Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she tried to protect him from his enemies and that’s why name his property on her name. she says one has to become like enemies to defeat them. Abhi says I have no enemies, but just family and fans. He says you are just making story and don’t want to leave the lifestyle which you got in my house. Pragya says I can live without a good lifestyle, but can’t live without you. She says I can’t see you get cheated. Abhi asks her to stop her acting. Pragya says I thought my love will change you, and asks him to hear her completely. She says I will tell you everything, I saw hatred in your eyes. She says I left house thinking Tanu is pregnant with your baby and loves you, which I haven’t give. She says I was living with your memories and came to know

about your engagement with Tanu. She says I reached home to meet you, and saw Tanu talking to Nikhil.

A fb is shown. Tanu tells that it doesn’t matter even if baby is not of Abhi. She says I reached office and heard Aaliya talking to someone and planning against you. She says I didn’t know what to do and was walking on the street. She says she had the accident. She says when Dadi came, I told her everything. She says Dadi asked me to protect you from your enemies and gather evidence. She says we thought to take your enemy on my name to stop your enemies. She tells that Dadi got his signatures on the papers and got properly on her name. She says I have troubled everyone, but not Dadi. She says I was her daughter always, and she supported me throughout. She tells that even Purab supported me and tried to bring out truth. She says Bulbul lost her life because of Aaliya, it was a bad moment for me. She says Tanu always saved herself, sometimes due to her pregnancy and sometimes because of emotionally blackmailing you. Abhi thinks Tanu emotionally blackmailing her. Dadi brings aarti and asks Bunty and Babli to take it. Mitali asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she will do aarti tomorrow. They promote the show Brahma Rakshas.

Nikhil tells Tanu and Aaliya that lets just finish Pragya. Tanu says if anything happens to Pragya then we will be behind bars. She says Dadi will file police complaint against us. Nikhil says Police can’t do anything. He asks did you forget about DNA test. Tanu says I trapped her. She says we have to snatch proof from her hands. Nikhil says destiny don’t support us always and says if she gets a proof then everything is ruined. He says if Dr. Sheela tells everything to Abhi, as her daughter reached her and is not under pressure. He says Dadi and Purab will help Pragya also, and says we have to do planning and kill her. Aaliya says yes, we have to kill her as she has become stone tied to our legs. She says we are still at the same place and says if she is alive then we can’t achieve our goals. She asks him to kill her and says it should look like an accident and no clue should be left anywhere. Nikhil says I will kill Pragya so that nobody can reach us. She thinks to fail her car brakes and kill her.

Pragya says I thought to expose Tanu and took Ronnie’s help. She tells that Tanu confessed that the baby is not of yours. She says they have broken the proof and came to know that I came back for you. She says I challenged Tanu that only my baby will be his. She says Nikhil did Sarla’s accident. Whenever I try to tell you….Abhi asks her to stop it and asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says even if Tanu tells you then you will not believe as you want that baby to yours. She says I brought DNA report and proved her wrong, but she brought fake report and proved my wrong. She tells that Dr. Sheela told me that her daughter was kidnapped. I went to Nikhil and got kidnapped too. Abhi says you sent the divorce papers to me.

Pragya says I didn’t send those papers and says Nikhil threatened to kill Pari if I don’t sign. She says Nikhil threatened my family and asked them to get your signatures. Abhi recalls beeji asking him to sign. Pragya says I never thought that you will sign, but Nikhil showed me the papers. I called you and heard your voice. I got strength and escaped from there with Pari. She tells that Nikhil and Tanu tried to kill her and lost their baby. I took her to hospital. Pragya cries and says I had only this proof and came here to show you, but when you don’t want to see it, I have broken it. She says I thought your love for that baby is much that my love is nothing for you. She says what I would have got if I showed you that video. She says if truth is the one which is proved, and asks why it can’t be felt.

Pragya tells Abhi that she tried to hide her feeling and fuggi from him, but it was difficult to hide her emotions from him. Abhi hugs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • mel

      Hahahaha, same here. As in reading the update, i just said in my mind that hope pragya is not dreaming

    • Nisha

      No no not dream and now abhi is going to meet up with a accident right after abhigya reunion. So sad na

  1. vignesh

    Nice episode, but pls expose tanu… And I really need the abigya reunion and their romance.. Pls ekta ji… Show some mercy this time

  2. ani

    great part of abhi and pragya and i am happy that abhi atleast heard pragya and cleared little misunderstandings… but plz dont change the track… love today’s epi

  3. Athiya

    I am commenting here for first time .Such a nice episode after much time…. finally pragya told the truth. Wish abhi don’t suffer from memory loss…

  4. Sahithi

    Pratiksha and others, guys if you missed today’s episode u well missed the final truth revealation to Abhi. It was kind of a consolidated summary of all that we saw in past few months. Finally writers let Pragya tell every incident, though she left out some like her watchman getup 🙂

    It may not be a masala filled climax everyone expected but still long long awaited and I am glad it happened with just the two of them instead of in MM zoo. Because someone or the other will always come in between in their room.

    And what really worked today is Pragya spoke about truth, trust and how Abhi himself got influenced by Tanu’s words because of his weakness and emotional attachment and guilt for the kid. I only imagined such a episode to end this track but it actually happened and best part without any so called proofs. Else it wont be fulfilling that Abhi trusted her for some proofs. Rather he should trust her based on what she says.

    Tomorrow episode will be the best conclusion for all the torture and pain we endured from Tanu n Nikhil, along with the leads.

    • Pratiksha

      Sahithi why r u thinking that we missed this episode. In present time, u can’t say that as we have many options to watch it again by it’s repeat telecast or by online. But for me, hasan’s updates r enough to visualized the whole episode in my mind. I will want to watch it and absolutely it was a big relief that finally almost truth got revealed in front of abhi by pragya in very impressive manner but is this really a big relief for us or another storm is waiting for us, just after it, we have to wait to know about it. Our wait actually got finished here or another wait is going to started, we will know it only after few upcoming episodes. If things will get better from here and starts moving towards gud story then this truth revelation will b gud for us otherwise it will get waste if abhi will lost his memory actually and we have to wait to watch abhigya’s union and evils punishment for another next few months or may b for another year. Truth revelation is gud but without punishing evils, bringing another shocking twist to save them for showing their evilness for more another months or year, it’s not gud. If abhi acts as memory loss to punish evils with proofs and pragya also knows about it and they works together then it will b the best gift for us by CVS in result of our writings since long by tolerating so much torchers. And if abhi loses his memory but fall for pragya again then this will b only relief but with thus frustration that we have to tolerate evils around them until abhi gains his memory back. So overall yesterday’s truth Revelation’s happiness depends on upcoming track or story that how much it will b remain long for us and for abhigya. But till then we have to wait for it with controlling on our happiness beciz if it will get ruined then we will suffer most. But for now only relief is finally abhi got to know whole truth but how much he believed and how he gives punishment to the evils without proof, it is still left to see. So let’s see.

      • Sahithi

        I hope they will show Abhi recollecting atleast few of the incidents, he already recollected few yesterday. And I think he does not need any proof since Pragya narrated everything from the start.

        He will believe because he was part of most of the incidents directly or indirectly, and most of the times he had doubt of something not being right. But everyone was only misleading him, Pragya for lack of proofs and Tanu as usual with her manipulation. If he puts all these together, its very easy for him to understand what actually happened. And what was the missing link and now with Nikhil’s name cropping up how to look at all these things. He had doubt on Nikhil on multiple occasions but he didnt pursue it till end.

        Above all, Pragya’s way of handling things may be wrong, as in hiding truth from Abhi till now, or blindly following Daadi. But her intention was right and she already did which didnt hurt the baby or was unethical. Other than hiding the fact she was Fuggy in Mogambo getup, she was true in a lot of things. So its easy for her to narrate the truth in all the happenings. And Abhi always suspected that Pragya was still his Fuggy, he in fact asked her so many times. Whenever she was drunk, he saw it clearly. So it will be more easy for Abhi to come out this misunderstanding.

        Whatever they may show next, not sure, but unlike the previous tracks and sequences, atleast whole thing was discussed, which was good. Unlike what happened after kidnapping track ended. Yeah if Abhi loses memory before punishing or throwing out Tanu, and handling Nikhil in legal way, along with Aaliya, it is still incomplete, as there isnt real justice for Pragya, Bulbul, Sarla, Ronnie, and indirectly Purab for losing Bulbul. I hope that part is also completed but looking at new promo that may not happen.

  5. ketki

    Now i am damm sure after this abhi’s memory loss is going to happen.
    Afterall this is ekta kapoors show.. woh kbhi kuch accha nhi dikha skti.

  6. iswarya

    let it be truth so that after abi knowning whole truth he is loosing his life again due to accident.

  7. asmitha

    From how many days we have waited fr this epi at last pragya said totally really after so many days I am eagerly waiting fr tommarrow epi if now also abhi will not believe her then I don’t want to see this serial but today sriti proved again she is a excellent actress I really liked her today so much and precap was so exciting but what is the need to separate them I think today I can’t sleep waiting fr tommarrow epi

  8. sanishya B

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god but if this all are dream of pragya then please don’t do like that I think it will not be a true finally after a long journey we all are waiting for abhigya reunion if this time any thing wrong happened then I will become mad any ways I really really like your dialogues pragya and precap it was amazing waiting for next episode

  9. Poornima

    That’s of no use. This is not pragya’s dream this is true only I think but it’s really a waste 😔😢 because aliya and troop plans to cut the brakes so the car will be driven by abhi and accident happens and memory loss story will be inserted so even though pragya confessed the truth it’s of no use abhi will forget everything and will remember only his relationship with tanu… Bakwas crap this serial is but it tops the trp rate, I’m a huge fan of kkb I watch only this serial but it’s giving more disappointments…….

  10. thinker

    they can do this earlier.but now he knows the truth,misunderstandings are cleard.they shows some romantic movements and again trp increase they will dragg it in other way.like accident happen and he looses his memory.Hi pratiksha.I am waiting for your comment……

  11. steffyrao

    Praise God🙌. Alleluai. ….

    Now for memory losss….😢 Abhis. I will stop watching here as i cant bear Pragya further suffering. This episode is sweet. Finally. So stopping temporary to just savour the moment after the dreadful Tanu pregnancy track.

    Well kudos to the cvs for giving Abhigya this pte moment to let their hearts out. The build up was brilliant.

    Brilliant performance from TiSha. Thank you.

    I am anticipating cvs to torture us audience
    again after this sweet moment. Nothing last long enough for this couple to enjoy a few episodes together.

    It was sad to see Bulbul go. N now Purab.

    I hope Purab stays in the show. He is Abhis only decent n sincere friend.

  12. ar

    maha episode abhu will frget everythg so guys dnt get happy asususl again story starts frm fst
    pragya could hv done this long bak now also she said widout proof , with help of purab n dadi bekar mein 1 yr waste kardi????
    but anyway atleast now she opned her mouth abhi needs spoonfeeding asusual

  13. Sabeenia


    |Registered Member

    Oh…god…..guys I think because of abi’s accident he ll lose his memory(I ve seen update in fb) til now sarala, dadi dont no that abi married pragya for the sake of revenge.as per the story line, that track was got forgotten by all.now next track, so after this accident the tanu baby story ll b hiden.all suffer for gaining abi’s memory..just a guess……hope u all get what am trying to say….

  14. HEMA

    im sure this is a dream…. why cant there be some romance between them ? why cant they consumate their marriage ? this is what the fans need to see.

  15. anisha mettu

    *relieved* *relieved* this must have happened long ago.. at last.. thank god.. but pls dont make it pragya’s imagination..

  16. Anisha

    *relieved* *relieved* this must have happened long ago.. but pls dont make it pragya’s imagination..

  17. Sowmii


    |Registered Member

    At last truth is out yay yay 😍😘😍😘😘😘😄😅😘😘😍😘😘😄😍😍😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😘😘luv today epi.

  18. Mintu Waikar

    How many of you are agree with me… abhi should marry tanu and Purab-Aliya. Pragya should leave abhi’s home and life. Declare Nikhil as new CEO of Abhi’s company….happy ending …. pls do it asap and stop this serial.

  19. susi

    Don’t finish kumkum bhagya story we are waiting see abhi and pragya love story so pls continue.

  20. Koyel

    As this serial is going to get over so tgey r ending the story now i think..and 9 o clock a new serial is going to start

  21. Sugan

    Today really really happy… One and half months after pragya tell truth to abhi… All of abhigya fun waiting for this moment so really happy today…

    Today i feel sad because can’t see today episode because my dad reached to home on early… I try it tomorrow …

  22. |Registered Member

    What an episode yr😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😄😄😅😍😘😘😍😍😍I luv sriti today she is the best ,she rocked today😍😘😍😘😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😍😘😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😍Can’t wait for tommorws epi.

  23. Billu

    Guys anyways sriti just nailed it……….but sadly memory loss is going to start so no excpectation………I just loved the way she told truth can be felt the best episode after abhi’s proposal. ……..baht Dino baad kuch Acha dikhaya Sach mey aankhon mey a asun aa gayi

  24. Sha Rizwan

    I hope 90% watchers are stuck in this serial just with curiosity of watching the climax including me. They are deliberately pulling it with utter unnaturality. If they pull it further, these 90% will definitely give up watching.

  25. najmer becky

    I think it would have been more interesting if pragya had to be the one to loose her memory,since she is the one who has suffered all this time because of abhi’s love,in my opinion we the viewers would have really enjoyed seeing abhi suffering abit this time over pragya’s love,,,we would really enjoy seeing abhi trying his level best to get his pragya back woo her all over again

  26. anthony from Ghana

    For goodness sakes, give the two of them at least one full week of happiness.

    I can’t bear to see beautiful and innocent pragya suffering all the time while her assailants are always rejoicing.

    I know it is good for suspense but we need more loving from the couple and not always fighting and in doubt and praygya always having to beat the blunt.

    What is the point if being this good if nothing good ever comes your way????

    Give pragya some respite and some happy romantic week with her husband. She deserves this little and quit dragging.

  27. Ranu

    According to tanu n nikhil abhi is in Delhi n pragya at lonavla house..so they r doing something with the car so that they can kill pragya..but abhi would b driving n he will meet with an accident..n memory loss…lol..n he will forget everything or may b in comma..n again everything will started again from the beginning..for now it’s good..but later it will b a typical story which we can predict..

  28. Billu

    I just hope abhi and pragya doesn’t take the relation to next level I can’t tolerate anymore pregnancy drama year. ……..then it will pragya trying to prove the baby is his tanu somehow will come to know the baby is abhi’s then repeatation of the entire tanu drama with pragya drama but at the end pragya will win more of emotional torture

  29. Revathy

    hahaha…. Very irritating to watch this. bt cant stop watchng. nly to watch abhi nd pragya together.

  30. shriti

    i am on cloud nine but i dont no what to do i should happy 😃😃or sad .😍😌😌🙁 happy for pragya reveal truth or sad for abhi’s accident and memory lost but
    as per montage tgey show and pratiksha ad sahiti think that abhi will fall for pragya after memory lost . then like this should happened then in pratiksha and sahiti mouth lots of sweet 😂😎😎😘

    • Sahithi

      There are 2 options if at all ML happens, Abhi either fakes ML to expose the evils or he really forgets Pragya and recent things in his life but remembers what happened may be few years back. So that will bring Aaliya back into MM, Tanu will continue to be Abhi’s GF. But now Daadi cant let go off Pragya like that because he doesnt remember her. Even Pragya or her mom wont give up Pragya’s wife status just like that. So Daadi may again start a new drama is what I am guessing, to make Abhi fall for Pragya. Even in worst of scenarios, they both are made to stay in same place, share the room by the writers. Even now after leaving MM, she reached that Lonavala house.

      So in such situation what will Daadi do to keep Pragya in MM, will Pragya retain her Mogambo getup as in glamorous saris. In the wake of Aaliya returning, Daadi would be worried for Abhi’s career and property, so she may bring Pragya as say CEO of his company or if she has to stay in MM may be as some distant relative or may be Purab’s sister/cousin.

      Even if we guess this far, where will Rachna and her baby fit into this scheme as Akash was supposedly not married at that time 🙂

  31. Radha

    Is this true or pragya’s dream? Please for god sake this must be true. After all pragya show her love to abhi. Nice precap….:)

  32. Sugan

    Today really really happy… One and half months after pragya tell truth to abhi… All of abhigya fun waiting for this moment so really happy today…

  33. abhishek

    Guys i think memory loss will be abhi drama to catch tanu and nikil red handed because abhi will always come with solid proof before he do something but it will intersting to see abhigya love-hate relationship and abhi falling for pargya once again it should be like i predicted then we will get back our old rock star with a damaka and i hope cvs wont dragge memorly loss topic for another one year it should get finished in one month or more earlier

  34. mim

    Interesting precap
    O God plz end this takhil’s and aliya’s drama
    Abhi plz do something
    Guys if pragya has broken the mobile she must be having the memory card. 😒😕

  35. sana

    blo*dy director and story writer for kkb,worthless tanu pregnant drAme run more than a year at last it is aborted now without proof Pragya tell reality to abhi.before 1 year they have to tell tanu story this,but serial run like river.no need unwanted content in serial.atlast fans become fool,bcoz is there is any logic in this story???

  36. Ruby

    i Heard about abhi’s accident and memory loss dont do this for their life pragya face many problems to protect abhi and his happiness now only she tell the truth after long time please go through the episode with abhi and pragya romance and funny fights please draw back the memory loss track we are like to see abhi and pragya together please consider audience wishes

  37. Ruby

    I heard about abhis accident please dont do this for theri life already pragya faces many problem to protect abhi and his happiness after a long time she tell all the truth to abhi now both are enjoy themselves together all the audience are like the same please go through the serial in romantic and funny fights of abhi and pragya please consider audience wishes

  38. abhigya forever

    nice episode…please………abhi should not met with accident pls give us some romantic moments of abhigya…………pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. kavs

    I know that serail doesnt hv logic….but what is this after this much of torture n wait sheq just said n he accepted then why did they did all theseq hell…..atleast whatever accident memory loss anything but just give them brains also….
    Then show them fresh story n change pragya make up….so th as y we can know this stupid track is gonns end

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