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Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pragya to go. Dasi looks on. Abhi meets Sushant Singh Rajput in Mr. Sethi’s office, as he comes to promote his film. Abhi wishes him best for the film. Pragya thinks Dadi is very upset with me. She looks at Abhi and her room and recalls all the happy and sad times. She thinks don’t know how this room looks like now, as it is only in my memories now. Aaliya comes, and holds her hand, takes her to side and asks from where to start. She says atlast you came in this house. Pragya tries to speak. Aaliya asks her not to utter a word, and says you said that you will not come back, but you came infront of him and also to this house. She says you have taken advantage and did everything with planning. She says you told that you will fulfill wife’s rights being a

dutiful wife. She says you have forgotten the promise made to Dadi. She says I understands your plans, and asks her not to fool her. She blames her for trapping Abhi, and says you wants to make him remember everything. She says all you want is money, and says you have not change your mindset. She says you can fool Abhi and Dadi, but not me. She says I won’t let you do anything which will affect bhai. Pragya says she don’t want to come here and asks her to listen. Aaliya says whatever you will tell, I will never believe, as I am not a fool. Pragya says if you know what do I want then there would be no problem.

Aaliya says how can this slipped from my mind. She says you wants to take revenge on me and make him remember everything. She says I won’t let him get his memory back. She says Bhai is living life 2.5 years back and is in my control now. She asks her not to play his life and says everyone hates you. Now they will make your life difficult. She says I will ruin you and your family so that you people feel it difficult to stay in this city. She warns her saying that she will destroy her and her family.

Pragya thinks how to make Dadi understand that she didn’t come intentionally. She is about to go, but just then hears Abhi’s voice calling Robin. He says I am not getting my stuff. Pragya says I will search your stuff. Abhi asks how did you know where did I keep it. Pragya says let me try. Abhi says I couldn’t find my music player. Pragya finds it in the drawer and says it was a guess. Abhi asks for perfume, handkerchief and dumb bells. Pragya gives it all. Abhi asks about ring. Pragya gives it to him. Abhi is surprised and asks how did you get it being small. Pragya says I asked Robin and he told me about your stuff. Abhi is surprised and says you found everything quickly. Pragya tells him that she has fitted map in her mind when Robin told her about his stuff. Abhi calls her Sherlock homes, witty mind. Abhi asks for his medicines. Pragya opens the cupboard, but couldn’t get his medicine. Abhi says Robin does mistakes too. He asks if Aaliya explained you about work. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to bring his coffee, and thinks how lucky I am, from where I will find secretary like this.

Dasi asks Dadi why did she behave badly with Pragya, and says destiny have done bad with her, she is not wrong and asks why did you do this. She says Pragya never lies. Dadi says I did this intentionally and wanted her to leave this job and home. She says I am afraid of the troubles. Dasi asks why, and says Abhi is with her. Dadi says Tanu and Pragya have come here, and says I have seen hatred and jealousy in Tanu and Aaliya’s eyes. She says they will plan surely against Pragya, and says Abhi is in this situation because of them. She says if Pragya is with him, then they will conspire again and Abhi will get any stroke which will be dangerous for him. Taiji comes to Mitali and says I brought masala tea for you with crème biscuits. Mitali is shocked and asks if you are fine? She thinks something is wrong for sure. Tai ji says nothing is wrong. Tai ji says we will make our team now, and says Pragya has come here as a secretary, now it is right time to take revenge on her. Mitali is happy.

Tanu and Aaliya come to Abhi’s room and scare him. Abhi asks when did you come? Tanu says now I have to do this to meet you. Aaliya says she was complaining to me that you don’t have time for her, and have been spending time with secretary only. Abhi apologizes. Tanu tells him that she kept party for her friends and invites him for the same. Aaliya says it is tonight, and says everyone should know that party is rocking as you will attend it. Tanu says I will go. Pragya brings coffee. Abhi asks her to keep it. Pragya says I will go downstairs. Abhi asks her to call designer and asks him to get his dress ready. Pragya says okay. Aaliya asks her to give coffee to Abhi being his secretary. Tanu stamps on her feet. Pragya shouts. Abhi looks back.

Pragya tells Abhi that she don’t like parties. Abhi says you don’t like parties, but I like it. He asks who am I? Pragya says boss. Abhi says boss is always right.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dadi is a worst ..she was the one who made pragya tochg before. So selfish pragya lost her sister for her grandson…but now..all selfish in mm

  2. I think aliya lost her memory totally… wat she says pragya’s presents in front of abhi is make him memory back means even tanu presents also make that same crt..

    Then wat she doing like this?? And now all side of pragya is closed..

  3. Thank you for your updstes

  4. Nice episode(abhigya scenes only).How cute these two(abhigya). Intha taaliya mattum en munnadi iruntha kandipa summa vida matten heartless fellows.Really annoying, irritating disgusting stupid taaliya.

  5. We are all together stamp on tanu feet… How dare she… really irritated yaa today ….

    Again fooled abhi…….

    1. If there’s any woman with a husband like abhi, then i really feel sorry for her.

  6. Pragya is in complete hell now, where everybody will treat with her very badly as much as possible. Only abhi behaves with her nicely. Is this ok for the loyal audience and fans of abhigya to watch innocent pragya as getting treatment like a servant by nasty evils and by those family, for which she did a lot out from it’s limits? What Sarla maa do now when she will get to know that pragya is working for abhi as his secretary in Mehra hell? Not even a day finished of pragya as abhi’s secretary in Mehra hell, scams got started with her entry as I said that drama will begin now from here after pragya’s entry in Mehra hell. We love to see abhigya together and their love journey but I don’t want to watch it at this cost if pragya will have to face all the wrong things and treatment for being with abhi. One thing which I liked about pragya that she is not expecting anything, not abhi nor his love or to b his wife back. And even she is not keeping hope for abhi’s memory’s come back. Until she will not keep any hope or expectations, till then she will get saved from the unbearable pain. Although she will feel bad at some moments but gud thing is this that she is not roaming in dreamland and she is living in reality.

    1. Pragya’s work for abhi is not at all wrong but her working under the nasty evils and for such a waste family on the stake of her dignity and respect is worst and awful thing to watch. God knows how we will tolerate all this further if we will not get any positive changes for pragya in the show. Well cvs r showing some changes in comparison if previous season so hope the will keep continue this change and will not show same crap like before and will present further story in better way. Well let’s see.

    2. But do u understand why Pragya wants to do all this? Just to have the chance to see Abhi everyday, meet him. I feel it crossed the limit of foolishness and madness – first she worked at a music company to see his poster now as his secretary to be with him. Atleast for me it didnt make sense from the day she joined a music company and no one recognized her as Abhi’s wife. And there was no proper justification as to why she doesnt want to go back to teaching. If she signed up for this job then no surprise she is prepared for all the humiliations and the evils taunts.

      I generally never understand why Pragya does the things she generally does. Like in each track, she is a character beyond my understanding. So I kind of stopped looking for any reasons 🙂

      Sarla will ask Pragya to leave job if she knows truth, her Daadi will convince Sarla and Pragya will continue. Thats what always happens right, Pragya has a Daadi who blindly supports her.

      1. Ya sahithi I know pragya wants to b with abhi so she could see him and she could talk with him. That’s why she joined music company but many times she felt that she should leave the job but her dadi convinced her to continue. Now when she realized that she needs job for helping her maa financially then she got ready to do any job and when she got to know that abhi is giving her job at her home, she clearly refused from it but got ready when abhi blackmailed her emotionally that if she will not do this job she can’t even come in front of him becoz he and we knows that how much it is impossible for her to stay away from abhi forever. That’s why she unwantedly accepted this job. Abhi’s love has become her biggest weakness from always becoz of which everybody takes her advantage and that is why many times she does what, which doesn’t suits her character. She is very soft by heart that’s why she gets weak for her peoples well.

  7. Im feeling like Pragya now become maid in mm:( not like secretary for Abhi. She is doing household works too r wat….ohh no…
    and this two devils make Pragya to dance as pee their wish in front of Abhi n giv sum reason to him…again torture is going to start…
    As usual our Pragya will obey all their words without attiring any words…

    when she will become bold r atleast she can oppose by talking…so dumb

  8. dadi to had se ziyada selfish nikli mujhe to kal wali episode dekh ker dadi pe gussa a raha tha but aj main kkb ko khuda khafiz kehti hun i hate this serial

  9. Sorry typo its not attire its utter

  10. Abhigya scenes was nice But taliya was too much irritating today aliya speech venaleka
    Chachanu and upcoming tabhi scenes oh god aa ghoranni chudaleka chavalannamata?????

  11. y tanu stamp on pragya s feet tanu aur aliya ko dekhti hun to dil karta hai ke aik aik thappad lagaon i hate tanu and aliya main kia karun mje un pe guss a rha hai i wish mera ye comment koi writer parh le bas aliya aur tanu ka drama band kar de 4 God sake plzzz

  12. Stupid waste of time. How can this be, come be real.

  13. Regarding the spoiler news, if abhi thinks tat he misbehaved with tanu becos of drinks means he has to apologize only rite…instead anyone will propose…..confused. ..
    this cvs never evee use logic things in dis serial

  14. i wish pragya ki life main ko naya hero a jaye aur pragya move on kar le jese khe main sochti hun kash aesa ho jai

  15. Bye friends… I am going…Will be back after 1.5 months…my ipcc exams are nearing…so I should do my preparations on full swing..even I don’t have time for revisions..it’s a vast portion…and it’s a very important exam for me..pls forgive me..I will miss you all..Will be back exactly on Nov 15… pls pray for me friends…

    1. All the best to you with your exams, in The US and have no idea what ipcc exams are but I admire everyone who puts things on hold to study
      Hope you pass

    2. Gud luck Vinodhini. May you succeed in all ur efforts.?

    3. wow vino are u studying Ca.. wow me too yaar.. hahah.. i too preparing 4 tat to appear in tis november.. ALL THE BEST dear.. DO WELL..

      1. Wow..that’s great… you are also studying ca ah.. super… all the best for your exams..you will rock it..we both will clear in this exam…

    4. ImRagela

      Best of luck Vino !!..Wish u all the success in your effects !!..Definitely we all will pray for u !!????

    5. Thanks LJ, pratiksha, vidhya and reji…

      1. yeah dear.. kandipa.. padikarom.. mudikarom.. thanks a lot.. and u too rock dear..

      2. Vidhya..which academy??

      3. self preparation.. but class KSA la poitu iruden..

  16. I will keep on reading the written updates until i see signs of these dark clouds clearing before i watch any more episodes of kkb.

    The whole Mehra household makes me wanna puke. Even Mitali is walking free of her crime that landed her stupid husband in jail.

    Kkb producers, get serious please. This is reality for crying out loud!

  17. You would think that Dadi is happy to see Pragya. Don’t they writers know about medical science. If Abhi gets his memory back gradually there is no harm. He has seen Pragya without remembering her and gets along with her so what if he gets his memory back whether she is in front of him or not. They were in love and on good terms when he had the accident so obviously when his memory returns he would obviously want to be with the woman he loves…the logic of this show is beyond stupid…there’s no logic. It’s Aliya and Tanu that he wouldn’t want to see when his memory returns. Dadi has just gone senile in her old age. I like Pragya’s Dadi…she is so cute and smart.

  18. Areeee…ye kyaa yaar..
    Writers are Repeating the same thing it seems..
    Last time,
    Abhi n Pragya met with Destiny..?
    Abhi was impressed with Pragya..?
    Tanu took advantage of Abhi drunken state and announced she is pregnant..?
    Pragya tried hard to clear that crap…?

    Abhi n Pragya met,?
    Abhi is impressed,?
    Abhi is in drunken state..?
    Tanu is trying to seduce him..?
    Alia took photos too (as per the segment)..?

    Tanu will be pregnant by somebody..?
    and announces that baby is Abhi’s..?
    Pragya will find out the truth n try haaaaaard to prove it…?

    Hmm….Got it now..
    Replay button is always to show the same drama right..?

    1. ImRagela

      Ha ha !..I liked your comment !..?..You have more comic sense !..And what you said was somewhat true !??

  19. Abhi..
    U took music player first..
    then applied perfume..
    and took hand key..
    After collecting all these.. u are just started exercising with dumbbells..
    And asked for the ring..so you realised that you r exercising without wearing Ringgggg…haha..crazy mannn..

  20. Instead of KKB the serial can be renamed as evil witches taaliya and dadi. People dont have any brains? If Pragya will be the reason for casting Abhis life Tanu is equally a reason.

  21. Today we heard the explanation for Dadi turning her back on Pragya and it makes sense. Dadi loves Pragya, not giving up on her… she’s not senile, she too is very smart! she’s so right… Aaliya and Tanu will again want to kill Pragya. This is NOT reality it’s a fictitious show and subject to artists license to create imaginary stories and circumstances. Yes we can complain amongst ourselves about the quality of writing which is ridiculous at times but as long as we’re still watching the writers are achieving their goals. Back to the story, hoping we don’t end up in another long drawn out hellish plot… this “reset” is a chance to enliven the story… if it goes back to what Madhu decribed then the show is doomed

  22. I think pragya should tell abhi the truth n see wat all of them would do n insult them especially aaliyan tanu

  23. Heartless silly old lady, should kill your character from show….no values whatsoever…

  24. Heartless old crazy lady, your character is the worst, smh…no values for a old lady who was once a nice person…

  25. Indra Ragoobir

    The 3 most episode I been watching is kum kum bhagya,aadhe adhoore, and ek tha rani.Each of this episode carry lots of meaning behind it.keep it up Zee TV


  27. ImRagela

    Hi guys !!..How r u all ?..Sorry guys can’t comment !.Yesterday i saw the episode .But guys in yesterday’s episode Sushaan Singh Rajput’s appearance was like a dream sequence . Abhi was both in home and in the office . I just got confused .And next coming to Dadi .Her reasons r not justified to me . What is this yaar? she says if Abhi and Pragya joins tanu and aliya will kill them i mean cause some harm to them !I think instead of worrying she should give strength to her grand children . Then coming to Taaliya this Tanu she is dancing happily with abhi but poor abhi is drunk then this aliya is taking photographs .I think even God didn’t like this so only her sandals got damaged (That’s true) ???..what do u think guys ?

  28. Abhi is drunk and dances with Tanu in the party. Pragya was dropping Abhi home, but he is partying with Tanu. Tanu has played her trick and traps Abhi in her love. They both have a romantic dance. Tanu is not scared of Pragya. Tanu brings Abhi closer and does not let her get away. Tanu wants to use Abhi’s memory loss and attract him, to make him fall in love with her. Tanu has spiked his drink and made him stay in the party.

    This is new spoiler now Dadi will get married Tanu to Abhi because he likes her.

    Actually by this yesterday’s episode i feel slap to Pragya at least she would give answer to Alia where Alia is wrong and she is right.

  29. meaningless story

  30. Aliya misbehave photo use for backmail abhi… Aliya saw photo to abhi… Aliya say bhai don’t know who r clicked for this photo…. But bhai supposed publised in press ,newpaper and internet ur total image affected…. So only one way bhai.. U propose tanu… After anyprobelm by this photo… Aliya was forced abhi again again…. But abhi not interest in that…..

    My guess only…..
    Otherwise abhi propose scence is tanu dream only….

  31. I think there should be someone who loves pragya……..

  32. like shekhar in matsh….

  33. Stupid irritating disgusting and waste of time

  34. Where r u ?.. we r waiting for ur response..

  35. Hey Sahithi,

    Where r u ?.. we r waiting for ur response..


    Why this Pragya’s character so dumb nowadays, what happen to her self respect? Is she illeterate? Can’t she get a good job anywhere in education industry? Why CVS are showing illogical story. None of the women will live a life like her though one has true love. Not like she should fall everytime in husband’s leg. I feel like slap Pragya for closing her mouth when Dadi and Aliyahs’ conversation. I am going to read only updates and Pratiksha’s comments hereafter. Do not feel like watching this serial anymore. Its testing our patience level. Every women has a power to fight for their rights. Pragya do not want anything from Abhi (his money, fame and love) and why the hell she is approaching him for her job? I feel this is the right time to Pragya to move on her life. She should concentrate on her career. She should stand up on her own legs.
    Not able to see a Professor as Personal Assistant and to offer coffee to the boss……..

  37. wow what a nice spoiler, if it gets true definitly kkb will be the worst show even in zee tv. kkb will be first place from last in trp ratings. zee will be at huge loss. comming to yesterdays episode dadi says because taliya will plan against pragya, she has to quit the job so that she can be safe from them and abhi will not get any stroke again. how can she think like that when abhi told to nikitha no to see his face again if she is not willing to do work in MM. this is completly not fair on being angry with pragya.pragya she give a nice slap to Aliya or can treaten her as she is a legally married to pragya as she has full rights on his property, she can through Aliya out of MM by blackmailing to say the entire truth to Abhi. and comming to house people tayji and mithali they were not even considered as a family members who wants to make pragya works as a servent to them. poor pragya fighting for her love if she was not in love with Abhi she can lead a beautiful life being a single as she respects marriage or even move on in her life as she deserves much better family. i am happy that purub was quitting the show for not being part of unworthy serial as I respect him very much for the role played by him. genuinly no more positive hoped was expecting by me that pragya will be happy in Abhi surroundings. as they were main leads more over hero heroine they will be united at the end of kkb.

  38. SavitaVidya

    So i am beining to think the CVs don’t have more plots. so here is one.

    Everyone wonders if Purab or bul bul will come back. But i think if they don’t then bring back Purvi. Yeah she was pisced as hell at Pragya and her family but she was raised by Sarla and Dadi and they definately taught her good morals and how to forgive. so she forgives. when she comes back she is super rich probably married to a very rich man who is good and loves her very much, from a very gd family..probably even rajputs and very richer than Abhi. Purab meets her in Delhi tells her everything, u know Bulbul died, Pragya sufferin, Abhi’s Ml. and she feel for her Di. so she comes back…but she pretends to hate Pragya so she can plan with Talia which puts her in the middle of all their planning. Strategic position to save Pragya. and she doesn’t tell Pragya that she is on her side coz if she does, then the plan won’t work since its very clear now pragya is cursed!! and she tells no one except her husband… who should be abhi’s Enemy(also pretending) but Abhi has to be when he gains from the husband in some way. Purvi has to treat Pragya and her family bad infront of every one. which will make Talia believe she is bad. and she should even be meaner than tALIA. NOT THOSE PETTY b*t*hY THINGS talia does. no real mean. nyway all i want is for her to put Dadi in her place. You know dadi will judge her for being bad and all…and she will go like..”Old Hag please, i may be bad but you are worse. Pragya did me wrong so i have all reason’e to hate her you on the other hand are just a selfish old woman, Pragya sacrificed everything for you, lost her sister, seperated from her usband. almost lost her husband for you and your family and what do you do, you kick her out and pretend she never existed. So old lady don’t pretend to be good and judge me when you are worse.”

  39. Hi frds after long time I am in this comment session I miss abhigya scenes then pls tell me the meaning of chashmic.

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