Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to meet Nikhil in the hospital and goes gaga about her plan. She tells how Sarla took blame on herself when she accused Pragya of the theft. Nikhil says we have to plan big. Tanu says she will manipulate Abhi and tell him that if Sarla is thief then Pragya is maha thief. Akash comes to hospital to enquire about Nikhil. Receptionist says that Nikhil is discharged and the bills are paid. Rachna tells Akash that they will get the bills, as it might be on Tanu’s name. Tanu gets happy and thinks to count the notes. She thinks she must be having 80 Lakhs after giving 10 lakhs to nurse and 10 lakhs spent in Nikhil’s treatment. Just then Mitali comes there, and is shocked to see the money bag. She says your theft is caught and says she will tell everyone now.

She says Police will arrest you, and we will get prize money. Tanu asks Mitali to hear her once, and says you are happy to get the prize money. She gives her offer and says you will get all money if you keeps your mouth shut. Mitali gets ready and touches the notes.

Tanu clicks her pics with the money bag, and shows her the pic. She then blackmails Mitali, and says she will upload pic on social media and gets comments. She asks her to decide what to do? She asks if you are interested in this pic or money? Mitali thinks to show her kundli to pandit ji and goes without taking money. Tanu thinks she has to be careful and decides to keep the money hidden somewhere. Pragya gets a call….and says Abhi will reach in an hour. She comes to room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she can’t forget what he did last night to cheer her up. She thinks to wake him up for the meeting. Abhi wakes up and calls Robin. Pragya asks him to wake up. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep entire night and asks her to let him sleep. Pragya says you have a meeting to attend with Sridhar and asks him to get up.

Abhi thinks he will not go else Pragya will get upset again. Pragya asks him to get up, take bath and get ready. Abhi thinks he will make an excuse and get a holiday today. He acts to get headache..Pragya says you was alright when you woke up. Abhi says suddenly his head was shaking and feeling feverish. Pragya checks him and says his body is cool. Abhi says he is not joking and says he couldn’t get up. Pragya asks him to take rest and says she will call doctor. abhi says what is the need? She brings thermometer and puts in his mouth. Pragya looks for the doctor’s number. Abhi thinks what to do, as he has no temperature. He puts thermometer in hot tea. Pragya calls Doctor and tells Abhi has fever. Doctor says I will come and check Abhi. Pragya sees Abhi putting thermometer in tea and says so this is the idea. She checks the thermometer and says you have 109 degrees fever and is shocked. Abhi thinks Pragya will take care of him now.

Rachna tells receptionist that Tanu asked for a receipt of bill payment. Receptionist gives the bills. Akash sees bill on Nikhil’s name, and thinks they are very clever. Rachna says we have to find other way out and goes. Mitali comes to Robin and asks him to make nimbo pani. Pragya comes there and asks Robin to give ice. Mitali gets stomach pain because of the hiding truth and thinks what to do. Pragya brings ice back to room, and tells Abhi that she will try home remedy. Abhi says I don’t need ice and asks why is she troubling him. Pragya tries to put ice bag on his head. Abhi refuses and throws the ice bag. He says what you are doing? If you will make a healthy man ill? Pragya says you are having fever naa. Abhi says no, and says he wanted to make her take care of him. Pragya says you missed a meeting, and asks him to give chance to praise him. Pragya twists her hand and falls in Abhi’s embrace. Sanam Re plays……………..Abhi makes her sit and touches her foot to check. Pragya says she will get sin. Abhi asks her to touch his foot later. Pragya thinks he wanted me to take care of him, but taking care of me.

Dadi falls down the stairs. Pragya shouts and gathers everyone. Abhi panics and asks someone please call the doctor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    about epi it’s nice they r filling with abhigya sceens but by the precap it’s very confusion is she really ill r it’s abhigya plan r pragya team plan eager to see it about abhigya they r becoming so cute day by day how funny abhi is and pragyas care about his career it was awesome it was so nice to see them like this but they have to end this tanu so fast it really so much irritating

  2. asmitha

    l think doctor will come and check dadi and he says there is no problem as we seen in segment and he will check pragya too l think by this they will plan as what we seen in today segment

  3. Dis is realy getng boring day by day… tanu jus buzz off ya.. v arent interestd to c ur face in mm.. v want abhigya togethr leaving a maried life… n dis wont hpn til evil tanu gets exposd… may b hr exposure wil b aftr anothr 1 yr….?

  4. Episode was gud becoz of abhigya’s cute and lovely scenes but it’s story was slow. Mitali and tanu’s scene was little surprising as half our guess was correct that tanu will offer money to mitali to shut her mouth but after it what happened it was bit surprising but not so much becoz whatelse we can expect from tanu. Offcousre tanu is not that much clever like raaj, aliya and nikhil but atleast she is much smarter than mitali so it is very easy to trap her and to make her fool. Anyways after watching, precap, all the segments and onlocation videos, dadi’s fall from stairs, becoming ill and abhi’s begging for cash money from everyone in the house, it all seems pre-planned and a trap for catching real thief, By abhi or accompanied with him by more members like dadi, akaash, pragya? Well let’s see. But if this time tanu’s this theft crime will get exposed then guys it will happen first time ever in kkb’s history that long time running tanu’s records of escaping from every crime will get break. But what will b her punishment? Punishment she will definetly get becoz abhi will not forgive her for harassing Sarla maa and pragya mentally but her punishment will not so much hard as she is pregnant according to abhi’s child which is innocent. Tanu always used this baby as a trump card for escaping and fulfilling all her evil aims so it is possible that she will use it here also. So definetly just becoz of this theft exposure, she will not get out from abhi’s life. Becoz her big revelation is yet to b reveal which only can throw her out from she’s life forever. If this is all abhi’s plan to trap the thief and if tanu will get caught then it’s an indication for pragya and team that they should tell him all the truth so he can expose tanu and nikhil completely and could throw them out from their life.

  5. steffyrao

    Really enjoyed this episode. Abhigya nok jok was hilarious! ! Shabir& Sriti are brilliant in comedy too. Especially Shabir. Not only is he funny but absolutely adorable& cute.
    Just confused sbt the money count. Shouldn’t the remaining amt be 70 lakhs since 20 was spent on nikhil & the nurse & 10 called stolen by Sarla? ?? Jus wondering

  6. Shivanya

    Hi Gowtham anna reji shobana Akka hency pratiksha Akka ellam eppadi irukeenga ?? Anbody tell me is there any exposure of tanu atleast for this time . Gowtham anna reji Unga rendu per kitta than pesave Mudiyala .Gowtham anna romba busy ya ?? Na rendu thadava msg pannen neenga reply pannave illa i felt sad . And reji ne en birthday ku wish pannave illa ????

    • Reji

      No shivanya …i wished u twice !!..but u didn’t notice it !!..anyways belated birthday wishes ?????

    • gowtham

      no shivanya…. i replied fr all comments pa…. un bday ainaki i think u were busy…… ena aachu… hw was the bday??? njoyed ah????

      • Shivanya

        Illa anna neenga en birthday ku wish paneenga athuku aparam reply pannave illa?. En birthday supera irunthuchu nalla enjoy pannen

    • Hi shivanya. . .I am fine dear.what about you. I don’t think so dear.they will surely drag the episodes. Then college join panniyacha.☺

      • Shivanya

        Thank you so much pratiksha . I am waiting for tanus exposure Akka .she is really irritating??

      • Shivanya

        I am fine hency. My dad is trying for Svce and srm college and i have applied for counselling?

    • Well shivanya present storyline and upcoming sequences r giving indications only for tanu’s exposure in theft for now but let’s see. Like I said in my above comment that if her this sin will get exposed then also it’s not mean that she will b totally out from abhigya’s life. It could b just starting of her exposure but her big truth is yet to b reveal which can throw her out from abhigya’s life. Until she is carrying baby in her womb and until baby will b abhi’s according to him, till then she is safe from any hard punishment and safe in abhi’s house and life.

  7. If it”s plan to trap d thief.. no 1 frm mm wud like to hurt dadi.. i mean mkng hr fall frm d stairs… its imposible… she is old.. who wil tk d risk to hurt dadi lyk tht..

    • Sara

      Thank you hency.
      now I’m alright…
      How are you hency,shobana sis,reji sis and all of you guys?
      Episode was ok.

  8. This is the zamena of modern updates. Of tanu can expose others through photo or sms. Y cant pragya or others . Since the couples r awesome the seril goes. Or else this could have ended a month back.?

  9. Brintha

    Tanu is brilliant than alia.. she made shut mithali mouth without even spending 1 rupee also.. instead of emotional drama between tanu and pragya real tug of war cud hv been better..with brilliant screenplay we wud not hv felt dragging.. of course cvs can’t think beyond tanu’s pregnant.. hope akash and rachu atleast will collect the proof.. or just pragya is the leading, she is the defective, she is the one man army like that if they think again dragging showing akash and rachus plans.. and i really forgot about tanu’s exposure.. because it will never happen… dasi character is totally damaged whn sarla was in trouble… not even single dialogue… is given to her.. usually she used to support pragya and her family..

    • Shivanya

      Hi Brintha Akka how r u?? i too felt that nowadays dasi is not given much more importance in the show she dont have any scenes also. And brintha Akka i have an doubt if dadi is really injured or she is acting to catch tanu

      • Brintha

        no dear.. it’s all to drag drag drag.. nothing else..hw much they can drag with ronnie and sarla was over… now akash and rachana.. till all their plsns will be failure so much they can drag… then purab… again second innings will start… that also end with no result… then finally, don’t final is thr or what….

    • Hehehe buddy
      Chitti chelli enduku abaddam cheppav
      Nenu Niku pakka punishment istha???
      Aina parledu dear nenu inthaku mundu lane unta nu kuda alane undu k na

      • Reji

        Sorry manu …ikka tarvata nenu abaddhalu cheppa aniki kadu …OK !!..and na tappu kosa you should give me punishment ! Na punishment emi ..cheppu!..nenu na tappu telusukkunanu if something is there means nenu mundu cheppali OK ??..and now only i saw ur comment …endukku ur comment is posted here ??..

  10. Reji

    And karthika congrats for ur results ya !!..sorry i wished you but telly updates deleted my comments …feeling very happy for u !!????

  11. Reji

    And guys actually i have to say onethng to u all …if i said this means then u will not talk to me …actually the thing was i am entering to 8th std only ya ….if i reveal i am studying 8th only means…all will not talk to me like before …so sorry …if any punishment u have to give to me means pls give me guys…but talk to me like before…i realised that i shouldn’t hide this …so sorry …i am the youngest here ..so really scared to face u all !!..?????

    • Brintha

      punishment is thr dear… thr nothing wrong watching serials st this age… why it is considered mistake is, movie will get over in 2-3hrs maximum, after watvhing the movie, movie will stick in our mind in subconsciously fir 3 days.. thn we will b normal… serials are daily na.. so it’s not gud whn we are at school days.. because this lack of distraction will cause to lose 1 or 2 marks wich will make our competitors to win.. if ur not so much addicted to serials nope.. ur in my niece age.. so i can advice u… and then punishment is u hv to wait till tanu exposure.. hahaha… i mean it..

    • Reji it’s OK but what was the need of this lie. U tries to tell us once, why we have any problem with ur age factor. Entertainment is for every people and every person have a right to share his views and comments. Age doesn’t need here. But as Brintha said that u should more concentrate on ur studies becoz u r in stage, from which carrier starts to begin and gives us the way to make it bright. So I will too that u can comment here but mostly u should concentrate more on ur studies. This is just a show which is just for entertainment and is not real. But we r living real life so we should give it first preference then others. U r younger than us so it’s our duty to guide u towards right way. But it’s completely upto on u as u also knows what is more gud for u or not. And reji we always here for u, whenever u needs. Don’t worry.

    • Aishwarya

      Reji its ok u realized ur mistake so its enough so we all have a little sister in this group na

    • Shivanya

      Its k reji u r always our cute little sister . Don’t feel bad. Ne romba bold ana girl . Ellar kittaiyam unnmaiya solla romba thairiyam venum. So pls dont worry be normal. I am really happy that u and my sister is in the same age group??.so dont worry always be happy??

    • Fowziya

      Its ok Reji, u don’t need to be sorry fo this, as it is not a big sin?
      But as a matured person, we can give you some advices, like as Pratiksha Brintha and all said, concentrate more on your studies, don’t be distracted by this! And it’s good that u are a 1st rank holder..

    • Vadhu

      Reji its ok.
      Don’t feel sorry…
      I’m happy that I got one younger sister in this family…
      How are you?

    • sheetha

      ha ha ha…. i laughed a lot after reading your comments…. it ok dear little sis…

  12. surbhi

    tanu now a days be like throw pragya out of house then I waah my child waah we both together dono mil k waah bhai waah, waah bhai waah i think she had met harry potter and borrowed tat cave from him by which he can become invisible so that she is escaped till now what say kutty.and shobhna ????????

      • surbhi

        it is an hide an seek game kutty where the person who is giving den is trapped again and again and have to become denner only and the person who is escaped is master in this game and here as we all know denner is pragya and the master of hide and seek is tanu nothing can happen to her as she is master in that ????????

  13. Guys I think since we have heard replacement of tanu and nikhil probably we can expect a leap in the show then we can see new nikhil and tanu probably that’s why they are conducting auditions ………this is just a guess …….the never ending track of tanu will probably never end but by turn of events can take place which I have no idea…….

  14. Suhana

    Hey everyone…!!
    Although I am fed up from these run and chase tracks…but still I feel like enjoying the scene of AbhiGya..they look so cute together..??

    btw..guyz..we all know each others by name…why not have a small intro..??What you all say..??

  15. gowtham

    hi guys… as pratiksha said, even its a plan from abhigya and co to find out who the real theif is, and even in this plan tanuget caught, i dnt thnk that ll be the positive sign…. coz abhi would easily forgive her… as all said baby is the big trump card fr tanu so she can manipulate abhi that she is doing all that only fr their babys safety… and babys future…. but yes… there is one point that she accused sarla ma and thrown some unawanted comments towards her…fr this may be a minimal amount of punishment given by abhi.. but its not like she ll completely get punished and get kicked away from the house…. again its a sub stryline… but i wouldn’t say this end is a bad one…. if it happens it ll be a gd note maybe some starting point of tanus exposure… bcoz this ll be frst time in history of kumkumbhagya that tanu will be in victim’s position in her view… so that’s a positive output of this sub stryline…. but surely her punishment will be less if she get caught…. i am sure on this…. though sarla is a big factor, baby is the biggest trump card so tanu ll never be in tragic position unless and until the revelation of the truth…. so lets hope fr the best in upcoming episodes….

    • Brintha

      iyo gowtham after watching 200+ episodes u have this much of hope with abhi.. hats off f to u.. and tell me one thing whn purab and akash caught in Lawers house who has informed abhi? did i missed that?

      • gowtham

        u misunderstood me brin…. theif tanu nu fina panalum, tanu easy ah abhi ah manipulate pani elathaum maraka vachuduva nu sonen… ipo kuda i have hope on tanu only??

    • Shivanya

      But gowtham anna this time tanu had put the blame on sarla ma. Abhi thinks sarla ma as his ma. Tanu insulted sarla much. I have little hope in abhi that he will punish tanu . What do u think ??

      • gowtham

        i dnt thnk so shivanya… bcoz as u said, sarala is like his mom…. but tanu has one thing which has more power than his… which is obviously her baby.. so punishment ll be there.. buy it ll not be that much huge she ll easily get out frm that… thats wat i thnk….

  16. asmitha

    keeping a side storyline let’s talk about abhigya yesterday it was asowme from starting their scene till last I enjoyed I continuously laughed till end even my mom and dad enjoyed it how cute they r really good actors how sriti and shabir controlled their laughing while doing their scene don’t know but I can’t control my laughing so that’s y they have so many fans what u say guys
    hai shobana kutty hency pratiksha sahithi aishwarya and others

  17. iswarya

    no he will forgive tanu upcomming will be lioke that he dosent recognise that tanu is the theif he is noit intelligent in finding out her \since she had helped his grani he will not watch on her he will support for tanu for helping

  18. asmitha

    keeping a side storyline let’s talk about abhigya yesterday it was asowme from starting their scene till last I enjoyed I continuously laughed till end even my mom and dad enjoyed it how cute they r really good actors how sriti and shabir controlled their laughing while doing their scene don’t know but I can’t control my laughing so that’s y they have so many fans what u say guys
    hai shobana kutty hency pratiksha sahithi aishwarya and others
    can anyone say me that the song sanam re is there female version in real r they only sung especially for kkb because I didn’t listen it’s female version I heard only male version

    • Hai Asmitha dear
      Yeah they r amazing to the core❤?core❤?
      Sanam re Female version also there

      I didn’t watch y’days episode yaar?

      • shobana

        Kutty same pinch I too didn’t watch the episode yet planned to watch tomorrow only.

        Yes asmitha shabbir and sriti are excellent actor because of them only im bearing this tanu till now

  19. Vijaya Lakshmi Rao

    Abhi should know all the truth so that tannu goes away from the house and our love and cute couples (Abhi and Pragya) stay together forever. It’s irritating very when she comes in between abhi and pragya with one dialogue hamara bacha (Abhi+ tannu) . it’s very much irritating now kindly and please end up tannu’s episode

  20. Guys today is Sunday and I have my big b’s phone in my hands that’s why I m able to comment here mostly. But guys after today, from tomorrow, until for sometimes, I will b unable to give updates and comment mostly becoz I will b busy in my society’s magazines work, whole day. I can comment only in early morning or late night. I will remain busy till then 8 or 10 June. I will try to b free before it but it is maximum time which I have told u guys. I will try to b free minimum till 5 or 6 June. But till then I request u guys if someone will take care of all the updates and news about the show. I will try to give it if I will get it on time and if I will get chance. But if someone from u guys too takes this responsibility then I will get tension free. In these days, i will try to solve my phone’s problem too. So guys I m going to b so busy for sometimes. I thought I should inform u guys about this so I did. Hope u understand guys.

  21. sham

    Again when Tanu took out money from sarala’s cup board. Then how come again one crore rupee with Tanu. I think except 10 lakh every money was there.

  22. Divya chandru

    Hi guys , I don’t think so that cvs will take the storyline as expected, every time they keep disappointing audience , where tanu and team will escape from abhi, pragya and team will get defeated, so guys let keep our fingers crossed, dont expect anything , just to keep audience expectations , they show everytime the same strategy …. on Saturday

  23. Reji

    Thank u guys ….i am so happy that u all forgive me …again so so sorry guys… And of course pratiksha and brindha …i will concentrate more on studies …as i am first rank holder …from 4th std till now continuously gaining 1st rank …hope This time also i will stay in that rank …and sure i will concentrate more ….and actually tamil my frnds said abt polimer ..they r big fans of all polimer serial more than …but first i watched only im …Till now watching only im …so big fan of only im ..i will not watch any other serials …

    And Tamil guys ….a good news for u all in Raj TV swaragini is going to be telecasted in Tamil as ganga yamuna !!…??????so waiting for it …but the timings they didn’t put only they put viaraivil …!!..

    • shobana

      Hi reji to be honest I had little doubt on you when you said ur results were out.
      Ok leave all this. U r really bold that u accepted the truth to all. No regrets.
      U have lot of talents. So as brindha said concentrate on ur studies as studies are most important for u at this stage

    • Anjhana

      Haha reji I was even calling u akka
      It’s ok little sis!
      I thought I was the youngest
      Thanks for revealing ur truth!!?
      I’m no the youngest here!!

    • Vadhu

      I also started to watch Hindi serials from 8th std only…through my friends talking about moondru mudichu(ssk).
      Now I stopped watching that serial and also not reading updates.
      But I continue reading updates of my favorite Hindi serials like kkb, swaragini, ikrs,tpk,naagin etc…
      Study well in upcoming academic years also dear…do well…
      Are u stateboard or cbse?
      I as well as Sara got younger sister in this family….
      Sara also wished you while I was talking to her in phone…
      Do well…..

    • Aishwarya

      Reji same me also i m not interested inbu watching serial especially hindi serial later i ve started watching irumalargal then my 10th board exams were started i ve stopped watching it after finishing exam i again started watching it that abhigya was newly married i love their fights nok jhok then my frn told that it was zee tv’s popular serial then i ve add zee tv channel i remember d day that 25th june 2015 i ve started watching kkb n yesterday epi was mindblowing abhi was really behaving like a kid he told in an interview that he will not behave like a father i ve behave a bigbrother for my son n its 100% true his age may elder but his charm will never reduce not only shabir both sriti shanir(abhigya) what u saying guyzzz?

      • asmitha

        really sriti shabir r natural actors s aishwarya what u said is right really me to don’t like serials but my friend insisted to see it once she said that u will like it so seen it the epi which I seen is aaliyas engagement in that I have seen their knok jock and I liked it from that day I started to seeing it l only watch kkb about yesterday epi it was awesome the most funniest part is he kept thermometer in coffee and atlast he said that u can also touch my leg then it will be balanced it was really very funny

  24. hey reji akka I am aslo going. to 8th std but before when I was in sixth class I got 96% marks i got 1 rank but when I start watching kkb I got this time i nean in seventh class 80% marks I am on 2 rank me & my 2 friend. but I am going to complete my 13 year on 31 august I know it so far. & reji dear what is your age ?

    • Reji

      oh shriti me too entering 8th but then too i am younger than u becoz for me 13 years born….so me the very little person here….i have to call u akka !!……

  25. Sahithi

    So the writers mean to say the money found in Sarla’s room is not secured by anyone and Tanu could cleverly have it all for her. Oh yeah when she could take it from the locker, its a cake walk to take away when the leads are crying. If it is Abhi/Daadi/Pragya’s plan, Tanu giving 5L will not trap her, they have to play the drama further to see if she can bring out more money. As per OLV, Akash found money in Tanu’s room but what he is gonna do with it, have to wait n see.

    Abhi’s care towards Pragya was so cute in last 2 episodes, surprisingly now Pragya also started referring to him as husband without any hesitation, instead of same old MAIN BOSS HOON dialogue. There had been tens and hundreds of Abhigya scenes from start of the show, but for me the ones in last 2 episodes had been so special, with both of them behaving really like a couple. Not flirting or acting or the feelings being one-sided, but each of them complementing the others feelings so naturally and spontaneously.

    • sham

      i am also surprised how come Tanu have all money when she took money out from sarala’s cupboard and no one take in to their custody rest of the money. As usual illogical. Even if they asked to keep money with Tanu in Safe then why she should afraid from Mitali. Such big incident happened and Sarala blamed for this money and no one think to keep money in safe or in safe hand may be Dadi.

  26. I think that everyone in abhi’s know the truth of tanu and uf they will tell to abhi then abhi will definetly believe on same..specially when dadi is with them.I don’t know how much time it will take to in front of abhi.

  27. Anjhana

    And gowtham anna I’m back commenting how r u??
    U got new job la
    And kutty hyderabad la enda area???
    And kutty u boy or girl
    Sry pa couldn’t identify

  28. Fowziya

    Heeeey Guuuyzzz ?
    How do you do all ? I hope everything s fine fo you ?
    Nowadays i couldn’t comment properly, as i’am little busy.. so henceforth i’ll try to comment regularly !
    I didn’t watched today’s episode but while reading the Written Update n all the comments, it sounds good.. As Pratiksha said Tanu’s exposure won’t happen now as we already knew it ?? but maybe there is a chance that she’ll be caught as a thief,Mithali can’t retain a secret properly, with her big mouth haha, but i’ll keep my expectations level low, we can’t expect something good with this CVS coz always evils nly win, so let’s see, n hope for the best !

  29. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Tanu you r a lier cheater n a thief n why rbu acting as good u r telling everybody that abhi mera honewala pathi hai n stealing the money of abhi n when he needef the money u r giving his money to him only n thinking great but dont think great this id biggest foolishness o ur part n abhi is going to investigate about thestolen money if he comes to know that you have taken the money he will surely throw out u from his life forever.

  30. nish

    Hlo guys I m new here and guys plzzz accept me as ur frend hlo pratiksha di shivanya di hency di reji anjhana shobana sis

  31. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Let tanu do her evil things but abhi is not come in tanu way because tanu is a cheater n shathir to make everybody fool but abhi will be with praghya only n praghya is very truthful n loves abhi very much.

  32. Sahithi

    Since IPL is finally ending today, may be we can be bit hopeful that track will move further from this week.

  33. Angela

    I have a doubt when money is found in sarla’s room then how it was with tanu…hahahaha…seriously cvs are making us mad….

  34. Aishwarya

    Hey guyzz we have a segment today that tanu was caught in the theft matter i ve only saw d pictures one pic pragya talking with tanu in her room another one is abji holds tanu angryly n asking something n last pic is tanu is crying like a innocent in front of everyone

    • Aishwarya

      And guyss there was one spoiler that dadi illness drama is a plan of dadi n pragya not abhi n dadi again d cvs not gave a chance to our rockstar becoz in that spoiler they said that abhi is unaware from this plan so he begging money from others

  35. Guys we have an sbs segment today which looks like abhi came to know tanu’s truth but which truth?????? I don’t know

  36. Aishwarya

    Hey new segmen update is tanu was caught red handed in d money matter but they didnt explain how she caughted n who catched her in d video tanu tries to act like innocent n cries infront of abhi but he is not ready to believe her he says that he is not having any feelings for her in his heart anymore n says now is only hates her i think he got some strong evidence then pragya drags tanu to somewhere then tanu packs her bag angrily then pragya goes to her room n teases her n helping her to pack then another one tanu is calling nikhil n tells abt d problem but he also not ready to help her so tanu is tensed. Ofscreen :in ofscreen sriti says that tanu is packing the bag but its not sure that she will leave mm. And reporters also says that it is not yet confirmed that is gng to leave or not

    • Aishwarya

      Sry guys i cant give clear update like prathikaha coz i dont know hindi well n prathiksha is just amazing in this miss u a lot prathiksha sister i ve gave only abp news segment guyss coz i ve only saw this in that channel share ur opinion abt segment frns n if plzz anyone give clear segment update with d link

  37. Sahithi

    As per IBN7 segment, Abhi got to know that Tanu stole that money and he was shouting on her. He asked her to leave MM, but Tanu was crying and pleading where can she go. Abhi says its not his problem and he warns her not to show her face to him.

    Leena says in interview that everyone in MM have ganged against her, Tanu is not negative, everyone else is negative who is working against her.

    There were few more scenes, Pragya goes into Tanu’s room and packs her clothes and bags. Pragya tries to bring Tanu out of the room by holding her hand, but Tanu leaves Pragya’s hand and shouts at Pragya that she is not coming anywhere with her. Pragya taunts Tanu for her wrong doings. There was one shot where Mithali puts her hand on crying Tanu’s shoulder and tries to console. There is one more where Tanu is calling someone on mobile, dont know whom. Other shots Tanu is tensed in her room and thinking of doing emotional blackmail of Abhi again to stop him from throwing her out.

    Leena also says same in interview that Tanu wont give up so easily and will do emotional drama to trap Abhi again in her words.

    The order of scenes is not clear, but if this is not a dream sequence hopefully, then Abhi knows that Tanu was the one who stole money. Now who’s plan it is and who exposed her, how she is caught, we may see in actual epi.

  38. Reji


    SAAS BAHU AUR SAAZISH – ABP NEWS REPORT – Tanu pleads abhi and not show anger towards her . Abhi asks her not to show her face .Tanu holds his hand and cries . Abhi asks her not to touch him and says i don’t have any feelings for you i hate u .

    VOICEOVER(IN BETWEEN) – Tanu’s game is finished ..she is caught red handed so only abhi is angry

    Abhi says Pragya is ready to give 50-50 share in that money. then u will 50 lakhs so why u stole the money ?

    VOICEOVER ( IN BETWEEN) – Tanu’s this plan is exposed . but kkb viewers know how much time tanu escaped !…but this TIME it’s apart that tanu caught red handed …so abhi showed tanu a way to go out of the house …

    Tanu continuously pleading abhi . abhi says shut up and about to slap her . Tanu cries . abhi says get out . Tanu cries and says where will i go abhi ?.yo go wherever but don’t again show your face to me . Pragya drags Tanu and angrily scolds her . (audio is not heard). Pragya goes to tanu’s room speaks sumthng and packs her bag …

    VOICEOVER (IN BETWEEN) – Pragya heard abhi’s decision. she is ready to put tanu out of the house . but pragya knows very well that tanu will not go out from their life easily.

    OFFSCREEN INTERVIEW – LEENA AND SRITI ..Sriti says still now nothing is not confirmed .Tanu will go out or not don’t know… now packing only .

    VOICEOVER (IN BETWEEN) – Pragya u r ryt . not to think now tanu will be out ..just bag pack is done . we have to what did tanu’s boy friend do ?. he packed up tanu from his life. Tanu brought stolen money .

    Tanu calls nikhil . and says haan …my theft is caught….Nikhil scolds Tanu ..Tanu argues with him ..

    VOICEOVER – Tanu nikhil is scolding u well . whatever happnd in your is seekh hai …

    VIDEO LINK – http://www.yodesi.net/abhi-ne-tanu-ko-bahar-nikaala-kumkum-bhagya-30th-may-2016/

    • Anjhana

      Thanks reji for this update…
      I think akash is the one who exposed her…
      Guys what is ur opinion about this…
      Reji shobana sis,sahithi,aishu,nish,gowtham anna,hency and guys

  39. Hey hlo guys sry yesterday I waslittle busy wid my work so I can’t comment yesterday properly and thank u so much for accepting me as ur frend guys iam giving my small intro here I m from madhya pradesh and I m gujrati and anjhana im also in tenth and once thanks guys to accept me as ur frend

  40. And sry I frogot to tell my name my real name is nishtha patidar nish and nishu are my nick name my friends gave this name to me and guys plzzz forgive me if I will do any grammatical mistakes in writting comment and I m commenting for first time I dont knw properly hw to comment.

  41. Reji

    SAAS BAHU AUR BETIYAAN – AAJ TAK – Abhi is in a full angry …and shoves tanu . tanu cries

    VOICEOVER- abhi got angry. tanu’s theft is caught . Pragya became baazi ..by seeing tanu in this condition we got pity inside.

    Offscreen int – Leena says actually i didn’t . i am trapped. i did help to abhi by giving 5 lakhs rupees for dadi’s medicine . and they all ..all my enemies trapped me …i am not negative they r only negatuve …she laughs …

    VOICEOVER – Tanu made abhi angry till the crest .,

    Offscreen int – leena says …all r loving pragya so i think akash did all this.. and had some talks with reporters ..

    VOICEOVER – tanu is stammering here…pragya moke par chauke laga rahe hai !!……

    Pragya holds tanu’s hand and drags her and taunts her and taunts her..

    offscreen int ..leena says i think if the truth is out they will do like that…but for theft we didn’t know abt it ..

    Pragya comes to tanu’s room and back packs her things ….(voiceover – pack ur things tanu madam if u want any help …pragya is there …wat to do madam ??….ur game is finished )..

    offscreen int – leena says tanu will not leave evrythng easily …she will keep trying sumthng like emotional drama to trap abhi ..

    VOICEOVER – Tanu after this much happnd also u r not accepting ur lose Pragya will not easliy give entry to the house ..so don’t forget it!!…….

    video link – http://www.yodesi.net/abhi-ko-aaya-gussa-kumkum-bhagya-30th-may-2016/

  42. Reji

    BHABHI TERA DEVAR DEEWANA – IBN7 REPORT – Tanu taps Abhi’s shoulder . abhi turns and says i don’t want to listen anythng .. tanu cries and says abhi i loved u so much??…i am gng to become mother of ur child . but this all happnd becoz of u ..so u shuld punishment only na?

    VOICEOVER – Today wat happnd to this abhi ??…shouting this much towards tanu . tanu is also crying so much

    Tanu says abhi i did all this for u ..i am gng to become mother of ur child ..i can’t live without u ..

    VOICEOVER – wat happnd to this abhi ??…he will be always shouting towards but today towards tanu ?…arreyy ya wat will be happnd …the truth of tanu stole the money came before abhi !!…..so only he is showing this much angry towards tanu !!……and not this much ..

    Abhi tells tanu get out of this house …. tanu cries and sayswhr will i go abhi ??…..abhi says wherever u want u go …but don’t again show ur face to me !!…..

    offscreen int 1 – same as saas bahu aur betiyaan interview 1

    offscreen int 2 – actually now in am in shock…how will i go out ??.i can’t do anythng without staying here …if i am not here ..don’t know wat will happen next ?……

    they r showing some pics which we saw in on location video !!……

    VOICEOVER – if u did like this means ..like this only happen ..

    offscreen int 3 – same interview as saas bahu aur betiyaan interview 2

    Tanu calls nikhil and their arguement ….Pragya enters inside Tanu’s room and packs evrythng …

    Pragya drags tanu by her hands ..Tanu says stop it ..i will not go out with u …Pragya says by saying these much lies also u r not getting himmat to say truth …she taunts tanu …

    offscreen int 4 – same as saas bahu aur betiyaan int 4 …

    VOICEOVER – so like tanu did many times…this time also she is gng to make emotional blackmail towards abhi and make him to show pity on her ..

    VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJHjcNvjy_w

  43. tanvi

    Tanu is going to be exposed by pragya only..tanu gave money to Abhi for dadi’s treatment n Pragya match the currency number with the money

  44. Reji

    SAAS BAHU AUR SUSPENSE – INDIA TV REPORT -all the scenes were same as in other segments ….nothing different i will once again give today’s all segments link :-


    VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC4clxd2uYo


    VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL-K9Wr7PHw


    VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qVfn8CMW4I


    VIDEO LINK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJHjcNvjy_w

    guys i gave the links to watch all today’s segments ….and i think i tried my best to give all the updates ….but i can’t give the updates like pratiksha ..she is super cool !!…….and i think tanu will not be thrown out of the house …as leena said in int that she will do some emotional drama or blackmail….sriti also said still now packing is done so we r not sure abt anythng !!…i think we have to need somemore updates to confirm this let’s see ….Tanu is gng to go out of the house or wat ??……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.