. Sarla cries.

Tanu’s mum praises Tanu’s beauty. Dadi thinks Abhi is not happy with his decision. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks she should come as it is getting difficult for him to marry Tanu. Tanu asks if she is looking good. Aaliya says yes, you are looking beautiful. Tanu says she has a glow of victory. Aaliya says it would have been fun if Pragya is watching her marriage. Tanu says she must be packing. Aaliya says I will drop that mum-daughter duo. Mitali comes and informs her that she is called outside. Tanu comes to mandap and sits beside him. Pandit ji asks Tanu’s parents to do kanyadaan. Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya. Dadi and Purab look sad. Abhi feels he is doing wrong and thinks something should happen to stop the wedding. He thinks he has to accept this reality.

Pandit ji asks them to stand for varmala. Abhi and Tanu exchange garlands. Dadi looks upset. Abhi and Tanu start taking pheras/rounds. Dadi prays to God and asks what you are letting this happen. Purab also prays. Aaliya thinks her wish is fulfilled. Tanu thinks Pragya has lost and she has won. Abhi feels Pragya will come and stop his wedding. Tanu and Abhi continue to take pheras. Abhi feels bad and thinks I am doing wrong, but it is too late now. Pragya reaches there and asks them to stop the wedding. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Abhi moves his sehra and looks at Pragya. Tanu looks shocked. Pragya goes near them, opens the ghatbandhan and announces that this marriage can’t happen. Purab, Dadi and Akash are happy, while others are shocked.

Pragya tells Tanu that her husband is his and will always be his. She asks her to wear her specs and see clearly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Hasan mam I am happy that u are back!! What happened are u ok? Na thnx for the fast update. I missed u r fast update for 2days.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Hey.. Shabbir went to Canada so that after he come they will end tanu track now they have to dragg so they bought corporator also back

  2. Tisha

    I just loved Pragya’s heroic entry..And now for sure Abhi ll suspicious for Pragya’s actions..of he didn’t got any clue..then no one is as fool as Abhi…I think this time Abhi ll trust the fake reason that gonna give by Pragya for stopping the wedding..
    And I couldn’t able to see Tanu and Abhi doing pehras just felt irritated..Now thr is no use of cursing CVs v should enjoy the positive and have to tolerate the negative no other go for this Never ending Tanu’s pregnancy track..
    And I don’t know how Cvs is making dadi’s character this much dumb when she had more power over Abhi..Anyways as I said no use of blaming CVS…And thank God they entered this shadi drama today itself else it ll b a very big torture for us..
    So as for now more AbhiGya romance with rain of pappis r waiting for us in upcoming episode!!

  3. Sharada

    Dragging but still better that a few other episodes….abhi is a fool wen he wAnts a reason to stop his marriage wid tanu then he shydnt get married to her in the 1st place….precap is awesome. ….waiting to c wat pragya has in store for tanu….

  4. shabana.

    nice episode and very awesome precap i am waiting for tommrowos episode while how pragya stops tabhis marriage.tanu is nice in that bridal look but not like pragya..and tamil guyz we want to wait for 2days for an awesome episode and a awesome romantic concert by abhi he will confesses his love for pragya in that episode..vry eagerly waiting for both irumalargal and KKB..tamil guyz dont miss an awesome episode..today in irumalargal abhi song kanave kanave but on mondays episode i think they put samjhawan translation..lets wait for the best..

  5. told i liked abhi a lot his gut feeling told him that he is doing wrong and he even thought that pragya would come and stop this but i wish this drama end soon but i dont think so as i saw some videos after which i am thinking that it would not end now hope i will be wrong

  6. Finally my wait got finished for seeing the faces of everybody during wedding rituals of tabhi when pragya stops it. And really it was like I got everything, for which I was waiting. I know still a lot left to happen which we will get only on the day of exposure but till then at least let’s enjoy it. Everybody’s faces were worth watching and how suddenly evils smiles vanished, it was mind blowing. Abhi too was happy in his heart and his happiness was clearly shown on his face but he was little confused too becoz of this sudden step of pragya, which was obvious. But his expressions were also gud. He was praying that pragya or somone stop this marriage and his pray got fulfilled. That’s why in that romantic segment, he was not looking angry with pragya after the cancellation of marriage. Becoz he was too happy in his heart for getting saved from this unwanted and unfortunate wedding. Leena was looking gud in bridal outfit but sadly she dressed up on wrong time to get marry with wrong person in the show. If tanu’s wedding happens with nikhil then she looks more gud. God? her parents!! What her mom saying that she is worried for pragya the thorn of her way. Shameless parents of a shameless girls.?When parents r like this so anything is expected from the daughter of this types of parents. Anyways if pragya was already ready for doing something to stop marriage then why she gave so much lectures to abhi? They have wasted sometimes in it and dadi, purab and in everybody’s helplessness showing. These peoples talks everything except truth with abhi. Nobody tries to tell abhi the truth not even a once they thought to tell. This was very bad. They were all ready to accept tanu in abhi’s life and ready to let abhi bear that guilt’s punishment which he never did. What a great family and friends. What rubbish CVS r showing. Anyways anyhow but they stops tabhi’s wedding so it was a relief. Pragya stole the show at last minute. What a heroic entry she gave. A big smile on my face had come when she said stop, this wedding can’t happen and the way she untied tabhi’s knot with these words, it was fantastic. It was like four in a ball and evils got clean booed from all the sides. Unforgettable scene, waiting for tomorrow’s episode to enjoy more.

    • Brintha

      prathiksha just now i commented same as urs.. and ur doubt if pragya decided to stop the marriage why at the last minute.. when dadi left pragya in her room with tanu also pragya waz not had any confident… so after everyone left… something might have happened in the house with sarla and pragya… some evidence.. or some magic wud hv happened.. which will stop the marriage…this iz my guess… but all the time my guess is going wrong only…

    • Aishwarya

      Prathiksh tat u have any guess n about tanu expsosure n corporater re entry if tanu will caught before his entry or after i ve become mad n guyss i m leving to salem for 4days so guyzz plzz send me d link saturday monday tuesday plzz gowtham reji prathiksha shobana anyone plzz send d video link of d epi plzz help me

      • Aishwarya to get to know it, we have to wait for more updates and segments. Then only we could say something that why CVS bring corporator ( Neel Motwani) back in the show.

      • Reji

        Ya aishwarya pratiksha is ryt…we have to wait for the right updates and segments…to find neel’s comeback…

    • Zari

      I think pragya stop marriage at last moment to get stay order…. Bcoz abhigya r still not divorced so taabhi can’t marry and I think now bcoz of this she will now easily get stay order on divorce…. I think only as I don’t know much about divorce cases and procedures

    • shobana

      I’ve a doubt is he a dupe abhi???
      He is looking like abhi only. If he dupe abhi then they would have not shown his face often right????

      • Shobhna shabbir have shooted only for close- up shots for this sequence but before the shoot with everyone. But when actual shoot happened then they used his dupe to shoot whole scene with everyone becoz he was not available on that day.

    • sheetha

      Have u seen raj was also there.. And there is no expression on his face.. Wat he s upto.. He knows everything but doing nothing..

    • Nithi

      Prathiksha u r just replicated my thinking dear. Y his own family n fruebds r making abhi so fool..even they know very well tat he is nt interested inthis marriage n he is truly loving only Pragya..becos of hiilty he accepted tat marriage. .
      y cant these people cant understand how much pain he is facing.
      im seriously getting very much angry on dadi, purab, akash n pragya..
      when they r accepting tanu marrying abhi..y cant yhey tell d truth…

      I hope Abhi should leave mm atleast fr sumdays once he come to know d truth as everyone cheated him n make him face so many tortures in his life b/w love n commitment..they just played in his emotions…

  7. Pri

    Thnks god thy showed this marriage drama today… When will thy expose tanu.. Its been one yr starting this track..in Tamil thy showed the track..here yet not over..

  8. Pri

    When abhi doesnot want to marry he can appose it ..y he is dumb in front of tanu..come on abhi we need old rock star…not this emotionaly being fooled rock star..

  9. Nithi

    I cant digest that devil in bridal costumes along with Abhi..

    how cheap this tanu parents she is praising her beauty…shamless family snatching one girl life they r happy fr tat..
    Really wat s d character of Raj..is he only enjoying his life.. not bother abt his own brother life even kniwing tat evils truth…n he felt guilty when he com to know d truth of mitalli n bulbul death.. but he is not helping pragya..
    becis of her only he didnt go to jail..

    all r so selfish in this serial..

    only one gud thing is d martiage got stopped…but afterwards we need to face another taunting n planning epusodes by those devils

  10. Pri

    Atleaat now abhi shld try to fund the motive behind pragya move..if he didnot find this time also thn no one can save him..and also shabbir is back to shoot.CV is no mood to exposr tanu track and bringing niel back

  11. Zari

    Loved pragya’s entry… But what the hell was that if pragya didn’t make an entry there to stop the marriage dadi will let abhi marry tanu what nonsense……

    • Reece

      Actually the wait is NOT over. Tanu’s truth has not yet been revealed to Abhi….Although everyone in his family KNOWS the Truth and are NOT telling him!!!

  12. Brintha

    so today is the end for tanu abd aalia’s happiness… frm today onwards we can enjoy tanu and alia defeat expressions… alia got used to it…..congratulations to tanu for first time got lost in the game…that fully dressed up.. full attitude.. full josh… all to get serupadi from pragya.. ???..
    Coming to dadi, purab, akash and rachana.. let abhi believe it or not.. they should have told abhi that tanu is carrying nikhil baby… just once… last chance… like statues they are standing and praying it shud stop.. it shud stop.. no one tried the possible way… if abhi wud hv tied the mangal sutra… and later his marriage if he comes to know about everyone knows tanu truth and hided from him.. that is cheating.. dadi, purab, akash, rachana all are cheating abhi.. this only will give more pain than what alia and tanu has done with him… whatever it is tomorrow is the sooper damaka episode… so eagerly waiting for it..

  13. lucky

    idi for sure ga someone’s dream ayyi untundi to raise d trp’s.
    inta tondarga writers manchi pani iteh asalu cheyaru.
    for sure ga 2-3 months inka draging untadi

  14. Naveen

    I think abhi is back now with Pragya in few days when the tanu will expose out the truth tomorrow after 2 months is dragging the please bring the new segment of kkb

  15. Preethirangaswamy

    In tamil indha track vandhachu but In hindi innum tanuva expose pandraanga adhvum 1varchamaaaa.

  16. Preethirangaswamy

    I think tamil la abi and tanu merriage episode vandhadhuku aprondha hindi la tanuva expose pannuvaanga like because akdha alavukku javuillu illukuraanga.

  17. shobana

    The episode was nice.
    I don’t know what to say about tanu’s parents and I thinking still now tanu’s parents too don’t know her truth what will happen if they come to know about their daughter???
    Purab and dadi wants some miracle to happen but they won’t open their mouth to tell the truth to abhi. When marriage rituals are going on they all were standing like a wax statue instead of telling the truth and stopping the marriage. Earlier raj said that he will save abhi from all bad things and though he later claimed that he will think about himself and wont take any side. How can he be so selfish to think about his life after knowing whole truth abt tanu. That too aft seeing tanu and abhi doing marriage rituals also he didn’t open his mouth. A very good brother.
    I think the writers have finally returned abhi’s brain to him. Because he was thinking that he was doing wrong and also thinks abt what pragya that she was doing all this to save him.
    The best thing in today’s episode is pragya’s entry and abhi thinks that the marriage should be stopped by pragya or some other way.
    Why sarla ma came to hall?? She is not going to take part in marriage ceremony then y she came down???

    I felt that tanu’s bridal dress was good than pragya’s bridal dress. And tanu looked pretty gorgeous in bridal dress.
    And alia too looked grt

    • Shivanya

      Shobana reji gowtham anna anybody tell me pragya stopped the marriage with what reason whether she has any proof against tanu or with some other reason.

      • Zari

        I think she will only stop marriage bcoz abhigya r still not divorced so abhi can’t marry tanu

      • shobana

        Shivanya, pragya has stopped the marriage saying tanu has got her signature in divorce papers when she was unconscious. I think she has some proof for it. And as of now there is no exposure only marriage has been stopped. We have to still wait for tanu’s exposure.

      • sheetha

        But shobana .. Abhi only took pragya sign.. So how can she tell tanu got signature when she s unconsious..

      • Reji

        Sheetha but tanu only forced and asked abhi to get sign from pragya by cheating. …so only she is blaming tanu..becoz abhi is not at all happy with this

      • Reji

        Shivanya pragya stopped the marriage by saying that tanu got the sign in divorce papers when she was not in conscious. ..and this papers didn’t processed and sent to court…so this marriage can’t happen…and by this only pragya stops the wedding …but tanu will not be exposed they will drag for some more episodes

  18. Aishwarya

    Prathiksha i didnt watch d epi but u r saying that abhi expression showed but how he is doop na or he is real many confusion came in my mind plzz ans me n i will watch d epi tomorrow mng

  19. Mittenzz

    Tanu’s parents are behaving that way towards Pragya because of the lies she feeds them. They may not know Tanu’s true lying colors. Once they find out they will indeed break their relations with her because of the disgrace she will bring to them. Abhi will definetly throw her out no doubt. Alyia will turn her back on her because she was just a means to an end. With her gone Alyia plans will fail. Nikhil will no doubt laugh at her because he will no longer want her knowing the type of person she truly is. All in all the proverbial cheese will stand alone. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ poor Tanu’s. Poor poor Tanu’s ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  20. koki

    Last pragya entering scene superb and pakka. .. Everyone waits fr this moment only..and as per precap tomo also tanu won’t exposed by pragya.. I thought marriage only stopped. .. But exposure of tanu it’s take time. I think so . anyway just I loved entry of pragya and ahbi little bit relaxation.. Good night friends

  21. akesh

    Hi rhimjhim pls update the episode summary in ur way in comment section..as v r from south india v dunno hindi much..v can able to understand the conversation thro ur comments so pls update in brief wat was happened ….pls

  22. jk

    as Abhi – wouldn’t you be upset if your wife knew that the child your g/f is carrying is not yours and she never told you? And isn’t it an easy thing for Pragya to say that and then the proof be in the DNA testing? really – this drama is sooooo stupid!

  23. Priyanka

    Guys don’t get too excited…Tanu’s truth will not be revealed. I read somewhere that Pragya will break this marriage because the divorce never went through! If this is true, Tanu’s truth will not be out anytime soon.
    At jk- they did a DNA test before I believe, and Tanu/Aaliya got the doctor to change the reports to make it seem the baby belongs to Abhi.
    The writers of this show have dragged it long enough. I stopped watching the show, just read the updates.

  24. Prabhi forever

    Hope this should not be abhi’s imagination……waiting for reunion….pls abhigya cum back soon…

  25. Fan

    I don’t see what was so good about this episode it was crap as usual. Pragya wants act all tough and smart now but I think she’s the weakest character of all so far…
    She has no idea how to defend herself and she lets everyone walk all over her


    • GeeGee

      Thank you.. Neither do I!! I don’t get all the Excitement. The story is Still DRAGGING and Nothing has been resolved. What in the world is everyone so excited about. NOTHING good happened. The same old bullshit is STILL going on. It does not take much to entertain this group of viewers!!!

  26. sheetha

    Gowtham.. Wr r u bro.. Actually i m waiting for ur comment.. How tanu looks.. Describe her ?..

    Actually u r missing from yesterday.. After i gave u leena’s twitter id..??

    • gowtham

      sis?? i could not see the episode…. nethu eveng la irunthu phne ila athan comment um panla…. tv um paka mudila… aiyoo tanus wedding dress scene overa….??? ?? naan pakalana stry nala poguthu…. pakum pothu drag panaranga… i missed….

      • sheetha

        y bro wat happen to ur mobile … cha u missed it…. repeats paru …anyways tdy wedding dress la tanu alugratha pakalam bro…

      • sheetha

        leena looks superb… and her expression was awesome … till pragya entry scene she looks very excited and smilling……… at the end pragya entry ana aprom tanu facea pakanumae ada ada ada… avlo alagu…

    • gowtham

      i would have described her in 100 lines if i seen the epiosdes…. but inum pakla…. nala epiosde elam i am missing… so naan pakalana than nala epiosde lam telecast panranga??too mean

  27. HARINI

    I have big dout … y dadi not open her mouth… i know pragya stiuation is deficult if she tell truth means abhi not accept that without proof but y dadi always be silent. She just say sorry to sarala maa. But y she didn’t take any step to stop mrg.. dadi only pray to god.. on the time of abhi tanu rounds also dadi not open her mouth. Even dadi also don’t have proof but abhi belive dadi words k if not belive dadi words atleast abhi think of dadi words na. Ok not telling truth atleast dadi use some other ways to stop mrg na. Like u cheat pragya, after conform divorce only u get married with tanu otherwise i will not talk to you like this…… or do some other black mails to stop mrg.

    Ya finally pragya stop mrg but y dadi not taken even a step to stop mrg that is my angry ? Dadi gave super duper confidence to pragya but she not do anything to pragya..

    Anyways i like yesterday epi. From the begining i like it. Only a little bit sad for dadi side. Other wise the epi was tooo good. I like the way of pragya stoping the mrg. Its also resemble of mms epis. But pragya just stop the mrg not releave tanu truth… waiting for that truth releave.

    And the most importhing think is in sterday epi they handle very well doup abhi and orginal abhi shots very well .. i like that.

  28. gowtham

    guys i am really very sry…. from yesterday evening itslef i dnt have phne wd me…. i didnt see the episode also and IM also ..didn’t see feel very sad . wat juz happened…. did i miss the awesome episode??? and no one missed me i guess?? and i miss leenas outfit… hw was it???? sheetha and reji i missed to see tanus outfit… very upset … i was eagerly waiting… but due to some reasons i could not see… wat juz happend?? tel me.. since net is slow i could not watch it online.. is it worth watching???

    • shobana

      Don’t worry gowtham u can see retelecast.
      I thought nee tanu va parthu faint aagitanu that’s why didn’t comment nu.
      And episode was awesome. In the last scene pragya came and stopped the marriage. Abhi thinks that he is doing some mistake and it will be nice if pragya or some other come and stops the marriage. Rest of the MM members are standing like status instead of trying to tell the truth to abhi. Tanu’s parents too present in the wedding ceremony.

    • gowtham who said we didn’t missed ur comments???…..but i missed ur comments …..and me and sheetha were joking that after sheetha gave u leena’s twitter id from that time itself u didn’t comment so we were joking that u r trying so hard to speak to leena …….sorry i hurted u….!!and ya IM superb episode…..actually i didn’t see fully but the last two scenes……….ABHI did the concert reminiscing abt pragya that was awesome………and don’t know the song he sung …………and kumkum bhagya good episode……pragya stopped tabhi’s marriage don’t worry watch the retelecast …..ok??

    • Gowtham you r the charm of our group. Our group discussion couldn’t complete without u. We were waiting for ur comment and we waits for it always. Gowtham u can watch the episode in retelecast or on YouTube as reji suggested. But if not then also u can watch it again in today’s episode becoz Leena will b seeing today also in that bridal outfit as there r more scenes r left to happen at temple between tanu and pragya, when pragya will tell tanu why and how she stopped her wedding with abhi. More on the way today. So don’t get upset. U have so many option to watch ur favourite Leena? in her bridal outfit.

      • gowtham

        ha ha juz tel me.. hw u put comments with this much beauty in it… thats why u r the best in comment?? it s alwys lovely to read it…. episode details as well as the normal comments..

      • Gowtham thanks for such a sweet appreciation.? Whatever I writes and shares, I writes from my heart. This is u guys who appreciates it and likes it which makes my comment so special?

  29. gowtham

    guys since i didnt watch yesterdays episode clear my doubt?? that romance scene will be telecasted tday or next week???? plz tel me…. coz tday also i thnk i cant see the episode… i am out of town.. i pray that rimance shouldn’t come today…. tell me guys will it happrn today????? ??

  30. Priyanka

    I don’t really understand why they are making abhi a dumb character…. he didn’t even take step to know why nikhil is interfering often… that day at the police station pragya asked for tanu but he didn’t suspect and later at the advocate’s office nikhil was there… why is he not suspecting nikhil when the clues are just apparent ….no logic at all

    • Silent reader

      Priyanka it took time even for pragya to know about nikhil though he left many clues for her.. Though pragya knew the truth she cud not guess it was nikhil nd in that case abhi doesnt even know the truth nd how will he doubt him with no reason??

  31. guys good news today chennai swaggers match was there & today shabbir ahluwali aka abhor mehra rock & today chennai swaggers win match & shabir is man of the match today he came for bating after 5 over complete mean 6 over & he play 4 over without out. not running jane surf choka & six lagaya aur 196 run banaye

  32. gowtham

    sheetha sis…. its @gowtham_harry…. sry fr late reply… i will be reaching home on monday only… so sry guys…. i couldn’t comment well…. since here net prob…

    • gowtham

      sheetha u followed me ah…. great your pro pic awesome i loved it… my fb id is also gowtham harry only… but my big bro and big also uses that… thats y i dnt use fb that much…. and shivanya if u have twitter follow me….

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