Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu running out of car being scared. Ronnie also comes out of car. Aaliya hires a goon to steal Abhi’s music CD and asks him to steal waste/scrap written CD. He agrees. Pragya takes Abhi outside. Abhi says you wanted me to meet someone. Pragya says yes and hopes Ronnie is doing his work well. Pragya touches flowers and Abhi asks her why she is waking up flowers. Pragya says she is making flowers sleep. They argue….Ronnie hires some goons and says Tanu will be shocked seeing multiple goons. Tanu regrets to come out and says she will not be saved today. Pragya wonders why Ronnie haven’t given her any signal. Tanu sees many Ronnie’s there. Abhi says nobody will come here and says he will go inside. Pragya asks him to wait. Tanu shouts seeing many Ronnie’s surrounding

her. Abhi and Pragya hears her. Dadi gets restless and says she will go out and see. Rachna says you can’t go there and asks her to come inside. Pragya thinks she will make Abhi see Tanu’s truth.

Just then Abhi sees a thief sent by Aaliya and goes behind him. Aaliya sees Abhi and goes from there. Pragya thinks she have to ask Ronnie to delay their plan. Tanu gets up and thinks Ronnie is really a ghost as she is seeing 4 Ronnie’s. Ronnie appears infront of her. Tanu tells him to let her go and offers money. Ronnie thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? Pragya comes there and thinks where did Abhi go? She thinks to record the conversation. Ronnie tries to hit her with a rod. Tanu tells him that she is pregnant and says she will tell Abhi that she is betraying him and this child is not his. She promises to tell that the baby is of Nikhil. Pragya records everything and thinks this truth will expose you. Tanu accepts all her crimes and says she is behind Sarla’s kidnapping and accident. Pragya thinks Tanu will lie again. Abhi comes there and says where is Pragya? Just then he sees Tanu there and asks what she is doing here. Tanu cries and says she has gone mad. She says I didn’t know how I came here and acts, without revealing to him about Ronnie.

Aaliya sees Pragya, Rachna and Ronnie. She thinks Nikhil have killed him. She records their conversation. Pragya tells Ronnie that she have recorded Tanu’s confession. Aaliya is shocked. Pragya asks Ronnie to go from there and says Tanu can do anything if she comes to know anything. She asks Ronnie to pack his bags and leave. Rachna says I will make him understand. Aaliya smirks. Abhi asks Tanu to sleep and not to worry. He asks her to think about their future. Tanu thanks him for supporting her and says when you are with me, I feel so safe and get strength. Abhi asks her to call him if she gets bad thoughts. Tanu thinks about Ronnie and gets up from sleep. She asks her to think good, and says if he was a ghost then he would have done something with her. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu picks the call. Aaliya asks her to come to her house and says I got a good stuff which you will like. Tanu agrees. Aaliya smirks.

Abhi comes to room and asks Pragya not to switch on the lights. He says I have seen everything and says I am letting destiny play games with me. He says I am all alone. Pragya says I am with you. Abhi asks her not to trouble him as he is already tensed. He says I am worried about Tanu and says she was crying and asked me to safe her from getting mad. He says he will get mad, as he couldn’t fulfill his promises. He says he want to kill everyone and himself and asks Pragya to sleep if she don’t want him to kill her. She thinks I will talk to him in the morning, and says your problems will be solved. She says you will get your love and I will get you, and this life will look beautiful.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Nikhil have killed Ronnie with knife and then pushed him from the cliff. Aaliya shows her video to make her believe (Now Tanu and Nikhil will kill Ronnie, sad)

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pragya got proof then why this?????I have some questions.. Leads are sriti and shabbir only?? But I think tanu and nikhil are ne w leads becoz their dress and make up look like leads and pragya dress and all look like low class people

    • sania

      I agree with u ND when I was reading the update ND came to know about the proofs pragya got I immediately thought that the writers will not leave it simple nd by further reading I proved myself true!!!!!!
      These moron writers have to make everything complicated nd that b*t*h aaliya she must go to hell………..
      We should act upon what dicta said nd we should boycott this serial

  2. Aqua

    i knew it! pragya’s plan will fail!:@ i hate the writers! now i dont care abt the abhigya reunion.

  3. shree

    Another flop idea and this will not be end yar… it’s more dragging I like pragya take the decision to leave mm with her mom… it’s only solution for this

  4. Brintha

    As I was guessing Ronnie will b exposed… omg…and today abhi is not ready to listen pragya…but tomorrow he will be ready to listen tanu.. this is the limit…today i am stopping… the day tanu exposed I will come back…bye guys…

  5. ayooooo rama wat the hell is this yaar nw wat use of using this ghost drama another flop nw either tanu vil dlt the video or she may tell tht she blabbered all tht in fear so blames pragya and as usual abhi believes tanu fumes on pragya ohhhhhhh god frm today if I read this update also I vil consider my self as mental nd war is this aliyas problem yaar ohhhhhhh god cant bear this any more instead pragya shld hv another copy of tht confession by sending to purab rachna dadi etc of her gang bt CVS nvr use brains thn how cme they vil use their phones

  6. Sahithi

    Thanks to writers for proving my guess right once again. Aaliya is forever her evil persona, helping Tanu again n even with proof in hand Pragya postpones showing it till next morning. Oh yes for seeing proof Abhi should b in fun mood.

    • Nithi

      Well said sahithi…
      watever, dumps pragya team again proved tat they r not using brain.
      Abhi prooved tat he is always want to be puppet fr tanu. ..
      writers prooved tat always they make us fool to watching this crap….
      Better sarala maa herself leave mm as pragya is bysy in searching proof for tanu exposure n making Abhi to so close with tanu to take care of d child

      Plźzzzzzzz stop this nonsense…….

    • No sahithi this is wrong decision of pragya to show recording abhi in the morning. Now I m damn sure that after getting to know pragya’s truth that she knows everything, tanu will never let her expose her in front of abhi. Before it, she will create some big drama and game will get turn in tanu’s favour and against pragya. And like this, pragya will get defeated once again but this defeat will b last defeat of pragya and last victory of tanu, I think as now we will see tanu’s exposure finally. But before it, we have to go through most torchrous episodes.

      • stepphyrao

        Well…Pratiksha. ..cant Pragya just MMs it on a pte number to Abhi & let him watch it for himself. N let him decide for himself who is telling the truth. We were all under the impression that Dadi had put a doubt in Abhis mind abt the baby in the drunk episode. I thought something wld develop there. But that turned out to be a wasted scene or perhaps they may show some relevance much later… (may be next year) as Tanus truth catches up with her with

  7. anne

    kill everyone n find 4 proof after everybody die only truth wil come out n tanu child wil grow in her stomach nothing to comment i think v wil b mad

  8. Nandu

    Welcome to one more crap epi of the decade ….!!!!o v frgt abhigya are jst craps for CVS n aliya tanu r deviss for them!!! Nw aliya tanu n nikil vl try to erase n vl B successful in del video frm pragyas phone..n they vl play aliya recorded video n abhi vl throw pragya successfully out of house r he vl cmplmt police this tym!! Fr tourturng tanu!!..diz srl is getting on my nerves

  9. wat is his problem he use to hv patience to fight bt he vil nvr hv patience to accept the truth stupid character of abhi fed up of this nonsense guys do aliya know abt pragya recording??? plzzz some one clear it

  10. mallu

    arey yaar why pragya is not using the science and technology like dna test etc..
    till how many years tanu be pregnant without delivering a child.
    disgusting serial of the world and the bubblegum story.
    i’ll stop watching and reading this idiotic serial and fromm i’ll replace this serial with vishkanya

    • shilpa

      Hey friend…if she uses DNA test..then everything will b ok and tanu will b exposed….thats the reason why she is not doing the that..she consider herself as a bujii..so funny n pity and at last…..kumkum bhagya….congratz…u made me hate u

  11. Nikitha M Dingreja

    Ronnie should survive Tanus truth should be exposed. The surprise should be that pragyan is pregnant with Abhis child.

  12. shavi

    stupid idiotic show.. now no patience to read written updates itself.. already stopped watching d show.. if its go like this should stop reading updates too. this will end same as MATSH SERIAL bcos ishveer got so many fans bt due to poor storyline the serial ended.. likewise abhigya got many fans bt storyline is such a nonsense …. hating kkb

  13. neha

    That’s it……from now onwards I’m not going to watch this nonsense anymore…enough is enough always negativity wins and positivity losses…. So bye bye to kumkum bhagya……they’re dragging the show….almost 7mnths passed and pragya is not accomplished her mission and day by day its becoming boring…..and abhi is looking a big big fool and dumb, tanu aaliya knows the secret of pragya now but still abhi can’t realise that pragya is his old fuggi, chashmish only….so sad……now I can’t tolerate this show….so bye…kkb….

  14. EKTA KAPOOR 'enemy

    Congratulations guys as i came to know that this time Kumkum bhagya is going to get neither best jodi award, best story award nor any other awards because this time it is going to get the balti award ???? and the kela award ????????? i am extremely happy with that atleast Ekta will get what she deserves ?????

  15. susi

    S me too gonna boycott the show. How come aliya alone know the truth?. Stupid writers. Not gonna watch kkb further. Ever dragging ?

  16. Sona

    Great effort by the director n writer of the kumkum bhagya to expose pragya in front of tanu with help of aliya. Wow really appreciating. Aliya want to stole the music cd at same time when pragya really going to expose tanu, wow director n writer great script n show. Director n writer use aliya for not exposing tanu n nikhil in front of everyone. This is last episode of kumkum bhagya . can’t tolerate it anymore

  17. Nandu

    Yeh kumkum bhagya nahi…viewrs abhagya hai iss srl hum dekh Rahi hai..ya follow kar Rahi hai ..abhi bhii

  18. Wow atleast someone is exposed instead of noone atleast pragya’s team is exposed with the proof tanu will try to drstry it
    So proof gone then guys remember tanu destroyed the proof of mms similarly destroy the proof of this also… so definitely marriage will also take place because cvs has been repeating the same scenes. …….crap

  19. stepphyrao

    O my gdness! !!! Seriously!! Absolutely silly& nonsensical! How can this script be so bizarr!!
    This track is so stuck in the mud with tanus pregnancy crap that even reading the updates is absolutely painful.
    Abhi is really getting me on my nerves & pragya is losing it. How can the writers do this to the main characters. Its so dense n illogical. Terribly disappointing.
    Shabbir actually mentioned that there wil be lots of twist in KKB in 2016. If this is wat u call a twist in a storyline we the audience must be losing it to continue watching it esp after todays episode. ONE SHOT & ALIYA GETS TO RECORD PRAGYAS CONVO. CERTAINLY DONT WANA SEE
    Wat a terrible disappointment & absolute waste of time. Definitely gona stop

  20. Juhu

    I dont that all are about to record well and show it to the right persons they want except pragya … abhi (the hero ) dont know anything i dont understand why they are dragging so much

  21. Maggie

    I’m happy, at least some movement
    Tanu can’t show this video to Abhi, but she knows Pragya knows her truth so she will kidnap Pragya n again Abhi will go to find her
    Abhigya fall in love all over again
    Happy ending
    CVS I love you people

    • Sahithi

      Maggie I like ur positivity but I am guessing it a bit diff. Tanu came to know about Ronnie truth this night itself as she meets Aaliya immediately. She will reach out to Nikhil at night only, n Nikhil will kidnap Ronnie.

      Looking at video shown by Aaliya,for Tanu it is clear Pragya knows Tanu baby truth but she is not telling Abhi directly n trying to gather proofs. But as of now Tanu is not aware that Pragya recorded her confession.
      So Nikhil may threaten Pragya to shut up or else will kill Ronnie. That’s why pragya was saying last to Ronnie that she is concerned for his safety.It may b like they will hold up Ronnie till Pragya agrees for divorce n get Abhi Tanu married.

      Because from the video it is clear Pragya, Rachna also know truth. So how many ppl will Nikhil try to kill. So Ronnie will now b Pragya’s weakness n Tanu strength. Killing him won’t help, using him to manipulate Pragya will.

      But team Pragya still have chance as divorce already happened, so any attempt to try divorce again, Abhi will know Pragya’s truth. Let us see, fingers crossed.

  22. This was today’s episode guys that pragya got recording but unfortunately aaliya sees all this and informs tanu. Pragya tries to show recording to abhi but not show becoz of bad mood of him. Now guys I can easily tell u what will happen after this? Now tanu and nikhil with aliya gets to know about pragya that this whole plan was her and she knows everything. Now if pragya will show recording to abhi then tanu will manipulate abhi against pragya that pragya did purposely all this to stop their marriage. Pragya planned to scare tanu by Ronnie’s ghost drama so that they could prove her guilty, wrong and mad and they could throw her out from abhi’s life. She may tell this that pragya and ronnie forced her to tell all these things by threatening her. Except this, after getting to know pragya’s truth, tanu will do something by which game will get turn completely in tanu’s favour, before pragya show recording to abhi. I don’t think so pragya will b able to show recording to abhi. Before it, tanu will make abhi totally against pragya. He will get mad on her, which leads to tabhi marriage. I think now this will take the track to the climax and climax will happen by sarla maa and with abhi together. Becoz if pragya will show recording to abhi then also he will not believe on her or if she will try to show that recording to abhi then he will not b ready to see it becoz of tanu’s manipulation. And like this, pragya will lost her all opportunities to expose tanu as tanu gets to know about pragya’s truth so she will never let her expose her. So guys i think recording is also going to waste. Now pragya’s one and only hope will b sarla maa and she will b the one who will expose tanu and nikhil at the end. That’s why she is recovering slowly- slowly. Becoz after removing all the hurdles of their way, takhil will not b bother about sarla maa so much. Tanu will make abhi ready for marriage after making him against pragya completely after this incidence. So on marriage day, I think tanu will get exposed by sarla maa miraculously becoz ekta’s most of the show’s and kkb’s most of revelations, twists and exposures happens only in wedding functions or in other occasions. So I guessed it. Guys I suggests not to watch the show from tomorrow as most of u can’t see pragya’s failure and tanu’s victory and abhi’s madly anger on pragya. I will not watch kkb in this whole week, not even by mistake also. It will b so much torcherous.

    • gowtham

      yeah pratiksha…. its gonna be a failure but as u said… it ll lead the climax which is the marriage…. and finally sarla will clear the misery…
      may be… abhi comes to know about tanu through sarla b4 itself….. on marriage day she ll ask pragya to marry him… they may do somethng lik this..to build up the curiosity .

      bcoz as fr abhi nthng is going good fr his portrayal… so may be writers will plan something like that…

      anyways onethng is fr sure…. nw villain also comes to knw about pragya and co…. so this is the very good sign that its going and nearing the fianle of this stupid track…. bcoz though tdays episode i dnt like… kind of heat it produces today it good… so we are nearing the finale since all knw about all….. i dnt knw i am kind of feeling positive only…. bcoz now tanu also comes to know about pragya… so next it must be a finale…. so i am hoping for the best actually….

    • V

      So no need to watch the show till we get a positive spoiler… as we can predict the story for next two weeks…. highly disappointed with the track… no other serial never disappointed this much… ever and never…. disgusting….

    • Brintha

      100 % perfect guess…thank u dear…today most of us are out of the show..I don’t know ppl wil HV strength to read the comments here.. so guys we make understand the CVS that if they irritate fans they will run away…and fans are not here to see the shit… me join after Tamil new year….see u guys bye..take care..

    • Or else guys may b tanu will steal pragya’s phone and delete that recording. It can also happen. And when pragya will go to show it to abhi then there will b no recording. And as tanu will get to know about pragya’s plan and truth that she knows everything so from now she will never let pragya expose her and in fact she will do something big, by which game will turn into her favour. These r my guesses. Let’s see what will happen exactly but I m damn sure pragya will again gets fail coz tanu will get aware from her truth and moves becoz of her that evil best friend aaliya.

    • shobana

      Exactly prathiksha
      This is what going in my mind too
      At the last moment of tanu and abhi’s marriage sarla ma will expose tanu and Nikhil . Because from the beginning of this show they are showing in a function some truth will come out or some problem will happen

      But if abhi goes against pragya at least dadi can open her mouth and tell that tanu is telling lie . Nowadays dadi has become a new villain for abhigaya . If dadi didn’t support pragya this time I consider her as only villain

      And I’ve one doubt according to abhi
      if pragya gives divorce only abhi can marry tanu right . So will there be again divorce drama ???

      Really loosing interest day by day to watch this show

    • Aishwarya

      Well said prathiksh now onwards i m also not gng to watch this kkb till end of dis tanu already exams are gng for though i m bothering about dis serial now enough is enough nxt yr i m gng to write board exams so i ve to bother only abt tat now aliya again proofs that she is back now she will help for d victory of takhil n seperation of abhigya pragya was always a mad she alwaz postpone things tomorrow in tat space evils will plan watever they wanttoday also she n aliya proved tat pragya didnt show d video but aliya ask her come in midnight n shows it tanu becoz aliya knows d value of time but pragya dont bother abt it n abhi he always believe tanu though he loves her or not but nowadays saw abhi he looks like tat he loves tanus not his fuggy becoz love doesnt need proofs so tanu not need any but pragya needs it abhii u marry tanu pragya u leave mm n marry a better man may be suresh he may also change like pragya na so he will be nice guy tabhii happy married life

    • stepphyrao

      Totally agree with you Pratiksha. U hit the nail on the head. Abhis irritating torture of Pragya will start. He will believe Tanu. Cvs have made Aliya sooo evil as his sister. Its so painful to see a sister treat a brother who has been there for her all the way.
      Cvs hav also made Abhi bear so many lies frm the people who are dear to him because Abhi wants prove for every damn thing & that has made his character so
      Maggie too has a point. The track will move now in Tanus favour of course to create excitement in the audience. Will it create an excitement for the audience? ?? I m not sure & truly dont kno.
      But personally. …this has killed my enthusiasm for the show. Until Tanu is got rid off i cant watch this anymore. If she ends up marrying Abhi…all the more i wil stop watching fir sure.

  23. This is a crap story and always evil wins, and the lead actors will be April Fool in every episode, these useless writer and director underclass fellows are making all viewers invaluable time go in vain (time waste).
    I decide to unfollow this bakwas serial.
    I think Finally director & writer will make Abhi and Pragya selling tea in bustands for 50 paise and lead the life for another 10000 episodes …… Looks like To that level these fools will drag the leads…. there is No minimum logic in the story … What is the police commissioner is doing?? why not Pragya simply handover the case to commisioner by telling all the facts. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 …. we are dumb fools watching this useless serial … WASTE of TIME … Please do not waste your valuable time …..

  24. trisha

    Is there an award for the longest dragging storyline? Is that why kkb doesn’t wanna end tanu’s pregnancy track? I think kkb might reach their 1000th episode and Abhi will still think hes the father of tanu’s baby ???

  25. Bansari

    Dragging the show….slowest serial ever seen…hating it…It’s My final Bye to this serial…greedy people jus keeping dragging fr money…dey dun hv nythng to show…faltu..bye

  26. susi

    Wt the writers want actually. Y this much of dragging? Hate watching kkb. Will watch only after tanus exposure. Having that much of tension. Good bye to kkb, not even ready to read updates hereafter. Oh ! God

  27. S jayanthi

    I have never seen such a worst dragging daily soap.zee TV is losing viewers because of this dragggggggging story.

  28. kim

    i hate this dragging why dont u ppl shut this down and get some sleep and get colllect some comman sense by morning i watch this everyday with a hope but i am hating you people now and please when you woke up tmw morning see urself as audiance and not as boring writer

  29. Gracy

    Pragya’s video will surely be deleted by someone.. Wat a story rae. Marana mokka.. Marave matanungla..

  30. unknown

    bye kkb till tanu is out of mm…….otherwise,whole kkb team the same fate of MATSH is waiting for you also………becoz starplus channel wont allow these kind of dragging,only zee and colours have this nonsense shows……..so tata byeeeee…………..rip

  31. susi

    S rite pratiksha hate kkb that much. At least by now dadi can help pragya since purab out of station. Lets all unite abhi& tanu. Abhi deserves only tanu since he got divorce from fuggi na. Let pragya marry purab and put an end to KKB.

  32. Shah

    Serial title is kumkum bhagya. But there is no kumkum no bhaghya now. The current storyline is getting on my nerves. Once a diehard fan but just reading updates now. Hat’s off to you director and producer for this wonderful job. I think its time for me to take a break from current track of kb bcoz they dont give brake to this track. Thanks hasan, prathiksha and others who shares updates and kb news. See u guys after this track get over. God save us.!!!!!!!!

  33. &&&&&

    No1 flop serial of zee tv ,plzzz band karo ye serial ,guys dekhna hai to tashan e ishq dekho kkb is a shit bakwas serial,i thnk tanu writer ko riswt di hai ki wo kabhi xpozz na ho…

  34. &&&&&

    Tanu will xpozz only when hr baby will grw up n tht baby jst look lyk nikhil, thn i think abhi realise the truth

  35. "Revelation "

    I AGREE WITH YOU A ZILLION PER CENT PRATIKSHA! !!! EVERYONE SHLD REALLY STOP WATCHING ESP THIS WEEK. ACTUALLY PRAGYA HAS BEEN FAILING ALL THE TIME. Thats how the script has been going. I am so confused abt Raj. He knows abt Tanu & Nikhil. Hes protecting Aliya more than Abhi. He said he will protect Abhi. This part of Raj is not dealt with at all. Cvs leave the part of Rajs involvement hanging. Jus like Purvi who was taken out of the show with some senseless admittance from her that she kidnapped Pragya for money & jealously. So bizar.
    The part that is really annoying is ABHISHEK’S character. They have made him so dense, cruel to Pragya & so…gosh i hate to say this but really DUMB!!
    Jus want Mogambo back to Fuggie. N Pragya to outstead Takhil as Fuggie. Definitely not watching until this BS Tanu track gets rocketed outof this planet. Enough is Enough !!! God can u pls do something abt Ekta n her KKB team. Pls God…

  36. luckshana

    Totally Waste serial. The story line s very irritating with tanu.pls expose pragya and pragya leave with ur mom from abi s house.abi can marry tanu and pls end up the serial.

  37. Naveen

    It will record of all the Torrow tan delete the Pragya video from phone now it will dragging Pragya will get out from the abhi life Torrow .it was getting waste of writters

  38. priyanka

    Ayyo mudiyala …pls 2 episod kulla tanuva ecpose pannitinka illaina intha serial a idhoda muduchurunka…iduku mela pakka mudiyala..abhi sariyana loosu.eppa pathalum tanu va pathiye kavala paturan ..nalaki pragya ella unmayayum abhikita solli avan avala yethukitu seekiram intha dramava mudinka idhuku mela ilukkathinka pls….

  39. Magesvary

    It is really going crap..rubbish…Pragya can easily install hidden camera in sarlas room and things will be clear…simple as that….but its not..dragging…dragging and keep on dragging….why is that always tanu,aliya and nikhil can escape?better give the main role to nikhil…he is smarter than abhi…abhi is not fit in the main role..both pragya and abhi used to be the favourite love birds but now like some idiots…

  40. Shah

    Feeling sorry for the actors who tolerate this life taking storyline.

    Whether abhi listen to his heart or his fuggy or they( director , writer, producer) listens our comments, the only good thing happening Is some of us started to listen to our heart ie. Stop watching kkb till tanu exposure.

    Kumkum bhagya revived and we get relieved only when tanu get revealed.$

  41. Amy

    Rather than waiting for pragya to expose Tanu, we should wait for Tanu and abhis marriage coz it will happen faster than revealing tanus truth… Keep going writters for dragging the serial beyond its limit.

  42. Sri

    Ridiculous…… Really hell…..why such idiotic dragging…. After proof with pragya…..better shut the aerial…. Atleat fans will be out of tension….

  43. Priya

    What da hell ! Guys sorry for this vulgarity. Its enough nw, thaa am fed with this noncense, always the same, the track always turn on antoginist’s favor ?? this is really a foolish serial, am big fan of KKB but now its becoming really irritating!! Really Ekta kapoor lift ur intelligence level , nd for kind information ur losing lots of fans??? so please stop this crap nd make the storyline more absorbing !
    Pratisksha i really agree with ua comment, what u’ve told its gonna happen fo sure ?

  44. Priya

    I love Shabir’s role but now he is becoming so DOPEY, am very disapointed with his role! DUMB DUMB DUMBEST charecter but i still love him ?
    please Ekta kapor show us the old ROCKSTAR we want him back in action

  45. Writers I have one doubt is abhi is male lead in this serial…every time evil persons will win…and abhi should search the person who is responsible for sarla ma ka position.. But he don’t.. What stupid serial….he don’t even think properly… Which is true..who are betraying him ..plz don’t hurt fans of kkb
    Already the ratings are became less…if it continues like this then no ratings for kkb

  46. hani

    Idiot writers if I see you means I swear I will kill you for sure you are making us mental by this and ekta mam pls change the writers

  47. Bujji

    Why this total stupid story….! Now a days Telugu serials are much better than this serial.writers if u dnt hv any wrk dnt write this type of idiotic stories..maintain some emotions of actors as well as viewers also..if it’s a small story also we won’t hurt.infact we will miss a lot and remember it life tme..bt this type of idiotic story if u write see the viewers hatredness of this show…if u dnt hv any idea pls dnt prolong it..finish it..we won’t bother..instead of that still u r prolonging no one will watch the show..atleast no one will read the update atleast..this is such a disgusting and dragging idiotic show..chi…waste of thinking also…iam v.big fan of this show actually…bt iam fed up with this waste story..no twists ..no victories…no happiness…only we will feel that we are watching waste story for tmepass…nothing interest is there in this show now a days…only kidnapping betraying others, fighting, discussing to get proofs…always thinking about the proofs..dnt hv sense…pragya is his love..he can’t accept what she is telling….worst worst worst…………..

    This worst will end after the exposure of tanu evil worst pregnancy story…that waste fellows Nikhil and abhi go , eat and sleep simply..shameless fellow@ Nikhil that stupid tanu is carrying his baby and he wants to slap her to teach a lesson instead of that giving support to her in all her criminal activities..bakwas fellow…he is number 1 waste candidate he dnt deserve either love and also fathername shit…and then worst abhi..having tme to always fight with mental lady pragya.dnt hv tme to analyse what’s going on in his house…abbabbaaabba such a stupid story I never saw in my life……see u all…..after tanu evil exposure

  48. Frustrated

    Everyone, please boycott the show. Why is everyone wasting their precious time after a stupid show like this. There is a limit to dragging and showing that the evil wins!!! The writers and producers lack intelligence.

  49. hani

    Better abhi marry tanu , nikhil marry aliyah and pragya marry purab :p and after few years abhi will see the baby’s face resemble like nikhil and doubt on him or while abhi is ready to marry tanu that time aliyah will destroy abhi’s career and tanu leave him and abhi will know the true colors of tanu

    Hey dadi can’t you keep quiet because of you all these dramas

  50. shabana.

    start hating ths KKB its very dragging now and let me consider this is an flop show….but always i will see ths serial only for my abhi…..but today he has become mad because he was not listening to pragya…..now my fav serial had becoming flop day by day now just two days time for KKB if tanu’s truth will not revele i’m gonna stop watching this serial. now i think ekta is taking revenge on KKB fans…… just irritating…..OMG……

  51. i totally agree wid u suraj…its really waste of tym…they think v r fools watching for hours and reading the updates every nite…! directors go to hell….now shabbir and srithi shud also not accept to act these stupid things….dont they get bored doing the similar episodes daily…..and abhi never smiles these days…..wonder how they act !….actually they r half mad …….and the directors surely hv some mental disorder….and memory loss…thatzzz why he shoots the same scenes…..and that house is a mental hospital

  52. sharal

    Maaaan not again.. Same old crap
    Now Mrs so called Pragya is back to square one..
    I think it’s best for Tanu to marry her lover n let Pragya leave this role n move on…
    There is absolutely no end to this serial.. Boring ….
    There was some hope till now, not anymore..
    Kkb u need to seriously think about other people who are watching this same shit for so long..

  53. hritik

    what d hell are they doing. dragging dragging n dragging only. stupidity at its best. i have started hating this serial now.. totally irritated with the dragging.

  54. i’ll just wait till april fools day …..will read the episodes till that day to check whether they r fooling us by dragging….bcuz i cant believe kkb writers, who used to make such gud episodes r lyk dis….
    i think pragya and team will make a fool of alia and tanu dat day by making them believe dat they hv deleted the video but will xpose tanu …anything cud happen !! so guys i think v shud wait atleast till dat day….worth waiting just for the poor actors!

  55. dolana

    Madame Ekta Kapoor kindly stop irritating people n kindly quit this line… ur stories have no heads n no tails… never ending conspiracies no reality full of fictions n anti social dramas… kindly stop corrupting the minds of people ..

  56. Wat a match Hani..evry1 will get a partner if dey listern to u..bt y abhi is not smart so anoyying how can he? kip on draaaaaaaaaaaging

  57. simar

    omg aaliya ne tanu ko video dikhadi but prageya aabhi bi subah ki wait kar rhi hai stupid drama sab ka dimag kharab kar rakha hai or tome be yaar itni story hai aage banane koi to itna lamba time kyo tanu ko expose karne ke liye ?????bhut kush ho sakta hai aage aasa zhoda hai ki abhi parga mil geye to darama khatam hor bhi add kar sakte ho kush why this tanu darama

  58. jaan

    listen to this people and tell me if i am correct dont u think kumkum bhagya has ran out of a story line? that is the reason y they r showing one thing over n over n not coming to the point cuz if they reveal that tanu is carrying nikhil’s baby the serial will become rubbish n no one will look at it i mean no one is askin us to look at it but come on man enough is enough n tanu is wearin heels n i think she is carrying an elephant cuz her tummy is not even showin

  59. Swasa

    Worst story ever heard…. Fed up with this … Enemies win all the time …. Then why hero and heroine ….. Are they crap of the story or just a use and throw ppl….. Stupid writer ….. I am more better than u

  60. JR

    These days i read the updates once in three weeks, etc. Today I’ll quit reading updates and give up. I keep thinking the end of the serial is near. After Aaliya’video recording, it looks like Pragya is gone. Fighting for the truth will start once more.
    Bye bye comment writers. I share everyone’s frustrations, but I can’t take it. No more KKB.

    Thank you for sharing the journey.

  61. Parameshwari

    Sorry… very bad story… also truth is coming out in night and Abi going for sleep…. Pragya always wait to Abi wakeup… but in morning truth will sleep… what a story….?

  62. amanda

    is this story ever going to end. stop dragging the story writer’s. abbi is made to look stupid all the times….

  63. Can I just say is that rather than watching kkb I love reading your guys messages. It’s more interesting and some of it is so funny.

  64. Nitu

    It’s really disgusting. I have never seen such a useless drama. Writer is making everyone fool, but ordinance are not that stupid. KB used to be my favorite serial but now it’s becomig the worst serial i have ever seen in my life. Hey writer do something otherwise TRP for this serial will be ZERO one day. For god sake when Tanu’s truth will come out. I think writer should end the telecast of this serial which ud becoming a super CRAP

  65. anne

    The writer of story must be straggling to end this story…I’m feeling really sorry for him/her. ..but let me tell u..its good to end with good note and not when everyone is gone as this draggy style is putting all off…and does not make any sense…

  66. Rosh

    Episode by episode this serial is going down. Painstakingly boring! Want Abhi and Pragya to be together … end it already if you can’t!!! Stop dragging!!!!!

  67. Sahithi

    Relax guys, Tanu n Aaliya don’t know about Pragya video recording yet. Also Pragya phone has password.

    Marriage can’t happen till divorce happens n if Abhi forces for divorce the truth of sign on consent papers n property papers will come out.

    Purab n Daadi were kept out of this sequence intentionally to be brought in at right time.

    • shobana

      But sahithi if they watch clearly the video recorded by alia surely they will come to know that in pragya mobile something is there
      Because in alia video definitely there will be pragya showing her mobile to rachana and ronnie in which they might come to know that something is there in mobile
      If tanu is brilliant enough she will find out that the confession she made to Ronnie was recorded and that is what pragya is showing

      And as u said it is difficult to delete
      the video because they don’t know the password

      Purab has went to Allahabad will he meet bulbul there ????

    • Megha

      Actually Aaliya heard Pragya’s speech. I think so. Also Tanu guess pragya know the truth as Ronnie is with her. Pragya postponing the truth about Tanu till morning is somehow weird. Because Tanu knows the truth so she can play anything and also she planned to overcome whatever happened. Also Pragya’s belief that tomorrow morning all the problems will be solved also not going to happen…it’s will something happen ulta…this is my guess…

      • gowtham

        no guess….megha that is wat exactly gonna happen…. morning it ll be ulta…. tanu exposes pragya…. that is wat gonna happen…. this is universal truth for kkb…. whn prgya says morning all will be clear that time itself it is understood that something irritating gonna happen…

    • Sahithi

      Shobana my feeling is video proof or not, it is clear to Tanu n Aaliya that Ronnie is alive n playing drama to make her mad n confess the truth. Since they saw Pragya n Rachna also, so it is clear they also know the truth and about Nikhil.

      When Tanu was thinking of Ronnie bhooth, she had this doubt if Ronnie was really alive why didnt he go and tell truth to Abhi, rather why is he scaring her.

      I feel Tanu will do something to make team Pragya not open their mouth, put them in such a situation that even with proof in hand and knowing truth they will be helpless.

      And about Purab, I dont know if Bulbul character has some role now, but I think he not part of this sequence is intentional by writers. Tanu n Aaliya dont know of Purab involvement yet. Even when Purab was laughing with Pragya 2 episodes back, Tanu was still under impression he is only Abhi’s fren n not part of team Pragya.

      Same way its shown Daadi wanted to go out into garden but was stopped. So at some imp point when everything fails, Tanu n Aaliya r not aware of Purab n Daadi involvement in this plan, which will be shown as advantage for Pragya. If at all they r also part of video, it is more easy for Tanu as complete team is exposed. Tanu can manipulate Abhi but 2 ppl whom he will trust r still not out in Tanu’s eyes.

      When this drama n hide n seek game is brought till here, let us see what is next. I will watch till the day Abhi n Tanu r in mandap or in court getting married. That is the only thing I would never want to watch. And with this divorce/ not divorced dilemma I am hoping it wont come that far.

  68. vgi

    OMG, why is this story dragged for so many months now….it is boring to the core….to the director and producer stop torturing by dragging this bullshit

  69. Nandu

    oorla 10,15 serial pakaravanla nalla thaan erukaan.Entha orea oru serial pathutu (written update padichitu) nanga para avasatha erukey.. ayyeayoooooooooooooooooooooo…..

    Ennama neenga ipadi pandringaley ma..

  70. faial jasmin

    Am gng to start hating tis story…
    Its tottaly stupid story…..
    I hate this story
    Pls expose tanu evil infront of abhi…. plssssss

  71. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Now a days abhi is not listening to his heart abhi is a foolish man he is listening to tanu who is a cheater.whoever producer director pls dont drag the serial like a chewgum n finish this tanus chapter all the people are bored with this tsnus chapter so we request u to finish the kumkum bhagya serial asap after reuniting abhi n praghya.

  72. deepa thapa.

    I think in kumkumbhagya pragya ,dadi purab and roni s team is antagonist and tanu,aaliya and nikhil,s team is protagonist so now we should start watching this serial thinking pragya is negative and tanu is positive.

  73. gowtham

    actually they dragged the track to the extend… so hereafter if they like to drag also there is no option i guess… because initially pragya and co didn’t know about nikhil… to find that they dragged.. concert and all…

    second thing is takil didnt know about prahya and co… now that also been cleared… so since all knw about all there is a very less chance for dragging herafter…
    this track is about to see the end…
    if pragya comes to know that takil knw everything about their plan… thn pragyq also wont be silent..

    bcoz pragya and co doing all this drama to capture tanu with ptoof and without tanu knowinh anythng….. but aftr tanu comes to knw about pragya and pragya too comes to that tanus knw the truth…. there is no need of this drama…
    so soon this track s gonna reach the end…. as for as i thnk….

    and this time pragyaa will be careful regarding her proof… bcoz in mms track itself tanu stole the proof… so pragya should be double careful…. and there is no information about the camera which ia in tanus room…. aftr she put camera there, many things happen…. lik takil meeting, prgagya and rachu came there….. so dont knw wat will they do with that…

    but since all knw about all this is the time for this end…. there is nothing more to drag in this drama….

    • Megha

      The CVS may drag again. But its good if the camera that kept in Tanu’s room is seen by Abhi. Because she can change the confession video against Ronnie and Pragya. But if abhi sees the Takhil’s speech it will be the more powerful proof.

    • shobana

      Ya gowtham there is nothing more to drag in this program
      I think as prathiksha said truth will be revealed on tanu abhi marriage only because this is the most important point in the story and the writers might have planned high drama for it
      And always the most important turning point of this has happened only in functions . So v can hope for that
      And if tanu exposure happens we will get an official promo from the channel
      I think we should have little more patience to see the exposure and I don’t know whether v can be like that or not

      • gowtham

        but i really have a strong doubt shobana…. do u thnk marriage function will happen as pratiksha said??? initially i too thut like that…
        but if u consider pragya,
        1) will she give divorce frst of all??
        2)will she keep quiet in marriage function waiting fr her mom to speak??
        3) if she is that much stubborn to not give away abhi that easily, i mean her avatar is for that only, in that case will she agree for tabhis marriage??
        4) marriage function will happen at mehra house how is this possible?? bcoz all other knw the truth…. thn he will they keep quiet??
        5) finally on wat logic we are thnking that maariage function is gonna happen???

        i knw nw abhi is in desperate position and he ll do anything fr this marriage…. he may threatens pragya something like that… but bcoz of this activities of abhi prgay will allow the marriage????

      • shobana

        To be honest gowtham
        I don’t have answer for your questions
        But mind is telling tanu will be exposed on marriage function only
        And abhi is so desperate to marry tanu because he thinks that the baby is his
        If pragya lost her proof then it will end up marriage drama exposure
        I think if pragya lost her proof definitely she wont let others to open their mouth because as sahithi said till now tanu doesn’t knw abt purab and dadi involvement so she will again try to find the proof but she cant because the opponent is now aware of pragya’s intension
        Since she can’t find anything marriage may happen and sarla will open her mouth at the last minute

        I don’t know what to do with divorce its confusing
        But one thing is clear that only sarla ma will expose tanu and co
        Because of that only they are showing her improvement day by day

        I too stand with sahithi that I will watch this show regularly as before because I want to know how this track is going to end

  74. Pri

    Ff is far more better than this .all other show keep bringing new twist. Here thy don’t use technology .and made abhi character dumb and worst.not using g actors talent properly. So stupid .always bad wins here .fed up bye bye kkb

  75. Ranaji

    I think many hate this track now a days and writers also…..This story line is backwas… Love of life ff writer should help this backwas kkb story writer so that this story will improve soon.I am right guys????????????? I think we should change our mind pragya,dadi,ronnie,purab,rachna,akash,sarla all are negative and tanu,nikhil,aaliya is positive that is what the writers are upto……This story is just friend of satrangi sasural serial… So only they are doing like it…….

  76. how the story yaar when the turn comes to reveal the truth by using video all the good character’s mechanism condition go worst either battery low, or phone snatch, or delete the records automatically but in the turn of fake character to reveal secrecy of good character they easily and each time get chance to reveal the secret. so the team of kkb direction are full of negative character.

  77. Actually sahithi have a point that tanu may use ronnie to threaten pragya by kidnapping him. Through this, she can not only force pragya for giving abhi divorce and property, infact they can control everyone who is involved with pragya indirectly. Tanu can’t tell about ronnie to abhi becoz she will think that her truth could disclose as ronnie is missing from the day of concert. But she have two option for getting escaped which is, if she will steal pragya’s phone and destroy it, or she will kidnap ronnie. Sahithi if tanu and aaliya doesn’t know about that video clipping then also they can guess about it after watching that video recorded by aaliya. Or if they can’t guess about it and will b unaware about it then also they will definetly do something, through which they can stop pragya by doing anything against tanu. And sahithi if takhil will make helpless once, then nothing could stop pragya, from taking her steps back from tanu’s way. Nor divorce, not the truth behind the divorce as pragya will get forced to hide it by giving permission to tabhi’s marriage by mutual consent, by which divorce truth will not reveal in front of abhi and tabhi’s marriage also will get it’s clear way.

  78. sravs

    Pragya, Purab, Ronnie, Tanu and Nikhil everyone will fix camera in each and every place and it ll get record but they will not consider it as proof…instead every one will use Handset to get proof in the form of video recording..but abhi will not consider those recording as serious…
    but aliya mobile recording(MMS, Pragya team truth..etc) proofs are powerful..may be she using branded mobile. and rest every one is local phones..that’s y abhi is not considered as proof.. because he is dumb rockstar..and he always want branded things..he he he
    abhi and pragya feels like they are very smart..than these ppl tanu and aliya are the best smart people….each and every step they take it ll get success..
    actors are wasting their acting skills bcs of this dragging sequence in kumkumbhagya..

  79. Nishaanth

    Kumkum bhagya is a dragging bhagya xP lols ?
    Dragging Dragging Dragging Full N Full Dragging ?
    See Its 2016 ,3 months Going To Get Over But Still They Didn Expose Tanu N Nikhil Very bad

  80. susi

    Really gowtham if this happens then I will be very happy. But always evils will win in this show . Only some miracle have to happen.y pragya s dumb like this while abhi shouting. Dadi, pragya & rachu all three together should have come to meet abhi. Then only he will jst listen to her and truth will also came out.

  81. Guys we have a segment today on India TV. Pragya and tanu is fighting and abhi gets trapped between them. It looks like tanu played her card and trying to do something against pragya by using abhi.

    • Ranaji

      they are dragggggggggginggggg like anything yaar but my 100 coconut are safe till not i think they will make tanu win in the fight and they will end the drama so that we will be happy

  82. Megha

    Guys what I guess is correct. New SBS segment came. Tanu and Pragya fighting. Pragya looked tensed. I think Tanu planned something….let’s wait for the full segment.

    • Sahithi

      If Tanu now behaves normal and not scared of Ronnie bhooth, shudnt that create a doubt for Abhi? How come she is fine in a night after crying in the garden 😀 😀

      • Megha

        You are superb Sahithi. I like ur way of thinking in all angles and you are looking on what others forget…nice

      • Sahithi why r u expecting anything with abhi. He is completely not in his senses since long. Tanu is his everything. He believes on her more than god. She will again come up with new story and mello drama and then our sweet, innocent, brainless rock star will come in her trap easily like always. As many of members of our group have started feeling that tanu is main lead and abhi loves her and pragya is coming between two lovers.

      • shobana

        If writers think like that then the story will go in line
        Since this story has no logic we cant expect anything from it

  83. sahil

    V v v boring serial as enemies r winners…..I think its is kkb meaning kartey raho….kartey raho bore….best name of this serial

  84. aretha

    the most stupid serial why must aliyah take a picture why tanu and aliyah were never caught since this serie started i stop watching now

  85. anne

    aiyoo feel like crying alrdy cried a lot after updates no mood for anything i think u fans all gather n go to the shooting spot n protest endtanutrack i m in malaysia if i can go there n gather as many fans i wil do it u mean thy dont give a damm for their fans every time tanu going to b exposed but never like donno what to say just to make us happy pls they say all kind of crabbbbbbbbbbb feel like jumping and shouting pls endtanutrackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  86. Preethi

    Please make a happy unity soon with praghya and Abhi or just end the serial like other channels are doing when they cant make the serial towards the audience mind, After long time watching this thought would have good episode still in the same where you just stood in August

  87. gowtham

    pratiksha sahithi and shobana…. u guys are telling next will be the marriage function….. and many of the twists and turns happened in mehra house functions only….
    but this time how tabhis marriage will rake place….. logically it cant be happend right… dadi rakshana aakash all knw the truth and though function talk is taking place who ll organisze?? aakash will not do that…. and moreover how will be the atmosphere if function gonna take place??? logically it cant…. but kkb writers doing irritating things so in this also they may do some irritating screen play…

    may be prgaya intentionally agree fr marriage… so that she can get some time to expose evn at the last minute…. whn she fails sarla ji finishes…. will the track be like this??
    how you Guys telling next will be the marriage function …. juz calrify me???

    • Sahithi

      I am not guessing about marriage. In fact I never want preparation for Abhi Tanu marriage.

      I feel Pragya will not, and should not bring it till marriage and witness it. If by any chance show reaches till that point, I would rather want her to give back property back to Abhi, tell the truth, take her mom n make a decent exit from MM. Afterall she did all she could in attempt to save her husband by not telling him truth. When she cant succeed, more sensible option is to tell him the truth n let him act on it.

      If she arranges for marriage how will she get time to expose Tanu. All options r already tried n failed right. Now Tanu will rather die or kill but wont take Nikhil name from her mouth.

      If Pragya goes back to Fuggy getup n gives back property n tell truth, if Abhi still wants to marry Tanu then there is no point in trying to force to be Abhi’s wife or boss. Not worth it.

      • shobana

        That’s the point sahithi
        Pragya won’t get time to expose tanu. For that sake only sarla ma is der she is improving now and she will expose them at the last minute
        And do u remember one thing before sarla ma goes to unconscious she gave pragya’s hand in abhi’s hand
        Already this confusion was in abhi’s mind so if sarla ma speaks he may connect it and believe at the last moment

        This is what I think it can be wrong bt this is only on in my mind
        And there are more chances to happen as you said it can also happen because pragya said if her last attempt fails she will tell everything to abhi and leave MM with her ma
        So there r more chances to happen like this also

  88. Worstttt!!! The writer is testing our patience…. Wil never even read the updates of kumkum Bhagya.. God bye to this bullshit serial…

  89. New segment update-
    Pragya tries to show video footage to abhi in the morning by connecting it from TV. Just then tanu enters and takes abhi out with her. Then in next clip, oragya waits for abhi as abhi goes to fresh up in changing room. Tanu comes and picks pragya’s phone which was connected with TV set. Pragya sees it and vastly snatches her phone from tanu. Tanu makes excuse that she wants to do a phone call as her phone is not working. Pragya refuses to give her phone. They starts arguing and fights with each other on phone. Abhi comes out from changing room and tries to solve the matter but gets fail. Abhi gets tired and irritated from their fights and goes from the room in anger. Reporter says that tanu have a doubt that something in pragya’s phone against her that’s why she tries to take it by excuses. Reporter says now let’s see how will pragya show that recording to abhi.

    • NEW TWIST (SBS video): Pragya gets a call from Bulbul and goes to meet her at the mandir. It’s all dark and Pragya hugs Bulbul. When they break the hug and Pragya sees the face of the girl, it turns out to be Tanu . Tanu has called Pragya at the temple to threaten her to not try and bring her truth out in front of Abhi. Otherwise, the consequences will be worse

      Reporter mentions that how will Tanu eventually be exposed & whether Pragya will succeed in showing Abhi the video is the main suspense of Kumkum Bhagya.

      Offscreen moment: There is one dialogue of Shabir before the scene ends – Every time he delivers his lines…him Sriti and Leena burst out laughing

      Offscreen INT, Sriti and Leena: Sriti says how it is not a cat fight and there much more shouting and scratching in a cat fight Leena shares she is negative and Sriti is positive so they cannot be friends onscreen & all this keeps on happening between them. Sriti says they keep on hiding stuff on their show from each other and even here she wants to show Abhi something but she cannot because of Tanu.

      • gowtham

        by this one thing is clear…. tanu is not trying to expose pragya…. so she o ly threatens pragya not to tell abhi…. but tanu is not going to deal anythng with abhi.. that is good

        it ll be good not to involve senseless abhi… coz he may support tanu.. so its better not to involve him and two girls can do their part… so nice segment

    • Sahithi

      I didnt watch the segment video yet, but what is the discussion between Tanu n Aaliya after Tanu sees that video recording from Aaliya, that we dont know yet right. So we have to wait for tonight episode.

      And how come Pragya believe someone calling as Bulbul and why did Tanu use Bulbul name. Both believe Bulbul is alive?

    • This new twist is seems new promo shoot. Our guess is right sahithi. Now game is going to b change and Tanu is going to threaten pragya. But whom she will use as weapon to target pragya, it is left to see. Now I think this will lead us to the climax of the track now. And may b we will see tabhi’s marriage sequence for it as I said na that it is kkb’s tradition that most climax happens usually on the wedding functions and in other festive occasions.

      • Sahithi

        Options are Sarla or Ronnie. Or to bring more twist, if Pragya is getting Bulbul treated somewhere which Tanu/Nikhil/Aaliya finds out then Bulbul will be used for threatening.

      • shobana

        Bt they can’t identify bulbul right
        Because her face is fully damaged and even she cant speak then how will they indentify as bulbul

        It is difficult for them to identify bulbul as she might have done plastic surgery

        I think if they take some other name means pragya will get alert so tanu and co might have chose bulbul it’s like an emotional blackmail

  90. its a boring subjects how many days we have to bear it and how many years we have to wait to reveal the truth of tanu. I think it can be reveal after tanu’s baby becomes a citizen of India.

  91. Amreen

    The wwoorrrrssstttttttt show …… Writers don’t know what to bee written they are writing some bullshit ..I hate this serial .. Do they feel v fans are mad to see this shit …. Always unsuccessful plans…. From today I am not gonna see this show .. Bye.. Kkb fans..but love u purab

  92. Soha

    Ok guys after all your views i conclude the twist is definitely Pragya will fail and some how will also come under Tanus plan of not to share anything with Abhi….. tanu marriage will take place but during pehras pragyas mom will of speaking will start and she will stop them by telling them truth…

    This is the end of track i guess one more month dragging is involved :)) so paitence and watch the show after one month :))

  93. di

    please one request don’t watch the wrost and draggging kkb serial or we all in mental hospital ……….. KINDLY …………………

  94. SN

    guys yesterday tamil la tanu and nikil scence all of cut i think ivangala katta kutu tv karangalukku pittikka naikkaren..

  95. hema

    Guys one more twist… Tanu called pragya as bulbul…. To meet at temple…. Nikhil and tanu threaten pragya

  96. Megha

    Now a days the comments count I’d high…again the TRP will come to number 1. I thing the new twist is surely about Bulbul’s entry..There is much possibility for that. They are turning the story line…what a CV’s…both Pragya’s team and Tanu’s team knows each other now. Now this is getting really a story line of crime story. Let’s watch what are the twists they can bring in one serial…

  97. abhinaya

    At one time this was my one and only favorite serial…… Now it had gone bullshit bcos of MENTAL WRITER…… Pls could someone help me to kill the writer……..

  98. karthika

    yes SN you r right.yesterday in tamil kkb they just cut the scene.when pragya comes from stairs abhi will be mesmerized by pragya they just cut the scene.now a days kkb is too boring in hindi.they r dragging in hindi.now a days i just like to see kkb only in tamil.this interest will be there only upto pragya’s fuggi avatar.

  99. fuggy

    kya hai bakwas dimak kharab hora aur kitne din chalayenge tanu pregnancy trak ko we hate this trak bohot hogaya end this track soon we cant tolerate

  100. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Arrey abhi sudar jao aur ytsnu ko chod dho who is a cheater n fooling you uska pate me jo bacha hai ho thumara nahi hai nikil ka hai n for that you are feeling guilty, tanu is making fool of you for yr money only n praghya is helping only to come out of the greedy n selfish tanu abhi be alret n be with praghya who is very good person by mind n soul if abhi u atr good be with praghya n help her to bring tanus truth before you.

  101. Sahithi

    The guy playing Ronnie posted on IG that he is no longer part of this show.

    Either he is being replaced or Nikhil gonna end him

  102. Madhu

    Seriously guys…it’s high time same old….twists….going round round and tanu winning…..tired…of reading even written update…forget about watching it on air…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.