Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sangram Singh Chautala having wine with his goons. He asks his goon to bring that girl. Other goon comes and tells that she went to market. Sangram Singh plans to molest her in market. Aaliya tells Tanu that the woman Munni is not Pragya, and asks her to stop her imagination. Tanu asks what did she talk to Munni after sending her out. Aaliya says nothing. Tanu asks if you are betraying me. Aaliya says I have realized that she is Pragya’s lookalike and fulfills all our wishes. She says she asked Munni to convinced Abhi to get her married to Purab. Tanu says so you was thinking this, and asks her to solve her problem first and make her marry Abhi. Aaliya says Abhi will not think about her for now, as Pragya is in his heart and mind, till then I can settle down with Purab. She

says Purab had challenged her that Abhi will never ask him to marry her.. She says once Munni convinces Abhi, then Abhi will force Purab to marry her. Disha is walking in the market. Sangram Singh and his men try to catch her. She runs. They surround her on the bike.

Sangram Singh comes to her and says you are very beautiful. I have never seen such beautiful girl in Haryana. He asks how did you get time to fight with my men. Disha says they were doing wrong, and I can’t see any wrong happening. Sangram says you have done gandhigiri and asks why did she beat his men. He asks about her father. Disha says Vijay Chauhan. Sangram Singh says you are saying as if your father is Amitabh Bachchan. He pulls her closer. Disha slaps him hard and asks him to go taking his respect in his hand. Sangram Singh says you have slapped me. Disha says you might be feeling pain. Sangram Singh asks his men to hold her. Disha shouts for help and asks someone to call Police.

Purab comes there in car as he is site seeing. Driver tells that some poor person might be stuck. Purab sees Disha and says we have to save her. Driver says he is Sangram Singh and is dangerous. He asks why you are interfering and says this is that girl’s destiny. Purab says it was my destiny which she took on her. Sangram Singh says he will molest her and holds her dupatta. Disha asks him to leave her. Sangram Singh says let me hold you first. Disha shouts for help. Purab sits in car and rings fast speedy car towards the goons. He asks Disha to sit fast. Disha sits in car and picks chilli plate and throws on the goons. She thanks Purab for saving her. Purab says I got this strength from you, I know you, but you have saved me without knowing me.

Abhi thinks to surprise Pragya and decorates the room. Munni comes to room and thinks why the room is looking like garden and thinks if there is some festival today. Abhi comes and asks if she liked his surprise. Munni says good and asks it is for whom? Abhi says for you. He says this is not for your welcome, and asks her to tell. Munni says what to tell. Abhi says today is first night. Munni asks what did you say? She says it can’t be your first night and says it is my first night, as I came here. Abhi says her sense of humour got better. She asks him to celebrate his birthday. Abhi asks if she really don’t understand or trying to find ways to make excuse. He says today is their marriage first night. Munni thinks he is talking about wedding night and gets tensed.

Munni tells Abhi that her foot is paining. Abhi says he will make it fine. Munni says it is a sin if husband touches wife’s foot. Abhi says it is enjoyment and goes to bring ointment. He brings ointment.

Munni tells Abhi that she needs sometime until everything becomes fine then she will come to him. Abhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi guys ?how r u all? Although I m busy and not interested in kkb for now becoz kkb was for me only about abhigya and purbul and specially abhigya so I m not interested anybody else. but I m here to give updates to all of u, who waits for it. So here is latest news about kkb about one more new entry-

    Zee TV’s popular daily Kumkum Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms) is undergoing major changes in terms of its ongoing storyline.

    The show has recently introduced Ruchi Savarn as a parallel lead and now we hear, another actress is set to join the cast very soon.

    Talented actress Urmila Sharma, who is known for her role in Star Plus’ popular daily Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is set to enter Kumkum Bhagya to play a key role.

    Our source informs us, “Urmila has been roped in to play Disha’s (Ruchi Savarn) bua. She will be seen playing a grey character on the daily and bring forth new twist and turns in the story.

    Urmila confirmed the news.

    She has already started shooting for the show and her entry is expected to air next week.

    Keep reading this space for more updates.

  2. Hi prathiksha sisy
    Hope you are good
    What you said is exactly true
    Without ABHIGYA for me KKB is nothing
    I felt really bad after reading today’s update and monday promo
    Because this show is ultimately showing only sadness and sseparation of abhigya only
    Their happiness is not long lasting i feel really bad for our audience of KKB because these directors are testing our patience to such an extreme that even after fileing a complaint against them they are only repeating the same crap but the change what they did is they added new characters that’s all but nothing is changing everything is same only
    My only feeling does these directors respect the audience or not?
    Do they value our comments and requests or not?
    Are they really taking this serial for audience or for trp and money?
    Atleast for all these questions their answer is no we are taking for our interest we can atleast shift to other shows rather than waiting to see abhigya getting united because we can conform that it will never happen
    Y to make us disappointed and hurted
    Just because we are abhigya fans it doesn’t mean that theycan irritate us as much as they want by repeating the same
    Now my only thing is i want to know if she is our pragya or not that’s all

    1. Mythili after seeing so many new entries and specially a new parallel lead opposite purab, it seems they r going to shift their mostly focus around these characters from shifted to abhigya. They will keep continue showing munni’s drama side by side but they won’t disclose suspense from Pragya until audience will not reject their every story till Pragya’s character’s come back. Now they just came with the new entries and new track so it will take more time to reach on conclusion for CVS according to audience interest and shop’s trp. Until they will b in top-5, they will not show that, what we wants to watch. Without bulbul and Pragya it seems show has completely changed for me, whom I was seeing since three years. If they wants from me to forget those three years story than I can’t do it. Ya if they comes up with this story in some other new show, I can try to accept it but after seeing a particular story if they wants to show completely changed story and also with changed characters then I m really sorry,I can’t accept it. Since kundali bhagya started, kkb has lost it’s originality becoz CVS r trying their best to shift audience focus on it until audience will not get attached with it like kkb. That’s why I hate kundali bhagya and i will never accept it at the cost and the lose of my long time favorite Pragya and beloved abhigya. Some peoples may enjoying munni’s funny character but I m just interested to watch only Pragya and abhigya. That’s it. Mythili take some break from the show, nothing is going to change within a day or not so soon. Just relax and keep ur eyes on it’s trps. Becoz only this can change the game. Whatever their reason is to ruin kkb, nothing is acceptable justifiably if it will not b their helplessness.

      1. What you said is correct sisy
        I am also feeling irritated by watching kkb because now these directors have changed their focus to kdb and purab’s love leaving abhigya behind.
        So i cant tension myself and so i am following only tellyupdates that’s all.
        Sometimes i feel to watch kkb so at that time i watch only old episodes of abhigya that’s all
        But my only point is with abhigya and mainly abhi and pragya, kkb is nothing other than useless
        Hope the directors know about this

  3. not at all.she is munni.pragya is alive somewhere.she will come when munni falls in abhis love.exactly like hittler didi serial.have strong feelings that she is munni

  4. disha’s charactar is good but its too late.atleast somethings changed.I dont like sangram’s part its not needed waste of time.

  5. Thid thing better end.. The story started while it was about Sarla and her daughters, then came Abhi n his family. Its now basically about Abhi & his family. Am hating it much. Gone back watching the old episodes. The latests episodes are heart breaking.

  6. Rdayama1234

    Kumkum Bhagya always best. Now we can see 2 love story Purab and Abhigya. , look interesting ????

  7. I always love abhi

  8. Kunwar Saharan

    I like bulbul but after disha enters I think bulbul will not come I hate disha

  9. Kkb is going well.my favourite is abhi .plz continue the good work .

  10. Abhi and pragya should give interviews like earlier.abhi is too cute my king of romance.pragya should be like basanti.(hema and dharmendra)

  11. I think the writer has created x machine she is bringin new characters to complete the stry wen is total waste .. The writer is stucked .. I thgt frst after arranged marriage it turn to love marriage buh afts filin complains n they bringin abhi memories back the current memory is gone wat dort of crap is this .. Writer u always say simplicity buh u made pragya suffer a lot makin abhi a fool always at least think n go straight to the point of doin away with the three musketeers aliya nikhil and tanu n stop bringing new characters to end ur story

  12. I think writers dont know what they are doing anymore if nikhil loves tanu as much as he says why would he be helping her to marry abhi instead he should be threatening her to accept his proposal already n worst of all how can tanu be accepted in mehra house in aliya’s case its understandable cause she is a family member but tanu…that is stupid

  13. Hi PRatiksha. Sriti’a absence from the show is due to her being unwell. Shivani Sopori ma’ms daughter(Tai Ji) commented on one of Sriti’s post asking how she felt recently. That is why they are using Sriti’: body double for scenes with other cast.

    1. I know Kanya. I have been shared this news already. That’s why I said in last that nothing is justifiable if they r’nt helpless. Means if CVS r forced to do recent changes and dragging due to Sriti’s health issue then it’s OK. Sriti is still doing shooting even after being unwell but only for some close up shots. I appreciate her spirit and wish for her recovery soon. I hope she will not let her fans disappoint, who loves her a lot and all r missing and waiting eagerly for her character Pragya’s come back, which is most close and favorite to the audience and fans, if she is not forced by CVS.

      1. I know these days KKB is a bore because of Munni. Munni and Abhi have no chemistry. Pragya better be alive because if Abhi falls in love with Munni, it will ruin Abhigyas eternal love story. For example, in real life someone wouldn’t like sister/brother along with a person who has an identical twin. Love isn’t supposed to be about appearance, it’s about personality. And I am not being conservative or anything but I don’t get how Purab can fall in love with Disha if he loved Bulbul so immensely. Vin is a great actor, but the face of Purab, for me, will always be the original, Arjit. If they killed Bulbul, they should have killed Purab so they can be together in heaven. Or if they can replace Arjit with Vin they can replace Bulbul with someone else, although Mrunal is irreplaceable. It’s Still better than introducing a new character

      2. But sisy is sriti is still unwell?

    2. What you said is 100% true sisy
      But i convinced myself to see purab with disha because now the purab character is played by vinay so i am able to digest
      But in case of abhigya only shabbir and sriti can be and will be abhigya
      Nobody can play that characters well than shabbir and sriti and my dear friends and fans of kkb
      Don’t worry about sriti’s absence because the directors know that if they don’t show sriti in the show then kkb will be totally useless because already they spoiled the interest of audience by showing pragya as gun shot and also the character pragya got
      life only because of sriti so don’t worry my friends definitely sriti will come with a bang
      I trust sriti she will not disappoint the audience so i trust her she will come with a bang so you guys also have the trust

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