Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya if she is hiding something from him. Pragya says no, why I would hide? Abhi says why did you come here, as if you are not happy with my mehendi. Pragya says she felt strange because of many people there and that’s why came out. Abhi says I thought you are feeling same like me. Pragya asks what do you mean? Abhi says he is getting married, but not by his wish. He says since his accident, he feels something is missing from his life. He says I really hate this feeling and tells that what happened in past 2.5 years which my heart knows, but not my mind. Pragya thinks Dadi told that we shall help him get back his memory, and thinks to make an effort. She says may be someone was in his past. Abhi says if I would have love someone, then she would have been with

me now. Pragya says may be you loved someone and forgot her just like you forget her love. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya asks Tanu to have a sip of wine. Tanu says mehendi is not applied on my hand till now, and asks why you have offered Pragya. Aaliya says she had offered Pragya so that she can get her marriage directly. Tanu thinks Pragya will stop her wedding. Aaliya says let her stay here and cry. She says she is going to die for sure, seeing her sautan with Abhi. Tanu says she is my sautan. Aaliya asks her to come with her and says she will break Sarla and her family’s ego.

Dadi asks Pragya to trust and says God will never let anything wrong happen with you. Dasi asks Pragya to look at Tanu’s mum condition as Doctor is troubling her. Aaliya asks Pragya to bring mehendi plate from room and says Dadi will apply mehendi on Tanu’s hand. Dadi says Pragya will not go, and asks her to call Robin to do this work. Aaliya says Pragya will do this work only and asks her to go. She asks Dadi to come with her to Tanu. She takes Dadi to Tanu. She asks dadi to tell Tanu about marriage and the rituals etc. Tanu says she wants to become good bahu too. Pragya comes to room and recalls her mehendi with Abhi.

Abhi calls Nikita as she is taking the plate. Pragya turns and the plate content falls over her head. Abhi puts his hand on her head as sindoor falls on her forehead and mehendi is applied on her hand. Everyone witness the scene and is happy, except Tanu and Aaliya. Abhi apologizes to Pragya and helps her take the plate. He says it is strange, mehendi is of Tanu, but it is applied on your hand. If Tanu’s mum sees it then she will get a heart attack. He says you are looking as a bride with kumkum on forehead and mehendi on hand. He asks her to go to his room and wash her hand and face. He tells that he will also go and wash his hand. Pragya shows her hand to Sarla. She feels her maang is filled with sindoor by Abhi, and gets glad. Allah Wariyan plays…………………She looks at her hand and smiles.

Aaliya gets angry and thinks Pragya has spilled all mehendi on floor and thinks why did Abhi stop her. Tanu blames Aaliya for ruining her mehendi. Dadi tells Aaliya that nothing can happen when God wants two people in love to unite. Tanu asks are you talking about Pragya and Abhi. Dadi talks about Pragya’s kumkum and says it won’t let Abhi separate from her. She tells that their relation is binded with a rope and even though they walk separately, but they come back to each other. She tells that God never wanted them to separate and that’s why sent Abhi to the same office where Pragya worked as a receptionist. Sarla says I didn’t want Pragya and Abhi to come face to face, but he came to our house and then brought Pragya here. She says Abhi don’t remember anything, but his heart knows all and have Pragya only..

Sarla says God don’t want Pragya to go away from his life and says he can’t forget Pragya from his heart. She tells Tanu…you want to marry him and get his name mehendi written on your hand, but you can’t wipe off Pragya’s name from his heart. Aaliya says it is enough of lecture and tells that Tanu will marry Abhi surely. Dadi asks if she is angry and asks her to see that Pragya and Abhi are destined to be together and they are alive to stay together. She tells Abhi will fill Pragya’s maang with kumkum. She tells you both can never separate them. Tanu is irked and goes. Aaliya asks Robin to throw shagun thaali in dustbin. Robin picks the plate. Aaliya says I will see who will stop the wedding and says Abhi’s name mehendi will apply on Tanu’s hands and she will marry him. Dadi is relieved.

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya has ruined her mehendi and is jealous of her. Abhi says it was because of his mistake and asks why she is punishing her. Tanu says she will punish her and will kick her out of house. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg i am very much excitet fr mndays episod

    1. Am also

  2. Finally, something good happened and I looooove to watch these 2 witches ( Aliya and Tanu) being beated by fate

  3. I hope the serial does not take a twist ans Abhi marries Pragya and kicks not only Tanu but also Aalia

  4. Just tell him the truth pragya n get it over with

  5. Hai guys h r u all I came today only sahithi h r u and by the way h episodes r is it gd r boring

    1. Hi Asmitha, How are u? I am doing good.thanks. Have been busy with festival shopping and also have so much office work. Been too busy off late. Was not regular here.

      Even episodes also missed 1,2 this week didnt watch them completely. All through the day busy with festival preparations. Later in the evening completing office work, so somedays not getting time to watch the show also.

      Would be busy with work for next 1-2 months till mid/end Dec, so … Anyhow episodes are not bad not great either. But feel unnecessarily dragged. Need to catch up this weeks episodes sometime later next week.

      After that Abhi not finding pant and cockroach scene, didnt find anything else worth repeat watching. Ratings are just fluctuating but not dropping drastically so looks like writers wont buck up yet.

  6. Somewhat good episode. Abhigya always rocking. Happy diwali friends.Be happy and safe diwali

  7. Monday they will worsen it.. dumb cvs

  8. The storyline is a repeat of Shabbir’s Kayamath from 2007. Rita had borrowed the story ftom that.
    Abhi will get his memory back in a few weeks.

    1. I knel that from the beginning

  9. Haripriya

    Love it..really awaiting for this…for long time….unite abhigya soon….love them together….. especially for their expressions…..sama super

  10. Wow today episode so cute

  11. nice episode i love that scene

  12. Somewhat da episode was Ok, but let’s see what is gonna happen next.

  13. Wow, interesting. Pragya and Abhi were made for each other.

  14. I honestly think Abhi doesn’t have memory loss but is planning something big for Tani and Aaliyah and the mehendi and kumkum on her head was planned by Abhi. When Pragya told him maybe he forgot his love, he only did that to show he remembers his love but can’t reveal now and instead of Tanu to wear his name mehendi, Pragya will. The whole memory loss lie will be revealed soon. I just wish they will get to the point of the story and stop dragging it’s tiring. It’s better to have a short seasonal hit that will be remembered always than to have a long season that will get destroyed by the dragged storyline. Already they are making mistakes because from the beginning purab told pragya that Tanu was Abhi’s childhood friend so how come after memory loss of 2.5years he couldn’t remember Tanu? This is just one of many I’ve noticed. Please round up story or reconcile Abhigya.they haven’t even had their marriage night in how many years? It’s really getting annoying

  15. indera sanichara

    Ektaa why don’t you let Pragya tell Abhi the truth. If he has to die let him die because this serial never gonna end. I guess you are writing Yea Vadha Raha because Kartik n Survi are in the same situation so boring.

  16. hai where are you all??my friends

    1. Hi gowtham?I m gud, how r u? Becoz of the festive season, I m busy in it’s preparations and shopping and celebration has begun too so I will b busy in it mostly but will try to keep in touch with u all too. Till then enjoy. ?

      1. happy diwali to all…… and to u too pratiksha

    2. happy diwali anna.

  17. May This Diwali be as bright as ever.
    May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you.
    May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives.
    May this Diwali bring in u the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
    May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
    May lights triumph over darkness.
    May peace transcend the earth.
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
    May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony
    “WISH U A VERY HAPPY DIWALI” to all my friends of telly updates.

    1. Happy diwali dear may this festival bring all the happiness n success in ur life once again happy diwali to u and to every one

    2. happy diwali sissy. may this fill ur life with happiness and light up new dreams that come true

  18. kumkum bhagya

    agar abhi and tannu ki shadi hogayi tho ye serial dekhna tho door ki baat hai koi written update thak nahi padega and baar baar abhi and tannu ki shadi drama dekhe bore hogaye try to something new in this serial

  19. This series is frought I don’t know why the pragya never wins and only the aliya and tanu wins I request you please ekta kaapoor to please sometimes let pragya win all the time and every time and please bring abhi’s memory back and get back to pragya abhi and pragya are made for each other

  20. I am loving this serial when it started but now i hate it dont know from how many months first dragging tanu’s pregnancy and then abhi’s memory loss..
    I just hate it..??

  21. Congrats to the whole team – cast and crew for successful completion of 700 episodes. and to the fans and audience also, for watching very patiently 😀

  22. How many years the same thing happening.. a person won’t be that dumb right like abhi even though his memory gone. And pragya why she has no right & from the beginning still as a looser, helpless. Aliya & Tanu winning. This series is watched by many others are not only indians so I humbly request to the writter it’s getting so boring to watch this series so please change the climax. Make Abhi & Pragya win over Aliya & Tanu for the sake of their LOVE…

  23. 700 episodes… story was fab upto 250 episode they just ruined everything after that .. abhi became dumb and still he is.. pragya is cry baby and dadis emotional “god is there” blah blah.. sick of same story line and dialouges.. better wrap up kkb

  24. Anthony

    Seems to me you people don’t realise that Pragya is winning….

    All of taliya’s evil schemes are actually working in Pragya’s favor.

    Yes, it is being dragged but the scenes are shaping up.

    They plan, but pragya ends up getting more into Abhi’s heart and life more and more each day.

    They both look so lovely together.

    I also love to see Aliya in those emotional dita.

    Love you guys here…….

  25. Anitha

    Please unite Praghya and Abhi at least now. Dragging nu Tanu va Abhi ku marriage pani vachidathinga

  26. Hi, guys im frm TN zee tamil la friday irumalargal episode telecast panala what s the reason????? Pls anyone tell me if anybo dy knows the reason

  27. Wowww..what an episode..the way Abhi said that Pragya looks like the bride..awesome..the moment he applied kumkum..the scene he applied mehendi..excellent strategy the directors have shown..outstanding the actors did..
    Felt like Abhi is making Pragya ready for their remarriage unintentionally..though Abhi doesn’t get the memory back I want him as a Rock star to fell in love with his simple middle class secretary and propose to marry her..

  28. There is a Diwali gift folks.. Abi slaps Tanu.. OMG .. waiting for this..



    After misbehaving with pragya and trying to throw her out from the house without any mistake, Abhi gets angry with tanu and says to tanu to ask sorry from pragya. When tanu doesn’t ready to say sorry from pragya then Abhi puts a condition in front of tanu that if she will not ask sorry from pragya then he will cancel this mehendi function and even he will break the marriage with her. Scared tanu asked for sorry from pragya. Abhi forces tanu to ask sorry from pragya two-three times as she was not asking sorry nicely, in fact she was just doing formality and asking sorry from tanu with attitude. Pragya gets surprised after seeing that tanu is asking sorry from her. But tanu was not asking sorry nicely. So Abhi forces her to ask sorry from pragya by heart. Finally, when Abhi gets convinced from her way of asking sorry then pragya too forgets her.

    Interview of leena-
    She talks about the sequence that how Abhi put condition in front of her that if she will not ask sorry from Nikita then he will break this marriage with her. She says that it was not her mistake in fact it was pragya’s mistake as Abhi is roaming behind Nikita even after it that he is her would b husband. She says that for now it is decided yet that mehendi will continue and she asked sorry from Pragya just for marrying with Abhi and she will see Pragya later after getting married with tanu.

    Sbs people says that during the wedding rituals and pheras of wedding, Abhi’s memory will b back and he will marry with Pragya and then abhigya’s sane nok-jhok full romance will get start.

    SBAS people says that Abhi will announce breakup of relationship and marriage with tanu in this mehendi function.

    Sbb people said that after asking sorry from Pragya, tanu saved her marriage with Abhi and now it will continue.

    Which one is correct in three of them, can’t say surely.

    1. Sorry typing mistake.
      In update it’s forgive not forget. PRAGYA too forgives TANU.

      1. In leena’s interview’s update there is a mistake in it’s last sentence. I mistakenly wrote TANU but it is ABHI. Leena says that she asked sorry from Nikita for marrying with ABHI and she will see PRAGYA later after getting married with ABHI. So it’s ABHI not TANU.

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