Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Granny asks her not to give up so soon, as abhi hasnt married pragya yet, and that she would be defeated only when she accepts defeat. she says that tanu hasnt snatched abhi, but she is letting it be, and asks why is she giving up, before a loss, drawing an analogy to savitri, who brought back her husband from the dead. pragya is set to thinking. she says that abhi is still with her, and till tanu doesnt complete her marriage with him, till then, she should keep fighting, till she doesnt win or lose finally. pragya remembers her marriage with abhi, and is set to thinking.

Meanwhile, abhi walks listlessly in the corridor, he remembers purab’s advise, asking him to be with pragya tonight. he complies to purab’s statements, and

decides to spend this last night with pragya. but just then, tanu meets him, and says that she wishes to talk to him rightnow. he tries to put her off till tomorrow, but she insistently takes him to her room, and shows herthe wedding dress, for the function, and asks him to see how she looks. he says that he can see tomorrow. she asks that it would just take five minutes. he screams frustratedly that he shall see tomorrow, startling her. he lashes out at her, while she gets tensed. he apologises immediately, and says that he is very tired, and there are lots of work tomorrow, and if he sleeps tonight, he shall be fersh, and he shall see her in the dress in the morning. he leaves, bidding her goodnight. she talks to the baby, as to how badly he talks, but tomorrow, his anger and her tensions would be over, as she would be married to him, and nikhil shall be in the past.

Abhi enters the room, and finds pragya sits tensedly. she gets to pretend to be busy in some work. he gets scared at the sight of a cockroach. he clutcehs at her, in the scare of the insect. an awkward romantic embrace follows. then they are aware of their proximity, and distance themselves. she says that the insect is gone. he asks her hesitantly, if they can sit and simply talk. she silently complies, still tensed. he gets up and sits in front of her, and then abhi asks pragya if she remembers their first meeting, when she was planning to commit suicide. she vehemently denies. he says that she didnt know swimming and would have drowned. he says that at that time, they didnt know each other, but there was a weird connection. he says that when he picked her up, and took her in his arms, he couldnt take his eyes away, and then asks her if he can carry her again in his arms. she is stunned. They remember their first meeting. She gets up and he complies, and hugs her, and carries her in the arms, while they keep eyeing each other, overwhlemed with a surge of emotions, remembering their past romantic moments. he places her back down, and then goes to the shelf, and comes back, and places her vermillion holder, saying that once he accidentally placed it on her by mistake. they remember that moment. she wishes to go, but he stops her one more time, and then brings the necklace, reminding her of the jewellery store where they had accidentally met. he places it in her hand, saying that the mangalsutra tied them together. she gets emotional and is about to cry, when he asks her if she can answer his one last question. she complies. he asks her if she can wear her wedding dress one last time. she is stunned hearing his request, and they continue eyeing each other, while she says that he shouldnt freshen the memories, that have faded away, as the heart shall keep demanding things, and he shall keep hurting her. she asks him to go and sleep, as its too late. he complies and leaves. she sits troubled, still remembering their marriage, and how he draped the dupatta over her. As they resignedly lie in their rooms, thyey are both upset remembering their moments with the other. they both dose off.

In pragya’s mother’s room, granny apologises to her, saying that she couldnt fulfill her promise one more time, as she had promised her that she would be by pragya to make her win, but she couldnt. purab and akash stand tensedly. granny sits beside her, and says that she cant imagine abhi’s wedding with tanu. purab says that there must be something to avert this. but granny says that there is no reason and way out, as tanu shall find some other way out, and that only one person can stop this marriage, thats abhi, and if he ignites one hope in pragya’s mind, then nothing can stop her from winning, as the willing do find a way.

The next morning, tanu wakes up to nikhil’s call, who taunts and congratulates her for her wedding, while she is frustrated. he says that pragya finally did accept, and he too is ready. he says that he is going to the airport, to receive his would be in laws. she is boggled and asks why, as they are her parents. he calms her down and says that she is getting married, and he too is planning in advance for his future. he cancels. she is frustrated at him, but then gets tensed, and eyes her wedding dress, and thinks that this day has come after a long time, and asks her to think of that only now.

Meanwhile, the butlers in the kitchen are indecisive as to what to prepare, since noone instructed them, like pragya always usually does. just then, akash’s mother comes and asks why isn the breakfast ready yet. they tell that they dont know what to make. they are told that pragya is nomore in control. the butlers say that he shall leave then, as they like the respect that pragya used to give him, instead of tanu, who used to behave with them like a slave. the members are shocked as to how they shall manage if the butlers leave. alia comes and taunts that they shall take over, as she being tanu’s friend wont work. they are smirking and hurriedly leave. alia eyes them resignedly.

In her room, pragya sits dressed as a bride, waiting for abhi to open his eyes. he wakes up to find, pragya dressed as a bride, and is plesantly surprised. he is amused and comes to her. he says that this is what he likes about her, that she always agrees to everything he says, and she is sitting in front of him, and still he cant have her in his life, since he doesnt have control over it, but its weird that she is the woman of his dreams, and he can do anything in them. she smiles. they eye each other romantically. he kisses her around the neck, and says that this is for what lecture she gave last night. she pinches her and says that this is reality. he is shocked and asks if she did agree, and she gets emotional, as he continues, saying that just like a dying man’s last wish is granted, and that he wont die, since he has a reason to live now. she tries to say something, but he pinches her nose and silences her. they both eye each other, full of tears. they both hug each other ardently, tears streaming down their cheeks. purab walks in, and finds them like that.

Purab comes down, begging for the lord to do something, a miracle to stop this marriage. tanu comes screaming for abhi, while he says that he isnt in the room. she asks if she would believe him, and that she shall go for herself and see. purab asks her if she wont listen to her brother in law now, and distracts her in conversation, so that abhi and pragya can bond. she is pleased, while he continues fooling her, and she says that she shall search for him elsewhere. after she leaves, he says that she is his bhabhi, as her child’s father, nikhil used to be his friend at one time. he asks hesitantly, if she would come with him to his marriage. she is aghast to hear this. he insists resquesting her. she eyes him stunned. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Pragya tells abhi, that he only needs to take a step ahead in his life to be able to move on, and says that with time, these memories and torments shall fade away, and he shall be able to get past them. he says that to get ahead, only steps ahead dont matter, one needs the company of a reliable person too. she says that leaving one’s hand doesnt let go of togetherness, as she had promised to be by his side forever. he eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. one of the worst serial this is. i like this serial but last 7 to 8 months only boring things has happened. only villan won and never good one win. who gave trp more than 3.0 to this..i will give less than 1.0. maha bekar serial h. kv sachai ka pata ni chalta jb kch acha jone jata h to phr kch ult pher ho jata h. bhai band kr do is serial ko taki logo ka 30minutes jindagi ke barbad hone se bach jaega. isme esa kch dikha raha jo earth or real me to kv ni hoga. may be iska drictr mars se h tabhi esa kch dilha raha.. morons kumkum bhagya team and crews

  2. Jayakumarisuresh

    Shobana all ur points are valid. Probably abhi would have discussed with saralama ans assures nothing will happen to pragya. It may be shown when the truth comes out. I think abhi must have known everything and waiting for pragyas reaction. Coz he is so romantic after getting signature from pragya. Since then he has maintained distance with her. And after seeing new segment abhi testing pragya its been confirmed now. They did not show rajs response too……. I wonder why abhigyas room always kept open….. I think we insist writer send a Carpenter at the earliest to put latches on the door. Rachna purab finally robin also enters the room freely without even having a manner of knocking the door. I really enjoyed robin saying that he will leave MM if tanu be d boss. I watched once again the episode in ozee app immediately coz i loved abhigya moments. Gowtham pragya too looks pretty in her wedding dress. She could not change her get up very often probably as per story shes from middle class family n not like model tanu. Its my guess friends …. Finally rimjhim thanks for your timely update

    1. Only one thing is clear now jayakimarisuresh that we have still wait for exposure and ya abhi might have spoken to sarla ma and it can be shown while exposure. There are chances for that too. Lets wait and see what happens

    2. Rimjhim

      thanks to you, dear jayakumarisuresh, and enjoy reading…!!!!

  3. coming to tdays epaiode, dads speech was good.. more like encouraging and giving strength to prgaya…. and abhigyas conversation was also good… they were having nice romantic and more soulful conversation… but when i see their conversation i could feel onethng… one lady who is pregnant and the father of that baby is known…. tries to marry ones husband…. and other lady eventhough aware of truth, didnt want to say anything to hia husband even at the last minute…. juz thnk tomorrow is the marriage.. how could one lady be this much tolerance to let his husband to sit with another lady with same podium to marry…. well aware of her illegitimate child…. how could ahe jiz tolerate this?? i knw next day marriage ll be stopped …. these and all will happen fr sure…. but practically, will any woman accept his husband to let him marry another woman who is gonna deliver the illegitimate child… its a drama…. and anything may possible.. but whn i saw that scene yesterday, i was kind thinking about this only…. both are saying this is my last night with you and talking romantically…. though i loved this scene alot, this kind of irked me…. who on the world will see her husband putting kumkum on third rated woman… stopping the marriage is a different case.. but allowing to sit on a same stage itslef is a unforgivable cheat to her husband… and also dadi has a point and she said right….. prgya must be the one to save her own kumkum which means people in mm ll be silent hereaftr….. and coming to tanu hw on earth one could this much positive….. ahe knows that all mm members know her truth…. shouldn’t she afraid of the situation??? shouldn’t she afraid of anyone?? shouldn’t she think if anyone says the truth to abhi all ll be gone?? she is walking confidently and taunting prgya…. i dnt knw i juz want this marriage track to end soon.. waiting fr the upcoming line….. me too thut whn prgya was in bridal dress, it was a dream.,, nice change of scene good… and guys all are saying if one episode is good rest of thm are a blunder… but it is not their routine…. recent times only its like this… actually now in IM if u see, all the episodes have some important things to say….lik abhi confess to dadi abhi left house abhi proposed prgya… like that every episode was good…. but nowadays only its becoming like this…. waiting fr marriage, but in Saturday episode only all ll be in temple ao prgaya ll come and stop the marriage on monday…. i am very eager to see tanu on her wedding dress…. she ll be awesome in that dress?

    1. Gowtham ..stop falling fa tanu .. I’m laughn on yua comment here ..

      1. but razia i alredy fell fr leena ?wat to do???

    2. gowtham u didn’t notice my comment.. i am missing ur reply ?

      1. yeah now i seen that comment brin….. tanu has made this much problem.. she deserves those things too…. if they show that, i thnk we would all love to watch…. i thnk most of us here are ready to watch tanu suffering even it goes 50 episodes ??……… except me?? bcoz i like leena alot….

    3. Ha ha.. Then elope with leena…

      1. big sis… leena kuda pasa ethavathu way solunga… ??

      2. gowtham i think u can use facebook and instagram to contact leena……..

      3. S gowtham contact her in instagram or twitter… Or contact mr. Rahul i m sure he will help u

      4. i can contact her…. will she reply to me??that is the big question know…..

      5. give her twitter account name…. sheetha

      6. @leena_real is her id.. Do u want rahul id.. Her boy frnd..?

      7. Gowtham yua impossible .. Better jus elope wid Leena as sheetha said .. Bt I guess Uve seen leenas boy frnd pic .. Konjo bayangarama irupan .. 😉

  4. Atlest now y cant daadi n gang opn thir mouths…I simply don’t understand. ..just dragging unbearably from past 1 year. What bullshit

  5. Guys this pragya’s mogambo makeover completes 200 episodes….but now only marriage ….so from episode 354 pragya turned to this avatar ….but now episode 554. …wat do u think guys???

  6. Thank you so much gowtham anna ,reji and shobana especially for replying me

    1. It’s ok shivanya you r welcome…don’t say thanks…

    2. Shivanya
      Comment Ku reply pannuradu thank you solla kudadu

  7. I must say .. Sriti looked so pretty .. Write the pretty .. Also .. Pragya looked like fuggy even though she din wear her chasma .. Only tat sindoor she kept totally changed her look .. Sriti .. Pls Inimey kungumam vei romba alaga iruka .. Even in the challenging promo wid tanu u had kumkum on yua maang na .. Felt gud to c tat

    1. Ya razia u r right. …actually pragya looks like fuggy…when she wear that kumkum and mangalsutra ….and really sriti looks pretty…I also mentioned this only in my comment….

  8. Poor Abhi, I wonder how can Pragya still not tell him anything even while wearing that wedding dress, mangalsutr n Kumkum. Episode was awesome but I felt very very bad for Abhi.

    She is assuring Abhi on one hand n asking him to move on n then goes n stops marriage. Of course it is Tanu’s defeat but it is indirectly manipulation of relationships. Poor example for audience.

  9. Hi guys?have a rocking gud mrng to all of u and reji many many happy returns for ur birthday in advance. May ur carrier and future touch skyhigh limits and ur everyday becomes a special day like ur birthday. Wish u have a wonderful and exiting birthday. A?crown, ?????????????????baloons, a ? cake and a ? for u. Once again a very happy birthday to u in advance.????
    Now come to the discission on episode. It was a average episode. Dadi’s teachings were gud but too old for present time. Abhi just listen everybody except him and his heart and mind. Whoever person says to him whatever, he just follows that. This is his biggest minus point. He is enough mature but still he haven’t the capability of taking right decisions for his own. He always need someone to guide him. He easily becomes weak in emotions of any people. That’s why everybody takes his advantage every time. Pragya is a highly educated professor in the show. Her character should b more practical and enough intelligible. She was like this in starting but after sometimes she lost her this quality and now she is behaving like an illitrate person of middle ages society who just obeys their elders and own peoples whatever they say to follow instead of using own mind and inner self. Sometimes I feels like I m roaming in a dreamland ,watching an imagination based story which have no head, no leg. In starting they showed all the characters in impressive way, as it is as in their story but with the passing time, they all got ruined slowly- slowly. It’s like somebody served delicious dishes infront of u in beginning and u enjoyed it so much but then they served a bad taste desert becoz of which all ur taste got ruined. But becoz we got attached with the show from beginning becoz of sriti and shabbir. This is the reason of our every tolerance and watching the show still. Anyways, yesterday I saw robin first time talking as this much. Whatever he said it was all mind blowing and likable for us. Purab calls tanu as bhabhi ji. He calls tanu bhabhiji for nikhil becoz he says that nikhil was his friend at a time which baby she is carrying. So it’s fine, he calls her bhabhiji. Now come to the last part of abhigya. So as usual it was full of mixed emotions and pleasure to watch. Tanu should see all this. So she could come out from her dreamland and her misunderstanding gets clear that what pragya meant to abhi and what is her place in his life. Nothing want to say more becoz I m just waiting for wedding episode and later story. Tanu will come from her dreamland after the cancellation of marriage but only one thing will left, which is to face the slap of the reality. Let’s see In what way pragya has used the divorce matter to stop the marriage and what willb the abhigya:s and taaliya’snext step after this becoz it will tell us about the time if tanu’s exposure that how much time it will take more to end?

  10. Guys I have a news for all of u. Neel motwani aka our corporator is coming back in kkb. He have started his shooting. Let’s see what role he is going to play in abhigya’s life. I think, he is going to fill shikha Singh aka aaliya’s absence in the show becoz of her wedding. More twists and turns r going to add in the show guys. B ready for it. Last time becoz of him, we got our romantic abhigya and starting of their love story. Now let’s see what effect will put of neel’s aka corporator’s come back on abhigya’s life now.

    1. ya pratiksha i also saw that …he is back to shoot…..superb…..i think after tanu’s track he might be the next villain …….and bulbul’s re entry will happen i think so …….and thanks for this awesome news pratiksha …..u r amazing… superrrr!!….. and wow thank u for ur wishes pratiksha…..but today is not my b’day anyways i will take ur wishes in advance……..thank u ……

      1. Reji I too wished u in advance as u said that ur birthday is surprise. See and read again, I used word “advance” with my wishes to u.

      2. anyways pratiksha thank u so much for ur wishes my frnd………

    2. Is corporator now the weapon against both Nikhil n Pragya from Tanu n Aaliya.

      Because after the marriage is stopped, there shud b new twist. I thot they will show that Abhi will try to find something on his own. But instead one more evil entered.

      I thot after dragging for long, they will let Abhi close this track. But the crime n evil plans on this show r increasing with each day. Can’t we have some happy moments for a change plsss.. Not those forced, recycled romantic moments, but genuine happiness for the leads.

    3. Neel is back.. He will also tarcer abhigya.. So cvs r ready with their next track…Who knows may be he is the one who took aliya out from jail… Wat ever is is the perfect pair for aliya….

    4. corporater ah irritating….. even in tamil when i frst saw him juz hate his char to thr core…. i dnt want to see him… during kidnapping time his act was not good at all…. and tamil voice over very bad….. i thnk tamil guys will know….. that time in chennai flood came and no power.. thank god i didnt see his face that much… i hate him…. i dnt want to see his face on kkbs screen….

    5. Oh no he is back its not a big deal becoz he was cutted ribbon for abhigya love but he should come after tanu end do not come before or else again they start dragging with tanu we can tolerate corporater aliya even tanu but cant her pregnancy track she should expose i told u guyzz they defenitely do worst after a best i wish after end of tanu only he should come what u think guyzzz especially prathiksha becoz ur d one who clear all my confusion

    6. Corporator’s character was a negative cupid for abhigya, if he doesn’t kidnap pragya instead of bulbul then we doesn’t see abhi’s real feelings for pragya, pragya’s confession from abhi and their cute love. Pragya’s kidnap by corporator has played an very important role to make abhi realize pragya’s love and importance in his life, after which he himself realized that whatever he did for pragya and whatever pragya feels for him, this is love actually. Yes corporator has was the villain and he torchered and did bad with abhigya but unknowingly he brought abhigya more close to each other. Even kidnapping track qaa one of my favourite track becoz it was all belongs to abhigya and there were no taaliya anywhere till long. Corporator was enemy of abhigya becoz of his crimes with them and becoz of them, he lived in jail for long. So definetly he will not help them in anything. Infact he can create more problems for them. But he was an obsessed lover of bulbul too so it will depend on it that how he will take Bulbul’s death news? If he gets to know that bulbul is dead becoz of taaliya then he could bring bad time for taaliya and corporator’s come back could help abhigya in indirect way but if it’s aaliya’s plan to use corporator against abhigya by saying it that Bulbul’s death happened becoz of pragya, then it could b more problematic for abhigya. Whatever is going to happen with the corportator’s character in the show, it will make the track more massey and more dragging, if it will b enter before the exposure of tanu.

    7. Prathiksha
      Is Neel motwani going enter kkb before tanu’s exposure or aft exposure??? Do u have any idea on it ???
      I think if he comes then bulbul character will also re enter the show

    8. Whoever saw the pic, did u notice the girl in pic. Is she is one Nikhil keeps showing as his wife if so what is neel doing with her.

      1. sahithi i think she is not the one who is acting as nikhil’s wife………but may be u r ryt..but wat work she had with neel??

      2. No guys, she is not that girl whom nikhil introduced as his wife.

  11. So overall one thing was quite satisfactory is that there was nly almost Abhigya’s scenes throughout the episode ? less Taaliya’s irritating scenes ?And Yesss of course Pragya was looking stunning gorgeous amazing in Bridal getup ?But one thing is confusing why Dadi told Pragya that nly Abhi can stop this mariage ? ?
    And Gowtham i know since the beginning that u are heartily waiting to see ur Tanu in Bridal dress n all ??

    1. yes yes fowziya…. to the core i am waiting to see tanu in bridal outfit…. she ll be awesome in that dress…. ? dnt scold me guys.. but i have to accept the fact… she is the prettiest in kkb….. my view

      1. I agree with you gowtham
        Since I like Leena very much

      2. super shobana….

      3. Reji ,shobana ,gowtham anna neenga Facebook la irukingala?

      4. Ahahah i kno that already Gowtham ???
        Nadatunga nadatunga
        How r u dear Shobbb? ?

  12. And thanks Rhimjhim for ur detailled written update ☺ Seriously your each and every details are amazing !

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks a lot dear fowziya…glad to know u liked my update….enjoy reading…!!!!!

  13. Hi guys… I am a silent reader of telly update but note than that I love reading your comments… I will also be joining you guts soon in your conversation…

    1. hi priyanka……..welcome……i think u r from tamil nadu ryt??….

      1. Yea… I am from Tamil Nadu

    2. welcome priyanka…. keep commenting

      1. Thank you Gowtham

    3. Welcome priyanka 🙂

    4. Hi priyanka

    5. Welcome priyanka

  14. Its more not note

  15. Please give Abhi some hero role…..

  16. thanks for ur wonderful news pradiksha..gowtham anna comments ellam awesome a irundathu and even reji ur comments also mind blowing..eagerly waiting for tabhis wedding and the return of the corporator…

    1. thank u shabana ……metoo waiting for tabhi’s wedding…..and keep commenting…….

  17. thanks for ur awesome news pradiksha and even gowtham annas and reji comment is mindblowing eagerly waiting for tabhis wedding and the returns of the corporator..

    1. thank you shabana… keep commenting always

  18. That old cow Ekta aint even married and she wants to make drama about it lmaooo like wtf does she know

  19. Hey guyzzzz,Don’t worry…….A Gud News……..Tanu’s Marriage will happen with Abhi’s Dupe…….Which means….Instead of Abhi ,Someone sat on mandap with Tanu & marry her…..Its Pragyas Plan……….After wedding,Pragya Remove sehra from that man & By saw that person, All get SHOCK……. ESPECIALLY TANU………ITS NOT JOKE YAAR…..ITS LATEST NEWS SEEN ON TELLY TOP UP………..

    1. Sorry to say navya..
      Its old news nd its not pragya’s plan…
      Due to shabir’s canada visit shabir’s doop joined the marriage shoot..
      Thats it yaar?

  20. Hi frnds….your comments are good. Can anyone plz share the latest promo link of KKB

  21. Its absolutely confusing that Neel is coming back to KKB when Purvi who is actual innocent party who should logically return to the show to prove her innocence or take revenge on Talia or Alia at least/

    Neel was convicted for attempted murder. Its a serious crime & has a long jail term. and hes out again….

    Having said tha,t i really enjoyed Abhigya romantic scenes yesterday. It was romantic, touching, sensitive & had a sweet sense of humour all packed in the scene. Not forgetting a brilliant performance from Shabir & Sriti.

    Yap this pregnancy track is probably one of the longest in any other serials probably longer than our small intestines(which is about 7 meters long). This is my analogy:

    I guess the track has to meander through like food being digested in the small intestine. Abhi has always trusted Tanu & Alia & would never betray him. Pragya finally showed Abhi what Alia is. Finally he saw Alias greed & ungreatfulness & that too after Pragyas many attempts to show prove. Now its Tanus turn. But hers is the ultimate one.And I would really want to know how the CVs are going to show this. So abhi is just at the small intestine part only digesting whatever he is seeing at face value of Tanu basically which is her lies & deceit. He will probably see Tanus real truth at the end of the tunnel of the large intestine. Thats his learning journey or curve from Pragy babes.

    We too as viewers are going through what Abhi is going through.
    After what the viewrs & Abhi have digested in the small intestine….which is the toughest part to digest & stomach with huge doses of irritation & indigestion & bloatedness. Food is now slowly going through the large intestine where exposure is building up. Well!!! Before whatever dislodges from the large intestine, the viewers better not get SH…T at the end of it!!! But RELIEF…… the wait has been just toooooooooooo loooooooooooong. So the CVs better set us free from total indigestion & pregnancy cramps we have been going through since the start of
    the pregnancy track. It better be a “Beautiful Exposure & Delivery Takhil & their Baby” & not SH..IT !!! Because CONSTIPATION is last thing we want from this PREGNANCY track.

  22. I dont understand y this pragya and tannus track is prolonged…im getting bored by this???….end it soon…

  23. why dadi is not opening her mouth.

  24. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    I hope all Tamil people will read my ff http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Rettai+Vaal+kuruvi.. Pls read and comment

    1. Sure .. Ranaji

  25. The full episodes is so nice especially Abhigya’s part. I like the way Pragya dressed in bridal. Even I’m also from Tamilnadu, but I like to have my bridal should be like that. Anyways it won’t happen.

    Coming to the show I felt bad when Abhigya hugs and cried. Now a days CVS making Abhi to cry. Their acting is awesome which shows me that they are real lovers. Im eagerly waiting for Abhigya’s reunion.

    If the corporator reentry means the villains will be large in number… Aliya, Tanu, Nikhil, Corporator….wow!!!!! So everyone going to attack Abhigya. May be Raj can help Abhigya because of corporator he went to jail. Then Raj will get one role to.

    Another possible thing is, whatever it is the corporator truly loves bulbul. May be he take revenge on Taaliya, if he came to know they are responsible for bulbul’s death.

    These may happen from the so far story line. But not sure about Tanu’s exposure. I think it was not still known by the CVS itself….:'(

  26. What if the return of this Neel character, also means the return of Bulbul? What if he’s the one who found Bulbul after her jump from that cliff and nurse her back to health. They say he went away for a long time for his crime against Pragya. But really, what is considered a long time in this show? Aliya was also meant to go to jail for a long time but yet here she is out and about creating more havoc.
    If Neel has Bulbul then I believe his return would be to help Pragya with the twin devils. Bulbul would have told him how she end up in the state she’s in. That she over heard Aliya and her plot to kill Pragya and in trying to save her sister she ends up injured instead.
    Helping her recover he could promise to help her get back at Tanu and Aliya for the problems they are causing in Pragya’s life. This would mark the beginning of trouble for the trouble makers. Wouldn’t that be a nice twist? With this trouble in their lives would cause Abhi’s suspicions to grow on Tanu that would later lead to her truth. Also to wipe the slate clean with Pragya and Abhi Neel would be to return a healed Bulbul to them and Purab… Well knowing how warped this CVS minds are they could have him come in again as a villain or Abhigya’s saving grace. who knows…

  27. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Sir pls don’t use many tough words I can’t understand sorry if I hurted u pls try to use simple English.. Pls tell me what is distraught? Boggled?pls tell me

    1. Rimjhim

      oh its totally fine….shall take care of it…..distraught means, completely shattered and devastated, feeling very bad…and boggled means confused…

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

        Thnx sir for telling me the meaning of it.

      2. Rimjhim

        u r welcome dear

  28. i gues if neel is return to set then may be directly or indirectly he bring abhigya closer to each other i think wat u guys say

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