Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vijay bringing Raj to show Pragya tied to the Ravan back. He says he made full proof plan and the person will be blamed who fire the arrow on Ravan. Tanu comes and irks Vijay. Vijay shows her that he has tied Pragya. Tanu is shocked. Pragya is unconscious. Sponsor asks about Pragya. Dadi says she will come. They misbehave with Dadi. Abhi comes and asks how dare you to misbehave with my Dadi and threatens to cancel the event. Purab asks them to apologize to Dadi and end the matter. They apologize and ask Abhi to wait till she comes. Abhi refuses to fire the arrow and asks them to find another Ram for Ravan Dahan. Purab asks them not to worry. Pragya gains consciousness and thinks why he is doing this with her. She says she will never forgive him if she dies with Abhi’s

hands, and then he will be blamed. She prays to God to protect Abhi and says this is her last wish. Purab says she might be in some problem. Abhi says she must be hiding somewhere to show her importance, and says he will rest till then. He asks Purab to come when lady mogambo comes.

Abhi thinks it seems like ego crashing between Lady mogambo and Ravan. Pragya sees him and tries to alert him. Suddenly her jewellery piece falls near Abhi. Abhi wonders whose jewellery it is and asks Ravan. He comes near Ravan and asks him to fall on lady mogambo. Pragya cries as she couldn’t sign him. Purab comes back and tells Abhi that Pragya is not here. Abhi asks Ronnie about Pragya and asks him to find her.

The sponsor tells that Pragya and Abhi are missing. He says these organizer are unprofessional. Dasi says if anything happens to Pragya then we will slap case against your company. Dadi says you will not be in the position to deal with anyone then. The sponsor says that if they delay, then people will get angry. They say that we will end the event and then find Pragya. They say Abhi is not here. Tai ji asks Raj to fire arrow on the Ravan. Raj refuses and says he don’t want to kill anyone. Tai ji and Mitali try to convince him. Raj refuses and goes. The sponsors ask them to convince Abhi to do the honors.

Purab calls Bulbul and asks where is she? Bulbul asks him to turn and see. Purab says you should have taken rest. Bulbul says she will leave. Purab tells her that Pragya is missing and gets afraid thinking she is in problem. She asks where is Aaliya? Purab says Aaliya is not here. Bulbul says we shall ask Tanu then? Purab says we can’t accuse them and asks her to sit. Bulbul says I will come with you. Tanu asks Raj, why you have refused?Raj says if he fires the arrow then he will be jailed. He says I don’t want to be trapped. He says I will take Abhi’s name and will tell that Abhi has murdered her. Tanu says it is your plan. Raj reminds her that it was her plan and says he will give more money to Vijay and will ask him to take her name. Tanu is shocked and wonders what to do.

Pragya thinks Abhi has to hear her voice today. She calls from her heart asking Abhi to come. Purab asks Abhi to agree and do Ravan Dahan. Abhi thinks Pragya might be showing attitude, and then thinks she might be in problem. Pragya calls Abhi from the bottom of her heart and asks him to come. Abhi hears her voice and senses she is calling him. Pragya thinks I love you very much and can’t let you in any trouble. Abhi feels that someone dear is in trouble. Purab tells that he didn’t hear any voice.

Pragya cries. Abhi is about to fire the arrow on Ravan and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. sandhiya

    not a bad episode.. but writers finish this drama ASAP,,,
    expose tanu aaliya nd raj fast…i hope they’d be soon exposed…. stop dragging…tamil serials are becoming better nowadays..i guess this drama will cum to an end after diwali holidays..omg!!(((

  2. OMG… pragya is in trouble… abhi u only save ur pragya… abhi find out ur fuggi..she need ur help.. she is urs…tanuuu cheeeee…irritating girl… vijay must punished …abhi pragya join again plzzz…u join and both r expose ur enemies like aliya,tanu,raj vijay…

    • Raven

      Oh Please … watch what happens…. Look how they are dragging this crap out…. just to try to get you to watch this dry story. Will the demons be EXPOSED yet??? I think NOT!

  3. Karvachauth special episode on this Friday, I felt not possible becoz they r still busy in dushehra sequence then and tomorrow also they will continue with it so how they will do preparation for karvachauth and how they will show it just after dushehra? I think karvachauth sequence will start from Friday and then continue in next week but if not then I just don’t understand how they will show it on Friday completely?

    • Maggie

      I told u that they will show in last 5 minutes
      I’m speechless Pragya just can’t stop thinking about Abhi n this rockstar is like someone is calling me n someone close is in danger
      Y can’t he just admit he feels that Pragya is calling n she is in danger
      Or just say to Purab he feels his fuggie is calling

      • Maggie

        Really hope cvs plays humdard song in background from ek villain movie when abhigya unites or on karvachauth

      • Maggie he is so much igoistic that’s why he was not admitting that he is feeling pragya’s voice. Becoz at that time if he admits then it means he cares for lady mogambo and he has deep feelings for her which he is not ready to accept in his igo.

  4. Sharad

    Guys looks like the ravan will be lit….but abhi will save praya by driving a motorbike into the lit pyre….

  5. Sharad

    Also its rumoured that tanu s pregnancy track will end before diwali….hope its true…
    I’m waiting to c her wen abhi knows the truth abt the baby….n lashes out at her

  6. Anyways let’s talk about the episode. As we knows and saw in segment that our rock star will saved his love pragya once again. And yes heart talk was gud. If abhi can listen her heart from the distance and her absence then why he is unable to feel her truth and sacrifice when she remains presence infront of him? His biggest problems r that he is very much igoistic, ignorant and confusing and he have less patience that’s why he is much complicated character in the show which is very difficult to judge and becoz of his this type of behavior pragya suffers a lot every time.

    • Maggie

      Ya nikki Abhi is like that
      Really hope cvs show something more creative this bike scene also repeated
      Aaliya still not started shooting hope she get well soon

  7. K.praveena

    It”s so nice that abhi hears pragya voice. This filimy. But i like this way. Pragya true loves to saves from fire.

  8. stepphyrao

    Finally some up tempo…in the track. If & when tanu & clan get exposed, i hope the cvs come up with the most creative way to write a script to give alia & clan the treatment of their lives. Becos the cvs neva failed in their script to drag Prags painful suffering .
    It took a small ” mosquito” to invade Aliyas body & the cvs had to stall again & change the track into a repetitive Ganapati track. “Same banana just different day”.That’s what you get for dragging the pregnancy & aiyas siphoning abhis money track for so long….
    A MOZZIE had to invade one of the
    main cast ie Shika Singhs blood & cvs got stucked. Hope they learnt a lesson from the mosquito. Cvs are lucky the mozzie didnt strike Prags…then they would hav really gone bananas…

  9. srimathi

    Nikki I saw an post in Instagram where Abhi comes in bike to save pragya..they posted that was Thursday’s episode and also they mentioned Friday it was special episode

  10. Reji

    i think today’s episode was not so bad but still something is missing ……. and as nikki’s words the karvachauth episode is not possible on friday and the heart talk was nice and one more thing i think they dont want this motorbike sequence because they repeated the same in somewhat in that corporator’s kidnapping the goons will lit the fire and abhi will drive the motorbike and save pragya
    directors it will be good if u change the motorbike sequence
    and guys please tell me wat is the trp rating of kumkum bhagya this week

  11. srimathi

    and i think it was also like ganesh chathurti spl coz 8-9:30 was the timing for special episode so confusing yaar..

  12. Leena

    hope this serial ends soon there has been too much dragging and they never gave Abi any backbone in this serial the story line was good but got lost somehow .

    no one ever got exposed and the good always ended up in trouble , there was never any closure , expose Tania and Alia and end this painful series ,

  13. navi

    I thnk on tmrw’s episode abhi ll save pragya and tis dushehra sequence ll end by tmrw.. bec pragya n abhi have to gt healed.. tat scene may r may not happn nt sure. thn karwachauth preparations scene.. those vamps ll plan to check if pragya s fasting fr abhi.. probably tmrw pragya ll b saved.. thn again pragya’s struggles ll b strtd bec she hav to c abhi to brk hr fastin.. she can’t do tis directly.. tis ll b dragged til nxt week to show hw she achieves to brk hr fastin by abhi.. let’s c guys.. tmrw’s episode s really gonna b interesting.. bt if they drag it even mre thn really it ll b boring.. pls finish tis exposing plan soon.. v r waiting fr smethn new..! 🙂

  14. Diamond

    Hmmm frnds what can I say, I’m just hoping for a better epi morrow cos this is really draggy. But nice epi though

  15. Diamond

    Hmmm frnds what can I say, I’m just hoping for a better epi morrow cos this is really draggy. But nice epi though c

  16. srimathi

    Guys tanu’s pregnancy track gonna end on diwali and lady mogambo ll b back as fuggi in abhi’s life..so what v expected s gonna happen.. abhi trying to know the truth behind dadi-pragya and desperately dadi tells d truth to Abhi but Abhi pretends with pragya and just helping her by being silent..so she could able to expose tanu and one more happy news v gonna have lots and lots of romantic scenes between Abhigya..??

  17. tuti

    As much as I hate Aaliyah’s character, I kinda miss her. Hope she’s ok. Heard she was down with dengue fever….I just lost one of my dear friend due to dengue (last friday, he’s bloated with his own blood.). Really hoping Shikha is ok.

  18. manasii

    This serial is getting boring and boring day by day. Writers just grow up!! Wtf are u thinking? Dragging dragging dragging and wait more dragging..

  19. srimathi

    Guys one more report from sbs that in today’s episode Abhi ll leave the arrow toward raavan and the raavan starts burning and Abhi could see some person’s shadow in burning along with raavan and he comes in bike as a biker and jump over raavan and saves pragya..tiz s what today’s episode

  20. after long time m reading written episode huh y this writers making fool us again and again can’t wait anymore….guys see ek tha raja ek thi rani such awesome romantic serial no more dragging….and last year we saw karvachauth episode abhi and pragya not livng as hubby n wife and still same and almost one year thy dragging too much…..we still waiting to see abhigya when it ll happen? I think thy both ll join serial will end…..

    • Reji

      No dabu shikha did not quit the show why she is not is because she is suffering from dengue fever and the doctors said that she had to take Complete bed rest for atleast 6 days that’s why the story writers showed that aliya is gone out of town to arrange goons to kill pragya

  21. Priya $

    Again kkb in 1st position ohhhnooo whether this ll help to go next level r else they ll dragg ahh… Don’t know O:) confused…

    • reji

      thank you priya for telling the trp rating i am also in that doubt where they will go to next level or they will drag

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