Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya seeing Raj and asks if he is the one who have helped Aaliya in her wrong doings. Mitali says Raj can’t do anything as he is innocent and humble. She says I came here to catch the person who was about to give 10 lakh rupees to Tanu. She asks Raj to clear the misunderstanding of Pragya. Pragya says his silence is speaking all. She says I couldn’t think even in my dreams that you have helped Aaliya in all her wrong doings. From ruining Abhi till the conspiracy to kill me. Abhi takes Raj from there. Mitali says you can’t do this. Dadi wonders what is happening there. She thinks to call Pragya and then thinks she shall wait. She prays to God to protect Pragya. Abhi brings Raj home and asks Dadi to ask Raj. Abhi says he has done his duty well of an elder brother. Dadi

asks what he has done? Abhi says you will decide about his punishment. Mitali says Raj is a honest man and will not do anything. She says he will never help Aaliya in her wrong doings. Dadi doubts on Raj. Mitali asks how can you doubt on him. She says Raj couldn’t do anything with his family, Abhi has a misunderstanding.

Purab says there is no misunderstanding and says he has checked Raj’s cabin and got papers in which he has signed Abhi’s fake signatures. He says he has got all the proofs against him. He says Raj even tried to kill Pragya along with Aaliya. Mitali says Raj is very honest and says he can’t do this. She asks Raj to say anything. She says when he was in govt job, I used to ask him to earn some money by fraud, but he never agreed. She asks Raj to prove them wrong. Raj says they are saying truth. He says I tried to ruin Abhi along with Aaliya.

Dadi slaps him and calls him snake under the sleeve. She says you tried to ruin Abhi. Raj says yes, and says I will never repent. Dadi asks what he has done? Raj says he has done enmity with me and I accepted his enmity. Abhi is clueless. Raj says I told that I haven’t done any crime, but he sent me to jail and never came to meet me. He says you people have never came to meet me in jail, and says only Mitali came to meet me who was worried about me. I thought you think me wrong as I don’t have money. I thought money magic works only. I had decided to earn money through any means. He says I am sad that I couldn’t ruin Abhi completely and blames Pragya for this.

Taya ji comes home. Tanu also comes. Tai ji says Abhi took Raj upstairs. Akash asks if you are waiting for someone. Tanu thinks if Abhi came to know about Raj’s truth. She tries to go and check. Rachna stops her. Tanu asks who are you? Akash says she is bahu and my wife. Tanu says I am also bahu. Rachna says not yet and says Abhi asked no one should come there. Tanu says okay. Raj says he was caught because of Mitali’s foolishness. He says I hate Abhi very much and will take revenge from him all his life. He says I will ruin you from front and this hatredness will never go from my heart. He says this wouldn’t have happened if you have supported me. He says I have trusted you very much, but you have betrayed me. I am in this position because of your mistake.

Pragya says you remember his decision. She says Abhi has supported the truth as all the proofs were against you. Raj says if I couldn’t prove that I am innocent, then am I guilty. He blames Abhi. Pragya says you should also blame yourself as you couldn’t see your loved ones’ truth. Raj asks what? Pragya says you trust Mitali very much and that’s why couldn’t see her truth. Raj asks what do you want to say? Pragya says those signatures were taken by Mitali from you, and that’s why you went to jail. Mitali cries. Pragya says you have left humanity and couldn’t see the truth. Raj tells Mitali, you have betrayed me and took my signatures. Mitali apologizes and says I was greedy about money, but I have changed now. You went to jail, but I was punished. I have changed and haven’t betrayed you. She asks Pragya and Dadi to say. Mitali says I did a mistake. I don’t need anything except you. She apologizes repeatedly and cries. Raj is shattered. He asks Abhi to fulfill his last wish and says I don’t want to stay with them. He asks Abhi to kill him. Abhi says Raj Bhaiyya. Raj says I am not related to anyone and says I am a murderer. Mitali says you aren’t murderer. Raj says I am and goes.

Abhi asks Pragya to call Police and get Raj arrested. Pragya says no one and says Raj is already punished for his crime and says truth came out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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