Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi says she wants her grandchild, but from Abhi’s wife, not from a second woman. Tanu’s mum asks Dadi to mind her language. Dasi tells Tanu’s mum she’s taking her side as if she’s done some great work. She kept relationship with a married man and they know what such relationship is called. Tanu’s dad asks her to think twice before saying. She might have to regret later on. What she is calling illegitimate is legitimate. Abhi and Tanu have always been loving each other. He married Pragya later. Dadi asks Abhi if that is true. Abhi says yes, they used to love before his marriage. But whatever he did, he didn’t do it purposely. He was intoxicated and situation was such. He doesn’t do such thing with any girl otherwise. It’s true that he used to love

Tanu and he wanted to marry her. When Dadi chose Pragya, he went to her, but she chose her career. Tanu says this is getting worse. Her truth will come out like this.

Tanu’s mum asks her whether Abhi is right. She says yes but Abhi told her that he will divorce Pragya and marry her. Aaliya interrupts and says she also went to her, but Tanu said her same. Dadi tells Aaliya she can’t hide Abhi’s mistake. He kept relationship with Tanu despite being married and that is his biggest mistake. He can hide his mistake, but how he will hide this child. She tells Abhi whether intoxicated or no, he was her grandson even then and how did he forget values that she gave? He forgot that so now he should forget her as well and think she’s dead like his parents. She further says, Pragya always supports him, her heart can be big, she can forgive him, but not her (Dadi). Abhi says please..Dadi says she doesn’t want to listen anything. He did a mistake and now he will get punished. Aaliya smiles.

Dadi continues, he threw Aaliya out of the house. His mistake is even bigger, hence his punishment will be bigger too. He won’t show his face to her, he will have to leave the house. All are shocked. Abhi says don’t say that. He can’t live without her. Dadi says she has made her decision. If he doesn’t want to leave the house as it’s his, then she will leave. They can’t live together. Aaliya says in her mind, well done Dadi. This is some justice. Abhi says, he made house, but she has made this family. They need her. He will leave the house. Aaliya smiles. Pragya is shocked. He says sorry to Dadi. Dadi turns her face. Abhi is walking away. Pragya looks at him and says stop. She says that she came to that house being his wife. If he leaves, then she will leave too. Dadi asks her she will support wrong now? Pragya says she’s just supporting her husband. Her house is where her husband house is. If he leaves this house, then she will leave too. Dadi says fine! She can go as well, but for her, person who supports wrong is even more wrong. She wants to leave, then she will have to break all relationships with her inlaws and then go. All look on with shock. Mitali says Dadi has stunned everyone. Dadi tells Pragya, along with Abhi, she should not show her face to her as well. Forget that house and she will also forget that Pragya ever came to that house. Aaliya’s smile gets bigger. Dadi sadly leaves. Abhi also goes to his room.

Tanu tells her parents to go home as well. Aaliya says finally she is relieved. It can’t get better than this. If Abhi is not there, then she can do all she wants. Tanu takes Aaliya to her room and asks why she didn’t let her tell the truth. Had she told the truth, all would be thinking good for her. Now God knows what they would be thinking. Aaliya says let them think what they want. Why she doesn’t think before speaking. If she tells everything to Dadi, then along with Abhi, she will throw them all out of the house. Had Dadi found out all, then she would feel bad for Pragya and love her even more. Tanu is brainwashed and says she didn’t think about it. Aaliya tells it’s the first rule, if something bad happens to you, then let it be, but never let your enemy benefit. Tanu thanks her and says she’s really good friend. She tells her to stop Dadi as well from throwing Abhi out of the house. Aaliya says let her do what she wants. For them it’s just a mistake, but for Dadi it’s a betrayal and she can’t see anyone playing with any relationship. Tanu says she will talk to Dadi. Aaliya tries to stop, but Tanu doesn’t listen and leaves. Aaliya thinks Dadi won’t keep hating Abhi for life and Abhi can easily get another house with his money. This way her enemies won’t get punished. She wants to see him defeated. This will only happen when all his fame, money go away. She can’t do this alone. She will need help from someone who is also Abhi’s enemy just like her. She thinks of someone and decides to meet him up tomorrow. She says Abhi took away her love from her, now she will take away every single thing of his.

Tanu comes to Dadi. She says this is not done. How she can throw Abhi out. She knows she shouldn’t talk in this matter, but wrong is wrong. Instead celebrating for her grandchild, she is throwing Abhi out of the house? It’s still not late. Happiness is infront of her. Accept her, stop Abhi, and everything will be fine. Dasi says what happiness she will give..she took all their happiness away. Dadi tells Tanu it’s because of her Abhi has to leave the house. Mistake is mistake whether intoxicated or no and she is punishing him for that mistake. Dasi says they accepted Aaliya because she’s daughter of that house, but no one has accepted Tanu or her child. She asks if she will pack her bags and leave on her own, or should she throw her out? Tanu says they will throw her out? Dasi says yes. Tanu says fine, but that won’t change the truth that she’s going to become mother of Abhi’s child. It’s good that they are throwing Abhi out. Now she will prove him that no one loves him more than her, not even his family. She will support him and they shouldn’t come for child when they get married. They may forget everything and forgive Abhi, but she will never forgive this day. She will take her revenge at that time. No matter how much they beg, she won’t give Abhi or his child. They should now forget that they had any grandson. Whatever Abhi has earned is his and Abhi should get his right. She will go to court and take all away from them that’s Abhi’s. She leaves. Dadi is little worried.

Abhi is packing his bag. Pragya comes and asks what he’s doing. Dadi loves him a lot. She is just angry. He should not take her seriously. He can say sorry but not leave her alone. Abhi says no one knows Dadi more than him. He hasn’t seen her hurt like this ever before. He doesn’t want to hurt her more. Pragya asks him where he will go? He tells her not to worry about that. He will manage. She says she will also go with him. Abhi says she won’t go anywhere. He knows he has no right on her, but he’s requesting as a friend to stay there with Dadi for few days. He is worried who will take care of Dadi in his absence. It’s only her who can take care of her. If she is with Dadi, then he will think he’s with her. He requests her to stay with Dadi for few days. Pragya asks him why he doesn’t understand. She also needs him. Abhi looks at her. She says family needs him. If he leaves, then everything will collapse. Abhi says he knows all will feel bad, but they will get used to living without him. He deserves punishment for what he has done.

Precap: Abhi is leaving. Pragya screams from the balcony, stop. She runs and hugs him from the back in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: Niki


    • Gigi

      What sense will it make for Nikhil to spend time destroying Abhi’s reputation when all he has to do is let others know that the baby is his?????? Please explain the producers/writer’s train of thought. Do they really think this is clever story telling??

  1. JR

    Pls wrap-up the serial. It started picking up some momentuem. Now its starting to get boring. Why do we make serials that potrays the good suffer more that the bad?

  2. Finally abhigya’s marriage truth has came infront of dafi and everyone. I know it is half truth becoz they still does not know that the purpose of marriage was revenge to get purab for aaliya. But like it, this true will also come infront of everyone soon, i think. Tanu and her parents were so annoying and irritating in today’s episode. They were getting on my nerves yesterday. What a shameless parentsol of a shameless daughter. They r supporting her for her wrong deeds and for snatching others son and husband. Now aaliya is ready to snatch and ruined abhi’s name and fame. If this could happen or this will happen then tanu herself leave abhi for her gud. But I want her truth also come in front of everyone, specially abhi who did the mistake of like and love her. He should get to know how much he was wrong in choosing tanu over pragya and tanu is his life’s biggest mistake ever.

    • Chithu

      Nikki..but i think if it goes like this , then Abhi-Pragya union will be only at the end of the story… i mean Aaliya is trying to defame Abhi… now she can do it easily by spreading this pregnancy thing outside… so Abhi-Pragya ll be united only after that..i think nothing will be there to show if all the defame thing and everything is shown before they unite only…surely it is going to take many episodes for union if it goes like this…

    • Chithu

      but this writers are damn good yaar..i mean they are pulling in all the possibilities of tis truth getting explored at the same time ,so that we will not be able to predict which way it is going to be… like now we have Nikhil who himself can tell the truth in anger of being cheated… or we can think Aaliya may join with some one to defame Abhi and in the process truth may be out… or now that all in family knows the truth , may be Purabh-Bulbul will do something to get it out … in the mid of all this, they are showing this suicide drama, due to which we can think it may get explored during the marriage attempt and one more confusion is what Pragya will do to get it done till marriage thing….Ghosh….!!!

  3. nicole

    Where the f**k is nikhil .. c’mon yaar … where’s nikhil when they neeed him ..gosh i hate tanu and Aliya…
    & Abhi ? Cmon .. abhi loves pragya ..just let him confess that in front of everyone. .. Then maybe Tanu will butt out of his life …

  4. Day by day tanu is gng worse. Can’t able tolerate her and this aliya too such a idiot not thinking about his brother itself. Now such a crap when abhigya gng to unite.

    In this ekta serial all shows are like that one they will drag more confess drama love scenes and if hero amd heroin splitted take long time to unite that unite will take lot of scenes after united they will have lot of problems. I think so she is thinking we must not see the serial happily making lot of emotions and playing with our feelings.

    • Racha

      Okay. Let’s think for a minute. Abhi is the BREAD Winner and his sister is living off HIS money…..BUT she wants to destroy Him!!! WFT. Does that not mean they ALL will crumble?? This is the dumbest of All the storylines. So in destroying the money maker she then goes into POVERTY!!!!!

  5. TINA

    Actuvalla enna solradune teriyala… day by day tanu get worse…
    Ava eppadi dadi appadila pesuna … endha matter ennum sarala family ku teriyadu… i think tanu sucide attemt nxt week dan varunu nanaikiren..
    Evuga romba drag pandraga pa.. i think endha prblm ellam solve aga rabul jodi involve aganum.. bcos they only know howmuch pragya love abhi… and also purab know now a days howmuch abhi love pragya…. evuga prblm solve panna rabul jodiku again prblm vara pogudu… who knows that only writter will know that…

  6. maria

    thanks for update


    thank you very much

    beautifull serial beautiful leading actors they perfect show us behavior emotions and feeling of two loving each over people who cant be unite . love in smiles love in looking love in action
    all this go aut then people confess theire love in words and starting thinks what their partner is their property

    all perfect but we dont understand hindi language
    you are doing a great job thank you very much

    thanks for produser for dragging this serial and show us more tests of live then Pragia and her husband overcome together
    i wish wat this serial will nether end

  7. kowsi

    tanu shows her charac to dadi..bcoz she wants only abhi’s fame and money..the next track alaiya and stupid no 1 nikki gng to join hand destroy abhi’s popularity..wat a emotional hug ..awsm ..we r wait for gud episode..

  8. Chithu

    Guys..i think Aaliya will not join with Nikhil atleast now, becoz till now they are showing him as positive character… she will join with that corporator i think… i know v all r thinking corporator is in prison..but who knows they may have some twist telling he already has come out…

  9. Priya $

    Stupid tanu don’t know how many months it ll take to close this Tanu’s drama. Really fed up yaar ๐Ÿ™

  10. New promo is out. Our waiting is going to end. Abhi has confessed his love to pragya. Abhi and pragya both were in white cloths. Abhi wear white kurta and pragya wear white chicken net saree. They both were looking mesmerizing. They both looks the moon and pragya says something ( sorry I missed that) then abhi says shut up fuggy I love u. Pragya gets emotional with teary eyes. Then abhi kisses her tear on his cheeks. Voice over says distance r going to b end of two hearts. Guys promo is do gud and mesmerizing? and it is for 4th august. Guys I think their consummation is going to happen.

    • New promo’s written update- abhi and pragya both r standing somewhere together, abhi is in white kurta and pragya is in white net chicken saree and looking at moon. Pragya is saying something to abhi seeing the moon. (Sorry guys I can’t listen it) but after this abhi says to pragya shut up fuggy, I love u. Pragya gets emotional and tears r dropping from her eyes on her cheeks then abhi kisses her tears on her cheeks and both hugs each other tightly. Then voiceover says distance r going to b end of two hearts.

      • Priya I don’t know if the truth will gets reveal or not before it but it should happen before this promo. After seeing this mesmerizing promo, I was so happy so I was unable to think anything except this promo scene. Pragya was looking gorgeous in white chicken net saree and abhi was looking hot in white kurta. When abhi removes her chashma for kissing her tears on her cheek,? she was looking mesmerizing in her look without her chashma. ??

      • actually pragya says to abhi:you always said i don’t deserve you.yes i don’t deserve you
        thn abhi says shut up fuggy and removed her spec and kissed on her eyes and said i love u..pragya happy and both hugg

  11. mary

    Initially they showed pragya as intelligent. Also she was a lecturer in college. Also she can understand the reality of the person from their behaviour. Though she have come across so many bad things done to her by her enemies. She cant even understand their bad doings. Now a days they are showing pragya as most foolest girl. Before coming to conclusion that her husband abhi is father of Tanus’ child, she should have enquired more about tanus pregnancy and get a strong report to confirm that. Just checking tanus pregnancy is not a strong proof that abhi is father of her child. How long will it take for DNA test report to come? A true love is to believe each other that they would not have done the mistake and supporting them. True love is not the one accepting the mistake and supporting the same. It seems that to drag the drama, logics are forgotten and more illogicals comes in the drama now a days and making the drama very very bore.

  12. preethi

    are looser where nihil damid how will ruin abhi life tanu character is very worst and hate him when did nihil and truth come out its very disgusting

  13. appu

    pragya and abhi know the truth atleast 1000 of episode woh super and really very disgusting abhi do the mistake in mms now pragya in pregnancy track really i am very tired i just really hate this getting bore here after i dont watch this serial good bye my time is wasting you know time is money i use this time in useful way

  14. sheetha

    i have doubt aliya dont no that nikkil is an enemy of abhi.. and nikkil is in delhi so whom aliya is goint to meet…

  15. Malar

    Nowadays I really really really hate this serial’s track. Everyone in this serial are getting hurt only. When they come to know the truth behind this track. In the end ah? Only tanu and aaliya are happy. Even the viewers are also getting hurt. Pls writers do something good to pragya otherwise this serial will be flopped…

  16. Where is the damn Nikhil? I swear to god he literally disappeared. This Serial is becoming like balika vadhu , Uttaran, pratigya etc. I wonder why Indian serials can’t be like Pakistani serial.

  17. sushmitha

    Ooooo shit, I can’t bear abhi for taking responsibility without doing mistake… Tanu is really toooooo bad….whres tat ediot stupid nickel….. Eagerly waiting for next episode

  18. Jyaa

    The track is really boring.Ekta is too much dragging the show and tanu’s character is getting worse day by day. The writers should just end this track and come up with an interesting track.They should make Abhi and Pragya confess their love too each other and reunite them.

  19. Guys what is this?? I gave u update of new promo for which we all were waiting from since long. But I saw no response yet on this! ?What
    happened to u guys? We have discussed so many things about the kkb but this thing for which we r curious to see in the show since long time, on this there r no comments yet! Come on guys share ur views, discussions or comments on this promo.?

  20. I gave the update of new promo below in comment section. Those who didn’t see or read yet, read it and comment on this. I m waiting guys for the response from all of u.?

  21. farida uttan

    Wwiters please expose TANU and ALIYAH with her. Let Abhi come back and let Dadi accept his mistake for falling love in with TANU . What is Nikhil doing about TANU bearing his child. Is he an IDIOT or what

  22. I know this promo is like a dream for many peoples becoz we didn’t expect this so soon. Even I was also thinking that it could b a dream but they have mentioned the date of promo scenes telecast which is on 4th august, and when voiceover says that distance r going to b end of two hearts then I thought it could b for real. I think,Consummation will happen or not but confession from abhi to pragya will b definetly going to happen. That’s why they have given a particular date for it, Like they had given during pragya’s proposal time. I wants and I m sure all of u wants their consummation also.

  23. Guys I missed somethings and pragya’s dialogue in promo so I m again giving written update-Abhi is in white kurta, pragya is in white net chicken saree. Voiceover says something has changed in weather. Then Pragya says to abhi- U told me that I don’t deserve u. Yes, I don’t deserve u. Abhi says- shut up fuggy, I love u. Tear drops from pragya’s eyes then abhi removes her glasses and kisses on her tears near to her eyes, probably on cheeks. Then after this they hugs each other tightly.

  24. If this promo scene is going to happen for real then I don’t care about tanu’s drama, aaliya’s planning or anything else. I just want to see abhigya as two body one soul now. Means completely of each other in e very sense. That’s it. Becoz after that no one can separate them from each other and they will b with each other forever.

  25. oh reallly waiting dis mmnt fr long tym nikki i hope dis ll not be a dream thnx dr nikki waiting eagerly to see the new promo ???????

  26. Hahahahaaa… ?guys gud to see comments from all of u about the promo. I know all of u r excited to seeing it for real even I m also. But keeps ur excitement in control guys. It will b very gud if this will happen for real but don’t forget guys that CVS misleaded us many times. So don’t get over exited becoz if CVS will crush our expectations then we will b prepare for it. This is just my suggestion as a friend to all of u. But anyways fingers crossed for the promo happen in real in the show. My request to cvs Plz don’t crush our expectations and excitements after showing us a fab promo. If cvs will show it for real then we will forget and forgive them for all unnecessary draggings and through this promo, ur show will b on number-1 from all over the shows, for sure.

  27. laksh

    Ponga pa…. Drag……..ging…….. Aduthu knja episode sarlaku therinju avanga family aluvanga….. A than a…. Intha serial first than pa nalarunthuchu… Epa abhi pragya va understand pana aramicharo APA aramchuthu dragggggggging….. Ithula bulbul purabku 3 timesku mela marg drop ahitu…. Ena koduma ithelam

  28. sanchu

    Hi guys, I am new here. I am a huge fan of abhigya and kkb. I read all your comment and was tempted to comment. Good to know that Abhi will confess his love finally. Tanu had told Nikhil that they slept together on Valentine’s day as she was upset with Abhi. So, one simple thing Pragya or Abhi has to do to prove Tanu wrong is to just calculate the days and know that on Valentine’s day Abhi was with Pragya saving her from the kidnappers, not with Tanu. I hope Bulbu and Purab think in a different angle and expose Tanu soon.

  29. Nowadays I really really really hate this serialโ€™s track. Everyone in this serial are getting hurt only. When they come to know the truth behind this track. In the end ah? Only tanu and aaliya are happy. Even the viewers are also getting hurt. Pls writers do something good to pragya otherwise this serial will be floppedโ€ฆ

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