Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya in kidnappers’ captivity. Mitali tells Dadi that she wants Pragya to come here. Tai ji says she will come and stop the sangeet. Dasi says she will not come here, as she can’t see Abhi standing with Tanu. She says I would have pulled Tanu’s hairs if I was on her place. Dadi says you can’t be on her place and tells that Pragya will not do entertainment who thinks she will do drama here. Tai ji and Mitali looks on. Pragya is scared and asks the goons to let her go. Goons says we will do your puja. Pragya says I am married and asks them to let her go. Goons laugh and asks her to keep them happy, give flying kiss and laughs. Pragya is scared and screams for help. Goon tells Pragya that he can kill her and keeps knife on her neck. He asks her to agree silently else

they will force her. Pragya asks them to let her go. Pragya’s purse falls down. One of the goon throws it outside. Pragya kicks the goons and thinks to escape from there. She runs and tries to open the door. Goon see her in other room. They tell that girl is ran away and start searching her. Pragya is still hiding there and thinks nobody will come to search me here, and thinks to call Abhi. The goon tells that she must be here only and searches the place. Pragya is hiding there.

Abhi poses for pics with Tanu. Reporter asks how is he feeling during his sangeet. Abhi says he is feeling good and wants to dance. Tanu says it is their sangeet and they are marrying as they love each other. She says she is becoming star wife and Abhi loves her very much. They ask Tanu about her marriage date. Tanu says it will be a surprise. She flaunts her dress, jewellery and sandal. Reporter asks her to pose.

Tanu’s mum tells Dadi that Tanu is looking good and God made their Jodi. Dadi says God do mistakes sometimes. Dasi says he can rectify it too. Aaliya takes Tanu’s mum to make her meet Nikhil. She asks do I know you? Nikhil tries to introduces himself as her grand child’s father, but Aaliya stops him. He greets her. Abhi worries about Pragya and calls Purab. He asks where is Niku? Purab says I didn’t know and says I am very angry on you. He says you don’t care about me as Nikita is more important than me. Abhi says I didn’t ask you as I know you will come. Purab asks him why is he taking tension as his family is with him. Reporter takes Tanu’s pics and asks her to dance with Abhi, so that they can click her pics for cover page. Tanu calls Abhi. Abhi is still talking to Purab. Purab asks do you want Nikita to select dress for you. Abhi says all work is done. Purab asks him to go and enjoy his sangeet and asks if he will not enjoy his sangeet if Nikita doesn’t come. Tanu comes to Abhi and asks him to dance. Abhi says he don’t want to dance. Aaliya comes there and asks him to dance, says the guests want him to perform. Abhi says I don’t feel like dancing now. Aaliya asks him to perform for her atleast. Tanu asks him not to spoil her mood. Abhi agrees.

Pragya is still hiding and thinks why do goons not going from there. She finds signal in her mobile and tries to call Abhi. Abhi and Tanu dance on the song Mahi Nach……..Dadi thinks why did Pragya haven’t come till now. Aaliya smiles evilly. Pragya thinks why Abhi is not picking her call and calls Purab. Purab thinks to go else Abhi will take out his anger on him. He gets Pragya’s call. Pragya tells him that she is in big trouble as she is kidnapped by some goons. Purab asks who are they and where is she? Pragya says there is some jogeshwari factory, and tells that she heard train sound and wood cutting factory sound. Purab says I will reach there in sometime and asks her to track her location and send him. He says I will reach in sometime.

Nikhil is furious seeing Tanu dancing with abhi. Abhi thinks why did Niku haven’t come till now and thinks why I am waiting for her and asks himself why he couldn’t enjoy his sangeet. He says when I am marrying Tanu, then why I am waiting for Nikita. He keeps his foot on Tanu’s foot and she shouts. Aaliya looks on tensed. Abhi says sorry. Tanu scolds him. Tanu’s mum asks what happened? Mitali asks her if her sandal from Paris is fine or not? Tanu’s mum asks someone to bring ice pack. Mitali says she will throw cold drink on her feet. Tanu says enough and takes Abhi with her angrily. Goons catch Pragya and says they will show their real face and will hurt her. They snatch phone from her hand. Pragya is shocked.

Dadi thinks where is Pragya and Purab? She thinks she is alone now. Dasi comes there and tells her that Tanu was screaming in pain as Abhi’s stamped his foot on hers. Dadi laughs hearing thisand asks where is she? Dasi says she took Abhi with her. Dadi says she will scold Tanu. The goons tie Pragya on the net.

Tanu scolds Abhi and says you wants Nikita always and asks if he wants Nikita to hold his hand while he was taking rounds with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. boring boring.no improvement in this serial.always kidnapped episodes coming……

  3. this bakwaas sereal is really making a meek of INDIAN CULTURE BADLY
    cant understand the message properly or what is it teaching to the ordiences

  4. u know what whoever seeing this damn serial can go to hell. why the viewers , directors, producers and all who is filming these serial. gaaliya sunna achcha lag raha par show ko khatam nahi karna chahte. YOU KNOW WHAT GO AHEAD AUR GAALIYA SUNO. MAKE FOOLS OF YOURSELF’S. GOOD LUCK.

  5. no no no bad luck.

  6. purab is a intelligent person in thid serial equal to the villans taliya,nikil…

    abhi always want pragya to help him choosing his dress,shoes,etc ,help him in eating,talking to him without getting bore,make him coffee when he having headache,he want pragya like servant who used to all works,
    even he missing pragya means also he think like she will make him coffee,help in selecting his dress like this only…..is she here with him
    pragya/ niku will do anything for him in anystate of him he well knows that even in memoryloss also he knows.
    but he itself take decision and romance ,dance with tanu and obey tanu and aliya words……

    iam expecting from only purab a lot hr can do anything to unite abhigya….purab vs aliya

    i want abhi to burn in jealously in purab and pragya and should be in pain and not able to tolerate pragya with purab,(i want he should realise his love strongly) doesn’t want to leave pragya,he should feel the pain of pragya,now its time to see abhi love towards pragya…

    i having doubt that nikil is in jealous seeing abhi with tanu,he will make plan,i think in marriage he will hit abhi and sit with tanu and marry her,and abhi will in purab place don’t know its mya guess,

    but i want tanu to marry nikil so that she willnot disturb abhigya and aliya will feel week and want purab to win taliya,because always aliya is succeed with pragya

  7. hahaha!!!nice episode the scene of tannu screaming was fabulous

  8. kumkum bhagya defines SHIT

  9. Suwisa Muchengetwa

    this is now becoming borrowing. This as been a good story. Tie it down. It seems a s if evil prevails



  11. Suwisa Muchengetwa

    This is now becoming boring. This has been a good story. Tie it down. It seems as if evil prevails. Goons and goons everytime.

  12. Hahaha “janu” I like your guess very much I also wants same to be happen. But one thing I want to ask everyone that what messages does writer of KKB wants to give to people.

  13. QueenB



  14. thanks ankush kumar,they really bad messages to viewers…all fan of kkb know this…
    anyways i want nikil to marry tanu then her headweight will go and as well as aliya…,anyway its my prediction but want this to happen,we fans of abhigya will happy to tanu crying face and aliya nose cutted face…
    purab is such an amazing brother for both pragya and abhi…
    but don’t know what writers giving us twist…

  15. very poor story…. This is giving a wrong perception of the Indian family
    structure. Too much negativity

  16. They should add Purab and Pragya making Abhi jelly. That episode would be good

  17. this serial is a piece of stinking rotten SSHIT????YUCKS

  18. Boring episode

  19. Hiranmaychellapat

    my heart is paining because that shame Lenna dance with my superhero abhi but still I was happy because Leena was shouting in a pain . it is awesome . purab Will surely save nikku.

  20. If only Aliyah could find a man, it would save us all a lot of frustration ,because she’s so frustrated, she has to see that pragya is never happy, it’s her life mission, that’s why writers have her this way….like a shrew!! No love interest for the wretch. I’m not reading updates at all, what you the viewers post here, is enough fodder for me to say what I want. I seriously believe that Ekta gets an orgasm from reading our negative comments, it’s like she thrives on kidnapping crap AND I also believe that Aliya’s character is actually a mirror image of Ekta personified. This has got to be the sole motivating factor she is still behind kkb’s production. Hey, I enjoy reading the comments as usual from everyone, they are more exciting to read, no joke.


  22. This show has once again let me down. I’m reading the post of other viewer and I’m glad that I’m not the only one. This is a bit hard to swallow. How many times in a lifetime can a woman get kidnapped? I truly believe the writers of this show have run out of ideas and keep repackaging the some thoughts, over and over again. When the whole memory loss with Abhi happened I was willing to it a shot. But the realism in to anywhere to be seen! How can the media not ask a superstar about his previous marriage, or better yet his fan ask about his wife who he dedicated an album too!

  23. leisa s morris

    How many times pragya get kidmnap now….damn i lost count. It seems kkb writers only have one way of dealin with issues and dts s kinappin of pragya. I truly believe Abhi needs to see purab and pragya romancin to maake his jealous button come on cause he has (niku) there by his side wenever he wants and he needs to feel wat it would b like if someobe else has her. These writers has sooo much gd storyline at their disposal but unfortunately not d brains to realize it since all dey can come up with r these wackwads s..t

  24. So boring can’t take these stupid twist anymore

  25. What kind of nonsense, how many times is pragya going to be kidnapped in this series. please end this and unite Abhi and pragya

  26. tanu is so shameless i am going to be blunt here she had nikhil screwing her and then she left with a child now she wants abhi to screw her too my my we have words for girls like her ‘WHORE’ that is what girls like her are called i mean it is just a serial but why keep portraying women like that and most of these serials there are always another woman who wants somebody else’s husband do we have a shortage of men? and kidnapping is now a joke on kum kum bhagya they should receive an award for having the most kidnapping on a serial and that too of one person pragya ha ha ha

    1. Well said…why does a woman want someone’s husband??that to she had carried someone else’s baby and now she wants to marry someone else’s husband…unethical serial…

    2. Well said. ???????

  27. This show is going around in circles and makes no sense. Justice is supposed to prevail at some point but these producers are making shows with never ending evil.

  28. jignesh nagar

    they should close the serial now. as it says sooner or later the truth prevails, but it looks like the writers are not in a mood to do so. either u people do justice or stop the show. it`s again and again back to square one. useless show

  29. Great comment Sia I find that I am getting angry when watching this serial I always fast forward the scenes with the two witches Tanu and Aliya

  30. Pragya has been kidnapped for six time till date and lucky she that she alys gets saved…….the seventh time kidnapping will be done by me and i swear i wont let her run away…..will kill her and end the show…..bakwas show

  31. hai sahithi pratiksha and others h r u all

    1. Hey Asmitha.. long time.. I am doing good.. how are u?

  32. Poor Pragya – saddled with an IDIOT like ABHI hard as a ROCKSHIT. Make her marry PURAB they will make a cute couple . Let confused ABHI live happily every after with DUMN TANU and let poor AALIYA sit in a corner planning her next move and licking her wounds

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