Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi refusing to follow her strict rules. Pragya tells that if he refuses to obey her rules then she will see him in court. Abhi says he will see her in court. Pragya asks her not to do this mistake as court cases takes years to resolve. She says she want to cut down on the expenses, marriage functions, etc. Tanu asks what about my marriage. Pragya says there will be no marriage here. Abhi thinks Pragya loves me even now and that’s why stopping Tanu’s marriage with me. I want to hear her that she loves me. Abhi says who are you to stop my wedding. He asks her to apologize to his family and attend the wedding. Tanu thinks if Pragya loves him even now. Pragya says I don’t care if you marries or stay single. She says as of now, you can’t marry. Abhi asks why? Pragya says

you are my asset and I don’t want your marriage news malign your new album sale, and effect the profit. She says stardom gets less if the stars get marry. She says your album is always a hit, but this time album should be superhit. Once I get the money, I will think about your marriage and with whom. She asks everyone not to take their problems to Abhi, as he couldn’t even help himself. She asks him to come to office.

Abhi comes out of house with Pragya. Pragya asks to take small car. Abhi says he don’t want to take small car being rock star. Pragya says big car needs more petrol, and tells about cost cutting. Abhi refuses. Pragya asks him to take bus then, and asks to decide. Abhi sits in small car. Tanu and Aaliya hear her. Aaliya thinks she didn’t leave Abhi also. Tanu says Abhi would have slapped her hard. She says we have to think something? What I will do as I left modelling also. Aaliya says she has enough money to sustain, and says we shall meet Raj. She says Pragya’s game is for some days only.

Pragya comes to office and scolds the staff for using computers unneccesarily. Abhi thinks his staff is not looking at him. The peon gives him water and says you are my boss, please don’t become like her. Abhi hugs him. Pragya scolds the staff for wasting paper and cartridge. She says she don’t want anyone to waste her money. She tells Abhi that she wants her staff to realize importance of money. She asks who checks the accounts? She threatens Abhi to come with her else come to the police station. Abhi thinks I never thought that I will see this day. He asks the employees to go as he needs to talk to Pragya. Everyone looks at Pragya. Abhi asks them to mark his words and tells that he will kicked them out of office. Pragya asks him why he is taking his anger on them. Abhi says you have made me workless from being a rockstar. He says he will gone mad. Pragya asks him to sit for sometime, as she wants to show him something. She shows the balance sheet. Abhi says I know what I earn and what I spend. I have a accounts team which handles my accounts. Pragya tells that 5 lakhs rupees is debited from your account every month for Ashram Charity, but that Ashram don’t exist. Abhi looks on.

She says she will seal the accounts. Abhi says if anyone needs money then what they will do. Pragya says she will give the money if the need is genuine. Abhi says I will never ask money from anyone. Pragya asks the manager to seal the accounts, whereever the company’s funds have been transferred till now. Raj, Tanu and Aaliya meet outside. Tanu tells she is pregnant, and her marriage is stopped. She says her life and career is at stake. Raj says Pragya wants to anger you to make her plan work. If we are getting angry then it means we are helping her. Aaliya says Raj is right. Tanu calls the waiter. Raj says we have to do something which Pragya can’t think about. Tanu is being informed that her card is declined. Tanu is shocked.

She says she will seal the accounts. Abhi says if anyone needs money then what they will do. Pragya says she will give the money if the need is genuine. Abhi says I will never ask money from anyone. Pragya asks the manager to seal the accounts, whereever the company’s funds have been transferred till now. Raj, Tanu and Aaliya meet outside. Tanu tells she is pregnant, and her marriage is stopped. She says her life and career is at stake. Raj says Pragya wants to anger you to make her plan work. If we are getting angry then it means we are helping her. Aaliya says Raj is right. Tanu calls the waiter. Raj says we have to do something which Pragya can’t think about. Tanu is being informed that her card is declined. Tanu is shocked. She says she just now paid the money. Aaliya gives her card. Aaliya says we shall take time to think about the plan. The waiter comes and says your card is declined too. Tanu thinks Pragya has blocked our accounts. Raj pays the money to the waiter, and tells she is playing game with us. Tanu says let her play game with her, we have enough time to be poor. Abhi says it is enough of our work. Pragya asks him to take 100 Rs from the account dept, Abhi says I am a rockstar and rule on people’s heart. Pragya thinks she is doing this to make him know about the fraud in his company.

Pragya says if they are not eating now, then they will have to eat it in the breakfast. Mitali is shocked. Abhi scolds Pragya for making his Dadi eat stale food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Come on abhi!!!! U should know your wife by now!
    But I think dadi knows what pragya is up to 🙂

  2. Nice episode.

  3. VERY GOOD POINTS MISHA . At least 1 truth shld evolve in Prags quest towards exposure. Tanus pregnancy.
    The episodes have been gratifying this wk..thanks to Sriti Jha’s superb acting.
    The suspense as to who is in Prags team is interesting & the twist is great but the dragging needs to STOP. Do give thy audience some RESPECT producers /writers/directors.

    1. totally agreed,when will the truth reveal????????????????????????????????????

  4. It shows a lack of intelligence & creativity on your part.

  5. Abhi u dont hate pragya pls………..she still love u loy

  6. Right sandhya..

  7. Friends pragya acting is nice. One time she is behavingvlile old pragya whenever abhi goes close to her and then to avoid that acting as bold pragya outside. Their nhok jhok is awesome. And one more thing if she behave normally with dadi and abhu they will know that this is old pragya thats why she is acting like this.

    but abhi must face this bcs he did a lot in past more than worse so he should get through it. But abhi dadi is getting bcs of his granddaughter and grandson. How they both behaved with pragya. If she knows pragya past and the reason for now she had came then she will accept because it is her fault to not seeing this worst attitude of grandson and granddaughter to pragya. So everyone should face this now.

  8. Don’t drag the story. Please. Let abhi come to know the purpose behind pragya’s attitude.

  9. guys,i’m really happy to see this,where the evils are working very badly,but the only thing which sucks ,is that they’re not supposed to built a wall bet. abhigya’s cute fights .not they shud make fights bet them,pragya please don’t treat dadi kike that i don’t really care ,how do u treat abhi,as he himself doesn’t care abt. that but pls give some importance to dadi at least before abhi.i wish abhi finds out the truth of pragya’s rude behavior…..

  10. Irritating

  11. irritating….y dis writers r draagging the story beyond the limit….

  12. Frnds … everything is nice…. but i have a fear…. if abhi get more angry on pragya for her over strict…. then everything will change…

    Very good punishment for aliya, tanu,metali,taiji everyone… i have dout of akash for helping pragya or dadi…

    My biggest question is where is the father of tanu’s baby? Y they introduce him … always he is abcense… and where is tanu’s mom dad even they are not in megandi function also..

    Nowadays kkb only around mehra massion only…. rabul jodi scenes are very less… purab bulbul part is very lesss ….. i don’t know y…. after rabul mrg arregement the entire family togeather in pragya new avatar entry.. then they show purab and bulbul only one time…

  13. guys,did u listen pragya said 2 months leave for the workers which means the truth will take more than 2 months to reveal in the serial,but as of now each day in the serial is a week or atleast 4 daays so how many months shud we see differences bet. our favorite couple,(for which the trps are touching th sky)the trps went up even during that track as abhigya were together,but now…..pls let abhi find out the truth

  14. Overall i can conclude that for now this drama shows the ladies out there of how ro b a queen control. Oh my god! Doesn’t make any sense that a girl can control peoples life! Hello, this is 20s century- human rights always there to deal! Can the writer bring up the story line in more sensible way?

  15. Wishing abhigya’s cute scenes daily

  16. Pragya u rock … Abhi plz do believe pragya … Want abhigya’s cute scenes daily

  17. I can’t understand why its taking to long to revealed the truth about tanu’s pregnancy.if the writer taking to long to reset the script I have no problem with that but abhi and pragya there relationship should be on the right path.i’ m glad that pragya changed her behavior but she should be kind to abhi and dadi.you should always be respectful to elders and your husband.that’s why the writer should rewrite the scipt

  18. guys c serial gossip..abhi goes against pragya and get marry tanu…i think he will do drama to know about the reason for her new avatar..

    1. yeah..i also read that Kowsi… i hope atleast this pregnancy track will end soon… becoz even if Abhi is ready(though he is just acting thinking Pragya will reveal the truth behind her change at the time of marriage), Tanu will not accept for it…since Tanu might not be aware that Abhi is just pretending to marry her and she will think if this marriage happen for real, then she may not be able to lead a wealthy life as Pragya has right on all properties of Abhi…

      1. so Pragya will also let it happen , so that Abhi himself can know Tanu’s reality..but onething am not sure is, how this pregnancy truth is going to be revealed… whether Tanu herself going to accept it to stop the marriage or Pragya will reveal it after Tanu rejects the marriage as her greedy nature will be known to all if she stops the marriage…

      2. yeah chithu …if abhi announces his marriage with tanu ..he knows pragya s against this marriage now so she will not allow this..definitely both abhi and pragya r fighting for this marriage..atlast she will lose her temper shouts tanu s not pregnant with ur child its someone else i dnt know who s tat person sme thing lyk tat..also she will confesses her love once again..if its happen it will gud..

  19. Actually d track is going with fun but not sesnsibly. The story line also nice. But they should make twists and reveal the truths fast fast. And not to drag this much. Then it Will be so interesting and also cherishing to watch . LetZz wait and watch what’s gonna happen

  20. Guys it’s getting bore sometimes and also sesnse less. No.1: where has nikil gone??? They should show him in the screen for his role and also for story balance. No.2: why can’t pragya say the truths to abhi??? He should know the truths and can act like hating pragya before others. He is rock star rite. He can manage the situation. No.3: ok let pragya hide the truths from abhi. But why is she hurting Dadi and abhi for unnecessary things??? Why is she cutting Dadi’s medicine and giving her not good foods??? She can act strict by her plan but should not this much cheap. She is saying to save money. She is breaking their heart and trust. I can’t understand so many things in this track. Only good thing is fun here. Just dragging with fun . Dats it. Though they r relaxing us by abhigya scenes in the week days, they r always confusing us finally in the weekends . Do u guys ever noticed it??? Or anyone else who s having the same feel ???

    1. yes Deepika… logically many things are incorrect here…the first point is, it is not so easy to snatch someone’s property like this that too a rock star’s 🙂 sometimes i feel, why in such a critical track, they are having illogical fun scenes…only during this pregnancy and current track am feeling it more…. even before kidnapping track was dragged, but that was bit more logical than these… 🙂 that MMS track was in itz full mode.. i mean there were romantic/comedy scenes in it also, but it was acceptable and not dragged… 🙂 so i feel, CVS should close Tanu’s track atleast..it is tooooooooo late…almost 90 episodes…..

    2. deepika and chittu,u guys are absolutely right..the only thing which im comfortable with in this track is that alia ,tanu and all unwanted,useless,illogical,critical,senseless,stupid,idiotic,foolish, evils are being punished.but wat about the other things,im pretty much sure there r so many people watching this serial for abigya(im one of them),so obviously those people will not love to watch this track,but they do watch for few certain reasons.and that really doesnt mean we would bare didtance between or favorite pair ,abhi and pragya .so pls writers stop dragging this,i really dont care about the truth revealation but pls dont bring a situation where abhi would come to a position of literally hating pragya…

      1. Guys I have seen a promo in YouTube by zeeafrica. Pragya is sitting in bed with abhi’s guiter in hand. Abhi comes and he is giving rose to pragya and says this is for u , u look beautiful and he adds thanks for everything. Is this episode got over??? I haven’t seen this scene in any episodes. He is saying THANKS FOR EVERYTHING means it’s gonna happen after he came to know the truths rite??? Plzz guys reply. I wanna knw

      2. Deepika…when was it uploaded in you tube?? can u share the link so that we can check?

      3. Deepika that was the promo after the kidnapping track…the promo after pragya confesses her love for him…she has saved his life and he thanks her for that

  21. Nope deepika that video u hav seen is old one whn pragya proposes abhi and will be waiting 4 his ans..its not new promo and that scene they didn’t show

  22. Deepika the promo was taken long ago and its not the recent promo , the promo was done after abhi and pragya came back home after the kidnapping drama

  23. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Toooo slow n dragggging eish !!!!

  24. Deepika In that promo pragya be in old getup r be in new getup..

  25. Is this story similar to madhubala. Coz some scene r similar.

  26. Truly very tiered of this dragging drama.when will they reveal the truth? It is already been one month ever since this pregnancy crap has started.when they r going to end this and unite pragya and abhi.week by week we r eagerly waiting for some new change is going to b happen but it is always the same old drama…

  27. today spoilers:
    Abhi is getting haunted dreams about Pragya and he is getting sleepless. Abhi and Pragya’s nok jhok did not change even after Pragya got makeover.
    Abhi wakes up late and Pragya scolds him.She says she just do the work in which she has some benefit and taunts him. Their fights are never ending. Pragya wanted to know something else and hides it from Abhi.

  28. Where the hell is nikhil????

  29. Oops.. thank u guys

  30. Oops sorry guys it was an old promo. I haven’t seen that scene in any epiz. So only I asked. Sry for the wrong information guys . And thank u

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