Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya seeing Raj and asks if he is the one who have helped Aaliya in her wrong doings. Mitali says Raj can’t do anything as he is innocent and humble. She says I came here to catch the person who was about to give 10 lakh rupees to Tanu. She asks Raj to clear the misunderstanding of Pragya. Pragya says his silence is speaking all. She says I couldn’t think even in my dreams that you have helped Aaliya in all her wrong doings. From ruining Abhi till the conspiracy to kill me. Abhi takes Raj from there. Mitali says you can’t do this. Dadi wonders what is happening there. She thinks to call Pragya and then thinks she shall wait. She prays to God to protect Pragya. Abhi brings Raj home and asks Dadi to ask Raj. Abhi says he has done his duty well of an elder brother. Dadi

asks what he has done? Abhi says you will decide about his punishment. Mitali says Raj is a honest man and will not do anything. She says he will never help Aaliya in her wrong doings. Dadi doubts on Raj. Mitali asks how can you doubt on him. She says Raj couldn’t do anything with his family, Abhi has a misunderstanding.

Purab says there is no misunderstanding and says he has checked Raj’s cabin and got papers in which he has signed Abhi’s fake signatures. He says he has got all the proofs against him. He says Raj even tried to kill Pragya along with Aaliya. Mitali says Raj is very honest and says he can’t do this. She asks Raj to say anything. She says when he was in govt job, I used to ask him to earn some money by fraud, but he never agreed. She asks Raj to prove them wrong. Raj says they are saying truth. He says I tried to ruin Abhi along with Aaliya.

Dadi slaps him and calls him snake under the sleeve. She says you tried to ruin Abhi. Raj says yes, and says I will never repent. Dadi asks what he has done? Raj says he has done enmity with me and I accepted his enmity. Abhi is clueless. Raj says I told that I haven’t done any crime, but he sent me to jail and never came to meet me. He says you people have never came to meet me in jail, and says only Mitali came to meet me who was worried about me. I thought you think me wrong as I don’t have money. I thought money magic works only. I had decided to earn money through any means. He says I am sad that I couldn’t ruin Abhi completely and blames Pragya for this.

Taya ji comes home. Tanu also comes. Tai ji says Abhi took Raj upstairs. Akash asks if you are waiting for someone. Tanu thinks if Abhi came to know about Raj’s truth. She tries to go and check. Rachna stops her. Tanu asks who are you? Akash says she is bahu and my wife. Tanu says I am also bahu. Rachna says not yet and says Abhi asked no one should come there. Tanu says okay. Raj says he was caught because of Mitali’s foolishness. He says I hate Abhi very much and will take revenge from him all his life. He says I will ruin you from front and this hatredness will never go from my heart. He says this wouldn’t have happened if you have supported me. He says I have trusted you very much, but you have betrayed me. I am in this position because of your mistake.

Pragya says you remember his decision. She says Abhi has supported the truth as all the proofs were against you. Raj says if I couldn’t prove that I am innocent, then am I guilty. He blames Abhi. Pragya says you should also blame yourself as you couldn’t see your loved ones’ truth. Raj asks what? Pragya says you trust Mitali very much and that’s why couldn’t see her truth. Raj asks what do you want to say? Pragya says those signatures were taken by Mitali from you, and that’s why you went to jail. Mitali cries. Pragya says you have left humanity and couldn’t see the truth. Raj tells Mitali, you have betrayed me and took my signatures. Mitali apologizes and says I was greedy about money, but I have changed now. You went to jail, but I was punished. I have changed and haven’t betrayed you. She asks Pragya and Dadi to say. Mitali says I did a mistake. I don’t need anything except you. She apologizes repeatedly and cries. Raj is shattered. He asks Abhi to fulfill his last wish and says I don’t want to stay with them. He asks Abhi to kill him. Abhi says Raj Bhaiyya. Raj says I am not related to anyone and says I am a murderer. Mitali says you aren’t murderer. Raj says I am and goes.

Abhi asks Pragya to call Police and get Raj arrested. Pragya says no one and says Raj is already punished for his crime and says truth came out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kiara

    Finally Raj is exposed. Now it is Tanu’s turn. I am eagerly waiting for Abhi to slap and kick Tanu out of the Mehra mansion

    • Sri

      No kiara, he will never do that again because he is good one. Due to some misunderstandings he turned into bad… Now they are cleared…

  2. neha

    Woowww!!!! Today’s episode was awesome…. I’m glad that the whole truth of Rajand Mitali revealed infront of abhi…. But still waiting for tanu’s truth to be reveal as soon as possible… And eagerly waiting for abhigya’s reunion..

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb marvelous wonderful really nice episode I enjoyed kkb for second time first aaliya slap epi and now this and waiting for tanu expose soon

  4. mannu

    really feeling pity for shabbir and srithi jha …..poor guyss might be bored doing these roles…..a never ending nonsense…easily one mnth more for pragya to reveal the truth…

    • Sahithi

      Why do u think so, they are leads in the most viewed, top rated, no. 1 daily show. And an ever increasing fan base. Agreed the show is generally bit slow, but feeling pity, may be not.

    • Kiara

      I agree with Saithini. They are lucky. What other top show would they do: Saath Nibhana Saathiya. SNS is the most stupidest show ever. KKB is dragging but it is way better than other shows like Saathiya

  5. Ok thank god tanu didn’t come to know about raj’s exposure. ……….if at all she came to know then it will be a big problem. ………

  6. abinaya

    Its like they had come to an end and one and only left out person is tanu..last step to victory..but in btw how long will it need for tanu”s exposure..ohh god fed up!!!

  7. Dhivya A

    How can pragya know the truth behind the signature of raj which was taken by Mitali? Can anyone clear my doubt?

    • Sharada

      In some 200 episode she overheard the talk between mitali n the corporator n comes to know that mitali has done this for Money….her dad is involved too coz he works in the same office. She did this to bring down kkb marriage hall coz of hatred to pragya….corporator angry since he didn’t get bulbul s love….each served the other’s purpose

  8. riya

    Abhi feeling hurt that tanu also was with him for his money and confronts her… she defends by saying that dadi and pragya are in same team and dadi is also after ur money…Abhi feeling betrayed in life,leaves the house…and so Pragya will change into fuggy and tell abhi that dadi and herself planned this expose mission to bring out the real faces of hypocrites in the family…An emotional abhi will hug pragya and ask for forgiveness…

    this was the spoiler in India-forums…
    how many of you think this will be true??
    I really wish it to be true…waiting for abhigya reunion….

  9. Nikky 1

    Where were Takhil? Aren’t they supposed to meet at the godown? All these happened in the same place where Tanu was earlier. How come she is not aware of the whole situation there!

  10. Sahithi

    After watching today’s episode, I suddenly felt will Bulbul bring Purvi along.

    Raaj should be apologizing to Purab also, as others loss can be forgiven n forgotten but what happened with Purab n Bulbul is not a small thing, though Raaj was not directly involved.
    Being a silent spectator is an equally wrong thing n a crime.

    Rachna n Akash response to Tanu was the highlight for me.

    • Sahithi

      But will Tanu know that Raaj’s truth is out, n will Abhi know her involvement also in all this planning? After almost all the truth except Tanu’s is out will she be more alert or will fall prey for Pragya’s blackmailing.

      Will everyone around think a bit n realize there is some one else expected at that place with those 10L.

  11. shavi

    nice episode.. very great job done by rachna by stopping tanu to go upstairs.. 2nd victory for pragya.. she should think about to reveal tanu’s truth soon.. story is moving in right track.. waiting for tanu’s exposure.. abhi and pragya expressions and acting was superb..

  12. Kalika

    The old honest Raj is back. Once he knew Mithali was behind his jail time he understood Abhi didn’t betray him. I think Raj will repent by helping Pragya expose Tanu. Then Bulbs will return with a new face and no memory

  13. sana

    Stupid serial previous year abhi announced he will become father of 2nd child in real life and reel life tanu is pregnant names abhi baby.now real life abhi become father of 2nd child but not even tanu belly grown a inch in reel life.real life is faster than reel.please make a serial in jet speed not snail speed.plz make tanu truth out quickly

  14. Really gud episode. Raaj is villain of this track but today he was the hero of the episode. He did an awsum work and act. I was literally crying after seeing his reactions. Poor guy but gud he is realizing that what mistake he did and for it he is regreting. But after seeing his guilt, he was looking like becoming mad in his guilt. I think he is in great shock and guilt and even he is not in his senses becoz of it so in this situation, I don’t think so he can help pragya anyhow for tanu’s exposure until he becomes fine. OK come to the tanu’s point so did anyone noticed between abhi, pragya and purab that mitali was taking tanu’s name that she came to catch that person, from whom tanu was coming to take money. If on that time they didn’t noticed then will they think about it later. Pragya and purab knows becoz it was their plan to catch tanu with her baby’s father so they knows about tanu but will abhi think about it later and will give it attention to it. Let’s see and where is ronnie becoz tanu has came back but ronnie was not. And according to new promo pragya sends nikhil’s watch to tanu so it means ronnie gave it to pragya? If not then how pragya found nikhil’s watch? Watch is nikhil’s, this is sure that’s why tanu gets scared after seeing it in promo so this is confirmed that surily pragya got some clue about tanu’s baby’s father? May b she got to know about nikhil but wants to expose them in front of abhi or may b she found only nikhil’s watch as a clue through ronnie and ronnie only found nikhil’s watch but didn’t see nikhil that’s why pragya is trying to find about him through blackmailing tanu again. Well let’s see.

    • But after exposing raaj aacoring to abhi pragya’s mission is finished so according to the peagya’s promise which she had given abhi, pragya have to give abhi’s property back to him and leave his house. Will abhi ask her for this if he will then how will she live in abhi’s house and stop tabhi’s marriage without any power until tanu’s exposure?

      • Priyanka

        Glad to see Raj back on track!!
        Tanu needs to be exposed soon! I did not watch the episode, but I am glad they finally exposed Aaliya and Raj. Whether or not Raj will expose Tanu will be a mystery…but I hope Tanu is exposed soon. The more they drag this, the fan following will go down.
        Still surprised Tanu’s baby bump hasn’t showed 😛

      • Sahithi

        Not sure about which watch and how Pragya will find, but there is chance that what is shown in promo may not be shown exactly in show. Once today’s spoliers are out, we will get clarity as the promo is shown for today 29th.
        Also, today there should be that scene from segment, between Abhi n Pragya about what Raaj blamed Abhi for, Abhi feeling bad n Pragya consoling him. And may be they will discuss about Tanu’s involvement, but Abhi will be stubborn to marry her for the baby, though he knows she is also after money.

        After that there should be this scene of Pragya again calling n blackmailing Tanu. So we need to see what she will find in between these 2 scenes or she already has some clue with her which she may disclose today.

  15. Ani

    Ha.. Ha.. Only Tanu is there and lets beleive she will be exposed soon. Purvi’s track and bulbul’s death mystery is pending

  16. Nishaanth

    Todays episode was awesome loved it ?
    Raj acting was really nice in todays episode I really loved is acting very much ?
    But still waiting fo tanu’s expose
    I hope this time raj will help pragya

  17. tuti

    Poor Mehra boys (Raj and Abhi)…..all because of a misunderstanding. Raj’s dejected looks…poor him. Anyways, good that KKB is progressing a bit. Can’t wait for Tanu’s turn. (haha…maybe for the next 100th episode)

    • LavanyaAshok

      Ellarume vitta vittu poita pakkave empty ah iruku so Aliya raj tanu ellarum munnadium Abhi pragya onna sernthu vazhanu…. tat’s my desire

  18. nivi

    pratiksha bt raj s really changed r jus acting?????
    any guess regaring tat ya??????
    bt d thing s raj wil forgv mithali 4 hiing truth to him?????
    y raj dint show to his mom nd dad 4 not meethim @ jail????
    they too kept silent 4 these many ayz na
    even akash too
    bt according to me there s less chances nw tat raj takes tanu’s name nw bcoz he doesnt knw abt her pregnancy truth
    so further v can wait nd watch pragya’s move then ly v can decide everythin
    isnt it pratiksha???????

    • reji

      nivi i think raj is changed becoz he itself ready to go to jail after knowing about marriage hall fake sign matter so i don’t think t would be acting but i have a little bit doubt on your guess too becoz it might be acting too to save himself going to jail and now know about mitali truth so do u think that really he will be changed and pratiksha and nivi may be changed means will he help pragya to reveal the truth anout tanu ???????? and i have a doubt the villains didn’t know that pragya took this bold avatar to expose them like this will raj know about this then only he can help pragya na ?????? and coming to tanu”s point nivi pratiksha sahithi razia ????? and guys any guesses if u have pls reply me

  19. I feel relieved that the truth had been out in the open. It’s models turn next that will take at least another couple of months and tannu’s baby will come out next year

  20. Kirthy

    Finally mitali’s thruth came out. I don’t think raj will harm abhi/ pragya and pragya won’t send him to jail. Raj beloved wife betrayed him, there is no more punishment than this. And mitalis punishment is, raj went to jail and now he knows the truth! I am happy that Raj knows the truth! 😀

    Now….purvis innocence and tanus truth. Tanus real face will be dra….gging 🙁
    Do you guys think they will reveal the kidnap matter or will purvi come back as a villain?

  21. Pinki

    Tanu ka sach kab samne aega. Tanu har bar bach jati hai many ka sach jaldi say samne lao or serial mai ek new track ko lao. Bichara abhi har koi use dokha de raha hai. Ur family members r doing so bad with u

  22. rachael

    guyss i have read the new post that tanu is going prove that dadi and pragya is full of greed for money.abhi gets disheartened by news that dadi also betrayed abhi for money…tanu makes abhi stand against all of them.iam so sad….really waiting for episode when tanu’s truth is out

  23. razia

    Bt guys I’m gonna make up myself tat tanus truth vl nt b so soon cuz almost within a month bulbul purab marriage bulbul accident n then she died then pragya shattered.. N then determined on her mission .. Then aaliah exposed fa her lill wrong doings then pragya followed takhil .. Then Raj exposed .. N he’s feeling guilty n mitali too ..so I request u guys to wait actually they ll def not expose tanu very immediately .. Let’s have patience til atleas valentines day .. ;););)

    • Sahithi

      Thats exactly when Tanu may be exposed. We may feel its quick but its been 2 weeks that Aaliya was exposed. Since things r moving fast, there is this feeling that everything is happening quickly.

      But there is only 2 more weeks now for Valentines so they may again take this 2 weeks gap between Raaj n Tanu exposure, my guess.

  24. razia

    Guys. I generally don watch episodes by 9 parents won’t allow ;( vl b watchn next day mrng oly .. Since I dunno Hindi tat doesn’t matters bt tu helps me alot .. BTW guts did pragya slapped Raj today ? As per the promo ? Reji sahithi prati

  25. Aakanksha

    It’s good to see raj revealed before everyone.but also reveal the truth of tanu devil soon as she is the only person now ruining abhigya’s life….I am eagerly waiting for the reunion of abhigya.luv u both abhigya……

  26. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Pls let me know wen Tanu gets caught…I cnt bear to c Abhi hurt ovet n over again…getting to reletative

  27. Vaishu

    I am new here. Today I saw the episode was too good. Pragya got second Victory. Go head. When will tanu’s truth come out. I am eagerly waiting for next episode

  28. kaif

    the main culprit is aliya and I think aliya will come back and destroy abhi other wise the show will be end

  29. SachinSK

    Guys i think Raj should strart helping pragya … n one Question .. does raj knws about Takhil’s truth … ??

  30. Leana

    I’ve heard Tanu will find out that Dadi and Pragya are conspiring against her, that is when she will blurt it out to Abhi that both Dadi and Pragya are after his money and the whole show down will happen

  31. kaif

    mitali reveal already tanu name in this episode she came here to 10 lakhs rupees. now its depend on abhi he still like to marry with tanu or what

  32. sush

    may be tanu revelation is on mandap. then abi pragya remarriage happen. to that we have to wait until they show.becoz abi ask 7 days. kkb one day = one week or more.

  33. nivi

    i hv seen d latest news
    regarding tanu came 2 knw abt dadi nd pragya’s truth
    she ll blurt out in front of abhi nd says dadi also aftr his money
    abhi s heart broken nd leaves d house
    hope so tanu wnt b caught soon

  34. nivi

    im feelin nw very sad abt abhi’s situation
    dn knw wat 2 say
    if so then it ll b really difficult 4 pragya nd dadi to make him understand wat s d truth behind their plans
    i wanna 1 thing no need further illogical dragging hereafter bcoz it s peak time to reveal d truth of evils
    make it fast CVS to expose tanu
    v dn wanna c her face even in screen

  35. Brintha

    Till now pragya is finding all the truth..its ok…but shabbir is hero of this story…nw he shud think after his dadi is blamed she is also behind his money..y pragya come back all the way to find out the culprits..and still she is continuing the same…nw he shud investigate what is behind dadi and pragya…why he shud not bring out tanus truth..after all he is a hero yaar…

    • Sahithi

      I dont think these spoilers are correct, we cant believe until we see an on location video or segment. I strongly believe Tanu wont make that mistake to blame Daadi. Because she is the only person Abhi adores the most n blaming Daadi will only back fire for Tanu.
      Yday also after knowing about Raaj Abhi brought him to Daadi only because he is elder to him n he didnt even discuss anything with him. Even when Raaj was blaming him, unlike with Aaliya he didnt react back.

      When with an elder brother he handles like that, how would he react or blame Daadi or let anyone blame her.

  36. Hii guys!! Gud morning?today’s my birthday?that’s why I was busy in early morning in taking blessings from god and from my parents and elders and wishes from my family, friends and cousins. Now I got sometime then I read all of urs comments regarding yesterday’s episode. Nivi I don’t think so that raaj is doing drama. His guilt was genuine becoz he was never bad like this, he become bad becoz of some misunderstandings but now when his misunderstandings got cleared now then he have no purpose to take revenge from abhi or pragya and now when abhi and pragya will forgive him and will not send him to the jail then raaj will understand it fully that how much he was wrong about them so I think raaj will changed in gud like before but he is so shattered and in so much shock that he had become evil in his misunderstandings and did so much wrong so in this situation he will b unable to help pragya until he gets fine and normal. Till then and for now, pragya herself have to expose tanu by her own efforts. Well according to promo, pragya got some clue about nikhil through his watch which she send to tanu. Now it is left to see that his she found that watch and does she know it too that it is nikhil’s?

  37. razia

    As I was expectn today thr is on location pix. .. Vl get complete India afta 2:30 .. Bt it seems purab told evrytng abt pragya to sarla ma ..

  38. rose

    Good news sarla ma knows truth.. she forgive pragya.. on location vdo t available in u tube… abhi tanu screens also.. tanu bring flowers for abhi

  39. Sahithi

    As per the new on location scenes – there are 2 diff locations one where Pragya gets a notice for KKB hall and goes to the office along with Purab, blasts the concerned officer for sending a wrong notice. She signs some papers related to that, and when was about to leave, her mom also comes for same notice purpose. Sarla misunderstands Pragya that she after the hall, tries shouting n blaming Pragya. Purab tries to stop Sarla, but she attempts to call police.

    Thats when Purab blurts out the truth to Sarla, though Pragya stops him from telling. He tells that Pragya was doing all this for Abhi’s sake n how Daadi, Bulbul n himself knew the truth all along. How Aaliya and Raaj’s truth is already out. It didnt seem like they told about Tanu truth.

    Sarla repents for not identifying her daughter, but Pragya says she wanted her to hate her, so that no one doubts their intentions. They finally cry n hug.

    In second scene, Abhi sleeping on sofa, Pragya sitting in room n working on some files. Tanu comes with flowers for Abhi. Pragya takes flowers from Tanu n asks her to sit down till Abhi wakes up. When Abhi wakes up he sees them in Pragya’s hand n asks if she is trying to butter him right in morning.

    He then comes to know Tanu brought them, Tanu sits on sofa beside Abhi. Pragya is sitting on bed, acts like working on some files, but listening to their convo. Tanu apologizes to Abhi for missing meeting him the previous day n gives flowers. She asks Abhi that they will go on dinner date.
    Abhi tries to make Pragya jealous by saying to Tanu that day should start like that with fresh flowers n end with a romantic dinner. He goes into the wardrobe place.

    Tanu tries to taunt Pragya but instead Pragya says that she need not be overly happy, as the flowers that are fresh in morning will die by evening(something of that sort).

    So looks like Pragya still in Mogambo getup n as boss of property even after Raaj truth is out, n may be spoiling Tanu’s plans to go out with Abhi.

  40. sanjit

    i love villan ,i support raj from one side ,i wish raj accept mitali ,becoz mitali also a good wife ,
    pragya also a good wife but not a good lady from one side.she think abhi doesnot trust fuggy

  41. razia

    Heyy pratiksha !!! Happy bday !! My hearty wishes .. Wishing u al success n happiness in yua life .. Stay happy alwz dear ..

  42. razia

    Hey guys bt the best thing is .. In today’s segment CVS shown tanus baby bump .. It was very clear .. Did yu guys notice tat ?

  43. Sahithi

    Arjit(Purab) posted a pic with Sriti on his IG today with caption shoot mode. But the location is diff from their daily set n Sriti was wearing a shirt.

    May be for promoting any movie or may be Pragya is in some disguise to catch Tanu n Nikhil.

    • Sahithi

      There was one more new segment video where Pragya is dressed in male getup as security guard. Arjit posted this pic from same shoot. Pragya was looking super cute in that getup.

      Abhi was speaking to Daadi I think on phone, and is waiting outside on road. Looks like he gets ready to marry Tanu in register office/court. The place looks like a court, Mithali was also there. May be as witness.

    • Sahithi

      Happy Birthday Pratiksha 🙂 Hope u had a good one.

      U r thinking Abhi will marry Tanu? I thought u were always confident that Abhi can never marry Tanu.

      I read ur other comment on Abhi coming to court to file for divorce or for property. I want to believe his purpose is not one of those, but to marry Tanu with Mithali as witness. Ideally he will get Purab along but Purab might be helping Pragya at sametime, also Abhi knows Purab is partial to Pragya so he didnt come with Purab.

      Otherwise I don’t see reason why he will bring Mithali along with him, court or any place. Even if for filing divorce or property papers matter Mithali is a person he would never take along. Marrying Tanu is a decision he needs to inform Daadi or discuss.

      I think Abhi may be waiting for Tanu but she will go to meet the watchman i.e Pragya in disguise to check the proofs. Because of that marriage may not happen.
      In today’s on-location scene also, Tanu seems to be apologizing to Abhi for missing meeting him the previous day. She must have gone to meet Nikhil or everytime Pragya knows these both r planning to go out, she might be spoiling by calling Tanu.

      I think we will see these sequences next week only. So fingers crossed till then. Of course most spoilers r saying Abhi will think Daadi was along with Pragya in cheating him on property papers matter, but I want to believe such thing will not be shown.

  44. Nimmi

    Pragya (Sriti Jha) reveals all truth, Abhi and Pragya finally reunites in Kumkum Bhagya
    The upcoming episode will show that Tanu blames Pragya and Dadi and reveals their teamwork.
    Blames Pragya and Dadi for betraying Abhi, Pragya finally reveals all truth.
    Pragya tells Abhi that Dadi and she made a plan so that she can reveal truth before him.
    Abhi gets shocked hearing this and is happy to get his Pragya back.
    Abhi hugs Pragya and thanks her for coming back in his life.

    • Razia I just saw SBS segment of this watchman look of pragya. I saw that with this they showed abhi and mitaki too out side of court and abhi was saying to dadi on phone that sorry dadi I was forced to take this decision in hurry but it was needed. If I don’t take this decision then I will become mad. Razia a and guys I think abhi is going to file property or divorce case against pragya but most probably I feels it is property fraud case on pragya which r abhi is going to file against pragya to get back his property from her. I guessed it becoz whenever he uses that sentence that “he will get mad”, this always or can say mostly for pragya, I mean he uses this sentence only to show his frustration towards pragya. If he will really file one of the case between two (property or divorce) then her truth will come out before time becoz firstly it will reveal that abhigya have been divorced and second that pragya had not taken abhi’s sign on property papers in fact she took his signature on divorce papers so question will come that from how pragya have managed to takeover the property and power of abhi and as we knows that it was dadi who helped her so if this will reveal in court then with pragya, dadi too will trapped so I think pragya will take all the blame on own self and she will get prove as fraud in court and after it we knows what will happen. Abhi will get his everything back and pragya will b outside from his life in jail and tabhi’s marriage’s way will get open, if pragya will not succeed in exposing tanu before it. It means it’s going to b very difficult for pragya and difficulty will b make by abhi himself.

  45. Nimmi

    Abhi standing outside the court, talks to Dadi over the phone, asking her not to get angry as he had to take a sudden decision..

  46. Pravie

    Happy birthday prathiksha..many more returns of the Day yar…your comments will be very nice n I like them

  47. Crap tanu is getting married to abhi…….crap now wat is the use of exposing tanu’s child father even if abhi comes to know its too late……..if abhi marries tanu then she is not pragya to let go off abhi if abhi marries her I will stop watching this crap….I am in the hope pragya will expose tanu before their secret marriage. ……..maybe after marriage nikhil miggr realise tanu will not come back to him so then will team up with pragya to expose her but by that time it will be too late

  48. Thank u so much guys to make my day special by allur wishes. I can’t watch today’s episode becoz I m going to outside for family dinner and fun. So I can’t comment until I will watch it. But once I will watch it, I will b back to comment. Till then gudnoght guys and once again thanks a lot.?

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