Kumkum Bhagya 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Abhi reaching Tanu’s home. She takes her inside. Pragya meets Purab who says if MMS is leaked, Abhi’s career will be ruined. He says Abhi loves money as he has seen his family sleeping hungry for days and he worked hard to come to this position, and if MMS is leaked, he will lose everything and will break off. She says he is right, she can tolerate her insult but not Abhi’s. He suggests her to go home back and repeatedly discuss about it with family members and make sure they don’t leak it.

Abhi is on bed with Tanu. He repeatedly says Pragya kicked him out of his own room. She says she knows. He asks how? She says he is repeated it many times. She asks him to kick Pragya out of house, she will come to his home and will take good

care of Daadi, says she will be with him every night like today. She senses him silent and sees him sound alseep.

Pragya goes to temple and asks god why did she because reason for Abhi’s destroyal. She reminisces Purab’s words if MMS is leaked, Abhi’s career will be ruined and says he was right, if it happens nobody will tell it is Pragya’s MMS but will tell it is Abhi, the rockstar’s MMS. She blames herself for not understanding him and instead kicking him out of room, thinks she has to do something to stop ruining his career, thinks she will have to take blame on herself and let people say she is characterless, then thinks even then people will blame that Abhi is impotent and cannot keep his wife happy, so she went with another man. She thinks what she can do to save his career. She thinks like he risked his life and protected her, she will safeguard his career.

Suresh comes to Abhi’s house and calls him. Mitali sees him and asks why did he come here and says Abhi is not here. He says he will meet Pragya and tries to walk towards her room. Aaliya asks Mitali to let him come, says he comes here hiding anyways and says him she wants to give him money for his help. He asks if she is behind this. She says she wants to give him tuition fees for teaching kids. He says he understood she is the mastermind behind MMS. She says she is not and says she knows he loves Bulbul and she hates bulbul as she snatched Purab from her. She says they both are in same boat. Suresh walks out silently. She thinks how to use this fact in her favor.

Tanu wakes up in the morning and does not find Abhi next to her. Bulbul on the other side calls Pragya and asks why did not she expose the culprit. Pragya says she does not want to. Bublul asks if Tanu is behind it. Pragya says yes. Bulbul asks if she is not exposing her as her secret of loving Abhi will be out and says she herself will expose Bulbul now. Pragya asks her not to do that and says she is hiding something. Abhi comes there and asks what is she hiding. Bulbul asks her to speak out, but she cuts call. She says Abhi that she needs divorce from him. He asks if he is hearing divorce word. She says yes and says she will get out of his house only after divorce. She says she does not want him to suffer because of her. He starts jumping in happiness and says he is feeling as if he is getting Oscar award and asks if she will not change her words, says he wants to kiss her in happiness, but says anyways she is getting divorced.

Precap: Pragya thinks she should stop Abhi’s career being ruined. She touches hot cooker.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi please find out the truth… Please… 🙁
    This serial getting really boring now…………… I want back my Abhigya! 🙁

  2. for sure abhi,pragya gona b together bt only after ages!!!!atleast nt nw in coming few months…

  3. whats d use of touching cooker?its betr u go n sit on stove itself pragya…cz when gvn chnc u were on cloud9 n roaming al over d house widout taking care of ua proof…nw pay 4 ua deeds…

  4. Now divorce track wil go for a month!
    When wil d show come on track?

  5. Well I do not watch kkb I jst read the updates

  6. may b after 1/2 months IT MIGHT get some +ve move…

  7. Natasha ….. Well I think that day shall cum when Aliya dies and tanu gets married to an oldie and make abhi he brother

  8. well ahil,its beter u jus read the WU..dr’s nothing khas 2 watch it nyways

  9. Kuchh to sensible dikhao… Its so stupid n irritating

  10. This id getting really really booooooooooring aleays evil wins its injustice and disgusting

  11. Hey guys better watch Kaise yeh yaariyan in mtv really touching story as well as its story line goes as ur expectation and it really appreciatable drama plus very cool acting with very naturally in a way and as compared to kumkum bhagya….. Why she is blaming herself if she don’t want to rhing her husband’s identity then she should have to prove her innocent and need to point out the mastermind of game and make him aware of it….. Then how can it will leak…. Master copied in their hand and they can’t do it and one thing I like about it is she is asking for divorce but one thing the way u read in news is totally different in episode that it says like she finally prove her innocent and walk away with high self respect and ask divorce and make him stunt in shock but it totally different and she asked in normal way and when he it with full enjoyment what a non sense I want is she should make him realise his feeling and come out from remote controler(Aliya)… He should take any decision himself not rely on others shoulder…

    1. Already a huge fan of KYY yar its really amazing and awesome

  12. This id getting really eally booooooooooring aleayss evil wins its injustice and disgusting

  13. Absolutely!!! Evil always win how can be????

  14. Neha…. Good choice dear

  15. Pls how do we reach the writers and tell them our minds that we’re tired of all these nonsense must they pass through all these before they finally appreciate them selves? Must there be gooseberry’s in any hindi series? Pls they should make them unique couple

    1. When I complained on Zee Tv about Ek Muttie when they threw Rachana out, they responded. When the videos of episodes show on Zee TV, there is an option to comment on the videos. Send your response of frustration there. Think I would be doing that today, I am sooo fed up. I haven’t watched the show in weeks because of it. I just read the updates hoping that it will get better.

  16. Yeah its really going on a wrong track…evn i jst stopped watching it jst reading d updates dat too jst check dat whethr smthing gud going to happen or not….its too boaring… 🙁

  17. Aliya stay away from my rabul or i will kill u

  18. I can’t believe how this script is deteriorating. ..as if life isn’t stressful enough. By now writers should realise that people are happy watching love stories. Villains plans need to back fire because in life today evil really has lots of power because of kalyug, so at least people should come home to watch a heart warming series and not shoot their blood pressure because of scripts that are sadistic.

  19. Abhi is such a weirdo. He complains and constantly talks about Pragya when he is with Tanu, but in front of Pragya he wants to act bold. Its about time a guy his age starts realising he needs to grow up. No way Tanu would go this far for him.

    1. When he keeping relation with tanu then how he can blame pragya characterless actually abhi is characterless. He married praygya to tourcher her and always telling she married for his money. Actually abhi itself characteeles vilian of the episode

  20. Pragya is mad why does she want a divorce

  21. It is high time the writers bring the culprits to an open shame.Stop prolonging the story with yhe same foolishness every time..Expose them and bring Ahil and Pragya to gether.

  22. Once again writers portraying Pragya as the one alwaysmaking the sacrifice for a man who never accepted her as his wife. It’s time for a major shift in the story. We need to see Abhi begging Pragya for forgiveness. Pragya in turn changes her appearance and actually becoming an independent woman and start working again. Let others show interest in her so Abho doesn’t think he is her world. Finally Purab and Bulbul needs to get married.

  23. This is “EXACTLY” how they made the main character in Pavitra Rashta and the story finally went OFF the air because Everyone became tired off the main character getting the S*** end of the stick.

  24. Stopped watching this drama after the story has become boring and redundant. Same dung different pile.
    Pragya’s character was strong and independent at the beginning and now she is a rug mat being wiped on with dirty feet. Abhi also needs brains as he can’t see two feet in front of himself to know what’s right and wrong.
    Actually the grandmother’s are more entertaining than then the main characters.
    Writers need to move on to new meaningful stories.

  25. it’s so boring episode plz prangya ki truth abhi ki samane lao…

  26. Ohoo director apoko pagal hay kaya what nonese of pragya taking divorce when the truth WL come out about aliya say me plz then I WL watch the show.

  27. The show is yuk dont watch just read first line and ladt line of update and u know it all at 9 which is prime time find a better serial . This serial will keep pragya crying tanu gloating till atleadt another 30 episodes

    1. Yes tired crying seen looks like pragya abnormak

  28. well said minna…its a mere waste of watchng dis crap

  29. Wht crap is dis. Abhi is askn for proof but he himself doesn’t knw dt he has cctv cameras in his house. Aakash, purab knws d mms is sent frm his phn bt no one tells abhi.pragya is soooo damn gud dt people r all around spoilin her life bt she cant do anything wrong. I think d writers don’t hv a further story dt is why its being dragged.

  30. Crap I hate Aliya and Tanu, Aliya is just frustrated woman without a man in her life plz find her a man to make her busy

  31. damn all these series on zeetv man, same storyline right thru…..
    jodha Akbars rukaiya begum is the villain, she is winning
    qubool hai – razi bhi and tanveer is winning
    aur pyaar ho gayas virat is winning
    and now this…… disgusting.
    no use watching, I only read.

  32. yup nothing is worth watching + none has a new idea vch can grab the viewer’s pulse…

  33. atleast in qh dilshad has finaly revealed d past so v can expct some irony 4m d shw now….in yhm shagun gona get hard slap type ans 4m mrs.bhala…so worth watchng dose scenes

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