Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pragya sets afire Tanu’s bed while reminiscing Abhi’s words and walks out. Bulbul comes out of washroom, sees her bed burning, runs out, sees Pragya leaving and shouts that she is too cruel to kill her and her child. Pragya says she burnt her flat so that she can take her to Abhi’s house and let her stay there as Aaliya’s best friend. Tanu calms down and says she can do whatever she wants, but she wants to get into Abhi’s house soon.

Mitali provokes Akash that Taiji hit Rachna. Akash gets angry and says he will complain Daadi. Racha (with her 2.5 years + pregnancy) stops him and says if he complains daadi about Taiji, Taiji thinks she brainwashed him and provoked him against his mother, so he should keep quiet.

Rachna serves tea and biscuits to Daadi

and family. Daadi gets happy and remembers Pragya. Pragya just then arrives with Tanu and her bags. Daasi asks whose bag is this and why is Tanu here. Pragya says it is Tanu’s bag and she will be staying here. Taiji says she earlier brought Rachna and now tani, if she thinks this house is a dharamshala. Pragya says Tanu’s flat burnt and she is not in a position to stay at hotel. She is Aaliya’s best friend, so she brought her here with her. She asks Robin to keep Tanu’s bags in guest room and takes her along.

Tanu happily hugs Pragya and says she cannot believe she is at her home and asks when will she take her to Abhi’s room and get out of this house. Pragya says she has irked Daadi a lot and soon with one ore more tries she will be out of this house. Tanu says she along with Abhi and Aaliya tried a lot to kick her out, but she herself is walking out now. If she had dealt with her instead of Aaliya, she would have married Abhi long back. Abhi comes there and Tanu hugs him. He says once everyone sleeps, she can come to his room.

Pragya walks out of Tanu’s room and walks towards her room. Daadi stops her and asks what is time now. Praga says 9 p.m. Daadi says she has time for everyone, but why she does not have time for her. Pragya says she has a lot of work and tries to leave, but Daasi holds her and Daadi says authority is always with saas and she is her saas. Daasi says she is her daadi saas and will punish her now. They both hold her hands and drag her from there.

Tanu smiles thinking she came to Abhi’s house many times, but she is feeling this house is her for the first time. Mitali comes and asks why did she come to this her and what is her plan. Tanu says it is none of her business and shuts door on her mouth. Mitali thinks she will find out her plan.

Daadi and Daasi drag Pragya to a room and ask what is she up to. Pragya says bringing Pragya is her decision and if anyone opposes it, she will leave home. Daadi says she is happy with her decision and says Tanu is Aaliya’s friend and she did right by bringing her here. Pragya says Tanu will stay here as a family member and will eat and sit with them like others.

Precap: Abhi asks Pragya to open her veil and show face. He does himself and is shocked to see Tanu instead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. I am not interested in this serial because it is tooooooooooooooo much shit not realistic or true to life way unbelievable this storyline is a big joke LOL

  2. kowsi

    Abhi make pragya jealous…and the precap abhi was shocked..anyway asusually waiting for gud episode…lol…

  3. narendran

    Super waiting for tanu new boy friend who is coming for this show quickly anybody knows who is that guy??

  4. priya

    Wat s this yaar…. Don’t like to c this things. Dumb pragya… So dumb like a stupid she is behaving. Pls change..

  5. sdb

    madhurima tuli is the apt one for ‘tanu’ character.leena jumani looks like beautiful innocent doll.

  6. narendran

    Super waiting for tanu new boy friend who is coming for this show quickly anybody knows who is that guy?

  7. avni

    Dumb pragya c sud hav burned that b*t*h tanu also.she is too dumb getting her hubby married ta another woman.who does dat.poor abhi got married to dumb pragya nd now again to b*t*h tanu.the promo is also dumb lyk pragya.when will dis crap end

  8. krbee

    whatz dis nuisance … Kuch accha toh kabhi hota nhi, jo kuch hota hai woh v mahinon baad..script writter is so dumb..

  9. priya

    Next week if abhi starts his investigation means only 2 week it ll be over. But he ll start it. When he ll get doubt on tanu. So long journey ah.?

    • kowsi

      Same spoilers priya…there s no new…tanu is not pregnant with abhi’s child.its someone…we wil wait and watch….IM Waiting….

    • Correcta soneenga ! Ennaku ippavae kanna kattuthu theivamae mudiyala . Rendu vaarathuku munadi pota spoilerae ippo thaan paakuroam inmarl varathu eppadi irrika potho . I think mostly they will take a month to complete this tanu’s pregnancy drama.

  10. Sarath

    Tamil serial bore adichuthu nu hindi serial paatha,,ingaiyum ipdiya!!!! Too unrealistic

  11. pragya

    Well time for Pragya and her supporters to rejoice as Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya will soon witness another twist. It’s a bit too early but anyway we thought amidst all the ongoing nautanki you guys would enjoy this one better…
    So, Tanu is indeed pregnant, all those of you who were doubting Aaliya’s best buddy are wrong. But, Pragya’s husband OOOPS!!! Tanu’s boyfriend Abhi is not the father of her unborn baby. Now that we have told you, be assured that you will have to wait much longer to see this unfold on the show. For the next few episodes get ready to be loaded with melodrama on Daadi, Abhi and Tanu’s parts. In the upcoming episode we will see Tanu accuse Pragya of not trying hard enough to get her into Abhi’s life. What’s worse is that Tanu secretly plans on using the baby to enter Abhi’s life in case Pragya fails to live up to her promise.

    As far the Tanu’s unborn child is concerned a little birdie tells us that in a bid to bag a role from a big producer Tanu agrees to let go off her love for Abhi and compromises. So, will we see a casting couch scene unfold soon? Well, if our khabroos is to be believed then nobody not Tanu of al people can separate Abhi and Pragya. You see else the makers will be compromising the basic foundation of this show that is called ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. Or will Ekta Kapoor nudge her writers to create a war between Tanu and Pragya for Abhi’s this Kumkum Bhagya? Come back here for more hot updates on the show.

    • Gd

      Ur correct bst. They can do DNA test. Before that somebody have to suspect about tanu’s preg with abhi’s child or not.
      Also there is another reason. If they do the test. The truth will be out. Then how can they drag the show?

  12. Recent I seen some videos in that tanu and pragya will be deeply discussing about what to do next. Tanu will tell pragya to leave house soon. Abhi will listen all their discussions and will come and warn pragya if she did any acting before dadi as wrong not nly she tanu too will be thrown out of house. Thn she will make tanu to be a nice bride and a promise from her to keep abhi family nicely. On the process she will make tanu to make aarti but whn tanu take that from stairs she will spill the oil and wont clean too. Dad will fall on the stairs and pragya will take the blame.

  13. ggf

    lot of mistakes + idiotic story pragya burns bulbuls bed maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb

  14. sruthika

    Abhi to find a clue against tanu:-

    It will now been seen tht pragya allows tanu to stay in abhi’s room and moves out of abhi’s room
    on a side tanu is happy to see her dream is came to be true of becoming abhi’s wife on other hand,Abhi is not ready to give pragya’s place to tanu.

    However,abhi decides to give a one chance to prove himself innonce and he will use efforts to find about tanu’s pregnancy reality.

    It might be happened,abhi finds out the clue to expose tanu on the the weeding day just like he has proved pragya innonece on her and suresh’s weeding day.

    Will abhi able to stop pragya going away from his life?

  15. jeeva

    however abi and pragya will be united, so pls, dont drag the story tooooooo much we are losing our patience and feeling irrik. some times thought of stop watching the episode, really yaar its tooooooooooooo boring to watch all this nonsense. then how can you say that pragya is intelligent girl,because she is not believeing her husband. the story might be if her husband is blamed she must support him and help him to overcome all these instead without any thinking she is blindly supporting tanu, as she knows about her very well. then what is the use of loving each other

  16. Leila

    I can’t believed pragya would go dis far for tanu the witch who always backstab her n wen will they find out the truth behind the kidnapping I guess dat over or wat

  17. selesa

    ekta is dragging because people are really interested in bullshits like here , we all are talking crab n complaining.. congrats ekta u won!!!

  18. selesa

    the more people have the urge to make pragya n abhi unite, the more there will be dragging.. guys it’s bout making money in one episode..
    common guys if u hv watched Pavitra rishta u must be remembering how they ended up the show with all the dramas- unite all in the end all of a sudden n kill someone n unite in heaven..

  19. priya

    Really yaar rmba late aakathenga apuram interest poidum. Oh senthutangala nu irukum. Ipavae serial pakura interest poidechu.

    • Namma evalavu tha sonalum…..director keka mattanga….priya ….ena pandra….wait panni aganummm……kaduputheranga my lord…..

  20. murugan

    thanu 2 months preagnancy…….
    Racha 2.5 years preagnancy….
    nam yellorum nalla komali……

  21. Sunita Pai

    I love Abhi and Pragyas chemistry. Don’t spoil this. Please bring abhi & pragya together

  22. Oru kalacharamae illa pa intha seriala . Oruthi pregnant agi oru varsham illuthaanga ippo enna da na innoruthiyum pregnant aaitita . Mudiyala konjam plz.. Seriala seekirama kootitu ponga. We want some good episodes make it more realistic and interesting. And also pls unite abhi and pragya. Don’t drag the show too much .

  23. krish

    Wait girls. Dere ll b interesting part soon.also in love waiting is always a pleasure. Its true not oly to experience but also to watch.i hope the jealous part of pragya ll b interesting. Story is moving nice so far. Jus watch n njoy.

  24. krish

    Oly thing I pray for in kkb is abhi should not b d father of tanu’s unborn child.somebody say in d comment dat it was not.is dat true?

  25. omg

    toooooooooooo booooooriiiiinnnnggggggg stupid serial…….writer wants to make viewres fooolllll…..kya ab tak rachna nt deliver her baby…what d crap????nd pragya u r sooo dumbooooo…really stupid…i really hate ur stupid character…..u dumbooooo………just kill pragya first…….nd stop dis stupid show nd give some good shows……yeh bhagya nahi abagya he……stupid show…toooo boring****$#$^&*******

  26. kowsi

    Abhi has gone to help Pragya, but the entire family has got shocked by Pragya’s new look. Abhi does makeup to Pragya and makes her look very scary. Dadi gets scared seeing her and Abhi does this intentionally. Pragya gets Tanu in her home and hides her by the dupatta seeing Dadi. Abhi sees Tanu hiding and gives an idea to Pragya that she can sit in scary makeup to get saved from Dadi. Pragya scolds Abhi for this horrible idea. Abhi dances while she scolds him. Dadi gets 1 crore for Abhi’s concert and she asks Pragya to keep it safe. Pragya does not know where to safely keep it, and a new twist follows.

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