Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update *Maha Episode*

Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking where is Abhi and wonders if he is scared of Dadi. Abhi is in the guest room and wonders if he made this room. He thinks I couldn’t sleep here and thinks to leave after everyone leaves. His inner self tells that this room is made by him. Abhi says mistake is of Pragya and she would have informed me. His inner self tells that Pragya told you, but you didn’t listen. Abhi says I have to go back to my room and implement my planning. Pragya comes to Dadi. Dadi tells her that she asked Abhi to go to other room. Pragya says Abhi gets scared in nights and if he gets thirsty then. Dadi says then your problem will not be solved if you do like this. She says you can’t stay without him. Pragya says she can adjust anywhere, but Abhi doesn’t sleep

in such room. Dadi says he can sleep anywhere and says he has not forgotten his old days. Abhi tells Tanu that Dadi failed his idea and thinks to convince Dadi somehow. He asks her to wait and watch. Dasi asks what happened? Abhi says everything is ruined. He says I was implementing your idea and then Dadi came when I was flirting with Pragya. Dadi always supports truth and scolded me. Dasi tells him that she will support him and convince Dadi.

Abhi sees Pragya smiling and thinks she is in a very good mood. Abhi asks her to pull his ears. He says I came to know that I miss you very much all night. Pragya says I didn’t miss you. They argue. Abhi asks what you will do if someone tease you. Pragya says I will not allow anyone to touch me. Abhi says you might have someone in your life. He tells about the meeting with the investor. Pragya agrees to attend the meeting and do his work. Abhi thinks love is in the air.

Purab comes to the market and thinks what to buy for Bulbul. He comes to the road side stall to buy something unique and happens to see Vijay, but doesn’t identify him.

Dasi tells that Dadi has changed. Mitali looks carefully and says she is looking different. She says previously she used to be ill, but now she is healthy. Aaliya says our Dadi couldn’t say anything since Pragya has taken over. Dadi says no one can go against me, and says Pragya is doing right, making you understand value of money and also making you do the work. She says if Pragya tries to harm anyone of you then I will not leave her. Tanu asks why didn’t you stop Pragya from halting my marriage. Dadi says your to-be husband is not interested in marriage topic, then how can I speak alone. Dasi asks where did you go daily. Payal comes and says I know……..

She says I have seen her going to Gurudwara two or three times. Ronnie tells about Pragya’s rule and asks them not to sit together else he will throw cockroach and rats on them. Everyone runs from there. Ronnie sits to have lunch. Payal thinks to teach him a lesson.

Finally Purab sees Vijay and gets down his car to follow him. Vijay sits on a tea stall to have tea. Purab sees him and thinks to call Pragya first before calling Police.

Pragya thinks to enquire about the papers from Abhi and thinks he is smart and that’s why she has to wait. Purab calls Pragya and tells her that he has seen that killer Vijay who tried to kill her on Ravan Dahan. Pragya is shocked and asks him where is he? Purab says he is in Bandra. Pragya asks him to follow him secretly and says she is leaving from there. Abhi is looking happy. Dadi thinks may be he is going again to trouble Pragya. She ask where is he going? Abhi says Pragya…….Dadi scolds him and asks who is more important for him, she or Pragya. Abhi says ofcourse you. Dadi says okay and asks him to come. Abhi acts to stay back. Dasi comes and asks abhi to go to his room. Abhi says he is going with Dadi. Dasi says I will go with her. She understands that Dadi wants to stop Abhi. Dadi says she wants to stop her as Abhi takes panga with Pragya and troubles her. Dasi laughs and is happy.

Pragya tells Abhi that to cancel the meeting as she have to go somewhere urgently. Abhi asks where is she going and says you are changing color. Pragya asks him to become his boss for one day and torture her all day. Allah Wariyan plays…………..Pragya asks him to let her go. They have an eye lock. Abhi leaves her hand and goes. He returns her purse and she goes. Abhi thinks if she doesn’t return on time then his plans will fail. Purab follows Vijay. Pragya comes there and tells him that Vijay is a dangerous man. Bulbul comes there and asks what they are doing here. Pragya asks did you call her? Purab says no and says he has ignored her call. Pragya asks her to go. Purab tells her that they are following someone. Vijay leaves from there when they were busy talking. Pragya says you have diverted our attention and he managed to escape. Pragya gets abhi’s message asking her to come for meeting. Purab asks her to go and says they will search for Vijay.

Pragya comes to the pub and thinks why did Abhi fixed the meeting in the puja. Abhi introduces her to the investors and says they have accepted the clauses. He says clients wants you to dance, and wants to see our chemistry as they are making ad. Pragya refuses and says you are doing ad with them, but not mine. Abhi says you have still qualities of old Pragya, and says you are still emotional and couldn’t dance like her. Pragya says it is not as such and sees Purab and Bulbul coming to the pub.

She excuses herself and goes to Purab and Bulbul. Purab tells her that the decorator is here. Pragya says Abhi is asking her to dance with him. Purab says it is a good idea and asks her to dance so that they can catch Vijay. Pragya comes to Abhi and says she don’t have any objection to dance with you. Pragya dances with Abhi on the song Uffo Isse Daant ke Bhagawo. Vijay sees her and runs out of pub. Purab and Bulbul come out and see him already eloped. Pragya comes and asks them to find in different ways. Abhi wondes why did Pragya leave in a hurry and calls her. He asks where are you and says he is waiting for her near the car. Pragya asks him to go home. Abhi sits in the car and drives car. Pragya says I can’t talk to you now. Abhi says who is dying to talk to you and asks her to go to hell. Suddenly his car hits Vijay and he falls down injured. Abhi gets shocked.

Pragya comes to room and sees Vijay sleeping on the bed in an injured state. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Abhigya

    No abhigya have not consummated their marriage till now…….tanu is like kabab mai haddi type…..it seems as if all prblms r in their life only…!!

  2. Nikki

    Can anyone tell what was the “”the maha”” in this studpid episode ..they named it maha..but again thr stupid conspiracy going on

    • Sharad

      Very true Nikki I was just abt to ask the same . They are not moving the story line 1 single bit…..lotsa unwanted dragging is wat is happening in every episode….

      • Guys I knew that nothing big will happen in this mahaepisode and there will b no progress at all like every mahaepisode. I saw just for enjoying abhigya’s part and I enjoyed it too. That’s it. There was nothing important happened in this mahaepisode to discuss that’s why I didn’t comment just after watching it. But when I saw in morning all of ur comments then I saw someone also using my name. That’s why to clear this confusion in future I did comment with a new name which is nikki-1. Guys this is me who joined ur group and this site since long. This is some other new Nikki whom u guys replied. So guys keep remember that my new user name is nikki-1 from now and I m ur old Nikki. So follow me on Nikki-1,

    • Tammy

      I told you na nikki that the maha episode is not so ” :’maha””
      They are just dragging the show
      They were showing in the promo that pragya will slap that vijay
      But before seeing him the show ended
      And nothing else just they are going to drag it for next week and on next week’s episode sheee izz goooooing tooooooo slaaaaaap hiiiiiiim
      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ???
      So didn’t watch it
      And not going to watch until they change the track

      • Areyyy…guys this is not me. It is any other person whose name is same like me. I didn’t comment after yesterday’s mahaepiside. If the name will remain same then I will use as nikki-1. It will b me guys ur previous and first Nikki from now u guys follow my comments as nikki-1.

  3. Adeel

    Again flop maha episode .. But we have to see what will pragya do when she sees vijay sleeping on bed .. Maybe abhi also stays in room to see pragya .. Maybe he will find pragya truth ..

  4. Sharad

    Mahamosamaana episode nu name vekkalam…. 1 hr of draggg…tanu is never going to be exposed in this range….?I’m mighty irritated wid the story writers…..plz don’t take the viewer’s patience beyond the elastic limit ? one day u r gonna lose ur viewers …..

  5. Leana

    It seemed like any other episode. There was no drama or real twist in the story!!! Thank god I read the update first!!!!

  6. srija

    I feel as if Pragya is taking revenge with Tanu ….because abhigya couldn’t get close to each other bcuz of Tanu now… Tanu n abhi are not able to come close to each other bcuz of Pragya..?…. I feel like dat…

  7. K.praveena

    Today i expect more. But nothing happen today. Kkb writter u r fooling us in every epi. What r u thinking about people opinions. I thought next year end pragya exposed tanu n aliya raj untill tanu stomock will be flat. Plz writter expose evil in kkb atleast one by one.

  8. Ziya

    Enough with this stupid LKG standard tale.It’s damn sure that this serial will be flop soon.quiet irritating.

  9. anamika

    Nivi was right yesterday. Nothing has happened in maha…. Mokkai pandiangal!!! Im sure pregnancy scene will come in tamil.
    And before all…. It’s totally one year and still nobody knows taliya is responsible. Bull shit drama…
    Kra…… Thu!

  10. Prena

    I told already right , all mahaepisode, mahasangam all utter waste in kumkum bhagya…
    also when pragya was in fuggi getup ,they showed promo as if she finding truth of nikhil… nothing happened..just she got hit, was considered dead,came with new look and yet draaagggging..

    This time they showed as if pragya slapping psycho killer and questioning him in promo but in actual he is hit and in her house,that too with band-aid on head..

    Ekta just to fool us telecasting promo whereas in serial that wud never appear….well done…add this psycho killer trap too in ur dragginggg list foolish ekta…

    only when TRP will reduce zee will force her to end it…

    When good shows like Manmarziyaan ended tooo quick,this stupid drama is still going without any truth revelation

  11. Prena

    For this stupid 1 hour track, better if Ek tha raja Ek tha rani was telecasted by 9:30 pm as usual,,, Don’t play with viewers ekta,then if they stop viewing ur serials have to beg ,u too

  12. Is tanu really pregnant?????
    Why is she having a flat stomach now?????? If she slept with Nikhil in the month of February she should have delivered the baby till now but this madam is roaming with a flat stomach and acting to love abhi but she loves his property name and fame not him….. Sometimes I feel that she aborted her baby…………
    This kkb shows someone as a pregnant but always forget to show their delivery on time………… First rachna and now……….

    • razia

      Even I’d felt ye same many atimes .. Lyk .. She has aborted the child nu .. Let’s see .. Wt happens .. N I’m sure nikhil wil not spare tanu if it is so .. BT nikhil is just a crap .. Like tanu he’s only behind money .. He’s listening to tanu n aaliyah only cuz they had assured him to get half of abhis property by tanu marrying n then divorcing him .. Et kind f man he is ? Sorry creature he is .. Go to hell man

    • Tammy

      Well said vaishu, in the case of rachna also she was almost pregnant for 1 year
      This kkb people forget the delivery of the baby & continue there crap

  13. Abhigya

    Actually we all are right.Writers should mainly focus on protagonists and not anagonists…….i hope abhigya will unite soon…

  14. Ekta feels that we all will be watching this serial without fail coz of suspense promos and hope that bad will be revealed quickly ekta expects many more viewers waiting anxiously waiting for the clock to stuck 9 i.e the thing which we do daily…………..
    We expect ekta to reunite abhigya but she never does that………
    When we do as she want why can’t she bring interesting twists and make the serial interesting………. We are watching this bull shit with many expectations and increasing the trp and she is continuously fooling us…….
    How can this be correct???????

  15. Dhanna Sarjoo

    These writters should take an example of jamai raja.. NOOOOOOO DRAGGING… That is just fun to watch… this serial has become 1 nonsense. ..
    ektha just keeps dragging all of her series til everyone gets bored even reading about it..

  16. Adeel

    Yes I agree with you all .. Again bakwas episode ..

    And guyzz we have to wait for next segment .. Let’s see what will they show us in next ..

  17. plz zeetv wards telecasting time can change now plz we are the hostelers in our college they will off tv by 11:00 clock plz adjust at before 6;00 naaaa plz we are the big fans of kkb
    like me some fans will be plzzz change
    maha episode is very nice their.dance was so wat comedy

  18. Tammy

    Kam se kam hamari nahi tho actors ke upar taras khao kab tak aisi bakwaas track pe acting karoge saaale wo bhi mar jayenge
    Agar wo mar gaye tho tera kya hoga kaliaaa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  19. rahisa

    Please stop this drama.. Zee TV please do not drag the story too high such that you loose interest of viewers.. Stopping to watch this… IRS just waste of time.. Bull dog cow everybody shit

  20. razia

    In Indian telly awards .. Abhigya has won the best jodi and put sriti has won the best female lead category

  21. xavier

    HELP. Can someone please tell me what time today did this maha episode showed ??? Did it show on tv ??? I did not see it at all today. Please tell me

  22. Madhu

    They completely changed the expectations of what Maha episode meant by.. earlier if Maha episode comes means there should have been a big twist or turning point in the serial..but in kkb they just combined two episodes and telecasted…
    And guys plz don’t trust the promos..those are not going to be in real sequence..I have seen one of the making video of kkb, pragya slipped out that it was a false promo when somebody asked about some promo…so understand that they seperately shoot promos which are not the part of actual track and create expectations..hense viewers have something in their mind according to promo but watching the different one in actual series they feel it’s a twist..

  23. navi

    again a stupid episode..! they hav shown tis stupid episode rather than exposing thm..! its bec they have to put an end card to bulbul charactr so they r showing tis non sense episodes n changing the track.. bt viewers r expecting thm to b exposed bt cvs r making fools of us.. irritatin to watch tis..! they ll r expose thm even after months.. n even tanu’s baby ll nt grow in the womb..!!! funny bt true..! may b during Bulbul’s murder they mi8 b xposed thr s a chance fr it.. let’s c bt its totally waste of tym watching it.. I would better change sme program than watching tis

    • nandhu

      navi .. i think if bulbul murder will happen in future.. pragya will stop to reveal the truth of tanu, aliya and raj.. and may be start to find the one who murdered bulbul. finally it will drag for next 2018 ..

  24. Razzy

    What did I say guys that this maha episode didn’t show much. It’s good that they found vijay but if he is hit by abhi’s car then why does it shows that pragya slaps him to know why he wants to kill her? I’m getting confused with this seriel. And this tanu is she really pregnant if so why does she still have flat tummy? Some kind of pregnancy! About bulbul I think it will b vijay who kills bulbul. I think il stop watching this serial if it’s carrying this way and I did say way back that this tanu pregnancy will take a year until abhi finds out that his not the father of tanu’s baby. Better than watching this serial I enjoy reading ppls comments, that’s more interesting than the serial.

  25. Guys I just visit on India forum site where I read that mrunal is quitting kkb and her character will b replaced by some other actress by bringing a big twist in story. Purab and bulbul will get married within a week. After that bulbul will face an accident, in which her face will gets damaged. After this new replacement will b come with a new face of bulbul. Guys they r saying that it is 100% confirmed news but they didn’t mention from which site they got this news. I don’t know guys how much this is true but I will b surprised if this will really happen becoz when first tanu aka ( madhurima tuli) left the show and Leena replaced her as new tanu, we got this news before on news channel’s segments. Sbs peoples had mentioned Mrunal’s quitting news sometimes before but they said that she could leave becoz her contract with show is going to end in December, they didn’t said it surely that she will leave the show. After this news we haven’t got any confirmed official news from anywhere like we got on madhurima’s quitting time. I still don’t believe this becoz I m expecting an official confirmed announcement of mrunal’s quitting by show makers or by ownself of mrunal. Becoz this is the right way of leaving a show and becoz mrunal is second female lead of the show, with whom audience is attached as bulbul since long, so it’s audience’s right to know about such a big change and decision before showing in the show. I have no issue with mrunal’s quitting becoz it’s her life and carrier so she could take any decision for it’s betterment and I have been appreciate her decision of quitting in my previous comment becoz I think that she is second lead of the show even after this her character r not getting that level’s importance and screen space which sriti is getting as pragya. Mrunal have so much potential as an actress so if she want to play a strong an important role in some other show or movie then nothing is wrong in her decision. If mrunal will quit from the show and some other actress will replace her then also it will b OK with me. Ya I will miss her as bulbul becoz I saw her in the show from the starting so I got attached with her as bulbul and I m sure every person who sees kkb. But it will b gud na guys that thwy will not finished bulbul’s character by showing her dead. If Other actress will continue as bulbul so we could see Bulbul’s character in the show for long. Ya we needs sometime for accepting some other actress as bulbul but we will accept her as bulbul like we accepted Leena as tanu. Becoz guys if Bulbul’s character will b replaced from the face not from the nature. We could see same nature’s bulbul with some other actress. I hope that actress will come with homework by doing rehersals and taking tutions from mrunal as bulbul. But guys I still don’t believe on this news and still waiting for any official confirmation of this news.

    • hema

      Truly said Nikki.. Since we love bulbul it takes time to accept but we have to finally.. We all wish that the stupid writers show the change in a positive way.. We will MISS U MRUNAL… and we all be there with you all the time… ?

  26. Ayesha

    Okay thanks nikki – 1 .. Please can you tell what will happen to pragya and her plan to expose tanu , Aliya and raj ?? Please explain in detail

  27. Nikki-1. I feel like when pragya will see killer be Jay lying on bed ( as in precap) so she will get shock and then as we know that our pragys is very kind and soft hearted she will think to call doctor or I think she will take slight care of him so he will think that pragys is very gud and kind girl and will gradually fall in love with him as per spoilers says.. My opinion only.. Let see what will happen next..

  28. Ayesha

    Yes ansa let’s see what happens .. But we have to wait for next segment .. But in all this I wish abhi finds pragya truth..

  29. mingo

    it’s very worst serial. it always dragggdraggggdraggg the serial i don’t like it
    please ekth je expose tanu and aliya or you lost your viwers.

  30. reji

    ya ansa you r also right but slapping part also came know pragya slapped vijay and asked who told you to kidnap me but may be your idea may also happen i don’t know wat CVS r trying to do waste of time and any school guys are watching this serial half yearly exams are nearing and we have to postpone this serial after the exam because of rain they are keeping the exams soon


  31. New segment update- Abhi sings a song for pragya and puts a condition in front of her that if she likes his song then she will have to accept my proposal and sign on music contract papers. Pragya gets agreed. Abhi starts singing a song which lyrics were funny, even after this pragya likes his song and gives her signature on contract papers. Abhi jumps happily and starts kissing pragya. He about to hugs pragya but pragya stops him. He saysthat he took a sign on that contract papers in which it is written in clauses that for doing this contract abhi will get kisses and hugs from pragya everyday. Pragya gets shocked. In another clip they showed tanu comes in the room and asks abhi about the signature. Abhi says he took pragya’s sign. Tanu gets happy but when abhi shows her that music contract papers, on which he took pragya’s signature, tanu gets angry and shouts on abhi. Tanu gets insecure and tensed after seeing that contract papers and abhi’s avoidance towards pragya. So to maintain distance between abhi-pragya, she tries to manipulate abhi against pragya by saying it that she thinks that pragya have an affair with that killer vijay. Abhi doesn’t agree with her and says pragya’s standard is very high, she couldn’t fall for that vijay. But tanu says him that I saw pragya doing care of that vijay. Abhi gets angry and moves out after saying something in a funny way. Tanu smirks, by thinking that she got succeed in manipulating abhi against pragya. Then in next clip, they shows tanu, aaliya and raaj tries to take that killer vijay away and outside from the house, for which they gives vijay Anesthesia’s injection. But reporter says that by mistake, they ends up by inject it on raaj becoz of which raaj gets unconsious and falls in between the way when they were taking killer vijay outside from the house by wraaping him in a carpet. But after raaj’s fall, tanu and aaliya tries to take vijay out from the house. After hearing some noise, pragya comes outside and sees them taking killer vijay outside. Pragya comes back and tries to wake up abhi to show him this. Pragya draggs abhi outside. In next scene they shows abhi picks pragya and throw her on the bed at tries to make her sleep by careses her head and then he also gets sleeps near her. Pragya gets happy after seeing him like this. Reporter says abui is trying everything on pragya to getting his property back but guys now I m feeling that abhi’s purpose is different. I think he just thinking and saying that he us doing this for property sake, for assurance of ownself and others becoz he is igoistic na so that’s why he us not ready ti accept his exact purpose of his mission. But I think in his heart he is trying to bring his old pragya back. That’s why he is easily going to so close to pragya, tries to kiss her and hug her and tryies to avoid tanu by giving her some other excuses. Other wise I don’t think he could fall until this much level, in which he tries to flurt with pragya not only by tricks but by using physically closeness tricks also. Guys do u remeber he said that he could not cross his limit with any girl. Well we know that CVS r very smart. If they will never let us know the exact purpose of abhi’s mission till the end. So I think we should just enjoy abhigya’s scene until that time when his exact purpose will b clear.

  32. srimathi

    Guys here the full update:
    Abhi sets to have a deal with pragya Abhi composes a song and if that song impressed pragya she should sign on some papers pragya thought that he would get sign on those property papers!!Abhi sings a song for her and she was completely impressed and he gives the papers to sign on it pragya stunned after reading that it was not property papers actually it was an agreement of kissing!!She should kiss him daily that was the papers about though pragya has no other way she signed on those paper!!After a while tanu Raj aaliya saw the killer vijay sleeping in their home and they inject sleeping dose and trying to wrap him and carry him to throw out of the house pragya sees tanu and aaliya doing this and she comes to Abhi and waking him to come and see the happenings but Abhi in sleep pulls her and ask her to sleep she again forcefully waking him up and ask him to come with her and they are going down but no one ll b there Abhi stares pragya and ask her to come and sleep she tells him I saw something happened over here and Abhi forcefully carried her towards his arms and throw her in bed as he does usually then he makes pragya to sleep by waving her head and he too sleeps by her side the most romantic scene must watch!!

  33. hema

    Friends saw in SBB aliya tanu and raj are carrying the shooter out of house pragya saw them and try to wake up abhi but he wont when finally he came out they all hide..

  34. Guys is it true that abhi makes pragya sign the property papers by cheating and she actually sign it thinking it’s music contract or something, I read this somwhre but not sure

  35. razia

    I think .. This week a great treat fa abhigya fans .. Whatever it drags or anything I’m happie wid abhis behaviour towards pragya .. He asks fa kisses .. Omg .. Love u abhi .. U really don need property it seems.. Pragya yua blessed I think to ve such a husband .. Even though u avoid him this much .. He’s longing to get u back

  36. Ya guys he kissed pragya first time and lots of things which he never did with her before, he is doing with her in this track. Seriously guys my heart don’t believe this that he is doing all this for property, specially with pragya! Whom he loved most. I don’t think that he could go so low with pragya to getting his property back. My heart says that now he knows very well in his heart that she is still his old pragya and she is just trying to hide her real face behind of her fakeness becoz of some big reason. And he also knew that pragya’s real face could come in front of him only by his love. Becoz he knows that pragya loves him a lot and if he showers love on her then she will b melt in his love and as much as she will want to try to hide her reality from him but she could not hide it from him for long now. That’s why he is trying every love and romance trick on her. Otherwise I don’t think so that he will use this much tricks on anyone only to get his property back! Before sometimes, he doesn’t want to see her face and in a day he said to her that if she will give herself to him then also he will not touch her. Becoz he only loves her fuggy so much. So why he have suddenly started kissing, hugging and trying to seducing her? Only for property! It does not make sense. As much we have seen him from starting and assumed his character, we could say that his purpose is not only to get his property back but something else which is related to pragya. What u think guys?

  37. Sahithi

    So with Vijay character also, truth may not come out, as per segment. As usual, Abhi doesnt see what Aaliya and Tanu are upto.

  38. Nida

    How many of you think abhi takes pragya sign on property papers or music contract ??

    I am confused .. Please clear my confusion Nikki-1 and srimathi ?? Whether he takes sign on music contract or property ?? And what abhi is trying to do with pragya .. Finding truth or he wants property back …

    • Nida abhi took pragya’s sign on music contract papers, in which he puts a condition that he will not take money for his singing but for doing this contract, pragya will have to give him five kisses and hugs everyday. And nida abhi’s mission is not yet clear in the show that why he is doing all this for pragya? For property sake or fore bringing old pragya back? But as the things r going on and whatever abhi is doing with pragya from many past days, it looks like, his mission is more then from taking property back. From my points of view, his efforts more looks like he is doing all this to get his old pragya back. Well we have to wait to know his exact purpose becoz CVS will not easily disclose his exact purpose in front of us.

  39. farida

    Guys ou think the story was stupid before – now it is absolutely insane. Cannot understand what the plot is .

  40. Sahithi

    Nikki and others, I think there is no doubt about Abhi’s intentions after the last discussion between Pragya, Puran and Dadi.
    Pragya is clear that Abhi is only acting and Purab also said that when Abhi wants to know something his acting is best.

    So Abhi tried hate way to get truth out of Pragya as he believes she changed her outer appearance but from inside is same person. Now he is trying love way of making her tell truth.

    He is continuously mentioning that you are old Pragya complaining to Dadi, old Pragya not ready to dance, old Pragya when you were drunk and so on.

    I think after the drunk episode he is mostly convinced about her, that she is only acting. It was so clear in her bringing a rockstar doll and saying he is her boyfriend. So he also changed track saying dolls are married and wants the dolls to be sitting together. He is seeing himself and Pragya in those dolls.

    If you ask me, nothing wrong in what he is doing, as anyone in his place would be frustated that his near and dear, everyone is hiding truth from him.

  41. Nida

    Thanks nikki .. But guyzz don’t forget to see today episode ..

    I won’t tell you .. We will discuss after it later ..

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