Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Abhi tiredly coming to Aaliya’s house. She apologizes him for her mistake and says she was afraid and did not realize MMS was stored in her laptop instead of going viral. He starts drinking alcohol. She says what if it gets leaked by person who sent us and says his fans will start badmouthing that Rockstar Abhi cannot take care of her wife, he comes in their dreams, but someone else comes in her dreams, he cannot satisfy her. He asks what rubbish she is talking. She gives him more alcohol and says she is telling truth and asks what will he do if people tell he is impotent that he can’t even satisfy his wife and says everything is happening because of that behanji and he has to take revenge and kick her out of house. He gets angry and walks out from her room.


reminisces Abhi breaking items at room and blaming her. Abhi comes to room and falls on ground. She tries to pick him up. He pushes her and asks her not to touch him. He opens laptop and switches on his performance video on TV. He asks her who he is and says he is rockstar Abhi and everyone loves her performance, his songs are on top list, girls die to see him. He says in this country, there are many actors and cricketers and only one rockstar and and that is him and she is his wife. Even after knowing that, how can she sleep with someone else on his bed.

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Abhi asks Pragya if her MMS gets leaked, people will start blaming him and call him impotent. He asks if she was was in love with her boyfriend, then why did she marry him and says she married for his money. He asks how can she sleep on his bed with her lover, starts touching her with lust, asks if her lover touched her like that and says even he wants to do whatever her love did to her. She pushes him and walks. He says he is her husband and has right on her. He starts touching her body again with lust describing each touch. She pushes him on ground and says if he wants to force himself on her, she will not let him near her. He gets up and comes near her again saying he is her husband. She pushes him out of room, locks door from inside and asks him to leave her alone. She starts crying vigorously then.

Bulbul and Purab come out of Sarla’s house and she says him bye. He holds her hands. Daadi sees them and thinks they both have come even closer after being separated and prays god to unite them. Purab shows her house and says it is her house and where is she going. She gets into her house.

Aaliya starts brainwashing Abhi again that she asked him to marry Pragya to torture her, but she is torturing him and his dear ones instead and says Tanu loves you a lot and can anything for you. He asks where is she. She says she went to her home and you did not kick Pragya out yet.

Precap: Purab tells Pragya that if MMS is leaked, Abhi’s career will be destroyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This comment has been removed.

    Reason: Inappropriate language.

    1. Wat d hell … be polite u stupid

  2. Aliya requires a tight slap n enough of her nonsense plotting against her own brother

  3. when abhi will know the truth???!!!

    1. sam story , sam precap , sam dialog, sam people ………fed uppppp……………………………………………….

      never in this lifetime..he wil know the truth…. …..bullshit epi.. everyday

  4. From the beginning of this show till now this story has not changed. Is it a lack of imagination

    1. You are correct. The WRITERS should be FIRED for lack of imagination and POOR writing skills!!!

  5. Two biggest brainless characters of television abhi of kb
    and ishani of math

  6. This serial is becoming very boring……… they are dragging……when will abi come to the truth

  7. This soapie has gone from great to bad and now pathetic. It’s about time this soapie gets on track…lost the plot and dragging on.

  8. thanks a lot for the update but today’s update is short. My question pls can someone help answer it, is abhi realizing his love for pragya that’s why all this bitterness and drama o is it just to frustrate her as the duo wants it.(Aalia & tanu)?

  9. omg…I seriously dun know why this story goin so dumb!!!! hate this….i think.sum other drama is muvh moree better…I lost my interest on dis useless crap drama!!

  10. Wow!!

  11. Wow!!!! My rabul r becaming so close i luv it..plz understand their love plz plz plz i luv u rabul!!!

  12. Plz let us know wen dis drama ends…….it’s dragging on so much dt v lost interest totally…it’s better to stop watching it if dis goes on like dis

  13. this is useless,same old soaps like, pushing episodes and episodes, the director should understand that people have been more sensible than he/she.

  14. Writers and the production have lost the word sensibile and are comprehending the novel sense and sensibility in a very poor style. Reading a book versus seeing a drama are two different impacts on human mind. These scenarios are dragging.
    How about giving sene and sensibility your own picture and portraying into a positive romance.

  15. Fed up of this same thing. High time to bring a good change in this story. Itd geting more and more boreing day by day..

  16. Nonsense bullshit serial. Better this serial stops. Its only low stupid thinking. Abhi and Pragiya both are dumb. Praggiya can do always only one thing and that is only crying and crying like a blo*dy stupid Indian b*t*h.!!!! And Abhi is a sick man also Aliya and Tanu and Mitali, they all are sick in them heads. Stupid Indian peoples. Same on you all, same bullshit story like all others serials….

  17. I can say the same the show needs some changing really makes no sense

  18. Trini desi girl

    I would like to see Abhi getting to know the truth and then Pragya will hand him the divorce papers. Common writer put some interest in your writing. The message is going all over the world that the women of India are being ill treated. They are being treated as a door mat. They are led to believe that their husbands are next to God. The scriptures preach this but men do not live up to the scriptures.

  19. Looks like all the spoilers are waste, they keep saying pragya will prove her innocence in 24 hours, does not look like the people who write spoilers read the daily updates.

  20. Looks like from sense and sensibility , it is changing to the Forsyte saga.

  21. Abhi really deserves a slap. F*** this show

  22. i gues for that 24hrs 2 get completed they gona take months together!!!!!!!!

  23. My dear frens…kick this show. Dont waste ur time here. Watch hamsafars in soni tv at 8.30 pm. U will love it. All the previous episodes are in youtube…lets join there..we can see this kkb by next year..the story will remain in same place where we left…don worry.

    1. I think all ektha shows are like that they will be the same even if you watch after 5 years.

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