Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi thinking not to leave Pragya today and says this is good chance to take revenge from her. Pragya gets Dadi’s call and she thinks how to talk to her. She picks the call and says she will reach on time. Dadi says I am Dadi….Pragya says today I took taxi and asks her to call if there is any problem in meeting. Dadi says there is a problem and we have to cancel the meeting. Pragya says I will come and asks her not to cancel the meeting. Pragya warns Abhi to drive fast else….She starts shouting for help. Aaliya asks abhi to stop the car else she will send them to Jail. Abhi stops the car. Pragya gets down the car and takes an auto. Pragya comes to Bulbul and asks about Mamaji’s health. Bulbul tells he is not well. Pragya tells Aaliya has reached restaurant now,

and may be she want to check. Bulbul says we will cancel the meeting and tell that producer is ill. Pragya refuses and thinks from where to get a producer. Bulbul says I taught Mamaji everything. Pragya says we have producer and asks Bulbul to act as producer.

Abhi tells Purab that they will go on an outing. Purab says today is booked for you and I will not attend Bulbul’s call. Abhi asks if everything is fine and says it seems you are screwed. Purab says she is not like before, and tells she is not caring for him. Bulbul tells she can’t act to be producer and can just teach others. Dadi and Pragya tease Bulbul. Dadi says we have to cut her hairs and it will grow again. Pragya emotionally blackmails her. Bulbul agrees. Pragya says I have learnt from her. Bulbul says I won’t do. Dadi asks her to show tantrums to Purab’s family. Bulbul says I don’t get motivation until other request me. Pragya says you got it. Dadi leaves. Dasi thinks where did Dadi go and asks Mitali. Mitali says I didn’t see. Dasi says she is not at home. Tai ji says she might have went out. Dasi says something is wrong and asks Payal. Payal says I don’t know. Dasi scolds Payal for not taking care of Dadi. She punishes her and asks her to do their house work today. Payal faints hearing the house work. They laugh on her.

Pragya and Bulbul come to the restaurant. She fixes camera and mic on the table. Pragya praises her intelligence. Someone comes and gives a box to Pragya. Pragya tells Bulbul that it is a challenge for you. Aaliya tells 10 crores is ours now. Tanu gets happy and says we sold his scratch music and got this money, but he didn’t know anything. Abhi comes inside. Aaliya is shocked. Abhi slaps her hard. Tanu shouts Aaliya and thinks it is a dream. She thinks she should stop Aaliya.

Abhi and Purab are in the car. Purab talks about Bulbul and tells she is not giving him importance. Abhi says she must be busy and asks him to enjoy his bachelorhood until he marries her. Tanu stops Aaliya and asks her not to go. Aaliya asks her not to stop her and leaves. Abhi and Purab come to the same restaurant. Purab says food must be good. Abhi sees Pragya standing and says mogambo.

Bulbul indisguise of a sardar come to the restaurant and hugs Pragya. Pragya shouts for help. Bulbul reveals her identity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Soon expose aaliya and tanu and Raj don’t drag where this that nikhil stupid

  2. Again they cheated us ah. Ohhhnooo y these writers doing like this yaar. Tooooooooooo bad dragging. But one gud news Purab also joined with them.

  3. Hoping really hard that Aaliyah will be exposed soon……not another dream sequence..

  4. Hey when will episode 2 of deva shree ganesh cum

  5. Nice. I red a message that pragya raped by the culprit. Oh no. Don’t make this one like that. Its really horrible. Better they can try to kill her. I don’t watch there after if the story continues as you posted about pragya.

    1. Lakshi as nikki already said don’t believe in those news….its not true…..dey r just spreading false news everywhere..nothing else…soo calm down..enjoy this aaliya exposing track 🙂

    2. Yes they are still talking about “Rape” – after Alyia is exposed!!! EVERYONE Must STOP Supporting KKB if they write in a Rape Story. You MUST “STOP”. NO Excuses. Rape is an evil act and straight from the DEVIL.

  6. I was right abhi saw just a little glampse of pragya and then pragya vanished from there and as we saw in segment she hide herself behind the wall. So abhi is not fully confirmed that it is really pragya. But i still have doubt on this plan’s success. As they already showed today abhi slapped aaliya in tanu’s dream so I feel somewhere that it is an indication of this plan’s failure. But I hope it will not, she gets catch and gets punished too for it.

  7. When this dragginggggggg will be over???

  8. Plz don’t drag this topic any more.I love this serial but m bored of watching the current track going on so long.Hope it ends fast

  9. My question is will tanu s dream will come true or not……

  10. ada paavingala 1 week ah uyira kaiyila puduchutu paatha finally tat was a dream by tat non sense, ekta engala paatha loosunga madiri theriyudha

  11. draggin story????? wen they ll expose tanu nd aliya???? 4 tis dream they hv made 3 hrs maha episode ah……. is nikhil went to world tour???? tats y not coming ah…… director sir wen nikhil ll cum,???? aftr tanu’s baby goes to schl r college wil he cum ah??? tel clearly…. bcoz v r waitin na…..

  12. Where is nikhil and tanu doesnt even look pregnant?
    They r dragging only
    I am bored of the same thing
    I liked qubool hai aahil and sanam story but i hate it now because aahil and sanam story finished!
    Plz dont make me hate kumkum bhagya too
    We want abhigya reunion!!
    This is confusing and stupid..for once give abhi and pragya peace and focus on purab ans bulbul too
    Where is pragyas mom?
    Sleeping all these days
    If u dont know how to show story then atleast give us an happy ending
    Miss aahil and sanam story and want abhigya reunion!
    Guyz,this is only my opinion i wanted to share..if u dont like it plz dont get offended

    Thank u!:)

    1. You have a right to express your opinion.

      1. Thank u:)

  13. can any one tell about the precape.

  14. areee what nonsense same story is dragging. when she will expose alia??

  15. abhishek mehra

    I dont get is der somethng new today , same as last week

  16. I have still dout on pragya’s plan….. abhi slaping aliya is also a dream…. i really fedup …. and this time if pragya plan get fail she really feel more pain and also her confidence level also get down in future she can face more prblms…… and frnds aliya is very inteligent girl she will defenitely carp our pragya…. it is very esay to aliya… no hope our pragya plan get susccess… only good thing is purab also be in side of pragya…..

  17. Nothing special to comment here. Nothing changed within this episode. Just got irritated when felt it was a dream when aaliya caught. No more interesting things are going to discuss. Thanks cvc for making this seral as much as dumb. Inru poi nalai vaarungal makkale..

    1. no hope to c tmrw nd al deepika…… again same drama ly….. nowadays it s giving feel to watch drama ly b4 nd all it s lyk a real story…. hope has gone……

  18. dont feel lakshi its just a rumour…

  19. These Writers ar absolutely MAD, writing such crap, when ar they going to reveal these stupiD woman ((((Tanu an Alliyah, Raj) pls this idiotic Serial needs to come to an END, since wen is a serial being dragged oooonnnn for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET to the POINT, gone on for TOOOOO LONG???????

    1. Hey may be it would end on 400 episodes

  20. I hope bulbul don’t get caught n Aaliyah get slap by her bhari abhi

  21. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Please please tell me someone wen will tis serial end.?????? No offence to anyone.dreams not catching antr.n God no no to rape then rather kill prags n end tis torture pls tnc.

  22. Nice episode.

  23. Deepika, sania n SA,……I agree with you all. Nothing of substance in kkb anymore. If i was an actor, i wouldnt do scenes like these….could send my stocks down,!!!!!! Whattttt….these writers take us for fools, coz we comment….thats how they know we watch…. Crappy serials……….writers, go to mars!!!!!!!

  24. Did u guys focus on one thing that Tanu is still pregnant and they’re still showing same Tannu. How can she be pregnent if her stomach is still same. This freaking writers and directors won’t change. They will take 1 whole month to expose Alia now. And after that it will take like 1-3 months to settle for Tannu and her baby. This show makes me freaked out???????????????

  25. is just drama so relax and enjoy the show. until the supposed rumoured espisode is shown then you can start your ” I WON’T WATCH KBG”’ propangada. But for now spear us that sad news.

    1. We can give our opinions any time.

      Comment edited.

  26. directors and writers plz don’t add rape story it’s going To ruin everything. I rather have pragya to almost die than being raped.. Want to see pragya and abhi get together and bulbul and purab. I don’t think pragya plan wud work bcoz alliyas more wicked.

  27. If tis time pragya fail again i wont c tis drama any mr……

  28. Omg…… yen evuga evaloooo drag pandraga… god promise sa enna la mudiyala samy….. edhu la dream vera… enakku pragya va nanaikkum bodudan romba pavama erukku…

    And endha nikil enna dan pandra.. oruvela aliyavu Tanuvu sendu nikil la ore adiya pottu talirushuga pola…

    Ennum evalooo naal dan da tanu 3months pregnancy le eruppa…. evaloo drag panniyum endha episode daiyum miss pannama pakkuroom patigala namakku namalee award kuduttukanum…

  29. dam the dream sequence.. why couldnt it be real ?? They drag this so much. It is too stupid now

  30. This alia s going to sell a copy of the CD oly and not stealing the original, so she can easily get out of the problem by blaming others like office manager or pragya if she is not caught by abi directly at the hotel… This plan can either get success or flop. I know this sequence will be dragged, writer will not end it up that soon as we expect… Pragya should be still more strong in executing their plan else there are more possibilities for the flop.

  31. won’t watch & waste time. bye


  33. guys please promise me that u don’t leave ur patience

  34. Dumb writers draaaaagggggiiiiinnnnnnggggggg.. 222222222222 much.Lost my patience to watch tis drama gonna stop watching tis f*** show

  35. Nikki and chithu where are you both guys. no comments or new update.I don’t watching kkb anymore.I read only the written updates.I don’t like this track.change abhy’s behavior plzzzz.make him just like abhy the rockstar.the rockstar that protect his wife

  36. guys we all thinkng same tht aaliya and tanu ll expose soon and atleast pragya and abhi must be happy for few days…..but is tht happnd? no idea…… huh again thy ll drag more…..atleast show some reality in this kkb….then we must be happy…..don’t know whts in writers mind….

  37. Lorna drag karnge

  38. i will stop watching KKB if they still will do the rape scene! urghhhh. please stop it! i really love seeing abhi and pragya together.

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