Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya that she went to give papers to Abhi and then Pragya came. Aaliya asks why did you give papers to him and says pragya might know that he is acting. She sees papers with her and asks her. Tanu says Abhi asked me to keep papers with myself and said he will take it when he wins Pragya’s trust. Raj comes and asks about the papers. Tanu says Abhi asked for it and he wants to take Pragya’s sign. Aaliya says we didn’t tell you as we don’t want to give false hope to you. Raj asks them to keep the file safely. Aaliya asks her to get ready.

Dadi, Bulbul and Purab comes to meet Pragya. Pragya says Abhi is troubling her and says she will go to mental asylum. She says Abhi is flirting with her openly and said that he loves her. Bulbul

says what? Dadi asks her to change the room. Bulbul asks why she is getting tensed when she is getting his love. Pragya says Abhi is acting well, and I do forget something that I am acting. Purab says Abhi is a good actor when he gets to know something. Dadi asks her not to change room else Abhi will think that she is scared of him. She says if Abhi does something then message me. I will come there and scold him badly. Pragya says if he don’t understand then….Dadi says Abhi can’t go against her. Purab asks Bulbul to share her idea. Bulbul says Abhi is torturing her as she is letting him to torture her, and says Pragya should also flirt with him and torture him. Purab likes the idea. Bulbul asks him to take her for having coffee. Pragya comes to room and thinks to face Abhi strongly. She recalls seeing some papers on floor and thinks Abhi hugged her forcibly to stop her from seeing those papers. She searches for those papers.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil and thinks where did Aaliya go after making me sit here. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu praises him for handling the situation well. Nikhil says he is not only handsome, but intelligent too. He says he has planned many surprises for her and says you can’t even think of it. Tanu thinks she isn’t interested in him, and if he irritates her more then she will give him a surprise. Nikhil holds her hand. Tanu gets worried thinking someone might see them together. Nikhil says I understand that and says he is helpless. Tanu thinks I can’t tolerate him.

Purab and Bulbul come to the same restaurant. Bulbul tries to order coffee. Purab teases her. She says she will leave and gets up. They see Nikhil and Tanu together and get shocked. Tanu and Nikhil are also shocked. Pragya thinks to find out those papers and says it might be in Tanu or Aaliya’s room. Abhi comes to her and says he wants to apologize to her for forcibly hugging her. Pragya thinks he has started all over it again. She says it is okay, I am not angry. Abhi hugs her again. Pragya thinks to call Dadi. Abhi says let me hug and feel you. Dadi comes. Pragya says Dadi came. Abhi says it is old trick. Dadi picks the scale and beats him. Abhi asks her not to beat him with scale and says she has a misunderstanding. He says Pragya was hugging him forcibly. Dadi scolds and beats him with scale. Abhi runs from there. Pragya says you should have beaten him slightly. Dadi says nothing can happen to them.

Nikhil asks Purab how are you? What a surprise? Bulbul says why? Can’t we come here? Nikhil says smart fiance. Bulbul says Tanu is sweating even with AC on and says it is strange. Nikhil tries to clarify. Purab says Bulbul is concerned for Abhi and Tanu. Tanu asks them not to take her tension and says she came to meet her friend. Purab says you didn’t tell that Nikhil is your friend, and says you both seems to be close friends. Nikhil says it is a casual meet. Purab says you don’t meet anyone casually. Bulbul says you might have come on a coffee date just like us. They are shocked. Purab asks if you have taken permission from Dadi and Abhi. Bulbul says she would have asked them. Aaliya comes and says Sonali insisted to meet Tanu and her, and that’s why she came. Bulbul says permission is required. Aaliya insults her and asks Nikhil to tell Sonali to meet somewhere else.

Pragya comes to Tanu’s room to check those papers and checks almari. She finally gets it on the bed and reads that it is Power of Attorney papers, thinks if I signs on this papers then Abhi will get his property. She thinks Abhi is supporting Aaliya and Tanu, and trying to fool me and take my signatures. She thinks he is acting to love me and then thinks Abhi might not know anything. She thinks I have to be silent and let him continue his plan.

Maha Episode on Saturday. Pragya meets the killer who tried to kill her on Ravan Dahan and asks about the person behind.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Jj

    PlźzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzZz stop dragging………..why produce want from us that we all stop seeing this drama…??????????????????????????

    • Chrissy

      STOP Watching – to get them to move on with the story. If viewership drops they will have to CHANGE the story OR go off the air.

  2. K.praveena

    Plz creater do something reunite abhi and pragya that maha epi. Atleast expose tanu in front of abhi.

    • Frankie

      You are correct – that is why everyone needs to stop watching for awhile let the ratings drop so they can realize that the fans are no more and change the story.

  3. tuti

    Another Maha Episode….saw that Abhi & Pragya dancing on the dance floor. Looks exciting! Can’t wait….yeayy!

  4. Kk

    Phr se kaha episode………..???????????.??.PlźzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzZz ab to raaz khol dain abi n pragya k agai……..ab ur lambasted Mt karain….?……..ys it was nice seen when dadi beat abhi but rest of scenes are routine scenes n planes….?…..PLŹZZZZZŹZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ STOP this n disclose the truth

  5. nivi

    indha papers avadhu kandu pidichiye pragya
    hats off to u
    tmrw maha episode nthng wil happen
    hz many times v r too waiting wit expectation???
    naan varala indha vilayattuku

    • Billie

      That’s right nothing is going to happen……but drag, drag, drag and more dragging. Give this show a rest so the writers can see the errors of their ways and change this boring show.

  6. tamil

    How many mahaepisodes yaar but nothing is shown in that aiyo ippave kannakattudhey I never watch these episodes in tamil

  7. arjun

    Really bht bakwas serial hai.daily whi scene.are kisi ko to expose kar bhai.maine to ab dekhna hi bnd kar diya. Whi phir maha episode.dikhana kuch nahi h.phir expose k time kuch aur scene dal dega writer. Bakwas ho gya h ge serial ab.

  8. Today’s abhigya’s hug scene was too gud and dadi’s beating abhi scene was fab. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pragya did gud by telling about abhi’s behavior towards her by telling about it to purbul and dadi. Now pragya is familiar with abhi’s and taaliya’s intentions. It is very gud. Now pragya will b alert from abhi’s love trap, and from taaliya. At least somewhere she used her mind. That’s why she was in full tashan mood during the dance with abhi and torchering and bothering him through dance in disco, in today’s segment. I heard about a spoiler before telecasting of today’s episode that pragya will get to know about abhi and taaliya’s plan and then she will decide to behave and flirt with abhi as abhi is doing with her, to teach abhi and taaliya a lesson and to defeat them in their plan. At that time I didn’t believe on that spoiler but after watching today’s episode, I assumed it was right. Second gud thing was this that purbul saw takhil together but that aaliya has ruined everything but never mind if purbul will continue their doubt and keep eyes on takhil or if they will catch them more times then takhil’s truth will definetly get exposed.

    • Maggie

      I’m glad Pragya is not hurt or felt bad about whole love trap but somewhere she knew Abhi can’t love mogambo

      • Ya Maggie she was not hurt becoz she knows very well that taaliya manipulated abhi like always,against her, for getting property back from her. Pragya knows abhi very well that it could not his thinking but becoz abhi is against her becoz of his thinking that she has snatched his everything from him so it is easy for taaliya to convince him for this plan of trapping her in love. And other side pragya knows it also that abhi is doing it unknowingly becoz he doesn’t know her reality. Overall, Pragya is thinking taaliya r behind this plan, abhi joined them unknowingly. That’s why she didn’t hurt.

      • Maggie one more thing when pragya was telling about abhi’s behavior towards her during these days to purbul and dadi, then purab said that he knows abhi very well, if he wants to know something then his acts very gud. So according to purab, it means he wants to know pragya’s reality through this love trapping plan but other side when we thinks this, then CVS shows us sometimes that abhi is doing this for getting his property back. That’s why we r still confused about abhi’s main purpose behind his mission. So what u think abhi? What is exact purpose of abhi behaving with pragya with so much love?

    • hema

      Nikki they have changed the telecast time Seeing your love and excitement for #ZRA2015, we’ve decided to start early!
      So set your alarms – #ZRA2015 will now air at 7 PM on 6th Dec.

  9. Priya $

    Wat is this yaar… Always they r cheating us… Bulbul too become dumb nowadays… They won’t think ah always they used to say some excuses still pragya even bulbul didn’t get doubt how sad.. Nothing new ll happen tomo.. Just to dragg they are making some stupid things… I think they ll dragg upto tabhi marriage sequence.

  10. DC

    Pragya saw that papers and understands about Abhi’s plan…………..so that Pragya will not sign in the property papers…….
    Bulbul and Purab has seen Tanu, Aliya and Nikil…………purab asked abt tanu Nikil’s friendship…..

  11. kowsy

    How come everytime aliya comes in the right time to save tanu… Bulbul should doubt on tanu .. Purab was really intelligent don know whether he ll find more things… Pragya got to know abhi s truth … This twist i did nt expect …

  12. Ayesha

    Nikki where ste you .. Pragya knows the truth of abhi , tanu and Aliya..

    So what will pragya do now .. And what will they show us in maha episode ??

  13. sibi

    Ponga da daii.. Worst ever dragging serial..! Yes nivi there is no use in having hope in maha episode.. Waste of time only

  14. razia

    Atleas pragya strongly believes tat he’s flirting n found the papers

    N bulbul n purab saw nikhil tanu together ..
    I wish they again suspect nikhil hu impregnated tanu

  15. Tammy

    Just by showing this they are making fool of us nothing else ???
    But I think so in mahaepisode why vijay is confronting pragya might be some new twist is there with entry of vijay lets hope for the best ????

    • Mickey

      You guys obviously like being Fooled because you keep coming back for more of NOTHING. This story is terrible and they are stringing the viewers on and on. Stand together and take a break. Show them that you are tired of being jerked around!

  16. Jaydeep

    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya shows that Pragya reaches to a dance club along with Poonam and Bulbul in search of Psycho killer

    Abhi also reaches to club following Pragya because he wants to get his property back by showering his fake club

    Pragya notice killer and runs to catch him but Abhi brings her on to the stage before She could catch the killer

    Abhi is unaware of killer drama and Abhi thinks that Pagya has a boyfriend

    Abhi angry on Pragya just avoided him

    Pragya realizes Abhi motive and starts dancing with him

    At first Abhi gets irritates and later he join her.

    Suddenly Pragya sees killer and runs behind him leaving Abhi alone on the stage

    Abhi get confused to see Pragya’s wired behavior

    Abhi tries to search Pragya and did not find her and return home.

    Abhi decide to give a good lesson to Pragya for avoiding him.

    Let’s see if Pragya get successful to catch the killer.

  17. deepika sharma

    Is siriyal me kbhi bhi kuch ni hona aaliya ka koi bhi raj ni khula abhi tk bichari innocent purvi uska bhi pata ni chala 3 month se ak hi chiz se pakka rhe h

  18. Ali

    Great .. Nikki tell me one thing any confirmed news regarding bulbul ?? Is she leaving or will stay in kumkum bhagya ??

    Any idea what will they show us in maha episode ?? Truth revelation or some tragedy with bulbul or pragya ..

  19. shashi

    how long it will drag. after so many episode Odeon get bore. it should be fast. after few episode mystery should be solve. and go to next. this one dragging too much first kidnapping went on and on now this. look like writer is out of story so keep dragging it. soon it will be go bottom of TRP. I guess.

    • Binky

      You are absolutely CORRECT. But because the viewers don’t/won’t take a stand the sorry writers keep dragging the same old story over and over and over again. It is pathetic.

  20. razia

    As the spoiler says it seems vijays entry is to hurt bulbul .. I think bulbul may comes to knoe rajs truth or sumtng important so vijay may hurt her since she’s about to quit show

  21. razia

    No proper news .. Whether bulbul quits the show fa sute or nt … V cant even guess anytng .. I need only one thing to happen . atleas reveal tanus true face .. Let everyone knoe her .. N I wish abhi shud feel shame on flirtn pragya fa property n fa nt loving her truly n nt believe her .. Faking love is such a worst dng one could do .. Fed up wid abhi

  22. razia

    Till sterday evng I was so happy tat abhi was showing his love n cheats tanu .. BT on sterdays episode its confirmed tat Abhi is dng wat Tanu says n cheats only pragya

  23. jk

    I don’t watch this drama anymore… but I was still reading updates…
    as of last week, I stopped reading updates so logged in today to see if the writers have moved on in the last 2 weeks.
    NOTHING. WOW. I am surprised this show is still on air, but i guess most people still like it. I find it utterly boring and very stupid. Very suprised there are fans out there stil… WOW

    • Sammy

      Right you are. KKB has become one of the weakest stories that I have ever seen on TV! This needs to be changed -Or – Taken completely OFF the air! It started out well BUT has gone down hill and it goes further down – each day!! Fans should – STOP watching – like we did !!

  24. Sharad

    This abhi is the most stupid spineless guy one can ever come across…I mean can’t he see wats going around him for God’s sake….isn’t he grown up? Always believing his evil sis and her gud for nothing friend…..wake up abhi see watz happening around u….stop this dragging n expose tanu plz. I’m totally irritated that evil is always winning…I’m aware this is kaliyug n all that plz show something positive na…… ??

  25. Madhu

    Today’s episode is funny and little interesting too that purab doubted nikhil that he only knew him first and didn’t know his friendship with tanu, and at the same pragya came to know abhi’s intention..and good that she didn’t feel bad about Abhi’s fake love..she will be more alerted then..
    But guys…why pragya has to find the real father of tanu’s baby whereas it’s just enough to prove that Abhi is not the real father of the same..this she can prove it by a DNA test or something else right, since Dadi knows the truth she can raise a doubt and ask Abhi to take a test..obviously Abhi will do anything if Dadi says…once Abhi comes to know that he is not the cause of tanu’s pregnancy, he won’t consider tanu at all..he will just throw her out from his life..and the reason behind her pregnancy is not at all matters to him..

  26. kirthy

    I don’t know what to say. Why are they dragging tooo much? I don’t know how many searial ekta wrote/produced, because this is my first hindi serial. The reason I start watching was the iresting story….the devolopment of abhis and pragyas relationship: strangers->fake husband&wife->fake husband&loving wife-> understanding-> (loving) husband&wife-> friends-> lovers and then??? Everything from the beginning?

    I like sriti’s and shabbirs acting, but I don’t understand: why are they acting in this bad story line?
    I hope they put an end in this endless not progressing track.

  27. Adeel

    Yes I agree with you madhu .. But why are they dragging the show ..

    Nikki any new update of maha episode ..

  28. Nothing ever really happens in maha episode, every time you think something going to happen but never does, it’s been around 6 months has it not to expose those 2 madams but never happend still dragging to much and I think it will b next yr till those madams gets exposed.

  29. In other news, in the upcoming episodes, a shocking twist awaits the viewers when Pragya’s sister Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) will be murdered. It has been reported that Bulbul will get to know that Pragya and Abhi’s lives are in danger and in order to save them, she would sacrifice her life.

  30. nice episode yaaar
    vijay entry is to kill bulbul thats it
    conformly they will show serial in
    good manner guys dont worry
    they need even to prolong then only it will become serial kadhaa

  31. hema

    Friends they have changed the telecast time Seeing your love and excitement for #ZRA2015, we’ve decided to start early!
    So set your alarms – #ZRA2015 will now air at 7 PM on 6th Dec.

  32. Though it is draggy we really enjoy it bcoz of the cast .one more thing this jamai raja n ek tha raja they r copying the same storyline of kkb.Saturday there is no kkb so whole day my TV is off.

    • Marie Taylor

      Sorry I think Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani is better than KK! It’s not dragging and prolong the story and reparative story, and the lead in Ek tha raja is alot more sensitive than Abhi; Pragya is good but Guyartri is doing a marvelous Job! Ek should be the #1

  33. stretching the secret too long about Tanu and she and Aliya keep on planning new plans and pragmatic and a hi can never have a normal life.

  34. Mandie

    I hope when abhi following pragya when she talks to killer he says tanu and raj name who paid him to kill her. I hope abhi stands behind wall and hear everything like the time he over heard tanu telling pragya she pregnant when actual fact she not pregnant only pretend to take abhi money and property. When abhi learns truth he will throw tanu and raj out the house. I hope raj learns truth of his wife mitali the one behind sending him to jail.

  35. Mithra

    Ah athana maha episode. Edupiga vara velaiyae elaya thaivusanju pls drag pannama aliayava expose pannitu reunite abhigya….guys

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