Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya it is too late now and how dare she is to enter her house and scold her. Abhi only loves her and even after knowing that, she married him. She is Abhi’s daadi’s choice and not Abhi’s, so he will kick her out. She says she loves Abhi and will fight for her love now.

Abhi on the othe side asks Purab why don’t he feel love for Pragya. Purab asks if he does not love her, why did he go to save her and got shot instead of letting her die, why did he feel jealous. He further asks if he does not love Pragya, why did he tell her I love you and keeping her pics instead of throwing. He himself has solution of his confusion and is egostic, so it is not letting him accept his feelings. He always meets Pragya as Abhi the rockstar

and not Abhi mehra, he has many fans but does not have love. He asks him to shut his eyes once and think if he ges Pragya’s face or someone else.

Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and reminisces their diwali dhamaka and recent events and misses him.

Pragya takes Tanu to hospital and asks her to get her pregnancy test. Tanu hesitates. Pragya asks if she is tensed that her truth will come out. Doc comes and asks who wants to get check up. Pragya shows Tanu and says pregnancy checkup. Doc takes her inside, comes out and says she is 1-1/2 month pregnant.

Pragya walks on the road sadly reminiscing her and Ahi’s moments together and thinks why did she love Abhi whom she cannot get, why did she become such a big emotional fool, why did she become emotionally weak. Abhi scalls her and asks where is she, he is waiting for her since a long time. He says he wants to talk to her a lot of thinks and asks her to come soon as he is waiting for her. He asks if she is there. She with teary eyes says she on the way and will come. He thinks she must be angry on him, but once she returns he will apologise her and set thinks right. She thinks Abhi does not love her and she cannot get away with this truth.

Tanu comes back to her home and thinks already Abhi is angry on her and if she tells him about her pregnany, he will break his relationship. What if Pragya informs him before, thinks let her tell first.

Pragya comes home and sees Abhi sound asleep on sofa. she tries to correct his posture, but stops thinking she should not wake him up. He wakes up and sees her going towards balcony.

Precap: Aaliya calls Purab and asks what is his next plan. He says no plan as he made Abhi realized his love for Pragya

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg tanu really pregnant….waiting for tmrw episode…

    1. Tanu isn’t pregnant…its fake…wen did they consummated

      1. Ya i agree too

    2. Me 2.. Waiting 4 2morrows epi. It seems interesting. Bt toooo dragging.

    3. same here

  2. This pragya i S mad…nd abhi finally realised his love for pragya….wen they will confess how romqntic it will be nd on their suhag raat too

  3. Tanu pregnant!!.. tat doesnt make any sense!!… wher are thy pulling tis story to.. sorry fr pragya.. she’s been more hurt than evr..:-(

  4. I thnk tanu has played. Poor pragya.. but waitiing for 2mrow’s epi to see abi confessing to pragya…

  5. actually nowadays written updates r cut shorted which I hate…it doesn’t hav sum beautiful dialogues nd moments…so plzzzzz haasan take tis into account nxt time…nd I think tanu is pregnant wit some one else s baby….

    1. Yes i also hv d sm feeling nd dat is y she wants to marry abhi asap

      1. May be suresh..Hahaa

  6. Omg no plse don’t seperate abhi and pragya. I hate tanu….

  7. Nxt abhi nd pragya will hav q rain scene

  8. Ya other serials they describe in brief

  9. Perhaps tanu told the doctor to tell pragya that she is pregnant and in return doctor will get money or something

    1. yes dear i think u r very much right

  10. no this can’t happen hw can tanu be pregent?

  11. abhi is in out of confusion bt pragya is in now tanu pregency matter.

  12. I do not think that aaliya has any thing to do with tanu pregnacy situation

  13. wating for twommorow to see how things will go on

  14. i don’t think tanu iz pregnent if so not vit abhi child

  15. Tanu is an whore.I hope the writer stop with this nonsense between abi and tanu.he is an marriage man.

  16. How can Tanu be 1/1/2 months pregnant? When did Abhi sleep with Tanu in recent time.

    Pragya is so foolish, she was kidnapped a month and a half ago, and Abhi was running all over the place trying to ind her, and then he himself got kidnapped and spend two weeks in the jungle, and they have being resuced two week s now, so when, when dear God did they sleep togather.

  17. hey ramya r u frm bangalore..

  18. I am sure Tanu is not pregnant and just paid that doctor off ….smh

  19. Oh god she’s not really pregnant it’s da old pay da doctor to lie trick lol…. same story different soapie

  20. pragya please kick out tanu

  21. I think tanu is lying because pragya told her she love abhi now

  22. These story lines are always the same.I do not believe that Tanu is pregnant.My thinking is that these writers knew that Abhi is married ,let him go to bed with Tanu and showing us that she is pregnant for a married man.What type of people are these writers.No ethics,no morals,no standard.Why should we endorse immorality.What example is this for the young people who are following this story line.This is saying then ,it is ok to have an adulterous relationship .Come on writers you can do better,Too many homes are be broken because of this type of relationship .Too many children are being born out of wedlock.Why promote this?God loves marriages and hates adulterers.

  23. tanu herself decided to have a relationship with a married man :ABHI now she has to face consequences baby out of wedlock what is pragya’s problem in it??.she is shameless so she must bear it #BESHARAM

  24. I give up.such boring storylines.I’m a die hard romantic and was hoping for Sum episodes with just abhi and pragya,no aaliya and tanu.anyway I presume abhi and pragya will divorce,and years will go by then they’ll get together in 10 or 15 years while pining away in unrequited love for each other,then They will suddenly see each other and realise how unhappy they have bee. I’m sure that’s the route this story is going.anyway,live Sriti And Shabbir together, hope they get together.it’s another show,they are brilliant and funny.

  25. Meant love Sriti and Shabbir together.hope they get together in another show

  26. This is ekta kapoor’s drama so she will obviously seperate abhi and pragya and do like a 10-20 year leap where pragya is texting or something and abhi is with his gf and then they will be reunited after that leap I think this storyline is going like of pavitra rishta which was also ekta kapoor’s drama which lasted for about 5 years

  27. Tanu and Abhi have been sleeping together. Please Pragya should get out

  28. You people are blind. Abhi was supposed to marry Tanu. Pragya was forced on him. No wonder Indians are so sad. They make you marry people you don’t love. Always unhappy in your marriages.

  29. Tanu pregnant hai!!! OMG

  30. Tanu suits wit abhi nd she is so hot nit like pragya…. tanu nd abhi wen dey slept should have marry each other before

  31. How many time must tell tanu isnt pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Well after actually watching the show, Tanu may really be pregnant. So how are the writers going to get out of this one….guess this would just be another dragging plot line.

  33. tanu is doing drama i think so

  34. Tanu is a shameless woman!!!! She can go to any lengths to keep Abhi, even if it is to sleep wit another man an say tat its Abhi’s baby, YES, my idea is tat she slept wit sum1 else and now saying tat its Abhi’s baby, feel sad for u Prangya!!!!! S no peace for her. Just stupid serial!!!!!

  35. tAt is the background song played wen abhi thinks of pragya. Plz plz any one tell plz plz. ….??????

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