Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu running out of car being scared. Ronnie also comes out of car. Aaliya hires a goon to steal Abhi’s music CD and asks him to steal waste/scrap written CD. He agrees. Pragya takes Abhi outside. Abhi says you wanted me to meet someone. Pragya says yes and hopes Ronnie is doing his work well. Pragya touches flowers and Abhi asks her why she is waking up flowers. Pragya says she is making flowers sleep. They argue….Ronnie hires some goons and says Tanu will be shocked seeing multiple goons. Tanu regrets to come out and says she will not be saved today. Pragya wonders why Ronnie haven’t given her any signal. Tanu sees many Ronnie’s there. Abhi says nobody will come here and says he will go inside. Pragya asks him to wait. Tanu shouts seeing many Ronnie’s surrounding

her. Abhi and Pragya hears her. Dadi gets restless and says she will go out and see. Rachna says you can’t go there and asks her to come inside. Pragya thinks she will make Abhi see Tanu’s truth.

Just then Abhi sees a thief sent by Aaliya and goes behind him. Aaliya sees Abhi and goes from there. Pragya thinks she have to ask Ronnie to delay their plan. Tanu gets up and thinks Ronnie is really a ghost as she is seeing 4 Ronnie’s. Ronnie appears infront of her. Tanu tells him to let her go and offers money. Ronnie thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? Pragya comes there and thinks where did Abhi go? She thinks to record the conversation. Ronnie tries to hit her with a rod. Tanu tells him that she is pregnant and says she will tell Abhi that she is betraying him and this child is not his. She promises to tell that the baby is of Nikhil. Pragya records everything and thinks this truth will expose you. Tanu accepts all her crimes and says she is behind Sarla’s kidnapping and accident. Pragya thinks Tanu will lie again. Abhi comes there and says where is Pragya? Just then he sees Tanu there and asks what she is doing here. Tanu cries and says she has gone mad. She says I didn’t know how I came here and acts, without revealing to him about Ronnie.

Aaliya sees Pragya, Rachna and Ronnie. She thinks Nikhil have killed him. She records their conversation. Pragya tells Ronnie that she have recorded Tanu’s confession. Aaliya is shocked. Pragya asks Ronnie to go from there and says Tanu can do anything if she comes to know anything. She asks Ronnie to pack his bags and leave. Rachna says I will make him understand. Aaliya smirks. Abhi asks Tanu to sleep and not to worry. He asks her to think about their future. Tanu thanks him for supporting her and says when you are with me, I feel so safe and get strength. Abhi asks her to call him if she gets bad thoughts. Tanu thinks about Ronnie and gets up from sleep. She asks her to think good, and says if he was a ghost then he would have done something with her. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu picks the call. Aaliya asks her to come to her house and says I got a good stuff which you will like. Tanu agrees. Aaliya smirks.

Abhi comes to room and asks Pragya not to switch on the lights. He says I have seen everything and says I am letting destiny play games with me. He says I am all alone. Pragya says I am with you. Abhi asks her not to trouble him as he is already tensed. He says I am worried about Tanu and says she was crying and asked me to safe her from getting mad. He says he will get mad, as he couldn’t fulfill his promises. He says he want to kill everyone and himself and asks Pragya to sleep if she don’t want him to kill her. She thinks I will talk to him in the morning, and says your problems will be solved. She says you will get your love and I will get you, and this life will look beautiful.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Nikhil have killed Ronnie with knife and then pushed him from the cliff. Aaliya shows her video to make her believe (Now Tanu and Nikhil will kill Ronnie, sad)

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m sick and tired of watching diz stupid and nonsense film

  2. aiyoo feel like crying alrdy cried a lot after updates no mood for anything i think u fans all gather n go to the shooting spot n protest endtanutrack i m in malaysia if i can go there n gather as many fans i wil do it u mean thy dont give a damm for their fans every time tanu going to b exposed but never like donno what to say just to make us happy pls they say all kind of crabbbbbbbbbbb feel like jumping and shouting pls endtanutrackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  3. I’m gonna quit watching this show such a nonsense show I hav ever seen in my life

  4. What The Hell. I Never Seen This Much Of Idiotic Story& Serial. Go To Hell.

  5. Writers plss wake up……stop this nonesense….

  6. How long you will drag, Such a worst serial getting dragged nothing else .

  7. Please make a happy unity soon with praghya and Abhi or just end the serial like other channels are doing when they cant make the serial towards the audience mind, After long time watching this thought would have good episode still in the same where you just stood in August

  8. I hate this story line plz jst kill Tanu

  9. For god sake, stop this nonsense serial

  10. pratiksha sahithi and shobana…. u guys are telling next will be the marriage function….. and many of the twists and turns happened in mehra house functions only….
    but this time how tabhis marriage will rake place….. logically it cant be happend right… dadi rakshana aakash all knw the truth and though function talk is taking place who ll organisze?? aakash will not do that…. and moreover how will be the atmosphere if function gonna take place??? logically it cant…. but kkb writers doing irritating things so in this also they may do some irritating screen play…

    may be prgaya intentionally agree fr marriage… so that she can get some time to expose evn at the last minute…. whn she fails sarla ji finishes…. will the track be like this??
    how you Guys telling next will be the marriage function …. juz calrify me???

    1. I am not guessing about marriage. In fact I never want preparation for Abhi Tanu marriage.

      I feel Pragya will not, and should not bring it till marriage and witness it. If by any chance show reaches till that point, I would rather want her to give back property back to Abhi, tell the truth, take her mom n make a decent exit from MM. Afterall she did all she could in attempt to save her husband by not telling him truth. When she cant succeed, more sensible option is to tell him the truth n let him act on it.

      If she arranges for marriage how will she get time to expose Tanu. All options r already tried n failed right. Now Tanu will rather die or kill but wont take Nikhil name from her mouth.

      If Pragya goes back to Fuggy getup n gives back property n tell truth, if Abhi still wants to marry Tanu then there is no point in trying to force to be Abhi’s wife or boss. Not worth it.

      1. That’s the point sahithi
        Pragya won’t get time to expose tanu. For that sake only sarla ma is der she is improving now and she will expose them at the last minute
        And do u remember one thing before sarla ma goes to unconscious she gave pragya’s hand in abhi’s hand
        Already this confusion was in abhi’s mind so if sarla ma speaks he may connect it and believe at the last moment

        This is what I think it can be wrong bt this is only on in my mind
        And there are more chances to happen as you said it can also happen because pragya said if her last attempt fails she will tell everything to abhi and leave MM with her ma
        So there r more chances to happen like this also

  11. Worstttt!!! The writer is testing our patience…. Wil never even read the updates of kumkum Bhagya.. God bye to this bullshit serial…

  12. So much dragging.i just want ahigya’s union

  13. New segment update-
    Pragya tries to show video footage to abhi in the morning by connecting it from TV. Just then tanu enters and takes abhi out with her. Then in next clip, oragya waits for abhi as abhi goes to fresh up in changing room. Tanu comes and picks pragya’s phone which was connected with TV set. Pragya sees it and vastly snatches her phone from tanu. Tanu makes excuse that she wants to do a phone call as her phone is not working. Pragya refuses to give her phone. They starts arguing and fights with each other on phone. Abhi comes out from changing room and tries to solve the matter but gets fail. Abhi gets tired and irritated from their fights and goes from the room in anger. Reporter says that tanu have a doubt that something in pragya’s phone against her that’s why she tries to take it by excuses. Reporter says now let’s see how will pragya show that recording to abhi.

    1. Vch means ths plan also going 2 fail,

    2. NEW TWIST (SBS video): Pragya gets a call from Bulbul and goes to meet her at the mandir. It’s all dark and Pragya hugs Bulbul. When they break the hug and Pragya sees the face of the girl, it turns out to be Tanu . Tanu has called Pragya at the temple to threaten her to not try and bring her truth out in front of Abhi. Otherwise, the consequences will be worse

      Reporter mentions that how will Tanu eventually be exposed & whether Pragya will succeed in showing Abhi the video is the main suspense of Kumkum Bhagya.

      Offscreen moment: There is one dialogue of Shabir before the scene ends – Every time he delivers his lines…him Sriti and Leena burst out laughing

      Offscreen INT, Sriti and Leena: Sriti says how it is not a cat fight and there much more shouting and scratching in a cat fight Leena shares she is negative and Sriti is positive so they cannot be friends onscreen & all this keeps on happening between them. Sriti says they keep on hiding stuff on their show from each other and even here she wants to show Abhi something but she cannot because of Tanu.

      1. by this one thing is clear…. tanu is not trying to expose pragya…. so she o ly threatens pragya not to tell abhi…. but tanu is not going to deal anythng with abhi.. that is good

        it ll be good not to involve senseless abhi… coz he may support tanu.. so its better not to involve him and two girls can do their part… so nice segment

      2. Pratiksha is tht a new promo or segment?

    3. I didnt watch the segment video yet, but what is the discussion between Tanu n Aaliya after Tanu sees that video recording from Aaliya, that we dont know yet right. So we have to wait for tonight episode.

      And how come Pragya believe someone calling as Bulbul and why did Tanu use Bulbul name. Both believe Bulbul is alive?

    4. This new twist is seems new promo shoot. Our guess is right sahithi. Now game is going to b change and Tanu is going to threaten pragya. But whom she will use as weapon to target pragya, it is left to see. Now I think this will lead us to the climax of the track now. And may b we will see tabhi’s marriage sequence for it as I said na that it is kkb’s tradition that most climax happens usually on the wedding functions and in other festive occasions.

      1. Options are Sarla or Ronnie. Or to bring more twist, if Pragya is getting Bulbul treated somewhere which Tanu/Nikhil/Aaliya finds out then Bulbul will be used for threatening.

      2. Bt they can’t identify bulbul right
        Because her face is fully damaged and even she cant speak then how will they indentify as bulbul

        It is difficult for them to identify bulbul as she might have done plastic surgery

        I think if they take some other name means pragya will get alert so tanu and co might have chose bulbul it’s like an emotional blackmail

  14. Y so dragging? When will she get exposed?

  15. its a boring subjects how many days we have to bear it and how many years we have to wait to reveal the truth of tanu. I think it can be reveal after tanu’s baby becomes a citizen of India.

  16. Pratiksha have u watched today’s episode?

  17. Ithellam rombah over…

  18. The wwoorrrrssstttttttt show …… Writers don’t know what to bee written they are writing some bullshit ..I hate this serial .. Do they feel v fans are mad to see this shit …. Always unsuccessful plans…. From today I am not gonna see this show .. Bye.. Kkb fans..but love u purab

  19. Ok guys after all your views i conclude the twist is definitely Pragya will fail and some how will also come under Tanus plan of not to share anything with Abhi….. tanu marriage will take place but during pehras pragyas mom will of speaking will start and she will stop them by telling them truth…

    This is the end of track i guess one more month dragging is involved :)) so paitence and watch the show after one month :))

  20. please one request don’t watch the wrost and draggging kkb serial or we all in mental hospital ……….. KINDLY …………………

  21. guys yesterday tamil la tanu and nikil scence all of cut i think ivangala katta kutu tv karangalukku pittikka naikkaren..

  22. Guys one more twist… Tanu called pragya as bulbul…. To meet at temple…. Nikhil and tanu threaten pragya

  23. Now a days the comments count I’d high…again the TRP will come to number 1. I thing the new twist is surely about Bulbul’s entry..There is much possibility for that. They are turning the story line…what a CV’s…both Pragya’s team and Tanu’s team knows each other now. Now this is getting really a story line of crime story. Let’s watch what are the twists they can bring in one serial…

  24. stupid and draggng serial ever i just hate KKB and abhi toooooooooo much………..

  25. At one time this was my one and only favorite serial…… Now it had gone bullshit bcos of MENTAL WRITER…… Pls could someone help me to kill the writer……..

  26. yes SN you r right.yesterday in tamil kkb they just cut the scene.when pragya comes from stairs abhi will be mesmerized by pragya they just cut the scene.now a days kkb is too boring in hindi.they r dragging in hindi.now a days i just like to see kkb only in tamil.this interest will be there only upto pragya’s fuggi avatar.

  27. kya hai bakwas dimak kharab hora aur kitne din chalayenge tanu pregnancy trak ko we hate this trak bohot hogaya end this track soon we cant tolerate

  28. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Arrey abhi sudar jao aur ytsnu ko chod dho who is a cheater n fooling you uska pate me jo bacha hai ho thumara nahi hai nikil ka hai n for that you are feeling guilty, tanu is making fool of you for yr money only n praghya is helping only to come out of the greedy n selfish tanu abhi be alret n be with praghya who is very good person by mind n soul if abhi u atr good be with praghya n help her to bring tanus truth before you.

  29. Stupid stupid …I hate this..

  30. Bring Bulbul back..

  31. The guy playing Ronnie posted on IG that he is no longer part of this show.

    Either he is being replaced or Nikhil gonna end him

  32. For god shake and for all the viewers plz let the truth of tanu reveal to everyone.

  33. Plzzzzzzzzzzz bring old bulbul back

  34. Seriously guys…it’s high time same old….twists….going round round and tanu winning…..tired…of reading even written update…forget about watching it on air…

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