Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya getting Abhi’s message. She reads that the food is rotten and if she manages this way. Pragya replies that food was good, but might have rotten seeing his face. Abhi replies asking her to see her face in mirror. Pragya replies that she don’t have time. Abhi messages that all useless people say this line. Pragya writes you are amongst the top most people in the world. Bulbul comes. Pragya asks her to wait as important discussion is going on. Bulbul asks her to come. Abhi sends message saying where might be mogambo, he might be crying as he gave his name to her. Pragya gets angry. Bulbul asks her to come. Dadi comes. Bulbul tells her to take care of Pragya and be with her as she heard Abhi planning something funny for Pragya. Pragya is angry. Bulbul says Abhi is

smart and asks Dadi to be with Pragya. She says she is going to torture her Purab. She asks Dadi to take care of Pragya. Pragya asks what happened to you? Bulbul says I got a dream and asks her to accept her sayings. She asks them to come. She thinks it is good that she asked Dadi to be with her.

Bulbul asks Purab to find a new way to surprise her. Purab tries to get intimate with her. Bulbul asks if he will force himself on his wife. Purab asks what she want to say? Bulbul says if anyone comes here. Purab says I will not ask anything from you and looks at her lovingly. Aaliya gets jealous and teary eyes.

Abhi argues with Pragya and asks how dare she to send adult message to him. Pragya says she didn’t send. Abhi shows the message to Payal. Ronnie says Pragya can’t send such message and reads I will kiss you message. Pragya is surprised and reads it. She says she meant to say she wants to kill him. Abhi says he will show the message to everyone present in the party and will tell media. Pragya threatens to file police complaint. They argue. Aaliya comes to Vijay and asks why he has not done work till now. Vijay asks if she has seen Pragya. Aaliya says she is talking happily. Vijay asks her to see, and says just as she comes beneath the Chandelier, it will fall on her. Aaliya likes the plan.

Bulbul and Purab greet the guest. Bulbul thinks function is over and Pragya is saved now. She wonders how the attacker kept quiet and thinks to inform Pragya and Dadi. Just then she sees someone reflection. Aaliya and Vijay hides. Bulbul thinks it might be her fear. Aaliya burns the rope and goes from there. Bulbul sees the wire and tries to set off the fire. She runs towards Pragya, shouting at her to move away from the place. She pushes Pragya and gets injured as the chandelier falls on her body damaging her face. Everyone is shocked.

They rush her to the hospital. Sarla asks Doctor to save her daughter and says she might be very much hurt. Doctor tells them that they need to do her operation, asks her to have patience. Sarla cries and says she want to go inside. Dadi asks her to calm down. Sarla says if they don’t save my daughter then I will not leave them. Abhi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. Sarla cries feeling her pain and says she needs me. Pragya cries and goes from there. Abhi asks her to pray to God. Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and getting injured. Dadi comes to Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries asking why this has happened to her sister. Dadi asks her to have trust on God. Pragya says that chandelier is about to fall on me, and she saved me. Dadi says it is done now, and says nobody can change the destiny. Pragya says I felt something wrong is going to happen, and that’s why got them married. She says she never wanted this reception but agreed anyhow. She asks if her love is so weak to lose everytime. Dadi says love can’t be weak, it can be suppressed for time being. Pragya says I am become all alone, can’t go near my mum and tell that I am with her. Dadi says she will be with Sarla, and says it was an accident. Dadi says Bulbul is very courageous. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Aaliya comes to hospital and asks Purab to say something. She says I will not let anything happen to Bulbul. Purab cries and says he want to see Bulbul. He says he kissed Bulbul forcibly and she got angry. He asks her to apologize to Bulbul on his behalf. Aaliya promises and asks him to hold on his tears. She says she will talk to her and hugs Purab. Everyone is shocked.

Abhi tells Pragya that if this kind of accident happens with him, then don’t spend money on his treatment. He says he just want to remember fuggi and nothing else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ohh so sad epsode..feelin sad 4 bulbul nd missin mrunal thakur .i wanna see her back..nd abhi don say sat typs of wordsz..ur fuggy vll b sad nd hurt..

  2. Varsha Darshini

    Oh at last it is updated. OMG! Pls save Bulbul.

  3. yar ye pragya ke sath hona chahiye tha maybe sach samne aa jata bechari bulbul

  4. Sad epi.

  5. Oh at last d accident happen. . Bt y abhi getting so much angry with pragya.. last scene for mrunal.. hereafter she will not be a part of this show.. how better kajol will do bulbul’s character is not known. . Lets see. Today pragya’s emotions was wordless. Such a talented actress.. hats off sriti..

  6. OH GOD bulbul is going to go now that chandelier scene was done by her doop so bulbul is going to be replaced by kajol srivastava and as we all discussed that pragya revealed the truth to abhi whether it is true or not but my doubt is whether the truth will be revealed to abhi or not nikki 1 and guys can u pls clarify this

    1. As I assumed reji after watching yesterday’s segment that pragya will decide to tell everything to abhi and she will see a dream regarding it but when she will come in front if abhi dressed up as fuggy, for real, abhi will not listen her even he will not see her a once. Becoz of which, pragya will get disappoint and upset. But when suddenly abhi will see her in fuggy’s getup, he will regret on his behavior that his fuggy has came but he didn’t saw her or listen her a once, when she was requesting. Now it is yet to b confirmed that will pragya still wants to tell everything to abhi after facing this much disappointment from abhi or abhi will himself realize that there could b a reason of pragya to come back as fuggy, about which he should know? I m too waiting for this? Let’s see what will happen but as reporters were saying that very soon truth is going to reveal in front of abhi so I believe that it will reveal. Well let’s wait for any other update or episodes.

    2. Abhi should realize Pragya can wear that Chudidhar n specs to become Fuggy but kumkum n mangalsutr r not accessories, so he shud think why she wore them again.

      But I hope he again wouldnt hurt her by asking why she touched Fuggy’s belongings.

      But most spoilers are mentioning he may not believe Pragya’s words quickly now. But if truth is not revealed/not believed by Abhi, then I am not sure what would be next options for Pragya n daadi now.

      To replace Bulbul character, they got her n Purab to MM, hopefully after she is out of hospital, Abhi wont ask them to come to his house again. Let them both live somewhere away from Aaliya’s eyes.

      1. Sahithi spoilers r saying those things which abp news peoples said in their segment and the base of their talk that abhi will not believe her, I think it is based on segment as abhi was not ready to listen pragya or see her once. He was not ready to believe on her but later when he himself saw pragya in fuggy’s getup then he will definetly believe on her as u r saying. But now the thing is left to know that now abhi will ask pragya after regreting on his behavior or pragya will tell him everything still.

      2. And sahithi whatever segment I have seen on all the news channels except abp news, they all r saying that very soon, truth will b revealed in front of abhi in the starting of this new year. So let’s hope for the best now becoz their trp has decreased becoz of this record breaking dragging track, audience r not liking difference between abhigya anymore and with this mrunal has left the show and new entry is going to come. So these things can decrease trps more in future so CVS have to move on with some strong positive twist and turn in the show, by which they could maintain their trp on top level again. Now I m waiting for what will abhi do abhi’s after watching pragya in fuggy’s getup means pragya abhishek mehra’s getup.

  7. like I said-Bulbul was badly burned. now they will change her when she recovers from this accident. I hope that cvs exposes aliya for all her wrong doings. we will have to wait to see if the truth comes out soon. pragya is going to try to tell abhi the truth but he is not going to believe her now. she has waited too long and now she has to suffer the outcome. let’s also see what happens with purab and will the new bulbul be able to remember what she heard and tell some body. I am really sick of the way everyone keeps the truth to them selves. but like I told you guys aliya is not going to stop until she gets taken out of the story or gets caught so this could go on forever and ever. we hope not

    1. KB:

      Abhi and Pragya have a talk. Pragya is back in her old look. She has worn specs and simple clothes for some time. She has to tell something to Abhi. Pragya has some work and feels Abhi will listen to his Phuggi. Abhi does not know what to react seeing his old Phuggi Pragya has to tell Abhi that Aaliya and Tanu have done this with Bulbul and also the chandelier fall accident truth. She knows Abhi will not believe her, so she has changed her avatar to make him believe her. Abhi will find it tough to believe her. Pragya will have a tough away, as Abhi will not believe her now.

      1. Omg yes nikki I read and saw the segment but in the interview it said pragya said that she didn’t know if she actually is forming into old fuggi or not because she said it might end up being a dream sequence of abhi because in the segment he was laying down by the doll and pragya comes back in her old fuggi style and tries to talk to abhi but he doesn’t listen because maybe he says that after the dream sequence or something but to be honest I also think it is dream sequence of abhi that his fuggi is back because in the segment she still had the long hair she has now the only difference was that it was in a braid and she had her glasses, vermillion, and manglasutra on and I think it’s a dream sequence because if the real fuggi was back then her hair would’ve also been curly like it was before but it wasn’t maybe she only became fuggi for sometime and it’s abhis dream and I’m so pissed that they say something and do something else ughhh I honestly am so mad at the producers and writers of this show I really hope it doesn’t turn out to be a dream sequence or I’m gonna cry????

      2. I don’t think it is a dream because it says that abhi will not believe her. pragya must have found out that aliya was really trying to kill her and because bulbul was hurt she has decided that it is time to finally tell abhi. the truth. that’s what I think. we will have to wait and see.

    2. What the hell? Who r u? What’s ur problem? Why r u using my name again and again and misguiding and confusing other members of this group. If u wants to share ur thoughts and ur name is also same then use ur name atkeast in some different way, when I already exist with this name or u can add something else with ur name so no one could confuse and I do not face problem becoz of this. Plz I request u. Stop this if u u doing this to annoy me. What wrong I did with u so u r doing this with me? Plz b gentle and do not disturb and confuse me and others.

      1. ure name sucks nikki-1

      2. and who do u think u are u think u know everything about kkb im not indian or desi and i like indian shows or movies but seriously ure annoying everytime i read this show ure name is there commenting like its ure fkn dads housew ats ure probllem retart and annyone can put thier name as nikki-1 not only u

      3. Helooo…..talk politely…she gives each and every update of KB and clears all persons doubt….first her name was nikki and then she changed to nikki-1 because so many people has the same name…why always she should change….cant others do it….soo don’t talk in bad way….please its a request

      4. She just requested u to don’t confuse others…..soo if u can do that please change ur name….thankyou

      5. Nikki 1what’s the problem here how many nikki 1are here I am so confused very difficult to find out who is nikki 1 who is another nikki if so many nikki are here they should keep their name as nikki 2 nikki 3 then I will not ne confused and as sana said for not confusing only I said not to hurt you sorry if I hurted you

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      8. no nikki 1 pls don’t leave as a request i am asking you as i said we all know your profile colour and your email id is with you so it is safe pls don’t leave i will be waiting for your comment

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        bcoz of 1 unknown person u r leaving tis site na its really bad nikki
        i knw u through ur comments, u ly gav me d 1st reply in tis site to me, so i really felt very happy tat i hv got sm nice person here
        y r u leaving tis site bcoz of an anonymous person????? if u r leaving tis site means tat guy ll think he ll b strongest, tat new member came here to hurt u means u shld gv nicely, y shld u leave??????
        watever it s, not ly here, even @ life’s everywer v shld meet lyk tis persons, during those times also wil u leave nd run 4m there?????
        k bt @last i wanna say 1 thing, as a friend ur presence makes us feeling happy here for us, then d decision is upto u

      12. plzzzzzz dont go nikki-1… i came to this page to read ur comments only.. stay here for us .. plzzz…. many pl are here for ur comments and view… dont quit for the one person who dont even know how to talk… plzzzzzzzzz

  8. Hope the CVs wisen up. This track has been a terrible mental torture indeed. Even sadder with Mrunal leaving the KKB. If Shabir n Sriti hav a great chemistry as on screen husband n wife…then Mrunal n Sriti had such a luvly bonding as on screnn sisters. Truly luvly. Its such a pity she decided to leave. But given her reasons , which are extremely valid i must say…she has definitely done the right thing. And Mrunal as Bulbul will be thoroughly missed. And i m sure she will be blessed with better roles as shes super talented too.

  9. Omg now she will get a change face n i hope she live to see aaliya get burn

  10. adamu alhaji adamu

    This is a waste of time. Story! Story!! Story!!! Please kindly expose them, what are u waiting. The same story for almost 3 months and no progress. I am sick and tired of this story

    1. actually this same story line has been going on for almost a year now.

  11. Ohh no .. Y dis segment ? So confused now .. Was damn happie few hours back n now feels disappointed .. Cha

  12. o god yaar jo dikhana chahi ye o to dikha nhi rhe aab ye new twist bechari bulbul new new shadi hui o hopital main pahusha diya use o aali or tanu inko koi expose hi nhi kar raha god plz in darama walo ko nudi do es se to aasha DABM darama hai kitni jaldi mohit case ko khatam kar diya o yaha dekho pishle 4 month se vagi gisi piti story kabi prageya ahbi me love dikha dete hai kani nafrat kabi bulbul ki shadi fik dere hai aab aagar ho hi gai thi to bulbul ko hikhatam kar diya bulshit

  13. Bulbul got a offer in salman khan movie. Thats why she quit this series

  14. If it is a dream then I am done watchin this

  15. Gosh !!!! How long more must the Arora sisters suffer under the hands of the Mehra family…..
    Abhi tortured Pragya for almost a year.
    Bulbul almost had to sacrifice Purab n almost died because of Alia.
    Mitali a Mehra tru marraige, sabotaged Pragya n conspired with the other Mehra..Alia to get rid of Pragya.
    Aiia & Raj are conspiring to demolish Pragya.
    Now Dadi is making Pragya put on an act
    to make her grandson Abhi see the true
    colours of Abhis girl friend Tanu the witch n her granddaughter Alia.
    N Alia is still having the upper hand to conspire n kill Pragya.
    Should have named this show “WITCHES OF MEHRA MANSION”
    N Abhi should be the “Drag Witch”.
    For heavens sakes pls CVs at least give Abhi a dam BRAIN at least!!! U mean Abhi can’t see his Fuggys pain….Gosh how crappy can your script be…This is the 21st century. Give your writing n production of KKB some Honour, Respect n Intelligence plsssssssssssss….i beg of thee.
    Sick of seeing Aroras girls esp Pragya suffer…

    1. That’s true stepphyrao

  16. Nice epi but abhi hurting words to pragya is hurt. but she deserve that. why don’t she tell the truth to abhi. becoz of dadi she being alone in her loved ones. what the matter she hiding the truth from abhi .

  17. Pragya keep it up your plan or else u ll lose everything even u yourself as villains r smarter than u

  18. Oh no Abhi don’t u dare vent your anger on fuggy( Pragya) because she is the one who is fighting the enemies fr u so don’t dare to say hurtful words to her and besides she says that she should have been there and not bulbul so we can see how both sisters are..They are always ready to sacrifice for each other as well as helping others even though they know how hurtful the consequences will be..So really now the shameful truth should be out with both Aliya and Tanu..Come on the truth needs to be out and besides its going on to 2016 so let the truth be out now! Really gonna miss seeing Bulbul.So sad..But hats off to u Mrunal Thakur fr the amazing acting throughout Kumkum Bhagya..U did a good job!
    Last request let the truth be out! Please unite Abhigya.

  19. Pls expose aaliya ever dragging episode. I am a tamilian jst will watch the Hindi episode but the updates make me to understand the dialogue so pls update quickly as soon as possible. This is my humble request.

  20. guess wat guys new sppoiler

    ure gayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  21. When will this shit cum to an end??? im weary of this pragya i want the old fuggi and also the cutei romance between abhigya baack……. are tge producers and writers listening…..

  22. Pls nikki don’t do this to us.. Nowadays I stopped commenting here but I m reading ur comments only nothing else… Ur updates too.. Don’t care about others… v know ur code purple and tat design too… Without ur comments it won’t be complete… New nikki 1 pls speak politely with others… And one more thing guys pls
    support old nikki not to quit from here…. We need u here badly…. We can skip watching kkb but I never missed ur comments… Pls stay here…

    1. ya priya i also will read her comments daily i am not watching kkb but i will read her comments new nikki 1 you don’t want to change your name but be calm we asked for not confusing you can put your name with symbols but pls old nikki 1 pls don’t leave

    2. Yes..u r right priya…please stop our nikki-1

    3. me too priya i came her for to read his comment only nikki plz come back….plz plz … plzzzzzzzz

  23. Priya u r ryt!!nikki-1 pls don’t quit for someone else!! U have the ryts to stay here!!

  24. OMG Very saddddddd plz save bulbup yaar abhi plz dont say 2 pragya she will get sad…

  25. OMG SooooSadddd… plz save bulbul yaar n abhi plz dont say 2 pragya she will get sadddd…

  26. This comment is to request nikki – 1(tagged with purple icon) not to leave the site. Nikki – 1 (refering to the purple or lavender colour icon) i started watching KKB from May 2015. You will be surprised to hear that I finished watching the whole story from begining till today, even though i started watching KKB lately. Later i found this site where i use to read only urs and maggie comment, So that i get a thorough and true update from u both. I am just curious to watch each and every episode as well come back to this site to read ur comments on forth comming scenes. No matter who has taken your name. Never mind you just continue to post you comments atleast for the rest of the people in this site. All this while I had been a silent reader of your comments. This is my first comment in this site.

  27. Great episode . I think this is going to be the entry of the new bulbul as she will have a plastic surgery in the serial… But I ish mrunal stays in the same show …. She shouldn’t leave the show .

  28. OK guys I m back becoz of all of urs insistence and after seeing this much support and likes from all of u. Thank u so much guys for liking my comments and updates. Thanks for all of urs appreciations for my efforts.I was decided to quit becoz u people were facing confusion becoz of this two types persons confusion with same name. Now I m again changing my name last time just for u guys. Now if in future again anybody will opt my name then u guys can understand who is right or wrong. So guys I have decided that I will remain on this site with a new user name which is- Pratiksha. I choose this name becoz all of u waits for my comments and update. So guys from now I will give my comments and update from the name – Pratiksha. Guys keep remember it.

    1. Oh pratiksha is also ur name nikki 1sorry I can’t forget that name anyway I am so happy that you are back thank you for coming back I will be waiting for your next update

    2. Now let’s start and talk about today’s episode’s spoiler that what will b going to happen today. So guys b ready for more heart wretching and painful scenes between abhigya in today’s episode. In today’s episode, nurse will give formality papers to pragya to sign on it. Pragya will mistakenly sign on some other papers. Nurse will tell her that she has signed on wrong papers. Pragya will blurt in tension and anger to nurse that why did u take my signature on other’s papers? Am I sitting here for charity? Abhi will listen her talk. He will understand that pragya is talking about bulbul and is not ready to give money for her treatment. Abhi will about to slap her and will hurt her with harsh words. But then doctor will come out and will inform that after surgery bulbul will get fine but she cannot talk becoz her vocal cords has injured. Aaliya will celebrate her victory with raaj and tanu by cutting the cake outside. Prafya will wait for abhi in the house. Abhi will come after getting so much drunk. In this drunken stage, he will again start hurting pragya through his harsh words by saying this that he was in misunderstanding that his fuggy will come back. But she didn’t come. He will sleep with his fuggy doll. Then pragya will decide to tell whole truth to abhi becoz abhi is losing hope in love. Next day, guys it was a dream sequence as we were predicted. Whole conversation between abhi and pragya in yellow suit, in which pragya tells abhi whole truth and abhi apologizes with her, hugs her and showers his love on her. It was all someone’s dream but whose, abhi’s or pragya, it will b clear on tomorrow’s episode.

    3. Thank u so much yar… Thank u so so much.. Be here always wit us.. We like ur comments and views so always be wit tis site .. Thank u for coming back..

    4. Thankyou soo much…..Happy to see you back…. 😀

    5. Hello, I am from Trinidad and I have been a KKB fan since it was first introduce on Zee TV. I would like to say to Pratiksha thank you for your comments and updates… KKB is shown in Trinidad atleast 9 hours after you all have seen and update this site… so for me.. i look forward to read all the interesting updates… continue to do and be good and which ever name you have on your profile we would know… you have a very unique writing style.

  29. Credit to Shabir Fan club on IG – today’s episode(upcoming) update, it is going to be very interesting, dont miss..

    Nurse made pragya sign some bill, pragya was distracted so she signed someone else’s bill then nurse said why she signed wrong bill? Pragya gets angry and said why she made her sign that !!she won’t pay for a penny for that . Abhi hears her and he thinks she does not want to pay for bulbul. he feels bad for loving someone like pragya and he was about to slap her. I think the scene from precap will come here.

    Bulbul is out of danger, doctor said she will be fine after surgery but she can’t talk because the accident damaged her vocal cord . Purab hugs aaliya and cries. Aaliya celebrate her “victory”, there is a scene with Aaliya lighting candle on cake and one more with Tanu, Aaliya n Raaj.

    Then pragya was waiting for Abhi at home… Abhi came drunk as we expected and thats why next day he wakes up on bed and not on sofa.. he started telling pragya that i was a fool to think my fuggy will be back.Then he took fuggy doll… said where have you gone? Then hugs her and falls asleep.

    Pragya later comes near Abhi… thinks now i will tell you the whole truth as you are losing hope in love… whatever you decide i will accept.

    Abhi is exercising… pragya comes out of the wardrobe in Fuggy getup… and says suniye. Abhi puts his dumbbells down and is shocked to see fuggy.Then he doesn’t want to believe her. Pragya says “today when i want to tell you the truth you don’t wanna hear? “She doesn’t say anything about talia… just some strange talks about the situation was such that i had to change and all.Then she says “i was always your fuggy.. I’m always yours”

    I think this would be the dream sequence.

  30. OK Nikki I’m glad that you’re back.with you’re comments kkb interestedme.

  31. Rubbish serial no logic behind anything. Ekta kapoor made abhi and all look stupid. Making fool of audience. This serial will never end and abhi and prgaya will aways fight

  32. Glad u r back nikki 1 / Pratiksha. I enjoy your analysis. Its fun to read. N pls dont allow people such as the one who has limited choice of names to continue entertaining us. Focus on the majority of people who enjoy your comments.

  33. Ya pratiksha…lv ur comments…and kindly forget that person…be positive and think about us,who love you and plz never again think of leaving us alone in this site…more than kkb am ur fan…

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